Q & A with Nektar De Stagni Fine Jewelry

Spike Jewelry Set by Nektar De Stagni

Transforming soft, elegant pearls into edgy and cool pieces of jewelry, Nektar De Stagni has created a fine jewelry brand that is both fun and here to stay. I’m loving everything about it, including the smiley (and non-smiley) pearl emoji dudes, whether they’re in pendant form, ring form, or earrings, these provoke positivity! I personally own the spike pearl necklace in yellow gold and every time I wear it, someone always asks about it!

Nektar De Stagni has creativity in her blood and first launched her fashion brand at the young age of 21. Both the response and the passion she felt from her jewelry which also launched had led her to solely focus on NDS her fine jewelry identity and brand. Since its inception in 2008, Nektar De Stagni has become a cult favorite and is currently carried at Nordstrom, The Webster, Opening Ceremony, and several other retailers, including her own e-commerce website. We caught up with the busy entrepreneur and DJ to learn the latest:


We are currently working on expanding on the Pearl Styles to include other cute symbols like Hearts, Peace signs, and Letters/initials!

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip


I have been designing since I was a little girl. I have sketches of jewelry as early as age 6! When I was 18 I started a ready to wear company and made jewelry accessories to complement the clothes. The jewelry was really popular and it slowly took over. In 2008 I decided to launch Nektar De Stagni Fine Jewelry as a standalone brand.

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip


Seeing my jewelry in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bergdorf Goodman, and worn by Rihanna is a major thrill!

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip


I would love to one day collaborate with Tiffany & Co, and Cartier.

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip 18918970793_b8fcd14fef_o

I love all of my jewelry, but the Smiley Emoji Pearl Ring is a great reminder to stay positive and grateful every day 🙂

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip

Nektar De Stagni | Gem Gossip

Enter to win your own Nektar De Stagni smile emoji pearl ring — click here!

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underthecrownjewelry metiersf hurryupwait eatjewels

levysfj thegemdiaries stephenwebsterjewellery trademarkantiques sixthcitystyle


underthecrownjewelry is mainly known for their beautiful diamond rings, but yes they carry gemstone favorites

Metier always killing it with gorgeous, lustworthy ring shots from their curated inventory

hurryupwait works on Catbird but spotlights as a magpie when trunk shows pop up in NYC

eatjewels has some drool-worthy pieces in her collection

Levy’s Fine Jewelry celebrates opals–this may have been from October, but we should celebrate opals everyday

thegemdiaries piles on some Gabriella Kiss rings and yes they look amazing

Stephen Webster Jewellery makes a beautiful photo with his designs and a sexy backdrop

Trademark Antiques has an eye-catching assortment of diamond rings, loving them

sixthcitystyle has an awesome collection, we need her to contribute her Jewelry Collection Story!!

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Book Review – Jewellery design by Elizabeth Galton

If you have ever walked into a fashion, art or design school library, chances are that you would have come across the “Basics Series” by Ava Publishing.

If you have ever walked into a fashion, art or design school library, chances are that you would have come across the “Basics Series” by Ava Publishing. From Advertising to Typography, they have about 19 main titles and innumerable subtitles providing in-depth knowledge of all art, design, and fashion related industries. The Book “Jewellery design by Elizabeth Galton” is a part of the Fashion series (book no. 10) and is a must read for all jewellery designers, artists, managers, retailers and instructors.

The book is divided into seven main chapters which cover everything from the history of jewellery to jewellery styles and ethical practices, from research, Design development, realisation and marketing to introducing case studies of different jewellers, artists and designers from across the world. This 184-page book offers a 360 perspective of the jewellery industry making the reader want for more. Elizabeth gives an insight into the lives of jewelry designers like Stephen webster, Anne Kazuro Guinnet,Theo Fennell and Shaun Leane through expert interviews that offer real advice. Answers to questions like “What do you look for in a junior designer?” or “How do you identify a target market?” are particularly enlightening. Though this book was published in 2012, I think its valid even today. But I do hope for a newer edition soon discussing new media opportunities in design.

The first two chapters are set in a design school process based subject style with lots of input on fashion basics, terminology, fashion through ages and style identification. Discussion of the styles of various designers are thought provoking and opens up new vistas of thinking. You also get input on ethical design and fair trade policies.
The next chapter offers insight on basic design process methodology used by most designers. It talks about the need for trend research, how to create a mood board and discusses modes of research.

The fourth chapter begins with a description of a design brief and talks about how designers use them to ideate, generate forms and come up with concepts. The book talks about the importance of pencil or rough sketches, the requirement of technical drawings, how the final designs are selected and how they are converted into CADs for production. The chapter details range design, project management, recording and review of the collection in addition to CAD-CAM which I found fascinating.

Chapter five is a hodgepodge of sorts. It begins with jewelry management and details the roles of various people involved in the design, production, and marketing of jewelry. It also discusses hallmarking, sampling, pricing. Strangely, the author, here, talks about materials – gold, vermeil, sterling silver which feels very odd. Maybe a separate chapter focussing on materials would have been better.
Chapter six is all about presentation. It begins with inputs on photography, branding, look book and portfolio generation, packaging and branches on creating a web/virtual presence through PR and Social media marketing.the sequencing feels confused.

Chapeter seven details the various career aspects that a jewelry design aspirant might have and details grants available, schemes, awards and corporate projects. The book ends with a solid glossary, a fantastic list of references and a few more interviews. At the very end, we see a teaser from another Basics – fashion design series “working with ethics” which is quite thought provoking.

I am a very tough critic (my students would know!) and I hardly approve of anything but I love this book. I think that this book is for everybody (beginner or expert) who wants to be a part of jewellery industry as it provides invaluable input to self-taught artists who do not have a design background and sharpens the dull schooled minds with a dose of reality.
Where to buy:
Follow these links: Amazon.com (International) Amazon.in (India)

As this is a fantastic book resource, I didnt feel like sharing high res images of the pages of the book. Hence the dull cell phone pics. I hope that it wouldn’t deter you from seeking out the book. This book is now on my wishlist of things to buy as this particular copy is from the library 🙂

I hope you found it interesting

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Rock Vault Amazes at Couture 2016

Rachel Boston Jewellery

Incredibly unique designs by Rachel Boston Jewellery, including some alternative bridal

Completed Works 3

The fluid, free-flowing designs of Completedworks are done in 18k yellow gold and are mesmerizing

Imogen Belfield

Newly crowned “Best in Gold” Couture Design Award Winner, Imogen Belfield, known for her “rockesque” designs

Jacqueline Cullen

Extremely cool Jacqueline Cullen Jewels are all done using Whitby Jet, yes just like the Victorian Jet jewelry from the late 1800s

Lily Kamper 2

These rings by Lily Kamper made me say, “WOW!” They are set with specially carved agates

Lily Kamper

And here are her signature necklaces done in Perspex and Marble set with end caps of 18k gold and gemstones, by Lily Kamper


Was so excited to get to see RUIFIER’s designs in person! The colors and geometric shapes are everything!

Shimell & Madden

Shimell & Madden also blew me away–extremely modern, with lines and curves making up the collection. Love the matte finish and the multiple shanks.

Jordan Askill Completed Works 2

Photo on the left, Jordan Askill’s necklace made of rock crystal with a 3D panther carved out of white cacholong set on top. The photo on the right features more rings from Completedworks.

If you’ve ever wanted to sneak off, away from all the hustle and bustle of Couture, and be instantly amazed, refreshed and wishing you spoke with a British accent, I highly suggest checking out Stephen Webster’s jewelry initiative called Rock Vault. This mini-ballroom hosts eight highly talented British designers, all whom are bringing their insanely gifted skills to the US. As I strolled along to each designer and spoke with them about their creations and inspirations, it became clear as to why Stephen Webster started Rock Vault in the first place!

“Rock Vault is a jewellery initiative to support, showcase and promote Britain’s most innovative, fine jewellery talent. Curated by Stephen Webster, this unique showcasing initiative has been developed by the BFC to nurture the creative fine jewellery talent based in London. It gives these designers the opportunity to further develop their businesses, as well as exposure amongst both UK and international media and retailers.”

I felt positive vibes from every designer featured in Rock Vault–an overall sense of excitement and gratitude, radiating with pride for not only their work but to be showcased in Las Vegas at the Couture show. Above you’ll find some photos I snapped, at least one from each designer featured in Rock Vault. Here’s a little more about each designer:

Rachel Boston Jewellery: a young, talented designer born and based in London with a wild imagination. Nominated for numerous awards, including New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards. I’m completely obsessed with her Anceps ring done in 18k yellow gold from her latest collection called CONTRA. Fun fact: Rachel got married in Vegas after the show! Congrats to her!!

Completedworks: Flowing lines, bold architecture, fluid shapes…Completedworks was on my list of “must-sees” for Couture since I began planning. Artistic Director Anna Jewsbury has a unique background in Mathematics and Philosophy, which truly defines the line. The Pillar collection is inspired by architectural ruins, like the classical columns, and they are done in white and black marble, jade set in 18k yellow gold.

Imogen Belfield: with a background in Fine Arts and Sculpture, one look at Imogen’s designs and you can see how that path has influenced her creations. Her fine line just recently launched, with each piece being carvings all hand-done, which take on the form of rocks. The gemstones she uses are quite unique as well–I was taken back by the hot pink stone in one of her designs–so cool! It is actually an extreme heat-treated onyx (you can see the neon pink color in the photo I took above). She also just won the Couture Design Award for “best in gold” category!

Jacqueline Cullen: precious Whitby jet–a prehistoric fossil which dates back 180 million years which is most well-known in jewelry form from Victorian mourning jewelry. Jacqueline creates contemporary pieces of jewelry using this now very rare organic material. Her designs are innovative and have graced the pages of magazines and celebrities alike.

Lily Kamper: her love for unusual material combinations and modern luxury define Lily’s aesthetic. Her iconic pendant necklaces made of marble and perspex are all hand cut. She also has a bridal line just as unique as her other designs and her newest collection features hardstone jewels set in 18k yellow gold.

RUIFIER: I’ve been following this brand for a few years now and so excited to finally see their collection in person! RUIFIER knows how to push boundaries and create really unique pieces. They also have a knack for choosing great color combinations and gemstones for each design.

Shimell & Madden: created by duo Luke Shimell and Emma Madden, this London-based jewelry line fuses high-quality craftsmanship with scientific design and universal concepts. Each piece looks as though it belongs in a museum, while at the same time, extremely wearable. I was instantly wowed by this jewelry line.

Jordan Askill: last but not least, this jewelry line is evocative, nature-inspired and jaw-dropping. From the gemstones used to the designs themselves, each part of the overall design is planned out with utmost precision. Jordan’s background working for Alexander McQueen and throughout the fashion industry helps embellish his journey as a jewelry designer. His work and accolades extend far and wide for such a young designer, I can’t wait to see what is next for him!


Source: GossipGem.com

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Five Designer Rings that Flaunt December’s Stunning Blue Birthstones

Most months are assigned to just one birthstone, but those born in December are privileged with having a choice between numerous precious jewels – topaz, turquoise and tanzanite! These vibrant precious stones each exhibit a mesmerizing blue color that seem to echo the delightfulness of the holidays and the enchantment of winter. Fashionistas celebrating their birthday this month can pick and choose which precious stone they’d like to brandish with their personal style this season, as their hues provide versatility. For a show-stopping presence, a statement designer birthstone ring is an ideal accent for jazzing up a casual or formal outfit.

As a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, obtain an authentic designer ring that boasts the beauty of turquoise, topaz or tanzanite. Below are our top five statement designer birthstone ring picks from our jewelry inventory specials.

The oval shaped tanzanite stone set in the center of the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Tanzanite Ring for $6,865 is surrounded by baguette diamonds that produce a striking aura for a classy and elegant appeal. With this ring perched on the finger, every gesture is bound to be noticed as the design glimmers with every movement in the light. The unique 18K yellow gold frame showcases a cross between a vintage and regal feel.


For an exotic vibe, the snake-like formation of the Tubogas 18K Yellow Gold Topaz Ring by Bvlgari for $2,300 will add glamorous allure to any ensemble. A teardrop topaz stone sits atop a rivulet of 18K yellow gold slivers that curve three times for a sleek and snug appearance.


Ladies who prefer a romantic and feminine look will adore the Pin Up 18K Rose Gold Topaz & Pink Sapphire Ring by Pomellato for $3,729. The bulky, 18K rose gold setting exhibits an eye-catching cushion-shaped topaz stone that seems to burst with color. A small pave of diamonds and pink sapphires complete the design to display charming elegance.


The Crystal Haze 18K White Gold Turquoise & Diamond Band Ring by Stephen Webster for $3,600 presents an avant-garde design that offers an astonishing bravura. A luminescent turquoise gemstone is encased by sharp 18K white gold edges that are paved with glimmering diamonds for a dazzling effect.


Twinkling diamonds and effervescent turquoise stones are also paired together in the design of the Bijoux Bague Gaia 18K White Gold Diamond Turquoise Ring by de Grisogono for $8,000. Like icebergs floating in the North Atlantic Ocean, each turquoise stone seems to drift amongst a sea of diamonds, all set in 18k white gold. Ladies can don this statement ring to emphasize glitzy opulence in their style.


These statement designer rings will speak volumes in terms of fashion, as well as represent the month of December. Which one is your favorite? To view more topaz, tanzanite and turquoise ring designs, visit our vast designer jewelry selection.

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A Prosperous October Birthstone: The Opal Gemstone

Precious gemstones can be quite intriguing in appearance, but none top the magnificence exhibited in opal. The stone boasts a splash of colors upon its surface, like a galaxy of stars or a burst of fireworks. If confetti could be packed tightly into a beautiful gemstone, opal would be the result. As the birthstone for October, ladies and gentlemen who wear opal are deemed quite fortunate. According to myth, the stone is believed to bring the wearer good luck, a healthy life and true love. However, if your birthday isn’t this month, it’s no reason to skip out on the gorgeous qualities that opal has to offer.

Opal gemstones have an effervescent combination of vibrant hues and luster, making them the ideal accessory for enlivening a cold-weather outfit. There are several types of opal stones in existence, named specifically for their shade. Black, boulder, white, crystal, fire and Ethiopian are some, to name a few. But, no matter what kind of opal stone you wear, it is sure to make this season a prosperous one. We’ve pulled five designer pieces from our jewelry inventory specials that will add stylish spark to any ensemble.

Ladies can be lavishly festive this Halloween with the mesmerizing creature depicted in the Fly By Night Batmoth 18K Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Pendant Necklace by Stephen Webster for $7,800. The attention-grabber of this piece is the glimmering stone in the center, which is comprised of quartz placed upon opal to give it a unique, hazy appearance. The wings are cast in a lustrous 18K yellow gold setting, with paved diamonds to highlight the intricate details.


Although Pope Francis has made his return to Rome following his recent tour in the U.S., the influence and inspiration derived from his visit can be expressed donning the 18K Yellow Gold Beaded Enhancer Cross Necklace by Judith Ripka, for $6,500. The statement choker necklace produces a regal look that accommodates the fashion trends of fall. A string of chalcedony beads link to a thick, meticulous cross made of 18K yellow gold that is embellished with diamonds and opal gemstones.


Gentlemen will look stunning wearing the 18K White Gold Diamond and Opal Cufflink and Button Stud Set for $2,315, during a formal outing. The button studs and cufflinks showcase small circular mosaics made of tiled opal stone. The twinkle of the diamonds that travel around the rims and the shiny gleam of the opal pieces provide an eye-catching appearance.


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Gem Gossip Visits Roberson’s Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas

IMG_4695 IMG_4917 IMG_4712 IMG_4759 IMG_4796 IMG_5080 IMG_4830 IMG_5117 IMG_4974 Untitled IMG_4991 IMG_4898

Arkansas is the kind of state where one can go to dig up diamonds in the dirt and return home with your findings–even if your find is an 8.52 ct diamond and slated to shatter some serious records. The gems are there, you just have to look for them. I didn’t have to look far to see a gem of a store–Roberson’s Fine Jewelry located in Little Rock boasts some serious jewels. They also are on the cutting edge of forward thinking as they just hosted a first-ever in store trend event on September 24th, 2015. This private event brought together some of the best trend experts in the jewelry business–one from the East coast, Nancy Robey and one from the West coast, Jen C. Williams of Luxury Brand Group, who brought to life upcoming trends illustrated through the jewelry from Roberson’s. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend this event as their special guest–so I got to see the jewelry store itself as well as experience this first-of-its-kind event.

Roberson’s Fine Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry store where for over 30 years they’ve brought together jewelry from around the world to small-town, Middle America. You won’t find another store like this! Designers like Stephen Webster, Roberto Coin, Armenta, Gumuchian, Erica Courtney, Jude Frances, Arman Sarkisyan, Penny Preville, Lana Jewelry, Suzy Landa, Monica Rich Kosann, Gurhan, and more are represented in this global round-up. The open-concept store is decorated by store owner herself, Trish Roberson, who has an interior design background. I’m in love with the Greek and Roman head sculptures that set off the vibe of this jewel sanctuary. The modern pendant lights which hang down onto different cases add to the feel for Roberson’s main objective as a store, which is to “Build a fashion-forward, brand conscious jewelry store known for service. Build a brand that is shaped by our guiding principles. Create a work environment where people are challenged to achieve higher greatness on a daily basis. Positively impact the lives of everyone involved.”

I had so much fun trying on jewelry with Julie Maddox, who lives and breathes gorgeous jewelry paired with customer service. I love Roberson’s selection–especially the pieces that were specifically chosen from each designer featured in their store. The rings they have available from Arman Sarkisyan are some of my favorite from the designer (seen above). I also felt their selection of Penny Preville and Gumuchian jewelry paired and played off one another really well. I think it is awesome when mixing and matching of several designers happens, and so does Roberson’s. Jude Frances and Armenta are lines that do really well for this jewelry store and they make note of what their customers are saying, thinking and feeling. You know you’re doing something right when you listen to your customers! It was also such a treat to meet designer Suzy Landa who was at the event as well with all of her amazing gemstone-centered designs. Gemstones can speak volumes, and Suzy Landa gets it!

IMG_4819 IMG_4911 IMG_4930 IMG_4726

Roberson's Red Carpet

IMG_4900IMG_4929 IMG_5094 IMG_4970 IMG_5076 IMG_4703 IMG_5114 IMG_4720 IMG_5135

What is it you notice, a red carpet?! Yes, it isn’t everyday that a jewelry store puts together an event that incorporates making their clients feel like a movie star, but this is exactly what Roberson’s had in mind! Julie says, “We strive to offer our customers access to the most coveted jewelry from across the globe. We are forward thinking and innovative, and it is our mission to search out and bring the international trends to our local market.” Vice President, Julie Maddox continues, “Our customers want to know what’s happening, before it’s happening, and we are their resource. This elegant and exciting trend-focused fete was an opportunity for our clients to learn and and experience the trends in an intimate and interactive way.”

The private event featured small group trend forecast discussions where customers explored how the ‘boomer’ and ‘millennial’ generations interpret and adapt trends to their own personal style. With the use of visual props, model photography and the Trend Book produced by TRENDVISION + Forecasting, an independent international research observatory, the four major trends included: Airy Perspective – The Essentialist, Dramatic Poetry – The Romantic, Global Delights – The Exoticist and Digital East – The Digitalist. Nancy Robey and Jen C. Williams brought their expertise to the event and also gave customers the opportunity to ask questions about the trends, try on jewelry and ultimately purchase the on-trend designs.

Customers arrived at scheduled times throughout the day and walked the red-carpet outside of the store, posed for photos on the step and repeat, and later took photos of their jewelry-adorned hands on the “Jewel-Cam” – a mani-cam like the one seen on “E! Entertainment” during award shows. There were giveaways, specialty cocktails and light bites, along with fun to be had–even jewelry to be purchased, which was a perfect opportunity for people to see some exclusive pieces that were flown in by designers just for the event! Many of these pieces will be at the store until the end of this week–so stop by if you are in the Little Rock area!

I had an amazing time visiting Roberson’s Fine Jewelry and attending their Trend Event! It was awesome to see such a fun-loving group of people who share a common passion–jewelry! It is no wonder they have an award-winning store and team, and are doing big things. Thanks for having me!


Visit Roberson’s Fine Jewelry website.

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Orange is the New Black: This Fall’s Hottest Color for Accessorizing

Orange you glad that fall is here? Yesterday marked the first official day of autumn, which means the season’s traditions can be unleashed at full swing. Lately, we’ve noticed the rise of fall’s newest trends in fashion beginning to surface, especially in cold weather outfits. Already the theme of black and orange can be spotted in lavish wardrobes, as seen throughout the runway collections of Fall and Winter 2015–2016. The shade of orange is vibrant and attention-grabbing – the perfect tone for pairing with denim or beige pieces.

As a hue that falls under the eye-popping category of this season’s stylish colors, it can easily take over an ensemble with its dominant essence. Hence, orange is the new black! And no, we’re not talking about the latest hit series on Netflix. Orange is easy to match when it comes to styling, especially if you just want to add an eye-catching element to your ensemble with a timepiece, jewelry or accessory. The color can easily transform from modern and classy to casual and elegant. It can also be mixed with corresponding tones, such as gray, tan, white and brown.

Tis the season to be daring, by donning orange luxury accents from the fashion industry’s top brands. We have a wide range of gorgeous, orange high-end models that can be found in our watch inventory specials and jewelry inventory specials. Here are some of our favorites.

Ladies can grab their pumpkin spice latte in the nick of time with the Royal Oak Offshore Ladies watch by Audemars Piguet for $32,995, which combines orange with shimmering diamonds for a sophisticated aura. The strap, bezel and crown are laden with bright orange, accompanied by an 18K white gold case. The salmon mega tapisserie dial displays a chronograph stopwatch, as well as indication of the hours, minutes, seconds and date via an aperture located between the 4 and 5 hour markers.


Aficionados yearning for a futuristic and unique style for the festivities of fall can don the mesmerizing design of the Kingsquare Chronograph watch by Roger Dubuis for $25,950 upon their wrist. The timepiece is only one of 88 models created globally, featuring the indication of the hours, seconds, minutes and double-pusher column-wheel chronograph. The dial is a deep orange with a sunburst design made of 18K rose gold.


The soft orange color of the coral stone in the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Coral Ring by Boucheron for $11,500 emanates a warm tone that can easily complement a casual or formal outfit. Two rows of glittering diamonds travel along each side, set in 18K yellow gold.

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Accessorizing for NYC Fashion Week: A Style Guide

Today marks the start of the much anticipated New York City Fashion Week, which focuses on designer collections for the spring and summer of 2016. Fashion enthusiasts can finally gain insight into what the newest trends will be, especially when it comes to accessories. The runway debut of designer pieces by well-renowned fashion labels has influenced us to create styling inspirations of our own. While the city buzzes with excitement over the industry’s latest creations, here we picture accessory trends you might see as well as styles we think you should wear in honor of the showcase.


Crystal Necklaces

Giant crystal pendants were seen throughout the 2015 fall and winter collections of Lavin last February, so you may notice them hanging from the necks of connoisseurs. For a sophisticated, sultry vibe, ladies may like the Crystal Haze 18K White Gold Hematite & Crystal Diamond Pendant Necklace by Stephen Webster for $5,500.


Flower Necklaces

Nude colored florals may make the cut throughout the week, as they are favored for a romantic fall ensemble. For an extra vibrant sparkle, put on the 18K White Gold Multi-Sapphire & Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace by Salavetti for $3,050.


Quilted Features

Chanel has had a fetish for implementing quilted elements in their designs, such as quilted cuffs. Their famous Matelassé pattern appears on many of their accessories, including the Matelassé 18K White Gold Diamond Band Ring for $2,950.


Linked Earrings

Another fall/winter trend is double chain earrings, which present a tough, yet edgy appearance. Rock the look with earrings that have chain-like elements, such as the 18K Rose Gold Link Dangle Earrings by Roberto Coin for $1,225.



Brooches are expected to be the “it” item for fall, appearing in the autumn collections of Balenciaga, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. We definitely think it will be an accessory noticed during fashion week. Avant-garde designs like the Platinum & Diamond Brooch for $8,500 may be present.


Chain Chokers

Chokers have been the ultimate statement necklace as of recently, and this season you might expect to see bold, oversized chains. To join in on the trend, wear the 18K Yellow Gold Chain Choker Necklace by Pomellato for $8,350.


Color Variations of Tones

Some of the spring and summer 2015 collections are designed with the inspiration of tonal color variations. Accessories such as the Le Baiser du Dragon 18K White Gold Bangle Bracelet by Cartier for $4,950, which features two dark tonal colors, may make a debut on the runway this week.


Bold Yellows

For spring, some of the designers are making use of vibrant yellow shades to produce a modern, romantic look. Be fashion-forward by donning the 18K Multi-Gold Light Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring by Natalie K for $19,500.


What accessory styles do you think you’ll see during the NYC Fashion Week? To view more luxury jewelry items by high-end fashion brands, visit our jewelry inventory specials.

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