Latest Obsessions for Fall 2017

My love for the color blue continues, even through fall when oranges & browns are en vogue. I’ve become obsessed with the blue carved lapis ring that I have had listed for sale so much that I’ve decided to move it into my personal collection. I might still let it go but I’m not sure–I think seeing a very similar one in Erie Basin’s sold archives made me want to keep it. Side note: does anyone else just blow through 2-3 hours browsing through Erie Basin’s sold archives?? lol

I want to say I’ve probably sold about 100+ pieces of my personal collection since I decided to get more organized and curated with my collection. I’m quite happy with where my collection is at right now, although I’m still hunting for an epic man-on-the-moon moonstone ring and a kunzite piece. I’ll probably sell more from my collection but in the meantime, these are my faves.

Speaking of being obsessed with blue…my 33rd birthday happened earlier this month and this aquamarine and black enamel beauty from Laurel Stearns became mine! Obviously it was purchased by myself, for myself. Haven’t I made it any more clear, year after year, that everyone should buy themselves a birthday gift?! Anyway, I’ve seriously worn it SO much since I got it and I’m incredibly lucky to have scored this ring late on a Saturday night, within minutes of her posting it.

I’ve been changing up my ear stack since acquiring these David Webb nail earrings and I gotta say I’m fully obsessed with my newest addition, the Vada Jewelry ear hanger. It slides behind your ear and gives the illusion of having some of the more unique piercings done. I’ve got three holes in both ears and I think that’s all I can handle. Ear cuffs & ear hangers for life!

I brought along some of Arrow & Anchor Antiques‘ inventory with me when I went to Boston and continued playing with it when I got back. I don’t think most people appreciate the amazingness that is moss agate, pictured in the center. I have a thing for dendritic agate and this combo of rings is just UGHHHHH SO GOOD.

Photo on the left features pieces from my personal collection and the photo on the right features rings that are for sale! For details on those:

BCE Jewelry spent a few days in Nashville and I showed her around town! She also came over to play in my jewelry box and I played with her jewels (seen above). Every year she takes a country-wide road trip and clients secure a spot to view her one-of-a-kind pieces. She usually starts with a full plate of jewels and heads back to California on empty, leaving her to work on some new pieces!

These “animals on wire” rings are just the cutest and I suggested that they could also be worn on chains as pendants, but this was the first time I actually tried my own suggestion. And omg I am in love!! All three are available and are $55 each. The wire is 14k solid gold.


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Favorite Instagrams: Winter 2016

sunnybondjewelry nicholaslieoufinejewels diamondsinthelibrary levi_higgs randimolofsky abeautifulmess structure_mineralsitsjohnfoster catbirdnyclimkina egyptian_revival ouvra adornmentality cartier

sunnybondjewelry admiring these Egyptian Revival earrings in all their glory from Excalibur Jewelry

nicholaslieoufinejewels boasts an incredible arm stack: vintage platinum diamond bracelet fit for a king plus a Masonic vintage watch

diamondsinthelibrary adds to my carved moonstone man obsession by finding these pendants at the Lueur Show in NYC

levi_higgs previewing the Leslie Hindman sale and lusting after this Art Nouveau bracelet, NYC backdrop for good measure

randimolofsky visiting Jeff Koons at The Broad in downtown LA

abeautifulmess shares her inspring glassware collection in all the colors of the rainbow

structure_minerals serioiusly has the most swoon-worthy gem collection and most are available for sale

itsjohnfoster is a talented artist who blew up Pinterest with his rainbow irridescent side table, this is awesome too

catbirdnyc dazzles everyone with the release of their latest Moon Flower Collection, so stunning

limkina is an amazing artist who paints — you really must check out this Russian beauty’s feed

egyptian_revival spotted this incredible amulet necklace from Christies archives

ouvra is another great artist with an intriguing medium–she also paints these and calls them Crystal Codex

adornmentality found a jewel that captures everyone’s favorite old saying, and it is adorable!

cartier posts a photo that couldn’t be more perfect and grand, but really the emeralds are the stars


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Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2015

levi_higgs elizapagejewelry georgjensen jeanjeanvintage idazzle anninavogel lovegoldlive lfrankjewelry townandcountrymagjewelry craigevansmall roseark n_mendelevich xiaowangjewelry theoneilovenyc

levi_higgs is mesmerized by this star sapphire ring by Verdura Jewelry he spotted at the Sothebys preview

elizapagejewelry getting ready for their Ila and I trunk show, looking gorgeous

georgjensen smushed pansies and gold jewelry make for a perfect photo

jeanjeanvintage taking a moment to enjoy these beauties before listing them in her Etsy shop

idazzle is dazzled by this piece of jewelry by Barbara Heinrich, so magical

anninavogel has a new project, taking vintage Hermes silk scarves and placing them in antique lockets

lovegoldlive posts this image from The Native Fox featuring a tailored suit jacket and gold jewelry

lfrankjewelry sporting the cutest look with big bead necklaces, rings and a casual ponytail

townandcountrymagjewelry has a serious crush on this Tiffany & Co. from their holiday luncheon

craigevansmall has the most amazing creatures in a sorts of gems and shapes

roseark is surrounded by love with these mantas, the more the merrier

n_mendelvich captures this sketch, the beginning of a very beautiful opal ring

xiaowangjewelry is taken by this open living/working space mixed with antique, vintage finds

theoneilovenyc is charmed by Susan Siegel conversion necklaces, perfect for layering

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: January 2015

misslibbydale jessicamccormackdiamonds jacobandco craigevansmall bellandbird lake_native mjm_nyc hajewelry levi_higgs charmcony mineralien leolarevives lizzie_krieg trumpetandhorn

misslibbydale visits the Smithsonian and the Napoleon diamond necklace–Incredible!

jessicamccormackdiamonds just wearing this little necklace to dinner, such a masterpiece

jacobandco has some really cool safety pin inspired cuff bracelets, which is your favorite?

craigevansmall sampling of some antique lockets from their amazing inventory

bellandbird a breath-taking store display from their gorgeous shop in Austin

lake_native went antiquing in France and found these antique sunburst mirrors

mjm_nyc modern chic sapphire earrings set in 18k yellow gold, perfection.

hajewelry found the perfect pair–Chanel clutch and a Chanel diamond flower bracelet

levi_higgs ventured to Hudson, NY and stumbled upon this beautiful micromosaic and Baker & Black

charmcony features a charm bracelet from one of their customers, what stories does it hold?!

minerlalien zooms in on a Brookite explosion in Quartz!

leolarevives antqiue ring shopping in Zagreb located in Croatia–finding some “secret stashes”

lizzie_krieg shows us her out-of-this-world trio of antique rings

trumpetandhorn mixture of bright colors and matching velvet dreams made possible by The Mrs. Box

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: late Summer 2014

robertleemorrisny hsternofficial karenhsiangjewelry emilyameyjewelry wowhannahwow theoneilovenyc nicholasliufinejewels alishamiele circa1700 paula_dolubizno elisasolomon turquoise_row lorimcleanjewelry karripsoph

robertleemorrisny has one amazing mood board…so much inspiration!

hsternofficial in love with these rings from H. Stern, Brazilian design at its best

karenhsiangjewelry scored a lovely mini squash blossom necklace, which pairs perfectly with her designs

emilyameyjewelry visits the Royal Ontario Museum and captures this incredible shot

wowhannahwow visits an awesome Rock Shop on her Route 66 road trip

theoneilovenyc perfecting a perfect duo: antique stacks and boyfriend jeans

nicholasliufinejewels custom ruby cuff really just goes so well with tattoos and a brown leather watch

alishamiele and her dog Sushi are outta control

circa1700 has the most amazing antique charm collection, with a snake protecting each one

paula_dolubizno playing with jewels and falling hard for this diamond ring from Rahaminov Diamonds

elisasolomon organizing all of her incredible, handmade designs

turquoise_row is stacking up her wrist, admiring a new addition to her stack–the buckle bracelet

lorimcleanjewelry a shop I’ve been wanting to visit, for obvious reasons

karripsoph showing me her grandmother’s ring, which used to be owned by Carole Landis

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Summer 2014

dilmunlana bellandbird erstwhilejewelry marissanaples

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A Peek Inside Lorinczi Jewelry Sketchbook #LoveGold


Coral_Cuff_Wax_with_Sketch Fetish_Bangle_Collars_Sketchbooks Bridal_Rings_Compilation_1 Gold_Leaves_Earrings_Sketchbook Gold_Plat_Oval_Diamond_Ring_Sketchbook staceyjewelry Taj_Ring_Sketchbook Wax_Snake_Photos Stacey_Rings_DrawingC

Stacey Lorinczi started designing jewelry at a very young age, with the years of experience working with gold, her designs are on a level of incredible craftsmanship. Her artistry extends to sketching, which goes hand-in-hand with her jewelry design. She brings along her sketchbook wherever she travels, finding inspiration all around her. Gem Gossip got an exclusive peek into her drawings, along with the gold jewelry that she creates in her San Francisco studio. Her layered answer is illustrated below to the big question,

How do you incorporate gold into your designs and why do you enjoy working with gold?

I can easily say that gold is my absolute favorite metal to work with. I recall when I was a teenager, and first started to seriously devote myself to jewelry making, I had little interest in gold—sterling silver was the only metal I would wear. In contrast, my mother was a devotee of yellow gold jewelry, and would rarely purchase anything silver. When I would debate this with her, she’d always insist, “just wait… when you’re grown-up, you’ll see, you’ll love gold as much as I do. Far more, in fact, than you will silver.” I was doubtful, but sure enough she was right. Now that I’m an adult, I find myself profoundly attracted to the qualities of gold. I have come to believe that it’s a metal for when you’ve fully matured as a woman. There’s something so sensual and alluring about the color, whether it’s the gleaming pale lemon of a lower karat gold, the blushing pink glow from a rose gold, or the deep, rich luminosity of an almost pure 22-karat. My personal favorite, the color of 22-karat gold is inimitable; it has a color so rich, so complex, I feel like it practically warms the body on contact.

As for how I incorporate gold into my designs, that’s easy– particularly because antiques and ancient relics continually inspire me. I believe that a solid grounding in a historical era lends depth and gravitas to anyone’s work. I love to spend time in museums; wandering aimlessly into any exhibit hall will spark my creativity, and I find myself sketching the most random objects. It’s amazing how inspiring old artifacts can be, whether it’s jewelry, the buckle on a pair of 18th century satin slippers, or the hilt of a Japanese sword. Here are some engagement rings I’ve created that are inspired by Etruscan artifacts.

Above photos:

  • Stacey at her jewelers’ bench
  • A bracelet Stacey made (here pictured in wax form) that was inspired by coral formations. The sketches were inspired by biological cell structures.
  • The captivating, interlocking gold bangles and glamorous choker below are from the Fetish Collection, a playfully sexy interpretation of dominatrix paraphernalia, along with inspirational sketches.
  • Some of her rings she’s designed. Stacey says, “Usually when working with yellow gold, I prefer a rustic approach, roughing up the metal or brushing it with steel to take down the shine. I adore matte yellow gold; I find that it brings out the beauty of the metal, and provides a deep, rich background against which gemstones seem to sparkle brightest.”
  • “Gold is so versatile; it can be used in both very fine jewelry and also in more casual pieces.” This photo shows pieces in progress, from the Black Cherry Collection. Each leaf is designed in yellow gold and the sketches are of antique hair combs.
  • This ring is 22-karat yellow gold; the bezel is a contrasting white, gypsy-set with an oval diamond.
  • A beautiful compilation of Lorinczi jewelry!
  • This substantial ring I called “Taj Ring.” Inspired by an epic trip to India, it features 22-karat yellow gold inlaid with a multi-hued assortment of pink tourmalines, amethysts, rubies and pink sapphires, delicately “spider-set” in a mosaic pattern.
  • Here is a sketch made at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These artifacts inspired rings (here pictured in wax form) whose surface is reminiscent of snakeskin.
  • Stacey is bewitched by the jewelry and architecture of the Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras. She says, “Rather than trying to perfectly mimic the authenticity of those eras, I try to inflect contemporary pieces with historical nuances. I might take a classic Art Deco silhouette and make it more muscular and chunky, or transform a delicate Edwardian design into something edgier by including black diamonds.”

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


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