Top Ten Rings from STORE 5a in Columbus, OH

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I learned of STORE 5a when on my #JewelryRoadTrip last month in the Ohio area. The shop caught my attention because they are all about selling pre-owned items–things like designer handbags, watches, and of course fine jewelry. It is stores like STORE 5a where you can find hidden gems and that one piece you’ve been missing from your collection, easily. Luckily they have two locations, both in Columbus, Ohio–one being in the Easton Market and the other in Short North. Taking the word pre-owned and putting their own spin on it, STORE 5a shows how you can save money, be socially responsible and own a piece of fashion history, all while shopping at their store.

I hope to someday get to visit one of their stores, but in the meantime, their jewels came to me! Here are my TOP TEN favorite rings from their current inventory:

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

1. 14k yellow gold solitaire rutilated Kunzite ring, Price: $2,750

I don’t know but for some reason I went from not liking pink to being ALL ABOUT pink! This kunzite ring is vibrant, glowing and pouring out color in every direction. What is neat about it this particular piece is that it features some rutile inclusions that have become a part of the unique look of the stone. Rutile thin fibers of another mineral that often get in the cross path of another mineral when forming underground. The result is often really cool, like in this ring!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

2. Platinum and 18k yellow gold tourmaline and diamond ring, Price: $2,999

The center gemstone in this ring immediately caught my attention and you wouldn’t realize how different the setting is until you saw the side profile view, above! The flattened shank is actually really comfortable–now I know why so many men have a square wedding band. The tourmaline is such a pretty blue-green color, accented perfectly with a rubellite (just another word for red/pink tourmaline).

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

3. 14k white gold diamond and sapphire bubble ring, Price: $3,950

A cluster of geometric goodness consisting of diamonds and sapphires, this ring is bold and beautiful! There’s quite a lot of diamond weight here–nearly three carats! It sparkles like crazy and the way the ring is designed, it has a comfort fit where the shank meets the front. I love how elongated it is and takes up quite a lot of space on the finger! A must in my book.

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

4. 14k yellow gold diamond and sapphire owl ring, Price: $1,960

Something about owls that people just love–my gram collected owls for years…had them all over her house! I would have preferred this owl ring over a house full of owls any day! The eyes are two glowing sapphires and there are also diamonds which form its classic scowl. I love the detail of the texture of the gold–makeshift feathers right there! Such a cool piece.

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

5. 18k yellow gold and platinum emerald and diamond ring, Price: $2,999

This ring is all about the details! From the gilded, scrolling shank, to the contrasting metals, and even the details of the “petals,” it checks every box. It also doesn’t hurt that it is very photogenic! It is bold and earthy, with lots of vintage vibes going on. Maybe you’re a May baby and need a birthstone ring that you’ve been hunting for?! This may be it!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

6. 18k yellow gold old mine cut diamond and sapphire flower ring, Price: $1,450

Perfect for spring, or really, any time of year for that matter–this flower ring is the cutest! It is set with one center old mine cut diamond that is approx. 0.40 carats, surrounded by gold petals with sapphire accents. I’ve always loved the combination of yellow gold, blue sapphire and diamonds. This little vintage beauty is a definite favorite!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

7. 18k white gold filigree synthetic sapphire and diamond ring, Price: $998

Ah, the classic three-stone filigree ring–a staple in every antique jewelry collector’s jewel box. I remember purchasing mine when I first started collecting–since then I upgraded by removing the center stone and replacing it with a diamond. This could easily be done with this one too, but I do love the contrast of the blue and the white gold/white diamonds. Such a precious piece with a great price!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

8. Platinum irraditated yellow pear-cut diamond set with accent diamonds, Price: $7,150

If anything is becoming as of late, it is these incredible pear-cuts that are thankfully trending. I love a good pear cut and this particular diamond has some intense yellow color to it, enhanced through a process called irradiation. I love its design and silhouette–it looks as though it is two rings, but it is all one seamless ring. And it sparkles like crazy!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

9. 14k yellow gold amethyst and pink tourmaline ring, Price: $1,662

I love a juicy color combo and this is amethyst/pink tourmaline duo is pretty incredible! Besides the fact that the design is really stunning in its own right, I simply can’t get enough of this ring. I can picture it being paired with a very casual t-shirt and jeans look, and make a big impact. Make this your statement ring that people recognize you by!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

10. 14k white gold diamond snowflake ring, Price: $1,225

This ring most resembles a snowflake to me, but could be open for interpretation. It features both princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds to create the design, every stone being bezel set. This would be an ideal ring for every day wear. The diamonds total approx. 1.21 carats and whether you love the winter or love the concept of snowflakes each being totally unique, this ring is for you!

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with STORE 5a.


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Bonhams New York Fine Jewelry Sale Set for April 24, 2017

An important fancy colored diamond and diamond ring 124 (2) A pair of diamond day-night earrings, Van Cleef & Arpels, 129

Bonhams New York, April 24, 2017

133 lots of jewelry top off the upcoming New York sale from Bonhams. This is my first blog post featuring the highly respected auction house which is a global enterprise, having eight different locations worldwide. Their history as an auction house is one for the books, as they’ve been shattering records and facilitating some of the best exchanges in the world. In the US, we have three Bonhams locations, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco (primary sales rooms are New York, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong), with their online presence @BonhamsJewels Instagram which focuses on all things jewelry. It is a delight to look at and with every upcoming sale, the excitement and momentum is contagious. There are some serious lust-worthy jewels in their New York sale, which I’m going to be covering within this blog post.

The sale date is April 24th, 2017 and the start time is 3pm EST. If you want to get in on the fun, be sure to register to bid in advance of the sale date and surely don’t be intimidated by bidding online! If I can do it, you can do it! Let’s talk highlights…

I can’t pinpoint one particular pièce de résistance of the entire sale, so I’m going to choose these four jewels and make them my final answer! One aspect of Bonhams’ sales is the wow-factor. There are always pieces that make you stop and stare–whether they are big diamonds, fancy colored stones, bold sapphires or juicy emeralds–this is exactly what I’m talking about!

Leading Highlights:

Lot 124: If you know a thing or two about fancy yellow diamonds, you’ll realize this ring is IT. The center stone clocks in at 6.32 carats–color rating of fancy vivid yellow and clarity is VVS-1. I can’t even fathom something so remarkable as the center stone, however to make it even more amazing, it also is set in a ring with two diamonds on each side. These said diamonds are GIA certified as well and are a 2.08 ct & 2.07 ct, both F color stones with VS-1/2 clarity. If you want to see this baby on a hand, click here. Estimate: $400,000-600,000

Lot 129: Nothing more chic than a pair of day/night diamond earrings from Van Cleef & Arpels. A definite highlight of the sale, these earrings are set with nearly 30 carats of diamonds! Wow! All rounds, pear and marquise cuts which are done in platinum and 18k white gold for a stunning pair. The dangles can be removed to reveal stud earrings for an easy, on-the-go look! Estimate: $60,000-80,000

A fine ruby and diamond clip brooch, Cartier, circa 1935 132 A diamond rivière necklace 133

Lot 132: Ok, if you’ve been following me lately, you’ve realized I’ve kind of been obsessed over dress clips lately. For some reason, I keep seeing them pop up everywhere, including some great ones at auction. This one is crème de la crème, being signed Cartier and circa 1935. This Art Deco clip is set with a stunning Burmese ruby, over five carats of diamonds and sugarloaf and cabochon cut rubies. Such an elegant piece of history. Estimate: $300,000-400,000

Lot 133: Leading the sale is this catalog cover star–an exquisite diamond riviére necklace. This piece is composed of 63 diamonds which graduate in size; the biggest diamond in the center weighing 3.05 carats. All in all, the grand total carat weight is approximately 44 carats! A once-in-a-lifetime necklace for a very special lady…and if you’re wondering, it’s done in platinum. Estimate: $200,000-300,000

Other Favorites:

A black opal, demantoid and sapphire necklace, attributed to Louis Comfort Tiffany for Tiffany & Co.,  6 An Arts and Crafts citrine, diamond and gem-set pendant,  8 A diamond solitaire pendant necklace, Golconda  104


Lot 6: Anytime I see the words “black opal” I know it’s going to be pretty incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever met a black opal I didn’t like. This particular necklace is extra special because it is circa 1915 and attributed to Louis Comfort Tiffany for Tiffany & Co. The detail in this piece is great as the chain is accented by demantoid garnets and sapphire–and also love the gold filigree. Estimate: $15,000-25,000

Lot 8: An Arts & Crafts necklace that is quite unique–set with a citrine and some diamonds, circa 1915. I love the silhouette of this piece, with the draped chains and dangle. The craftsmanship of the chain sets it apart from others I’ve seen. And the colors–perfect for fall! Estimate: $7,000-9,000

Lot 104: As we’ve seen lately, heart shaped gem cuts are going strong. This pendant necklace is a bold 4.46 carats of a heart cut diamond, done in platinum. The specs on the diamond are VS-1 clarity and D color. I can picture it sparkling from a neck and looking gorgeous. It is simple, however anything but dainty! Estimate: $75,000-95,000

An emerald, diamond and onyx ring 20 A coral, diamond and enamel ring, Donald Claflin for Tiffany & Co. 22 A diamond solitaire ring 69


Lot 20: I think this is one of the most beautiful rings I’ve seen up at auction in awhile. Mounted in platinum, set with a large 8.36 carat emerald and surrounded by diamonds, onyx and smaller emeralds. I love everything about this ring–from the style, to the gemstone combination, to the width of it. An heirloom that will be treasured for years to come–I am already jealous of whomever places the winning bid. Estimate: $15,000-20,000

Lot 22: This fun Tiffany & Co. ring has a striking color combination made up by the coral and blue enamel. Of course it is from the 1970s, a time period I’m obsessed with–their jewels and music, yes please. Done in 18k yellow gold with some diamond accent to finish off the design, this ring will stop people in their tracks! Bet! Estimate: $5,000-7,000

Lot 69: A ring that could single-handedly bring back the marquise cut as the most popular diamond cut! The ring is set with a VVS-2 clarity, I color diamond that is GIA certified. It weighs 6.07 carats and one request–making a major impact on the finger. I also love the fact that it is done in 18k yellow gold. Estimate: $70,000-80,000

A diamond and emerald pendant-brooch  5 An art deco diamond, sapphire, spinel and black onyx dress clip  17 A pair of fancy colored diamond and diamond earrings 125


Lot 5: This pendant/brooch is two pieces of jewelry in one! And did I mention the style and design is just breath-taking?! Lozenge-shaped emeralds dazzle with old European cut and old mine cut diamonds are set in this plaque style pendant, set in platinum. Estimate: $9,000-12,000

Lot 17: Of course I had to include another dress clip because I’m smitten with them. This one is more affordable than the amazing Cartier one mentioned earlier–but still just as gorgeous. And this one is also Art Deco, done in diamonds, sapphire, spinel and black onyx, all set in platinum. Estimate: $5,000-7,000

Lot 125: THESE. The cuts on these diamonds make them look like real ice–they are pear-shaped rose cut diamonds as petals and then the center of each flower is a fancy pink diamond. Such a great combination. The earrings total 17.59 carats of diamonds and are done in 18k white and rose gold. Estimate: $70,000-90,000

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Bonhams New York.


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Dupuis Important Jewelry Auction set for November 20th, 2016

Lot 29 Lot 37 Lot 68 Lot 71 Lot 92 Lot 110 Lot 322 Lot 323 Lot 386 Lot 387 Lot 433 Lot 455 Lot 461 Lot 464

My favorite Canadian auction house, Dupuis, is ready for their fall/winter sale which is set for November 20th, 2016. With over 550 lots of some of the most beautiful jewels you’ve ever seen! As per usual, I spent an entire afternoon perusing the auction catalog scoping out my favorites. My highlights are below, but make sure you browse the listings yourself because I had a hard time narrowing down my top choices. My weekend checklist includes registering/signing up for the auction and sharpening my pencil, figuring out my highest bids. I wish their Toronto headquarters was closer so I could view the jewels live in person. But luckily I can bid from the comfort of my home and you can too!

Dupuis Important Jewels Auction >> November 20th, 2016

Lot 29: Right off the bat, I opened up my catalog to this amazing elongated ring. It hits all the right points for an absolute favorite for me. The piece is 1920s Art Deco filigree applied to a later 14k yellow gold band. The diamonds are all-original Old European cuts and the sapphire accents are really special. Estimate: $600-900

Lot 37: Emeralds have been catching my attention lately and this ring is no exception. Weighing in at approximately 4.75 carats it holds its own. Diamonds surround the center stone, complementing it well with over a half carat of colorless sparkle. The ring is done in platinum and 18k yellow gold. Estimate: $1,950-2,700

Lot 68: Futuristic and modern in every way, this ring is set with a triangular trillion cut diamond that is approximately 1.50 carats. Clean lines and a simple setting finish off the ring done in platinum. The crease down the center of the metal is everything. Estimate: $5,625-7,125

Lot 71: I know smoking cigarettes is not considered cool anymore, but this 1940s cigarette case is a whole new level of cool, and you don’t even need to put cigarettes in it! Every detail, from the horseshoe, to the Art Deco-esque design on the front, is perfection. It has Russian assay marks and comes with a pouch. Estimate: $3,000-3,750

Lot 92: A Belle Époque sapphire and diamond ring which is truly what dreams are made of! The sapphire weighs nearly two carats and is surrounded nicely by Old Mine cut diamonds. It is offset by a gorgeous Old Mine cut diamond that weighs approximately 0.80 carats. What a stunner! Estimate: $1,350-1,650

Lot 110: Any Egyptian Revival piece of jewelry I am all over–this particular brooch/pendant is really intriguing. The pharaoh faience is set in a Victorian gold and black enamel oval, with beautiful tracery patterns. This is such a unique piece! Estimate: $750-900

Lot 322: I had to include some over-the-top pieces within my highlights and these next few lots are great examples of breath-taking gemstones. This ring features a giant 9.25 carat rectangular cut emerald front and center, which has a GIA certificate stating that it is Columbian origin with moderate clarity enhancement. The trapezoid side diamonds are the finishing touch. Estimate: $45,000-52,500

Lot 323: Were you going to say, “I love this sapphire?!” Same. But we’re both wrong. This is actually a tanzanite! 23.50 carats to be exact! Yes, that is monstrous but I love everything about this ring. The simple setting is perfect for this stone and I love the claw-like prongs. Estimate: $16,500-21,000

Lot 386: Had to include some fancy diamonds too. This radiant cut fancy pink diamond is spectacular–weighing 1.28 carats and comes with a GIA certificate and is a VS-1 in clarity. The ring is set in platinum and we love the marquise cut diamonds form a beautiful halo setting arond the center stone. Estimate: $150,000-187,500

Lot 387: Another radiant cut fancy diamond, this time a fancy light blue that weighs 2.30 carats. The setting is really unique and uses pear-shaped diamonds and small round fancy pink diamonds to create the design. This is such a fun and elegant ring, it also comes with a GIA certificate. Estimate: $225,000-262,500

Lot 433: Just for you, a fun and flirty pair of amethyst and diamond earrings set in 18k yellow gold. These stood out to me because they are bold and unique–love the star design, the cabochon cuts and the dangles. These would light up someone’s outfit! Estimate: $375-525

Lot 455: Speaking of amethyst, this Art Nouveau necklace has all the right shapes and silhouettes. Set with four oval cut amethysts entirely done in platinum, this necklace flows and hangs in the most feminine way. The delicate openwork of the metal makes it even more amazing. Estimate: $3,450-3,750

Lot 461: A Victorian turquoise bracelet unlike any other! A rare piece of history set with calibre cut turquoise set immaculately in circular patterns. I love the old cut diamonds included in this pieces, making it fabulous in every way possible. Done in 18k yellow gold. Estimate: $450-600

Lot 464: And to the winner of the bracelet just previously mentioned, these earrings would be a great match. Flower clusters made of turquoise, pearls and rose cut diamonds dangle from the ears. You will get heads turning and people staring in these! Estimate: $225-300

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Dupuis Auctions.

Dupuis Auction

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The Ten Best Vintage Engagement Rings from Trumpet & Horn

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

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Leslie Hindman Auction Set For September 11th & 12th, 2016


An incredible trio of opal jewelry, spanning different time periods, yet look wonderful together–these are offered back-to-back in lots 85, 86 & 87 on day one of the September sale featured at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

I couldn’t be more excited for the September sale from Leslie Hindman Auctioneers! One reason might be because something from my personal collection will be auctioned off in this sale–can you believe that?! My first time ever consigning a piece of jewelry to an auction house! More on that later, but there are so many other reasons to be excited too. Starting with the incredible assortment of jewelry to hit the auction block–ready for the next treasure hunter, jewelry dreamer, or obsessive collector. The Chicago-based auction house has a two-day event for their expansive sale of 1,335 pieces of jewelry! The sale has been divided into two separate days–Sunday, September 11th starting at NOON CST and the following day, Monday, September 12th beginning at 10am CST. I will be tuning in via online live-bidding, sitting on the edge of my seat, rooting for lot 97, and bidding on some favorites.

So what sets this auction apart from the rest?

Alexander Eblen, Director of the Fine Jewelry Dept. at Leslie Hindman, explains, “It will be a feast for enthusiasts who enjoy seeing an eclectic unbroken timeline of different jewelry aesthetics and construction offered at auction with inclusive and attainable starting estimates. Think everything from platinum, diamond and seed pearl tassel pendants from the “flapper” period to bold, idiosyncratic sculptural jewels from the 1960’s, aesthetics all over the map.”

In particular, two large estates–Property from the Estate of Robert and Lois Orchard, St. Louis, Missouri and Property from the Estate of Rebecca Cook Schoonmaker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania–both with prominent pieces have contributed a large amount of sparkle to this exciting sale. Eblen says, “The Schoonmaker and Orchard estates in particular have allowed us to bring incredible curated yet broad selections from the Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Retro eras all the way to the 1960’s, 1970’s and more contemporary.”

I’ve picked my favorites and of course, had to include the ring I consigned with Leslie Hindman. My experience consigning the ring was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done! I sent off pictures, immediately heard back from Alex via email…we discussed the fine print, then was sent a mailing label prepaid and ready to go! Hope this is the beginning to many more items being sold at auction in the future!

Day One//September 11th, 2016:

Lot 91 Leslie Hindman Lot 94 Leslie Hindman Lot 97 Leslie Hindman Lot 99 Leslie Hindman Lot 102 Leslie Hindman Lot 106 Leslie Hindman Lot 114 Leslie Hindman

Lot 91: Reminiscent of my engagement ring, this particular diamond ring features two diamonds in a bypass design–you may call it a moi et toi style. Unlike mine, this one is done in platinum and white gold. One diamond is approximately 0.92 carats, while the other is 0.81 carats. Love this style for obvious reasons and this piece would make a wonderful engagement ring. Estimate: $2500-3500

Lot 94: The Edwardian period is probably my most favorite jewelry time period, so no wonder I am infatuated with this ring. Set with one central emerald that is a round mixed cut and then surrounded by intricately done diamonds in the typical garland style of the time period. Platinum-topped gold is the metal of this ring and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Estimate: $1000-2000

Lot 97: OMG! It’s my ring! Looking elegant as ever in its professional photo–I feel like a proud mother. Yes, this ring is from my personal collection and for the first time ever I decided to consign something to auction. I created this ring out of two stick pins, combining two different time periods into one with this unique design. The pearl is pretty insane and for most pearl enthusiasts, highly collectible. I can’t wait to see how it does! Estimate: $1500-2500

Lot 99: This ring stands out to me because of the unique design and the interesting coloring of the diamonds used. Most would strive for exact color matches when it comes to multiple diamonds within a single piece of jewelry. This ring is different because the diamond colors are all over the scale, even including a light champagne colored diamond. I actually love that! It gives the piece some vibrancy and whoever wins this ring is very lucky! Estimate: $4000-6000

Lot 102: Another very fine example of the Edwardian period shown here with this pendant necklace. You can see all the intricate openwork within the platinum metal and the lacey details. The diamond in the center is a nice 2.08 carats, with a handmade chain and pearl accents. This is as good as it gets! Estimate: $12000-18000

Lot 106: Tassels seem to be all the rage right now in “top trending” jewelry. This tassel proves how timeless this design can be because it was made nearly 100 years ago. Done in platinum with seed pearls with 0.64 carats total of diamonds. Perfect from every angle! Estimate: $3000-5000

Lot 114: Something about this lariet necklace I just love! I think it is the combination of pearls and black onyx hearts that make it elegant but not too elegant. The strand is an impressive 42 inches in length, topped off with diamond and platinum accents. This would love amazing styled with a blouse and wide leg pants. I can see it now! Estimate: $300-500

Day Two//September 12th, 2016:

Lot 597 Leslie Hindman Lot 729 Leslie Hindman Lot 883 Leslie Hindman Lot 1011 Leslie Hindman Lot 1139 Leslie Hindman Lot 1157 Leslie Hindman

Lot 597: Day two provides some great jewels, including this Art Deco ring, a throwback to an amazing era. Set with a total of 2.76 carats of diamonds, this sparkler is an ideal right hand ring with an heirloom feel. It is done in platinum and I love the elongated silhouette of this ring. Estimate: $3000-5000

Lot 729: I can never have a list of top picks without throwing in a snake ring. This one is really cool! Everything from the coiled body, to the texture of the gold and the unique marquise cut diamond makes this ring really special. It is a size 8 and I can’t forget to mention the emerald eyes! Estimate: $300-500

Lot 883: Here are your summer time earrings right here! These speak volumes to me–fun, flirty, and can ultimately transform any outfit. They are statement-making in their own right, just toss your hair up and put on these and you’re good to go. The earrings are done in 18k yellow gold and ready to party. Estimate: $400-600

Lot 1011: Another neat pair of 18k yellow gold earrings–these hammered studs with diamonds. Domed in design and four-prong set with a 0.10 carat diamond in each, these are fun everyday earrings that are something “more than just a diamond stud.” I love them. Estimate: $150-250

Lot 1139: I can never turn down a blue enamel backdrop ring. The color sets the tone for the overlay of diamonds in the best way possible. The elongated style of the ring makes it a sure thing for me. The diamonds total nearly one carat and I bet it looks even better when worn! Estimate: $600-800

Lot 1157: A multi-gem ring as colorful as a rainbow–such a great floral patterned ring. The gemstones are tourmaline, peridot, citrine and diamond and stamped 18k gold. The details of the gold finish around the bezels allow the texture to make the ring even more unique. A ring like this will brighten your day, any day. Estimate: $200-300

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.

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My Jewel Box: Elongated Antique Diamond Ring Obsession

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box

One look at these photos and you will realize my growing obsession for elongated antique diamond rings. I can’t even remember really where or why it all started, but each one is incredibly unique, thoughtfully intricate and immaculately designed. Most of these types of rings are from the Edwardian period, where the tops are done in platinum and the shank and setting is done in yellow gold. The diamonds are almost always imperfectly perfect–wonky cuts, usually Old Mine cuts mixed with some Old European cuts, maybe even a single cut where the tiniest stones lay. The shapes and silhouette can be worn either way, so there’s no “upside down” side to these pieces! Some tend to be more geometric than others, while some have lacy attributes. Some look like a diamond creature, while others look very floral and feminine. I’ve noticed these diamonds tend to be high on the clarity scale, but often are very low on the color scale, sometimes even playing off the different levels of yellow-ness within the design itself.

Oddly enough, I’ve found most of my entire collection of these particular rings on eBay! While in Las Vegas, I added another to my collection (the one on my pointer finger in the above photos). It was a surprisingly good find and per usual, fell into place…as I was wrapping up my last full day at the show and was about to head out, I stumbled upon it! It was sold to me by Bluestone Trading Company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. It was love at first sight and definitely a happy moment when I realized I hadn’t found anything for myself the past two days at the shows yet. The worst would have been if I bought something else that I totally wasn’t in love with and spent my money, and then found this afterwards! That’s my worst nightmare! haha It was a great way to commemorate the trip, as it was one of the most busy/hard-working weekends of my life!

I’ve seen some amazing auction archives with gorgeous examples of elongated Edwardian diamond rings. Sad that I missed out on them, but excited that they may resurface onto the market someday. These kinds of rings are an investment piece, that’s for sure! So, you either have to continually save so when you do find one, you are able to buy it. Or buy it on credit and pay it off eventually over time or sell a few smaller rings to pay for one large one like these. I never thought I would have a collection like this back when I started my blog in 2008. It is crazy to see how far my love for jewelry has come and how many miles I’ve traveled all in the name of jewels!!


Thanks to Gossip Gem

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January Babies: Arik Kastan Shows You How to do Garnet Right

Arik Kastan Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Arik Kastan Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Warm garnet reds have this design glowing! The Marchioness ring dazzles with garnets in the center and rose cut diamonds surrounding it, forms a navette shape. A very vintage-inspired style that has come back stronger than ever. Every cool girl wants a bold cocktail ring in this silhouette and luckily Arik Kastan has tailor made one that you will not want to take off–ever!

>> Shop the Marchioness ring via the Arik Kastan site.

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Lisa Kramer Vintage Takes On London

Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip

We first caught up with Lisa of Lisa Kramer Vintage back in August. Since then she has done some traveling! Most significantly, a lengthy trip to London in search of jewelry. She came back refreshed and ready to sell her finds at a few shows coming up–like the Modernism Show in Palm Springs next month and has been listing many pieces in her Ruby Lane shop. We are excited that she is sharing a few tips from her buying trip, sharing some pieces with us (even a few that haven’t even made her shop yet), and even sharing a fun museum stop she made while across the pond! If you love reading articles like this, Lisa and myself encourage you to subscribe to her blog here.

So where did she go on her great English journey?! While in London, Lisa checked out Portobello Road market, The Jubilee Market Hall (on a Monday), Camden Passage, and the best kept-secret out there, a market just outside of London called Kempton Park. Lisa has put together a blog post highlighting all the best markets in London which one can visit in a week’s time; check out the blog post here. She has also outlines the Kempton Park show and gives some insider info. While over in Europe, Lisa took a side trip to Nice to try her luck out that way. She says, “I haven’t written about antiquing in Nice or Cannes because, even though I spent several hours walking around the “Antiques District” in Nice and went to the brocante in Cannes, I didn’t really find any great sources of jewelry. If there is a good antique market for jewelry in this part of the world, I haven’t yet found it.” Good to know from the expert herself!

Several of the pieces that she brought back will be sold at her upcoming shows or in her Ruby Lane shop. The items above, from top to bottom include:

  • 1950’s moonstone and sapphire bracelet set in yellow and white gold (moonstones in yellow, sapphires in white)
  • The chain and moonstone were from England, the chain from Portobello and the bracelet from the big antique fair in Newark, the gold bracelet from a local estate auction. Not only is the Newark fair the largest in England, the show promoters run shows all over England! The chain is sold, the bracelets still available.
  • This first grouping is very much in that sculptural vein. The large brooch is by the Brazilian modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. I love the way the swirls of the design are reminiscent of his landscape designs. The ring at the top left is by Bjorn Weckstrom of Lapponia, and I love the way the stone looks like it’s been carved out of the gold. The stone is of no value but is being used for affect. The ring on the left is French, but by an unknown maker as is the one on the right which has a bold gold setting set with glazed ceramic.
  • The malachite pendant is a bit of a puzzle as to age; the dealer which it was purchased from thought it to be early 20th century and it does have some machine-age design qualities. On the other hand, the overall silhouette is very 60’s/70’s.
  • This next photo is of a pair of pieces by studio jewelers, one well-known and the other pretty much unknown. The brooch is by Ed Weiner, a classic piece of his. The ring is one of Lisa’s favorite recent finds and by a little-known Bay Area studio jeweler named Margot Elberg. She was also a ceramicist and sculptor and it shows in this ring.
  • These rings fall under the category great wearable jewelry with sculptural qualities. The top is actually a set of three pearl rings which can be worn singly or together. The moonstone ring has a setting that is simple yet beautiful, and the bypass ring has a wonderful sculptural quality.

eMuseumPlus eMuseumPlus-2 eMuseumPlus-1 Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Untitled

Museums are another area I like to touch upon when traveling and exploring–I highlight notable museums if jewelry is found within the museum’s walls. The Wallace Collection, however, doesn’t involve jewelry but another topic I feel passion for–portrait miniatures and Rococo style paintings. Lisa visited The Wallace Collection while on her trip and I was instantly pining for a trip overseas. “The Wallace Collection is a national museum which displays the wonderful works of art collected in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by the first four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace, the son of the 4th Marquess. It was bequeathed to the British nation by Sir Richard’s widow, Lady Wallace, in 1897.” (Taken from This place is what dreams are made of!

Visit The Wallace Collection: Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN, United Kingdom

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To read more from Lisa Kramer Vintage, visit her website and shop on Ruby Lane.

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Jewelry Auction Set for December 14th, 2015 from Hampton Estate Auction

Are you a lover of 1960s/70s yellow gold jewelry like myself?! Well you’re in luck because Hampton Estate Auction has a December 14th sale coming up and it is loaded with special pieces from this unique time period. The jewelry mainly consists of yellow gold, opaque gemstones like lapis, onyx, malachite and coral, sprinkled with some diamonds here and there. I especially love the rock crystal suite that is featured in this sale, which will have you putting on your dancing shoes and heading out to find the nearest disco party. This type of jewelry isn’t about nostalgia, it is coming back into style and now is the right time to buy! Take advantage of the great pricing you can get with an auction and be sure to sign up to bid!

Need more info on how to do that? Read the conditions of the sale and/or register to bid online. Then, mark your calendars for December 14, 2015 at 11am EST for the auction! Good luck!!

1960s/70s themed lots:

Lot 65: This 18k yellow gold rectangular citrine ring makes a bold statement, measuring approximately 17 x 13mm. The setting details are reminiscent of a bow and I love the addition of the gold beads. The ring size is currently 8.75 and looks as though it would be easy to size! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 77: A group of four rings from the 1970s, consisting of two lapis and diamond rings, one malachite and diamond, and another emerald and diamond. All unique shapes, all in 14k yellow gold! A fun lot and great start price. Estimate: $280-500

Lot 139: A French lapis ring with a unique shape–featuring a half-sphere lapis which is cradled in 18k yellow gold. The gold crosses over the lapis and set with diamonds. So funky! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 156: Five rings in this 1960s/70s lot–three that are coral and diamond, one that is coral, lapis and diamond, and finally an onyx and diamond one (matches one of the coral ones). A funky bunch of rings, all desirable and ready to be mixed/matched with your collection! Estimate: $300-600

Lot 188: A duo of coral and diamond rings from the 70s. These two pieces are both done in 14k yellow gold and have a bypass style. The one has half-circles of some diamonds and a coral, creating the bypass look. The other ring has two “flags” one of coral and one of diamonds creating the bypass look. Estimate: $150-300

Lot 209: Onyx was very popular during the 60s/70s in jewelry and these rings prove it! This lot features three onyx and diamond rings, each with a unique style. All three would look awesome worn together. I especially love the one with a subtle diamond arrow. Estimate: $230-500

Lot 213: Another fun bunch of rings, this lot contains seven of them, all in 14k yellow gold and diamonds. The grouping weighs a total of 33.7 grams and circa 1970s. A few crossover rings, some kite-shaped silhouettes and a swirl ring make up the fun crowd, ready to wear! Estimate: $700-1,200

Lot 263: A suite consisting of earrings and a necklace in 18k yellow gold, diamond and rock crystal. The necklace is a heavy, solid piece featuring nine kite-shaped rock crystals set with diamonds hanging from a large-linked chain. The matching earrings finish off the 1970s look and complete any outfit. Total diamond weight is approximately 3.50 carats! Estimate: $3,800-6,000

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Hampton Estate Auction



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Whatever the Occasion, Style it with Jewelry from Fellows Auction!

Girls Night Out -- Fellows Auction Date Night -- Fellows Auction Work Attire -- Fellows Auction Casual Weekend -- Fellows Auction

As the holidays are swiftly approaching, you are either in two boats: the social butterfly spirit, where you are invited to multiple parties and events, or the hibernating cave dweller lifestyle, where it is too cold to go anywhere. Whatever it may be, and for me it is a little bit of both, there’s nothing like some beautiful antique jewelry to go along with either mood. It can brighten up the coldest day and liven up the darkest party. As always, Fellows Auction has an unbelievable selection in their upcoming Antique & Modern Sale which is set for Thursday, November 12th, 2015. I’ve styled four different looks for four different occasions–a “Girl’s Night Out” when you have a holiday party with your best friends, a “Date Night” look which often is dinner and a movie, a “Work Attire” ensemble for your Monday-Friday office job, and finally a “Casual Weekend” outfit for a day spent with family or antiquing.

<< Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale, Fellows Auction, Thursday, November 12th, 2015 >>

Girl’s Night Out:

Lot 65: When I set out in search for a early 20th century diamond band, this is exactly what I had in mind! Five diamonds which graduate in size set in yellow gold, with scroll-work detailing on both sides. I also love how there are tiny diamonds set in between the larger ones, giving the ring even more sparkle!

Lot 93: Ever since my wedding, I have been obsessed with opals–especially ones with an extremely unique play-of-color. This ring does it for me! It is a black opal set in 18k white gold surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Talk about a stunner!

Lot 524: To add to the fun of this look, I’ve chosen these imperial topaz and diamond drop earrings. The color of imperial topaz is striking against a darker look, like this black dress. I also picked these earrings because they are light, airy and ready to party. The diamonds are all old cuts, which makes this pair of earrings really special.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Date Night:

Lot 111: Such a pretty emerald and diamond ring, set with a rectangular cut emerald and Old Mine cut diamonds, which interestingly enough graduate as they go around the emerald. A striking design, done in yellow gold with French assay marks.

Lot 350: I’m in love with the deep, rich green of these emeralds and how well-matched they are! This precious band is ideal for stacking, and I love the idea of an all-emerald look, which is what I was putting together for this look. A band like this is totally necessary!

Lot 589: Thought this was the perfect emerald necklace to coordinate with the all-emerald ring look I’ve put together here. What is really cool is that there is more than meets the eye with this piece! It actually is a locket, and when you open it you can see the backside of how all the gemstones are set, like a stained glass window. Currently, the locket is vacant, but you can add a keepsake photo of your loved one and make it your own!

Lot 627: Our all-emerald look would be complete without a statement ring–this one is heavy (weighing 20.5 grams) and bold (9.5mm x 9mm emerald). The high carat gold and domed style make it both unique and comfortable. Love this piece.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Work Attire:

Lot 29: This late Victorian 21k gold diamond and enamel pendant shines brightly, suspended on a 9k gold curb-link chain. The diamond star is set with Old Mine cut diamonds, and featured within an oval-shaped blue enamel dome, surrounded by cannetille. This exquisite piece mixes masculine and feminine vibes and is a great staple for any collection.

Lot 513: To play upon the masculine undertones of this jewelry look, I’ve added a somewhat feminine lapis and diamond ring. This piece is truly unique, mixing a cabochon lapis with baguette cut diamonds, most likely dating back to the 1930s. Such a fun silhouette.

Lot 657: I’m dying to purchase a gold Victorian painted portrait brooch for the winter season, as I’m picturing wearing it pinned to almost every other jacket I own. This portrait brooch is no exception–it is exactly what I had in mind. The stout gentleman in profile sits discreetly, set in an oval stylized brooch. Divine!

Lot 658: To top off this masculine look, a heavy link bracelet is just what we needed and this is an ideal example! Flat, curbed links well suited for comfort, with an added bonus of being abundant.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Casual Weekend:

Lot 396: A wildly electric garnet cabochon ring, surrounded by rose cut diamonds! Even though the garnet is significantly cracked, it makes the piece more interesting in a way with the cracking patterns within the stone. The color is radiating and would easily grab anyone’s attention!

Lot 666: A late 19th century DEAREST acrostic ring mixes well with this punchy look. The gemstones spell out the hidden message of DEAREST (D-diamond, E-emerald, A-amethyst, R-ruby, E-emerald, S-sapphire, T-topaz). These are highly collectible and this one is in great condition!

Lot 674: I love the bright colors of these micromosaic dress studs. I figured for this look, they would be converted from dress studs to stud earrings! What is even better is this lot comes with the original box, including five dress studs total–so two can be made into earrings and the others…rings?! The possibilities are endless!

Lot 676: If you look closely you will see what is used to make these vibrant colors of this mid-19th century brooch. Yes, they are feathers! Mother of pearl acts as an iridescent background for the scene, which is entirely set into gold with a beaded-surround. Such a interesting piece!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions


Thanks to Gossip Gem

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