Noor Fares Trunk Show: Octobrer 3rd to 14th

During the two first weeks of october, WHITE bIRD is trilled to welcome a new trunk show: Visit the Mont Thabor boutique and discover the latest Noor Fares collection.

Today, Noor Fares presents Akasha, her seventh, and largest, collection to date. Consisting of intricately-constructed pieces that reveal an array of dazzling geometric patterns and coloured stones. The collection is conceived as four connecting chapters – Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, Navratna and Inle – which draw inspiration from ancient symbols and universally shared philosophies.  At the heart of the collection’s spirit is the Mandala.

Sri Yantra draws upon a type of mystical diagram found within early Hindu scriptures. Formed by nine interlocking triangles that emerge from a central point, the pattern is often used in meditative practices to provide focus and balance.

In the subsequent chapter, Flower of Life, reference is made to one of the oldest sacred symbols assembled from 13 evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, in an arrangement reminiscent of a flower.

Navratna, is the third segment of Akasha. It designates the name of a group of nine sacred gemstones cited within Hindu astrology that each correspond to a planet and are believed to absorb and transmit energy.

Inle, the last chapter, features exquisite gold engraving on circular pendants that are interspersed with diamonds or balanced by a centrally positioned pearl, which symbolises a seed.

Sans titre From London, the young designer takes its inspiration from its oriental culture, a lifetime fascination: From the rich souks of the Orient, where jewellery is interwoven into the everyday fabric of life, the gemstones that carry meaning, the protective eye that sits atop even the most delicate jewel.

As she obtained her History of Art diploma in Tufts University, Massachusetts, she could discover symbolism and sens transmission from each object.

Noor rapidly returns to jewellery universe which influenced her childhood, she starts creating her own pieces.

To finish her studies, she takes a Master in Jewellery at Saint Martin’s, London, and confirmes a passion for precious stones and their qualities. Through this period, in 2009, Noor Fares brand is established.


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