Be Bold with a Men’s Brasilia

Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. To the human eye, orange is a very hot color, so it gives the sensation of heat. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity.

So say the experts at at least, but we are inclined to agree with them, especially when it comes to brilliant red-orange leather strap that holds the Ebel Brasilia watches for men. Now, we realize that we recently covered other Ebel watches, including the Brasilia, but could not see this leather number go away into obscurity.

Make no mistake, this watch is for men. Do not let the encrusted 106 white diamonds sway you into needlessly doubting the timepiece’s gender. This Brasilia model is for men, but not for those who allow silly conventions to rule over their lives. Reread the various abstractions that orange represents: creativity, determination, attraction, success. If these words mean anything to you (and we think they do), the leather strapped Brasilia men’s watch is guaranteed to confirm that. Be your own man. Be your own person, and opt for an Ebel watch in time for the new year!

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A Rotary For The 21st Century

Did you grow up with a rotary telephone? Whether you entered adolescence with a candlestick phone or your own personal cell, you surely know what we are talking about. The phone with the finger dial is such a ubiquitous image, everyone has seen one in the movies if not in person. If you are new to the world of luxury watches however, you might not recognize the brand Rotary Watches Ltd. Let us tell you that you should.

Predating the traditional rotary phone by at least 10 years, Rotary Watches was founded in the late 19th century in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. After tapping into a lucrative market in Great Britain, Rotary became the official watchmaker for the British Army in 1940. Today the brand is still wildly popular and has since permanently relocated its head office to the United Kingdom.

We have dozens of new Rotary models waiting for you at The Watchery. If what you seek lies between modern style and a classic lineage, the Rotary Evolution TZ3 is absolutely perfect. Unlike other mens watches, the Evolution series features a dependable textured rubber strap but with a rose gold case and hands, removing any doubt of the a reputable designer behind the watch.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking for something nice for a special guy in your life, Luxury Bazaar is your one-stop shop! We’re loaded with luxury watches, designer jewelry and accessories and have put tons on sale up until Valentine’s Day. Check out a selection from each category below and make sure to browse each category in full or check out the complete holiday sale at the bottom.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a piece to match the love-filled holiday that’ll also be a striking, masculine piece throughout the year, check out this Big Bang All Black in limited edition red. Built off Hublot’s popular “All Black”, they’ve taken the blacked out dial case and dial and added red PVD detailing, along with a red gummy alligator strap. The case is 44mm in matte black ceramic with a matching dial. It features full chronograph functions with three subdials and date display. The caseback is sapphire, allowing a view of their in-house movement.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red



Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a contrast to the Hublot above, we have a All Black King Power that features a blue colorway. It also uses a ceramic case, but in the larger 48mm King Power size. It features a split-seconds chronograph, along with a power reserve indicator. It’s fitted with a gummy alligator strap in matching blue and the caseback is also sapphire.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari Chronograph

For a luxury sports watch that stands out while keeping it classy, we love the Offshore Safari from the Royal Oak collection. What sets it apart and gives it a safari vibe is its rich brown hornback leather strap. It’s fitted to a stainless steel 42mm Royal Oak Offshore case with a white silvered dial that works well with the lighter colored strap. The dial features three chrono subdials and a date display with a solid caseback.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari ChronographAudemars_Piguet_Royal_Oak_Offshore_Chrono_Themes_26170ST_OO_D091CR_01_4

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Miramar

IWC’s Big Pilot collection has grown i popularity the last few years, with their Top Gun watches leading the way. This example stands out from most other pilot watches with a green military fabric strap and a titanium ceramic case that gives iit a distinct sheen. The case is a big 48mm, making it very visible and usable as a actual pilot’s watch. Its size also allows for one of the largest automatic movements out there, which uses a pawl-winding system to quickly fill up a massive 8.5 day power reserve. The power reserve is proudly displayed at 3 o’clock and a date display is included at 6 o’clock. This watch is dedicated to Top Gun Miramar, which is the famed Top Gun pilots’ school to the US Marines found in Miramar, California.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun MiramarIWC_Big_Pilot_Top_Gun_Miramar_IW501902_4

Check out our full Mens Watches Valentine’s Day Sale.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Set

For the big Batman fan out there, we have one of only 500 limited edition sets released by Montegrappa. It includes a fountain pen, quartz watch and cufflinks in a decorated box. All pieces are made out of Dark Knight-worthy high-end materials, including black anodized aluminum, ruthenium-plated brass, black PVD coated stainless steel, rhodium plated white gold and carbon fiber.

View this box set at Luxury Bazaar.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition SetMONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_4MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_5MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_1

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for something ultra-luxurious, check out this handcrafted fountain pen from S.T. Dupont. This limited edition pen is fully forged from 18k white gold with rhodium finishes. It features a “Diamond Drops” design that decorates the body with a total of 677 diamonds (7.4 carats). The handmade nib is also fully white gold with royal blue ink supplied.

View this pen at Luxury Bazaar.

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain PenST_Dupont_094811_4ST_Dupont_094811_3

Check out our full Mens Accessories Valentine’s Day Sale.

Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Onto some jewelry for guys, we have this very modern white gold Gucci band. It features a coating of black synthetic corundum for it’s distinct look, which is also decorated with the Gucci double G monogram print.

View this ring at Luxury Bazaar.

Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

For an piece of mens jewelry you can’t go wrong with and in a classic style, take a look at these cufflinks from Chopard. Made of white gold in a simple stick motif, they’re also capped on each end with black rubber.

View these cufflinks at Luxury Bazaar.

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

Check out our full Mens Jewelry Valentine’s Day Sale.

And browse our complete Valentine’s Day Sale for men and women.

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Valentine’s Day Sale: Watches and Jewelry for Her

Valentines Day Womens Sale at Luxury Bazaar

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of us are thinking of a special gift for a special lady in our lives. And if you’re one of them, the team here at Luxury Bazaar is happy to help by with a big sale on watches, jewelry and accessories. With so much to choose from, we’ve picked out a few favorites below to check out (and make sure to browse the full sale at the bottom).


Chopard Happy Sport II Diamonds

This example from Chopard’s ever-popular Happy Sport collection is sure to stun any lucky lady. Made of yellow gold, its square 27mm case features 32 round brilliant diamonds set on the bezel (1.07 carats) and 5 signature floating happy diamonds in the dial (0.32 carats). It’s also decorated with ruby cabochons on the lugs and crown and its fitted with a solid gold bracelet.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Chopard Happy Sport II Diamonds


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Chopard Jewelry – Necklaces and Bracelets on Sale!

While Chopard’s roots are in fine Swiss watchmaking, their excellence in working with precious metals eventually grew into the world of jewelry in the 1960s. From all their designs for women, their Happy Diamonds Collection is their most iconic, which all feature their signature floating diamond motifs. With their womens watches and jewelry designs overlapping, you can see many details and trends spanning their catalog, making their work all the more recognizable and collectable. Right now we have such a big stock of Chopard jewelry on sale, we’ve decided just to feature a selection of necklaces and bracelets from the brand (with plenty of Happy Diamonds in the mix). Take a look below and make sure to click the link at the bottom for the full Chopard jewelry sale.

Happy Diamonds Pendant Necklaces

First we have a pair of pendant necklaces that are quintessential of the Happy Diamonds design. They feature pendants made out of two circles with four floating diamonds set in between them. They both come pave-set with diamonds in either white or yellow gold with black cord necklaces.

Chopard White Gold Happy Diamonds Pendant NecklaceChopard_796242_0001_1Chopard Yellow Gold Happy Diamonds Pendant Necklace

Happy Diamonds Heart Pendant Necklace

The heart motif is found nearly as often as circles in the Happy Diamonds Collection. This clean example uses two white gold hearts with three floating diamonds fitted to a black cord necklace.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart Pendant NecklaceChopard_796596_1001_3

Happy Spirit Multi-Diamond Pendant Necklace

This piece Happy Spirit Collection uses a similar motif but with a mix of brown and white diamonds. The brown diamonds are set on the outer ring, with white diamonds used for the inner fixed ring and loop that connects to the chain. It’s topped off with a single floating diamond.

Chopard Happy Spirit Pendant NecklaceChopard_795422_1015_2

Happy Spirit Choker Necklace

This yellow gold choker-style necklace uses the same Happy Spirit motif as above, but is fully set with white diamonds and one floating diamond. The white diamonds continue along the necklace in a spectacular fashion.

Chopard Happy Spirit Choker NecklaceChopard_815784_0001_2Chopard_815784_0001_3

Happy Diamonds Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace

This Happy Diamonds pendant doesn’t feature the usual floating diamonds, but easily makes up for it with a large ruby-set heart. Made of white gold, the outer ring and connecting loop are fully set with diamonds.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Ruby Heart Pendant NecklaceChopard_795749_1003_3

Happy Diamonds Starfish Pendant Necklace

This fun white gold pendant comes filled with three floating diamonds and one floating starfish set with blue diamonds. The outer ring and connecting hoop are both diamond-set.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Starfish Pendant NecklaceCHOPARD_794926_1004_147636_2

Happy Diamonds Fish Pendant Necklace

We have another white gold pendant that features a fun tropical theme, this time with three floating fish set with blue, yellow and pink sapphires. Like with the others, the outer ring and connecting loop are both diamond-set.

CHOPARD Happy Diamonds Fish Pendant NecklaceCHOPARD_794926_1016_140501_2

Gemstone and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklaces

Here we have a variety of white gold necklaces featuring heart shaped pendants. The pendants each feature a colored gemstone or diamond, including blue sapphires, red spinels, red rubies, white diamonds, black diamonds or brown diamonds. Each necklace also comes with several small diamond accents.


Chopard Gemstone and Diamond Heart Pendant NecklacesChopard_814517_1002_2CHOPARD_794203_1034_145981_1Chopard_794203_1016_2Chopard_814512_1005_3Chopard_814517_1002_4

Gemstone and Diamond Heart Bracelets

To match, we have a series of white gold bracelets with that feature heart motifs. Each heart comes set with either blue sapphires, pink sapphires, red rubies, white diamonds or black diamonds. Each also comes set with additional diamond accents.

Chopard Gemstone and Diamond Heart BraceletsChopard_854512_1001_1CHOPARD_854512_1009_148507_3Chopard_854512_1008_2Chopard_854512_1002_2Chopard_854512_1004_3

Happy Diamonds Heart Charm Bracelet

This playful bracelet features a heart shaped charm with a single floating diamond. It’s fitted to a vibrant blue cord.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart CharmCord BraceletCHOPARD_B53915_1001_95854_2

Happy Lotus Bracelet

Made of lush rose gold, this bracelet features lotus flower motifs throughout its design.

Chopard Happy Lotus BraceletChopard_857350_5001_2

Cat Tail Motif Pendant Necklaces

While looking like upside down horseshoes, these pendants are actually the tail-end of a cat. The tail connects the two legs to the black cord with the cat’s head and ears poking out to the left. They are available in white or yellow gold.

Chopard Cat Tail Motif Pendant NecklacesCHOPARD_794811_1001_148578_1CHOPARD_794811_1001_148578_3

Diamond Pave Cube Pendant Necklace

This white gold necklace features a small cube-shaped pendant covered with diamonds. It also has a small window to display one floating diamond.

Chopard Diamond Pave Cube Pendant NecklaceChopard_793395_1001_2

LOVE Diamond Heart Choker Necklace

From the ever-popular LOVE Collection, this white gold choker-style necklace features a “LOVE” stamped heart pendant. Diamonds fill the word “LOVE” as well as cover the small heart connecting the main pendant to the necklace.

Chopard LOVE Diamond Heart Choker NecklaceCHOPARD_793813_1001_149764_2

Imperiale Multi-Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

Last in our feature is our most luxurious, coming from Chopard’s Imperiale Collection. Crafted from yellow gold, it features a pendant made from two heart motifs. The larger heart features a pink diamond pave with 5 floating diamonds in the center. The smaller heart features a white diamond pave with a heart-shaped pink sapphire cabochon in the center.

Chopard Imperiale Multi-Diamond Heart Pendant NecklaceChopard_791405_1001_3

For pricing and more pieces, please visit our Chopard Jewelry Sale.

And make sure to check out more news and sales on designer jewelry.

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Carve Your Path With Red Line

mens watches

We have discussed a lot of designer watches on The Watchery blog over the past few years, so it still surprises us when we uncover a perfectly competent brand that we have somehow neglected. Like Red Line, the enigmatic watchmaker whose founders claim more than three decades of industry experience. The company’s website explains its credo:

“In life there are moments where to “red line” means deciding that the reward on the horizon outweighs the risk; that we are willing to go beyond our comfort zone and strive for greatness.”

With “red” in the brand name, you may wonder if the color is ironically absent when it comes to the actual luxury watches. Nope! Every Red Line timepiece is dashed with its namesake, but do not worry. The brand is not blind to good taste. Each watch sports a red crown, and depending on your feelings toward the color, that may be all the red you get. Other more brazen models are saturated in the color, like the Compressor watch for men. Striking, is it not? Those inclined to more neutral tones should not strike out the brand completely, however. Our Red Line collection features enough primary colors to suit any taste!

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Join Our Affiliate Program Today

mens watches

Time to switch it up for a bit at The Watchery blog. Now, now–do not reproach us just yet. By now, regular readers know of all the wonderful watches for men and women we offer here everyday, but they might know realize that provide an affiliate service, too. What? Uh-huh, just as we thought. Meet Commission Junction, a two-way program that can make you money and increase traffic to your site by promoting our unique designer watches! Here are the basics:

  1. Earn commission. Whenever you refer a visitor to your site and he or she buys an item from us, we pay you a commission.
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Save Up to 51% During Our Movado Sale

womens watches

A cursory Google search for Movado may reveal the watchmaker as an American brand, but while that is ostensibly correct, it is not the full story. Founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the Movado watch company relocated to the United States fairly recently in their 130-year history, in 1983. If you know a little Esperanto, you could probably guess that Movado translates to “movement,” and their stunning line of quartz movement watches is worth gawking over.

For a limited time, you can save up to 51% on these designer watches through our Movado Timepiece Savings Event. With jaw-dropping watches for men and women, this sale is guaranteed to please anyone with a soft spot for sophisticated fashion.

Consider this Harmony women’s timepiece, for instance. Looking something like a gold tuning fork, the stainless steel bracelet is a design to be admired. And light on the flashy jewels, the Harmony is decidedly more minimalistic than its luxury peers, but no less bold. We can definitely see this Movado watch paired well with an elegant evening gown. If you need it this weekend, however, you will have to act soon. At 47% off, the Movado Harmony will not be gracing us with its presence much longer!

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TAG Heuer is Always in Vogue

mens watches

Happy new year, everyone! It is our sincere wish at The Watchery that you all may enjoy a pleasant and prosperous 2013. The previous year was very good to us, as evidenced by the many positive testimonials we received from you. For those, we are genuinely grateful. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback, good or otherwise.

As is our practice at The Watchery blog, every weekday we like to highlight one particular model that embodies all that we value in luxury watches. And when it comes to top-tier designers, one cannot overlook TAG Heuer watches. For more than a century, the TAG Heuer name has served as the benchmark for chic timepieces that all other watchmakers look to beat. And let us tell you, it is difficult to beat TAG Heuer.

Currently, we have only a select number of TAG Heuer timepieces available in our inventory. These represent the very best that the watchmaker has to offer, and we are certain you will find something that strikes your fancy. From sporty wristwatches to more refined classic styles, every timepiece is discounted from the retail price. Some are even on sale! If your new year’s resolution involves looking smart, browse through our TAG Heuer collection today!

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A Very Gucci New Year

mens watches

We hope you all had a merry Wholesale Weekend, but if you happened to have missed out on our wholesale prices bonanza, we always have another savings event next at bat. So sound the kazoos and pour the champagne, friends, because our New Year’s Sale is happening now! For 2013, we wish all our blog readers prosperity, happiness, and new designer watches, like the brand new merchandise we have on sale with savings up to 89% off. This New Year’s savings event includes some of the most sought-after luxury watches including manufacturers like De Grisogono, Bedat & Co., and Gucci.

With 278 stores operating worldwide, The House of Gucci remains the biggest-selling Italian brand ever. As one of the rare digital watches in our sale, the Gucci 114 Digital watches for men carry a lot of weight with us. Any regular reader of our blog knows our predilection for classic, analogue timepieces, but we could not help but grow fonder of the Gucci 114 the longer we used it. Between the bold red rubber strap and the highly stylized dial, Gucci has come up with one of the trendiest digital watches of this year and the next. Get it with 2nd day delivery for only $5 for a limited time!

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