Gem Gossip Visits e. scott originals in Boston, MA

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Minutes outside of Boston, in a town called Somerville, e. scott originals is a jewelry shop and studio where owner and maker Emily Scott Surette and her sidekick Mayble (an adorable Boston Terrier) make dreams come true. For Emily, this space is perfect in every way possible–it fosters her love for interacting with customers and clients, the studio provides endless moments to create, and Mayble gets to greet everyone as they walk through the door! That’s exactly what the dog did when I entered the shop, wonderfully sweaty from the heat wave that followed us up to Boston from Tennessee. I immediately fell in love with the layout and how Emily has decorated e. scott originals. She has incorporated some antique furnishings and decor into the jewelry displays, with some gold frames and mirrors…even an antique chandelier.

There are a few things that make e. scott originals tick, and working with clients one-on-one, making custom pieces from a very personable interaction, is at the top of the list. Emily loves creating new heirlooms from old, passed down jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. She also uses mainly reclaimed, anitque diamonds and recycled metals within all her designs, which we all can appreciate. Custom engagement rings are a big part of what she does, especially with clients who want something local, made by hand and feel like they are a part of the creation process. Emily’s warm personality and welcoming demeanor is just what the jewelry-creating process needs, not to mention her skills and expertise.

Another large part of what e. scott originals does and creates is their own line of highly wearable jewelry. Items that can easily fit with your every day look, like layer-ready necklaces, unique and fashionable earrings and fun gemstone rings. These fill the shelves and cabinet cases of the store and are ready for purchase. They are also ready for other stores, as Emily is looking to expand her wholesale market. Her target audience is ideal for any self-purchasing woman, gift-giving ease, and the price points are great. I did a little self-purchasing myself when I was there–after trying on the long Tuck studs in 14k yellow gold, I loved the look of them and how they could be worn stacked with other earrings I already own. I had to have them!

Before I left, Emily showed me an “inner circle” box that is presented to every couple who purchases an engagement ring/wedding bands from e. scott originals. The box features local businesses that come highly recommended to help easily plan your wedding day. Anything from cake makers, to photographers, and everything in between. You can see the full list here — I love this idea and I feel it shows what kind of business Emily is running: one full of gratitude, creativity and soul! And in case you’re wondering, she is an awesome recommender, as her restaurant suggestions were top notch!

Check out some of my favorite pieces below that you can shop from home:

e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals e scott originals

E Scott Originals

199B Highland Ave.

Somerville, MA 02143

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Gem Gossip Visits EraGem in Bellevue, WA

EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip

EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem GossipEraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip

Above, I take a seat with owner Michael and put together my “wishlist”

Although most of my #JewelryRoadTrip was spent in Seattle, Bellevue is only a short drive and is the fastest growing and largest suburb of Seattle. It is also where EraGem calls home! After putting together a fun photoshoot using my TOP TEN favorite rings from their inventory last month, I couldn’t wait to see more from them and had to make the trip.

EraGem first started in 2006 but the company had a different name–Weston Jewelry. They specialize in antique and estate jewelry, always offering LOTS of rings of all kinds (my obvious favorite) like engagement rings, cocktail rings, designer rings, and gemstone rings. Founders Michael and Weston both grew up around fathers who owned stores–Michael’s father owned an antique business and Weston’s had a photography shop. It was kismet that the two combined forces for an antique jewelry business because one of the biggest factors that leads a successful online jewelry business is great photography. Their main focus was eBay, where they sold for many years and built up an amazing reputation and name, along with a huge clientele. It wasn’t until 2012 when they rebranded everything, changing their name to EraGem, and launched their own e-commerce website. I love the name–not only is it short, catchy and perfect for antique jewelry, but as Michael points out, ERA can also be an acronym for Estate Retro Antique. Smart. What’s even smarter is they have the jewelry photography game on lock, with their images catching the attention of Google, who always seems to rank their images really high in any type of “antique jewelry” search. It is one accomplishment they are proud of–and the other? Their top-of-the-line customer service. Free overnight shipping, 60-day money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty. They also offer a no-interest layaway plan, which I appreciate tremendously as layaway is how I was able to start a collection of jewelry.

The EraGem showroom is a great asset for the company and since opening its doors to the public, the founding duo have added Mike’s brothers Maslow & Mark to the team, as well as Jennifer. The idea of having a showroom for a mostly online business is sometimes actually necessary–people who are local can take advantage of the close proximity and be able to try things on in person, they also set up buying appointments at their showroom as well. A showroom visit starts with making a wishlist online, as all their inventory is listed on their website. Choose your favorites and set up an appointment–EraGem will take care of the rest! The team will pull the items on your wishlist, so when you arrive, they will be presented to you. If you’re like me and totally forgot to put a wishlist together, you can sit down at their computer and search together by describing what you are looking for–you can start by gemstone and filter from there, or by price range, even by designer, it’s up to you! I ended up picking A LOT of good things.

Thanks EraGem for welcoming me into your showroom–I had such a fun time playing with your jewels and seeing how things are done at such a ground-breaking antique and estate jewelry store. Below, you’ll be able to shop my top ten favorites from my visit and in the meantime, I’ll be frequently checking back to see all your DAILY new arrivals!

hh706atourmaline-ring-wm10245e munsteiner-tourmaline-bezel-ring wm7772e scl10582e hh558e art-deco-moonstone-earrings-wm10212ecats-eye-emerald-ring-hh295e wm10744e ele11005e


12000 NE 8th St #101

Bellevue, WA 98005

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Gem Gossip Visits Trademark Antiques in Pennsylvania

Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip

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Gem Gossip Visits Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Biggest Pearls ever Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry Carlo Giuliano Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joe & Jay Photo

I can’t wait to tell everyone about the most jewel-packed store this side of the Mississippi! This real-life treasure chest is located in Grove City, Pennsylvania and is called Joden Jewelry. An antique jewelry store, repair shop, store of curiosities, a jewelry museum, heaven…all which can be used to describe Joden. A motto quite fitting for the store, which one may not necessarily grasp until they actually walk through the doors–“You can go to a museum and look…or you can come to us and touch!” And by touch, they mean try-on, play, stare, fall-in-love and even BUY. Yes, that’s the best part, you can buy these items! Museum-worthy pieces of antique jewelry from all different time periods and all different price points are featured at Joden and ready for purchase. An inventory so amazing, one must see to believe! Anything from diamond engagement rings–both modern and antique, even custom made right in store, diamond stud earrings, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, wedding bands, modern pieces, loose diamonds and gems, rare French and English antique jewelry, and much, much more!

I was in for a real treat the moment I stepped into the store–I urge any antique jewelry collector to make a trip out to visit Joden. The summer or fall is a really pretty time of the year in western Pennsylvania–flying into Pittsburgh and making the hour and 15 minute drive will be picturesque, with the hills and mountains of the Appalachians. The town of Grove City is such a cute area–the historical downtown is quaint, with lots of restaurants, shops and businesses. This is where Joden is located! A ten minute drive toward the main highway will lead you to a couple hotels (I stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was great) and the Grove City Prime Outlets which is an outlet shopper’s Mecca! There–I have planned out a whole weekend for you! Now book your stay! 😉

But what makes Joden Jewelry so special? What sets it apart from other antique jewelry stores?!

For one, I would say their extensive collection of rare pieces by Carlo Giuliano puts Joden Jewelry on the map! Carlo Giuliano was an Italian Jeweler best known for his intricate enamel work during the 1800s. He was the “favored” jeweler to Queen Victoria and has an incredible legacy–some even say he was the best jeweler to have ever lived. The rarity and uniqueness of Giuliano’s work lives on display at Joden, where they own one of the largest collections of his work in the United States.

The store has been owner Joe Murawski’s life and happiness since 1970 when he first began, and as he tells me, is excited to come to work each day–this is his passion! His love for antique jewelry and storytelling is quite evident after spending a morning with him–each piece he talks about brings a smile to his face, along with a beaming glow. Whether he is talking about his latest find, how he acquired a mysterious Giuliano cross that was locked inside a small safe, or the entire estate of jewelry he purchased from Hollywood actress and ballerina Tamara Toumanova. Each story even more interesting than the last. Joe’s extensive wealth of knowledge about antique jewelry, the jewelry industry, bench work and designing, and business practices defines his character. His son Jay works alongside Joe, where he says he can’t be more proud of his son who has taken over the buying aspect of Joden. Anywhere from Los Angeles to England, Jay is there and handles that vital part of the business. A strong, family-run jewelry store with a great legacy and much more in store for the future!

Joden is always on the quest for the best! By this I mean they are always buying–whether it is one item or an entire estate, diamonds, gemstones, antique pieces, high quality watches, or jewelry collections, any and all sizes. Joden purchase from estates, trust departments, attorneys, and private individuals. If you have something to sell, please contact Joden for an appointment. Aren’t able to visit their store in Grove City? They have agents in several major U.S. cities who are able to review estate lots in person. Items may also be shipped to them or arrangements can be made to have items picked up. Talk about turnaround time–within one day of receipt of the package, Joden will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured. Payment is always immediate and confidential. For other information give them a call at 1-800-747-7552

I had such a fun time visiting Joden in Grove City, Pennsylvania on my Jewelry Road Trip! A few hours in the store didn’t touch upon the entire inventory as a whole–I am already planning another trip soon! Can’t wait to show everyone what I brought home with me for my personal collection; stay tuned.

10914719_926175334070052_7472495249124214406_o Joden Jewelry
144 South Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127
[email protected]
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Gem Gossip Visits The Three Graces in Austin, TX

thethreegraces IMG_9222 threegraces choosingrings thethreegracesrings jabotfromthethreegraces showmeyourrings threegracesstacks  ringstacks IMG_9278   looktwo   lookthree  meandlisa IMG_9371

Known as one of my all-time favorite antique jewelry websites, The Three Graces is the ultimate destination for online antique jewelry shopping. When I got the opportunity to see their incredible inventory live and in-person rather than on my computer screen, I jumped to it and couldn’t contain my excitement! Imagine all the jewels you once drooled over virtually, now laid out in front of you in the most beautifully displayed way?! I’m excited to bring you along with me as I got to experience this, because I know many of my loyal readers are huge fans of The Three Graces as well!

I began by sitting down with owner and founder Lisa Stockhammer-Mial, which was amazing to do outside of our usual busy run-ins at the antique shows and only having a quick moment to say hi. Her story is incredible and she brought along items from her personal collection which tell her story in jewelry form. She even showed me her first ring she ever owned (which is awesome that she still has it today) and jokingly recollects begging her mother to buy it for her. I think all of us jewelry collectors have a similar story. It is where the passion for jewelry first began and is carried with us today. She also brought along several pairs of earrings that once belonged to her mother who had a love for costume jewelry–big, bold pieces each more unique than the other. All different styles, from large chandeliers to ones you have to thread through your ear were amongst her mother’s collection. These pieces were such a treat to see!

We then switched gears and began to admire the insatiable inventory. I began with the necklaces and slowly worked my way through all the heart-stopping rings. Styling three different looks was a task I was made for–I opted for a bold diamond look, a cool casual look, and a unique and eclectic look. This wasn’t planned exactly so, it is just how it ended up being! Funny how each look made me feel a different way! And if you’re curious, yes I did feel like a million bucks wearing the bold diamond look! I felt very fashion forward when wearing brooches on my vest blazer, and I am becoming obsessed with vest blazers for the summer, so YES to brooches! I also couldn’t keep my eyes off the fire opal ring. It truly makes a statement!

I had such a fun time visiting with The Three Graces–both Lisa and Jorien who is the Director of Marketing! If you’d like to shop my three looks, simply click on the links below!

Look One:


Diamond Swirl stud earrings circa 1900s, Price: $4,550


Victorian Snake turquoise & pearl necklace circa 1870s, Price: $7,865


Victorian Snake turquoise & pearl bangle bracelets, Price: inquire


Pearl and diamond platinum ring circa 1915, Price: $3,650

Art Deco Topaz and diamond square cocktail ring circa 1920s, Price: $8,950

Georgian Table cut diamond cluster ring circa 18th century, Price: $4,250

Art Deco diamond cocktail ring circa 1920s, Price: $9,650

Edwardian flourish diamond webbed ring circa 1900, Price: $4,875

Look Two:


Yellow sapphire and diamond cluster drop earrings circa 1920s, Price: $5,950


Victorian Moonstone Fringe necklace circa 1910, Price: $3,465


Banded carved agate lion ring circa 1900, Price: $1,650

Art Deco opal and diamond halo cluster ring circa 1920s, Price: $3,750

Rose cut garnet ring set with diamonds on the side, Price: $1,875

Look Three:


Art Deco Paste silver long dangle earrings, Price: $1,250


Victorian slide chain with hand clasp circa 1880, Price: $2,950

Cascade of golden circles long modern necklace in 18k yellow gold, Price: $6,750


Diamond and pastel enamel flower brooch circa 1890, Price: $5,450

Moonstone petal flower brooch with diamonds circa 1900, Price: $2,975


Diamond foliate plique a jour enamel ring circa mid 20th century, Price: $1,850

Green plique a jour enamel ring circa 1900, Price: $2,275

Fiery orange Fire Opal and diamond ring, Price: $5,650

Blue moonstone Art Nouveau ring circa 1910, Price: $945

Edwardian diamond solitaire ring circa 1900, Price: $1,950


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Gem Gossip Visits Abercrombie Gems in Austin, TX

IMG_8586 IMG_8674 IMG_8620 IMG_8680 IMG_8614 IMG_8635 IMG_8595 IMG_8571 IMG_8623 IMG_8664 IMG_8608 IMG_8574 IMG_8673

Several months leading up to my jewelry-packed trip to Texas, I did some research on the best jewelry stores in Austin and didn’t find too many antique-only shops. Finding Abercrombie Gems was a real treat and after scrolling through their social media pages, I knew I was going to love this shop!

The store opened in 1989 and showcases some amazing vintage and antique jewelry, specializing in Art Deco engagement rings and wedding bands for brides and grooms. AJ’s father started the store, where AJ grew accustomed to jewelry and picked up a passion for bench work and design. When he took over the store in 2005, he continued to provide Austin with the best in antique jewelry, just like his father. His team consists of three jewelers in the workshop, a state-of-the-art laser welder, and most recently–the ability to work in CAD designing pieces on a computer. New custom jewelry designs can be made at the store, with AJ guiding the customer through each step of the process. Pictured above are shots from inside the workshop, where all sorts of repairs take place. It is nice to have a one-stop-shop for both buying and repairing, and their setup allows for this to happen efficiently. Abercrombie Gems consistently buys jewelry, diamonds, gold, and silver on a daily basis and welcomes anyone looking to sell their pieces into their Austin storefront.

Their display cases were uniquely set up using both antique boxes and trinkets, as well as modern displays. Each piece had something special about it…what AJ likes to call, “hand-curated.” I was loving each piece and enjoyed stacking all the various ring styles. The hand-painted ceramic portrait ring was so cool and I also loved the vintage gold and enamel snake ring in bold black, yellow, and maroon which reminded me of one from my personal collection! Fun vintage pieces from the 1960s/70s are also a love of mine and Abercrombie Gems has a nice selection. The diamond brooch featuring the dangling yellow diamond was one of my favorite pieces from the whole trip! I could see it fashioned gorgeously on someone’s wedding dress.

>> If any of the pieces seen here catch your attention, feel free to call (512-328-7530) or email ([email protected]) Abercrombie Gems for further details.


3008 Bee Caves Road, #100
Austin, TX 78746
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Gem Gossip Visits Past Era in Houston, TX #LoveGold

IMG_6616 PastEra IMG_6626 IMG_6607 IMG_6622 IMG_6591 IMG_6614 IMG_6589 babyringspastera

Headed to Houston, Texas in the near future?! I found a must-see for any antique jewelry lover or collector! The store is called Past Era and it is located on West Alabama Street. Past Era has called Houston home since 1993, however its story does not begin there. Owner Marion Glober grew up around antique jewelry with both parents being jewelers themselves in London. This passion continued throughout her life and she set up shop in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1973. Growing a large and faithful clientele was a direct result of Marion’s discerning eye and expertise in the field of antique jewelry. It is this exact reason why a move from Hawaii to Texas was a successful transition, forging both new and old clients, even worldwide customers. I was lucky enough to catch Marion while on my visit and although our conversation was short, I could feel the warmth and compassion she has for every client she works with, I only wish I had more time to glean a fraction of all her knowledge!

The shop has a highly curated collection of antique jewelry that ranges from Georgian pieces to 1940s/1950s retro style, and everything in between! They had some show-stopping pieces, like a multi-gemstone Victorian fringe necklace displayed front-and-center, as well as a breath-taking 4.15 marquise cut diamond ring that is surrounded by calibre cut emeralds! My advice? Make sure to mention what types of jewelry you are interested in or collect, because Past Era has lots of back stock not shown in the main cases—like piles of gold bands in all styles and eras, gold earrings from several different eras and even antique baby rings! I was really happy and surprised to see that they had a baby ring selection, and I brought two home for my personal collection–one engraved 1884 on the front and one that has a cluster of three turquoise in a clover motif.

The store caters to any collector, whether you are just beginning and have a smaller budget or are highly advanced and need that once-in-a-lifetime piece! That’s definitely what I love about this store! If you’re in the Houston area, make sure to stop by! They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm at 3433 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77027…and be sure to stay tuned for the full Shopping Guide from my trip to Texas with LoveGold!

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Treasure Hunting at Grays Antique Centre & Portobello Road, London

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

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Jewelry Road Trip: Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry in Salt Lake City, UT

image-home IMG_20140228_150956412_HDR IMG_20140228_152148525_HDR antoinettes IMG_20140228_153123069_HDR IMG_20140228_161358099_HDR IMG_20140228_153021116_HDR

Maura of ShopFiligree recently got to visit Salt Lake City, Utah and was eager to find the best antique jewelry the city had to offer! Luckily, she hit the jackpot at a beautiful shop called Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry and has brought us along for the ride!

A bright, quiet, welcoming oasis set in the heart of scenic Salt Lake City, Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry serves up one-of-a-kind and high-quality antique treasures in impeccable condition — truly, a collection worthy of the eye and hand of Marie Antoinette, herself.

37 years-strong, their motto — “Spectacular art shouldn’t just hang on your walls; it should adorn you. At Antoinette’s we specialize in rare pieces of antique, handcrafted jewelry as unique as you are,” concisely conveys the shop’s unique caliber of jewels as well the team’s dedication to understanding their customers’ needs and…wants…well, OK, must-haves.

Here you’ll find endless fodder for #showmeyourrings and beyond…One of the most breathtaking, irresistible and tightly curated antique jewelry selections (I’ll specifically call out rings…not that I had tunnel vision!) that I’ve come across in the country so far (it’s a bold claim, but I’m willing to testify with evidence, when and if the time should come). Like a miniature, upscale candy shop for antique zealots and jewelry enthusiasts alike. What did I purchase? I was unable to leave the store without claiming the most charming Victorian gold and diamond clover ring…you know, just for good luck on the flight back home.
Of course attention to detail doesn’t end with the product — the shop is regally decorated to support the namesake – a white settee in the window, ornate gold mirrors hang the wall, a Grecian bust to the counter-side, glimmering chandeliers, etc…But the team is far from pretentious or offstandish.

Tanya and Kerry are the third owners and curators of this fantastic bijouxterie… with a devoted (international!) cult following and even some New York clientele who travel cross-country to frolic in fields of bauble. Together as a team, they possess a sophisticated understanding and passionate eye for the antiques they curate and the clientele who adore them. The duo exudes authenticity, patience and clear knowledge of each individual piece and its vintage, (as evident by our long conversation discussing the significance and romance of mourning jewelry in a pre-social network universe and its importance despite the often thought “creep factor”).

Established in 1977, the original location stood on State Street in SLC before moving to E Broadway. Open six days a week, with no appointment necessary – their flexible hours are conducive to a leisurely browse should you find yourself in town for the day. BUT…even if you can’t make it out to gorgeous Utah, fear not — for you can shop Antoinette’s stellar collection online, too at where you can imagine yourself browsing with the scenic Wasatch mountain range as your backdrop.

Whether you’re looking for gentle guidance identifying the perfect engagement ring, or just hunting for something nobody else will have but you, Antoinette’s flaunts service and selection you can’t (and won’t) find anywhere else.

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Jewelry Road Trip: Silverman Galleries Antiques in Alexandria, VA


We have another segment of Jewelry Road Trip from Maura of ShopFiligree from her travels in Alexandria, Virginia! This time she headed to Silverman Galleries Antiques, on North Saint Asaph Street. Let’s hear what she has to say:

“Centrally set in the fantastically charming Old Town Alexandria, VA, Silverman Galleries Antiques is one of the D.C. area’s longest-running (50+ years) and well-established antique shops (and still under original ownership, no less!) Maurice and Angela Silverman have come across some astounding acquisitions over the years, (a Victorian 1.33 CT emerald and two 1.65 CT diamond ring; a European 1900s “Luckenbooth” (twin heart) rose gold, sapphire and diamond ring; a European 1910 Edwardian platinum filigree and nearly 1.5 CTs total diamond ring that will knock you into next Tuesday) just to name a few.

Perfectly happy to assist with whatever your eye may seek during your particular visit, yet likewise easy-going and relaxed enough to allow for a thorough browse around their fascinating counters and cabinets filled with true antique show-stoppers and treasures. Each piece is featured (in my opinion, as it should) uncluttered, clean and highlighted within its own space so one can truly appreciate it for its own particular merits and place in history. Knowledgeable and friendly team hosting wonderfully curated and diverse finds, Silverman Galleries is a “must” on your list of antique stops if you’re in the D.C. area.”

IMG_20140104_152143148_HDR IMG_20140104_151713751_HDR

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