CIRCA Featured In Luxury Daily

Luxury Daily held a Q&A with CIRCA’s President, Richard Tilles. The Article, “Signed jewelry from storied brands hold value in secondary market,” Mr. Tilles talks about the state of the pre-owned jewelry market, market trends, and who is selling. Editor In Chief, Mickey Alam Khan asks important questions about this growing market. To see the full article, click here.

If you don’t have a subscription to Luxury Daily, here are a few highlights from the Q&A:

Which gems and metals are in vogue in the U.S.? And overseas?

Diamonds are the gem staple of the jewelry business.

Sapphires and rubies are more likely to be found in Europe and Asia. 18K gold is the standard in jewelry today. But jewelry connoisseurs still prefer jewelry made in platinum.

What is interesting and notable is the stainless-steel watch market.

Stainless-steel watches are often as valuable as their gold counterparts, especially in premium watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, et cetera.

What are your thoughts on investing in branded versus non-big-brand jewelry and the effect on resale price?

Circa invests in all fine jewelry.

Our purchase price, however, is based on the value we perceive. Here’s where it gets tricky. Value for us, is rarely based on the parts that make up the piece. Instead, values rely heavily on perception.

Branded jewelry, for instance, has value based on all sorts of intangibles like marketing and collectability.

One difference between branded jewelry and unbranded is that the value of these signed pieces might be based on a percentage of the retail price.

Non-branded jewelry, unfortunately, is more closely related to the value of its parts, while there may be exceptions if the non-branded jewelry is from a specific vintage.

Vintage jewelry has its own enthusiastic collectors.

With vintage, value is based on collectability and rarity.

However, if we see that a vintage piece is signed by a period maker, then it can be that much more valuable.

What does the future hold for branded and non-branded jewelry? Especially jewelry giants such as Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels and Graff, among others.

All trends point to the fact that branded jewelry is here to stay.

Non-branded jewelry is finding it more and more difficult to find space and market share. It’s harder to create margin for many companies that manufacture unbranded jewelry.

With the advent of Internet retailing, consumers want to understand the product through the name before they buy. Unbranded, expensive jewelry is much harder to sell online.

Branded luxury companies like Cartier and Tiffany are always looking for ways to communicate the quality and value of the jewelry they are promoting.

Customers want to be assured that there is value in the items they are buying and that the company stands behind the quality of their products and is here to stay, like Circa is.

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Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday Windows Revealed

Tomorrow, November 14th, Bergdorf Goodman will be revealing their annual Holiday Windows. This year the NY Philharmonic and six other cultural institutions, including the New York Botanical Gardens and The American Museum of Natural History, provided inspiration for the highly anticipated window designs. In turn, Bergdorf Goodman hopes to bring greater awareness to these iconic New York Institutions. Full article here, courtesy of The New York Philharmonic.

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Tiffany & Co. Unveils the Blue Box Cafe

Dreams do come true, finally we can all have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The Blue Box Cafe is opening this week at the Flagship Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue. Black Dress and Diamonds optional! #CIRCAnews
Full article here, courtesy of Vanity Fair.

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Paul Newman’s Rolex Fetches a Record $17.7 Million

Yes, $17,752,500 for a Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona.  Owned by the late Paul Newman, gifted by Joanne Woodward, and misplaced in 1984. The Rolex Daytona resurfaced this past April and was the highlight for the 1st Watch Auction at Philips Auction House.  The auction was held last night in New York, Thursday, October 26th.

Click here to read the full story, courtesy of JCK Online. 

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Last Few Days to View The Rare Jewelry Exhibition at The Cartier Mansion

For one week only, The Cartier Mansion will be exhibiting it’s newest collection, Résonances de Cartier, alongside rare pieces and history dating back to 1860.

Over 400 pieces will be on view for the public and will include pieces owned by Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, and The Duchess of Windsor . The exhibition started October 21st and will end on October 29th.

The editors at Conde Nast Traveler give a full review here.

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The quintessential reference on Rolex

Rolex is the most famous luxury watch brand in the world.  In addition to a rich history and a celebrity following, Rolex has been strategically placed in motion pictures. Click here to find out which classic movies and more in Watchtime Magazines, “10 Things to know about Rolex.” 

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Jewels at my Doorstep: MATEO New York

MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip MATEO | Gem Gossip

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Your #1 Holiday Party Essential: An Arik Kastan Ring

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

If you want an all-diamond look, the Deco River ring is one of my favorites from Arik Kastan. Bring the ultimate in understated luxury to your finger this holiday season by putting this on your wish list!

Deco River ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Hey there, Delilah! Sitting pretty with a center sapphire, the Delilah ring from Arik Kastan glistens in any light–whether you’re in the moonlight, sunlight or the strobe lights from a holiday party–this ring is all kinds of YES!

Delilah ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Fluttering onto your finger, this butterfly-inspired ring will have party-goers asking about it! You can tell them it has rose cut diamonds and inspired by the roaring 20s. Your friends will flip!

Deco Butterfly ring, Price: $2,178

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Combining inspiration from the Art Deco period along with Arabic architecture, the Shiraz ring from Arik Kastan takes shape. I’m am obsessed with its beam of emerald green shining from the center, and all those rose cut diamonds.

Shiraz ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

A dome of sophistication, this latest piece from Arik Kastan takes two time periods and rolls them into one beautiful design. Large rose cut diamonds shine amongst the scrolling details and you’ll be happy it is sitting on your finger this holiday season.

Deco Nouveau ring, Price: $1,804


More GGem

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Jewels at my Doorstep:

JewelStreet | Gem Gossip  JewelStreet | Gem Gossip  JewelStreet | Gem Gossip JewelStreet | Gem Gossip JewelStreet | Gem Gossip  JewelStreet | Gem Gossip

Taking the jewels of JewelStreet to the streets of Nashville! The online luxury jewelry marketplace prides itself as being the UK’s #1 website for designer fine jewelry, with an emphasis on seeking out brands that are doing amazing things with design. Browsing the pages of JewelStreet makes you feel as though you’re traveling the world through the lens of jewelry. Their virtual boutique is set up to feature jewelry designers by country, and this breakdown allows you to see everything from a global perspective. You can delve into Italy and see the rich gold designs from this country featured on JewelStreet, Brazil is fascinating and leading the way with unique design with several artisans featured, France has some great designers…the list goes on and on! Being from the United States, I felt some American pride seeing who is represented on this worldwide jewelry outlet–many names I recognized and familiar faces.

For this Jewels at my Doorstep shoot, I thought it would be neat to feature a few different countries. I chose these really neat pearl geode rings from Little H Jewelry based in the US, a bold out-of-this-world solar system inspired ring by Anakao out of London, UK, and last but not least some long black spinel earrings by MyriamSOS from Cyprus (which I honestly had to look on a map to figure out where exactly that country is located, FYI it’s an island south of Turkey). It is beautiful how jewelry from all over the globe can come together and complement one another, be a staple in someone’s jewelry box, and make memories for a lifetime.

Connecting people to jewelry from all over the globe is what makes JewelStreet so special. Imagine logging into the website from your laptop in a small town, in middle America. JewelStreet connects you with jewelry designers from places in all parts of this large globe we call home, that you may have never known about. So now a pendant from a jeweler in Greece is on its way to your jewelry box thanks to JewelStreet, and it will forever be a part of your story. I love that.

Make sure you check out JewelStreet and immerse yourself in their global world.

And here is the info on the jewels I’m wearing:

The Hallgrimur Earrings by MyriamSOS, 9k rose gold set with black spinel, Price: $990

Devoted Ring in yellow gold by Anakao, 18k yellow gold & diamonds, Price: $2,320

Three pearl ring–Tahitian, keshi, Golden South Sea pearl in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $1,600

Three pearl ring–Fiji pearl, Akoya, Golden South Sea pearl in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $2,500

Single point collection ring with Tahitian Keshi pearl and rubies in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $1,100

Finestrino collection, black diamonds and Tahitian Keshi pearl in 14k black rhodium, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $2,200


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Fratelli Dinacci
signs its first luxury jewelry collection. Recount Channel is showing you as European preview. During VICENZAORO JANUARY 2015 this brand, based in South of Italy inside the “Tarì”, known since ever for excellent and Made in Italy manufacture of jewelry frame, has presented its first collection.

The parure is composed by earrings, ring, bracelet and fascinating collier made with white gold, rubies and diamonds signed by Yolanda Yong, a famous Chinese designer well known for her creative collections.

These jewels are bound to lovers of exotic shapes and well-defined design.

fratelli dinacci (1)

Fratelli Dinacci Brand is famous for its collaboration: the one that stand over with Yamamay. Cohesion between their core business gives life, in 2013, to the “One million dollar swim suite” wear by amazing Miss.

Today thank you to join venture between Flavio Dinacci, Ceo of Fratelli Dinacci, and Yolanda Yong we can enjoy thefirst luxury collection of this brand presented for the first time in Shenzhen.

Flavio Dinacci, in this video, is telling us this unusual but exciting adventure. These jewels are symbol of Made in Italy and of its incredible potentiality.fratelli dinacci (6)
, at the end, are jewelry locks able to change the shape of every single object: they allow to switch the earring to two different and the same action is allow on the ring. It means that everyday you can change your luxury fitting key to your personal look.

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