Nature trails at Coorg

This time last month, I was in Coorg, Karnataka, for a short spring break. Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is famous for its coffee and spice plantations

This time last month, I was in Coorg, Karnataka, for a short spring break. Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is famous for its coffee and spice plantations. I was there for three days and toured Bylakupe (A huge Tibetan settlement) Madikeri, Talacauvery (the origin point of river Kaveri), Bhagamandala (A 1000 year old Shiva Temple), Nisaragadhama, a coffee and spice plantation and Melkote ( A 1000+ year old Vishnu temple) and Srinrangapatna (The seat of Tipu Sultan) apart from doing lots of shopping.
I was led to believe that it would be more hill station(y) and thereby cool(er) than Chennai but it was disappointing as it was horribly hot. So much so that I fell sick immediately on my return and it made me not want to write about the trip. But then I saw a picture of a “Bird of Paradise flower” yesterday that reminded me of the beautiful resort we stayed at in Coorg and I wanted to share pictures of the beautiful flowers, trees and plants that we saw there. So this Earth day, join me as I take you on this visual journey with inspiring pics of nature.

Bird of Paradise flower

For this Mother-daughter fun trip we stayed at a luxury spa resort. It is an expensive place but I got a really good Summer deal on it. The entire resort was a reminder of the BHEL township I used to live in (and written so much about in my old posts) so we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at a very familiar setting. I loved walking around the resort, looking at plants, taking pictures, sketching and just sitting at the reading nook to read. My mom had some spa time while I soaked at the pool, it was gorgeous. Did I mention that the resort was next to Nisargadhama one of the 8 islands of the River Kaveri in Coorg and so the river was flowing through the resort? As Kaveri is also the lifeline of Trichy, old memories came flooding back. We only wished that we could stay a.k.a live there forever.

My favourite corner was the one with the red telephone box. Our “room” was a quaint little cottage with a normal private garden replete with a lily pond and normal chairs where we enjoyed a lazy evening snack.

The tag line of the resort was that its the “Rabbit hole for the soul” and was designed taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. So there were these quaint little quotes all around.

Coffee Plantation

There were so many many beautiful flowers there and I was inspired to create resin jewelry by embedding them. So I sought permission from the resort, plucked them, sourced cat litter (clumping as I couldn’t find Silica gel litter) and plastic container in an unfamiliar small town to dry the flowers and carted them all the way back to Chennai to find out that the flowers were completely dried out due to the heat and it was an epic fail 🙁 I have been drying variations of flower drying ever since, I am yet to try salt drying, but almost always they get spoiled afterwards due to the extreme heat and humidity not even giving me a chance to put them in resin. Maybe I ought to try it in the cooler months.

So that was a small sample of what we saw on the trip. I found something (or was it someone?) special on this trip and I will write about it soon. If these pictures seem familiar then you have either been to the Amanvana Spa and resort or you seen this pics on Instagram. Not yet following me on IG? Click here to follow Jewelsofsayuri to learn more new offerings, behind the scenes secrets and a wee bit more about my life.

I hope you found it interesting

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