Jewelry Collection Stories: Lindsey of @ParkAvenueAntiques

Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques

I’ve followed Lindsey of Park Avenue Antiques for a very long time! My first interaction with her was sort of humorous–I remember being on my way out the door to go antiquing for the day with my mom and sister. I was waiting on a ring to go up on the auction block so I unpleasantly made them wait until it did, not realizing it wouldn’t be until another 45 minutes. I can’t remeber exactly why I lost out on the ring, but while in the car finally on our way, I took a screenshot of the ring and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Who outbid me on this portrait ring?! Confess!!” Lindsey was sweet enough to message me to tell me she had been the final bidder on it and graciously offered it for sale. A story too good to be made up, I’ve treasured that ring ever since! Over the years, we’ve continued to follow each other–even one point I tried meeting up at an antique show, but kept missing her! Hopefully meeting will be in the cards for us in the future, but until then…let’s check out her amazing jewelry collection!

Like many of you, I have been attracted to sparkly things for as far back as I can remember. As a little girl, I collected rocks and minerals, little buttons and sea glass. My father was an antiques dealer and the two of us were always on an “antiquing adventure”. One of our favorite places to visit was Roycroft Antiques in East Aurora, NY. They had a wooden whisky barrel filled with buttons and beads and I would dig through that barrel until my hands were black! Who knows what I thought I’d find in there! It was all about the hunt….

Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques

I share this silver filigree necklace with my daughter Cameron. The three Edwardian silver bears represent her and her two brothers.

Around the age of 5, we moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was a difficult transition. My parents both worked two jobs and I was home alone a lot. My mother always found ways to show me how much I was loved and that she was thinking of me. She came up with a hide and seek game we called “Rubber Legs” which involved hiding a yellow plastic figure. Before she left for work in the morning, she would hide Rubber Legs somewhere for me to find. Then I would hide him somewhere for her. I almost always hid him in her antique spool cabinet/jewelry box. It was a magical place where I wasn’t supposed to “dig around” but I couldn’t help myself! There were sparkly rings, beautiful strings of trade beads, flapper necklaces and cameos. She had all kinds of treasures but my favorite piece was a little gold acorn charm that rattled when shaken.

Once we moved to Hershey, adventures in antiquing with dad still continued. He opened an antique lighting shop in Adamstown, PA in the Black Angus Antiques Mall. Most Sundays I would tag along to help him but really spent most of my days with other dealers. I was fascinated with their knowledge in various fields and eager to hear their stories. This is where my love for jewelry and antiques really started.

Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques

LEFT: Georgian sapphire and rose cut diamond bow brooch in silver topped gold, purchased at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show

When collecting jewelry became a serious passion, I invested in books. Jewelry books on private collections, construction, symbolism, intaglios, various periods and markings. My jewelry library has helped me to educate myself and develop a true respect for the craftsmanship and symbolism that these pieces hold. I try to add one book to my collection every month. I would encourage any aspiring jewelry collector to do this as well.

RIGHT: Eight years ago, I was newly divorced and the only jewelry I had was my and my grandmothers wedding ring. I put some money aside and decided I’d like to create a piece of jewelry that would represent my family. I hoped to create a ring that could be passed on to one of my children. The first jeweler I went to was a rather unpleasant experience. I nearly gave up on my idea but decided to give it one more try. This is when I met Skip Colflesh, the owner of The Jeweler’s Bench in Hershey, PA. He helped me create the perfect ring. We used the diamonds in my grandmothers wedding ring, my engagement ring and each of the children’s birthstones. The first time I saw the ring it was an emotional experience. It was a perfect representation of my life’s journey. The diamonds no longer felt like the loss of a loved one or a failed marriage – they were now something beautiful and very personal. But more than that, I was so grateful for the friendship that had come out of designing the ring together. Skip has become one of my dearest friends and also my mentor. Friends make all the difference.

Park Avenue Antiques

I really don’t have a specific type of jewelry or period that I collect. I am mostly drawn to gemstones and figural pieces but my collection is quite varied. My most heavily worn pieces of jewelry are my watch chains. I love connecting them together for different looks and wearing them with various pendants.

Here are a few of my favorite necklaces:

LEFT: Painted enamel mourning locket depicting a young girl and her dog. It reads “Mary Rutherfurd Prime April 16, 1810 – Died September 9, 1835”

SECOND FROM LEFT: Opal pendant from Arts & Crafts Movement. This pendant reminds me of my favorite spring flower, lilac, and the opals are absolutely electric. I bought this in an antique store in England.

THIRD FROM LEFT: Not easy to pick a favorite, but if I had to, this would be it! Raj Era moonstone pendant from @saintespritofchelsea Beautifully crafted in silver and gold with huge shimmering moonstone cabochons.

CENTER: 19th c Kerosang with faceted white zircon.

Park Avenue Antiques

Here are a few of my favorite rings:

Victorian era amethyst and pearl serpent ring was purchased from David Ashville of Ashville Fine Arts.

The kunzite and diamond ring I bought from @blackamooruk. I believe this ring was originally an early 20th century brooch that was carefully converted. I love the size of the kunzite and it fits my finger perfectly.

The Victorian topaz ring was purchased from @ishyantiques.

The art deco moonstone ring is one of my favorites. It was purchased from Brad Wilson of Wilson’s Estate Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA.

The massive cameo ring I created using a 19th century cameo from @antiquestoreinwayne and a custom gold setting created by Skip Colflesh @thejewelersbenchofhershey.

Park Avenue Antiques Park Avenue Antiques

LEFT: Agate tree ring – This is one of my creations. I used an agate sourced from an old cufflink mounted in a setting made by @thejewelersbenchofherehey Victorian chrysoberyl and gold band @westandsonjewellery

RIGHT: This is my most recent purchase. My dear friend Will @martindaleasianarts recently took me on a day trip to a quaint town about an hour outside of London where I found it in an antiques shop.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am honored to be a part of the Instagram jewelry community. Your posts have greatly enhanced my knowledge and appreciation for all types of jewelry and the friendships that have developed because of our shared passion for jewelry are priceless to me.


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You can follow Lindsey –> @ParkAvenueAntiques


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Amanda of @DecemberAnchor

DecemberAnchor Collection DecemberAnchor Collection

Hashtags are really useful. I’ve found some of my best accounts, employees, and purchases simply because of clicking on and searching through specific hashtags. The first ever Instagram post that December Anchor posted was a jelly opal cluster ring that caught my eye after searching through the #showmeyourrings hashtag. A few emails later, I purchased the ring and became great acquaintences with Amanda. Over 200 posts later, she has shared her love for jewelry with nearly 5,000 followers. Can’t wait to share her personal collection now:

I’ve appreciated jewelry for the majority of my life. I’ve always thought that jewelry is special and beautiful. For me, jewelry also became a part of my family’s traditions. Before jewelry, I collected rocks and my parents realized that rock collecting was important to me. Throughout my childhood, my parents and I collected rocks, learned about them, and occasionally, my parents bought me a piece of jewelry. I didn’t realize this until recently, but the fact that my parents were enthusiastic about something that I was enthusiastic about really encouraged me to keep learning about gemstones and to of course continue collecting jewelry. We unintentionally created our own sparkly family traditions.

It was my mother who helped me learn to appreciate antiques. Her and I would enjoy shopping at estate sales and garage sales where we would search for antiques. It always seemed that our first question when shopping was, “where is the jewelry?” My jewelry collection is mainly antique rings however, I have a new goal of adding Victorian bracelets to my jewelry box. I think I gravitate towards antique jewelry because they have such unique details. I like studying the different designs that were common for a certain era. I started realizing that when people would tell me that they liked one of my rings, I would thank them along with telling them when the ring was made even though they didn’t ask.

Searching for antique jewelry is one of my happy places. I celebrate every time I find a rare ring or a type of jewelry that’s on my wish list. I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t amazed by jewelry.

DecemberAnchor Collection DecemberAnchor Collection

(Left) Jewelry can hold such symbolism and wonderful memories. The letter “S” pendant was my father’s. He wore it every single day. My father passed away many years ago and when I look at his pendant I clearly remember how this piece of jewelry was a part of his every day life. The anchor pendant was a gift my father gave my mother for Christmas in the very early years of their marriage. The anchor ring was designed by the incredibly kind and thoughtful @bethbjeweled. Beth and I were discussing one of the rings she had for sale when she asked me why I named my jewelry shop “December Anchor.” I told her about the anchor pendant and my inspiration. My dad was one of the most supportive people I’ve ever known. When I started to think about selling antique and vintage jewelry I just knew he would have been extremely supportive of my new goal. His birthday was in December, he gave the anchor to my mom in December and the anchor represents hope. My brother and I decided “December Anchor” was the name of the shop. After hearing my story, Beth immediately told me she would like to design a piece of jewelry for me that would represent December Anchor. The ring includes a vintage yellow gold anchor and Beth had the great idea of including turquoise since it is one of December’s birthstones. Her kindness was so amazing. The jewelry community on Instagram is fantastic.

(Right) My favorite part of this enamel portrait ring is the daisy flowers in her hair.

DecemberAnchor Collection

Garnets are my birthstone and one of my favorite gemstones. This five stone garnet ring from the Georgian era is one of those rings that I was so happy to finally find. I purchased the garnet flower ring from @bellflowerbay. The pear shape garnets in this ring are so wonderful.

DecemberAnchor Collection

This is my favorite letter “A” ring. I purchased the Victorian sapphire and ruby ring from @apocketofrocks. My favorite part of this ring is that the sapphires are more round-shaped and the rubies are more cushion-shaped.

DecemberAnchor Collection

These date/year rings are becoming rare in my opinion so I’m always super happy when I find these rings. I purchased the onyx and rose cut diamond 1890 ring from @luxcharmjewelry. The 1910 ring was purchased from @vulpeculajewelry.

DecemberAnchor Collection

I was really happy to find this 1929 ring because that is the year my wonderful grandmother was born.

DecemberAnchor Collection DecemberAnchor Collection

(Left) The very generous and kind @lenoredailey often provides the opportunity to win some jewelry. I won this amazing yellow sapphire and rose cut diamond ring from @lenoredailey last year. @gemstonegypsy created a great ring with this Georgian era rose cut diamond that was in its original sterling silver setting.

(Right) This Victorian era sapphire and diamond ring I purchased from @vulpeculajewelry is one of those rings that I know will always be one of my favorites. The shape of the ring and the way the gemstones are set amazes me.

DecemberAnchor Collection

This mourning/memorial ring is very different from the other mourning rings in my collection. The ring reads “FORGET ME NOT” on the outside of the band. There was a time where I all bought was antique horseshoes and rose cut diamonds. This rose cut diamond horseshoe ring was a great addition to my collection.

DecemberAnchor Collection

Surprising information right here. I collect anchor jewelry. Okay, not surprising at all. I see a lot of vintage anchor jewelry however, I don’t find a lot of antique anchor jewelry. Both of these rings are from the Victorian era. The cameo was most likely a stick pin that was later made into a ring. The enamel faith, hope and love ring is my favorite ring.


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You can follow Amanda –> @decemberanchor

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Weekday Wardrobe: 5 Ring Stacks + Necklace Layer Look

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

You didn’t think I forgot about the Weekday Wardrobe posts, did you?! Well, to be honest, I almost did. Promise I’ll start being better about rounding up my weekly looks and putting them into blog posts. This month’s ring stacks and jewelry looks have been fun, mixing and matching new finds and playing around more with charms and necklaces. I’m addicted to my black velvet choker and realized how much more chic it can make any necklace look when paired with it! Above, I’m wearing mine with my Starling Jewelry emerald necklace called the Colette Pave necklace. This cutie is so simple and perfect to wear every day. I like the craftsmanship of the piece–it is made really well and the chain is Italian. Emeralds are becoming my obsession. My longer chain holds my sentimental and favorite charms–my two Fox & Bond Minis, representing our wedding day and 1st year of marriage, and my Jean Jean Vintage Cachet Charm, which I’ve developed a habit for holding onto whenever I’m nervous.

Below you’ll find five different ring stacks I’ve worn this week, let’s start with Day One!

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day One:

14k gold antique thick band, favorite pinky ring, found on eBay

Onyx two-tone gold filigree ring, a Christmas present to myself last year, from Sunday & Sunday Antiques

Garnet and diamond with blue enamel “comet” ring, from Skinner Auctions

10k gold and glass ring that used to be my Gram’s wedding ring

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

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Q & A with Shelley Gibbs Sanders of The Last Line

The Last Line

Discovering new jewelry brands that are trailblazing in unique ways is my absolute favorite–that is why I jumped for joy after learning about The Last Line, a new project recently launched by jewelry veteran Shelley Gibbs Sanders. Bold colors, chic and iconic pieces…and, wait for it…AMAZING prices! You might scroll around the website and wonder, how can these prices be so good for REAL jewelry that is 14k gold and genuine gemstones?! The answer is their philosophy of being direct-to-consumer, never having a middle man, selling new pieces in batches called “drops.” Their latest drop is actually TODAY where they’ve added to all the incredible earring styles you always wished you could find. These ear stacks are what dreams are made of and that is exactly what Shelley set out to do when creating The Last Line. Can her goal of being “the last line” you will ever need hold true for many of you?! Let’s find out!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley and we encourage you to check out the website and find your perfect piece!


The Last Line is a continued project, I have been designing this collection for pretty much my whole life and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone. We just launched at the end of July with earrings and there is so much more to come: necklaces, rings, and bracelets! The inspiration behind the name of The Last Line is it is the last place you’ll have need to look for fine jewelry and trust me, I plan to live up to our name.

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I’ve had the rare opportunity of being on both the design and the production side of the process, which is so helpful and, in the end I am ultimately a consumer so basically it is the trifecta of intel! My career technically began in New York where I studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design before returning home to California to train with Master Jewelers in San Francisco. After learning the tricks of the trade, I returned to Los Angeles to begin my career as a jewelry designer. Over time (and companies!) my roles evolved and I became the head designer and creative director for dozens of celebrity jewelry brands and high-end jewelry houses, working with everything from gold, diamonds, and precious stones.

When we decided to officially launch The Last Line, it was almost four years ago. I have been designing jewelry for almost fifteen years and in every design job I had, I was always thinking if this was my line, how would I do this, what would I change, etc. I felt like I had seen it all, but really when I started to look there were definite holes in the market. It felt polarizing, there were two distinct buckets: reasonably priced, not-so-great design or great design and quality, outrageous price with nothing in the middle, which as a consumer I found so frustrating. Of course, after that I started to speak to my girlfriends, family, literally, everyone and anyone and I knew I wasn’t alone in that thought. Fast forward to today and voilà, introducing The Last Line.

The brand is two-fold: The Heart and The Soul, everything is designed in Los Angeles where I live with my family. The Heart pieces are the core of the brand and your jewelry box; they’re the staples that you never want to take off and that make you feel instantly put together. The Soul pieces are the jaw dropping, make your girlfriends ask, “where did you get that,” expertly crafted, special pieces you want to treat yourself to. Of course, I believe you need both!

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I did a lot of research before we decided to officially launch, I mean truly did research: price, design, size, color, the list goes on. The symbolism of our brand name The Last Line is that we want to be THE place for all of your fine jewelry wants (and needs!), the last place you’ll ever need to go.

There were a few things that were important for me when launching TLL, one of which was pricing. Fine jewelry shopping can be intimidating, a lot of which can be the result of pricing. Because we are direct to consumer, we can present amazing, quality pieces without the retail mark-up. It was also important for me to be (and stay) hands-on with the line; I think building a relationship from the beginning with your clients is key for any brand’s longevity. Being direct-to-consumer is not only a more personal approach, but it’s service driven, which is important when spending $2,000+ on a piece of jewelry online. All of our pieces focus on craftsmanship, much of the Soul collection being handmade in Los Angeles. Having a background in production (and as I jewelry shopper myself) it was important to use quality materials that look great and merit their cost.

One of the coolest things about the line for me, is the actual assortment of jewelry is personal, I wanted to present options, in each drop you will have classics with a twist and then some really fun special pieces. In the first drop, we have everything from a perfect gold sphere stud (in over 5 sizes!) to our signature flower earring in a variety of stones. In the second earring drop, there are solitaire studs in a variety of stones, lots (!) of diamonds, from line earrings, to ear cuffs, to a perfect tennis drop earring and of course this amazing doubles spiral hoop earring you may have seen Nicole Richie sporting. And in the third earring drop, well that’s a secret for now.

The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I truly hope that I am working on The Last Line, forever. I love to design of all types of jewelry and I love to create. I can’t stop—it is my obsession. I want to continue to create pieces that connect with women all over the world, it is important for my pieces to speak to the woman who’s just starting her jewelry collection and also excites the existing jewelry client who has her go-to pieces but is looking for that perfect_______. I want our pieces to become heirlooms; they should feel current but not trendy. For me, it is how a woman mixes her jewelry collection that makes it cool. I wanted to create pieces that can be worn but not worried about. The earrings can all be purchased individually, so mixing it up is fully encouraged!

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


My engagement ring was one of the first pieces of The Last Line. My husband actually designed it and worked with the jeweler for months. It’s was something we always talked about it and one day there he was with it and it all took off from there —our marriage, our line, everything.

From the line, my favorite piece right now that I own is a 3-way tie between the diamond teddy flower earring with the pave tsavorite stem from the Goldie earring, the medium rose gold diamond safety pin and a special bracelet inspired by childhood which will drop soon.

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with The Last Line.

The Last Line

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Jewelry Collection Stories: @Thing_Finder

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

We may know her as @Thing_Finder but in real life she is Jen Lord, a last name fitting for her because she may very well be the “lord of the rings.” One of the few Canadian antique jewelry collectors we have in our tight-knit Instagram community, and she brings her antique loving style to everyone daily on her Instagram page, as well as her Etsy shop. A newly wed, whom we all celebrated as she tied the knot on her wedding day and gave us followers glimpses into her private ceremony via Instagram. As she curates and collects more jewels, she learns about every aspect of each piece she owns, even if it means doing some extensive research, I wanted to get a peek into her jewelry box and see what defines Jen as a collector. Let’s see what she has to say:

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

“My passion for collecting started young, very young. My earliest jewellery memories were those with my Gran and Nana, both of whom share a love of jewellery, and fine jewellery at that. I always volunteered to “clean their rings,” which for me meant a soapy dish, a small toothbrush and a labour of love. These quiet moments allowed me to study the stones, the mountings, and work to bring out their most brilliant shine. These early stolen moments with jewels, would create an insatiable appetite, a lust never quite quenched.”

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

“When I hit about 12 years of age, babysitting and “picking” afforded me a modest jewellery budget. I used to walk from school to all the thrift stores, and then home via Victoria’s Antique Row, selling what small finds I could to the local dealers. Perhaps they took pity on a this small child peddling her wares, but I started to develop relationships with the dealers and the learning was immense, not to speak of the small profits it afforded.”

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

“My first love in jewellery was Art Deco. Those clean lines, architectural elements and elegant touches, I lusted for it like nothing else. Boys, couldn’t hold my interest the same way a finely crafted diamond cocktail ring could, there wasn’t a hope! These days I would say I go through “jewellery phases.” It isn’t that I ever lose love for one period or another, but I tend to collect in waves and then cull. Jewellery to me is a life long love affair.

Good jewellery makes my heart race, my voice sing, and fills my mind with wonder and excitement. Jewels are talismans of our journey through life. In birth and in death, in marriage and in loss, jewelry in tied to some of the most important milestones and experiences in our lives. To that end, the most meaningful jewellery for me, is that linked to these times. Mourning jewellery has to be one of the most compelling and romantic of all collecting genres for me. I feel so honoured to be able to own such sentimental and deeply personal artifacts of the past. I think only those who feel as I do about antique jewellery can really understand the feeling of awe and respect that these pieces impart on us.”

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Gem Gossip Wedding: All the Details

dm_wedding-bg-181 dm_wedding-bg-206 dm_wedding-bg-312 dm_wedding-bg-168 dm_wedding-bg-133 dm_wedding-bg-306 dm_wedding-det_prep-150 dm_wedding-det_prep-145 dm_wedding-bg-331 dm_wedding-det_prep-169 dm_wedding-det_prep-167 dm_wedding-det_prep-148 dm_wedding-bg-248 dm_wedding-bg-353 dm_wedding-det_prep-101 dm_wedding-bg-387 dm_wedding-bg-213

October 21, 1956–a day my grandparents got married in Italy; before three children, before deciding to make a huge leap of faith by immigrating to the US separately, before they could imagine this day would lead to 55 years of marriage and happiness. This momentous day came after the two met while my grandpa worked in the Italian Army and my grandma worked at a little shop down the street from him, it came after my grandma audaciously lied about her age when they first encountered, and it came after they fell in love. When I asked my grandma what she remembers from the day, as I held her wedding day picture in my hand (the photo was displayed where we got married), she jokingly says, “The girl that did my hair did a terrible job and I ran home and tried to comb it down.” Something I would say, as I smile and realize how everything doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Fifty-nine years later, on the very same day, I married Matt…on a random Wednesday, in a tiny ceremony of eighteen people, in the autumn sunshine…the prettiest day I could have imagined. And although my grandpa isn’t here with us anymore, we can all feel his presence, and my dad walked me down the “aisle” wearing my grandpa’s suit (as well as a tie from the 1980s which I told him not to wear). It was awesome to have my grandma there–after she drove eleven hours from back home to be a part of this special day–along with her sister-in-law (who recently lost her husband, who lived down the street from each other all these years and the two couples did EVERYTHING together). Being my grandma’s anniversary, she made sure to make this day a day of celebration rather than being sad. I’m so glad I chose this special date as my wedding date.

I’m happy to share some wedding details, as this was an easy wedding to plan since it was for less than 20 people–no stress was involved, no Pinterest boards were made, no drama. Just us, our families, a few traditional wedding rituals and an incredible photographer to capture the special moments. Full disclosure, Matt absolutely hates getting his picture taken (hence why we never had engagement photos or really any kind of photos) so these pictures are MORE THAN special to me.


Photography: Ariel Renae Photography

Venue: Riverwood Mansion, Nashville, TN

Cake, Bouquet, Arch Greenery: Elope in Nashville

Dress: bought from Revolve Clothing online for $100

Veil: Sara Gabriel Veils

Makeup: I did myself, except I splurged and got eyelash extensions–the lipstick I’m wearing is NARS in Jeanne

Jewelry: ALL DETAILS HERE, Matt’s jewelry is mostly from eBay, the pocketwatch we bought together in Atlanta at Scott’s Antique Market, our first trip there together–the gold chain + button was an awesome find, as the button is engraved with the prettiest cursive D

Again, another special thank you to Andreoli Fine Jewelry for letting me borrow the earrings of my dreams for my wedding day.


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Give the Gift of Tiffany & Co. This Season

There’s just something mesmerizing about that signature robin egg blue box tied perfectly with a white ribbon bearing the words “Tiffany & Co.,” especially when it is placed under the Christmas tree. For years, the jewelers have produced exquisite creations born from the passion of defining simplistic style and elegance. Their designs consist of some of the most iconic pieces in their collections, renowned for the mark they have made in the world of high-end fashion. With Tiffany & Co., there is an item available for every loved one on the holiday shopping list, as their craftsmanship steps beyond the boundary of jewelry-making to cross the realm of home goods, watches, accessories, baby items and more.

In our jewelry inventory specials at Luxury Bazaar, we have a vast selection of authentic Tiffany & Co. models that are waiting to touch the heart of a friend, family member or significant other this winter. To help you pinpoint the right items for your moment of gift-giving, use this guide as your holiday shopping road map.

For the Antique Collector

Ladies with a penchant for flaunting vintage style will croon over the 18K Yellow Gold Rope Diamond & Ruby Cocktail Ring by Tiffany & Co. for $1,650. A raft of rubies and diamonds float among a sea of 18K yellow gold ropes to produce a timeless elegance. This ring is for the lady who is not afraid to go big and bold with a design that is hard to go unnoticed.


For the Accessorizer

Fall’s latest must-have fashion accessory has been the brooch, appearing in multiple designer collections across the runways. Surprise the accessorizer in your life with the 18K Yellow Gold Wreath Brooch by Tiffany & Co. for $2,400, which features intricate leaves fabricated from 18K yellow gold. It can be worn to accent almost any accessory or item, such as a headband, handbag, sweater or belt.


For the Modern Stylist

Fashion trends are always changing, and a true fashionista is always one to keep up. Help her don the most recent looks with the 18K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet by Tiffany & Co. for $4,400 to accent her outfits. The simplistic design presents a distinguished appearance for making the ultimate statement.


For the Engagement

Planning to bend down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage over the holidays? Have the Platinum .49ct Diamond Engagement Ring by Tiffany & Co. for $3,900 ready for the right moment. A thick platinum band showcases seven twinkling diamonds that meet at the center stone. The glimmer of the diamonds is sure to catch her off guard just as much as the unforeseen betrothal.


For the Gentleman

The Atlas 18K Yellow Gold Tie Clip by Tiffany & Co. for $850 is a must-have item for any gentleman who prefers to don a sophisticated style. The bold roman numerals that protrude from the clip reflect the “strength in numbers” symbolism of the brand’s Atlas Collection. This 18K yellow gold clip expresses masculine classiness as it functions to keep the tie straight for a uniform and neat appearance.


For the Diamond Lover

One of the most lavish Tiffany & Co. items available in our inventory is the 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Floral Collar Necklace for $32,000, suitable for the woman who favors an over-the-top bravura. Glittering diamonds wrap in a twirling pattern amongst a rope of intricately carved 18K yellow gold flower-like motifs in the form of an extravagant collar piece. This extraordinary necklace is also part of a complete set that can also be purchased together, which includes a matching pair of earrings, ring and bracelet.


Tiffany & Co. offers an item to accommodate any personality type for accomplishing your holiday shopping mission. Their creations are forever timeless and are ideal for representing the special bond between those you cherish. To view more models from our selection, visit our website for further browsing.

The post Give the Gift of Tiffany & Co. This Season appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

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The Best Designer Diamond Engagement Rings for Fall

Planning to propose this season? When you ask for her hand in marriage, it should be a special moment that will be remembered for a lifetime, and the holidays and change of seasons provides an ideal setting. Whether the betrothal takes place while strolling through the park surrounded by a rainbow of colored leaves, or sitting cozily by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, watching her eyes light up at the sight of the ring is a truly breathtaking part of the experience. But as you plan the engagement, selecting the right ring that expresses the promise of commitment as well as her personal style can be complicated.

With so many gorgeous designs and models by top fashion labels, how can you tell which one will be a match for representing the bond you share as a couple? At Luxury Bazaar, we can’t help falling in love – as Elvis Presley would say – but we can help with selecting an engagement ring. Our jewelry inventory specials have a wide variety of designer diamond engagement bands in stock, featuring current trends of the bridal industry. Here we highlight five of our favorite bands from the selection.

If there’s one luxury jewelry designer that lives and breathes engagement rings, it’s Tiffany & Co. The Etoile Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring for $5,900 exhibits a simple platinum design with a brilliant-cut diamond perched in the center. Accompanying the mesmerizing main stone are other sparkling diamonds on each side. Ladies who adore classic elegance will want to show off this rock’s stunning appearance.


Multi-cut gemstones have been a rising trend amongst many fashion designers in the bridal jewelry industry within the last few years. Chanel has been one to join in the movement, as demonstrated in the design of the Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring for $14,500, which features a large brilliant-cut diamond complemented by three separately shaped diamonds embedded in thick platinum.


For a glamorous presence with a regal vibe, the design of the 18K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring by Bvlgari for $16,500 fits the spectrum perfectly. The plethora of diamonds set in the 18K white gold band endlessly glitter, making any engagement hard to go unnoticed. An oval shaped diamond is complemented by two baguette diamonds on each side while surrounded by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

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You Can Style Your Wedding Day Look Using Jewelry Found at Fellows Auction!

Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip=

With this month being all about engagement rings, wedding jewelry and THE BIG DAY, I’ve been challenged with the task of styling four different types of wedding dresses with jewelry. I’ve learned that accessorizing for your wedding day is all about your personal style and adding some sentimental flair to the overall look. Buying jewelry at auction can uncover some amazing finds–but can you style an entire wedding day look from auction finds alone?! My answer is YES and better yet, you can do it from one single auction, like the one coming up on August 13th, 2015 at Fellows–their Antique & Modern Sale! Fellows always has incredible, one-of-a-kind treasures that go up for auction every month and I especially like their Antique & Modern Sales. I’ve purchased some great pieces over the years from Fellows. Whether your look is classic, ultra-modern, or has a vintage vibe, you can find jewelry to go along with each style at Fellows. Here’s what I’ve put together:

Look One: Vintage Sentimental Bride

Lot 50: A highly sentimental fede gimmel ring flanked on each side by an Old Mine cut diamond. Early uses of this type of ring include as a wedding ring because of the symbolism within the clasping hands, like a joining of marriage between two people. It goes further to reveal a double heart behind the hands once you open up the mechanism. So amazing. If you’re a size P (7 3/4) you MUST bid on this! These usually can’t be sized.

Lot 153: A classic yet antique three-stone diamond ring would make a perfect engagement ring for a bride that loves anything antique. The fede gimmel ring would pair beautifully as a wedding band. This ring is special because the detailing on the sides as well as the old cut diamonds.

Lot 203: A great pair of earrings for the vintage bride would be a pair of old cut diamond cluster stud earrings, and these are killer! They beautifully sparkle with a total weight of 2.10 carats and can easily be worn as an everyday look, long after the wedding day.

Lot 462: To layer a Victorian long chain on your wedding day would be such a treat–but for it to have a gloved hand as its clasp?! Out of this world! Such a dream piece! This would make a great wedding day gift for the bride who will treasure it forever.

Look Two: Trendy Cool Bride

Lot 54: Such a classic style, but with so much character being antique! This is a great engagement ring and a perfect diamond size–approximately one carat. The cut of the diamond is a beautiful Old Mine cut set in an 8-prong mounting with an 18k yellow gold band.

Lot 89: Stunning pair of cameo drop earrings. These are neat because the cameos are different, so it is very trendy to have mismatched earrings right now, even though these are from the late 1800s! These would hang elegantly from one’s ear and make a beautiful pair of wedding-day earrings.

Lot 143: A bold Art Deco diamond brooch is a dream piece for your wedding day! It can be used in so many different ways and it is always elegant and stands out. You can pin it in your hair, on your flowers, or on the front of your dress. Definitely a must-have piece for a trendy bride. This particular brooch is French and has 4.25 carats total of diamonds!

Lot 531: The ultimate right hand ring for a trendy cool bride! This cluster navette diamond ring features 2.75 carats total of old cut diamonds and will sparkle every moment on your wedding day!

Look Three: Pearl Princess Bride

Lot 4: This gorgeous elongated pearl and diamond dress ring could act as a right hand ring for the wedding day and even be your “something old.” It will be a special piece that you keep within your jewelry collection for years to come and always remember your special wedding day.

Lot 440: An incredibly gorgeous pearl and diamond tennis bracelet. This piece is rather special since the center pearl in the bracelet is a natural saltwater pearl and comes with a certificate. The design is really pretty and very feminine. The diamond accents total over 1.30 carats.

Lot 442: A cute pair of diamond and cultured pearl dangle earrings. The diamonds form an almost ribbon-like look with a pearl dangling from the center. The size and drops are very flattering for a bride on her wedding day.

Look Four: Ultra Modern Bride

Lot 252: Such an elegant necklace from the early 20th century–it drapes wonderfully along the neckline and the dangle gives it some extra appeal. Done in platinum and gold with an overall kite-shape silhouette.

Lot 291: An ultra modern bride wants a big diamond, a unique cut and a brand name. This ring has all three! It is from Cartier and is a 1.60 ct emerald cut. Although it is very classic, it also has a uniqueness to it.

Lot 538: A pair of 18k white gold diamond stud earrings which match the center stone of your engagement ring are a brilliant idea! These cluster studs keep things modern and simple, yet hold some serious sparkle. Perfect whether you wear your hair up or down, subtle and sweet.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions


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Book Review: Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings by Sandra Hindman

Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings | Gem Gossip

My latest summer reading is off to a great start! This week has been nothing but dreary, overcast days–perfect for an afternoon spent reading books. It only has taken me a few sittings to be nearly finished with this one, it is called: Towards an Art History of Medieval Rings: A Private Collection by Sandra Hindman. The book takes you through a collection of rare medieval rings–35 to be precise. Each ring has a description and several short paragraphs about it, how it relates to the time period, the symbolism/materials used/etc, and also sometimes gives a references to another ring(s) from other private collections that are similar and compares them. Also referenced are paintings from the time period that reveal clues to how a circa date was put onto the pieces or any other significant connections between the two. What one must understand is this time period has such a scarce amount of examples that are present today that each one is not only a rare piece of history but a primary clue into the time period.

The first examples of rings date back to the Byzantine Empire, with some examples of early Christian rings. An early Cristian marriage ring is a part of the collection, with an engraved portrait of a facing couple on the front of the ring. The example is roughly from the year 500. The next chapter depicts Early Medieval rings, with my favorite being the Viking braided ring, which dates back to the 9th century. The Gothic time period is illustrated next, with cusped rings first showing up during this time period–a derivative of the claw settings. The 13th-14th centuries producing some great fede rings, intaglios and my favorite from this particular collection–a gothic heart ring. There is also an example of a pendant from the 15th century that is inscribed “sadness is pleasure” on a heart shape, with tears engraved on the other side. That’s amazing! The last chapter focuses on Renaissance rings, again with an example of a cusped ring, a merchant signet ring and some enameled examples.

The book is organized really well for quick reference and easy reading. I think that is what I like most about it besides the wonderful photos. One ring alone can account for 4-6 pages, so you can cover several ring and several pages within an afternoon of reading. This one’s going into my bookshelf and I hope it will be in yours too! See below for an easy click away from owning your own copy!

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