High Jewelry Made a Big Impact at Paris Couture Week

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Haute couture is one-of-a-kind creations crafted from the finest materials by skilled artisans using century-old techniques. Haute couture had humble beginnings. In 1858, an English couturier, Charles Frederick Worth, established the first haute couture house in Paris championing exclusive luxury fashion for the upper-class woman and coining the term “fashion designer” in lieu of the basic dressmaker. Today, haute couture is still synonymous with high-quality materials and workmanship. And when haute couture meets haute joaillerie (high jewelry), the result is transformative! The jewelry becomes an extension of the designer’s vision for his or her collection creating a complete story – one that is truly a work of art!

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Giambattista Valli accessorized his haute couture collection, comprising of ethereal tulle gowns, draped silk chiffon dresses and embellished minis with exquisite vintage jewels from Eleuteri. The jewels focused mainly on bracelets featuring a glorious 1950s French amethyst and turquoise piece as well as a intricate jade and gold design from David Webb and several Tubogas wristwatches from Bulgari.


GuoPei5 GuoPei10 GuoPei7 GuoPei8 GuoPei4 GuoPei6 GuoPei3 GuoPei2 GuoPei


The Chinese designer made a name for herself when she dressed singer Rihanna in yellow couture for the MET’s “China through the Looking Glass” gala and red carpet. For her haute couture collection, she collaborated with Chopard paying homage to the golden era of haute couture and Hollywood icons of the 50s. The results were a perfect fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, high fashion and exquisite jewels.

The deep jewel toned hues of Pei’s dresses paired effortlessly with Chopard’s the Silk Road collection, which featured an emerald bib necklace, diamond and pearl drop earrings and an amethyst pendant necklace. The Chopard jewels complemented the opulence and extravagance of Pei’s couture collection perfectly.


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colettejewelry thegemhunter Theedencollective jacquieaiche roseark dovesjewelry loganhollowelljewelry brokenenglishjewelry sirciamjewelry

from top to bottom:

Colette Jewelry stacks up some new pieces that are dark yet colorful!

The Gem Hunter showing off some rings of the day, including some that are for sale

The Eden Collective creates a moody feminine vibe with cameos and black hearts

a fist full of Jacquie Aiche jewels some of my favorites in her collections

Roseark wearing Gienia Design + Barry Brinker Fine Jewelry, a winning combination

Doves Jewelry proves that all one color can have a major impact, love it

Logan Hollowell Jewelry creates stacks that are elegant, trendy and downright beautiful

Broken English Jewelry plays with Andrea Fohrman’s celestial rings

stacks and stacks of Sirciam Jewelry on the fingers and on jewelry cases

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30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry into Summertime!

GemGossip.com GemGossip.com GemGossip.com GemGossip.com GemGossip.com

Summer is next week–can you believe it?! Are you ready?! One of my most favorite things to do in the summer is to plan activities that I wouldn’t normally get to do…this involves taking days off from work, surrounding myself with people I love, and living my best life. I also like making lists or a group of goals to complete over the summer–they can be wishful thinking or very, very serious. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry just in time for summer!

1. Pick a gemstone, any gemstone, and learn all about it.

2. Find a gem show that is coming to your area and attend!

3. Have a gem or mineral specimen collection? Reorganize it in a cool way.

4. Plan a trip to go gem mining.

5. Do you have a favorite Instagrammer in our jewelry community? Plan a summer meetup.

6. Pick a state that is somewhat close to you, and research the best jewelry store they have to offer. Plan a visit!

7. Make a cool treat on a hot day–these gem ice trays can be filled with any fruity liquid!

8. Find a gemstone print top, bathing suit or towel and wear it to the beach.

9. Reserve a day at the nail salon and go for a gemstone manicure!

10. Buy that jewelry book you’ve been eyeing and lay by the pool with it!

11. Scout out some amazing flowers in your city, buy them, and take some jewelry photos with them.

12. Find a new way of wearing some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

13. Take a day to clean your most-worn pieces of jewelry.

14. Plan a SWAP party with friends that also love jewelry.

15. Pick a time period you don’t know as much about as your favorite jewelry period, and learn about it!

16. Spend an entire day “hunting” for antique jewelry online–but do it by a pool.

17. Learn about crystal healing and depending on where you live, schedule an appointment with an expert.

18. Throw a gemstone-themed party!

19. Learn about a new designer you’ve never heard of before.

20. Need a new way to store your jewelry? Splurge on a jewelry cabinet and reconfigure it if necessary.

21. Take a jewelry making class.

22. Decide on creating a charm bracelet or necklace–gather charms, buy some new ones and put it together.

23. Get something very special and sentimental made into a piece of jewelry.

24. Size all of your fingers and keep it written down.

25. Get registered to bid at your favorite auction houses.

26. Put on all your favorite Art Deco jewels and watch a 1920s old movie.

27. Hit up your local estate sales or garage sales. You never know!

28. Tell someone thank you by gifting them a piece of jewelry.

29. Get lost on Pinterest by searching “antique jewelry” or “jewelry.”

30. Pick your favorite medium (water colors, arcryllics, pencil, etc) and try drawing/painting a diamond.


WANT MORE? Search my summer favorites

Let me know which of these you want to do! –> @gemgossip

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The Top Jewels that Sparkled in Cannes, 2017

Rihanna Chopard All photos via Getty Images

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably one of the best showcases for the top international jewelry houses to showcase their finest and brightest gems and designs for the world to see.

This 12-day festival brings out the most exceptional designs and creations from the likes of Chopard to Harry Winston.

It’s where you can see leading ladies like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain as well as ingénues like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna parading down the red carpet in the latest couture gowns and decadent jewels.

Here are the best jewels from the most revered jewelry houses that were showcased on the festival’s red carpet.


The jewelry house has a deep history with the Festival as it’s been the official partner and designer of the coveted Palme d’Or trophy awarded to the most critically-acclaimed movie. This year, the buzz on the red carpet was their collaboration with music super-star Rihanna.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Singer Rihanna wore emerald, rock crystal quartz and diamond earrings, a black nephrite and diamond bracelet with a 31.95-carat emerald, three emerald and diamond rings and a floral bracelet set with diamonds, all from the Rihanna Loves Chopard High Jewellery collection, at the premiere of the movie ‘Okja’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Model Adriana Lima wore a diamond bib by Chopard at the screening of the film ‘Loveless’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Actress Miriam Odemba wore a titanium and white gold necklace with kunzites, beryls, tanzanites and diamonds, and matching earrings, from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard.

Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip

Karolina Kurkova wore a sapphire and diamond necklace from the High Jewellery Collection from Chopard at the premiere of ‘Based on a True Story’.

Actress Juliette Binoche wore platinum and diamond earrings by Chopard.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen wore diamond flower stud earrings by Chopard. We simply adore the placement of these earrings.


This jewelry house showcased some of the best and boldest designs to hit the red carpet with their use of brilliant colored stones.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Hailey Baldwin wore stunning drop earrings set with white and brown diamonds, and edged with citrine briolettes.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Jenaye Noah wore a pair of exquisite de Grisogono chandelier earrings that glowed with oval-cut citrines from their Melody of Colours collection. A perfect compliment to her vibrant blue gown.


This iconic jewelry house showcased their classic Serpenti jewelry and picked up major press when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was photographed wearing their pieces both on the red carpet and on her personal Instagram.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model Bella Hadid wore a Bulgari High Jewellery Serpenti necklace and bracelet in white gold.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski combined two Bulgari necklaces, one comprised of pearls, rubellites and diamonds from the High Jewelry Collection and the other pendant necklace made with diamonds, emerald and rubies.


The design house had some of the most striking statement-making pieces to hit the red carpet at Cannes. Actress Salma Hayek’s necklace rendered us both breathless and speechless!

BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip

Actress Salma Hayek wore the Baïkal necklace with a 78.33-carat Santa Maria aquamarine, moonstones, Akoya pearls and diamonds from the new Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection by Boucheron

Model Laetitia Casta paired the Lumière de Nuit diamond and pearl earrings from Boucheron’s Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection with her gown at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories in Cannes

De Beers

The classic diamond jewelry house is known for their slogan “a diamond is forever” .This year, Chinese movie actress and taste maker Fan Bingbing embodies the classic elegance of Hollywood that the brand is synonymous with as she modelled a coveted collection of jewels from the house.

debeers | Gem Gossip debeers | Gem Gossip

Fan Bingbing wore the Arpeggia five-line earrings, bracelet and Aria ring at the ‘Amant Double’ premiere.


Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

At the closing of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand ambassador since 2015, paired her show-stopping gown with earrings in white gold set with diamonds from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection Sunlight Journey.

Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

Model CoCo Rocha wore earrings in white gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and black opal from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Another noteworthy mention is model Naomi Campbell’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Harry Winston

Known as the “jeweler to the stars” and Nicole Kidman’s ‘go to’ jeweler, Harry Winston notably had Nicole Kidman wear his jewelry on the red carpet. Best bet as she had the most films to debut on the Cannes Red Carpet this year.

Harry Winston | Gem Gossip Harry Winston | Gem Gossip

Nicole Kidman wore Secret Cluster diamond earrings, Sunflower ring and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston at ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ premiere.

All above photos via Getty images.

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Top Five Pieces I Wanted to Take Home With Me at Couture 2017

Couture | Gem Gossip

This year the Couture show opened its doors to hundreds of buyers and press from all over the world, while I walked in a day late of opening day, I was quick and eager to dive into all that it had to offer. Each designer stood beaming behind their booths, creativity on full power and all their blood, sweat and tears front and center under the grappling lights. More on the show in general in a few days, but I wanted to focus in on five pieces, from five different designers that I felt stood out to me. These pieces may not be the flashiest or have the biggest gemstones; they are pieces I would want for my personal collection–items I could see myself wearing and enjoying on a daily basis. There are lots of jewels at Couture that were bold, striking and great for editorial shoots–but translating them into every day wear for an average American didn’t quite fit in my eyes. Yes these jewels might be fun to drool over, to take a photo of, or to just simply stare at, but as I stood there thinking to myself, “what if I owned a store in Nashville, what would I buy that would fit my audience?” I realized that sort of changed my entire thinking while browsing. Most of the time when I’m in “Gem Gossip mode” I’m one-sided in my thinking, focusing on what pieces would photograph well, what would my followers want to see, what would get the most “likes.” So here are my top five pieces that I surely wanted to take home with me at Couture 2017!

1. Anthony Lent Crescent Moonface bangles: being celestial obsessed must be commemorated somehow and these bangles fit the bill in many ways. First off, they are wearable and go with just about anything, for any occasion. Secondly, they are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Best part is they are each hand-made by Anthony Lent himself in his Philadelphia-based studio.

See the Anthony Lent website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

2. Anything in opal from Jacquie Aiche: If you’ve visited Jacquie Aiche’s booth at Couture, you know–every year she outfits her spot in gems and mineral specimens that have you feeling like you’ve been transported to her world. And once inside, there’s no shortage of jewelry–each corner and nook is filled with displays, dripping in jewelry. And that’s exactly their mantra–cover yourself in their pieces and style yourself to the max. Every necklace, bracelet, earring, ring and body chain complements one another, and now we know why she has so many devote “tribe” members!

See the Jacquie Aiche website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

3. Stackable, easy on-and-off chokers from Suzanne Kalan: ok, we all have realized chokers are still going strong in popularity and if you’re really wanting to invest in something that is well-constructed, easy to wear, and gorgeous all-around, I suggest these! Suzanne Kalan is known for her baguette diamond wizardry and she follows through again in the choker design department. At the show, the chokers were displayed in large bunches, stacked together and they looked just as good, if not better when worn! There’s no clasp or ties, it is flexible, so you can take it on and off SO easily!

See the Suzanne Kalan website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

4. Enamel surf boards from Tara Hirshberg: I loved all the charms I was seeing at Couture this year and these enameled surf boards were a definite highlight from the debuting designer. I have never surfed before in my life and honestly am frightened beyond belief of the ocean, but even with those pitted against me, I have never wanted a gold surf board more in my life! haha! I love the colors used, the size of them and the wearability. Creating surf-related jewels came naturally for LA-based designer Tara and her ocean living and ocean loving life.

See the Tara Hirshberg website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

5. New diamond bow rings from Arik Kastan: I always look forward to seeing the new designs from vintage-inspired Arik Kastan. This year’s new bow rings had my head spinning and jaw-dropping. They are perfect to stack and fit right in with other antique pieces, as seen here stacked with some other fun Arik Kastan rings. Loving all the green agate too! Tough decision though choosing which bow–the top or bottom??

See the Arik Kastan website here.

Couture 2017

Want more? See my top picks from last year’s show!

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From a different side of the world, I woke up in Vegas and to my luck, I found myself surrounded by shiny objects! I’m at the JCK Luxury show in Las Vegas again this year and this time I’m on the lookout for unique jewels to inspire you.

The JCK Luxury show truly is a bridal paradise. With so many engagement rings to choose from, it’s the perfect place to change your mind and upgrade to something bigger or different! Of course, I’m not thinking of doing this (yet!) I just got engaged in Venice and I can’t take my eyes off my own engagement ring. But it’s nice to dream.

You already know how much I love and recommend coloured diamonds from my earlier review of the Taylor & Hart Moi Et Toi engagement ring with yellow diamonds. This time, I was lucky enough to see some amazing examples of pink and even green diamonds, which I’ll share with you. Lucky owners of unique engagement rings love to explore other possibilities for their ears, necks, and fingers.

So sit back and enjoy this unique collection of some of the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewels from the JCK Luxury Show 2017. I’ve got interviews with some amazing jewellery designers, with some unique behind-the-scenes coverage of my Las Vegas experience.

Stay up to date on all of my jewellery adventures and follow GEMOLOGUE on Instagram and Facebook. You can also subscribe to the GEMOLOGUE newsletter for all the latest news.

💎💎💎In conversation with @EricaCourtneyJewels at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas, LA based jewelry designer, Drop Dead Gorgeous, the queen of colored gemstones 😍😍😍 🎥 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #ericacourtney GEMOLOGUE.COM 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

Lovely Erica was featured last year in 10 Jewellery Designers to Know from JCK Luxury Las Vegas. We talked about how she got started on her jewellery journey. If you’re an emerging jewellery designer, you’ll find Erica to be a great source of inspiration. Her unique use of paraiba tourmaline in unique designs adds a delicious layer of colour. I love paraiba tourmaline. It’s a blue that reminds of my favourite place in the Maldives. What makes it such a special gemstone? Tell me in the comments below.

💎💎💎Have you ever seen a #WatermelonTourmaline?! 😍 In conversation with Meira of @MeiraTJewelry at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas! @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #meirat GEMOLOGUE.com 🎥 @lizaurla

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As you might remember, I was the  face for the Meira T campaign for an international advertisement campaign and in Harrods. We shot the campaign in NYC overlooking Central Park. It was amazing. I’m so happy to be able to catch up with Meira T herself and see her fabulous new jewellery pieces. Talk about unique! She a pioneer of slices in  jewellery designs like this beautiful watermelon tourmaline slice pendant. If you’ve never seen a gemstone like this before, it’s called watermelon for a reason. An incredibly unique gemstone with a mouth-watering pink centre and delicious green outer layer, it looks good enough to eat. Tourmalines come in a wide range of exciting colours and are unlike any other in their colourful variety. I’m beginning to think it’s the Year of the Tourmaline!

💎💎💎Have you seen the diamond art of @Angie_Crabtree at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas? I need the phone case with Angie’s drawing of my #engagementring diamond 😍 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #angiecrabtree GEMOLOGUE.COM 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

Amongst all the most beautiful jewels, unique gemstones, and extraordinary diamonds, I found a talented artist by the name of Angie Crabtree. Her medium is the canvas. She paints diamonds and famous diamond cuts with the utmost precision. She’ll even create a painting of your very own diamond engagement ring to remind you of your wonderful husband. So when your mind starts to dream of bigger diamond engagement rings, you can just turn to your marvellous painting. Angie’s first commission was a five-foot-high diamond painting. Imagine! Don’t forget to check out her new Angie’s new line of iPhone cases before they sell out!

💎💎💎I am officially all about #coloureddiamonds right now. Only one in every 10,000 diamonds possesses natural colour and is referred to as a #coloureddiamond! How amazing is this #engagementring with intense #GREENdiamond by @Uneekjewelry at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas 😍 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #uneekjewelry #greendiamonds GEMOLOGUE.com 🎥 @lizaurla Bridal henna by @bodhihenna, celebrating my engagement!

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

Close your eyes and repeat, “Dazzling brilliance. Captivating colour.” The planet’s most valued gems are fancy colour diamonds. My dreams come true, captured here by Uneek. This is the second green diamond I’ve ever seen. (The first time was at Harrods in London by Lorraine Schwartz). This green diamond is by Uneek Jewels and is one of a kind and unique. The most famous green diamond is the 41ct Dresden Green Diamond. It’s also the largest and the finest specimen for its truly unique colour.

💎💎💎 Everyday I feel blessed! Just saw 30 carat diamond worth $6.4m at @RahaminovDiamonds in JCK Luxury @JCKEvents 😍😍😍 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #rahaminovdiamonds GEMOLOGUE.COM 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

But you know, I can’t just limit myself to coloured diamonds! My obsession for diamonds transcends colour! Just take a look at this 30-carat oval diamond from Rahaminov Diamonds, worth $6.4M. Any takers? Don’t be shy! My email is [email protected] Funny enough, after I shared this unique diamond, I was asked to find a 50-carat diamond for a client. There are no limits to people’s imagination! With diamonds, it’s not always about the size but also the story behind them. Like the beautiful ring that Tamara showed me with two white diamonds and one yellow diamond to symbolize her three children (two girls and a boy). Clink on the link to see this magnificent ring.

💎💎💎Do you like #paraibatourmaline as much as I do? Discovering @GrazielaGems paraiba tourmaline slices from Brazil I have never seen before at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents! 😍 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #grazielagems GEMOLOGUE.COM 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

In the middle of the interview with Brazilian Graziela, she mentioned whether I’d heard about the attacks in London that had just happened. My heart stopped and I quickly checked to make sure my Brazilian fiance and friends in London were alive and well. After a glass of water, we continued the interview. From my experience, I know the best jewellery pieces are always hidden away from view. So I persuaded Graziela to share them with me. Wouldn’t you know it, she revealed a unique collection of paraiba tourmaline slices in pendants and rings. Every slice is a piece of art created by Nature with such precious beauty.

💎💎💎Did you know “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is the very rare color-change gemstone! Excited to discover jewellery brand dedicated to #alexandrite @markhenryjewelry at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas!!! @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #markhenryjewelry GEMOLOGUE.com 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

Talk about unique! You won’t believe it when I tell you about this next jewellery designer. The Mark Henry Alexandrite Jewellery Collection is a beautiful homage to a once forgotten and unique jewel, the alexandrite. You’ll have to watch the video to find out why the alexandrite gemstone is so unique. This amazing jewel changes colour and has been described by gem aficionados as an emerald by day, and a ruby by night. It was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s and named after Czar Alexander II. Nowadays, you can only find it in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. Finding alexandrite of this quality is exceptionally rare and valuable. If you are Russian, go take a look inside your grandma’s jewellery box. You never know your luck. You might discover an alexandrite yourself.

💎💎💎 Finaly met lovely Laura @LauraMedinejewels at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents and saw her designs up close. I am particularly obsessed with her fashionable #monstone pieces! 😍 The name “moonstone” was used by the ancient Greeks to describe gemstones that displayed the moon’s silvery light! @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #lauramedinejewels #lauramedine GEMOLOGUE.com 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

Like mother like daughter, the fabulous Laura Medine (mother of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller) has a fashion sense that comes out in her jewellery. Inspired by Milan, her unique creativity, and her home away from home, Laura loves to work with moonstone for its mysterious, unearthly glow, which looks amazing on the skin. With a fashionable aesthetic and attractive shape, you’ll get lost in the Laura’s creations and the allure of her beloved moonstone. Just like me, Laura believes in the inherent transformative power of all gemstones and how they can affect the mood and emotions of the wearer.

💎💎💎For all diamond lovers: Have you ever seen a diamond alphabet?! 💎 Discovered at @aerodiamonds in JCK Luxury @JCKEvents 👆 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #aerodiamonds #aero GEMOLOGUE.COM

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

I always wanted my name in diamonds and now, thanks to Aero Diamonds, I can and so can you! I can’t imagine how persvasive and stubborn  a designer must be to cut a diamond perfectly for each individual letter. Where there’s a will, there’s power. The diamond alphabet is a unique creation. I was lucky to interview the brains behind Aero Diamonds; an incredible woman I hope to see more of! You can watch my interview above. I love the Aero Diamonds’ floating diamonds. They really captured my imagination. It’s fine jewellery you never take off and becomes a part of who you are. You can add another diamond to the necklaces and bracelets for those special moments in life when you achieve something amazing. Unique, just like you!

💎💎💎My last interview with @SutraJewels from JCK Luxury @JCKEvents discovering special jewels and showing you the #realdeal and faces behind these jewellery brands! Do you like my jewelled collage? 👆 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #sutrajewels #paraibatourmaline GEMOLOGUE.com

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

It’s the story of my life, finding the best jewellery hidden away from the public eye. But if I ask nicely, I always manage to reveal the most beautiful pieces of jewellery in the world, just for your viewing pleasure! So here’s a rare glimpse of some fabulous paraiba tourmaline jewels, like these earrings. I will dream about these earrings every night and imagine myself wearing them on the beaches of the Maldives. Such a perfect gemstone for the most beautiful place. Sutra Jewels have paraiba tourmaline jewels to match the beautiful turquoise waters of the Maldives and Tulum, my two favourite destinations. Read my Travel Guide To Tulum and discover this magical place for yourself. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous colours of the Maldives and check out my Maldives Fashion Style.

💎💎💎To spice up your jewelry look wear @shayjewelry rainbow choker 😍 by mother daughter duo I interviewed at JCK Luxury @JCKEvents in #LasVegas 👆 @LizaUrla #jewelrytraveller #gemologue #shayjewelry #shayjewels GEMOLOGUE.com 🎥 @lizaurla

A post shared by GEMOLOGUE by LizaUrla 💎💎💎 (@gemologue) on

This year’s JCK Luxury Las Vegas has been another unique experience with some rare beauties I hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

GEMOLOGUE by Liza Urla features exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews – a celebration of fine jewellery, fashion jewellery and vintage jewellery.*

Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. Bridal henna by @bodhihenna, celebrating my engagement!

All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE. Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

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WHITE bIRD’s designers know that the precious stones and metals’ extraction may have terrible consequences. They choose to fight against those potential damages through ethical jewellery, a jewellery that respects men and environment.

Capture d’écran 2017-06-06 à 13.42.38

Jewellery realized in collaboration with the Turquoise Mountain Institute

Pippa Small, a Canadian designer living in England, is fascinated by stones and by the people she meets. She has been working for several years with the non governmental-organization Turquoise Mountain, which aims to revive and spread Afghan crafts around the world. From its collection in partnership with young students result in exceptional pieces. In addition to this collaboration, Pippa travels around the world to meet craftsmen using ethical jewellery processes.


The Cotopata Mine – Bolivia 


The Cotopata Mine – Bolivia

The Australian designer Karen Liberman promotes traditional know-how by supporting craftsmen who do not belong to the model of mass manufacture.





Our designers also have an ethical approach by using recycled metals and diamonds certified by the “Kimberley Process”. This is the case for Disa Allsopp, Polly Wales and Myrtille Beck. The “Kimberley Process” is an international certification scheme for rough diamonds. The objective is to avoid the purchase of diamonds to finance the military activities of the rebel movements.

Capture d’écran 2017-06-06 à 13.41.44

Woman’s bracelets – The island of Soledad and Miria- Panama

Jewellery has the power to change things. Our designers have seized this opportunity making their jewellery even more desirable.

Photos credits : Pippa Small

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Dupuis Important Jewels Auction Set for June 11, 2017

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Canadian auction house, Dupuis, has announced their upcoming Important Jewels sale, set for June 11th, 2017. The sale features over 400 lots of fine jewelry, ranging in time period and price points across the board. From antique and vintage engagement rings to designer hallmarked items, the sale is sure to satisfy any type of collector. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite pieces above, with descriptions below…and I’ve made sure to already sign up to bid online! The sale is on a Sunday, so don’t forget!

Dupuis Important Jewels Auction >> June 11, 2017

Lot 54: Emerald and diamond antique ring, circa 1850 has topped my favorites list so far–this ring immediately caught my attention due to its age and how great of condition it is in. The emerald is approximately three carats with a closed-back setting, typical of the time period. Estimate: $3,655-5,117

Lot 94: Very unique diamond and colored diamond pendant/brooch which depicts the Roman Goddess Diana, a huntress with a bow and arrow. The diamonds are yellow, pink and colorless and form a really neat look when aligned with the outline of the figure. Estimate: $3,655-5,117

Lot 114: This vintage lapis and diamond bracelet steals the show in design and gemstone combination. The piece measures 6.5 inches in length and done in 18k yellow gold. Each lapis is set individually in a plaque-style and the bracelet easily articulates. Estimate: $1,901-2,632

Lot 142: Beauty and elegance; nothing like a Belle Époque piece. This brooch is set with an aquamarine and surrounded by diamonds, portraying a bow. I love the long length of it, as most bows are shorter and wider. By the way, this is all done in platinum! Estimate: $1,316-1,608

Lot 150: I made sure to include this aquamarine ring in my roundup of favorites because it is downright glowing from within! The intense aqua color is striking and I am also a fan of the split-shoulder setting. Can you guess how many carats the aquamarine is?! Try approximately 43! Crazy. Estimate: $9,503-11,696

Lot 173: A great example of a highly unique engagement ring–this ring features a 2.37 carat center diamond with a hexagonal frame around it. The ring is done in 18k yellow gold, is a size 5 and you may not be able to tell from the photo, but the shank is square not round! Estimate: $7,310-10,234

Lot 183: The radiating fire of this black opal is dynamic and striking to say the least! I love the design, as I feel it suits the play-of-color. I’ve learned that opals which exhibit red flashes and red play-of-color are most valuable, so this is truly a rare piece! It is mounted in 18k yellow gold and is an antique piece. Estimate: $1,462-1,901

Lot 184: Another radiant opal, this piece is a pendant that dates back to the early 1900s. It features some diamonds and demantoid garnets (green) and is done in platinum. Such a stunning piece! Estimate: $2,924-4,386

Lot 188: I went for the bold and bright colors on this ring! I also expected this piece to be a signed piece, but I don’t think it is. We’ve got amethyst, pink sapphires, and diamonds mounted in 18k gold. A bold look for a colorful woman! Estimate: $1,462-1,901

Lot 212: Sea shells fit for an enchanted mermaid–these earrings are made entirely out of gemstones and gold! We’ve got tourmalines, peridot, topaz, and cabochon sapphires here…set in 18k yellow gold and signed by Fochtmann and numbered 0066. Definite masterpieces! Estimate: $1,462-2,193

Lot 254: The amount of funky designs I am thinking up using these unmounted tourmalines has my head spinning! What unique colorings?! Pastels at their finest–what would you create using them? The pale pink round tourmaline and minty blue round tourmaline are a great pair, but when you add in the bi-colored cushion cut, it makes the lot! Estimate: $1,462-2,194

Lot 274: Big and bold; this modern take on an asymmetrical engagement ring design keeps us on our toes and wanting me unique designs! The old marquise cut diamond weighs approximately 1.90 carats and is truly one-of-a-kind. Estimate: $5,117-6,579

Lot 328: I also like this engagement ring because it is both modern and chunky at the same time. The round center diamond is about three carats and is safely set in a bezel of 14k white gold. There are also ring guards done in yellow gold, which turns up the design element. Estimate: $13,158-16,082

Lot 383: A large and rare no-heat sapphire that is pear-shaped and totally gorgeous. The sapphire weighs 10.32 carats and set beautifully amongst a necklace of 18k yellow gold and a wonderful design. Between the pinwheel style of the main design and the attention to detail, this necklace will surely fly off the auction block! Estimate: $23,392-26,316

Lot 395: It doesn’t get much better than antique Tiffany & Co. and this ring is the epitomy of grace and style! Set with a center emerald cut sapphire weighing 4.65 carats, flanked on each side by a pair of old pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 2.50 carats, finished in platinum. A stunning piece of history, that is just as beautiful today. Estimate: $87,720-109,650

Lot 397: Large and in charge–this diamond solitaire ring is not playing around! Weighing in at a lofty 6.35 carats and set in 18k white gold. I like the simple, classic mounting with the six-prong setting. It is perfect for a diamond like this! Estimate: $43,860-58,480

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Dupuis.

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Something magical happens when you turn 30. For one thing, you look at jewellery with a fresh perspective and a deeper appreciation. To mark my 30th birthday this year, I’m taking the Chopard Happy Hearts Sautoir Necklace to lunch at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. This timeless beauty is one of the latest additions to the famed jewellery trader, Laing Edinburgh. With Chopard’s signature trademark of hearts and moving diamonds, this Sautoir necklace features mother-of-pearl and 18k rose gold openwork hearts. It’s a moving piece that sparkles as a celebration of love.

Turning 30 was not something I was looking forward to, at first. But now that the sun is shining on beautiful London town, I want to celebrate in true Chopard style. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to dress up! So, it is with a Happy Heart that I head to one of my favourite places in Chelsea where the fabulously dressed hang out. One last birthday celebration before I take off for Las Vegas and my next jewellery adventure.

Chopard Happy Hearts_Laing Edinburgh_GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_Jewelry Review_Jewelry Blogger_Jewelry Blog_Ivy Chelsea Club

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is such a beautiful place for any special occasion. Always flowing with beautiful blossoming flowers, it’s an Edwardian house dressed up as a Tudor house on the King’s Road. With my rose gold Chopard Happy Hearts Sautoir Necklace, I indulge in some rose wine in the beautiful, fragrant garden. Playful moving Chopard diamonds and happy hearts are such a beautiful way to dress up my birthday dress.

Design  3.5 Stars
Value for money 4 Stars
Showstopper 3 Stars
Durability 4.5 Stars
Craftsmanship 4 Stars
   Chopard Happy Hearts_Laing Edinburgh_GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_Jewelry Review_Jewelry Blogger_Jewelry Blog_Ivy Chelsea Club

I’m happy to tell you that you can find the beautiful Chopard Happy Hearts Collection at Scotland’s finest and most prestigious family jeweller, Laing Edinburgh. Moving diamonds and beautiful hearts are two iconic elements of the Chopard House. Every time I see the moving diamonds sparkle, it reminds me of my childhood and travelling the world with my family. Happy Hearts is ideal for those of you who love life and playful jewellery to match. Happy Hearts is a fun and creative collection that easily transitions from daytime to evening from elegant to glamorous. Long chains are a necessity for evening events.

Chopard Happy Hearts_Laing Edinburgh_GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_Jewelry Review_Jewelry Blogger_Jewelry Blog_Ivy Chelsea Club

For me, I like to have at least one gold necklace that I can wear for all occasions. When I’m travelling, I take my favourite long necklace with me and create different ways to wear it. You can wrap it around your wrist to make a bracelet, or wear it down your back with a long, backless dress, or as a multi-layer choker. So versatile! The Chopard Happy Hearts Sautoir Necklace is contemporary in design, bold in colour and generous in hearts.

Chopard Happy Hearts_Laing Edinburgh_GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_Jewelry Review_Jewelry Blogger_Jewelry Blog_Ivy Chelsea Club

Turning 30 has changed my appreciation for rose gold and it’s time I add it to my white gold look. I just love wearing rose gold jewellery on vacation and in sunny weather. The way rose gold shines in the sun and complements the skin is heavenly. The playful and colourful Chopard Happy Hearts Collection from Laing Edinburgh moves my heart and makes me smile! Diamonds that move are sure to catch an admirer’s eye.

Chopard Happy Hearts_Laing Edinburgh_GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_Jewelry Review_Jewelry Blogger_Jewelry Blog_Ivy Chelsea Club

Chopard Happy Hearts Sautoir Necklace for £6,740 available online at Laing Edinburgh.

GEMOLOGUE by Liza Urla features exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews – a celebration of fine jewellery, fashion jewellery and vintage jewellery.*

Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. Floral headpiece by Indeco Flowers.

All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE. Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

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WHITE bIRD x La Mariée aux pieds nus

WHITE bIRD and French wedding blog La mariée aux pieds nus were pleased to collaborate in a workshop organized by photographer Ingrid Le Pan. For seven years, Nessa Buonomo, founder of the blog, has been sharing her tricks to create a dreamy wedding. During this event, professionals, models and photographs gathered for a few days with a common goal: taking amazing pictures 🙂



The workshop took place in the mountains. Inspired by nature, the shoot highlighted the “Diamond Circle Dewdrop” ring from Californian designer Brooke Gregson as an engagement ring. Brooke was born and raised in Los Angeles, but currently resides in London and works both from her studio in Notting Hill and in LA. Her creations are highly respected in the world of fine, contemporary jewellery.



All these beautiful pictures give us ideas for an autumn wedding… Find our selection of engagement rings and wedding accessories on our website.





Photography : Ingrid Le Pan Photographe 
Communication/Branding intervention : Nessa Buonomo & Julie Tellier
Fashion design & Flowers : Nessa Buonomo de La mariée aux pieds nus
Fashion design assistant : Julie Tellier
Dress : Donatelle Godard
Mesh : Macha Thys 
Beauty Treatment : Les ciseaux de Marie
Model : Tess

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