What to Pack: Stylish Accessories for Your Summer Vacation

Going on vacation allows for a temporary escape from the stresses of everyday life and helps to reset the mind, refresh the senses and provide much-needed relaxation. Waiting in anticipation for your ticket to paradise can be exciting, so why not put that exhilaration to good use by thinking about which clothes and accessories you should bring? The style you wear should depend on the type of vacation you are taking, whether it is a week-long cruise, a cottage at a country club or a suite at a beach resort. Your get-away should be worry-free, peaceful, entertaining and, of course – filled with style.

If you are planning on being in hot climates and out in the sun, fashion accessories are vital when it comes to having all the necessities you need to function throughout the day. At Luxury Bazaar, we have an extensive collection of designer accessories that are a necessity for your ultimate holiday – from sunglasses and luxury timepieces, to silk scarves and handbags. Don’t forget to pack your designer sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, and your waterproof upscale timepiece to measure the time of your itinerary. We are your go-to source for exquisite, stylish accessories from the biggest brand names of the fashion industry.

This summer, show off a little glimmer with diamond-clad, luxury jewelry incorporated into your vacation ensemble. When we think of vacation at Luxury Bazaar, we dream of open waters and sunny days. That’s why we’ve been inspired by beach themed jewelry pieces that can go from casual to dressy at any kind of get-away. Bring the beautiful designs of the ocean from our collection on your retreat to complement your outfits for a glamourous appearance.

If you need a little assistance with your packing decisions, we’ve come up with a couple of pieces that can make your vacation wardrobe complete.

Seashells have always been the natural beauty of the shore, and the 18K White Gold Multi-Diamond Seashell Ring by Odelia for $9,600 represents it perfectly. Glittering black and white diamonds are the exoskeleton of this gorgeous ring piece.


The mother of pearl fused into the design of these Turbo Shell & Ruby Clip-On Earrings by Seaman Schepps for $2,800 echo the treasures that can be found at the bottom of the sea. The yellow gold and purple rubies make the earrings stand out with their eye-catching colors.


Wearing the Acetate Opaline Sunglasses by Chopard for $400 will protect your eyes from the sun while displaying a classy bravura. Sparkling rhinestones travel along the temples to generate a chic and sophisticated look.


Gentlemen can enjoy the action and entertainment of any water sports activity without ever having to take off the Easy Diver Just For Friends Watch by Roger Dubuis for $49,995. This waterproof timepiece is extravagant in design, with a rose gold case and militaristic features that display the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock.


In your hair, around your neck or on your head, the Black & Orange Beach Wear Square 100% Silk Scarf by Versace, for $160, is a colorful accessory to accommodate any summer style.


To browse more fashionable accessories for your getaway to paradise, view our jewelry inventory specials and accessories for both men and women at Luxury Bazaar.

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