DIY 4th of July Tasseled Choker necklace

People, who dress up for the holidays often do so for the spirit of the celebration without really being concerned about fashion trends.

People, who dress up for the holidays often do so for the spirit of the celebration without really being concerned about fashion trends. This very same reason, on the other hand also stops people from dressing up, out of fear of looking dated or jaded. In my opinion, the best way to dress up for the holidays would be with accessories that are absolutely in trend. With 4th of July fast approaching, here is a really quick DIY necklace that combines two of this season’s most favourite trends – choker necklace and tassels. This necklace can be made in less than an hour’s time, making it the perfect “day before” project. Here is what you need

Tasseled Choker necklace
Blue Bernat mega bulky yarn
– red embroidery thread
– white or off white embroidery thread
– blue embroidery thread
– Scissors
– Fabric glue

Make the tassels: These mini tassels are a lot of fun and are very easy to make.
1. Wrap embroidery red around the first and middle finger of your non dominant hand 15-20 (until you get the desired thickness). #Tip: Start wrapping with the end facing downwards, it can be trimmed later.
2. Slide it off your finger and tie a knot about 1 cm from the top.
3. Trim the ends to make them level and flush it out. Repeat steps 1-3 to make 3 more tassels and keep them aside

Make the Choker Necklace
1. Cut 28-30″ of the bulky yarn and fold it into two. To create a loop , tie the offwhite thread 1.25″ away from the tip.
2. Holding the two lengths of yarn together, wrap the offwhite thread around them until you come to the other end. Leave about 2-3″ (depending on how long you wnat the tassel to be), wrap the thread and tie to secure. Do not cut the thread.

3. Wrap all the way back to to the loop side, criss crossing the yarns; knot, wrap to desired thickness and cut the thread.
4. Knot the red thread on the tassel end. Draw it through a needle and wrap around the choker until you come to the other end. As you wrap, attach tassels to the base using the same thread. This process is called a “double wrap” – you wrap the thread once, you come back again and this time you thread it through the tassel before wrapping for the second time. You can space the wraps however close or further apart as you wish.
5. Trim and Fluff out the blue tassel and check to see if it goes inside the loop

Make the loop closure: Wrapping the loop gives a neat look, strengthens the closure and adds stability to the piece. See the difference between the necklaces with a wrapped and unwrapped loop on the above image.

1. Knot blue thread to the base of the loop and wind the thread around the bulky yarn wrapping it completely.
2. Wrap at the base (cover the off white thread if you want), knot and cut the thread. Use fabric glue to glue down the end


That’s it, your necklace is complete. Though the base can be created with any sort of yard or cord, I specifically recommend Bernat mega bulky yarn as its really very soft (you can cuddle with this bonbon of yarn and go to sleep) making it very comfortable as a choker necklace that is worn very close to the neck.



This necklace is best worn with a LWD (Little white dress) or even a blue dress while you hang out with your friends and family over brunch. To give it more of an evening vibe wrap or stitch rhinestone chain with blue or red thread on the choker.

This versatile design needn’t be restricted to the traditional blue, white and red colors. You can create a gypsy necklace with a black base and multicolored tassels. You can go all white for a formal look or black and gold for a jazzy party look. There are innumerable variations and if you do make one, give me a shout out. Do tell me in the comments, how you like incorporating the latest fashion trends in your everyday wardrobe and holiday attires.

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