Imagine for a moment if Nature herself were your designer for a magnificent piece of jewellery. What kind of wonder would she create and would it be like anything you’ve ever seen before? Let me introduce you to the unique beauty of this Loveness Lee Ammil ring. With such vibrant hues, dynamic shapes, and organic textures, Loveness Lee Ammil ring is created with the help of nature and the skill of talented designer Loveness Lee to produce jewellery that is as colourful as it is unique.

“By collaborating with nature, I let it do the work for me – I am able to create naturally unpredictable shapes, colours and textures that cannot be replicated, which gives a special value to my collection.”

Design  3 Stars
Value for money 4 Stars
Showstopper 3.5 Stars
Durability 4 Stars
Craftsmanship 3.5 Stars
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Loveness Lee Ammil ring screams style and daring, and speaks to my passion for self-expression and jewellery that has a story to tell. A definite conversation opener, and a real statement piece with a poetic aesthetic, I love pieces of jewellery like this! Even Loveness Lee’s description of the ring made my imagination go wild!

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Ammil:  An Old English term for ‘enamel’ used for those warm winter days when the whole of Dartmoor is transformed into a glistening ice crystal palace. Ammil is the thin layer of ice that coats every leaf, twig, and blade of grass after a flash freeze. On the perfect day, the whole moor sparkles and glitters like a diamond encrusted landscape.

Loveness Lee_contemporary jewellery_jewellery design_gemologue_Liza Urla_jewelry blog_jewellery review

Let me tell you a secret – serendipity is my favourite part of life. So, it was a happy moment when I got engaged in Venice a few months ago and discovered the word was engraved on my engagement ring. Serendipity plays a big part in the Loveness Lee design process and the shapes, colours, and textures that come out of it. Although consistently recognisable, it’s never predictable. Loveness Lee describes it as a ‘trans-natural’ concept created when nature, science, and art work together in harmony. The result is always unique and of course, serendipitous!

Loveness Lee_contemporary jewellery_jewellery design_gemologue_Liza Urla_jewelry blog_jewellery review

Individually cast in bronze with applied patination, each Loveness Lee Ammil ring is gold plated to preserve the desired effect and finish. This ring was made in Loveness Lee’s London workshop using cuttlebone casting and patination to create a unique colour and texture in each piece.

Loveness Lee Ammil ring is available online for £375.

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