Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show 2017

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Taking on the Las Vegas Antique Show with Becca of BCE Jewelry, with Lenore Dailey at her booth and we ran into Sheri & Trina of Metier

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Both pieces here (left & right) are from DK Bressler and both are more than meets the eye: the dragonfly is En Tremblant and the diamond brooch can convert into other pieces of jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Two gorgeous booth photos, the left is Platt Boutique Jewelry and the right I cannot remember for the life of me!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I loved these three rings from Excalibur Jewelry, especially the open metal work on the pointer, & the right photo features an incredible Lightning Ridge Opal set in a turn-of-the-century ring from M&C Stevens

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

This large pendant/medallion made me smile, from Platt Boutique Jewelry and the photo on the right are my three favorites from Jacob’s Estate Jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Lenore Dailey’s booth is just jaw-dropping in its own right, so I always take a photo of it every year — the photo on the right is an incredible ring box full of the most beautiful pieces from Simon Teakle

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I think Blue Topaz gets a bad rap–this bracelet is crazy gorgeous, from Clayton Antiques and the photo on the right features a museum-worthy suite of early Victorian jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I always have to stop and stare at the crowns I see at the show! The right photo features some of the best rings I saw throughout the entire show–these three, from Under the Crown. Favorite stack ever.

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Always a sucker for hearts, I loved this opal brooch from DK Bressler and the photo on the right features three light blue enamel bracelets from Keyamour. Once in a lifetime shot right there!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I love to see what Joden has and this time around this necklace caught my eye–from the black enamel to the mega gemstones, wow! The photo on the right is a ring tray seen at Mary Ann-tiques

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

The combo of moonstone + rubies is so good, I think that is why I loved this bracelet from Mary Ann-tiques so much. Also this tortoise shell butterfly brooch–wow, so unique and all handcrafted. This one belongs to Platt Boutique Jewelry.

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

A box of goodies found at Lucy Verity … the photo on the right are my favorites from Mary Ann-tiques, some rectangles and ovals!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Sapphire stack from Excalibur Jewelry and the jewelry box on the right was seen at Lucy Verity–that snake bracelet is to die for and unfortunately a little too big on my wrist.

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Last photos come from Excalibur–clusters of sapphire and diamonds, which create this amazing bracelet…and the photo on the right are my favorites from Craig Evan Small.

I’ve always associated the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show with The Paris hotel, however this was the first year in a very long time that that particular location was changed. This year’s show was located at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I didn’t know what to expect at all and actually didn’t even know where the convention center was located in regards to where everything else is until the day of the show! To my surprise, I enjoyed the change–but I also will be happy when the show returns to The Paris next year. I attended on opening day and then again the following day, covering as much as I could on day one and attempting to pick up where I left off the next day. I had good company on the second day–Katie of Vada Jewelry (like last year) and Becca of BCE Jewelry who had never attended before! It was cool to see someone experience the show for the first time and she walked away with an awesome diamond cluster ring.

For some reason the reoccurring theme for me this year was large, circular pendants aka medallions. It seemed like every booth I visited, I spotted one or was attracted to one. I like how with every show, I’m not sure what I’m going to find or what I will be drawn to…it is always something different. I brought home a really cool medallion zodiac pendant, which I will share in another post! I also brought back nearly ten pieces to sell for @shopGEMGOSSIP, some of which have already sold but you can certainly browse what is still available.

From the gorgeous diamond crowns I spotted at several booths, to lots of diamond cocktail rings, there was some major selections going on at this show. Lots of buyers were going full force and commenting on what a great show it was. I noticed an up tick in traffic flow up and down the aisles and saw a lot of buying happening.

As always, I have the best time roaming the aisles, running into people I know and chatting with my favorite dealers. It is fun catching up with everyone and I can’t believe this was my sixth year attending the show. And even after six years, I still relish in finding awesome pieces and the thrill of the hunt definitely still lives on at these shows. I hope that never changes!

Thanks for another great year, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show…can’t wait until next year!


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Weekday Wardrobe: New Favorites

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Since coming back from Vegas and NYC, my days have been long and filled with writing and running all kinds of errands. From Sunday morning brunches, to post office runs, to family dinners, my style has been changing daily and almost always depends on what I have planned. Some days I’m lucky if I get a chance to breathe fresh air outside, while other days I’ve spent more time on the road in my car than normal…but that is what I like about being self-employed and I’m excited for the summer.

Most recently, I was playing in my jewelry box and for some reason or another a lightbulb went off–I took my collection of figas and strung them on my hardwire gold collar necklace. As soon as I put the necklace on I knew that this was one of my greatest moves I’ve ever made. I’m obsessed with the look and it totally caters to my collecting mantra by displaying my pieces perfectly. I actually have 6 more figas that don’t have jumprings, so I’m off now to get them put on by my jeweler.

I’ve also been experimenting with different kinds of earrings to create a “full” look, meaning ALL the way up my ear. To achieve this look without the pain of multiple piercings, I suggest some comfortable ear cuffs. Some are more comfortable than others and it depends on the craftsmanship, so try them out–see if you’re able to wear for a full day before committing to buy.

In the first photo shown, I’m wearing a pair of ombré amethyst ear studs with jackets by Jewelmak. These are so cool and give me a pop of color, which is perfect for summertime. I kept it simple up top with 14k gold balls studs in various sizes, a Paige Novick diamond ear cuff and a vintage swirl motif ear cuff I found on Ruby Lane.

The photo below shows off my figa necklace and a carved opal necklace I recently sold. My earring look is simple to recreate; two pearl stud earrings of various sizes and a gold huggie earring from Stacy Nolan.

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day One: (spent doing emails all day and typing blog posts, hence the Beavis & Butthead t-shirt)

Elongated lapis and enamel ring, from Sarah’s Vintage & Estate Jewelry in Buffalo, NY

Antique diamond & sapphire ring from Excalibur Jewelry found in Tucson this year

Pear-shaped vintage lapis ring that I can’t stop wearing because it is so comfortable and bold

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Two:

Diamond crossover pinky ring by Halleh Jewelry

“Ring One” from my Gem Gossip Jewelry line, since retired

Fringe ring in 14k yellow gold by Ashley Childs

A stack of “Ring One with diamond” from my Gem Gossip Jewelry line, since retired

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Three:

Oval vintage Mexican ring done in 14k yellow gold

Crescent moon ring in 14k yellow gold by Amanda Hunt Jewelry

Dendritic agate ring from Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Four:

Glass + 10k yellow gold ring, heirloom from my Gram

elongated diamond ring turn-of-the-century from my friend Priscilla

Diamond shaped ring set with old cut brown diamonds, from STORE 5a

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day 5:

turquoise baby rings, worn as pinky ring and midi ring

Victorian turquoise ring from eBay

Victorian turquoise ring with engraving on entire closed-back, from Gold Hatpin

Turquoise and diamond cluster ring found at the Nashville Flea Market


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Weekday Wardrobe: Accessorizing Rings & Clutches

Lately I’ve been all about wearing my newest addition to my necklace collection–this 14k yellow gold thick collar that I picked up from Arrow & Anchor Antiques. We did a trunk show together and of course, ended up buying something from her gorgeous selection. When you’re a jewelry lover (addict?) you tend to do that.

I’ve also been sorting through my vintage clutch collection, mostly which came from eBay and antique shops from my travels. Getting them out and pairing them up with different rings has been a fun thing to do, especially over the holidays. Wearing festive attire usually isn’t my thing, but I want to add something fun and different to what I normally wear when I attend holiday parties, so having these clutches is perfect for my style. I thought it would be cool to incorporate them into my Weekday Wardrobe post for this month since I promised more of these posts. Hope you enjoy!

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day One:

Navy blue enameled shield conversion ring (used to be a stick pin) — enamel refinished by Platt Boutique Jewelry

18k yellow gold Lapis ring from Sarah’s Vintage & Estate Jewelry — enamel and side stone repair by Platt Boutique Jewelry

14k yellow gold linked rings created by myself using scrap gold items and bracelet safety chains

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Two:

Victorian trio opal ring found at Brimfield in 2014

Retro flower ring with diamond, my first ever Ruby Lane purchase back in 2008 (still one of my favorites)

Opal flower cluster ring found at Nashville’s first ever Big Flea

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Three:

14k yellow gold Victorian thimble ring found at the Nashville flea market

14k yellow gold boulder opal ring specially made by BCE Jewelry for me 🙂

14k yellow gold Gemini Twins enamel ring found on eBay

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Four:

Star sapphire and enamel antique ring found from OakGem at the Miami Antique Show in 2015

Victorian dendritic agate ring found at Joden Jewelry

Victorian turquoise and diamond ring found at the Vegas Antique Show in 2013

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Five:

Edwardian diamond ring found on eBay

Platinum and diamond ring found from Hampton Estate Auction (my Christmas present from Matt this year)

14k white gold three stone diamond ring from eBay (one of my very first purchases off eBay, it originally had a ruby in the center)


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Weekday Wardrobe: 5 Rings Stacks + Earring Look II

Earring Stack Gem Gossip

Welcome back to Weekday Wardrobe—I love putting together these posts because they show off how one can style different rings. I also enjoy putting together an earring look as a bonus—last time I posted a Weekday Wardrobe blog, my earring look received a lot of applause. Someone even went out and got a third-hold piercing because of my look! I’m quite flattered and will try my best to keep the momentum going! I love styling jewelry and have really gotten into the styling realm lately. So, without further ado, here are my five jewelry looks from the past five days (one which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram because Sunday was #LenoreParty !!)

Earring Details:

PHYNE by Paige Novick double row diamond ear cuff

Vada Jewelry grey pearl ear cuff

pair of matching grey pearl stud earrings

Zoe Chicco black diamond double-finger bar ring I had made into a bar earring

Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day One:

Rectangular Dendritic Agate ring from MaeJean Vintage

Citrine modern cut dangle ring (converted from a pendant) from Jewelry Television

Two elongated Dendritic Agate rings from Joden Jewelry

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SURPRISE Wedding Day Jewelry Post: Gem Gossip Wedding

IMG_6270 IMG_6291 IMG_6311 IMG_6298 IMG_6358 IMG_6333

Hey! It is Danielle, your newly married jewelry blogger, here to surprise you with a special blog post featuring my wedding day jewels! I know I’m supposed to be enjoying the moment and packing for my honeymoon, but I felt the need to show my dedicated readers what I wore on my big day, especially since this year has been so crazy and I have you all to thank for making it possible to have Gem Gossip as my full-time gig.

As soon as I got engaged, I knew I wanted “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,” to be a big part of my wedding day jewelry. My dress limited me from wearing a necklace–so my focus was on EARRINGS. They would be my statement piece! I fell in love with this pair from Andreoli Jewelry last year when I took part in Luxury Prive Preview in NYC. To my disbelief, the earrings were one-of-a-kind and had since sold. I had been searching for something else for months before my wedding, with nothing else comparing because all I wanted were those coral, diamond and emerald cabochon tassel earrings!! Just weeks before my big day, I got news that antoher pair were created and everything worked out. These dream earrings were going to be a part of my wedding day ensemble and I couldn’t have been happier! Thanks Andreoli Jewelry for letting me borrow these incredible, statement-making earrings. They are the prettiest pair of earrings I’ve ever seen, in my opinion.


Right hand, pinky ring: My something blue–a blue topaz heart ring that I’ve had for a couple years now–I designed it shortly after I first got engaged and wasn’t supposed to wear it until my wedding day, which never panned out. I wore it A LOT in between then and now, and I’m very proud to wear it on my wedding day.

Right hand, ring finger: my something new–both pieces were designed specifically for my wedding day by Rocks & Metals in Brentwood, TN. The modern fede ring was made from a piece of scrap cut off from a larger design–it features two hands, one slipping a ring onto the other. The other ring is a six-diamond band, totaling 1.50 carats, which was made from scratch. I’ve always wanted a band like this, but with Old Mine cut diamonds, and I could never find one tiny enough that fit the bill. Hence, just make one yourself! It will replace lots of tiny, tiny diamond bands that I have. Bigger is better.

Right hand, middle finger: my wedding day present from Matt. This ring first crossed my path when I visited Joden in Grove City, PA on my Pennsylvania Jewelry Road Trip! After I got home from my trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ring and thought it would be a perfect wedding day present because of the opal. October’s birthstone of opal would be significant since it not only is when we said “I do,” but it is also Matt’s birthstone. The ring also got a slight makeover, which happened only five days prior to my wedding date. (I’ll post the BEFORE photo on my Instagram page). I wanted the focus to be on the insane boulder opal that it was all about rather than some fanciness surrounding it. Plus I thought it looked too 1980s, since that was most likely when it was made. I absoultely love this ring and I will treasure it forever. Thanks Joden for having such a cool ring and special thanks to Rocks & Metals for giving it a makeover under my direction. It turned out exactly what I had pictured!

Left hand, pointer finger: this is my something old…and my extremely sentimental finger stack. My grandparents wedding bands–both my grandfather’s (who has since passed) and grandmother’s (who was there to celebrate). Their love and strong bond is such an inspiration to me, which is why I chose the date of October 21st as my wedding date–it was their wedding date as well, only 59 years ago and in Italy. Their bands are engraved with their wedding date and names. The other ring I stacked on top is my other grandma’s ring–who couldn’t make it to the wedding. She is as hard-headed as they come and refuses to travel by airplane and also doesn’t own a car…hence why she couldn’t make it. She wore this ring most of her life.

Left hand, ring finger: my engagement ring! Most know the story about my engagement ring. My wedding band is a delicate, hand engraved with a really feminine pattern, band done in a matching rosy gold. I picked up the band when I was out in California taking my 20-stone exam at GIA, completing my Graduate Gemologist degree. Matt was out there with me, and on the 2nd day/2nd attempt I passed, which meant we were in California for three more days with no prior plans! He immediately picked me up from passing my exam and we went down to Ocean Beach to check out my favorite store–Ocean Beach Antique Mall, where they famously have a mini treasure chest full of rings that you can sift through. It was in that treasure chest that I found that dainty ring. It was the only ring I’ve ever tried on with my engagement ring that didn’t detract from the look of my engagement ring and seemed as though it complemented it rather than overwhelmed it. That trip to California was very significant in my career, so it was the perfect moment to find that ring that would forever become my wedding band.

>> Hoping to post more about my wedding when I get back from my honeymoon. xoxo Gem Gossip

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30 Days of Engagement Rings: The Best of the Best Right Now!

30 Days of Engagement Rings

As my big day is looming closer and closer, I’ve decided to dedicate all of August to bringing you the best out there in terms of engagement rings! So if you’re in the market for an engagement ring or wanting to upgrade/redesign your current one, this is the ultimate engagement ring guide. Thirty breath-taking rings, covering different and unique styles, taking into consideration the top requests of brides-to-be, pulling together all my resources to narrow it down to 30. It should be mentioned that no one has paid me to be included in this list; it is truly a compilation that took several days to put together, focusing solely on choosing a wide variety of timeless rings that I felt every bride would say YES to and treasure for years to come!

So without further ado, the 30 Days of Engagement Rings!!

Day 1: From Craig Evan Small >> Center Old Mine cut diamond 1.25 ct. flanked by smaller diamonds, circa 1910.

Day 2: From Craig Evan Small >> Platinum 1.40 ct. center diamond set with calibre cut sapphire accents, circa 1920s.

Day 3: From Craig Evan Small >> A Victorian cluster ring, clover motif in 18k yellow gold set with three Old Mine cut diamonds totaling 3.00 carats.

Day 4: From Craig Evan Small >> Edwardian dome-shaped in platinum for a low-profile feel set with a 1.23 ct. center Old European cut diamond.

Day 5: From Erstwhile Jewelry >> A cross between a marquise cut and an oval cut–a “moval” 3.25 ct. outstanding diamond with French origin.

Day 6: From Polly Wales Jewelry >> Five pyramid halo ring featuring inverted diamonds for an alternative look.

Day 7: From McTeigue & McClelland >> European Ideal cut diamond Aperta Stretta ring 1.43 carats in 18k & Platinum.

Day 8: From Lang Antiques >> Such a unique Victorian cluster ring with an Old Mine cut center approx. 0.80 ct. center surrounded by bezel set diamonds.

Day 9: From A.Brandt+Son >> This dome of filigree is a popular look from the Art Deco Era, this ring has since sold, however their inventory is large!

Day 10: From Sophie Bille Brahe >> The Escalier de Lune ring in 18k yellow gold would make an awesome alternative engagement ring.

Day 11: From Sarah Swell Jewelry >> The Fern Dell Solitaire ring in 18k yellow gold has such a unique silhouette with a nature-inspired feel.

Day 12: From Karen Karch Jewelry >> The Floating Star Tiara ring fit for a queen–or just a really badass chic!

Day 13: From Filigree Jewelers >> Classic filigree style of the 1920s set with a 1.19 ct. Old European cut diamond.

Day 14: From Sofia Kaman >> The Twiggy Band with a yellow sapphire bezel set for those who don’t want a diamond.

Day 15: From Mirlo NY >> Trillion cut white sapphire prong set on a 14k gold band–great option for those who can’t afford a diamond right away.

Day 16: From Alison Lou >> Their “Mrs.” rings because these would make a cool option for an engagement ring–personalize the gemstone and letter.

Day 17: From Taffin Jewelry >> Try something really different like a shield cut diamond or enamel band.

Day 18: From Gatsby Jewellery >> A spin on a classic solitaire featuring a 1.23 ct. Old European cut diamond in platinum.

Day 19: From Macklowe Gallery >> A gorgeous Art Deco ring in platinum set with 1.59 ct. Old European cut diamond flanked by marquise cut diamonds.

Day 20: From Jade Trau >> The Rae Wrap ring is like a swoop of gold wrapped around your finger with a big diamond sparkling at the end.

Day 21: From Joden Jewelers >> A truly unique antique ring set with 4 Old European cut diamonds in a cluster of nearly 3 carats total!

Day 22: From Elisa Solomon Jewelry >> A one-of-a-kind antique rose cut heart ring with antique rose cut melee gives off a Bohemain vibe.

Day 23: From Trumpet & Horn >> Named the Cloverdale ring this Edwardian engagement ring is perfect those wanted something no one else has!

Day 24: From Levy’s Fine Jewelry >> Emerald accents make this alternative antique ring even more stunning–it has since sold, but click link for more!

Day 25: From Doyle & Doyle >> An Old European cut Victorian ring with black enamel detail for an impeccably stylish bride-to-be.

Day 26: From A La Vieille Russie >> Unique Arts & Crafts domed ring with black enamel filled etched designs, set with three diamonds.

Day 27: From Berganza >> A crossover, bypass style (similar to my personal engagement ring) set with a 2.28 ct. & 2.18 ct. diamonds.

Day 28: From Estate Diamond Jewelry >> Classic three-stone diamond ring, this one set in platinum with Old European cut diamonds and bezel settings.

Day 29: From Excalibur Estate Jewelry >> A nicely decorated BIG European cut diamond, try 3.56 ct., framed by scalloped parenthesis of diamonds.

Day 30: From The Three Graces >> Heart-shaped diamond set in a modern platinum mounting flanked by a rose cut diamond.

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My Jewel Box: Dendritic Agate Rings from My Pennsylvania Road Trip

Gem Gossip Jewel Box

I kind of fell in love with dendritic agate while I was out in Pennsylvania on my road trip–not sure if it was due to the rolling hills or the amount of land free of buildings that I encountered while there, but it was abundant. The first one that started it all is the rectangular ring spotted while visiting the MaeJean Vintage sisters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The girls had so much eye candy to look at, but for some reason that ring was calling my name. It also should be said that my friend Jenn of @bellflowerbay was texting me the night before showing me her new moss agate ring, and she had mentioned that I didn’t have any myself (says a girl who knows my jewelry box just as much as her own ;)) And she was right! I love moss and dendritic agates, just never focused in on finding any or none have struck me enough to buy.

The rectangular dendritic agate ring decided to come home with me from MaeJean Vintage, but not without getting some interesting info that the sisters dug up about the piece! I love how passionate both Amanda and Laura are–they don’t just attain an inventory and sell it, they understand it, research it and teach others. There’s a lot to be said by treating your business this way and so much more growth comes out of it. The girls noticed a few extra letters after the 10k hallmark on the ring. The letters M S followed 10k which piqued their interest–they had to find out what that M S stood for! After researching, they found that M S stands for the firm Miller-Steinau which was based in Portland, Oregon and specialized in jewelry made from genuine moss agate, petrified wood, & rock crystal quartz. How cool!

The next day I was on the road again, this time headed to Grove City, PA. When you walk into Joden Jewelers, you immediately realize you haven’t planned enough time for all the amazingness that is in one store. I was right. After touring the store and trying on tons of jewelry, speaking with the owner Joe and listening to his fun stories, I had only a couple spare minutes to make some tough decisions–what to bring home with me?! My dendritic agate kick kept going, as I chose two more–these though had different shapes, one elongated oval and the other a skinny navette that was very long. It wasn’t until I was in the car headed back home to Tennesse that I realized all three rings had the exact same shoulders. Could it be, they were all made by the same company–that company in Portland, Oregon?! Turns out the elonged navette also says 10k M S but the other does not. The oval is stamped 10k on both sides of the ring, which I find odd, and the font is totally different.

These rings are definitely interesting and fun to wear. I especially love how they are easy to access, as they aren’t hard to find out there and are inexpensive for fine jewelry. I think it is important to buy a moss or dendritic agate that has a cool and unique pattern of inclusions. Thanks MaeJean Vintage and Joden Jewelers for the newest members of my personal collection!


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My Jewel Box: Vintage Multi-Gemstone Dangle Ring

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box s_59237rg_fsa_toumanova_tamara Tamara_Toumanova_&_Serge_Lifar

A dangling rainbow of gemstones was held up before my eyes when I last visited Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA. You know the feeling when you see something that is destined to be yours?! In that moment this ring was made for me and as I slipped on the ring it gave me a Cinderella, glass slipper moment. Lucky for me, my fantasy didn’t end when the clock struck midnight. I was going to be taking this baby home with me, but it was then that the story got even more interesting…

Joe, the owner of Joden Jewelers, began to explain about a large estate he had purchased from a well-known celebrity. The woman’s name was Tamara Toumanova, a child-prodigy ballerina who was highly acclaimed worldwide and toured the world performing. A critic once wrote about her and her dancing as having, “large dark eyes, raven wings of hair and magnolia skin, she combined lyricism and virtuosity to a remarkable degree.” (Read the NY Times article about her) She later starred in a few Hollywood movies, most notably Days of Glory and married Casey Robinson, a film producer and screen writer. It is incredible to own something that once belonged to someone famous, especially when it comes to vintage and antique jewelry, we as collectors always wish to know more about the history of each piece. This gives more of an idea, knowing who owned it before, but I still am curious where and when she acquired this ring! So interesting to think about! Having a ballerina past as well, this makes me feel even more closer to Ms. Toumanova.

Thanks Joden Jewelers! Do any of you own a piece of jewelry that was once owned by someone famous?!

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Egyptian Revival Jewelry from Joden Jewelry

Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival

Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival

Egyptian Revival Jewelry from Joden Jewelers Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival

Distant and exotic civilizations inspired many creations during the early 1920s and onward to spur a movement called “Egyptian Revival,” which characterized the type of jewelry that was influenced by ancient Egypt. In November of 1922, the efforts of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter culminated in the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was located in Egypt within the Valley of the Kings. Their incredible discovery was esteemed as one of the most valuable archaeological finds of the 20th Century! This completely enthralled and aroused much interest throughout the world. Although Egyptian influence had already begun decades prior, the Egyptian Revival movement was heaviest following that particular discovery. Prior to that, author Vivienne Becker explains, “Ancient Egypt had been a design inspiration throughout the 19th century, particularly in France, from the time of Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt in 1798, although the effect was really only felt in the jewelry world in the 1860s, following discoveries of ancient Egyptian ornaments by the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, and around the time of the opening of the Suez Canal, by the Empress Eugenie, in 1869″ (Becker, Vivienne. “Five Rare Egyptian-Revival Jewels” Sotheby’s Magazine. November 2013.)

Pyramids, sphinxes, obelisks, palmettes, lotus flowers, scarabs, hieroglyphics, and hieroglyph imitations became all the rage in jewelry design and motif. Egyptian dieties like Isis, the falcon god Horus, the lion goddess Sekmeth and a few others also became popular. Ankhs symbolized eternal life and scarabs represented rebirth. The upheaval of Egyptian motifs actually paired really well with the Art Deco aesthetic at the time–things like Egyptian blue colored faience, lapis and carnelian inlay, colored enamel work, and bright yellow gold. Faience is a sintered quartz ceramic, like ancient pottery in a way, it was used to create scarabs and other Egyptian objects and amulets. Big names like Cartier, Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels followed suite and designed multiple piece during the early 1920s/30s typical of Egyptian Revival theme.

When I visited Joden Jewelry in July, located in Grove City, Pennsylvania, I was blown away by their extensive inventory. So many eras all in one place–so many niches for any and every collector. I knew they would have quite a collection of Egyptian Revival jewelry, and I was right! From micromosaics to real scarab beetles, and a few things in between–even spanning different time periods of the movement as well. These seven pieces featured from Joden Jewelry will enamor any Egyptian Revival collector, whether you’re just a beginner or have been collecting for years!

Round circular brooch featuring a micromosaic pharaoh: this spectacular piece was created using over 1,000 tiny pieces of thin, tile-shaped glass or stone to create this image of an Egyptian pharaoh. The gold surrounding frame holds the micromosaic which consists of a white background, Egyptian blue outline, and multitonal hues of reds, greens, and flesh-tone tiles. Price: $3,000 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Enamel and diamond winged pharaoh brooch: another unique piece of Egyptian Revival jewelry, handmade through and through, down to the dangling bell-shaped detail. The white and blue enamel are some of the Egyptian colors consistently used with revival jewelry. There are rose cut diamonds along the wings and a lovely pharaoh in the center. Price: $5,685 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Bloodstone scarab ring: scarabs are carved from many different gemstones sometimes even faience which is not a gemstone. Bloodstone is such a unique gemstone to carve a scarab into–you don’t see too many like that! It should be noted that this piece is finely detailed, down to the legs of the scarab being distinctly carved as well. The scarab is set using a pin through the stone and held in place with two small gold beads. The ring is currently a size 7.5 and done in 14k yellow gold–it can easily be sized up or down! Price: $800 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Intricate and striking micromosaic brooch: a masterpiece of tiny glass and stone tiles, this brooch has multiple elements of Egyptian Revival jewelry going on–the pharaoh is first and foremost, then the Etruscan detailing, followed by the motifs of serpents and hieroglyphics depicted throughout. The colors are bright and warm, and the black is a great contrast. This is an example of an earlier Egyptian Revival piece, taking its place during the Victorian Era. Price: $11,375 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Real beetle fringe necklace: if you want something that will surely strike up a conversation, this real beetle fringe necklace is an ideal piece! It dates back to the Victorian Era during which the first round of Egyptian influence began in the world of jewelry. There are 16 actual scarabs with iridescent green carapaces–and no two are exactly the same! I like to call these Cleopatra’s ornaments! CALL FOR PRICE/PURCHASE

Real beetle earrings: of course you must own the earrings if you buy the necklace–OR if you want to try out the real beetle jewelry look but don’t want something too large, these earrings are the right idea! They are handmade set in gold frames (of an unknown karat) and use wire to recreate legs and antenna that are visible from the front and continue on the backs. CALL FOR PRICE/PURCHASE

Double serpet scarab brooch: this is one of my favorites! Two serpents go head-to-head creating coiled tails, and encircling a scarab. I love the wings on this brooch–it is already such a powerful piece of symbolizism with the snake representing protection and the scarab representing rebirth and life, and the wings just make it that much more special. A strong piece with a story to tell! Price: $5,750 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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My Jewel Box: A Clover, A Gator, & Diamonds!

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box

After browsing the “My Jewel Box” category, I realized there are quite a few pieces from my personal collection that are missing! I’ve always had it as my goal to write about every piece in my collection and file it under this category, but c’est la vie, right?! Trying to catch up as best as I can in the next few days!

The first photo features four of my all-time favorite rings along with a pair of costume jewelry clip-on earrings that have a very special meaning. Let’s start from the bottom (cuz now we’re here) this ring is from the Jewelry Box of Lake Forest and you can read its full story here. The next ring is insane and I cannot believe what a good deal I got off eBay, you can read its full story here. The ring set with a web of diamonds and sapphires is my first pawn shop score ever–and to think I almost didn’t get it because I had just moved to Tennessee and didn’t quite have any money/job…luckily layaway is a thing and this pawn shop offered it! No matter how much my style has changed since seven years ago–that ring is still one of my favorites. The top ring I bought myself for my 30th birthday, it was an eBay score and a “make offer” deal. The costume earrings were bought by my mom at a garage sale years ago, I remember her buying them and I also remember all the flea markets and garage sales she brought me to growing up. I think that is where my treasure hunting instinct began.

The second photo features two odd rings from my collection and I say odd because if one would not think of these rings when describing my style. I actually love these rings and for some reason they easily transport me to feeling very cool. The alligator ring is stamped 14k Italy and is from Joint Venture Jewelry–I spotted it on their website one day while browsing, something I like to do at least once a month. They always have some neat things! The gun ring is one of those types of rings that resemble a gumball machine kind of ring–it is even just as lightweight as one, but this one is actually the real deal. It has a sort of badassness to it.

The last picture is one of my favorite stacks ever and favorite photos ever (it is currently my iPhone background). I’m wearing a Tiffany & Co. open Atlas ring on my pinky (a gift from Matt for my 30th birthday), my engagement ring, and Edwardian Old Mine cut diamond ring and the newest addition–a natural pearl and diamond clover ring from Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA–which came home with me from my Pennsylvania Jewelry Road Trip!

What are some new rings you’ve added to your collection?!

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