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After a long and exciting week in Boston, I had a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts set up to feed my jewelry history cravings. One of my favorite things about my love and passion for jewelry is learning! Museum exhibits are such a great way to see and learn, often producing a lifelong impact or memory–especially for me. Whenever there is a headlining jewelry exhibit, I like to try to schedule trips in hopes of catching it before it ends. Lucky for Boston, the MFA has quite an extensive jewelry department that is constantly researching, collaborating, and creating new exhibits. I got to have a private tour with Emily Stoehrer who is not only a wealth of knowledge, but highly dedicated and involved in what she does for the museum. I was fascinated in so many ways, as she brought me through the MFA’s current exhibit Past is Present: Revival Jewelry.

Learn more about Emily as she answers my questions below and make sure you stop by the exhibit before it ends in August of 2018. Can’t wait to visit again!


I am the Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry. It’s a unique role in an American fine art museum, which was established in 2006. I was appointed in 2014, and over the last three years have worked to develop the exhibition program; add extraordinary jewels to the collection; connect with jewelers, designers, and collectors; and collaborate with colleagues across the museum to plan programming and events

Spanning thousands of years of jewelry history, there are more than 20,000 objects in the jewelry collection. Highlights include our ancient collections and contemporary jewelry, but over the last decade have added to our holding of fine jewelry. A great example of this is a gift given by the Rothschild family a few years ago, which included an outstanding pearl and diamond necklace that dates to the late nineteenth century. With large, perfectly matched natural pearls, it’s an extraordinary treasure! Yvonne Markowitz (who is the Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry Emerita) and I have worked to establish a jewelry resource center for anyone interested in the study of jewelry, and as part of that we have also worked with the Curator of Design to acquire jewelry with related design drawings. Studying drawings from firms like Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin, the manufacturer-jeweler Louis Ferón, and the artist-craftsman Frank Gardner Hale, alongside the jewelry they made, has greatly informed our understanding of jewelry and how the industry operated historically.

We have also worked to add strength to strength by filling in gaps in our historical collection. For example, until recently we did not have anything by Carlo Giuliano. But, this year we added two amazingly naturalistic gold and enamel butterflies to the collection—a Duke of Burgundy and Bath White butterfly, to be specific. They are impossibly thin, and enameled on both sides to show every detail of the butterfly’s body and wings. They are a stunning example of the goldsmith’s art. Another historically important and spectacular ornament that I recently acquired is the Apparitions brooch which was designed by Eugene Grasset and made by Henri Vever for the 1900 Paris Exposition. It’s hauntingly beautiful art nouveau aesthetic won them the Grand Prix.

My favorite part of the job is the research and planning that goes into creating an exhibition—doing research in libraries and archives and taking a deep dive into historical documents, publications, and material culture. Unfortunately, as I run from meeting to meeting, I don’t get to spend as much time doing this as I would like. So, I rely on some a team of volunteers and interns to help with some of it. Once the research has been done, and the objects have been selected, the real fun begins. I have learned so much about the storytelling capabilities of jewelry from working with the MFA’s remarkable exhibition designers, mountmakers, and conservators as we discuss and mock-up how each object will be displayed in the gallery.

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


As any lover of jewelry knows, the past has consistently inspired jewelers and designers. While interest in historicism was particularly strong during the nineteenth century, there were great revival jewels made before 1800 and after 1900. In the same way the Victorians struggled with the tension between mass-production and hand-craftsmanship, we grapple with digital design and the pace of modern life. So, I see this as a topic that is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago, and if you think about it that way you’ll notice many examples of twentieth and twenty-first century jewelry that engage with a historical narrative. I hope that visitors enjoy seeing traditional “revivalist” ornaments by outstanding jewelers like Castellani and Giuliano, Bapst and Falize and Boucheron, but also some unexpected surprises like a 9-foot titanium python necklace by Munich-based contemporary jeweler David Bielander, and that the juxtaposition makes them question their notion of revival jewelry.

The exhibition highlights four revival styles: Archeological, Classical, Renaissance, and Egyptian. Each case in the intimate space includes a choice group of jewelry aimed to tell a story – travel, nationalism, graduation, cameo, scarabs, and snakes are just a few of the themes explored. If you pay very close attention to the labels, visitors might also be delighted to learn how early some of these objects were added to the MFA collection. Like the Met, the MFA was founded in 1870, and some of these jewels were acquired in the subsequent decades, making them contemporary jewelry when they were donated. A neoclassical necklace and five brooches with mythological scenes in carved shell cameo, and a Castellani necklace, earrings, and brooch commissioned by the amber collector William Buffum are just two examples of the objects that have resided at the MFA for more than one hundred years. Newer acquisitions on view include: a tour-de-force bracelet by the Roman jeweler Ernesto Pierret that features a central bovine head, granulation, and two menacing faces that come together to form the clap; a spectacular early twentieth-century neck ornament by G. Paulding Farham for Tiffany & Co.; and a slithering silver snake belt/necklace, with sapphire eyes, that Elsa Peretti designed for the American fashion designer Halston in the 1970s.

While 80% of the works on view are from the MFA collection, there are also some noteworthy loans. From the collection of Susan B. Kaplan, a startlingly lifelike lion speaks to the genius of Castellani’s designers and craftsmen. Unlike other micromosaic workshops, Castellani left the surface of their work uneven to create a glittering effected. Wartski Ltd., of London, loaned a demi-parure (belt buckle, brooch, and bracelet) by Falize Frères. Enameled on both sides, the glorious ornaments use translucent enamel and foil to create a fantastical scene with birds, like those seen in illuminated manuscripts. Generously sponsored by Cartier, the exhibition includes four magnificent twentieth-century ornaments from the Cartier Collection. Made between 1906 and 1928, the garland style medusa necklace, winged scarab belt buckle, Eye of Horus bracelet (that once belonged to Linda Porter), and the diamond chimera bracelet are outstanding examples of French revival jewelry, and the depth of the MFAs ancient collection allows for these dazzling jewels to be exhibited alongside the ancient artifacts that inspired their design.

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


My path to jewelry was a crooked one. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and had plans to attend law school. But a few years working in the District Attorney’s office, I changed my mind and I began researching graduate programs in fashion. In 2005 I moved to New York City and enrolled in the two-year Fashion & Textile Studies program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Thanks to FIT’s remarkable alumni network I ended up back in my hometown with an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. As an intern I worked with conservators in the Textile Conservation department to relocate the fashion collection.

My first full-time position at the MFA was as a Collections Care Specialist and my responsibilities included preparing more than 10,000 objects from the Asian costume and textile collection for photography – everything from kimono to dragon robes and textile fragments to temple hangings. When that project ended, I became the Curatorial Research Associate reporting to Yvonne Markowitz (then curator of jewelry). For two years I worked with her on the inaugural exhibition in the jewelry gallery, and the book Artful Adornment. Both the exhibition and the book focused on highlights from the MFA’s jewelry collection. Yvonne quickly became a very important part of my life, and has been an extraordinary mentor. She encouraged me to think about a future as a jewelry curator, bringing my knowledge of fashion history to the understanding of jewelry. She enthusiastically introduced me to her contacts and colleagues, took me to conferences, and supported my own research in the field. She also told me to consider a PhD.

During my time at the MFA, I had been teaching courses in textiles and fashion history, and in 2010 I left the Museum and took a position at a small college in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. As Program Director and Assistant Professor, I managed three robust fashion programs with more than 100 students. At the same time I took PhD courses and exams, and began work on my dissertation. My doctoral work focused on the intersection of fashion, jewelry, and media. I examined the vintage jewelry on the red carpet from 1995-2010 using Neil Lane’s collection as a case study.

After nearly 30 years at the MFA, Yvonne retired in 2014 and I was appointed to replace her. Over the last three years, I curated the exhibitions Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen, Past is Present: Revival Jewelry, and smaller installations; planned jewelry related events and trips for the MFA’s Fashion Council; traveled extensively to lecture, visit art fairs and exhibitions, participated in educational opportunities organized by Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts (ASJRA) and Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) trips, attend conferences, visited collectors, galleries, designers, and jewelers. It’s been a whirlwind. Recently I have taken on two leadership roles, joining the board of directors for the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) and the Boston chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA).

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


I am immersed in research for two forthcoming exhibitions, and a book related to my doctoral work.

Opening in September 2018, an exhibition of Boston arts and crafts jewelry and metalwork will replace Past is Present in the Stanley H. and Rita J. Kaplan Family Foundation Gallery. From the establishment of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts to the disastrous 1929 stock market crash that crippled many artist craftsmen, this exhibition will be the first to focus solely on Boston jewelers, and will include design drawings, jewelry, and hollowware by artists like Frank Gardner Hale, Josephine Hartwell Shaw, Margaret Rogers, and Edward Everett Oakes.

That exhibition will be followed by one on Elsa Peretti, who will be celebrating 50 years as a designer in 2020. Beginning her design career making jewelry and accessories for Giorgio Sant’ Angelo and Halston before joining Tiffany & Co., Peretti has created timeless designs that continue to resonate with modern consumers. Her refined taste has focused, primarily, on silver but the exhibition will feature a diverse sample of her work, as well as her inspirations, and—of course—include a fashion element. An esteemed arbiter of style, fashion icon, and friend of many twentieth century notables, this exhibition will celebrate Peretti’s life and career.

My work at the MFA keeps me very busy, but I am also in the midst of writing a book titled Jewelry in Celebrity Culture: Glamour and the Hollywood Spectacle. It will be published as part of I.B. Taurus’s Dress Culture series (edited by Reina Lewis and Elizabeth Wilson). From the tour-de-force necklace that the American firm Trabert & Hoeffer loaned Colette Colbert to wear in the 1935 film The Gilded Lily to the impact of The Representation Project’s #askhermore campaign, the book will examine how jewelry aids in Hollywood’s production of glamour.

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


To be honest, the last three years have been a series of highlights. The people I have had the opportunity to meet have been the most memorable. The many conversations and meetings I had with Neil Lane as I conducted research on Hollywood jewelry and his private collection, having lunch with Elsa Peretti in Sant Marti Vell, Spain and discussing her incredible life and work, and spending two days in Wallace Chan’s Hong Kong atelier are at the top of the list!

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


I look forward to seeing the field grow in new and exciting ways. There are so many M.A. programs that embrace the study of jewelry history, and there remain extensive subjects awaiting scholarly work. Coupled with a G.G. I think there is extraordinary potential for research and writing. I was lucky to have a great mentor, who guided my career path, and if you can find an experienced curator or historian to play that role for you, it’s priceless. This field is so welcoming. I encourage anyone interested in jewelry to find others that share their passion, social media is a great place for this.

Being a museum curator is much more multi-faceted than I realized after leaving graduate school. Even after years working at the Museum, it wasn’t until I was a curator that I realized the diverse requirements of the job—a natural curiosity, a mastery of your subject area and how it connects to other types of art, a vision and strong ideas that you can translate into exhibitions, excellence in building and maintaining relationships with artists and collectors, as well as strong research, writing, and public speaking skills.

I am very lucky that the MFA has such a vibrant jewelry program. My position, the gallery, and the prominence of jewelry at the MFA is all thanks to tremendous generosity Susan B. Kaplan. It is our hope that other American fine art museums will expand their collection, exhibition, and publication related to jewelry. And, that similar positions will emerge at other American museums.

MFA Boston | Gem Gossip MFA Boston | Gem Gossip


WANT MORE? You can follow Emily on Instagram —> @jewelcurator

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The Top Jewels that Sparkled in Cannes, 2017

Rihanna Chopard All photos via Getty Images

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably one of the best showcases for the top international jewelry houses to showcase their finest and brightest gems and designs for the world to see.

This 12-day festival brings out the most exceptional designs and creations from the likes of Chopard to Harry Winston.

It’s where you can see leading ladies like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain as well as ingénues like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna parading down the red carpet in the latest couture gowns and decadent jewels.

Here are the best jewels from the most revered jewelry houses that were showcased on the festival’s red carpet.


The jewelry house has a deep history with the Festival as it’s been the official partner and designer of the coveted Palme d’Or trophy awarded to the most critically-acclaimed movie. This year, the buzz on the red carpet was their collaboration with music super-star Rihanna.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Singer Rihanna wore emerald, rock crystal quartz and diamond earrings, a black nephrite and diamond bracelet with a 31.95-carat emerald, three emerald and diamond rings and a floral bracelet set with diamonds, all from the Rihanna Loves Chopard High Jewellery collection, at the premiere of the movie ‘Okja’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Model Adriana Lima wore a diamond bib by Chopard at the screening of the film ‘Loveless’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Actress Miriam Odemba wore a titanium and white gold necklace with kunzites, beryls, tanzanites and diamonds, and matching earrings, from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard.

Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip

Karolina Kurkova wore a sapphire and diamond necklace from the High Jewellery Collection from Chopard at the premiere of ‘Based on a True Story’.

Actress Juliette Binoche wore platinum and diamond earrings by Chopard.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen wore diamond flower stud earrings by Chopard. We simply adore the placement of these earrings.


This jewelry house showcased some of the best and boldest designs to hit the red carpet with their use of brilliant colored stones.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Hailey Baldwin wore stunning drop earrings set with white and brown diamonds, and edged with citrine briolettes.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Jenaye Noah wore a pair of exquisite de Grisogono chandelier earrings that glowed with oval-cut citrines from their Melody of Colours collection. A perfect compliment to her vibrant blue gown.


This iconic jewelry house showcased their classic Serpenti jewelry and picked up major press when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was photographed wearing their pieces both on the red carpet and on her personal Instagram.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model Bella Hadid wore a Bulgari High Jewellery Serpenti necklace and bracelet in white gold.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski combined two Bulgari necklaces, one comprised of pearls, rubellites and diamonds from the High Jewelry Collection and the other pendant necklace made with diamonds, emerald and rubies.


The design house had some of the most striking statement-making pieces to hit the red carpet at Cannes. Actress Salma Hayek’s necklace rendered us both breathless and speechless!

BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip

Actress Salma Hayek wore the Baïkal necklace with a 78.33-carat Santa Maria aquamarine, moonstones, Akoya pearls and diamonds from the new Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection by Boucheron

Model Laetitia Casta paired the Lumière de Nuit diamond and pearl earrings from Boucheron’s Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection with her gown at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories in Cannes

De Beers

The classic diamond jewelry house is known for their slogan “a diamond is forever” .This year, Chinese movie actress and taste maker Fan Bingbing embodies the classic elegance of Hollywood that the brand is synonymous with as she modelled a coveted collection of jewels from the house.

debeers | Gem Gossip debeers | Gem Gossip

Fan Bingbing wore the Arpeggia five-line earrings, bracelet and Aria ring at the ‘Amant Double’ premiere.


Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

At the closing of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand ambassador since 2015, paired her show-stopping gown with earrings in white gold set with diamonds from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection Sunlight Journey.

Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

Model CoCo Rocha wore earrings in white gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and black opal from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Another noteworthy mention is model Naomi Campbell’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Harry Winston

Known as the “jeweler to the stars” and Nicole Kidman’s ‘go to’ jeweler, Harry Winston notably had Nicole Kidman wear his jewelry on the red carpet. Best bet as she had the most films to debut on the Cannes Red Carpet this year.

Harry Winston | Gem Gossip Harry Winston | Gem Gossip

Nicole Kidman wore Secret Cluster diamond earrings, Sunflower ring and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston at ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ premiere.

All above photos via Getty images.

This post was contributed by:

wwwdaily Laura Lee Fulham | T: @WhoWoreWhatDly | W: www.whoworewhatdaily.com

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Gem Gossip Visits Marissa Collections in Naples, FL

Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem GossipMarissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem GossipMarissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip

After a full weekend filled with jewelry at the Miami Antique Show, there was nothing I needed more than, well–MORE jewelry! I’ve been dying to visit Marissa Collections in sunny (more like ALWAYS sunny) Naples, Florida. It is just a short jaunt from Miami across the Florida Everglades along Alligator Alley (legit name) for about two hours. The juxtaposition of Miami and Naples couldn’t be anymore stronger, but that’s what makes them both great destinations. After spending most of the day at Marissa Collections, I flew back home to Nashville. I never know how each #JewelryRoadTrip feature is going to come out until I sit down and start editing the photos, and formulate everything I just experienced into words. For me, I feel like being highly impressed may be an understatement–but this store truly is in a category of its own. See what I mean:

In its own category

It’s 2017 and yes, people shop differently. But it’s not always as cut and dry as some may have you thinking. There are articles out there that say brick-and-mortar stores are headed on the way out and that more and more people are shopping online. Well that’s not the full story. Today, shoppers want an experience–something unique, genuine and something that keeps them coming back for more. At Marissa Collections, the shopping experience they’ve created for their clients has been happening for over 40 years. It is exclusive in so many ways that it eliminates the store from ever being put into categories with other jewelry stores or retail shops. So what are the qualities about Marissa Collections that set it apart from the rest? What are they doing that has continually made them a success story, unlike other jewelry stores whose headlines read differently?

Marissa Collections has developed their own secret sauce, starting with the store covering 10,000 square feet of posh. When you first walk in, besides immediately being offered a beverage, you may notice the obvious sections that the store is set up within. Notice I didn’t use the word “divided” because although there are definite sections, they all fuse and flow together.

Whether you’re visiting to shop for a special occasion or wanting to browse, you’ll come to find the store feels like one big dressing room. It is noted that a good amount of jewelry sales are made in their dressing rooms because the simple fact that jewelry is necessary to top off any outfit! It just makes it that much better. And the jewelry that Marissa Collections hand-selects for their cases is quite special in its own right.

The Designers

Wanting to create a line-up of jewelry designers that didn’t overlap, each having a sense of individuality was very important to Marissa Collections. If a designer specializes in 22k yellow gold designs, there won’t be others offered in store that look or feel similar. The curation extends from all parts of the world, each producing amazing pieces, some comparable to pieces of art. If you like big and bold, trendy and layer-ready, sentimental and celebratory, Marissa Collections’ selection is extensive.

Designers like Silvia Furmanovich–a Brazilian powerhouse who uses ancient techniques paired with bold designs and color. Often incorporating organic materials like wood and shells, her jewelry fits right into the Florida style of Marissa Collections.

Irene Neuwirth jewelry is a favorite–what’s not to love of her colorful gemstones, one-of-a-kind designs and sea-inspired looks. Marissa Collections is proud to house many outstanding pieces from this California-based designer.

Nikos Koulis brings Greek radiance to Marissa Collections with his striking and colorful designs. His sharp aesthetic has created a large following with only a few years in business.

Arunashi will inspire and make your jaw-drop with his luxurious and extremely unique designs. I was surprised by the light-weight titanium used in his pieces–the colorful metals and rare gemstones, all mixed into one bold and beautiful jewel.

I loved learning about designers I was unfamiliar with until seeing and experiencing them at Marissa Collections. Designers like Tamara Comolli, Inbar, Shamballa Jewels, all whom I wasn’t familiar with and easily fell for once I saw and learned of their work. Seeing some Gem Gossip favorites like Shay Jewelry, Todd Reed, Sylva & Cie, Victor Velyan, Dana Rebecca Designs, Wendy Yue, Spinelli Kilcollin, and Alison Lou, all whom Marissa Collections proudly carries.

The Family

Marissa Collections’ legacy begins in 1975 with Marissa & Burt Hartington, husband and wife team, who opened the store with one goal in mind: to help clients develop their individual style. The creativity and eye for curation of Marissa has lead to the store continually growing over the years. Their dedicated retail space for jewelry is just nearly 10 years old, which their son Jay has taken the reigns of. The designers chosen for Marissa Collections are both equal parts ideal for the store’s clients and all around great additions to outfits which the store is known for. Jay says it is important to show women how to wear the pieces they offer. Cultivating great style begins with exploring different ways of wearing things and learning how to accessorize with jewelry.

Not Just Jewelry

Although my main focus on this #JewelryRoadTrip feature is obviously the jewelry, I would be leaving a big part out if I didn’t mention what else Marissa Collections offers. The specialty shop is truly a destination store where people come from all over the world to experience something quite like this. Fashions from high end designers (like Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Brunello Cucinelli), shoes, handbags, menswear, couture gowns and even a makeup studio are all features of the store. The staff is equipped with experienced stylists who are at the forefront of fashion and can help you find the perfect outfit whether it is for a very specific special occasion or for everyday wear. Marissa Collections prides itself on the relationships it grows between their clients and stylists; connections that run deeper than any other store-to-shopper bond.

Shop My Favorites:

Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections Marissa Collections

Marissa Collections | Gem Gossip

Marissa Collections

1167 3rd St. S

Naples, FL 34102

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The Guide to the Best Wedding ring styles

A wedding band is, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Couples can agonize far too long over choosing the right rings for the wedding, and with so much variety the process can paralyze the mind

A wedding band is, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Couples can agonize far too long over choosing the right rings for the wedding, and with so much variety the process can paralyze the mind. How to buy the best wedding ring? One way to cut through this problem is to narrow down your decision to a particular style of a wedding band. This makes your wedding jewelry selection a much simpler process
Wedding bands, and rings, in general, are divided into broad classes. The first obvious class is finger rings for men and rings for women. Men’s rings are usually heavier and thicker, while women’s rings are thinner and lighter. As wedding ring trends come and go, here is a compilation of the latest trends.

Antique rings – These rings you won’t find in a catalog unless you’re browsing antique stores. In the jewelry world, antique rings must be 50-100+ years old depending on who you ask. Your great-grandmother’s wedding band is an example of an antique ring. It is a piece of jewelry from the past. Most people choose an antique ring for family reasons. If you choose an antique ring, make sure that the band’s metal is compatible with your skin. That silver ring from long ago might not wear well on your hands today without adequate cleaning.

Vintage/Retro rings – These are rings made in an antique style, but are modern pieces. They often use modern technology to imitate what master jewelers used to do by hand. Most of the vintage wedding bands can be further divided into specific art periods, such as Art nouveau and Art Deco. Most vintage rings are imitating styles from the 1920s onward.

One of the hallmarks of a vintage ring is the different stone cuts. If you picture a generic wedding ring, the type of diamond you’ll likely see is a princess cut diamond. But this cut didn’t become popular until the 1960s. Rings before this time used cuts that don’t magnify the sparkle so much, such as emerald- or rose-cut diamonds. Colored diamonds or gemstones are also more common in vintage rings, though black diamonds are a modern trend.The most common metals for vintage rings are gold and platinum. Today white gold is increasingly used as a more substitute for silver, which tarnishes easily and can mark the skin.

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Get in on Our Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale!

Luxury Designer Items Available at Newly Reduced Prices

At Luxury Bazaar, we strive to be far from ordinary, especially when it comes to the designer jewelry, watches and accessories that we offer. So, we figured, why wait until Thanksgiving to host a sale? Although we are only a week away from the blessing of harvest holiday, we’ve decided to let our customers in on some of our promotions ahead of time. In the lovely, cool weather scenery of fall, the early bird gets the worm, but in the high-end fashion world, the early shopper gets the diamond.

We’ve put together a brief guide for our Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale, currently in effect, to showcase some of our favorite items.

High-end Jewelry Discounted

During our current pre-sale promotion, jewelry models by top labels of the fashion industry are marked at deep discounts, including rings and earrings up to 70% off, pendants, brooches and pins up to 75% off, bracelets up to 68% off and necklaces up to 76% off. Cartier jewelry pieces are also on sale, along with an extra 10% off of select designer jewelry models when the code “thanks10” is entered at checkout.

In addition, we have also added new arrivals to our discounted jewelry inventory, with new pieces now available from brands such as Pomellato, Damiani, Maggioro, Stephen Webster and more.

Express an exotic aura with the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Ring by Cartier for $8,900. The ring features a carved panther made of 18K yellow gold with emerald eyes and an onyx nose clutching a pearl between its paws. This ring would boldly accent a fall ensemble that could use an extra flair.


Ladies can possess the key to a classy presence with the astounding Charms & Chains 18K White Gold Diamond Keys Necklace by Louis Vuitton for $7,800 around their neck. Two diamond-clad 18K white gold keys dangle from a long chain made of the same precious metal. This exquisite pendant necklace is the ideal holiday gift for the lover who wants to give away the keys to their heart.


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Gem Gossip Covers JCK Luxury in Las Vegas, 2015

jck IMG_0351 IMG_0550 IMG_0395 Tanzanite makes for a great accent stone! Love this ring from @andreolifinejewelry and the bejeweled flower brooch in the background is made of titanium! Super light-weight for its size! #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas #SofraGem sitting pretty. #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas The prettiest jaw-dropping diamonds found at @davidmorjewelry 😎 #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas Mother of pearl rings from @kabanajewelry --the darker purple stones are spiny oyster shell and come in a few different colors depending on what the oyster's diet consists of! You are what you eat! #showmeyourrings #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas Learning how to photograph a diamond from @naderkashinternational @thezenobia Genius! Why did I ever buy olloclip?! #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas The ring Michelle Obama wore to a dinner party at Buckingham Palace, paired with individual stacking rings all by @dicksonyewn #LUXURYbyJCK #GemGossipdoesVegas #luxeinteligence An eye-opening, educational personal tour through the life and jewelry designs of @scottkayusa -- I'm wearing a fringe pearl, diamond and ruby tassel necklace hand made by Scott Kay himself of deerskin. Love this #quote said by him as well! #LUXURYbyJCK # Finally got to meet @sethicouture at #LUXURYbyJCK  Their new Heritage collection is very touching, you've got to hear their story of visiting India and being inspired by everything around them!! I captured this photo in between listening.... (Stacking has My first day at #LUXURYbyJCK and I go straight for a 15.54 ct fancy brownish yellow diamond -- internally flawless!! From @jackkelegejewelry #GemGossipdoesVegas IMG_0521

My first time ever attending a JCK show in Vegas this year—I made sure to prepare for lots of jewelry, glitz and glamour, interesting characters and some fun! JCK Luxury kicked off on Tuesday, May 26th and ran through Monday, June 1st. I was there on opening day and also the following day, since making my rounds to over 200 exhibitors couldn’t be done in just one day! With an elegant setup and incomparable events planned throughout the week, JCK Luxury is not to be missed. I think it is perfect for a store who is looking for a few mainstream lines to be the lead-sellers within their store. The show is made up of designers and manufacturers that do just that!

Scott Kay is fully represented at JCK Luxury, a brand most know of when you hear the name. We can thank the designer himself for this, as he was a pioneer in taking things to the next level and pushing the boundaries. His bridal designs are the best selling amongst all of others sold in stores across America. To see his legacy before my eyes was a really touching experience, surrounded by his designs, quotes from his life, and even hand-carved wax pieces, things he was very proud of.

Other highlights from JCK Luxury include meeting Payal Shah, designer behind L’dezen, trying on pieces by Andreoli Fine Jewelry, speaking with the designer behind Kabana Jewelry, and stopping in my tracks after every HUGE fancy colored diamond I saw. The show was truly unreal.

I had been a fan of Payal Shah for such a long time—her jewelry designs are pieces of art using diamond slices in various colors. I even named her a “Jewelry Designer to Watch in 2014” in a blog post. It was awesome to finally get to meet her and also hear about her new InstaJewel app which is free to download. Such a cool idea!

Andreoli Fine Jewelry is a family-run jewelry company which first began in 1845 in Valenza, Italy. The Italian heritage is seen throughout each and every one of their designs. I first fell in love with a pair of coral and emerald tassel earrings I saw at Luxury Privé in NYC last year. It was amazing to get to see so many pieces from their collection at JCK Luxury in Vegas—my favorites are the elongated ring accented by trillion tanzanites and the carved emerald and diamond necklace/earring suite I got to try on. There are SO many others!

I also got to meet the sisters behind Sethi Couture—Pratima and Prerna, a line I’ve had a crush on for so long! I loved learning about their journey to designing jewelry and about their new collection called Heritage which was inspired by a visit to India where everything they were surrounded by influenced them tremendously. Photographing some of their new pieces was so much fun.

Like I said before, BIG fancy colored diamonds made a huge impact on all of my senses when walking the aisles. I almost always stopped dead in my tracks to check out the stones. David Mor Jewelry and Jack Kelege Jewelry had some of the most impressive, photographed above. Could you imagine owning one of those?!

Kabana Jewelry was a delightful stop in between running around, with an incredible hand-painted back-drop and colorful theme going on. I never realized how interesting and lust-worthy mother-of-pearl jewelry can be! The colors were so vivid and bright, where the secret to that is actually diet. The spiny oyster shell displays its color based on what the oyster’s diet consists of—I guess they are right, you are what you eat!

Other highlights and photos above:

a snapshot of what many booths look like, these colors caught my attention

sapphire and diamond rings that are over-the-top from David Mor Jewelry

Payal Shah showing off her designs, like this incredible ear cuff and full-finger ring

Andreoli Fine Jewelry titanium flower brooch in the background, with my favorite tanzanite accent ring worn

Sofra Gem has some really pretty gemstone rings and earrings

a pair of jaw-dropping fancy yellow diamond rings from David Mor Jewelry

great new designs from Kabana Jewelry featuring mother-of-pearl and spiny oyster shell

at the Nader Kash booth learning how to photograph a loose diamond–a loupe and an iPhone

Dickson Yewn is a designer from Hong Kong, with this square shape ring actually being worn by Michelle Obama

at the Scott Kay event celebrating his legacy and quotes of his life, wearing a multi-dangle pearl necklace

stacking up my favorite rings from Sethi Couture, love their new Heritage collection

this incredible 15.54 ct. fancy brownish yellow diamond, internally flawless from Jack Kelege Jewelry

wearing this carved emerald and diamond suite from Andreoli Fine Jewelry

>> Thanks so much, JCK Luxury!!


Thanks to Gossip Gem

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking for something nice for a special guy in your life, Luxury Bazaar is your one-stop shop! We’re loaded with luxury watches, designer jewelry and accessories and have put tons on sale up until Valentine’s Day. Check out a selection from each category below and make sure to browse each category in full or check out the complete holiday sale at the bottom.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a piece to match the love-filled holiday that’ll also be a striking, masculine piece throughout the year, check out this Big Bang All Black in limited edition red. Built off Hublot’s popular “All Black”, they’ve taken the blacked out dial case and dial and added red PVD detailing, along with a red gummy alligator strap. The case is 44mm in matte black ceramic with a matching dial. It features full chronograph functions with three subdials and date display. The caseback is sapphire, allowing a view of their in-house movement.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red



Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a contrast to the Hublot above, we have a All Black King Power that features a blue colorway. It also uses a ceramic case, but in the larger 48mm King Power size. It features a split-seconds chronograph, along with a power reserve indicator. It’s fitted with a gummy alligator strap in matching blue and the caseback is also sapphire.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari Chronograph

For a luxury sports watch that stands out while keeping it classy, we love the Offshore Safari from the Royal Oak collection. What sets it apart and gives it a safari vibe is its rich brown hornback leather strap. It’s fitted to a stainless steel 42mm Royal Oak Offshore case with a white silvered dial that works well with the lighter colored strap. The dial features three chrono subdials and a date display with a solid caseback.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari ChronographAudemars_Piguet_Royal_Oak_Offshore_Chrono_Themes_26170ST_OO_D091CR_01_4

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Miramar

IWC’s Big Pilot collection has grown i popularity the last few years, with their Top Gun watches leading the way. This example stands out from most other pilot watches with a green military fabric strap and a titanium ceramic case that gives iit a distinct sheen. The case is a big 48mm, making it very visible and usable as a actual pilot’s watch. Its size also allows for one of the largest automatic movements out there, which uses a pawl-winding system to quickly fill up a massive 8.5 day power reserve. The power reserve is proudly displayed at 3 o’clock and a date display is included at 6 o’clock. This watch is dedicated to Top Gun Miramar, which is the famed Top Gun pilots’ school to the US Marines found in Miramar, California.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun MiramarIWC_Big_Pilot_Top_Gun_Miramar_IW501902_4

Check out our full Mens Watches Valentine’s Day Sale.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Set

For the big Batman fan out there, we have one of only 500 limited edition sets released by Montegrappa. It includes a fountain pen, quartz watch and cufflinks in a decorated box. All pieces are made out of Dark Knight-worthy high-end materials, including black anodized aluminum, ruthenium-plated brass, black PVD coated stainless steel, rhodium plated white gold and carbon fiber.

View this box set at Luxury Bazaar.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition SetMONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_4MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_5MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_1

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for something ultra-luxurious, check out this handcrafted fountain pen from S.T. Dupont. This limited edition pen is fully forged from 18k white gold with rhodium finishes. It features a “Diamond Drops” design that decorates the body with a total of 677 diamonds (7.4 carats). The handmade nib is also fully white gold with royal blue ink supplied.

View this pen at Luxury Bazaar.

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain PenST_Dupont_094811_4ST_Dupont_094811_3

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Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Onto some jewelry for guys, we have this very modern white gold Gucci band. It features a coating of black synthetic corundum for it’s distinct look, which is also decorated with the Gucci double G monogram print.

View this ring at Luxury Bazaar.

Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

For an piece of mens jewelry you can’t go wrong with and in a classic style, take a look at these cufflinks from Chopard. Made of white gold in a simple stick motif, they’re also capped on each end with black rubber.

View these cufflinks at Luxury Bazaar.

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

Check out our full Mens Jewelry Valentine’s Day Sale.

And browse our complete Valentine’s Day Sale for men and women.

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Gem Gossip Collaborates: Four Gemstones, Two Jewelry Mavens

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Garrahan while in Los Angeles at one of LoveGold‘s events. Our love for jewelry instantly bonded us and we definitely wanted to collaborate to bring our readers something fun! We decided upon picking four gemstonesEmerald, Sapphire, Moonstone & Tourmaline–and each pick two pieces of jewelry that we loved which featured each stone in the best way possible. My take was to search on 1stdibs, a website I continually browse and adore, and pull pieces that were antique or vintage. Rachel chose to make her selections from designers based where she lives–LA, hopping in her car (naturally) to search the city’s best boutiques from Single Stone on Mission Street on the eastside, to Broken English and Jaimie Geller on the westside, to hunt down the finest gems on offer.

Rachel writes about fashion and jewellery for publications including the Financial Times and The Jewellery Editor, most recently acting as guest editor for the luxury gem magazine’s Oscars and US award season coverage. Originally from London, she has lived in Los Angeles for eight years and enjoys designing and making jewellery when she’s not writing about it.

XXX_54_1389817774_1 165494 unnamed

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The Gemstone Series: January GARNETS


Today is my birthday… so I had no choice but to continue the gemstone series with January’s birthstone: the garnet. From the rich burgundy red of Pyrope garnets, the vibrant green of Tsavorite garnets and to the orange hues of Spessartite garnets and so many others…Floral cuff bracelet from the Chopard in titanium, set with 25.48ct green tsavorites Hemmerle brooch in white gold, copper and silver with garnets, diamonds and sapphiresGarnet is derived from the word granatum, means seed, and is called so because of the gemstone’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed.

Today is my birthday… so I had no choice but to continue the gemstone series with January’s birthstone: the garnet. From the rich burgundy red of Pyrope garnets, the vibrant green of Tsavorite garnets and to the orange hues of Spessartite garnets and so many others…

Floral cuff bracelet from the Chopard in titanium, set with 25.48ct green tsavorites

Hemmerle brooch in white gold, copper and silver with garnets, diamonds and sapphires
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Luxury Watches with Mens Bracelets – Summer Fashion Trend and Interview with Designer Oskar Gydell.

Along with luxury watches, I follow mens fashion closely and have noticed the growth in mens accessories and jewelry over the last couple years. It’s not only seen from major designers, but seen in the post-recession economy (NY Times article). With rings and pendants popular with men in some styles and markets, bracelets and cufflinks have been blowing up in popularity. Designers are no longer taking a risk with a collection of mens jewelry like bracelets, but are racing to grab a share of the growing market.

 Oskar Gydell bracelets with Rolex Explorer

This comes when mens luxury watches are commonly known as the only accepted piece of male jewelry other than a wedding ring. For male jewelry designs, they naturally follow the aesthetic of luxury watches, fine clothing or leather goods. This means high-quality but less flashy materials, from artisan leather, metal or stone work, to the use exoticmaterials directly appealing to men, like titanium, carbon fiber and kevlar. Styles can range from natural, vintage to industrial. These are all aspects that are a part of modern and vintage watch design (JCK Jewelry article).

 Oskar Gydell bracelets with Panerai watch

While male bracelets have been pushed for a few years now by fashion editors everywhere (GQ bracelet article), I’ve recently been noticing the luxury watch and bracelet pairing, with quite a few from the good team at Watch Anish. We’re huge fans of theirs and they always have amazing wrist shots and impeccable style, so make sure to check them out (I believe a couple of the photos below are theirs too). A colorful bracelet combo on the Instagram of Watch-Anish team member Watchs caught my eye and led me to a new designer out of Sweden called Oskar Gydell. His colorful and low-key creations are perfect for a relaxed style that can match a luxury watch, which will be perfect for the spring and summer season. I got talking with Oskar, who despite not being able to keep up with orders, gave me some time for an interview:

 Oskar Gydell bracelet with Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Simon: Hey Oskar, we’re glad to have discovered your bracelets and thanks for your time answering a few questions. First, give us a little history on you and how you came to launch your own design brand.

 Oskar: It started out for fun about 4 years ago when I was a professional skateboarder. I started making bracelets during my travels around the world. But I got injured and had to quit skateboarding for almost 3 years. So I started studying Industrial Design at the University in Sweden and I’m almost done with my bachelor degree.  I started with the bracelets again in December last year.  Since then everything blown up very quickly and I´m trying to keep up with the orders falling in everyday, same time as I’m studying at full speed.

 Oskar Gydell bracelet with Omega watch

Simon: What’s your inspiration for your bracelet designs and what brought you to design them for men?

 Oskar: My inspiration comes from the skate and surf culture. I really like the stone, leather and other natural materials mixed together. I’m also very interested in fashion and mens clothing since my grandfather used to sell clothes for gentlemen. Many styles today are kind of stiff and I think bracelets keeps that relaxed feeling to it, no matter what style you prefer. Skateboarding culture is about a cool, easy-going nature and that “familial” feeling. With my designs I wanted to express my culture with a taste of my grandfathers. A relaxed vibe with bright and colors and natural materials, but has an old-world feel with solid hand craftsmanship and high-quality materials. I think that’s why my bracelets are popular with different ages and styles, seeing them on match skateboarder gear and paired nicely with luxury watches.

Oskar Gydell bracelet with black DLC watch

Simon: What materials do you use and how you create your bracelets?

 Oskar: I carefully handcraft all the bracelets myself at the moment and I use only the finest natural materials, such as stones, leather, silver, etc.

Oskar Gydell bracelet with real turquoise stones

Simon: Any tips on pairing bracelets like yours with watches?

 Oskar: A great part of bracelets is any combo can look good, it’s up to how want to look and how you feel. Sometimes I prefer to only have once bracelet and some other times I just put a bunch of them on my wrist. Again it depends on how I feel in the morning.

 Oskar Gydell bracelets with vintage Seiko watch

Simon: What are your thoughts on the trend of male jewelry and bracelets today?

Oskar: I think it’s an still growing trend. I love that the watch finally has got some friends on the wrist and not has to be there alone!

Oskar Gydell bracelets with Royal Oak Offshore

Simon: Do you have plans to expand your bracelet collection or create other collections?

Oskar: I have a lot of plans for the future. But you will have to keep follow my work to find out. This is just the beginning!

Simon: thanks for your time Oskar. I’m a big fan of your designs and with spring starting and summer fashion on the way, I think bracelets from you and other designers will only grow in popularity and we’ll be sure to see more on wrists next to luxury watches.

 To view his full collection and for ordering info, please visit OskarGydell.com and follow him on Instagram. Male jewelry and accessories has traditionally been a love it or hate it for most men and women. Browse the gallery below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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