The Top Jewels that Sparkled in Cannes, 2017

Rihanna Chopard All photos via Getty Images

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably one of the best showcases for the top international jewelry houses to showcase their finest and brightest gems and designs for the world to see.

This 12-day festival brings out the most exceptional designs and creations from the likes of Chopard to Harry Winston.

It’s where you can see leading ladies like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain as well as ingénues like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna parading down the red carpet in the latest couture gowns and decadent jewels.

Here are the best jewels from the most revered jewelry houses that were showcased on the festival’s red carpet.


The jewelry house has a deep history with the Festival as it’s been the official partner and designer of the coveted Palme d’Or trophy awarded to the most critically-acclaimed movie. This year, the buzz on the red carpet was their collaboration with music super-star Rihanna.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Singer Rihanna wore emerald, rock crystal quartz and diamond earrings, a black nephrite and diamond bracelet with a 31.95-carat emerald, three emerald and diamond rings and a floral bracelet set with diamonds, all from the Rihanna Loves Chopard High Jewellery collection, at the premiere of the movie ‘Okja’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Model Adriana Lima wore a diamond bib by Chopard at the screening of the film ‘Loveless’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Actress Miriam Odemba wore a titanium and white gold necklace with kunzites, beryls, tanzanites and diamonds, and matching earrings, from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard.

Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip

Karolina Kurkova wore a sapphire and diamond necklace from the High Jewellery Collection from Chopard at the premiere of ‘Based on a True Story’.

Actress Juliette Binoche wore platinum and diamond earrings by Chopard.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen wore diamond flower stud earrings by Chopard. We simply adore the placement of these earrings.


This jewelry house showcased some of the best and boldest designs to hit the red carpet with their use of brilliant colored stones.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Hailey Baldwin wore stunning drop earrings set with white and brown diamonds, and edged with citrine briolettes.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Jenaye Noah wore a pair of exquisite de Grisogono chandelier earrings that glowed with oval-cut citrines from their Melody of Colours collection. A perfect compliment to her vibrant blue gown.


This iconic jewelry house showcased their classic Serpenti jewelry and picked up major press when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was photographed wearing their pieces both on the red carpet and on her personal Instagram.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model Bella Hadid wore a Bulgari High Jewellery Serpenti necklace and bracelet in white gold.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski combined two Bulgari necklaces, one comprised of pearls, rubellites and diamonds from the High Jewelry Collection and the other pendant necklace made with diamonds, emerald and rubies.


The design house had some of the most striking statement-making pieces to hit the red carpet at Cannes. Actress Salma Hayek’s necklace rendered us both breathless and speechless!

BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip

Actress Salma Hayek wore the Baïkal necklace with a 78.33-carat Santa Maria aquamarine, moonstones, Akoya pearls and diamonds from the new Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection by Boucheron

Model Laetitia Casta paired the Lumière de Nuit diamond and pearl earrings from Boucheron’s Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection with her gown at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories in Cannes

De Beers

The classic diamond jewelry house is known for their slogan “a diamond is forever” .This year, Chinese movie actress and taste maker Fan Bingbing embodies the classic elegance of Hollywood that the brand is synonymous with as she modelled a coveted collection of jewels from the house.

debeers | Gem Gossip debeers | Gem Gossip

Fan Bingbing wore the Arpeggia five-line earrings, bracelet and Aria ring at the ‘Amant Double’ premiere.


Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

At the closing of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand ambassador since 2015, paired her show-stopping gown with earrings in white gold set with diamonds from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection Sunlight Journey.

Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

Model CoCo Rocha wore earrings in white gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and black opal from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Another noteworthy mention is model Naomi Campbell’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Harry Winston

Known as the “jeweler to the stars” and Nicole Kidman’s ‘go to’ jeweler, Harry Winston notably had Nicole Kidman wear his jewelry on the red carpet. Best bet as she had the most films to debut on the Cannes Red Carpet this year.

Harry Winston | Gem Gossip Harry Winston | Gem Gossip

Nicole Kidman wore Secret Cluster diamond earrings, Sunflower ring and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston at ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ premiere.

All above photos via Getty images.

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Top Ten Best Jewelry Looks of the 2017 Met Gala

Met Gala | Gem Gossip Met Gala | Gem Gossip

This year’s theme for the evening’s Met Gala was “The Art of the In-Between”. The exhibit offers a retrospective of designer Rei Kawakubo of the famed design house Comme des Garçons. Stars and socialites embraced the juxtaposition of redefining the traditional placement of jewelry by wearing key pieces around the ear, in the hair and in some cases even backwards. The red carpet dazzled with both futuristic, avant-garde statement pieces and traditional vintage diamonds from iconic jewelers.

Below is a selection of the most striking examples we found to be featured on the red carpet. We are counting down our top ten looks, including the above look worn by Chinese fashion model Liu Wen.

1. Liu Wen wearing Chanel fine jewelry, photos via NY Mag.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

2. Claire Danes wore an antique yellow gold and seed pearl earrings and antique cut steel arrow brooch, circa 1850, worn in the hair by Fred Leighton.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

3. Karen Elson stuns in Tiffany & Co. earrings and ring.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

4. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen wearing a plethora of what looks like vintage baubles.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

5. Actress Elle Fanning wore an Art Deco aquamarine and diamond bandeau, circa 1920s, in platinum along with 6.0 tcw diamond studs in platinum by Fred Leighton.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

6. Kate Bosworth wore vintage ruby and diamond earrings and a vintage diamond necklace by Cartier.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

7. Katie Holmes wore a fabulous set of antique diamond and paste necklaces from Kentshire.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

8. Kerry Washington wore a safety- pin choker by Michael Kors Collection.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

9. Sarah Paulson wore custom Calder-inspired sapphire in oxidized gold chandelier earrings by Irene Neuwirth.

Met Gala | Gem Gossip

10. Cassie wore a custom-made diamond ear cuff by Indonesian designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi.

All above photos via Getty images.

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I dream of Travel

80’s -90’s kids in India might remember watching “I dream of Jeannie” (in color) a fantasy comedy starring Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden. With the Naivety only eight-year-olds could muster, I told my friends that I liked the show – how the Jeannie travels or conjures up things with a blink of an eye I was teased as “Jeanie (Genie)” for the rest of my school life

80’s -90’s kids in India might remember watching “I dream of Jeannie” (in color) a fantasy comedy starring Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden. With the Naivety only eight-year-olds could muster, I told my friends that I liked the show – how the Jeannie travels or conjures up things with a blink of an eye I was teased as “Jeanie (Genie)” for the rest of my school life. So much so that I got the confidence to wear a single ponytail once again only in my late 20’s. Jokes aside, I have always been drawn towards the exotic, the Jeannie, treasures, magic carpets and the works; a calling that could be fulfilled only through travel.

I have friends and relatives who shop obsessively for silk sarees, designer jeans and dresses or gold jewelry. There are those who splurge on suits, cars, watches, and shoes. Though I do like having fine things in life much as the next person (A pair of solitaire earrings or a Chanel bag would be welcome gifts) I wouldn’t mind wearing basic tees or kurtas bought five years ago and jewelry made up of orphaned beads to save money for travel. A lot of them consider me crazy for living this way, but they fail to understand that while shopping brings momentary pleasure, traveling fills you with memories that last a lifetime. Only a few understand that I want to be a traveller and not just a tourist.

I am fortunate to be raised by parents (and grandparents) who believed that traveling is the truest form of education. All through my childhood, I saw my mother travel like a local and my father always traveled in comfort. My style is, therefore, a mixture of both – I splurge on one aspect of the trip, focus on comfort for another but act like a local for rest of the trip.
My travels – whether they involve a ride around the Icy Himalayan mountains of Nepal, dancing in Rajasthan, playing with tigers in Chiang Mai or shopping in the colorful Gujarat markets they always include a learning of some sort particularly with regard to art, craft, and design. They also always have a bead, gemstone or jewelry purchase or skill training tied up with them. These travels and the purchases are a sort of coming age symbols in my life.

I remember buying a Shell brooch in Mysore (at the age of 9) for my mother and my first pearl earrings (at 11 after saving money for almost a year) in New Delhi. I bought my first precious gemstone in Columbo and my first silver jewelry in Nepal.
Sayuri bloomed as a business in the early days mainly due to the fact that I would travel to markets across the country (and yes later abroad) to buy beads and supplies that were not available locally. I was never afraid to experiment with materials that were foreign to me and combining them with local skills and ideas is what enabled me to become a mixed media artist.

As a kid, I wasn’t interested in visiting Europe or America but was very curious to explore the east – Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Having done 3 out of 6, now I am extremely interested in the west. I would love to

– Go for cycle rides in Amsterdam and look at the tulips and windmills
– Walk around the street of Rome and soak up both culture as well as Fashion. Well, Let’s throw in Greece (gorgeous Santorini), Barcelona ( to see Antonio Gaudi’s work) and Paris into the itinerary while I imagine myself in Europe
visit Kutch during the full moon in January, The temples, forts and palaces in Madhya Pradesh and the North East a month after the rains when it’s dry yet green
Last but not the least Visit AmericaLas Vegas casinos, Grand Canyon, Manhattan and yes Disneyworld. I know, that is a strange combination yet it is completely acceptable to the child in my adult body. As the fifth avenue is way beyond my budget, even in my dreams, I‘ll exchange them for the shoppable (is that even a word?) Michaels and vintage stores. And most importantly attend Beadfest or the bead and button show and CHA. I want to take up lots of classes, shop, and meet all my blogging and designer friends from the US.

These are my dream travel plans and I hope that a very important one among them comes true very very soon. Do share with me your dream travel plans and destinations. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you?

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

I hope you found it interesting

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Jewelry Collection Stories: Natalie’s Jewels

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

There’s always those kind of people that you feel like you’ve known your entire life and for me, Natalie is exactly that kind of person! I got to meet her for the first time on my trip to LA just last month and her passion for jewelry is electric. She has been lighting up Instagram and other social media platforms for Jewels by Grace as their photographer and creative director, while learning the ropes of this sparkly world one gem at a time. So happy to have her share her new, yet growing collection with us today–take it away, Natalie:

“I have been attracted to sparkly things for as long as I can remember, an attraction that quickly became an enthusiastic hobby, which has since manifested itself into a full-blown love of gems and jewels. It has also helped persuade me to attend GIA in the pursuit of becoming a Graduate Gemologist, which I am really excited about! I’ve been a collector for a long time, but have only recently begun collecting fine jewelry. My first piece of memorable jewelry is a yellow gold necklace with six pearls, it was given to me by my beloved uncle when I turned 6. My next most significant piece was a mother of pearl and white gold ring with a freeform, organic vibe that my mother designed and had made for me when I graduated high school. My third most memorable piece was also my first antique jewel, an early Art Deco-era diamond and sapphire dome ring. This was a college graduation present from my late grandmother, a particularly special gift because it was one of the few remaining pieces of jewelry from my great-grandmother’s estate. These pieces will forever remain some of my most cherished treasures, and they have definitely aided in sparking my interest in jewelry.

Fast forward a few years to when I was newly engaged and searching for thee perfect wedding band to pair with my antique ring. Enter Grace Lavarro of Jewels by Grace, and the platinum french cut and single cut diamond eternity band that started it all. What quickly followed was a custom pair of pear-shaped rose cut diamond earrings that my mother designed for me, as well as a diamond wedding band that I designed for my husband. I was hooked, not only were the jewels beautiful, but so was the amazing, generous woman behind them.

Since that fateful time two years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with Grace as a jewelry photographer and social media marketer for Jewels by Grace. I have been taking much joy in familiarizing myself with this wonderful industry, as well as getting to play with the numerous jaw-dropping pieces that come our way. Given my extreme lack of self-control, especially when it comes to antique jewels, I ended up “adopting” many of the pieces in my personal collection from Grace. I also love to collect pieces from other friends in the jewelry industry, two of my latest acquisitions have been a Georgian diamond pendant necklace conversion piece from Angela of GemstoneGypsy, as well as an antique table cut and rose cut diamond ring from Laurel of LaurelStearns.

Lenore Dailey once told me that I was an “old soul” when it came to the jewels I gravitated towards, and I couldn’t agree more. I love antique jewels – the rarity, the unique designs and cuts used, and the undeniable sense of time passed and enduring beauty simply delight me. I will forever be in awe of the level of craftsmanship that exists in pieces that have been on this earth for hundreds of years–don’t even get me started on Byzantine and Medieval jewelry! I hope to add a few ancient jewels to my collection in the near future, but for now I am quite happy with my antique and vintage pieces. My favorite design eras would have to be Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian, though there are some contemporary designers that are also creating amazing designs.

What you see below is much of my humble fine jewelry collection (Please keep in mind I’ve only been collecting for about a year or so!), with the addition of a few pieces from my bling partner-in-crime’s (aka my mother’s) collection for some added sparkle. Enjoy!”

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

My own gemmy version of an ISpy page, a photo that is representative of the collector in me. to name a few: antique gold pendants, an antique figa (from LenoreDailey), a rose cut diamond and gold claw pendant (from MarketSquareJewelers), a big ol’ pearl, raw almandine garnets, turquoise from the No. 8 Mine, boulder opal specimens from Australia, gold nuggets from a trip to Alaska, vintage and antique gold stick pins, a 17ct bi-color quartz, and a lapiz lazuli standing point (from The Opaque) to name a few!

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Current favorites, including the Georgian citrine ring my husband surprised me with and the early Art Deco-era gold signet ring that was found with all three of my initials! Also a Victorian rose cut garnet 5-stone ring, vintage hexagonal opal ring (from Jenn of BellflowerBay), and a new addition: Victorian old mine cut diamond and crystal opal earring-to-ring conversion (from Jewels by Grace).

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

You can never have too many navettes, including two of my favorites: a perfectly grungy antique foil-backed rose cut diamond navette ring (my score from this year’s Antique Show in Las Vegas) and my mini Victorian old mine and old European cut diamond navette ring, in buttery 18t yellow gold (Jewels by Grace). #nevertoomanynavettes

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

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Sixteen Pieces You’ll Go Nuts Over! Fellows Antique & Modern Sale

lot8 lot9 lot43 lot45 lot64 lot79 lot119 lot177 lot192 lot286 lot358 lot372 lot384 lot471 lot485 lot622

Around this time last year I was headed to London for a jewelry adventure! Perusing antique shops, gazing into store windows and bargaining my way through Portobello Road was one heck of a trip! And most importantly, an expensive one! This year, taking a trip like that is out of the question, so what is a treasure hunting fiend like myself to do?! Sit at home and bid online with Fellows Auctions! Their selection is just as diverse, interesting and unique as the best antique haunts in London, and treasure hunting from your home allows you to make up for all those costly travel expenses in the form of more jewelry!

This month’s Antique & Modern Sale is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2015 and features such a great selection I had to show everyone my top sixteen pieces! Sixteen may be a large number in terms of playing favorites, but there were just too many good ones to leave out!

>> Don’t forget to sign up to bid!

Lot 8: A picture-perfect Georgian ring featuring a foiled-back emerald and rose cut diamonds set in silver, with a 15k gold band. The detailing on this ring is beautiful and it is all-original! Such great condition!

Lot 9: Flowing lines and enameled nature, paired with natural pearls are all definite motifs of the Art Nouveau period of jewelry–this is a nice example of the era. The brooch features pearls, a diamond and green enameling.

Lot 43: Chunking and broad, a cluster ring from the Georgian period–although masculine in form–can be one of the most elegant pieces within one’s collection! This ring features rose cut diamonds which are foil-backed and its new owner will breathe some life into this piece!

Lot 45: I’ve always wanted a micromosaic piece of jewelry in my collection. Most have typical motifs within the micromosaic, however this is the first for me to see a sort of sea creature being depicted. Makes this brooch even more special! I also am obsessed with the green coloring.

Lot 64: Talk about the sweetest sentimental piece of jewelry I’ve ever come across! This REGARD locket is set with gemstones which spell out the word REGARD using the first letter of each gemstone name, and best yet the backside is beautifully hand-done using an Etruscan technique. I also love the style of two chains extending from each side of the heart, attached to an ornate jump ring.

Lot 79: Victorian hearts and arrows are extremely symbolic and such treasures! I love this brooch which is set with a carbuncle garnet and seed pearls. There’s even a rose cut diamond set in the middle of the heart!

Lot 119: A Victorian snake necklace is a must for every collector! This one is truly unique because it is set with a cabochon cut shape specially created for the necklace! There are three pieces of garnet crafted to fit the necklace. The diamond eyes are a nice touch!

Lot 177: This precious black enamel 18k gold heart locket is so cute! The front is set with a sapphire and diamonds, and the black enameling is in excellent condition! The locket is currently empty and needs a keepsake photo stat!

Lot 192: Delicate dangles–these turquoise and pearl earrings are light and airy, just right for summer! They are attached with ear wires for easy wear. Can you imagine these being worn with a pretty sundress?!

Lot 286: How insane is this carved jade Buddha ring?! I love the uniqueness of this piece–I’ve never seen anything like it! Even the diamonds on the crown are entirely fitting and make the piece that much more cool!

Lot 358: I can never do a “favorites” list without including a classic pearl and diamond cluster ring and I always fall for the Victorian ones. This one is a happy medium between delicate and bold!

Lot 372: I gasped when I saw this ring! Bright blue enamel is an ideal backdrop to a pattern of diamonds…and of course, I love the large elongated shape. This may potentially hurt my pocketbook!

Lot 384: A good snake ring is getting harder to come by nowadays…this one has all the neat features a collector looks for. Scales, a double shank, a unique coil and gemset head/eyes…all factor in on making this a rare collectible!

Lot 471: I can’t put into words why exactly I love this zircon pendant, but I do! You ever fall in love with something and don’t know why?! This piece radiates that for me–just one bright zircon and some diamonds. Maybe it is the shape…

Lot 485: A painted Alpine scene, often done during the mid-19th century as souvenir jewelry, is something I’ve been wanting to add to my collection. This one is extra special because of the blue enameling and the swirly frame. Just stunning.

Lot 622: Last but not least, an antique watch ring. And this is the kind that belong in a museum!! Wow. This one is platinum and set with diamonds and synthetic sapphires. The age is 1920s, Art Deco.

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Antique Shopping Destination: Ruby Lane


I’ve been shopping on Ruby Lane since 2008, although the company first began back in 1998. My first experience with the site catered to my collecting spirit, and helped feed my desire to continue my hunt for a good deal on antique and estate jewelry! The website allows you to easily contact Shop Owners and create a dialog between buyer and seller, just as if you had walked into a real store. Ruby Lane is the world’s largest marketplace where vintage and antique collectibles are showcased, with over 200k items listed under the Jewelry category! Items are added everyday from sellers across the globe!

Below are a few of my favorite shops:

robbinsroost 3345.1L 2394.1L

From Robbins’ Roost, located in Nashville, TN specializing in Georgian and Victorian jewelry as well as English smalls. With buying trips frequently to England, she offers some amazingly unique pieces!

15k yellow gold, Turquoise, Citrine, and Pearl Earrings, Victorian $950

Mourning Jewelry, Memorial ring with Black Enamel, 18k Rose Diamond & Pearl ring $750

jewelryfinds Ring-584.1L ring-486.1L

From Jewelry Finds, located in Maryland and curated by Ashley who says “Something Old, Something New, Something YOU!”

Exquisite Edwardian Sapphire, Pearl & Old Mine Cut Diamond Cocktail Ring 14k $3299

Flawless Colorful Green Tourmaline, Opal & Diamond Ring 18k $2450

circa1700 RL000164.1L RL000174.1L

From Circa1700 located in California where collecting and hunting down treasures for the shop is Susan’s specialty! She loves converting antique findings and stick pins into wearable necklaces and rings, which are all extremely unique.

Edwardian Enamel Shield Necklace 10k & 14k $395 Exquisite 3 Carat Victorian Marquise Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring 14k $2895

redswallow 0107.1L.jpg 0063.1L.jpg

From Red Swallow Antiques located in Virginia, where an eclectic mix of jewelry is offered.

Edwardian One carat total Rose Gold Diamond Ring $1750

Edwardian Beauty: Sapphire and Pearl Gold and Platinum Pendant $1375

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Designer Estate Jewelry: Top 10 Pieces on Sale

The Luxury Bazaar name is best known for their new luxury watches and fine jewelry from the best designer brands from around the world. But did you know we also buy and sell beautiful antique and estate jewelry and watches from the best designers as well? To fill you in, lets take a look at 10 favorite pieces of estate jewelry on sale now:

Prada Black & Blue Resin Costume Jewelry Set

To catch your eye, we’re starting off with a Prada costume jewelry set, made with black and powder blue resin. This original vintage set includes a chain link-style necklace, omega back clip-on earrings and a bangle bracelet. The bangle is the highlight, with rare black crystals used to decorate it.

Prada Black & Blue Resin Costume Jewelry Set

Cartier LOVE White Gold Rings

We have two examples from Cartier’s iconic LOVE Collection, one is a white gold band and the other a diamond-studded white gold band. Both are simple, timeless and recognizable.

Cartier LOVE White Gold Ring

Cartier LOVE White Gold Diamond Ring

Cartier Nouvelle Vague Rings

Here we have two rings from Cartier’s Nouvelle Vague Collection, which focuses on mysterious and playful designs. These rings are made of two interwound bands, one in yellow gold and the other in white gold with diamonds (1 carat).

Cartier Nouvelle Vague Ring Yellow Gold

Cartier Nouvelle Vague Ring White Gold Diamonds

Mikimoto Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

Mikimoto is famous for being the original pearl jewelers, so you know you’re getting the highest quality, whether it’s a brand new or estate piece. These minimalist yellow gold earrings make the round, white pearls the stars of the show.

Estate Mikimoto Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

Piaget Ruby & Mother-of-Pearl Heart Earrings

This pair of Piaget Earrings also feature pearls but in a different way. Set on yellow gold, mother-of-pearl is shaped into heart motifs, with accents of ruby (.30 carats) and diamond (.25 carats).

Piaget Ruby & Mother-of-Pearl Heart Earrings

Chopard Happy Diamonds LOVE Earrings

For Chopard’s always popular Happy Diamonds collection we have this pair of LOVE Earrings. The bubbly heart motifs have “LOVE “ engraved and set with diamonds. Little heart shapes are used for the “O” with their signature floating happy diamonds inside.

Estate Chopard Happy Diamonds LOVE Earrings

Bvlgari Topaz Heart Ring

This old-fashioned Bulgari Ring is made of yellow gold and is formed to hold a beautiful blue topaz heart.

Estate Bvlgari Topaz Heart Ring

Tiffany & Co. Gold and Diamond Leaf Earrings

We have several pieces of estate jewelry from Tiffany & Co, but these Leaf Earrings are the most special. They have a true vintage style with their intricate design and finish. The leafs are decorated like a Christmas tree, ,with tiny diamonds dangling off each (.55 carats total).

Tiffany & Co. Gold Leaf  Vintage Earrings

Audemars Piguet Antique High Jewelry Watch

This white gold High Jewelry Watch from Audemars Piguet is literally an on-of-a-kind antique. The unusual dial groups the arabic numerals along the sides to fit the ultra-slim case. The case itself is abstractly set with diamonds and a few blue sapphires and delicate pearl strands are used for the strap. The back is stamped with a personal message for the original owner, adding to its truly unique look and history.

Audemars Piguet Antique High Jewelry Watch

Audemars Piguet Antique Diamond and Pearl Watch

Audemars Piguet White Gold Diamond Cufflinks

Lastly, we have an estate piece for the guys (or any female Audemars fans). These white gold AP Cufflinks are modeled after the iconic Royal Oak octagon case, complete with waffle-pattern dial and bezel screws. For additional decoration, the outer ridge of the bezel is pave-set with diamonds.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Cufflinks

Audemars Piguet White Gold Diamond Cufflinks

Click on the names above or browse our full Estate Jewelry Sale.

For more of our blog posts on new and on-sale jewelry, click here.

The post Designer Estate Jewelry: Top 10 Pieces on Sale appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

Thanks to LuxuryBazar

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Italian Designer Jewelry Holiday Sale

We’re putting several top Italian jewelry brands up for a last minute holiday sale, including Alessandro Fanfani, Damiani, LeaderLine, Superoro and Zoccai. Check out a few picks below and make sure to check out each brand for more or view our full sale at the bottom, which includes over 200 discounted items!

Alessandro Fanfani Swirl Jewelry

We’ve chosen a few elegant pieces of swirl jewelry to start our list, including pendants, earrings and a bracelet.  On the white gold pendant and earrings, you’ll see diamonds, white-cream enamel and different shades of blue sapphires as decorations. We have a bracelet, along with another pendant and set of earrings, in yellow gold. The yellow gold features diamonds, midnight blue-black enamel and different shades of pink sapphires.

View these pieces and the rest of our Alessandro Fanfani Jewelry.

Alessandro Fanfani white gold swirl earrings

Alessandro Fanfani white gold swirl pendant

Alessandro Fanfani yellow gold swirl earrings

Alessandro Fanfani yellow gold swirl pendant

Alessandro Fanfani yellow gold swirl bracelet

Damiani Pearl Earrings

Pearls are always classic, but as common these days and always look great on earrings, giving three great reasons to pick some up. And hopefully these white gold examples from Damiani will help convince you too. The first pair has two pearls attached to diamond encrusted sticks, next are two stud earrings with pearls set with diamond bezels. The third uses diamond set teardrops to cradle two pearls and the last are drop earrings that feature four black pearls and diamond-set studs.

View these pearl earrings and the rest of our Damiani Jewelry.

Damiani pearl stick earrings

Damiani pearl stud earrings

Damiani pearl teardrop earrings


Damiani black pearl drop earrings

LeaderLine Multi-Gold & Multi-Gem Earrings and Necklace

These delicate pieces from LeaderLine feature an abstract design made with a combo of white and rose gold a variety of decorations, including pink, blue and orange sapphires, as well as diamonds.

LeaderLine gold and gem earrings

LeaderLine gold and gem necklace

LeaderLine Chunky Gemstone Bracelets

Below we have two chunky bracelets from the same brand. The first is white gold, with a mix of 33 carats of green quartz and 3.10 carats of black, white and brown diamonds. The second is made with white and yellow gold, 42 carats of smokey topaz and 2.45 carats of diamonds.

View this set and the rest of our LeaderLine Jewelry.

LeaderLine green quartz and diamond bracelet

LeaderLine smokey topaz and diamond bracelet

Superoro Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

Here we have a series of necklaces, with each featuring a gemstone with a different color, set on white or yellow gold with diamond accents. Gemstones include blue topaz, purple amethyst, orange citrine, yellow lemon stone and light green prasiolite. The last replaces the diamond accents with green sapphires to decorate a like green amethyst stone.

View these necklaces and the rest of our Superoro Jewelry.







Zoccai Snakeskin-Style Leather Bracelets

Last is a casual option from Zoccai, with some leather bracelets, similar to watch straps. They feature leather with a snakeskin print in a variety of colors, with either a 18-karat white or rose gold buckle and diamond accents totalling between .07 – .16 carats.

Check these bracelets out and the rest of our Zoccai Jewelry.

Zoccai Snakeskin Leather bracelet




Check out the brands above or browse our full Italian Designer Jewelry Sale.

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Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry on Sale

Kokichi MikimotoWe’re now proud to be stocking Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry who are having their 120th anniversary, so we’re celebrating with a sale! Right now you can pick from a selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets and save up to 68%. Mikimoto is named after their founder Kokichi Mikimoto, who launched the pearl industry by creating the first cultured pearl in 1893 in Ago Bay, Japan. After huge success in Japan, Mikimoto Company started to sell to Europe and then America in the 1930s. After WWII they opened stores in the States, France, India and China and became one of the first international Japanese brands.

Mikimoto Japanese Pearls

Mikimoto White Gold Pearl Ring

First we have a truly timeless ring. A simple 18-karat white gold design holds a single perfect white pearl.

Mikimoto White Gold Pearl Ring

Mikimoto Black Pearl Swirl Ring

This white gold ring features a modern swirl design, that allows for a black pearl at each end.

Mikimoto Black Pearl Swirl Ring

Mikimoto Diamond Heart & Pearl Earrings

This set of white gold earrings feature two white pearls hanging from diamond heart motifs, totaling 0.13 carats.

Mikimoto Diamond Heart Pearl Earrings

Mikimoto Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

For a lovely warm glow, we recommend this set of earrings featuring yellow gold and matching yellow pearls.

Mikimoto Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

Mikimoto Diamond Pave & Pearl Pendant Necklace

This stunning white gold necklace features a oval ring pendant set with a 2.33 carat diamond pave that cradles a single white pearl.

Mikimoto Diamond Pave Pearl Pendant Necklace

Mikimoto Diamond & Pearl Pendant Necklace

This elegant slim yellow gold chain is fitted with a single pearl topped off with a diamond weighing 0.08 carats.

Mikimoto Diamond Pearl Pendant Necklace

Mikimoto White Gold & Grey Pearl Chain Bracelet

For a more muted but still luxurious look, check out this bracelet made with white gold chain links and three grey pearls.

Mikimoto White Gold Grey Pearl Chain Bracelet

Mikimoto Yellow Gold & Pearl Tennis Bracelet

Here is Mikimotos signature take on the popular tennis bracelet style, made with yellow gold and completely lined with their pearls.

Mikimoto Yellow Gold Pearl Tennis Bracelet

View these and more in our Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Sale.

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The post Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry on Sale appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

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Obsession: Stacks of Stud Earrings

jacquieaiche:earrings karripsoph pamelalovenyc catbirdnyc stone_fox_bride jacquieaiche:earring jaimiegellerlovegoldlive

Just like stacking rings, earrings are following suit…and thanks to some amazing jewelry designers, there are lots of options out there to pull off an ear that will surely flash a double-take. The tiny studs that are popular right now come in tiny sizes, different shapes and animals, letters, numbers, spikes, bars, gemstones or no gemstones! The possibilities are endless, and the above photos demonstrate some ideas of ways to do this flawlessly! With three holes in each of my ears, what I had considered a “college mistake” may be totally cool right now, and I thank the trend setters for this! Some of my favorite designers that are doing studs like these are: Dana Rebecca, Sydney Evan, Jacquie Aiche, Jennie Kwon, Zoe Chicco, Sethi Couture, among others.


Rachel Roy wearing Jacquie Aiche leaf ear cuff

Instagrammer karripsoph wearing Anita Ko cuff & stud, and Jacquie Aiche starburst earcuff

Pamela Love rocking a daggar-like ear ensemble

Catbird wearing Jezebel pearl earrings and two ear cuffs stacked

cool picture seen on Stone_Fox_Bride Instagram–extreme ear piercing

Jacquie Aiche during the Couture show in Vegas

Jaimie Geller Jewelry wearing a diamond halo stud from her store and a Jacquie Aiche ear cuff

LoveGold spotted this swirly vintage earring which I thought was cool!

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