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Taking the jewels of JewelStreet to the streets of Nashville! The online luxury jewelry marketplace prides itself as being the UK’s #1 website for designer fine jewelry, with an emphasis on seeking out brands that are doing amazing things with design. Browsing the pages of JewelStreet makes you feel as though you’re traveling the world through the lens of jewelry. Their virtual boutique is set up to feature jewelry designers by country, and this breakdown allows you to see everything from a global perspective. You can delve into Italy and see the rich gold designs from this country featured on JewelStreet, Brazil is fascinating and leading the way with unique design with several artisans featured, France has some great designers…the list goes on and on! Being from the United States, I felt some American pride seeing who is represented on this worldwide jewelry outlet–many names I recognized and familiar faces.

For this Jewels at my Doorstep shoot, I thought it would be neat to feature a few different countries. I chose these really neat pearl geode rings from Little H Jewelry based in the US, a bold out-of-this-world solar system inspired ring by Anakao out of London, UK, and last but not least some long black spinel earrings by MyriamSOS from Cyprus (which I honestly had to look on a map to figure out where exactly that country is located, FYI it’s an island south of Turkey). It is beautiful how jewelry from all over the globe can come together and complement one another, be a staple in someone’s jewelry box, and make memories for a lifetime.

Connecting people to jewelry from all over the globe is what makes JewelStreet so special. Imagine logging into the website from your laptop in a small town, in middle America. JewelStreet connects you with jewelry designers from places in all parts of this large globe we call home, that you may have never known about. So now a pendant from a jeweler in Greece is on its way to your jewelry box thanks to JewelStreet, and it will forever be a part of your story. I love that.

Make sure you check out JewelStreet and immerse yourself in their global world.

And here is the info on the jewels I’m wearing:

The Hallgrimur Earrings by MyriamSOS, 9k rose gold set with black spinel, Price: $990

Devoted Ring in yellow gold by Anakao, 18k yellow gold & diamonds, Price: $2,320

Three pearl ring–Tahitian, keshi, Golden South Sea pearl in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $1,600

Three pearl ring–Fiji pearl, Akoya, Golden South Sea pearl in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $2,500

Single point collection ring with Tahitian Keshi pearl and rubies in 14k yellow gold, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $1,100

Finestrino collection, black diamonds and Tahitian Keshi pearl in 14k black rhodium, by Little H Jewelry, Price: $2,200


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Gem Gossip Visits D&H Sustainable Jewelers in San Francisco, CA

D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip D&H Sustainable | Gem Gossip

I was really excited to stop by D&H Sustainable Jewelers in San Francisco on my #JewelryRoadTrip! The name of the shop comes from the first letters of both owners’ last names–Lindsay Daunell and Shawn Higgins. Another very important word is in the name–Sustainable–the foundation on which they’ve built everything around since day one. Every facet within D&H Sustainable Jewelers is done with an eco-conscientiousness in mind, and the jewelry is just the beginning! The duo first opened in 2011 and since then, a buzz has been created of how they are doing things differently and doing them right. Case in point, these three aspects of D&H Sustainable: ethical artisan jewelry, custom design, and wine bar! Yes, a wine bar! It was one of the first things I noticed when I visited the store–along the backside of the shop, up a few stairs, a dedicated area to wine and relaxation (a great contrast to how most people visualize jewelry shopping to be like) where the Rose Cut Wine Bar sits in all its glory. D&H is proud to call their wine bar one of the only featured in a luxury jewelry store in the US. And this is where the word “sustainable” comes into play again, because the wine is organic, the actual wine bar itself is made from a fallen sycamore tree and that jewelry case you were just browsing in, also made from recycled materials!

Their shop is located on Market St. and has a great selection of jewelry. D&H Sustainable Jewelers has two large, separate cases for bridal jewelry–one for men’s and one for women’s. There are lots of options, including vintage and antique choices, even custom designs which you can help create yourself during a design consultation. Their men’s selection is one of the most diverse I’ve ever seen–so many really unique and distinctive bands, lots of 18k yellow gold, different finishes and even bands with wood! I really liked their diamond size depiction that is displayed in the bridal jewelry case–the model shows diamond sizes illustrated with various shaped CZs. Not only does it look cool but it is a good reference to use when showing customers who don’t know what a two carat vs. a four carat diamond would look like on a finger in terms of size. I made sure to take a photo of it (shown above).

D&H Sustainable also carries some designer jewelry as well as vintage and antique. Jacquie Aiche is one of their featured designers–pieces that are set with shark teeth, trilobites, and arrowheads are amongst their favorites, including mine! Elliot Gaskin Jewelry is also another featured artist who also happens to be based in San Francisco. As with all antique jewelry, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. The selection featured at D&H Sustainable was great–I loved their retro snake ring set with an onyx and their Victorian black enamel ring, shown in a stacked photo above. Their selection of new designer jewelry mixed really well with what they had available in vintage and antique. I was also drawn to their custom made signet rings–the originality of them and the gemstones chosen made them really special. Lapis, turquoise, black jade…some with diamonds, some without; really nice, timeless rings.

If you’re ever in the San Francisco area on Market St., you must visit D&H Sustainable Jewelers and see how this store is changing the way jewelry is made and purchased one ethically sourced item at a time!

http://www.dnhjewelers.com d&h sustainablehttp://www.dnhjewelers.com http://www.dnhjewelers.com

D&H Sustainable Jewelers

2323 Market St.

San Francisco, CA 94114

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Pearls and Diamonds – The Gemstone Duo for an Alluring Holiday Glow

Quick! The holidays are almost here! That means it’s time to bring out the sequins, black satin, red velvet, plaid – and, of course, diamonds and pearls. When you put together your holiday outfit for spreading Christmas spirit and holiday cheer, adding a classic pairing of pearls and diamonds will enhance your style by providing an elegant presence. What makes the two gemstones mesh so well is the effect of the pearl’s luster on the sparkle of the diamonds, which pleasingly softens the harshness of the bling. No matter what precious metal they are both set in, they combine flawlessly to produce a timeless appeal.

What diamonds and pearls will you flaunt this season? Perhaps one of these luxury jewelry designs will tickle your stylish fancy.

As the headquarters for all things pearl, Chanel cleverly unites 18K yellow gold with diamonds and oversized pearls for a mesmerizing radiance. The 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Band Ring for $8,900 features three large pearls as the main focus of the design, with small diamonds set amongst a spherical pattern of 18K yellow gold. The ring is ideal for creating a romantic or vintage vibe on a cozy, formal ensemble.


Another gorgeous diamond and pearl design by Chanel is the Perles et Etoiles 18K White Gold Collar Necklace for $20,319, which dons a modern look. A chain made of 18K white gold is linked to three different diamond-embellished stars with Tahitian and South Sea pearls placed in between.


Like treasures trapped in ice, a diamond-paved 18K white gold setting encircles three white pearls in the design of the 18K White Gold Diamond & Pearl Swirl Pendant Necklace by Roberta Porrati for $10,500. Every inch of the enchanting necklace design, from the pendant and chain, all the way to the clamp, is covered with gleaming diamonds. Worn with a long-sleeve turtleneck or a formal sweater dress, this necklace is sure to make a statement.


The 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Necklace by Christian Dior for $15,500 flips the gemstone pairing around by shifting the main element of the design to diamonds. Two lustrous strands of pearls carry an 18K yellow gold diamond-paved pendant in the shape of the brand’s logo. The necklace is the definition of both elegant and classic fashion couture.

PEARL&DIAMONDS3Sapphires accompany diamonds and pearls in the design of the 18K White Gold Multi-Gem Fire Flower Pendant Necklace by Maggioro for $9,245 for a vibrant aura that is eye-catching. The exotic flower pendant is made of 18K white gold and a large white pearl is set in the center. The opulent petals are each paved with a mixture of sapphires, black diamonds and white diamonds to create a fading color effect in the design.


Bring the holiday glow to your outfit by accenting it with diamond and pearl jewelry designs crafted by top labels of the fashion industry. Visit our jewelry inventory specials for more effervescent pearl and diamond jewelry models, from earrings and bracelets to rings and necklaces.

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The Best Designer Diamond Engagement Rings for Fall

Planning to propose this season? When you ask for her hand in marriage, it should be a special moment that will be remembered for a lifetime, and the holidays and change of seasons provides an ideal setting. Whether the betrothal takes place while strolling through the park surrounded by a rainbow of colored leaves, or sitting cozily by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, watching her eyes light up at the sight of the ring is a truly breathtaking part of the experience. But as you plan the engagement, selecting the right ring that expresses the promise of commitment as well as her personal style can be complicated.

With so many gorgeous designs and models by top fashion labels, how can you tell which one will be a match for representing the bond you share as a couple? At Luxury Bazaar, we can’t help falling in love – as Elvis Presley would say – but we can help with selecting an engagement ring. Our jewelry inventory specials have a wide variety of designer diamond engagement bands in stock, featuring current trends of the bridal industry. Here we highlight five of our favorite bands from the selection.

If there’s one luxury jewelry designer that lives and breathes engagement rings, it’s Tiffany & Co. The Etoile Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring for $5,900 exhibits a simple platinum design with a brilliant-cut diamond perched in the center. Accompanying the mesmerizing main stone are other sparkling diamonds on each side. Ladies who adore classic elegance will want to show off this rock’s stunning appearance.


Multi-cut gemstones have been a rising trend amongst many fashion designers in the bridal jewelry industry within the last few years. Chanel has been one to join in the movement, as demonstrated in the design of the Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring for $14,500, which features a large brilliant-cut diamond complemented by three separately shaped diamonds embedded in thick platinum.


For a glamorous presence with a regal vibe, the design of the 18K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring by Bvlgari for $16,500 fits the spectrum perfectly. The plethora of diamonds set in the 18K white gold band endlessly glitter, making any engagement hard to go unnoticed. An oval shaped diamond is complemented by two baguette diamonds on each side while surrounded by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

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Mixed-Cut Gemstones – A Trend in Luxury Jewelry

In the art of jewelry making, it was once considered distasteful to incorporate multiple shaped gemstones. But now, the craft is widely accepted, and the technique has resurfaced after many years. The use of combining mixed-cut gemstones in jewelry designs has made pieces much more detailed and intricate, since the placement and application of settings can be arranged with endless possibilities. And then there’s color – popping, luminescent shades of multifaceted jewels that gleam in the light for an astonishing aura. Some designs even use the hues of the gemstones to create a particular color pallet in the design, which can be used to accentuate style.

The fad amongst high-end designers, as of late, has been enhancing the appearance of gemstones through colors, cuts and shapes. The creative result is a unique jewelry piece that has a fresh and modern appearance. These five pieces we’ve pulled from our jewelry inventory specials demonstrate the mixed-cut gemstone design trend that has impacted the luxury fashion industry.

Cartier goes for a bold, eye-catching bravura with the Precious Gemstone 18K Yellow Gold Huggie Clip-On Earrings for $5,500, which display a row of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The stones are set in a pattern of pear and princess shaped cuts upon a setting of 18K yellow gold.


An oversized, cushion-shape jade stone is accompanied by glimmering, round diamonds in the design of the 18K Yellow Gold Yellow Jade Diamond Ring by Judith Ripka for $1,550. The prongs and setting of the 18K yellow gold feature an appealing outline that travels along the sides. The contrast in sizes of the multi-faceted gemstone ring gives it an attention-grabbing presence.


The 18K Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring by Damiani for $8,500 showcases a mixture of gemstones that reveal a regal elegance throughout the design. Two rows of sparkling baguette diamonds fan outward to present a radiant shaped emerald perched on top.


The dazzling gemstones in the San Marco 18K White Gold Gemstone & Pearl Brooch/Pendant Necklace by Chanel for $60,980 come together to form a breathtaking statement piece. Tiny diamonds travel amongst the clutter of beryl, amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine towards a round pearl set in the center. The pendant can be detached from the chain to serve as a brooch – a popular accessory that has surfaced this fall.


This avante-garde piece features orange tones that burst with radiance. Dangling from the neckline, the 18K Multi-Gold Citrine & Diamond Pendant for $3,300 is sure to attract attention. A series of diamonds and citrine gemstones accompany one another to form an abstract design for superior visual appeal.


One of the main themes of high-end jewelry in 2015 is innovative designs that feature multi-faceted gemstones. The experimentation of different colors and cuts is noticeable in many fashion designer brands, such as Versace, Chanel, Cartier, Damiani and many more. Emphasize your favorite looks this season with stunning, mixed-cut gemstone jewelry pieces.

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On the Grayscale: Sophisticated Accents by Bvlgari

This season’s fashion trends, so far, have showed us that the world is not just black and white. Style enthusiasts can discover all the gray colors that exist in between by viewing the designs of this year’s latest fashion. The color has quickly become a target, as fall’s “it” color, appearing in designer collections all across the runways. Balenciaga, Valentino, Hermès and Bvlgari are a couple high-end brands that have been debuting gray shades throughout their ensembles, especially during NYC Fashion Week. Ladies and gentlemen can incorporate just about every gray hue there is – blues, tans, greens, pinks and purples – into their outfit.

As it is said, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” which means the color of gray is only as bleak as you make it. How you opt to wear gray in your outfit can transform its typical connotation of being a bland color into an attractive tone. As you style up cashmere, wool and leather throughout the cool weather months, accessorize with striking gray luxury jewelry and watches to complete your look. If you’re still not too excited about integrating gray into your wardrobe, consider embracing it with other colorful, corresponding tones. Like a gloomy cloud that delivers rain to blooming flowers, its manifestation in upscale fashion can enhance the vibe you want to express.

We’ve turned to Bvlgari as one of our main influencers for styling with gray tones, using high-end accessories. Here we feature some of their models from our selection that make ideal accents for creating a classy, sophisticated presence.

The extreme contrast of black against white and gray in the design of the Platinum Limited Edition AC 38P by Bvlgari for $11,995 provides a sleek, masculine look for the polished gentleman. This timepiece is one of only 99 in existence worldwide, featuring a silver dial, platinum case, black bezel and black rubber bracelet. Three chronograph subdials are displayed, along with the indication of the date, hours, minutes and seconds.


Stainless steel and ceramic elements produce a light dove gray tone to express a mellow, exotic vibe in the Serpenti Spiga One Twirl Wristwatch by Bvlgari for $4,410. A jewelry bracelet and luxury timepiece mixed into one, the design is exquisitely one-of-a-kind. The white dial indicates the hours and minutes, taking the shape of a snake slowly coiling.


The chalcedony gemstone boasts a blue-gray hue within the Tronchetto 18K White Gold Chalcedony Ring by Bvlgari for $950, showcasing a bulky appearance. A gold outline travels around the stone surrounded by thick 18K white gold.


Gray makes an appealing background for incorporating patterns, as demonstrated in the Parentesi 18K White Gold Partial Pave Necklace by Bvlgari for $10,815. A glimmering partial diamond pave travels amongst a unique pattern made of 18K white gold.


For a simple, gray hue that dominates, the B.ZERO1 18K White Gold Hoop Earrings by Bvlgari for $1,925 would pair well. The 18K white gold earrings display a smooth, shiny surface that reflects the light, while letters of the label’s name are imprinted along the sides.



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Capture the Beauty of Fall Leaves with Luxury Accents This Season

There are many things that symbolize the traditions of fall – such as pumpkins, black cats, acorns and wicker baskets. But probably the most dominant trademark of autumn is the colorful array of crispy tree leaves, which slowly begin to carpet our surroundings. Mesmerizing shades of yellow, orange, red and brown conquer the scenery, painting a vibrant atmosphere. The height of its splendor can be defined not by a single leaf alone, but when they are grouped together – like how a luxury accessory can add bravura to an outfit to complete a stylish look.

Not many are lucky enough to witness the ever-changing magnificence of fall leaves, as some travel miles across the nation just to view the season’s outdoor setting in the northeast. As we start to retrieve our warm ensembles from the back of our closets and switch tastes to pumpkin spice flavors, it won’t be long before we stop in our tracks to admire the elegance of colorful fall leaves. As you prepare your cold weather wardrobe for the season, consider adding some festive luxury accents to complement your self-image. Achieve your most celebratory vibe for autumn’s arrival with luxury jewelry and timepieces that don intriguing designs derived from the inspiration of leaves.

We’ve gathered a couple high-end items from our inventory that are ideal for expressing fall’s most defined feature.

The movement of leaves as they fall seems to be depicted in diamonds in the design of the Royal Oak Ladies Oak Leaves watch by Audemars Piguet for $38,500. The bezel, lugs and case are made of 18K white gold with a black satin bracelet. The gorgeous blue mother of pearl dial indicates the hours and minutes as an intricate, leaf-like motif paved with diamonds spreads throughout the timepiece, gleaming in the light.


Ladies can showcase the natural beauty of the maple leaf by wearing the 18K Yellow Gold Maple Leaf Clip-On Earrings by Buccellati for $3,300. The delicately crafted leaves are so intricately detailed that they can almost be mistaken for their real-life counterparts.


The 18K Multi-Tone Gold Diamond Leaves Necklace by Pomellato for $4,850 features a yellow gold chain linked to three white gold leaf pendants, each displaying seven diamonds. The design’s color contrast gives it an attractive, yet graceful appearance.


The effervescent rubies on the gold leaves of the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Leaves Band Ring by Chaumet for $1,150 exemplify the red and purple hues that can be spotted amongst the autumn trees. The leaves thread together to create a bold look that is sure to attract attention with every gesture of the hand.


To go hand in hand with the ring, the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Leaves Bracelet by Chaumet for $4,500 wonderfully matches to complete a classy and modern ambiance.


We have a vast amount of fall-themed luxury jewelry and watches throughout our inventory. To browse more luxury accents for your fall wardrobe, check out our watch inventory specials and our jewelry inventory specials.

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Accessorizing for NYC Fashion Week: A Style Guide

Today marks the start of the much anticipated New York City Fashion Week, which focuses on designer collections for the spring and summer of 2016. Fashion enthusiasts can finally gain insight into what the newest trends will be, especially when it comes to accessories. The runway debut of designer pieces by well-renowned fashion labels has influenced us to create styling inspirations of our own. While the city buzzes with excitement over the industry’s latest creations, here we picture accessory trends you might see as well as styles we think you should wear in honor of the showcase.


Crystal Necklaces

Giant crystal pendants were seen throughout the 2015 fall and winter collections of Lavin last February, so you may notice them hanging from the necks of connoisseurs. For a sophisticated, sultry vibe, ladies may like the Crystal Haze 18K White Gold Hematite & Crystal Diamond Pendant Necklace by Stephen Webster for $5,500.


Flower Necklaces

Nude colored florals may make the cut throughout the week, as they are favored for a romantic fall ensemble. For an extra vibrant sparkle, put on the 18K White Gold Multi-Sapphire & Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace by Salavetti for $3,050.


Quilted Features

Chanel has had a fetish for implementing quilted elements in their designs, such as quilted cuffs. Their famous Matelassé pattern appears on many of their accessories, including the Matelassé 18K White Gold Diamond Band Ring for $2,950.


Linked Earrings

Another fall/winter trend is double chain earrings, which present a tough, yet edgy appearance. Rock the look with earrings that have chain-like elements, such as the 18K Rose Gold Link Dangle Earrings by Roberto Coin for $1,225.



Brooches are expected to be the “it” item for fall, appearing in the autumn collections of Balenciaga, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. We definitely think it will be an accessory noticed during fashion week. Avant-garde designs like the Platinum & Diamond Brooch for $8,500 may be present.


Chain Chokers

Chokers have been the ultimate statement necklace as of recently, and this season you might expect to see bold, oversized chains. To join in on the trend, wear the 18K Yellow Gold Chain Choker Necklace by Pomellato for $8,350.


Color Variations of Tones

Some of the spring and summer 2015 collections are designed with the inspiration of tonal color variations. Accessories such as the Le Baiser du Dragon 18K White Gold Bangle Bracelet by Cartier for $4,950, which features two dark tonal colors, may make a debut on the runway this week.


Bold Yellows

For spring, some of the designers are making use of vibrant yellow shades to produce a modern, romantic look. Be fashion-forward by donning the 18K Multi-Gold Light Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring by Natalie K for $19,500.


What accessory styles do you think you’ll see during the NYC Fashion Week? To view more luxury jewelry items by high-end fashion brands, visit our jewelry inventory specials.

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The September Birthstone: Beautiful Sapphire

Those who were born in the month of September are gifted with the iridescent blue sapphire as their birthstone. As a popular gemstone that is commonly incorporated into luxury designs by top labels, it seems to dominate the realm of style and beauty. Putting on a gorgeous sapphire jewelry piece is sort of like wearing a talisman that transforms you instantly into one of the royals, emitting a presence of power and strength. Unlike the famous oversized “Heart of the Ocean” sapphire necklace that was thrown into the sea in the movie Titanic, we doubt that connoisseurs would have the ability to let go of such an astounding gem. The radiance of a deep blue sapphire is a mesmerizing attribute that would make it extremely difficult to toss overboard.

But the sapphire is not limited to the shade of blue. In fact, the precious stone comes in a wide variety of colors, including pink, yellow and green. The availability of the stone in multiple colors makes it a target for creating unique designs unlike any other. Perhaps that’s why high-end fashion brands, such as Harry Winston, Cartier and Piaget, have worked with the gemstone in their art of jewelry-making. However, if you’re feeling blue in the world of luxury jewelry, it’s not a downer. It’s just the essence of the striking, beautiful sapphire.

We’ve pulled a couple upscale jewelry pieces from our jewelry inventory specials that demonstrate the prominent finery of the sapphire. Keep your imagination for luxury style afloat – and remember, never let go.

It’s hard to tell the diamonds from the sapphires in the La Pluie 18K Rose Gold Cascading Diamond & Sapphire Necklace by Chanel for $56,420 because of the wide mix of colors in the design. A rose gold chain lined with diamonds holds a series of colored pear-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires, which dangle individually.


Be the queen of the sea with the 18K White Gold Sapphire Starfish Earrings by Maggioro for $6,270, which feature yellow and blue sapphires. Black and white diamonds are also set in the white gold frame of the starfish to produce an eye-catching design.


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Embrace the Endurance of the Panther with Cartier’s PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER Collection

Dangerous, beautiful, powerful and fearless – these are the expressions that the panther showcases in the fashion world, especially through high-end jewelry. The big cat has been a long-time symbol of jewelry maker Cartier, who brought the collection back last year in celebration of the label’s 100th anniversary. The line included more than 50 new models displaying the feline in its most fierce and appealing form yet. The inspiration stemmed from visits to Africa and Asia, where founder Louis Cartier and designer Jeanne Toussaint embarked on safaris and hunting trips.

Only the boldest women contain the essence to don the exoticism of such a wild, elegant animal. Prominent ladies of Hollywood such as Eva Mendez, Lady Gaga and Olivia Wilde have worn the lavishly mystical pieces from the famous PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER collection. Debuted in the 19th century, the jewelry line was considered avant-garde for its time and continues its legacy in contemporary high fashion. The panther is a timeless icon for Cartier that now appears in many poses throughout their jewelry pieces, forever exhibiting a mysterious and sensual vibe.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the jewelry jungle of Cartier, explore their most captivating designs from their Panther collection. Represent the stamina of the wild with exquisite creations from Cartier’s collection, which are available in our jewelry inventory specials. On the hunt for prey or playfully pouncing, the panther will add a unique edge to your wardrobe with onyx spots and emerald eyes.

The smooth, shiny surface in the simple design of the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold & Emerald Brooch by Cartier for $4,450 makes the piece most appealing. A mesmerizing emerald is set for the fierce gaze of the panther. A perfect accessory for fall, the pin can be attached to nearly any garment.


Every lady needs a set of gorgeous hoop earrings like the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Hoop Dangle Earrings by Cartier for $5,800. Two elegant panther heads meet at the hoop as multi-colored yellow gold cuffs travel down their necks.


The Panthere 18K Tri-Gold Ring by Cartier for $3,400 matches the earrings above to create an exotic appearance. Two panther heads touch cheeks followed by a ring design made of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.


The accurate proportions of the panther in the Panthere 18K White Gold Panther Pendant by Cartier for $6,400 make this design truly admirable. The white gold panther seems calm and docile as it is suspended by a ring around its belly.


Reminiscent of the sapphire brooch design requested by the Duchess of Windsor in 1948, the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring by Cartier for $14,000 follows a similar concept. A glimmering sapphire is caught between the paws of an onyx-nosed panther made of yellow gold with sparkling emeralds as eyes.


What other animals do you feel dominate the fashion industry? To shop more models of PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER, browse our authentic luxury jewelry selection in our online store.

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