June ABS – Nouveau roses

The inspiration for the June Art bead scene monthly challenge is an art nouveau-esque poster by John Louis Rhead which shows a young woman reading a magazine. As a teacher of costume history and history of design, I delved deep to analyse the artwork which is quite simple with a lot of recognisable elements from that period.Art Nouveau is a design movement that was at its peak between 1890’s and the world war I

The inspiration for the June Art bead scene monthly challenge is an art nouveau-esque poster by John Louis Rhead which shows a young woman reading a magazine. As a teacher of costume history and history of design, I delved deep to analyse the artwork which is quite simple with a lot of recognisable elements from that period.

Art Nouveau is a design movement that was at its peak between 1890’s and the world war I. It is characterized by flat, decorative patterns; intertwined organic forms such as stems or flowers with writhing plant forms, called Foliate forms, a curvilinear depiction of leaves and flowers and vines, sinuous Whiplash lines (identified by their curves and counter curves) along with right-angled forms. The movement is more than a century old, its aesthetics, however, continue to be visible in everyday objects even today. Grill gates and balcony railings with foliate and curvilinear forms are perfect examples of this movement.

“Literary Poster for the Century Magazine”, June 1896
by John Louis Rhead
Original Lithographic Poster Printed in Colour with Letterpress

I call this poster Nouveau-esque as it contains elements from both Aesthetic and Art Nouveau movements. While the rendering is flat, the details seem to be a bit less ornamental than the later art nouveau period. From the context (pose, background and hairstyle) of the woman I think that she could be a well read, fashionable aesthete and a nature lover (strolling barefoot in the garden). She has pale skin, red (henna colored hair) and is seen wearing an “Aesthetic dress” in teal, and roses in her hair. She is also surrounded by rose plants in the garden which surprisingly have no leaves.

As this image already has elements from two, although related, art movements, I decided to keep my design simple with direct inspiration from the image. Initially, I wanted to use wire to create curvilinear forms and suspend roses on them but somehow the piece looked very undesirable. So I decided to create a pendant for this challenge and a simple cord necklace to go with it.

The base layer the pendant is made of resin and the cured piece has been ice enamelled and colored with enamel paints in multiple layers and sealed (picture on the left) and then painted with acrylic paint. Then the roses were drawn by removing the base paint to create a wood etching/engraving sort of look and finally colored in red. I was experimenting with my camera settings while taking pictures and didnt realise until now that the pendant looks differently in different pictures.

I have used colors like yellow, orange, red, green, teal and a streak of purple to compliment and balance all that yellow. This piece is truly mixed media, as it has a resin art pendant, silk thread cord, lampwork flower beads made by Artisan Jyothi (yes, I have been hoarding them all these years) and copper wire.

Art nouveau is a style that comes to me instinctively when I paint but I found it very hard to translate the same aesthetics into jewelry. I think this is the fourth version that I tried and at one point I was like “I’ll just make a wire spiral and be done with it”. For now, I am happy with what I have achieved. The whiplash curves on the wire work and the illustration on the pendant and the foliate tendrils on which the flowers bloom are quintessentially art nouveau. Maybe, I‘ll work more on increasing the stability of the piece as the lampwork flowers are quite fragile.

I hope you found it interesting

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Resin Workshop Alert

With Facebook’s constantly changing policies and feed display many have remarked how my workshops updates are not reaching them, so I am posting the latest update here. If interested in the workshop, please email me your confirmation

With Facebook’s constantly changing policies and feed display many have remarked how my workshops updates are not reaching them, so I am posting the latest update here. If interested in the workshop, please email me your confirmation. I will require a token advance to reserve your seat which will go towards your workshop materials.

Resin Workshop Alert
A 3- 4 hour comprehensive Resin workshop that will introduce to you the wonderful world of resin where you’ll create a variety of components using two part epoxy resin and leave with a whole lot more ideas than we can possibly fit in the workshop.
The Class will be conducted in small batches of 4-5 people to provide individual attention

You’ll be taught using a slow curing resin
– The basics of resin – types of resin, brands available, curing time, process of mixing
Designing for mixed media – planning components

– Preparation of papers/fabric for embedding
– Doming process
– Coloring resin
– Cold enamelling Process

– Resin Casting using moulds
Demo of the finishing process will be shown which you can use to finish your pieces at home.

The pieces made in the workshop will be mailed to you after 72 hours, once they are cured or they can be collected from my place.

Batch 1: 1-2 seats available
Saturday, June 25 between 2 PM – 6 PM

Batch 2: Three seats available
Saturday, July 2nd between 2 PM – 6 PM

Fees – Rs.4000 (incl workshop materials -take away resin kit)
Location – Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

No jewelry making experience is required and beginners are invited. The techniques learnt can be applied to product design, scrapbooking, collage making, or any mixed media art apart from Jewelry.
All material will be provided. It’s a make-and-take workshop and left over resin (enough for 4 future pours) can be taken home by the participants.

Email me – jewelsofsayuri(@)gmail(.)com by 24th June to book your seat.
I hope you found it interesting

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Q & A with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry


With each collection released and each encounter I have with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry, I am more and more intrigued…spellbound, you could say. From the first concept of the lookbook (which I still have laid out like a coffee table best seller) to her enchanting video launch depicting her vision and a glimpse into her world, Lisa Kim strikes again, this time debuting a new collection called The Seabeast. The concept and inspiration will leave you curious to see what is next and the new pieces are gorgeous. Highly wearable ear climbers, earrings, necklaces and a unique ring make up The Seabeast collection. If you’re like me, you want to know more about the pieces and some insights into the designer, so here you go! Hope you enjoy:


My boyfriend and I love to cook. We were in the kitchen making dinner one day several months ago when he told me about the cockentrice, which originated from the Middle Ages in Europe. A suckling pig and a capon were sewn together to create a whole new beast that was roasted and served on a platter. This was culinary drama designed to amaze and delight guests while feeding them. The idea of a creature made of different parts stuck in my head and it shaped the story behind The Seabeast. Mythological beasts are mash-ups anyway; the unicorn is a horse with a horn, the manticore is a lion with a human head, rows of shark-like teeth, bat wings, and a scorpion tail.

I offer different iterations of the same animal in The Seabeast. The initial release features pendants and earrings that are fusions of scales, fins, waves, and shark teeth. I always like to leave some interpretation up to the viewer so I tend to steer away from literal design; but with this collection I felt compelled to design The Eye of The Beast, which is a departure for me. There are other pieces in the collection with ferocious teeth and spines like the ones you find on crab shells and conch shells.

Did Leviathan really exist? Was there a Kraken that smashed ships to their doom? Did the Midgard Serpent truly wrap itself around the world? Is it still there? Could it be that these myths and tall tales were about one and the same creature that has ruled the deepest and the most secret parts of the Earth all this time? Science would tell us otherwise, but we can’t really say for certain that this creature is pure fiction. I like to think that this beast once lived and that its parts were scattered. Once re-assembled, it will live again. I aim to suspend your disbelief. I want you to possess a piece of this creature and take on its power and believe that it is real.

LKFJ_Seabeast_group LKFJ_Seabeast_opal_spine_earclimbers18Y


From an early age I would draw and write stories while listening to music. This led me to my first career as a storyboard artist in animation. It was a fun occupation for sure but I never stopped dreaming stories of heroes in my fantasy world.

I was still working in animation when I signed up for a wax carving course at a small jewelry school here in L.A. One month into the course I committed to becoming a jewelry designer and business owner. I quit my job in 2011.

I took a bench jeweler course at the school. In the following year I interned for fashion designer Michael Schmidt where I got to work on some amazing metal projects for pop artists. After that I went to work for Tony Swatton, a blacksmith, bladesmith, leatherworker, costumer – a truly remarkable maker of all things. If you’ve watched film and tv in the past thirty years, chances are you’ve seen his work. (Remember the Vikings from the Capital One commercials? Tony made all of their gear.) Michael and Tony are two very different guys but they had one thing in common: They made incredible accessories that punched up a performer’s onstage presence. I came away from these places feeling really empowered by the things we worked on. I really wanted to create that feeling with statement fine jewelry.

I had the fortune of studying chasing and repoussé under European masters Valentin Yotkov and Davide Bigazzi. Chasing and repoussé are ancient metalworking techniques that allowed me to create my signature cuff bracelets that remind everyone of Wonder Woman. My bracelets are made by hand using tools and thousands of hammer blows. It’s a more efficient use of metal compared to casting – this means I can go pretty large with my designs and they remain surprisingly light in weight.

I am a member of AGTA and I serve as Communications Chair at WJA Los Angeles. In 2013 I received the Carelle-WJA Grant in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath. This was a cash grant of $5,000 that allowed me to produce a look book with my first collection that helped me establish the look of my brand. I feel incredibly blessed to have received this aid from WJA.

LKFJ_Seabeast_SmallPaveScaleEarrings18Y LKFJ_Seabeast_pendants18Y_02


Selling my first piece – a custom rubelite ring in 18k gold. My passion lies in bespoke pieces for fierce and independent women. You know who they are –they’re the ones who speak up and turn heads whenever they enter a room.

LKim_rubellitering02 LKim_rubellitering01


I aim to grow this collection over the coming months. You can expect to see more parts of the beast. There will be one-of-a-kinds with colored stones, pearls, and diamonds.

I would like to partner with more retailers. Consumer values have been changing a lot these past few years and retailers have had to evolve with this. I strongly believe brick-and-mortar stores are still incredibly important despite the rise of e-commerce. Women know what they want more than ever before. They will always want a place where they can experience jewelry in person and connect with it.

From the very beginning my goal has been to create magic in metal. This is my raison d’être. Running a business involves wearing all kinds of hats which I love, but at the end of the day all I want is bad-ass jewelry for our bad-ass selves.

LKim_OpalSpineDropEarrings18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_toothearclimbers18Y


My cavansite ring. It’s the one piece I made for myself so far. It looks magical and everyone always asks about it. It has heft like all my other designs. My pieces aren’t just pleasing to look at – they have to feel substantial and luxurious, too. My jewelry has presence just like the women who wear it.

LKim_EyeofTheBeast18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_large_scale_earrings

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry.

Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

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Check out Diamonds in the Library, who also is featuring the new collection today as well!

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10 Blogging tips for a successful blog hop

The Bead Peeps Swap and hop is almost here (On sunday) so I just thought that I’ll share some blogging tips for newbie bloggers who will be taking part in the hop so as to enable a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone involved. At my place, we tidy up our house when we know guests are visiting, so it is only right that I extend the same courtesy to my friends who would be visiting my blog too.

The Bead Peeps Swap and hop is almost here (On sunday) so I just thought that I’ll share some blogging tips for newbie bloggers who will be taking part in the hop so as to enable a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone involved. At my place, we tidy up our house when we know guests are visiting, so it is only right that I extend the same courtesy to my friends who would be visiting my blog too.
Even you are not participating in this particular hop, I feel that the tips would still be useful for you as they can be applied to any blog hop. I maybe be guilty of making some of these mistakes,and at times my blogger goes crazy, however I keep correcting them.

10 Blogging tips for a successful blog hop

Before you post – Tidy up your blog
1. Choose the right Font and Font size: Choose simple readable “Sans Serif” for your blog (fonts without the projecting little lines at the top and/or bottom) like Calibri, Verdana, Open sans, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, Trebuchet, etc. for your blog’s post body. Change the font size of your blog to 12px – 14px (for the body) and 16px for the heading. Anything smaller is inconvenient to read on mobile phones and anything bigger hurts the eye.
2. Connectivity: Suppose I come to your blog and I want to stay in touch with you, I need to see Social media icons (with working links) or way to subscribe to your blog, otherwise you just lose me there
3. About Me – when I really like a fellow artist or designer’s work I really want to know more about them and an “About me” page, with your photograph, doesnt exactly that. Even if you a beading robot, I want to know about you. See my About me page here
4. Composition – Just as you spend time composing a beautiful necklace or earrings, take time to compose blog’s various elements. Align them with one another. A blog doesn’t need exotic fonts, 10 different colors or complicated layouts to be good. Often, a simple gray text on a white background design is the best.

When you write the post
5. Post pictures that are big enough – so we can enjoy your beautiful creations. Vertical pics work better for Pinterest, landscape works better for Facebook, twitter and G+ and square is great for Instagram and Linky parties. Put your images in the center of your post instead of Left or right alingment. It makes the post more readable
6. Create a Link list – Instead of writing the blog url as http://www.someblogurl.com, write the participants name and add the url as a link. Better still, list blog names and add links. This way, Google doesnt think that you are spamming and the participating blog gets a viable link. Always Set the participating blogger links to open as a new tab
7. Schedule your postPost on time or a hour before time (to check for mistakes and correct them), and share your post’s permalink with your partner, so that they can directly link to your post.
8. Post!Post atleast work in progress pics even if you havent completed a piece.

After you Post
9. Remove captcha – Oh God, This is one of my pet peeves and I just about tolerate it. If you make it hard for me to comment, why should I comment? Keep comment moderation on if you want but remove all and any sort of captcha or word/image verification for atleast for a week following the hop date
10. Change commentators settings to allow non Gmail account users to comment – I am guilty of this mistake but setting the profile to Gmail users enables me to reply to their comments via mail and its reduces spam. Still, I am changing!

# Extra Tip share your post on Social Media and promote the hop

Join me on Sunday, Visit all participating blogs, comment and get inspired!!

I hope you found it interesting

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Jewels at my Doorstep: Stacy Nolan Jewelry

Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip Stacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem GossipStacy Nolan Jewelry | Gem Gossip

When jewels arrive at my doorstep, it’s a celebration! Here’s the rundown of my day when Stacy Nolan sent me some jewelry to play with and shoot.

9am: Stacy Nolan Jewelry arrives at my doorstep. 4 pairs of earrings. 2 necklaces. 1 bracelet. 4 rings.

9:05am: The box has been ripped open, now disheveled over in the corner with Chiefy & Frankie sniffing at it frantically. I’m talking aloud to myself and not a soul is in the house. “Omg I love these! Oh woah, these huggie earrings are exactly what I’ve been scouring the Inter-webs for!” I simply can’t help myself when I’m excited about something, all sanity goes out the window.

9:15am: Hair is a hot mess, pajamas are still on fully coated in Chiefy’s hair, no makeup on except for some remnants of yesterday’s cat eye and unnecessary bold lip–I start “styling” this pajama look with Stacy Nolan‘s pieces and the power of jewelry comes into play. I am immediately feeling myself because of the jewels–a diamond briolette can shine! And hell yeah this fringe necklace is somewhat elegant with pajamas, I can see how everyday wear on this baby is a definite.

9:30am: I’ve already established how I want to wear the Stacy Nolan jewels, so I take a few quick shots with my iPhone for memory’s sake, and start to get a feel for what I think the look and outfit should be. Most definitely girly–I feel very sexy with the fringe, the diamond briolettes and the threader earrings. The collection also has a daintiness to it, although when worn all together, it is hardly dainty. Ok, got it!

10am: Shower, indefinitely, and then start getting ready. For makeup, I stuck with a very similar look that I wear for special occasions, except adding the eye shadows that feature sparkles in the palette of my Naked by Urban Decay. I chose a pink lip color to add to the girly vibe and also play off the pink faux fur stole. For hair, I left the bed head look and stuck with my 3 day old curls. Didn’t want the look to be too overdone or too polished. For nails, I kept my natural nail showing and simply glittered the tips only. It’s a fun and easy nail look–takes some practice but no need to be an expert.

11am: Put together the outfit and now back to styling the jewelry. I opted for wearing the circular black diamond briolette stud earrings in my first holes, then got creative with the threader earrings and huggies. Rather than wearing them normally, I put one pair on each ear–so threaders on my right ear (holes 2 and 3) and huggies on the other side! I also didn’t thread the earrings all the way through–they conveniently have earring posts on each end and I wore them as if they were long dangle earrings. I love the long length and really makes them stand out this way. Necklaces, bracelet and rings were more straightforward with the styling.

11:30am: Off I go, hopped into the car ready to scout out a perfect location to shoot the photos! Our first stop was a historic building with a pretty yellow door. As cute as it seemed, the lighting was way off and after a few shots we moved on. I kept admiring the earring look I was sporting and couldn’t get over how perfect the huggies fit my ears. We pulled up to a green oasis with some blossoms and greenery that instantly worked. After some makeshift pruning to a few of the sticks and leaves, it was go-time.

1pm: Back at the house and already going through pictures! The multi-color diamond briolette bracelet and matching necklace really stand out in the photos. The lapis tear drop fringe necklace also stuns and I’m glad we got a few shots of the coordinating earrings, done in white onyx.

2pm: …I’ve already emailed and placed my order with Stacy Nolan the pieces that I want! lol

4pm: Once all the photos have been selected, I sadly pack up the jewelry to be mailed back. One of the diamond briolette rings finds a new home in my jewelry box instead of the package, and I wave off the pieces one-by-one as they go.

Pieces used for the photoshoot:

14k yellow gold multi-colored diamond briolette bracelet 2.30 carats total, Price: $1,195

14k yellow gold matching multi-colored diamond briolette necklace 2.43 carats total, Price: $1,450

18k yellow gold fringe drop necklace with lapis and diamonds, Price: $2,760

18k yellow gold matching fringe drop earrings with white onyx, Price: $3,750

14k yellow gold black diamond briolette threader earrings, Price: $155 each

14k yellow gold circle studs with black diamond briolettes, Price: $365

14k yellow gold black diamond briolette huggie earrings, Price: $270

14k yellow gold black diamond briolette ring, Price: $200

14k yellow gold black diamond briolette ring with black pave diamonds, Price: $485

14k yellow gold white diamond briolette ring, Price: $575

14k yellow gold champange diamond briolette ring with white diamond pave, Price: $780

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Stacy Nolan Jewelry.

Stacy Nolan Jewelry

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Gem Gossip is Speaking at GIA’S Alumni Chapter Meeting in DC



As I said in the previous post–I will be extremely busy this month with speaking engagements paired with lots of travel! Tomorrow I leave for Washington DC and I’m SO excited! I’ve never been before (besides being in the airport there) and I’m looking forward to spending a day taking in the tourist attractions–most importantly the Smithsonian!!

Before that though, I will be speaking at DC’s GIA Alumni chapter meeting that is scheduled for Thursday, April 7th, 2016 from 7-9pm. It will take place the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, 1900 Ft. Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209, at the Virginia end of Key Bridge, 703-807-2000. Admission is free for those who have paid their 2016 meeting fees and $10.00 for all others. Please visit the Chapter’s website at www.dcgia.org for more info! Hope to see you there!


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Reflections – March ABS

For the March ABS challenge, our inspiration was a painting by Taisia K. Afonina titled “Still Life with Pussy Willows”.

For the March ABS challenge, our inspiration was a painting by Taisia K. Afonina titled “Still Life with Pussy Willows”. I had no idea what pussy willows meant until I looked at the picture and when I did, the painting felt more like a casual Tea table set up than the more formal “traditional” setting that is used for still life drawing in art classes. A note accompanying the paintings emphasizes the above point, by mentioning that the painting comprises of a “Set of objects that are organic and natural, causing numerous associations. Composition of the painting is devoid of stage effects. It seems that the observant eye of the artist captured on canvas daily life of a bygone era. The exquisite silver composition fills us with the invisible presence of those who are dear to us and whom we will always be waiting….”

Inspiration – March ABS
“Still Life with Pussy Willows” By Taisia K. Afonina

Rather poetic, I should say and the words “associations, organic and silver” immediately caught my attention. As I started to form a visual image in my head (for the design) all I could think about was something sea or water related and thus I settled in the concept of “Reflection”.
Inspirations work in strange ways and on closer examination of the painting I notices the reflections of the vessels on each other, the light reflection on the vase and the chiaroscuro effect on the sheer gossamer curtain.

crystal and paper necklace

Heather had suggested a color palette of pale grays and neutrals with dark peacock teal, purple and dull yellow. But I really couldnt see these colors in the picture. I found cold frosty silver with lots of blue along with accents of purple and on hindsight, ochre. I made two pieces based on the theme – Dew drop and Mirror Mirror and they came together pretty quickly as I found the colors very simple.

Dew Drop
The artisan component is resin pendant that I made with layers of paper and foil and is strung together with gorgeous glass crystals in a frosty blue. The pendant looks like metal, rough with a matt blue patina on it. For added interest I have used silver foil glass beads and silver crystals along with purple glass beads and a double sided purple and green matt crystal bead. The necklace has a lot of intrinsic shine but without that blingly over the top rhinestone type of shine.

crystal artbead necklacefaux metal pendant

Mirror Mirror:
My fascination with/for mirrors is very well known in my circle, so much so that my family never ceases to remind me that I will not live in a room devoid of mirrors. I have to admit albeit reluctantly that it is true. I think mirrors not only help see your yourself, they make a room appear bigger also brighten up the area by reflecting light. I am a big fan of how Ancient Egyptians used mirrors to light up their vaults and how mirrors are used in metal jewelry worn in India during Dandiya.

To cut the long story short, I knew that I wanted to used mirrors in my pendant and create a mosaic sort of look (as an ode to good old Gaudi) to mimic the distorted reflections and depth as showcased in the painting. I used matt silver paper as the base and did multiple resin pours. I made a mistake here. The first pour was ice resin and second was little windows, both of which have difference physical and chemical properties, so I ended up with lots of bubbles in the front and a pattern at the back. I am still wondering how to correct it.

Despite this flaw I really like the piece. It has organically cut shell nuggets from South east Asia, Indian glass beads and a lovely floral clasp. I actually like both these pieces, a first for me, mainly because they are in blue and I tend to shy away from this shade of blue. Maybe as the weather here is burning, roasting hot with complex humidity, I somehow feel that these pieces would bring the much needed coolness to refresh the wearer as well as the onlooker.

Do tell me what you think of these pieces and my unorthodox realisation of the given inspiration. You can find entries of other artists in the Art bead Scene Pinterest page – Beads and Jewelry challenge

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More Updates from @shopGEMGOSSIP

Gem Gossip Gem Gossip Gem Gossip Gem Gossip

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know I’ve been rampantly purging rings from my personal collection. Not sure why really. Spring cleaning? Too many to account for? Change? I think a lot has to do with working from home. I used to have to get ready for work everyday–choosing clothes, doing my hair, and picking out a different jewelry look. Now that I work from home, a lot has changed. My tastes have evolved as well, so I also think that is a factor. But I hate to see rings not being worn. And just like clothing–if you can go through your wardrobe and haven’t worn a certain piece in years, it might be time to part with it! Finding new homes for my rings definitely feels good! Hope one of these finds its way to you!

To find out which of the above rings featured are still available, check out the full inventory over at @shopGEMGOSSIP

And yes, the scarab has sold–may have been the hardest to part with and definitely the quickest to sell.


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Video Series: Gem Gossip Read & Wear for February 2016

Gem Gossip Read & Wear video series

Hey! Can you believe I made it through two whole months keeping this New Year’s resolution?! I know, neither can I! So February has come and gone, and I thought sticking to a strict one ring purchase per month and one book purchase per month would be difficult, I actually was struggling with finding something to buy. February was really busy for me with lots of travel and a content-heavy schedule…so most days were spent behind a computer writing all day. Jewelry is always on my mind, but certainly this time the buying aspect was not really in the equation.

The Ring:

I decided to log into eBay since I hadn’t been on since way before Christmas–I had actually personally “banned” myself from eBay because, let’s be honest, it can get a jewelry-loving girl into a lot of trouble. I wasn’t very deep into my search when I came across a “baby” ring that featured the word Nevada in a style typical of the California Gold Rush era souvenir jewelry. This was a really intriguing time in history, during the mid-1800s when around 300,000 people flocked to California in search for gold. From this movement, lots of sounvenir jewelry was created. Some fine examples are highlighted in the auction lot I mention in the video–this lot is from Rago Arts’ December 2015 sale where the estimated value of the items more than tripled in the final bid price of $5,000. The “Colorado” ring from that lot really caught my attention and I’ve been on the hunt for one similar ever since. That’s how this “Nevada” ring sparked my interest and luckily no bidding was necessary as it was a “Buy It Now.” Although I do love the excitement of an auction, sometimes the quick click of an “Add to Cart” is what is needed to soothe a jewelry obsession.

The Book:

As I stated in the video, I bought Jewels & Jewellery by Clare Phillips while visiting London in 2014. I was so enchanted by my visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, that I had to bring home this book which features many of the jewels within their jewelry galleries. Can you believe their galleries contain over 4,000 items of jewelry?! They way everything is displayed makes it even more magnificient. Luckily for you, you don’t have to catch a flight to London or pack this heavy book in your suitcase like I did–you can just order it below! Let your mail carrier do the heavy lifting for you! 😉

Important Links:

February’s Ring Purchase: Antique “Nevada” old miner’s souvenir ring, www.eBay.com

February’s Book Purchase: Jewels & Jewellery by Clare Phillips

Jewels & Jewellery book

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Q & A with Dover Jewelry, A Leader in Antique & Estate Jewelry

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry has been my go-to spot for all things antique and estate jewelry since my very first purchase online EVER involving jewelry! If you don’t believe me, just read the blog post I wrote about the white gold, sapphire eternity band that I bought from Dover way back in 2008. That post was the second blog post written on GemGossip.com so it is ancient! 😉 The next blog post I wrote featured a diamond bypass ring that I fell in love with from Dover which gave me my original love and inspiration for my antique engagement ring. You can see the post here. It’s funny how rough and dicey those first few months of blogging were, but I was just starting out…trying to find my voice.

It is evident that Dover Jewelry has been on my radar for a very long time and their excellence in the jewelry industry reaches far beyond my eight years blogging, in fact Dover Jewelry has been in bussiness for over 25 years. Their collection and inventory exceeds all expectations and is constantly growing. I had to know more about this company, so I asked five important questions–hope you enjoy the interview!


Our fascination with antique jewelry began in a small antique store, tucked away in one of Boston’s most affluent suburbs. And as reputations grow, so did ours – Dover Jewelry was the place to find that special piece, that necklace never duplicated in any of Boston’s most glamorous ballrooms or select intimate parties. Boston, the place of our roots, was good to us and we loved the city as we became increasingly more recognized and trusted amongst the “Bean Town” Elite. But, as our businesses became more and more successful, the draw of Miami’s exploding International Celebrity loomed on our horizon. No place was there more of a demand for beauty, craftsmanship and value. We could not ignore the force that drew us to the gateway of Latin America, and a center point of Fashion excellence like that of Downtown Miami. It was a decision that swept us upward and onward to international markets, exquisite finds and an ever increasing and appreciative clientele.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip


Dover is based in the heart of Miami’s diamond district, where our expert Jewelry staff maintains a passion for the rare and exceptional. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and expertise of current market values of precious stones and metals around the globe. Growing our formidable team of over 15 employees provides the quality support and premium service our clients deserve. Our in-house Master Jeweler, GIA gemologist, videographers, selling professionals, globally procured buyers and experienced customer service team in the jewelry industry strive to provide our clients with a singular purchasing experience, 100% personal attention and satisfaction.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip


Dover Jewelry procures an extensive collection of unique estate items, retailing in excess of over 300 pieces per week. This rigorous turnover, allows our globally sourced team of buyers to allocate a steady selection of fresh and rare collections. From the halls of the most infamous trade shows in Miami, NY, and Las Vegas to the Grandest exhibitions in Hong Kong, Basel, France and Latin America.

Closer to home, we have the privilege of welcoming the most treasured collections from local families and celebrities who are looking for an unsurpassed level of discrete estate buying and evaluations. Those who have decided it’s time to pass their rare jewels along to someone who will love and cherish them as much as they once did.

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On one memorable occasion we were asked to go to New York to meet an elderly lady who had acquired a fabulous collection of fine gems dating back to her great grandmother. As with many immigrants at that time, escaping persecution from their Russian Homeland, any valuables were immediately confiscated and yet her grandmother knew that the survival of herself and her lineage was incumbent upon these precious gems which were sewn into their jacket linings in hopes of surviving the long migration to America.

Slowly, and with the supervision of our gemology team, we have been able to guide her on the most lucrative times to liquidate her collection in order to safeguard her heirs fortune, as did her great grandmother.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip

This magnificent rare diamond antique brooch is handcrafted in solid 18k gold with a silver top. A fabulous composition of some 109 round old european cut diamonds approx. 7.00 cttw, G-H color, almost all VS clarity and 3 pinkish white natural pearls, approx. 5.5mm in diameter.


It is difficult to say what sets us apart – perhaps it is our extensive search for true Antique and Estate Fine Jewels which is an expertise in itself. We revel in the craftsmanship and the flawless stones that distinguish the magnificent from the ordinary. And best of all is the value in which our buyers or sellers receive for their items.

To find those original rare items – that have been the basis for mass reproduction with other jewelers, requires a vast education in gemology, antique periods and the ability to instill trust beyond reproach with our customers. Dover Jewelry maintains the integrity, and “one on one” service of a fine locally based boutique establishment, coupled with global connections to service our customers in a worldwide marketplace.

Whether you are in the market for rare jewels, or a treasured memory of something your grandmother once wore, our collection represents a walk through the history of jewelry from the lacy, floral scrolls of the Edwardian period to the geometric cuts that characterize Art Deco baubles. Loyalty to these fine vintage pieces is often passed down through generations of a family, symbolizing a way of life and it is just that kind of enduring heirloom that is proving its worth in our collection today.

One of the great joys of fine jewelry is that the very best materials are completely timeless and although old jewels have been locked away in banks and boxes, we all know tangible treasures are far more fascinating. With this in mind, we invite you to experience our glittering array of antique gems. Not only to be viewed, but more importantly to be tried on, loved and brought sparkling back to life!

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Dover Jewelry.


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