What is the Best Gem Show in Tucson? AGTA GemFair, A Must See!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Outside of AGTA Gem Fair where you can pull up and valet your car–my parking skills thinks this is a great idea

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Oh my opals! From Exhibitor Only Beads based out of Atlanta

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Freaked for this huge yellow sapphire from Mayer & Watt

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Both photos above were found at Under the Crown Jewelry — the carved scarab moonstone struck a cord with me and I loved learning about their Crown Jubilee faceted diamonds, their trademarked diamond cut which is fashioned from an Old Mine or Old European cut diamond. There are two sets of crown facets and two sets of pavilion facets. It’s the only diamond that has the crown and pavilion in perfect harmony!

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The view above–AGTA is huge, with over 300+ exhibitors, you truly need AT LEAST two days to cover the show–for me I took two days, plus a third day to come back to buy some things that kept haunting me.

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

These types of set ups lead to a treasure hunt unlike any other! Whether you have a piece of jewelry in mind you’re designing or just let yourself gravitate toward certain stones…it is a fun experience!

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If I want to see the cream of the crop, I visit Omi Prive where I got to try on incredible sapphires, emerald, zircon and tsavorites. Amazing!

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I loved the concept that Pala International devised with these “Collectors Sets” of gems–each a unique assortment of gemstones, perfect for a collector or connoisseur.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Gold rush has come over the AGTA Gem Fair! Lots of vintage goodies from Excalibur Jewelry

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Left: a yummy watermelon tourmaline from Kimberly Collins Gems

Right: an insanely perfect specimen of chrysocolla from Rare Earth Mining Co.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Seriously enchanted by these kite-shaped emeralds from Manak–these need to be rings ASAP!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Just browsing the many aisles upon aisles of gems, jewels, and treasures at AGTA.

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Left: more watermelon tourmaline and Right: some insane opals from exhibitor Robert Shapiro

AGTA | Gem Gossip

No caption needed–you may be already able to tell these insane gems and rings are Omi Prive.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Opals of different patterns and translucency all in one display! These are from Joel Price Inc.

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

More favorite finds: the two inlay stone pieces are from Rare Earth Mining Co. and I think they are my favorites of the entire Tucson trip! Left shows more opals, which I loved this unique display–really showed off each one individually.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Some incredible rings from Excalibur Jewelry, spanning all different ages and styles.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Loved learning about sunstones from Desert Sun Mining & Gems–each one is mined in Oregon (I even have a map and dvd to learn even more)!

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

As you may have guessed, I spent some serious time at the Excalibur booth, just because antique jewelry is my main love. All of these rings are special in their own way and I just loved this diamond bow necklace featuring a giant emerald cut emerald!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

One of the “Collectors’ Sets” from Pala International–love the variety of shapes, sizes and varieties of gems.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Pairing gemstones is quite the task–these gemstone pairs from Kimberly Collins Gems give any jeweler or designer so many options!

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Left: this huge opal lay on an exhibitor’s table with a sign that read “please touch, please take my photo” Right: colorful earrings from Campbellian Collection–can you spot the mismatched pairs?!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

I also loved these rings from Campbellian Collection–from the bright colors to the unique designs, so good!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Some gemstones cut by the master Clay Zava featured here–including the snowcone cut which is slightly out of focus on the bottom.

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Are you planning your trip for next year yet?? I feel like by now you might be!

AGTA | Gem Gossip

Of course Mayer & Watt would have some insane trapiche emeralds–what amazing earrings would these make?!

AGTA | Gem Gossip AGTA | Gem Gossip

Left: myself with the very talented Clay Zava of Zava Mastercuts, Right: Mayer & Watt was proud to present this incredible 190 ct aquarmarine sculpture with under-the-sea motifs like an octopus and other sea creatures carved into the piece. It is called “Love at First Sight” and was created by Susan Allen & Michael Cristie. Also included in the piece is a 470 c. chrysoprase, a 10.3 mm Tahitian pearl and 0.63 ctw of diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

AGTA | Gem Gossip

From Lightning Ridge mine in Australia, this incredible opal featured at exhibitor Joel Price at AGTA.

I haven’t made the journey out to the desert for the Tucson Gem Shows in five years! Can you believe it?! I’m usually focused on the Miami Antique Show and for the first time in years, the two shows don’t overlap as much as they usually do–that makes me very happy and also very travel worn, but I’m up for the challenge!

The AGTA Gem Fair has been happening since 1981 and is a tradeshow that is open to wholesale only, where they cater to those stores, designers and clients who are discerning, looking to find the best jewelry, gemstones, and so much more. There are several aspects about AGTA that sets it apart from other gem shows in Tucson during this week, and when attending your first AGTA Gem Fair like myself, you quickly learn and take notice! This year’s show spanned from January 31st-February 5th, at the Tucson Convention Center–a glorious facility with all the necessary features for a large tradeshow. A huge plus for AGTA show-attendees is the fact that you can shop and buy with confidence knowing each exhibitor is a Member of the AGTA. Every exhibitor is a United States or Canada-based professional, who adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. Quality, value and selection–all high standards of AGTA, providing sources you can trust.

Other great features include valet parking–which my rental car would like to personally thank AGTA for this, as I nicked my car a few times trying to parallel park in Tucson. Good times. Also, the variety of food trucks outside the show was really cool! We all have been there before–super hungry during a tradeshow with limited options for dining. This was such a neat way to remedy hunger and also be on trend–because everyone loves a food truck! And other perks including some obvious-yet-vital things like air conditioning! Yes, the desert gets toasty in late January/early February, and with most shows outdoors in the sun, we sometimes forget how nice an indoor, air conditioned show can be!

My first day at the show, I just come off a four hour plane ride + two hour car drive, so I knew exactly where to head on the show floor–the antique jewelry vendors!! I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were actually a few and they each easily gave me life. I enjoyed oogling over Excalibur’s jewels and Under the Crown’s diamonds, of course learning a thing or two, as I always do from my antique friends. I may or may not have bought something amazing from Excalibur on day three–just because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and although the piece was supposed to be for a client of mine, I’m 89% sure I’m now keeping it for myself. Oh lord, I need help.

Day two of the AGTA show included exploring every aisle and seeing what I could find! Certain gemstones caught my attention–chrysocolla, sunstones, insane opals, fancy kite-shapes, etc. I was mesmerized by everything from Rare Earth Mining Co. and died a little when I saw some of the inlay pieces. Every single booth had something unique and if I had LOTS of money to spend, I would buy one thing from each exhibitor, most definitely. I remember someone saying that the people roaming the aisles is like a Who’s Who among jewelry designers, and you’ll likely get star-struck on many occasions. This was totally true! Running into some of my favorite designers was definitely a perk of attending the show and seeing each one in his or her own element, focusing in on designing and finding the right stones was fun.

My last day in Tucson was supposed to be roaming the highway shows and I actually ended up finding myself back at AGTA! There were several pieces that kept haunting me and I knew I had to come back to make them my own. I also wanted to spend some time at the Mayer & Watt booth because not only are Simon’s gems incredible but he always has a keen sense on the gem industry and what is currently going on. I also am a big fan of his app–called Mayer & Watt–if you download it, you will see an entire database of gems! Both inventory and sold items are pictured, along with a Gemipedia, which gives you LOTS of information about each stone. The app is fun to go through and also done really well, most importantly the photography is gorgeous! So you must download it when you get the chance!!

I know many of you loved seeing my updates from Tucson and are wanting to plan ahead for next year already! Well you’re in luck, AGTA already has announced next year’s dates–so put January 30th-February 4th, 2018 in your calendar! I know I already am counting down the days (and saving my money lol)!

What a fun trip this has been–special shoutout to Abby of @nomadgold for being my sidekick, helping me with photography and convincing one another to YES buy that, definitely! Also thank you to AGTA for providing accommodations while in Tucson.

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underthecrownjewelry metiersf hurryupwait eatjewels

levysfj thegemdiaries stephenwebsterjewellery trademarkantiques sixthcitystyle


underthecrownjewelry is mainly known for their beautiful diamond rings, but yes they carry gemstone favorites

Metier always killing it with gorgeous, lustworthy ring shots from their curated inventory

hurryupwait works on Catbird but spotlights as a magpie when trunk shows pop up in NYC

eatjewels has some drool-worthy pieces in her collection

Levy’s Fine Jewelry celebrates opals–this may have been from October, but we should celebrate opals everyday

thegemdiaries piles on some Gabriella Kiss rings and yes they look amazing

Stephen Webster Jewellery makes a beautiful photo with his designs and a sexy backdrop

Trademark Antiques has an eye-catching assortment of diamond rings, loving them

sixthcitystyle has an awesome collection, we need her to contribute her Jewelry Collection Story!!

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Gem Gossip Visits Trademark Antiques in Pennsylvania

Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip

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Trademark Antiques Debuts New Website!

Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip Trademark Antiques | Gem Gossip

With a mission to become everyone’s go-to jewelry destination, where buying antique and vintage jewelry online becomes the preferred way to shop, Trademark Antiques is one step closer to this goal with the launch of their new website! This website brings together every entity of their business, from their inventory listed on Etsy, to their exciting blog which captures their buying trips and insights into what they sell, to links where you can find all their social media platforms all in one place! Husband and wife team, Jessica and Jason, have been working hard since 2008 to bring to life antique jewelry from the bygone eras. They’ve built a growing fanbase and a group of loyal customers, so with the debut of their new website, the duo could not be more excited! Jessica says, “We want our website to give our customer an intimate insight into our products and to the creative efforts involved in sourcing and bringing each of our pieces to market. In short, we hope to make Trademark Antiques more like the corner jewelry store in your hometown where you know us and we know you.”

For most people who know Trademark Antiques, their antique conversion pieces are truly spectacular and the best out there right now. People are obsessed with their colorful enamel flower rings which sell out within minutes of posting. There are even people who specifically collect just those enamel flowers because of Trademark Antiques! As Jessica noted, “Without a doubt, our on-trend conversion jewelry is our most popular and best selling jewelry. We personally design our conversion jewelry line using reclaimed antique and vintage jewelry parts. These pieces are nearly always unique, one-of-a-kind creations…We were honored this month to have our line of conversion jewelry featured in the March issue of British Glamour Magazine — the #1 Women’s magazine in the U.K.” What an amazing accomplishment!

I love starting out a new year talking about goals and being positive, and it seems as though Trademark Antiques is on the same page! Lots of goals this year–like launching a newsletter, a jewelry look book, a YouTube channel with short videos, and forming partnerships with other vintage sellers are all in the works. The husband and wife team also hope to expand so that they are able to double the size of their inventory offering. More jewelry is always a good idea and we are just as excited! Jessica exclaims, “This year is all about expanding our business to meet growing demand for our offerings and exploring new media avenues and partnerships to bring our customers into our world. This summer, our website will begin to incorporate short, yet exciting, videos sharing jewelry advice as well as tips and brief travel clips from our jewelry adventures.”

If you’d like to read about how Trademark Antiques came to be, make sure you read my blog post from last year. I’ve picked some of my current favorites from their inventory; each can be clicked on for more info and pricing. And be sure to check out their new website and follow their social media channels below!


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Capture the Beauty of Fall Leaves with Luxury Accents This Season

There are many things that symbolize the traditions of fall – such as pumpkins, black cats, acorns and wicker baskets. But probably the most dominant trademark of autumn is the colorful array of crispy tree leaves, which slowly begin to carpet our surroundings. Mesmerizing shades of yellow, orange, red and brown conquer the scenery, painting a vibrant atmosphere. The height of its splendor can be defined not by a single leaf alone, but when they are grouped together – like how a luxury accessory can add bravura to an outfit to complete a stylish look.

Not many are lucky enough to witness the ever-changing magnificence of fall leaves, as some travel miles across the nation just to view the season’s outdoor setting in the northeast. As we start to retrieve our warm ensembles from the back of our closets and switch tastes to pumpkin spice flavors, it won’t be long before we stop in our tracks to admire the elegance of colorful fall leaves. As you prepare your cold weather wardrobe for the season, consider adding some festive luxury accents to complement your self-image. Achieve your most celebratory vibe for autumn’s arrival with luxury jewelry and timepieces that don intriguing designs derived from the inspiration of leaves.

We’ve gathered a couple high-end items from our inventory that are ideal for expressing fall’s most defined feature.

The movement of leaves as they fall seems to be depicted in diamonds in the design of the Royal Oak Ladies Oak Leaves watch by Audemars Piguet for $38,500. The bezel, lugs and case are made of 18K white gold with a black satin bracelet. The gorgeous blue mother of pearl dial indicates the hours and minutes as an intricate, leaf-like motif paved with diamonds spreads throughout the timepiece, gleaming in the light.


Ladies can showcase the natural beauty of the maple leaf by wearing the 18K Yellow Gold Maple Leaf Clip-On Earrings by Buccellati for $3,300. The delicately crafted leaves are so intricately detailed that they can almost be mistaken for their real-life counterparts.


The 18K Multi-Tone Gold Diamond Leaves Necklace by Pomellato for $4,850 features a yellow gold chain linked to three white gold leaf pendants, each displaying seven diamonds. The design’s color contrast gives it an attractive, yet graceful appearance.


The effervescent rubies on the gold leaves of the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Leaves Band Ring by Chaumet for $1,150 exemplify the red and purple hues that can be spotted amongst the autumn trees. The leaves thread together to create a bold look that is sure to attract attention with every gesture of the hand.


To go hand in hand with the ring, the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Leaves Bracelet by Chaumet for $4,500 wonderfully matches to complete a classy and modern ambiance.


We have a vast amount of fall-themed luxury jewelry and watches throughout our inventory. To browse more luxury accents for your fall wardrobe, check out our watch inventory specials and our jewelry inventory specials.

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Jewels at My Doorstep: Vahan Jewelry

IMG_1329 copy IMG_1568 copy vahanjewelry IMG_1544 IMG_1489 copyIMG_1463IMG_1491 copy 2

Something about a killer bracelet stack that just screams summertime to me! I couldn’t wait to get a package of Vahan Jewelry‘s bangles and bracelets to play with, and they arrived at my doorstep just in time as the weather here in Nashville has been nothing but sunshine. It inspired me to take these jewels poolside for a fun photoshoot that would put these designs in their rightful element. By the way, no jewels were harmed in the making of this and yes, I do understand chlorine and gold jewelry do not mix, but this was a saltwater pool and I never put the jewelry in the water! 😉

Vahan Jewelry was founded in 1968 by Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdian who can trace his family roots back to the jewelry business as early as the 1800s. He is the third generation in his family to enter into the tradition of fashion and jewelry design. Sacha was born in France and lived in Paris until the age of 19 when he came to New York, following his graduation from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie in the early 60’s, to pursue his dream of designing exquisite jewelry of the highest standards. He designed for David Webb where he honed his specialty for creating animal-inspired jewelry for a special clientele. Once he began his own company, he continued with his love for designing animal jewelry, however over time, he stuck with one animal that stood out more than any other to him–the jaguar. It has since seen several renditions throughout the years. Vahan Jewelry is most frequently recognized for its trademark Moiré Beaded stacking bracelets. First designed by Leon in 1994 and 1995, these bracelets quickly became the brand’s most widely demanded look. For me, I recognize Vahan Jewelry from their beautifully done ad campaigns that run in my favorite magazines and can be seen on billboards across the United States!

I learned quickly that with Vahan Jewelry, the more you stack, the better the look can be! I had seven bracelets I was able to style–all done in 14k yellow gold with diamonds. I added each one to my wrist, one at a time, and with each addition, the look got closer to perfection! The weight of all the bracelets when worn all together actually has an indescribably comfortable feeling. I also wore two pairs of leverback earrings from their collection–a diamond encrusted “bug” and a square onyx surrounded by a halo of diamonds. I styled the leverbacks worn together. Also got to try some of Vahan’s ring styles–two matching pairs of diamond bands. The wide bands have almost “wave” looking designs done in diamonds, which also seemed very summer-fitting to me. The plain diamond bands are cool because their signature “bead” look is incorporated into the channels of the band as well–so it is not just a plain band!

Interested in any of these pieces?! You can contact your local Vahan Jewelry retailer for more information.

Jewelry Details:

14k white gold pair of diamond matching bands 0.19 ctw diamonds, item #12536GD

14k yellow gold “wave” wide band 0.35 ctw diamonds, item #12545GD

14k yellow gold “wave” wider band 0.45 ctw diamonds, item #12644GD

14k yellow gold diamond “bug” leverback earrings 0.28 ctw diamonds, item #42702D

14k yellow gold onyx square leverback earrings 0.12 ctw diamonds, item #42855GDBO

Bracelets worn from top to bottom:

14k yellow gold 3mm single bar of diamonds with beading along the edge 0.10 ctw, item #22547GD03

14k yellow gold 4mm single bar of diamonds with polished channel 0.13 ctw, item #22540SMGD04

14k yellow gold 3mm smooth band bangle with detail 0.05 ctw, item #22538GSMD03

14k yellow gold 8mm panther bracelet with 1.76 ctw diamonds and blue sapphire eyes, item #22609GDBSA08

14k yellow gold 4mm twisted rope bracelet with diamonds 0.18 ctw, item #22235GD04

14k yellow gold 6mm bracelet with double row of diamonds 0.26 ctw, item #22210GD

14k yellow gold 4mm open bangle with diamond ends 0.15 ctw, item #22355GD04


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Charriol Jewelry Sale – Up to 68% Off!

Launched only in 1983 by Philippe Charriol in Geneva, the then new brand quickly made a name for itself. This was due through pioneering their trademarked, Celtic-inspired gold and steel cable designs. Today Charriol is still popular thanks to it’s cable-based pieces, but also offers a range of attractive and more traditional jewelry. Right now we’re having a sale on our full selection at up to 68% off, including the Celtic Collection and more.

Charriol Celtic Cable Gemstone Bracelets

Lets start with some pieces from Charriol’s Celtic Classique Collection. First we have several from our selection of cable bracelets. They bracelets have three cable bands in stainless steel or use a gold colored PVD coating. Each features a large circle or diamond-cut gemstone in a white or yellow gold setting with diamond accents.

Charriol Celtic Cable Gemstone Bracelets18K_Yellow_Gold_and_Stainless_Steel_Celtic_Cable_Bracelet_with_Round_Lemon_Citrine_Stone_0433S00222_01


Charriol Celtic Cable Gemstone Rings

To match, here are a couple stainless steel cable rings. They follow the same motif of a large center gemstone in a gold setting with diamond accents.

Charriol Celtic Cable Gemstone Rings


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Hearts on Fire Jewelry Winter Sale Top 10 – Up to 55% Off!

Hearts on Fire is a young jewelry brand that made waves in the industry with their ambition to stand out among their many established competitors. It was established in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman when they saw a brilliant-cut diamond that due to its perfectly symmetrical  cut, appeared to have a “hearts and arrows” pattern. This inspired the name “Hearts on Fire” and launched their mission to produce the most perfectly cut diamond and set a new standard in the diamond and jewelry industry. Along with using the highest quality, their distinct and trademarked cuts made Hearts on Fire an internationally recognized name.

Besides their achievements in diamond cutting and jewelry making, they’re also known for their extravagant collaborations.This includes a $5 million diamond dress designed with Anne Bowen for E! Entertainment anchor Jules Asner to wear to the 74th Academy Awards in 2002. In 2006, they supplied the diamonds to create the world’s most expensive bra in 2006. Made with Victoria’s Secret for their annual VS Fashion Show, it was named the Diamond Fantasy Bra and was valued at $6.5 million. Right now we have a range of attractive gold womens jewelry featuring their signature diamonds, along with a couple pieces of mens jewelry. With all items from Hearts on Fire currently on sale, lets take a look at our top 10 favorites from our stock:

Hearts on Fire Victoria's Secret Diamond Fantasy Bra

Hearts on Fire Victoria’s Secret Diamond Fantasy Bra

Hearts on Fire Brocade Heart Pendant Necklace

our two favorite pendants use a “brocade” design, which takes after the rich, decorated silk woven fabric by the same name. Our first example is a yellow gold necklace featuring a heart pendant that has its brocade design decorated with .30-.40 carats of diamonds.

Hearts on Fire Brocade Heart Pendant NecklaceHearts_on_Fire_HFPBRH00358Y_1_2Hearts_on_Fire_HFPBRH00358Y_1_3

Hearts on Fire Brocade Diamond Pendant Necklace

Next up is a white gold necklace with the brocade motif used for a diamond shaped pendant. It’s set with .52-.62 carats of diamonds.

Hearts on Fire Brocade Diamond Pendant NecklaceHearts_on_Fire_HFPBRS00558W_18_2

Hearts on Fire Round Pendant Necklace

This white gold necklace features a round pendant with an unique bubbly motif made up of tiny interconnected circles of different sizes. Set within the pendant you’ll find a .21 carat diamond.

Hearts on Fire Round Pendant NecklaceHearts_On_Fire_HAP500714_18W_2

Hearts on Fire Floral Drop Earrings

These delicate drop earrings are made of white gold and feature an openwork floral motif. The center if each is set with a single diamond for a total of .08 carats.

Hearts on Fire Floral Drop EarringsHearts_On_Fire_HFEFPL00108W_2

Hearts on Fire Floral Openwork Drop Earrings

Our second set of drop earrings use the same floral motif, but framed by a open work design. They’re made of yellow gold and also have center-set diamonds totalling .08 carats.

Hearts on Fire Floral Openwork Drop EarringsHearts_On_Fire_HFEFPF00108Y_2

Hearts on Fire Thick Openwork Hoop Earrings

For an unique take on the hoop earring, check out these two pairs that use a thick but openwork design. Available in yellow or white gold, they both feature .56 carats of diamonds.

Hearts on Fire Thick Openwork Hoop EarringsHearts_On_Fire_HFEBRH00558W_2

Hearts on Fire Diamond Band Ring

If you’re looking for a band ring, we have this elegant example in yellow gold available. It features a diamond setting of .18 carats.

Hearts on Fire Diamond Band Ring

Hearts on Fire Commanding Mens Dream Pendant

Moving on to our mens pieces, lets start with this dream pendant. It features a simple and masculine design, made up of a black cord with silver accents and a silver rectangle pendant.


Hearts on Fire Commanding Mens Dream Pendant

Hearts on Fire Mens Dream Bracelet

Second we have another minimalist and masculine design for men. Made of polished white gold, it features a squared off center design set with a single diamond (.31 carats).

Hearts on Fire Mens Dream BraceletWG_Diamond_Dream_Gents_Bracelet_HFGCB00318W_02WG_Diamond_Dream_Gents_Bracelet_HFGCB00318W_03

Hearts on Fire Mens Burnished Satin Band Ring

Our last piece is a white gold mens ring that’s burnished for a more distinguished appearance. It’s also subtly set with a single diamond (.11 carats).

Hearts on Fire Mens Burnished Satin Band Ring

For pricing and more items, visit our Hearts on Fire Jewelry Sale.

And for more news and sales on designer jewelry, click here.

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Designer Wedding Jewelry Sale!

We’re having a sale on all our designer wedding bands and engagement rings from your favorite brand names! Check out some highlights and make sure to browse the full sale at the bottom of this post:

Damiani Wedding Jewelry

Damiani is a popular name in wedding jewelry thanks to plenty of celebrity fans and their unique range of designs. For some celeb gossip, this brand made headlines after a conflict with Brad Pitt over their wedding ring design for his then wife Jennifer Aniston. They eventually settled their dispute and became friends again, with Pitt going on to design jewelry for them (for the full story, click here). Check out a couple of a range of Brad Pitt designed rings below, along with a selection of rings showcasing Damiani’s distinct designs.

Damiani Brad Pitt Wedding Bands

Designed by Brad Pitt

Damiani Wedding Bands

Damiani Engagement Rings

Judith Ripka Wedding Jewelry

Award winning jewelry designer Judith Ripka has a life long passion for jewelry that brings classical and modern looks to her collections. For her engagement rings, she focuses on white gold with a delicate and traditional aesthetic.

Judith Ripka Engagement Rings

Judith Ripka Wedding Jewelry

Tiffany & Co Estate Wedding Jewelry

If you’re looking for an ring you be hard to find these days from a popular brand, check out our estate wedding jewelry from Tiffany & Co. All the examples below feature platinum which is much more resilient than gold. So you know these older rings have and will continue to stand the test of time.

Tiffany & Co Estate Wedding Bands

Tiffany & Co Estate Engagement Rings

Odelia Wedding Jewelry

Odelia is known for the diamond pave settings, which is blindingly apparent in the white gold eternity bands and setting rings below.

Odelia Wedding Jewelry

Odelia Engagement Rings

Carrera y Carrera Wedding Jewelry

Renowned Spanish jewelry house Carrera y Carrera is known for their exotic designs. Our wedding bands from their Mi Princesa Collection is return to a formal look that can appeal to any taste. Each features a groove running along a gold band which can be set with diamonds.

Carrera y Carrera Wedding Bands

Carrera y Carrera Engagement Rings

Pomellato Wedding Jewelry

Milan-based Pomellato is known for bridging the gap between high-end and casual jewelry. This ability can be seen in their Lucciola wedding bands below that feature simple designs and variations. This also includes the use of brushed gold, giving a more informal look you won’t find in most wedding jewelry designs.

Pomellato Engagement Rings

Pomellato Wedding Rings

Natalie K Wedding Jewelry

Natalie K specializes in diamond engagement and wedding rings and is also known for her trademarked Natalie K diamond “Ideal Cut”. So we always have a nice selection from her in stock, with plenty more options than the four seen below in white gold and platinum.

Natalie K Wedding Jewelry

Natalie K Engagement Rings

For pricing and more rings, visit our full Designer Wedding Jewelry Sale.

 And for more new and on-sale jewelry, click here.

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Exclusive Todd Reed Q & A from Marissa Collections

TR-Oct2013-EnviroPortraits-0035-Edit Excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Todd Reed from Marissa Collections, the ultimate shopping destination for fine jewelry and designer clothing. It is a double helping of back-to-back Todd Reed!! (Yesterday’s Jewels at my Doorstep feature.)

Marissa Collections:

Throughout his career spanning a quarter century, Todd Reed has leapt from the craft-show circuit to the fine jewelry case. We caught up with him at his studio in Boulder, Colo., about how he champions personalized pieces and was able to make people think differently about diamonds.

You come from a highly creative family. What are their fields?

My mom’s a multidisciplinary artist from sculpture to cartoons, and dad built wood boats in the old craft tradition. My maternal grandparents painted, and my other grandma designed floral arrangements as works of art—she was the one who taught me how to make something out of nothing.

Where did you grow up, and why did you choose to make Boulder your home and headquarters?

I was born in North Carolina, and moved around a lot from eastern Maryland to Phoenix to remote Durango, where I lived 17 years. A romantic relationship and proximity to a major airport eventually brought me to Boulder.

How does living there affect your designs?

It’s very integrative. You can’t help but soak up the city’s beautiful natural landscape and outdoor lifestyle even if you aren’t the hiking and canoeing type. There’s also an organic, entrepreneurial spirit here versus a big business mind-set from microbrews to fine jewelry.

You’re recognized for pioneering raw diamonds in the late Eighties. How has the jewelry scene evolved?

My niche was considered art instead of jewelry into the Nineties, so I showed at craft shows rather than stores. Upscale departments stores started carrying craft jewelry made with materials like ceramic and wood, but they kept it separate from the fine assortment. Today my pieces are shown in the fine section as luxury has quieted and transitioned into items that are unique, personal and truly well made. Fine jewelry mirrors what’s going on in fashion and art that people want to make an individual statement.


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