Jewels at my Doorstep: Paige Novick

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If there’s one piece of jewelry you’ll always see me wearing, even if I’m in pajamas and have no other jewelry on whatsoever, it is my Paige Novick diamond ear cuff. Easily the most worn piece of jewelry that I own (yes, even surpasses my engagement ring) for many reasons, one being comfort, and the second without a doubt is its effortless way of making one look pulled together. That’s why when I found out Paige most recently launched a new collection called Powerful Pretty Things, I knew it was going to be great.

The inspiration on the new collection? Paige puts it best: “The more we disconnect as a culture through our myriad of devices, the more we will need to connect to something higher. Meditation has gone mainstream. We view this paradigm shift as an opportunity to bring the world of luxury and conscious living together. Hence, the genesis of Powerful Pretty Things—a highly-curated collection of modern relevant pieces with a focus on colored gemstones and their healing properties. By taking the concept of “crystals” out of its usual flower-child context into a luxurious space, we are redefining the category.” This adds a whole new dimension to wearing jewelry, and we’ve talked about the overwhelming popularity and intrigue of crystal healing powers just recently. With the help of some extensive research on Paige’s end, she has combined both worlds of jewelry and crystal healing into one, to enveil her new collection.

While mainstream consumers think “birthstone jewelry,” Powerful Pretty Things aims at going above and beyond this overly commercialized category and breathe new life into gemstone jewelry. Every piece in the collection is fun, easy-to-wear, sophisticated and on point! I was able to pick an entire look from the new collection and I kept in mind the cystal-healing properties while doing so. For me, I was drawn to pink tourmaline, opal, peridot and garnet–all four of those gemstone spoke to me and I absolutely love the combination of them.

I think you’ll love this new collection from Paige Novick. Take a look at the photos shot by Lauren Newman Photography against Nashville’s newest mural duo, completed respectively by one east-coast and one west-coast artist.

You can shop my entire look below:

N14071-PT N14019-PT N13927-PT E13984-GN E14536-PT E14038-OP R14444-PT R14443-PT R14442-PD R13943-OP R13943-AM R13943-AM-PT R14056-OP E14450-PT

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Paige Novick.

Paige Novick

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Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Box: Gem Gossip’s Tips!

Gem Gossip

It’s that time of year–spring cleaning! I tried Googling some spring cleaning facts and came up with 77% of people say they spring clean every year. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I would think that is a decent amount and glad to know that. I guess the other 23% are either lazy or have a hoarding problem…? I am definitely in the percentage that spring cleans…and I actually like to do a deep cleaning a couple times a year, not just once. When people mention spring cleaning, most think of their house–but I’d like to focus in on spring cleaning jewelry for this article. And just like spring cleaning your house, there are several similarities to spring cleaning your jewelry and the end results will have you feeling revitalized and happy.

Let’s get started:

1. Storage Solutions:

Keeping your jewelry safe, all in one place and consistently visible are three key points for a superb storage solution. I highly recommend the jewelry box that I own, however I did make a lot of changes to it–like ripping out shelves and swapping them out for more ring storage. The jewelry box that I have is from Lori Greiner and I bought mine off QVC about 8 years ago. Since then, they have made a few modifications to the design, but overall it is the same: a mirrored “cabinet” that has built-in everything! Here’s a similar one for sale at Target. It’s ok to have other jewelry boxes–I have several antique ones that I use for either travel or taking photos with–but for the most part, I keep everything in one home base.

Gem Gossip

2. Clean Your Actual Jewelry:

After you’ve established your storing options, it wouldn’t be called “spring cleaning” unless we actually cleaned our jewelry! I will admit that I don’t clean my jewelry daily…or weekly…or even monthly for that matter. The only exception to this would be my engagement ring which I make sure to clean monthly and earrings that I wear often. Because I have so many rings, there are very many that get worn only a handful of times in one year, so I often wear and return back to its storing spot without cleaning.

An occasion like spring cleaning is the best time to give all your jewelry a good soak. For this step, I want to stress that many antique pieces should not be cleaned at all. Items like foiled backed gemstones, hair jewelry, mourning pieces, tiny rose cut diamonds that are often irreplaceable, pearls and seed pearls, and other soft gemstone jewelry. This cleaning step I mostly do with my all gold pieces, 80% of my diamond jewelry, sapphire and ruby pieces. First, I get a soft toothbrush and run warm water and dunk the brush in Mr. Clean. I gently brush over each piece and then stick it in my ultrasonic cleaner. I have one I bought from Gesswein–the one that has a steamer and cleaner in one (but my steamer broke after one year of working beautifully). Those who know the power and strength of a steam cleaner will never go back to cleaning diamonds any other way–so sadly my broken steamer is also breaking my heart. Need a new one! I usually use water and either a small cap full of Mr. Clean or whatever cleaning solution your machine comes with.

Depending on how dirty each piece is would equal how long you put each item in the cleaner, but I would say 15-20 minutes is plenty. Another perk of having a jewelry background is having a really handy tool at my grasp–a microscope! I usually take a peek at my gemstone jewelry pieces and check all the stones before throwing them into the cleaner. Loose stones will only get looser, or even worse–fall out in the cleaner. That’s my only other pre-caution.

Gem Gossip

3. Go Through Each Item:

Now that you have all your jewelry out of storage and mystery boxes, under beds, and out of old socks (yes, people stash things everywhere), it is a great idea to give each item a thorough evaluation. This is when you decide if you want to keep, trade, or sell–maybe even redesign. You should also take some photos of all your jewelry for inventory purposes and insurance purposes. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve looked through old photos and said, “hey, whatever happened to THAT ring??”

Gem Gossip

4. Clean Your Actual Jewelry Box:

Day in and day out you open up your jewelry box, make your selections and then move on with your daily routine. A lot of dust, debris and dirty fingers can add up on your jewelry box, so it is just as important to clean your jewelry storage solution. I made a video of myself doing this and posted it on Instagram–it got a lot of attention because I was using a vaccuum hose attachment and using it without taking any of my rings out of the case. Of course I was being careful, but it is much smarter to do this step when everything is out. My biggest problem is Chiefy’s white hairs that somehow get on the black velvet padding of my jewelry cabinet. Using a hose attachment on my vaccuum is the best solution for this, but you can also use a lint roller. I also make sure to Windex the mirror on the front of my jewelry box and dust/polish the outer wood.

Gem Gossip

5. The Finishing Touch:

You’re now on the last and final step to spring cleaning your jewelry box! You should feel really good by now and the best part is about to start. I suggest you put on your favorite tunes (obviously I will suggest Girl Talk Radio on Pandora) and get to work.

Start with organizing within each category–earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and rings. I organize my earrings by studs, dangles, ear cuffs, etc. I have a row of pearl studs, a row of diamond studs…even yellow gold and white gold are separated. I used to organize my rings by how I acquired them–so I would just add my newest acquistion in the next available spot. I realized this wasn’t working out very well and one day I took everything out and organized it differently. I put similar styles together, similar stones together and motifs together. All my moonstone rings are together and they look way cooler that way. You can group by color of gemstone if you’d like–similar to how a closet is organized (definitely not my closet, but coveted closets). I have all my baby rings in a section of their own. I don’t have a particular way of organizing my bracelets or necklaces because I simply don’t have that many.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I hope these tips will help you and motivate you to SPRING CLEAN your jewelry box! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me–you can email me at [email protected] or Tweet me! @gemgossip

I’d love to see your photos or videos of you spring cleaning your jewelry box–please tag me!!


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Amanda of Maejean Vintage

Maejean Vintage Collection Maejean Vintage Collection

I’m so excited to share this month’s Jewelry Collection Story with you all because I know how much we collectively love the Maejean Vintage sisters! You probably own at least one piece from their Etsy shop, with over 12,000 sales made to date, I’m more apt to say you probably own several pieces! I know I do! It is fascinating to think over 12,000+ items have passed through these sisters’ hands–it leads one to be curious as to what is in their personal collections?! What pieces have they come across over the years that they just couldn’t bear to sell?! What jewels struck a chord with Laura and Amanda?

We are so lucky both were eager to share and put together these photos and stories of their collections. We decided to do a two-day, back-to-back event featuring the collections of both sisters–first up is Amanda’s collection, the younger of the two sisters!

Amanda’s Collection:

Amanda | Maejean Vintage Collection

These are some of the necklaces in my collection. The most special one is the dog tag that belonged to my Pop-Pop when he was in the USMC. I feel honored to have inherited it. The garnet cluster pendant was a Valentine’s Day present from my honey. I adore it! Sometimes I wear it on a long gold chain and other times I wear it as a choker.

Amanda | Maejean Vintage Collection

My most recent acquisition: an antique pale amethyst with a seed pearl halo which I wear in memory of my Aunt Cindy.

Amanda | Maejean Vintage Collection

My favorite bracelets are the gold filled bangles that I love to stack, and the two silver bracelets I inherited from my mother (the charm and the cuff), which she use to wear when she was in her twenties. The platinum and diamond pin is a family heirloom that I occasionally wear on a chain or a dress for special occasions!

Amanda | Maejean Vintage Collection Amanda | Maejean Vintage Collection

Left: I don’t wear earrings often, but when I do I keep it simple with the Victorian paste stones, or dress it up with my garnet dangles. Right: Vintage and antique rings in my jewelry collection. I am always on the look out for rings that feature sparkly old cut diamonds, endearing terms (my PET ring is one of my favorites!), or unique shapes!

My vintage jewelry collection really started around the time my sister and I opened our online vintage jewelry store, Maejean Vintage, in 2010. My collection is definitely smaller than I would ideally like, because I have such a hard time keeping pieces for myself! I know a lot of other sellers have that same guilty feeling when keeping a piece instead of selling it! Because of this, I only keep a piece in my collection if I absolutely ADORE it and it speaks to me on a personal level.

When I first started collecting, I was drawn to dainty and intricate pieces, mostly from the Art Deco Era. As my knowledge of different eras developed, so did my collection! My jewelry consists of pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Mid Century, and Modern eras. I am finding myself more drawn to bigger and bolder pieces as time goes on. I especially have a soft spot for rings!

Being a student at GIA has introduced me to the wonderful world of gemstones, so I am definitely drawn to gemstone jewelry — especially diamonds, garnets, emeralds and sapphires!

I have had the best luck finding jewelry for my personal collection at antique flea markets – especially the large flea market that happens three times a year in Brimfield, MA! I love flea markets because it really is like a big treasure hunt and I also enjoy the ability to haggle ;). eBay and Etsy have also been great marketplaces for finding unique pieces from all over the globe!

A lot of my pieces have strong sentimental value to me and represent people, places, or different times in my life. I recently acquired this amethyst and seed pearl ring which I wear in memory of my aunt, who adored the color purple. Seed pearls can represent tears, which is also very fitting.

Antique jewelry is my biggest passion – I love imagining where the pieces have been, and who cherished them before they came to me. I feel so lucky to have a career in connecting other people with sparkly old gems! <3


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You can follow Maejean Vintage –> @MaejeanVintage

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Why it is smarter to buy Gemstones in Thailand

Whether you are a precious jewelry designer who is looking to buy gemstones for your collections, a patron of gemstone jewelry or a collector of colored stones, Thailand is your go to marketplace.

Whether you are a precious jewelry designer who is looking to buy gemstones for your collections, a patron of gemstone jewelry or a collector of colored stones, Thailand is your go to marketplace. The internet is full of stories of gemstone scams but having seen the gemstone industry firsthand in Thailand, I can safely say, that you can get a very good deal if you what you are looking for and where to buy it. Here are a few reasons why it is smarter to buy Gemstones in Thailand.

It’s a Cutting Hub
Thailand has been famous for its gemstones for centuries, especially dark red ruby (July’s Birthstone) and sapphires mined in Chanthaburi and blue sapphires from Kanchanaburi. With the Depletion of local mines most of the raw stones are imported today; Thailand, however, continues to maintain its reputation as one of the biggest hubs for precious colored gemstones in the world. Chanthaburi, situated 250+ kilometers from Bangkok is a major cutting, manufacturing, and treatment center for color stones. Here, millions of gemstones are imported, cut, polished, sold, and exported every day. Thai craftsmen are considered the world’s best cutters and are skilled in cutting Burmese Rubies and sapphires in pure precision.

It’s the Treatment Hub

Purists may not like treated gemstones, but in this day and age, with ever changing fashion trends, treated stones provided the much need cost advantage without compromising on the look and style of the piece. Thai craftsmen are considered the experts in the heat treatment of rubies and sapphires which permanently modify the natural inclusions, increasing the color and clarity of the stone. For e.g., the “geuda” sapphire of Sri Lanka on processing turns from a milky hue to corn flower blue. They are also said to use specialised diffusion treatments that turn corundum into low-cost yellow sapphire, create irradiated topaz, glass-filled rubies, and oiled emeralds. If you are looking for natural, untreated stones, be very specific to the dealers as this region is famous for its stone treatments. While purchasing expensive stones, ask for a certificate. If the stone is not certified, it is a good idea to get it certified.

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Caring for Gemstone Jewelry

The love for gemstones and gemstones jewelry is not something very recent or new. There is strong evidence of jewelry and gemstones even in the earliest known civilizations, like those of the Mohenjo-daro and Harappan civilisation or Egypt

The love for gemstones and gemstones jewelry is not something very recent or new. There is strong evidence of jewelry and gemstones even in the earliest known civilizations, like those of the Mohenjo-daro and Harappan civilisation or Egypt. Royalty, from around the world have fought great battles and plundered nations for dazzling gems. Cleopatra, was crazy for Emeralds and Mughal emperors including Shah Jahaan had verses of the Holy Quran and even the line of succession of kings engraved on humongous rubies

With the shimmer and shine of gemstone jewelry taking over the fashion world in a big way everybody wants to own as much as possible. Natural stones are quite expensive and buying them is not an everyday affair but they can become treasured heirloom pieces if they are well cared for. To help you take care of your precious pieces here are a few tips you that could follow.

Caring for Gemstone Jewelry
Most of the gems are soft and vulnerable to cracking on pressure or impact, hence avoid wearing such gems in rings. Even if you have such rings, try to wear them carefully so that they do not bump in hard surfaces or else they might chip or crack
– Avoid prolonged and continuous exposure of the gemstones to sunshine as the UV rays and heat in sunshine acts as a bleaching agent or sometimes a darkening agent, fading away the color of gems, especially Topaz.

– Try your best to make sure that the jewelry you wear, does not comes in contact with perfumes and lotions, as the minerals and chemicals in them create a coating over the jewelry and end up diminishing their shine.
– Proper storage is as imperative as the proper cleaning of precious jewels. So, store them in an airtight box at a moisture-free place in your cupboard and use padded storage boxes for carrying your gemstone jewelry while travelling.

Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

The gemstones jewelry that you wear daily like wedding and engagement rings or pendants must be cleaned on regular basis as they gather a lot of dead skin, dirt, grease and particles, ruining the shine and degrading the life of the stones. Here is how to clean them
– Once you take off your gemstones jewelry, clean them by wiping gently with a soft cotton cloth in circular motion, rather than a coarse rubbing
– Avoid using hard detergents, chlorine based cleaners or ‘Colin’ like cleaners, and even toothpaste for cleaning your gemstones for they ruin the surface of the ornamental jewelry, particularly the ones with coated gemstones.
Wash gemstone pieces in lukewarm water using a soft brush (Like a clean makeup brush) and mild liquid soap and pat dry with a towel
Always read and follow the instructions carefully before using ultrasonic cleaners for your gemstone jewelry and avoid using them for fracture filled gems and stones like moonstone, pearl and coral.
– Approach a professional jeweler to clean very ornamental pieces for you, rather than attempting to doing it by yourself.

As with any other product, it is important to rest your jewelry in between wears. Frequent cleaning and proper care will help you retain the gleam of your precious jewelry for ages. Do check out previous posts on how to clean your jewelry for tips and tricks. Do you have any more gemstone cleaning tips? If so add them in the cmments.


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Mixed-Cut Gemstones – A Trend in Luxury Jewelry

In the art of jewelry making, it was once considered distasteful to incorporate multiple shaped gemstones. But now, the craft is widely accepted, and the technique has resurfaced after many years. The use of combining mixed-cut gemstones in jewelry designs has made pieces much more detailed and intricate, since the placement and application of settings can be arranged with endless possibilities. And then there’s color – popping, luminescent shades of multifaceted jewels that gleam in the light for an astonishing aura. Some designs even use the hues of the gemstones to create a particular color pallet in the design, which can be used to accentuate style.

The fad amongst high-end designers, as of late, has been enhancing the appearance of gemstones through colors, cuts and shapes. The creative result is a unique jewelry piece that has a fresh and modern appearance. These five pieces we’ve pulled from our jewelry inventory specials demonstrate the mixed-cut gemstone design trend that has impacted the luxury fashion industry.

Cartier goes for a bold, eye-catching bravura with the Precious Gemstone 18K Yellow Gold Huggie Clip-On Earrings for $5,500, which display a row of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The stones are set in a pattern of pear and princess shaped cuts upon a setting of 18K yellow gold.


An oversized, cushion-shape jade stone is accompanied by glimmering, round diamonds in the design of the 18K Yellow Gold Yellow Jade Diamond Ring by Judith Ripka for $1,550. The prongs and setting of the 18K yellow gold feature an appealing outline that travels along the sides. The contrast in sizes of the multi-faceted gemstone ring gives it an attention-grabbing presence.


The 18K Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring by Damiani for $8,500 showcases a mixture of gemstones that reveal a regal elegance throughout the design. Two rows of sparkling baguette diamonds fan outward to present a radiant shaped emerald perched on top.


The dazzling gemstones in the San Marco 18K White Gold Gemstone & Pearl Brooch/Pendant Necklace by Chanel for $60,980 come together to form a breathtaking statement piece. Tiny diamonds travel amongst the clutter of beryl, amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine towards a round pearl set in the center. The pendant can be detached from the chain to serve as a brooch – a popular accessory that has surfaced this fall.


This avante-garde piece features orange tones that burst with radiance. Dangling from the neckline, the 18K Multi-Gold Citrine & Diamond Pendant for $3,300 is sure to attract attention. A series of diamonds and citrine gemstones accompany one another to form an abstract design for superior visual appeal.


One of the main themes of high-end jewelry in 2015 is innovative designs that feature multi-faceted gemstones. The experimentation of different colors and cuts is noticeable in many fashion designer brands, such as Versace, Chanel, Cartier, Damiani and many more. Emphasize your favorite looks this season with stunning, mixed-cut gemstone jewelry pieces.

The post Mixed-Cut Gemstones – A Trend in Luxury Jewelry appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.


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Casino Royale Necklace DIY

Whether you are a student, a teacher or work in an administrative role in a educational institution, Teachers day, is a wonderful occasion. A day when you are loved, cherished and told how lucky they are to have you.

Whether you are a student, a teacher or work in an administrative role in a educational institution, Teachers day, is a wonderful occasion. A day when you are loved, cherished and told how lucky they are to have you. This year as Teacher’s day (in India) fell on a Saturday, we had two celebrations, at the college where I work. One unofficially on Friday with comment boards, cakes, photographs and games and one officially on Monday where each department was given a theme and we had to dress up for a cultural performance. My department’s theme was Casino Royale.

I was really excited and so were my students. I brought out my long blue dress, that I designed and got stitched many years back but never wore beyond the confines of my house and some elegant stone jewelry to go with it. I student of mine, felt that I should have curls in the hair and bright red lips to go with my blue dress, so I decided to humour her and try it. I even stayed up late to watch the movie, on Saturday :D. However on Sunday, the necklace I was supposed to wear broke and thus I had to make a new one.
As my look was supposedly based on Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, I had this idea to make a necklace similar to the Algerian love knot necklace, she wore on screen. Since time was less, I searched for alternates to the casted love knot focal and came across a toggle clasp from my stash. A brainwave hit me and thus was born my Casino Royale necklace. Here is how I made it in 3 simple steps

Casino Royale Necklace DIY

1. Link chain in silver tone – 17″
2. Link chain in gold tone – 17″
3. Round medallion clasp
4. Rhinestone chain silver tone – 5″
5.Rhinestone chain gold tone – 3″
6. Jumprings – 3
7. Clasp – s hook
8. Liquid fusion glue
9. Nose Pliers and scissors

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Rago Arts Unreserved Auction Set for August 27, 2015

350 354 366 381 399 469 485 495 511 531

Auction season has just begun and Rago Arts has an unreserved auction fit to whet your appetite for some dazzling pieces of antique, vintage and estate jewelry (amongst some other things). This should hold you over until their heart-stopping December Sale, which is always incredible and knocks everyone’s socks off! This year supposedly is supposed to be insane (ssshhh, you didn’t hear that from me!)–but this comes with a fair warning to save those pennies!!

Rago’s features an Unreserved Auction on August 27, 2015 which showcases just over 250 lots of jewelry! The auction is unreserved, which means that everything in the auction must be sold at the highest price offered that day, whatever it may be. This sale features a varied selection of late 19th through 20th-century antique and period jewelry, modern gemstone jewelry, engagement and bridal jewelry, designer fashion jewelry and bijoux, as well as designer couture; period English, American and Continental furniture; lighting; rugs; porcelain; glass silver; and fine art. The sale begins at 10am where you know you can count of me logging in from wherever I may be and bidding from my computer.

I’ve chosen my must-bid lots and it is incredibly exciting to think that each have “no reserve.” Can’t wait to bid!

Lot 350: I’ve seen panthers, lions, serpents, dolphin-looking fish, gargoyles–but THIS?! This is so unique! It’s an eagle and its beak holds a chunky safety chain. Those Victorians sure knew how to design them! It’s 18k yellow gold and may be Italian in origin, circa 1870. Estimate: $800-1,200

Lot 354: Seriously obsessed with this 18k yellow gold enameled and gem-set serpent ring. It dates to around the first half of the 20th century and the combination of the light blue and black enamel is perfection. Ring size 11. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 366: Now this is a cute combo: a yellow gold pearl and diamond pendant and a two-tone emerald and diamond ring. Not only do these two complement one another, they are also great staples to a collection. Also a great lot for a beginner collector to start with! Estimate: $300-500

Lot 381: I would call this cannetille at its finest! This 18k yellow gold bracelet is created by cannetille work which is inspired by embroidery, using gold and is sort of similar to filigree, but definitely looks different. Cannetille is more 3D using scrolls, coils and springs to create an effect. Estimate: $400-600

Lot 399: A trio of some great pieces–a Victorian agate ring, a turquoise hinged bangle bracelet and a gold-filled hand-etched pocket watch case (without the movement). I’m loving the agate ring, particularly the shoulders of the piece. Estimate: $400-600

Lot 469: Created during the 1950s when a sort of “Victorian Revivial” in the jewelry world was happening, this ring is a prime example from that time. It is done in 14k yellow gold, approximately 0.80 carats total of round brilliant cut diamonds and some navy blue enamel. Ring is size 6. Estimate: $400-500

Lot 485: I love the randomness of this lot, each piece is pretty cool. Starting with a ram’s head pendant, a duck brooch with an onyx glass body, a pair of gold earrings which feature gold cameos of women, and an enamel bar pin that depicts a Barber’s pole. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 495: Malachite happens to be one of my favorite gemstones, so this long necklace is great! When I say long, I mean 31 inches–which is a generous length of 14k gold beads and malachite beads. Perfect for fall and winter coming up! Estimate: $500-700

Lot 511: Two fantastic pairs of earrings–one drop style and the other studs. The drops are pave set with diamonds with a teardrop shape dangling from diamond hoops, done in 14k white gold. The studs are a beautiful pair of sapphire and diamond flowers. Estimate: $600-800

Lot 531: Classic diamond studs had to be included, especially since these are set in my favorite way–the three-prong style! The diamonds are both Transitional cuts and are approximately 0.80 ct. each. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Rago Arts Auction.


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Maggioro Winter Sale – Vibrant Gemstone Jewelry at up to 80% Off!

Looking to brighten up your winter wardrobe? Then check out our Maggioro sale, featuring vibrant gemstone studded jewelry at up to 80% off! Inspired by nature, their collections all take inspiration from nature and use a kaleidoscope of gemstones and diamonds to bring them to life.

Maggioro Pearl Blossom Ring

Lets start with a blossoming cocktail ring made of white gold from their Rhapsody Collection. The flower motif is almost completely set with precious stones, going as far to use 1.75 carats of brown diamonds for its “stem”. The petals are pave set with 6.06 carats of white diamonds, with an eruption of diamonds and multicolor pearls from its center.

Maggioro Pearl Blossom Ring

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DIY Chunky Rhinestone necklace for mother’s day

Here is another addition to my Rhinestone Jewelry tutorials, A How to on making a chunky Rhinestone necklace as a Mother’s day gift. I have made this necklace colorful as My mom already has a monotone rhinestone necklace but you could make yours monotone if you prefer a sober look.

Here is another addition to my Rhinestone Jewelry tutorials, A How to on making a chunky Rhinestone necklace as a Mother’s day gift. I have made this necklace colorful as My mom already has a monotone rhinestone necklace but you could make yours monotone if you prefer a sober look.
In this necklace I have gone beyond the usually wire wrapping method to create a bezel for the focal stone and used a found object – a Christmas ornament to create a backing. You can use any filigree finding to make similar pendants. No gluing required


4 Octagon glass rhinestone amethyst purple 14×10 mm
3 Octagon glass rhinestone champagne 14×10 mm
2 Octagon glass rhinestone olive green 14×10 mm
9 octagon 14×10 mm Settings with 2 loops
1 silver snowflake ornament
1 square foiled rhinestone
10 silver tone jump rings
2 silver tone eye pins
silver tone chain & Lobster clasp

Method: To make things simple I have divided the tutorial into two parts – Pendant and the necklace after the first couple of steps.

1. Prong set all the 9 rhinestones in their respective settings. Check the link for detailed instructions on prong setting
2. Cut off the second loop of a champagne crystal. File to smoothen the edge.You can also use a single loop setting instead.

3. Make the Pendant

a) Place your square crystal( flatback) stone on the snowflake ornament such that the holes of the crystal are in the clear. You could also substitute the star with any filigree star or flower that you have.
b) Firmly fold down the points, one by one as though we are prong setting the stone
c) Thread an eyepin through the top hole (through the filigree)and fold. Bring it up and wrap to make a bail for the pendant. You can also use wire instead of an eyepin and make a bigger/fancier bail.
d) Using another eyepin or piece of wire, connect the single loop champagne stone to the pendant using a wrapped loop

4. Make the Necklace

a) Link the prong set stones in order – amethyst – champagne-olive-amethyst using jumprings
b) Cut 2 pieces of 5″ chain, add a clasp in between using jump rings and connect it to the rhinestone chain
c)connect the pendant it to the rhinestone chain using jump rings

Ta Da!! Your sparkly Chunky Rhinestone necklace is all done. That was pretty simple right? You can add beads in between or danglers to make it fancy. So Why a sparkly necklace for mother’s day – Why not?? Mothers too love their bling!!

Disclosure: The Rhinestones and Settings used are from the good folks over at Beadmixer which I received as a part of a tutorial exchange program by Totally Tutorials.

Do Take a look at my other Rhinestone jewelry tutorials here
– Crystal Love necklace
– Crystal Love earrings
– Fairy Lights Necklace
– Crystal Tassle Necklace refashion

I hope you find it interesting

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