Summer Getaway: Adventures in New Mexico with Vale Jewelry

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Summertime gives us all the wanderlust vibes you can ever imagine. Our Instagram is typically filled with jewels, gems and all things relating to jewelry design, so it always grabs our attention when our favorite jewelry designers and store owners post an envious getaway pic. We’ve seen glimpses of Paris, tropical islands, Canadian mountains, and everything in between. I’m personally obsessed with the US desert southwest–remember I honeymooned in Sedona, Arizona?–so when I saw a New Mexico landscape scroll onto my screen I had to know more. Luckily the sister duo of Vale Jewelry, Eva & Ava, were more than happy to share about their two-week trip to New Mexico–let’s find out more:

We planned this trip around a visit to Walter de Maria’s groundbreaking land art, The Lightening Field, but it quickly ballooned into a 2-week major road trip around New Mexico. The fifth largest state, but one of the least populated, the vast deserts and scrubland inspired Georgia O’Keeffe body of work as well as numerous other artists. You only have to spend one day there to understand why it’s muse to many creatives, between the sunsets, endless sky, and the ingrained history of crafts. No wonder it picked up the nickname of The Land of Enchantment. Home to most of the US’s oldest Native American and indigenous tribes and pueblos, including the Zuni, Navajo and Hopi, this magical and awe-inspiring land should be on anyone’s travel list.

VALE_TaosPueblo VALE_SanGeronimoChurchTaos

Left photo: One of the oldest continuously-inhabited communities in the United States, Taos Pueblo was built in the early 13th century and located right in the Rio Grande Valley. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it holds a very active Tiwa-speaking Native American tribe residing in multi-storied adobe houses built as two complexes made from mud, wood, grass and water. This historic village is located just 1 mile outside Taos. About 4,500 members still live in this area, but only about 150 still reside inside these structures year-round without the modern convenience of running water and electricity. While it is a private community, they do offer visitors to come see parts of the village where locals sell crafts like pottery and local eats like fried bread.

Right photo: San Geronimo has a storied past as one of the first post-Columbian Spanish Catholic churches in the US. Built by Native Americans of the Taos Pueblo people under the suppression of the Spanish missionaries and colonial powers, this one featured above is actually the third reincarnation. It was one of the many churches destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt when tensions between the native tribes and Spanish colonial presence boiled over. The current church shown above was built in the 18th century.

VALE_AcomaPueblo VALE_PieTown

Left photo: The ladder above resembles some of the staircases used in many pueblos as well as native and local adobe houses. Typically, the staircases are made of local timber such as pine, spruce and ponderosa. These ladders were precious items since the wood had to be cut down from forests located quite a distance from local desert pueblos. They were passed down from generation to generation. In traditional Pueblo culture, the people of the original land came to this land by the underworld. Hence, many pueblos build ceremonial underground chambers within these adobe houses called kivas that the chieftains use for religious song, prayer and ceremonies. The one above is one from the Acoma pueblo featuring a double ladder for going up and down with a lightening rod shape holding the two together.

Right photo: On our way back from staying overnight at The Lightening Field in Quemado, we stopped by Pie Town. Yes, you read that right, it’s a town named after one of the best desserts having taken its name from an early settler of the town in the 1920s that made the town famous with a highway pie shop. The pies above are at a local pie shop called Pie-O-Neer. The Macaroon Apple Pie and Cherry Cherry Pies are worth the stop. And yes, we ate all 4…and then took a few for the road.


Left photo: One of our favorite stops for local barbeque, Rudy’s had the most incredible brisket and baby back ribs, this is the place to stop for New Mexican bar-b-q in Albuquerque, friendliest staff and the tastiest homemade cherry and apricot cobblers this side of the Rio Grande! If in Santa Fe and craving local barbeque, stop by a food truck called Santa Fe BBQ.

Right photo: A must when you’re in Santa Fe. The New Mexican picnic above is breakfast at a local favorite called Tia Sophia’s. They make some of the best sopapillas, the pillowy fried quick breads in the image. Order everything ‘Christmas’ which means doused in both the red and green chiles. Also, a stop at Gabriel’s just outside Santa Fe is a must too. Known for their tableside guacamole and carne adovada, neither will disappoint! The local enchiladas and tamales are things to order when in town.

VALE_SandiaPeakABQ VALE_TentsNationalPark

Left photo: This is the view from Sandia Peak after hopping off the tramway. The crest here reaches over 10,500 feet and the tramway’s the world’s second longest ride. The sunsets and sunrise in New Mexico are unreal, typically fiery red and orange against the bluest backdrop.

Right photo: A quick hike in Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Park is a must if you’re in central New Mexico. Formed by volcanic ash deposits that have since been weather-worn to form sand-colored cylindrical cone shapes standing side-by-side. A walk in between these canyons is awe-inspiring.

VALE_WhiteSands VALE_CarlsbadCaverns

Left photo: No trip to New Mexico is complete without a stop at White Sands National Park. The world’s largest gypsum dune runs for over 275 square miles. So big, this dune can even be seen from satellite in outer space. Despite temperatures reaching 120F during the afternoon, the gypsum sand never gets hot due to the gypsum crystal’s natural ability to reflect the sun and the fact that it does not convert light into heat. We went barefoot and even did some dune-sledding down the steep cliffs. For a cool experience, plan to camp overnight.

Right photo: Another stop along the way is Carlsbad Caverns and watching the enchanting Bat Flight where over 500,000 local Brazilian Free-Tailed bats make their nightly migration from the cave to feed. It’s a coordinated visual symphony!


Showing off some vintage Native American silver by Navajo and Zuni tribes made between the 1900s and 1950s. We picked up these older pieces during our travel around New Mexico. Some of our favorite stops include:

Shopping Guide:

  • Rainbow Man (Santa Fe) – amazing selection of fabrics, weavings, jewelry and objects
  • Santa Fe Exchange (Santa Fe) – wide range of both sterling silver, objects and some turn of the century pieces
  • Shalako Indian Store (Santa Fe) – widest vintage sterling silver shop, great for Concho belts, rings, and bangles. Nancy and Marsha are both well-informed on Native American jewelry
  • Palms Trading (Alburquerque) – solid selection of old pawn, blankets, shoes and food stuff
  • Rose’s Pottery (Bernanillo) – housed behind Rose’s is an old theatre that the owner converted to a small private collection of early Pre-Columbian to middle of the century art and pottery. If you’re lucky, she’ll give you a tour of this collection passed down from her father. The front features a beautiful collection of Kachina dolls and pottery from all the major pueblos
  • Old Town Antiques (Alburquerque) – the owner Connie is like an encyclopedia of New Mexican crafts, beautiful selection of both jewelry and objects, she even offers Pre-Columbian artifacts.

Eating Guide:

  • Tia Sophia’s (Santa Fe) – best brunch and breakfast place for New Mexican cuisine
  • Café Pasqual’s (Santa Fe) – modern twist on New Mexican with some delicious homemade cookies
  • Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q (Alburquerque) – fantastic ribs, brisket, daily special cobblers and desserts
  • Gabriel’s (Santa Fe) – delicious guacamole and carne adovada
  • Frontier (Alburquerque) – a mix of everything, an all-day diner styled location popular with locals, young and old
  • Jimmy’s on Jefferson (Alburquerque) – quick local favorite for breakfast, order Steve’s Breakfast Special featuring a plate of hash with green chile.
  • Grove Cafe & Market (Alburquerque) – modern eatery with homemade granola and breakfast and brunch
  • Cocina Azul (Alburquerque) – great lunch spot for some of the best carne adovada and homemade and fresh sopapillas and posole
  • Farm & Table (Alburquerque) – fresh and modern New Mexican classics as well as farm-to-table dinners with a small working farm on the back
  • Golden Crown Panaderia (Alburquerque) – tasty fruit empanadas

Cultural Guide:

  • Georgia O’Keefe Ghost Ranch (plan advance for an overnight stay, it books up early)
  • Georgia O’Keefe Museum
  • Walter de Maria The Lightening Field (apply in February when they open up spaces, openings close within minutes)
  • Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument (get there early before it gets too hot)
  • White Sands National Park (come here right before sunset for the most magical view)
  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park (don’t miss the last elevator down at 5pm)
  • Rio Grande Gorge & Bridge (shop from the local artists selling at the foot of the bridge, view is not for the faint of heart)
  • Roswell, NW (stop at the museum and eat at Big D’s for their famous green chile burger)
  • Sandia Mountains (go there an hour before sunset)
  • Taos Pueblo
  • Acoma Pueblo


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Festive 2016 collection

Sayuri has been known for its thematic well planned seasonal collections but it always wasn’t the case.

Sayuri has been known for its thematic well planned seasonal collections but it always wasn’t the case. When I started Sayuri in 2008, I wasn’t trying to cater to a particular audience who like thematic pieces, I was attempting to strike a chord with every woman who wanted something unique and special, something that she would not find anywhere. So I made ranges of jewelry – pieces to fit every style, every color and every price point. Eight years later, life has come a full circle for me and here is a Festive collection that is literally a collection of random thoughts, concepts, and designs.
Presenting pieces from the Festive 2016 collection that are in shades or blue and pink. I’ll post the remaining designs in a following post.

Festive 2016 collection

Unique, handmade colorful beaded necklaces with a variety of interesting mixed media pendants.

Vibrant Lotus Necklace – A long statement necklace with a Lotus paper and resin pendant and multicolored beads
Luminescent sea – Inspired by the frothy sea waters and floating algae the beaded necklace of glass and howlite beads come with a shimmery mixed media pendant.

Beach sparkle necklace – Silk cord necklace with glass beads and a silver foil – paper pendant set in resin
At Indian beaches you can see a rare sight – of women dressed up in silks, flowers and in their finest jewels (particularly during festivals) as opposed to being in quick drying beachwear as in other countries. My necklace though made in traditional blues and greens of the beach theme have elements like silk cord, rhinestones and metal foil to as an ode to this interesting fashion adaptation that is based on a social agenda of looking your best when you go out with your family.

Colors pops – Looped beaded necklace in bright colors with brass links. Picture a Saturday evening at the beach during sunset – its cool, a bit crowded and completely colorful with an energetic vibe. Colorful umbrellas, balloons, cotton candy stalls, and kites dot the beach completely replacing the brown and blue color spectrum with lots of vibrant colors.

Reflections Dew Drop: Icy blue crystal necklace with a Silver foil pendant that has a matt blue patina on it. For added interest I have used silver foil glass beads and silver crystals along with purple glass beads and a double sided purple and green matt crystal bead. The necklace has a lot of intrinsic shine but without that blingly over the top rhinestone type of shine.

So how do you like these pieces? yes, some of them were made for various challenges (ABS, BNB – “The day at the beach”, etc,.) and with certain tweaks, I thought that they would all fit in.
They are all available for sale, please email me to buy

I hope you find it interesting

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Metal Cloud Earrings

I have a confession to make – “I am crazy about clouds and I love taking pictures of the sky!” If I could photograph anything I wanted to, I would probably photograph clouds.

I have a confession to make – “I am crazy about clouds and I love taking pictures of the sky!” If I could photograph anything I wanted to, I would probably photograph clouds. For me there is no “ordinary” cloud – every cloud is special and beautiful in its own way. I have pissed off many with this compulsion of mine, to stop, admire, and photograph clouds even when I am in the middle of something important. From dates to functions, from roadtrips to photoshoots – none have been spared. So to hear Keith Christiansen, a curator at the MET museum speak about his attachment for clouds was very satisfying.

Photographs taken at New York City, Udaipur and Chennai

At one point he explains why he takes pictures of clouds and the sky – “it is not a record of a place that I have been too but rather an emotion that I felt standing there and looking at it.” I do not think that I can summarise my feelings for the sky and clouds any better than how Keith feels.
Many, Many artists have taken inspiration from clouds, from Sunrise and sunset skies to fuel their imagination. Next only to flowers, I consider the ever changing nature of clouds as the universal definition of strong inspirational direction.
This Month’s we’re all ears challenge is all about Weather – wind patterns, clouds and rain and as inspiration Erin had provided us with Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses that I had posted in the September ABS challenge here

I had great plans for all sorts of earrings when I started writing this post a week back and was then struck down by 102 deg fever. But I have made 2 pairs at the last moment. One is a direct realisation of cloud earring showcasing deep dark booming clouds and the other is a more stylised version of cloud movement in the evening just before the golden hour. The long stud meant to be worn as evening or party wear. Both are studs and are made of brass – brass flower stamping blanks (cut into the cloud shape) and brass wire. I have used my new texture hammer from Parawire to add interest to both pieces. I somehow like the texture on the wire better, what do you guys think?

We’re all ears – its cloudy

I have blinged up both earrings with swarovski crystals and lots of pearls. I also like how the loreals in the first earrings move a lot without making much sound, an attribute I prefer in my earrings. On hindsight, I think I should have not wrapped such heavy pearls to the earrings. As it quite long and tilts to the side (as per the design) it feels even more heavy. But it would be nice to wear it on an evening out and be the cynosure of all eyes. That’s it for this reveal folks and as I close I am going to leave you with more cloud pictures I took in the last few years all over the world.
Photographs taken at Chennai, Kathmandu, New Jersey, and Philadephia

I just realised that even though my inspiration pictures are colorful, vibrant with a happy vibe my designs are dull and melancholic, maybe reflecting my current state of mind and body. Maybe looking at all the beady baubles that the other participants made would cheer me up so I am off to visit the challenge reveal page. Why don’t you all join me ?

I hope you found it interesting

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One day in New York City

If you are here for the We’re all ears Challenge reveal , then skip to the end of the post to see the earrings.

If you are here for the We‘re all ears Challenge reveal , then skip to the end of the post to see the earrings. But if you have five minutes, you could read about my recent travels and my “New York State of Mind”.

In a New York State of Mind

My USA journey began with a flight to JFK where I was picked by my Aunt and Uncle, and driven to their home in the picturesque Albertson. It was everything I had read about American suburbs – calm and quiet, yet not very far from the main road, surprisingly dotted with Indian and Pakistani stores. It might as well been a villa colony along the ECR if not for the American flag fluttering in the porch of many a house.

The next morning, after depositing my luggage at a charming place in Woodside, near Queens Blvd I left to board a train that would take me to Hudson yards station, wherein began my sightseeing Trip. They say that New Yorkers walk a lot – and by the time I reached Pier 83, near the Intrepid Air and Space Museum from Hudson yard, I realised the truth behind that remark. It was a long brutal walk, considered peanuts by NYC standards. Thankfully, the warehouses along the way provided much needed shade during that terribly hot day. I soon boarded a cruise boat and after securing a seat at the upper half covered deck, waited in anticipation to see Lady Liberty.

The Landmark cruise, a 90 minute ride on the Hudson river was a great and comfortable way to see the famed Manhattan skyline even on a very hot day. Within minutes of the cruise I could see the Skyscrapers – all concrete and glass. World Trade Center, 9/11 memorial, Empire State building, Battery park were on one side while the other side offered a peak into New Jersey. Contrary to the note on the Cruise website, the cruise neither goes around the Statue of Liberty nor do we get to see it twice. After a brief glimpse from a good distance we took a U Turn to see the famous Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg bridge. I felt sorry for the folks who did not rush to the deck to take their pictures but waited patiently for the boat to turn around; they never got a chance to take pictures of the SOL after that. Sometimes, patience doesn’t pay.

The commentary was very informative to begin with, but it got boring towards the end with the guide going on and on about the 9/11 memorial, the great “New York rush hour” and Captain Sully’s landing on the Hudson. Maybe with the movie coming up (it has been released now) the guide thought it would be interesting to people, but people got bored and started talking really loudly during the return journey. Instead, we could have spent more time at the statue of liberty as 5 minutes is hardly enough to soak up her splendor. It was however, very interesting, to see people take ferry rides, helicopter rides, go yatching and yes go jet skiing on the river.

After a quick lunch consisting of a muffin and an apple, I ubered to the Met. The Metropolitan museum of art is heaven on earth for artists, designers and connoisseurs of beauty. I really missed my mom and wished that she got an opportunity to see it as well, so I called her (woke her up in the middle of the night) and described the exhibits as I was walking through the Greek section. People say that those who are not artistically inclined can see 4 sections in a day and those who love art can only see 2. I, on the other hand saw 8 exhibits. I rushed through them as FOMO (fear of missing out) gripped me until they basically threw me out at 5:30 PM. “When am I ever going to get an opportunity like this again”, I told myself, forcing my brain into absorbing everything I saw and wishing that I had skipped the cruise and been at the Met at the opening time instead. I will write soon about extraordinary jewelry exhibits and Manus Machina very soon.

I chose to see only three places in NYC and the last on my list was the “Sunset view from the Top pf Rock”. I had gotten a glimpse of Central Park earlier on my way over to the MET but as I travelled towards TOR, I was able to appreciate Central park once again, this time only for $5 as I was driven along the 5th avenue. Thank God for share -Uber that nobody wants to share 😀 My Driver turned out to be a freelance Graphic designer and so he was happy to point out signages and thematic displays of Fashion stores along the famous street.

fifth avenue new york

Even though I was late for my TOR appointment I took my time in seeing portions of the Rockefeller center and browsed at Anthropologie to my heart’s content. But I missed seeing the inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and going through more high end stores on that street. If given an another chance, I would do it differently.
My image of New York city, like most other Indians is created based on stories of cousins or relatives who live abroad or is crafted through American Television shows. In my case it was the TV shows like “Sex and the City”, “White Collar” and “Castle” that made me visit TOR at sunset. I fell in love with how the Empire state building looked in the “so called evening light” in the shows but only when I actually reached TOR, I realised that the light in those scenes come from the opposite side, meaning that they could been shot during sunrise. I reached the 67th floor around 7 PM awaiting the 7:55 PM sunset but the sun tested all of us by setting at 8:20 PM. By then, both the 69th and 70th floors had become extremely crowded, filled with frustrated people who were disappointed with their dull, unsharp pictures on a very humid and cloudy day. I guess ‘just seeing’ the Empire state building in all its splendor doesn’t hold the magic that it once did in the minds of people.

empire state building

Ten minutes after the sunset, I gave the Empire state building one last look and left with a heavy heart for I was leaving New York without seeing my favourite Chrysler building properly. My return journey was full of drama for I got lost in the subway maze. New Yorkers, I realised much Chennaites are perfectly capable of giving contradicting directions. GPS was also useless considering the number of roads that had closed due to ongoing construction. One side of most roads were dug up and it took all of my Chennai street smartness to avoid falling into any of them. I was thankful that I had been a city mouse for a while now. After wandering around lost for nearly an hour I reached the Times square. Maybe I was extremely tired and hungry, but to me it looked like someone had setup huge TV screens in Ranganathan Street. I was once again transported to Chennai and quickly reversed my steps to the station. But in a way I was blessed for I got see another glimpse of the Chrysler building as though it was poking its head to say hello to me.

empire state building at night

After shopping for band aids for my bruised feet and inexpensive drugstore makeup (which is very good btw) I finally reached the alarmingly quiet Woodside by 10:40 PM and heated up some soup that was to be my dinner. My day however was far from being over. My Airbnb host turned out to be a FIT graduate of Indian Origin and we ended up talking about uptil midnight about design, fashion and our ethnicity despite my blasting headache. She was quite surprised at how much I had packed into one day in Manahattan.
The next morning I packed my bags, bid my host and New York adieu as I travelled to New Jersey and that my dear readers was my day in New York. We have come to the end of a long post, which was supposed to be the first in my US series. At some point during typing this post, I started imagining myself to be Carrie writing her column and got carried away, sorry!

New York Sunset earrings

Coincidentally, this month‘s We‘re all ears Challenge is all about skyscrapers and the inspiration post features quite a few from New York. So it only fair that I wrote about my New York experience. Both the earrings – New York Sunset and Boxed up sky scrapers were made using the Niobium components that I made in my Rainforest leaves earrings class with Marti Brown at Beadfest. I have used the boxy rectangular shapes of the buildings and the sunset colors for my earrings. The seed beads represent the lit up windows and the scrunched up textures (and folds) represent the repair and construction work happening in the streets and in the buildings.

That was my Day in New York City, I hope you found it interesting

PS: If you are like me and like Billy Joel pop over to listen to his famous In a New York State of Mind Tamil Folks can always listen to New York nagaram orangum neram

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12 of My Latest Obsessions + Tips on How To Stay Focused

Gem Gossip Obsessions

1. My diamond collection: diamonds make me happy and so does my collection of antique elongated rings. Just looking at these brings me joy and satisfaction–I see hard work, long hours and lots of dedication. I love my new antique ring box given to me by Sarah of Sarah’s Vintage & Estate Jewelry from my latest #JewelryRoadTrip adventure.

Gem Gossip Obsessions

2. Luckily for me, my office (where I sit and complete almost every single blog post) is incredibly inspiring to me. My walls are filled with treasures I’ve collected over the years–like these gold frames. I’ve turned an entire wall into a gallery wall which houses them. The other walls feature a gallery of gold mirrors, book shelves filled with jewelry books, and the last and final wall is in the works. Can’t wait to reveal that one soon!

Gem Gossip Obsessions

3. Speaking of jewelry books, they are definitely an obsession. I’ve been loving my latest favorite–Wartski: The First 150 Years by Geoffrey Munn, given to me by Mr. Munn himself. I pinch myself sometimes reminiscing about visiting that store in London back in 2014. You can read the blog post from that visit here and you can order the book here.

Gem Gossip Obsessions

4. My crystal point collection makes me happy as it is eye-catching in every way possible. It is one of my newest collections, so watching it grow has been fun– it has been slow but steady. My first ones I ever got came from my trip to Raleigh when I went to a local gem show that happened to fall on the same day I was making an in-store appearance at Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. Such a special memory.

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Gem Gossip Visits Kathryn Elyse Jewelry in Seattle, WA

Wearing turquoise & diamond earrings, boulder opal and chrysocolla malachite necklaces

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Pretty pops of color are Kathryn’s signature style, rutilated quartz & pink opal are a favorite

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

This tassel necklace is done in 18k yellow gold with an adjustable chain (also available in rose or white gold, with a variety of gemstone choices)

Checking out all the jewelry at Kathryn’s studio

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

So much color–which is your favorite?!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

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Back-to-Back Fine Jewelry Auctions in September at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Lot 37 Lot 38 Lot 40 Lot 85 Lot 196 Lot 243

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers has a pair of back-to-back auctions slated for September 16th, 17th & 18th which you surely do not want to miss! The jewelry action starts off with a sale featuring pieces from the Estate of Rita Dee Hassenfeld which goes live Wednesday, September 16th at 5:30pm CST, followed by a large Important Jewelry Auction the next day, which is broken into a two day affair. You know an auction is going to be good when it has to be broken down to two days! Just how good?! Try 1,293 lots of beautiful, stunning and unique pieces of jewelry!! That’s a lot! So you can imagine my dismay as I tried to pick out my favorite lots and narrow it down…

Let’s start with the first auction, scheduled for September 16th featuring the Estate of Rita Dee Hassenfeld. Mrs. Hassenfeld was an accomplished ballerina in her youth and later a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian. She married the late Harold Irwin Hassenfeld, a member of the founding family of Hassenfeld Brothers, also known as Hasbro Industries (manufacturer of Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, Nerf, Play-Doh and Trivial Pursuit). Mrs. Hassenfeld’s jewelry collection encompasses everything from significant signed pieces and important diamonds to playful uses of colored stones. The sale will consist of numerous sessions showcasing important signed jewelry from leading designers including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Belperron, David Webb, Harry Winston and Seaman Schepps. One such highlight is a superb Art Deco platinum, emerald, diamond, onyx and enamel lapel watch / necklace by Cartier. Another is an impressive platinum and diamond ring by Harry Winston, containing a pear shape brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately 9.12 carats of D color and VS2 clarity.

Lot 37: This carved gemstone ring is truly unique–made completely out of aquamarine and set with diamonds in white gold. Since sizing is impossible, make note that this ring is a size 6 1/2. The diamonds total approximately 1.10 carats.

Lot 38: A pair of earrings fit for a queen–these are set with round mixed cut aquamarine (believed to be set into the Victorian mountings recently) and accented by some Old Mine and European cut diamonds. A bold look indeed.

Lot 40: Love this 18k yellow gold Tiger’s Eye ring designed and signed by David Webb. This ring is perfect for any David Webb collector or anyone who loves 1960s/70s inspired design. I also am a huge fan of the black enamel details.

Lot 85: Colors of a sunset are captured in this brooch, set with citrine and diamonds. The different tones of orangey yellow are shown off here within this piece–would be beautiful attached to a fall scarf or a neutral colored big-brimmed hat.

Lot 196: A pair of designer earrings from Nicholas Varney, this abstract 18k yellow gold wonderment features 16 upturned briolette cut purplish red sapphires, along with some diamonds and rubies. Not only are the gemstones unique, but the silhouette and style make these amazing.

Lot 243: This stunning Edwardian pendant necklace is set with one round amethyst, some diamonds and a pearl for good measure! The necklace has a true to form Edwardian style, with platinum-topped gold and a garland style typical of turn-of-the-century.

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Glamour up Your Summer Solstice Fashion with Designer Accessories

What would you do with your day, if you had a few extra hours of sunlight? Many ladies and gentlemen may be considering the same question as the Summer Solstice is fast approaching. On June 21, the summer solstice will kick off the official start of summer, with the sunset occurring much later in the day. The weekend plans may be set for Sunday, but will your style be able to keep up with the longest day of the year? There’s no better time to celebrate the presence of the sun, the Earth’s movement and the warm weather with high fashion designer accessories from Luxury Bazaar.

Whether you are wandering the crafts at a music festival, dancing in the stands at a concert or laying in a beach chair at the shore during the summer solstice, make your outfit express lifted spirits with sunny accents and bright gold metallics. Make your outfit shine bright like the sun with luxury jewelry and watches from the biggest names of the fashion industry. With the right accessories, your ensemble will still be dazzling, even when the sun finally goes down and the night comes. Keep cool and stylish with timepieces, jewelry and other upscale accessories from our collection at Luxury Bazaar. We have everything you need to get the look you want when the sun reaches our planet’s northernmost point of the equator.

But don’t forget about dad! Father’s Day happens to be on the same day as this year’s summer solstice. You can find the perfect gift for your pop in our selection of designer items for men. We have luxury timepieces, pens, ties and more for the most stylish gentlemen.

We’ve picked out a few items from our expansive designer assortment that showcase the gorgeous elements of the summer sun.

Be on time for your summer solstice activities with the Jules Audemars Equation of Time Skeleton watch by Audemars Piguet for $83,100, which exhibits an extraordinary design. The phenomenal features of this Swiss-made timepiece present the date, equation of time, leap year, moon phase and whether it is day or night.


Capture the glimmer of the sun’s rays with the Oversized 18K Yellow Gold Citrine Hoop Earrings by Louis Vuitton for $4,850. Ladies can show off their sassy attitude with the enormous size of the earrings’ hoop design that can be noticed at a distance. A gold chain travels around the outside of the hoops as a citrine stone dangles from a golden thread on the inside.


Stay shaded and chic during the long hours of the day with the Acetate Opaline Sunglasses by Chopard for $400. These sunnies create a classy elegance with white opaline frames and rose gold temples that display the brand’s signature on one side and the Happy Spirit motif on the other.


Go bright and colorful with the upbeat seashore pattern of the Purple & Orange Beach Wear Square 100% Silk Scarf by Versace for $160. This accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, which makes it great for switching up the look throughout the long day.


Looking for more high-end designer watches, jewelry and accessories that are 100% authentic for your summer style? Browse through our jewelry inventory specials and watch inventory specials to see our vast collection.

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July Birthstone: The Red Ruby

It’s a good thing the color red is a pigment trend this summer season, since the July birthstone is the ruby. Rubies are known for their reddish tint, which ranges from orange to purple. It seems the colorful beauty of the ruby can be inspired by elements of the warm weather climate this time of year, like the color of the sky at sunset, or a ripe, juicy tomato. When you don a ruby, how does it express you? Perhaps it makes you feel like royalty, since it was a highly valuable gemstone worn by ancient kings and queens. Or, it presents a strong sense of romanticism to unleash the aura of desire and love. However you wear a ruby, it is sure to spark confidence and inspiration.

Luxury ruby jewelry crafted by the finest fashion designers are an empowering and unique accent to a day or evening summer ensemble. In the past, rubies were considered a representation of the sun and were connected with astrology. As the birthstone of a mid-summer month, it earns the title. When it comes to styling the ruby, working with a color palette will provide a direction so that the outfit doesn’t appear out of sync. If you are looking for the perfect ruby high-end jewelry item to spice up your attire, browse our selection at Luxury Bazaar. We carry ruby designs that are exquisite and are difficult to find.

Show off majestic elegance with a gorgeous ruby jewelry piece this month. You’ll feel the influence of passion and power with the ruby incorporated into your style, as it is one of the most valuable gemstones of the world. These upscale jewelry pieces are a few of our favorites.

To display a sophisticated and classy appearance, the combination of rubies and diamonds in the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Ring by Piaget for $11,500 achieve the motive by being glamorously over-the-top. The gold setting and clash of circle and square cut shapes of the gemstones produce an appealing arrangement.

ruby birthstone

The red and purple pigment of the rubies in the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Horse Bit Drop Earrings by Gucci for $3,600 make this equestrian-inspired design truly unique. The rubies glimmer as they sway, emitting a vibrancy that is hard to go unnoticed.

ruby birthstone2

Roberto Coin always signs his creations with a ruby to wish his wearers good luck. Ladies looking to don a beachy look may like the 18K Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet by Roberto Coin for $9,625 because the intricate, bulky design of the piece looks reminiscent of the wood on a boat’s deck or a boardwalk.

ruby birthstone3

Ladies who need to add a bright element to a plain outfit can achieve their style with the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Pendant Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels for $6,300. A gold chain holds a gold diamond and ruby clad hoop pendant that showcases pure radiance.

ruby birthstone4

Our high-end ruby jewelry items by top fashion labels of the industry are all available to view on our Luxury Bazaar website. To look through our ruby collection, shop our jewelry inventory specials, which feature many pieces at discounted rates.

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Octoberfest and Indian Autumn

Not to be confused with the Bavarian Oktoberfest in Germany, a funfair with lots of beer, The “Third Annual Octoberfest” is a bloghop of ideas, themes, and inspirations for autumn celebrations hosted by Rita of Toltec Jewels, or Jewelschoolfriends as we all know it. The first time I saw the invite for this bloghop, I was hesitant to sign up, as I felt I couldnt really relate to “Autumn of the west” Let alone it being Orange and black, filled with yellow pumpkins and red orange leaves as we really dont have an autumn season per say in India, particularly the south where I am from

Not to be confused with the Bavarian Oktoberfest in Germany, a funfair with lots of beer, The “Third Annual Octoberfest” is a bloghop of ideas, themes, and inspirations for autumn celebrations hosted by Rita of Toltec Jewels, or Jewelschoolfriends as we all know it. The first time I saw the invite for this bloghop, I was hesitant to sign up, as I felt I couldnt really relate to “Autumn of the west” Let alone it being Orange and black, filled with yellow pumpkins and red orange leaves as we really dont have an autumn season per say in India, particularly the south where I am from. Then I read Rita’s description of the hop – “A Home & Hearth Celebration of Autumn’s Splendor” and realised that itdidnt matter when or where as long as it was in the celebratory spirit and I decided to participate and talk a little of the “Indian Autumn” or festive fall as we know it here.

Autumns here are pretty muted, with leaves turning a stark dark green and and trees a darker brown. In the south, Yellow flowers fall off creating a soft velvety carpet on the roads waiting to be washed down by the south East monsoon. This monsoon often brings in cyclones making the atmosphere a moody blue, a slushy brown and gray – infact almost colorless. So we tend to make up for it, by dressing our brightest and loudest best for the entire gamut of festivals that are celebrated during this period (regardless of the religion they belong too) like Ganesh Chaturti, Janmasthami, Onam, Bakrid, Muharram and Karthigai apart from Diwali and Navaratri.

 Indian Autumn Color Palette

Navaratri and Diwali, are the two most important festivals of the year which are a riot of colors with the aforementioned bright ethnic clothes and fine jewelry. To make sure that our houses dont get left behind we put up displays of dolls, add streamers and lights and draw kolams and rangoli in front on our houses. This is the Indian Autumn Color Palette that I can relate too. Warm and ethnic with yellows, reds and green, with strong blues and a dash of brown. Pink and purple peep in playing fun accents with gold and silver. Yup that’s the whole spectrum right there and its the most colorful part of the year.

A very tired me posing next to this year Navaratri Golu – Doll Display
2013 Karthigai Flower Rangoli
And I dont miss out on seeing Orange and black together in nature, for we have glorious sunsets most months of the year.
What are festivities without good food and Music? Hindustani Music is one of the forms or schools of Classical Indian Music and it specifies a particular group of Ragas or Nodes to be played during different seasons of the year. Raga Hindol in spring, Raga Dipak Summer, Megh in Monsoon, Bhairav in Autumn and Finally raga Malkauns in Winter. These Node families have been detailed in the book “Ragamala or Garland of music nodes” which was my inspiration for the recent Ragamala Collection of jewelry, where I created a piece of jewelry inspired by each raga specified. More on the Ragamala collection in a following post.
Today, I would like to show you the pieces I designed based on the Bhairav raga family, the raga for Autumn season; you can see that the pieces look very colorful and festive .

Parent Raga: Bhairav raga Wives: Bhairavi, Bilawali, Punyaki, Bangli, Aslekhi. Sons: Pancham, Harakh, Disakh, Bangal, Madhu, Madhava, Lalit, Bilaval. Bhairav raga Necklace- Image of Shiva seeking bikshai (alms) decoupaged and glazed in 32g brass handcut sheet with bead danglers, aptly adorned with rudraksha seed beads and coordinating yellow glass beads. Rudraksha (Holy seed of E. ganitrus species) represents Shiva and is often strung together in prayer malas. Bhairav raga was historically associated with glory and awe, but became identified with peace and devotion.Carnatic equivalent -Mayamalava Gowla

Indian Beaded Necklace, Ragamala

Bhairavi necklace – This asymmetrical bead necklace in maroon, blue and green with sarafa closure has a handcut brass moppu of Bhairavi praying to Lord Bhairav in the form of linga. The second focal is a mini kemp rakodi. Bhairavi ragini is the foremost wife of Bhairav raga and is sung after midnight or early morning; Carnatic equivalent -Hanumatodi

Indian Beaded Necklace, Ragamala
Indian Beaded Necklace, Ragamala

The Above piece was a festive hit and recreated again but many who saw it thought it was too big and wanted a similar feel and same image but in a smaller and less chunkier avatar. So I made a Mini piece of Bhairavi using Glass and crystal beads in the same red – blue – green color combo with Bhairavi ragini resin pendant in shiny silver bezel.

Indian Beaded Necklace, Ragamala

So that was a small tour of my Autumn celebrations and crafts, I hope you found it interesting. I Wish you all great autumn festivities and a very happy Halloween. Now I am off to Rita’s blog to check out what the other participants have posted and then have a great sunday meal. I hope that you’ll join me too on visiting all the blogs. 

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