The Hottest Celebrity Jewelry Trend Happening Now–Hoops!

emilyratajowski3 emilyratajowski2

Jennifer Lopez may have been one of the originators, but now there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of hoop earrings and celebrities are following suit.

What makes this hoop trend new? Crank the typical thin metal circle hoop earrings up a notch… or 12 notches! We’ve spotted all kinds of luxe versions of the hoop earring — from diamond color coated to encrusted opal slices. Hoops are competing as the new statement earrings on the red carpet.

Not to mention they have a remarkable way of framing the face and are extremely adaptable in size to fit anyone’s face shape. They’re quintessential and dependable. Hoop shaped earrings have been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history. The oldest earrings archaeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC, and favoured the classic gold hoop style.

Hoop earrings are a foolproof, classic staple and if you don’t have a pair of hoop earrings in your jewelry box, check out these celebrity looks for inspiration to add a pair now!

haileybaldwin1 haileybaldwin2

Hailey Baldwin demonstrating that one pair of hoop earrings is never enough. Hailey wearing 2 pairs of gold hoop earrings from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry at the launch event.

jlometgala1 jlonewvideoshoot

Jennifer Lopez wore Harry Winston three row diamond hoop earrings at the ‘Rei Kawakubi/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between’ Costume Institute Gala 2017. She also wore a pair of bold gold Samira hoop earrings by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry in her new music video for ‘Amor Amor Amor’.

nickiminaj1 nickiminaj2

Nicki Minaj wore oversized diamond hoop earrings by Lynn Ban at the 2017 MTV VMAs.

rihannafentybeauty -celebmafiapic1 rihannafentybeauty1

Rihanna prefers colored diamond encrusted hoop earrings. She wore Rihanna Loves Chopard pink sapphire hoop earrings to the LA premiere of Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets. She also wore yellow diamond hoop earrings by Jacob & Co. at the launch of her Fenty Beauty, pictured here.

ritaora1 ritaora2

Singer Rita Ora wore diamond Tiffany and Co. hoops at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

sarahpaulson1 sarahpaulson2

Sarah Paulson wearing diamond Jasmine hoop earrings by Nirav Modi at the 2017 Screen Actor Guild Awards.

PICTURE credit all GETTY, with the exception of Rihanna photo via WIRE IMAGE

This post was contributed by:

wwwdaily Laura Lee Fulham | T: @WhoWoreWhatDly | W:

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Late Summer Update from Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip

I’ve been getting ready for a big trunk show that I’m doing up in Boston on September 7th at M. Flynn, so all the new acquisitions are killing me. So many great pieces I want to keep for myself! These three are my current favorites and I think they go SO WELL together.

Gem Gossip

I love acquiring pieces that I’m completely obsessed with and love more and more each day–this medallion is certainly one of them! I got it from Oakgem at the show in Las Vegas this year. It is 18k yellow gold and the blue gemstone is sodalite. To my surprise, the zodiac featured is Virgo (I didn’t know it when I first got it) which is my zodiac, so it makes it even more special. Thanks to my Instagram followers who helped me figure out which zodiac it was.

Untitled Untitled

I guess I’ve been unaware how drawn I am to spheres lately. My latest purchase was this moon lamp that I can’t get enough of–I bought it from The Apollo Box, which has some really unique gift items on their site. The moon is apparently made using 3D print technology with eco-friendly materials. The photo on the right is from Instagram account @theearthsgems and I love everything about it! Look at all the variety of minerals and gems each are made of!

Gem Gossip

I had the pleasure of viewing a brand new jewelry line called Oli and Tess, a new venture for Polly Wheatley who started designing jewelry after 15 years in the fashion industry. She received a Victorian opal ring from her husband as a gift, which sparked her love for opals. After having a daughter, she wanted to design an opal ring to celebrate her birth, which is how her line indirectly began. Her work has an heirloom quality and feel, using all hand-selected opals.

Gem Gossip

We know how much I’m obsessed with Egyptian Revival jewelry, so this turquoise scarab collection was an awesome find! TBH it was a large pendant and one bracelet–I had my jeweler turn the bracelet into ten different pendants and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They will be offered for sale over on @shopGEMGOSSIP very soon!

Untitled Gem Gossip

Some treasures I brought back from my trip to Boston in the left photo–I added a carved Jade Buddha to my charm necklace from Long’s Jewelers and these 14k yellow gold Tuck studs from e scott originals. The photo on the right is from last week at the county fair. I ate way too much fried foods (got super sick actually) and played some games. The games and the baby goats are my favorite part of the fair. Worst part of the fair: ruining your favorite sneakers and getting in the way so you end up being the reason why a sheep escapes. lol

Gem Gossip

Some of my newest acquisitions–this Victorian black enamel ring (I think the top piece is Victorian and it was made into a ring) was a really unique find. I’m still adjusting to it and might sell it but I don’t know yet! Sometimes pieces speak to you right away, other times you have to grow to love them. I also got this ’03 date ring from Rusted Anchor Antiques and I think it pair awesome with my big diamond band and gold Saxon chain ring from Walters Faith.

Gem Gossip

More favorites from my personal collection — two pieces I want to talk about here: the 9k yellow gold Pacman hoop earrings by Ellie Air Jewellery and the letter D Vadabet charm set with a diamond from Vada Jewelry. Loving these two pieces so much right now.

Untitled Untitled

I was working hard one day and that sometimes forces me to “disrobe” my jewelry, which is what I did. The pile of rings sitting in my windowsill against the sunlight were perfect in that moment, I had to capture it in a photo. The 1917 date ring was a cool find from Louison Rare & Fine when Angela had a 50% off sale. Yes, that’s why it is important to follow everyone closely on Instagram because you never know when someone is going to have an insane sale.

The photo on the right was snapped in the car on the way back from Kentucky after a day full of antiquing. I somehow created a new collection (not that I need to collect anymore things) which consists of little porcelain dogs. I can’t explain how the collection is not just any porcelain dog–they have to look somewhat cute/creepy in the strangest way possible. It’s a very personal collection lol. The date ring I’m wearing here is from Eddie & Rose and it may be one of my favorite date rings in my collection.

Gem Gossip

Latest and greatest ear stack I’ve got going on, here’s what it consists of: Paige Novick ear cuff, tiny huggie hoop from Stacy Nolan Jewelry, Paige Novick‘s newest creation from her Powerful Pretty Things collection the Prism Suspender earring worn upwards, Pacman hoops from Ellie Air Jewellery. My perfect summer ear stack!!

Gem Gossip

Seriously might be my favorite piece in my entire collection–I find it so rewarding to collect something for several years before you can finally piece it all together and make something of it. That’s exactly what my figa collection is; years of collecting and one day randomly putting it together with my gold collar from Arrow & Anchor Antiques. These things were meant for each other. And I highly recommend getting a solid gold, stiff collar necklace for your charm collection. It will change the way you wear charms!

Untitled Untitled

Here’s a fun project I did over the summer: I took these three near and dear pieces that I hardly ever wear and mashed them together to form a giant long stick pendant. I actually am obsessed with it beyond words. Each is special to me, but the tanzanite pendant is most special of all. It was the first piece of jewelry I ever bought for myself…and I was in 7th grade! I learned about Tanzanite from the home shopping channels and fell in love with the stone. I went to the one and only jewelry store in my hometown mall and found this special pendant–it was $150. That was SO much money to me back when I was 13 years old. I put it on layaway and would do chores around the house and babysit. Eventually I earned enough to buy it and I wore it all the time.

Gem Gossip

This is just another styled look from over the summer–a jewelry look that I really liked paired with an off-the-shoulder top that I really love also. I think I’ve already gone over almost every piece that is pictured here, but if you’re wondering about something in particular, let me know!


WANT MORE? Check out some of my other OBSESSIONS

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Five Investment Pieces You Need In Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Gem Gossip

I’ve been collecting fine jewelry for over fifteen years now and it is interesting to look back on pieces that I purchased in the beginning. I like to ask myself if those items were a good investment and part of evaluating that is knowing how much wear I’ve gotten out of each piece since purchasing. Your investment is only as good as how much joy and wear the piece of jewelry is providing for you–I am a firm believer in that!

But what if you don’t know where to start? Let’s say you’re new to collecting fine jewelry and only own a few odds and ends. You’ve got to start somewhere and being able to create a look by accessorizing your daily outfits with these pieces is a must. So let’s start with a list I’ve compiled of the five investment pieces you need to have in your jewelry wardrobe. These are staples that are meant to be classics, which never go out of style and will continue to get worn for years to come. These are pieces you should not feel bad for splurging on and rightfully so. These are future heirlooms, diamond encrusted, solid gold, hefty pieces that will be worth the same, if not more later on.

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Gem Gossip Favorites: Earring Stacks from Iconery


Creating an earring look is so much more than just grabbing and going. If you’ve ever tried, you know there is almost an art to it, where balance is important and symmetry is everything. To make matters even more intense, everyone’s ears and earlobes are quite different and everyone’s hair styles are too. I’ve styled three different earring stories with my personal taste, factoring in what works for me (both my hair and number of holes I have in my lobes). Iconery has a fantastic selection of earrings, especially since each one is hot and covetable at the moment. The online haven of unique jewels just launched last year and has been on my radar. Their hashtag #KeepItReal says it all–“Because life’s too short to wear fake jewelry.” Finally someone who has read my mind and gets it!! This has been my mantra since I knew the difference between the two (I would say roughly 7th grade). Iconery is also changing the game by bringing 3D printing into the mix and adding pieces they’ve designed themselves to their website. You MUST check out their site because I assure you, you will discover pieces and designers you will LOVE! Besides, the two founders, Andrea Linett and Ivka Adam, are like a Who’s Who amongst cool girl-bosses.

There truly are so many different combinations one could create using Iconery‘s inventory. So sit back and have fun picking out your next new earring look that you’ll be wearing all the time!

Portrait of a Woman

The first look I’ve styled starts off with some points that I’ve learned and figured out about my personal style with earrings. The first being I love studs! Studs are extremely comfortable and since I have three holes, I can easily stack three smaller, less expensive earrings to create one big look. Another important tip is to try to create a theme–here I’ve used black diamonds as my theme. Another thing, which is probably most important and has been consistent throughout all my three looks, is to use a long or elongated earring in the first hole. With my face shape and hair style, this look has always stayed tried and true. I love the elongated look of the Elisabeth Bell Thorn earrings in 14k yellow gold. For the black diamond ensemble, I went with a simple line of black diamonds in the ear climber by Anne Sisteron paired with the Mara Carrizo Scalise diamond pave earrings.

Earrings used:

Elisabeth Bell Thorn earrings in 14k yellow gold, Price: $495 for a pair

Anne Sisteron black diamond ear climber in 14k yellow gold, Price: $130 for a single

Mara Carrizo Scalise diamond pave earrings in 14k yellow gold, Price: $540 for a pair

Portrait of a Woman

My second earring look is an instant favorite! I just recently tried threader earrings for the first time and I’m completely obsessed. These gold horn and diamond threader earrings by Anne Sisteron are killer. So edgy from the get-go, the only way of making them any cooler than they are–adding a very small hoop stud, like these Luv AJ beaded hoop earrings. I’ve been on the hunt for a small pair of hoop studs after wearing a pair I stole from my mom’s jewelry box back in college that were costume jewelry that looked almost identical to these! I wore them everyday! And sometimes two is better than one, so in this case I stacked two of the same hoop earring side-by-side. Love this look.

Earrings used:

Anne Sisteron threader earrings in 14k yellow gold, Price: $545 for a pair

Luv AJ beaded hoops in 14k yellow gold, Price: $295 for a pair

Portrait of a Woman

My third earring stack infuses a trend that I’ve been incorporating more and more into my look–it basically takes one ear and loads it up, leaving the other ear bare. This is what I had in mind for this third look. To accentuate the ear that is loaded with earrings, I would pin up tightly one side of my hair to show off my earring look and leave the other half long, oftentimes covering up the bare lobe. I love the juxtaposition of the long, pointed dangle of the Brady Legler pencil drop earrings done in 14k gold and diamonds, and the diamond hardware stud earrings by Anne Sisteron. Again, I’ve gone with the long earring in the first hole and two studs in the others–edgy yet sophisticated.

Earrings used:

Brady Legler Pencil Drop earrings in 14k yellow gold and diamonds, Price: $4,100 for a pair

Anne Sisteron diamond hardware studs in 14k yellow gold, Price: $310 for a pair

All earrings can be found at Iconery. This post was brought to you in collaboration with Iconery.


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Gem Gossip Visits ESQUELETO in Oakland, CA

ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem GossipESQUELETO | Gem GossipESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem Gossip ESQUELETO | Gem GossipESQUELETO | Gem Gossip

My #JewelryRoadTrip started off with a bang in 2016–I planned on visiting San Francisco and found a ton of amazing stores and designers. I couldn’t wait to see what this city had in store for my jewelry adventures!

The first stop had me venturing across the Bay Bridge, although not in San Francisco–but in Oakland (just a 20 minute car ride) the side track was totally worth it. ESQUELETO is nestled in the coziest spot, their location is dreamy in every way imaginable. So much to SEE, the shop is filled with artwork, jewelry, rock and mineral specimens, neat objects, and lots of gifts, so browsing in one spot might take awhile and you STILL might miss something! Filled with treasures, although not feeling cluttered at all, the white walls lighten up the small space along with the large windows which let in tons of sunlight. The ambiance is like a desert oasis meets jewelry boutique, and owner Lauren Wolf has been curating items for ESQUELETO since its opening in 2011. I could’ve looked for hours!

Lauren is also a jewelry designer herself, where she creates beautiful jewelry using black and grey diamonds with her signature claw prongs and other designs inspired by nature. Lauren Wolf Jewelry fits right in with what is on display at ESQUELETO; each designer and artist complements one another in the best way possible. Their “Stack of the Week” is a true testament to this statement, where different rings from their inventory are stacked together and photographed, showing how different artists and even different time periods can mix and mingle together. Speaking of time periods, they’ve added lots of antique and vintage jewelry to their lineup and it has been really fun for them. To read more about this, check out my blog post featuring their antique and vintage jewelry.

Many of the designers featured at ESQUELETO are local, like Sarah Swell Jewelry, Jessica Winzelberg, Nick Engel, Ursa Major, all who live in San Francisco. Other artists and designers are people Lauren loves and feels that his or her work is a good fit for the store. Anthony Lent Jewelry is featured at ESQUELETO, a favorite of mine, and I learned Lauren took a class from Anthony and considers him one of the greatest. So many favorites–check out their designer page to see the full list!

If you’re looking for a store that will transport you to someplace beautiful, where you will “want everything,” then you must visit ESQUELETO in Oakland! Stay tuned for more San Francisco recommendations!

Here are some of the pieces I tried on and loved while visiting:

onyx-cameo-ring victorian-three-carat-ring almandine-garnet-ring gold-pearl-cluster-ringturquoise-and-pearl-ring

Onyx cameo ring, size 6.5, Price: $975

18k gold large cluster diamond ring, size 5, Price: $9,000

Victorian Almandite garnet ring, size 5, Price: $500

Victorian pearl cluster ring, size 4, Price: $750

Turquoise and pearl band ring, size 6, Price: $900

fire-opal-ring rhombus-signet-1 the-rose-gold-prism-ring fancy-teardrop-cluster-ringmarquise-diamond-ring

Opal and diamond vintage ring, size 8, Price: $2,600

Rhombus Signet ring by Lauren Wolf in 14k yellow gold, Price: $1,100

The Prism ring set with three shield cut diamonds in 18k rose gold by Lauren Wolf, Price: $5,800

Fancy Teardrop cluster ring by Polly Wales, Price: $6,100

Inverted marquise diamond ring by Rebecca Overmann, Price: $4,000

garnet-fan-earrings barnacle-dangle-hoop-earrings medium-barnacle-stud bronze-stag-beetle-square-five-across-band

Vintage garnet fan earrings in 14k yellow gold, Price: $3,600

Barnacle dangle hoop earrings in 18k & 14k yellow gold by Johnny Ninos, Price: $3,185

Medium barnacle stud in 18k yellow gold and black diamonds by Johnny Ninos, Price: $375/single

Bronze Stag Beetle by Biological Jewels, Price: $125

Five square diamond antique band ring, Price: $1,600

three-diamond-ring four-diamond-band large-starburst diamond-claw-ringblack-diamond-barnacle-ring-1

18k white gold grey center diamond ring by Lauren Wolf Jewelry, Price: $4,000

Four diamond antique band size 5, Price: $500

Large starburst necklace in silver by Lauren Wolf Jewelry, Price: $315

Diamond claw ring set with a 2.17 ct gray/green diamond by Lauren Wolf Jewelry, Price: $12,000

Black diamond barnacle ring by Johnny Ninos, Price: $1,415


482 A 49th St.
Oakland, CA 94609

(ESQUELETO has an LA location as well)


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Five Diamond Earring Styles Every Fashionista Should Have

A diamond may last forever, but a style trend may not. As the fashion world continues to spill out new forms of expression every season, trends often come and go while others seem to stick around. Does your diamond earring collection keep up? Swapping looks is most easily accomplished when a vast assortment of jewelry styles is at hand, even if there is just one pair of each. If the diamond earrings in your jewelry box lack diversity, we’ve got what it takes to give it a boost. Here we recommend five earring styles that every chic lady should have in her diamond jewelry assemblage.

The Chandelier

Make a grand entrance anywhere you go wearing the 18K White Gold Diamond Chandelier Earrings by Odelia for $22,750. Not only do chandelier earrings provide an extravagant aura, but they are also ideal for accenting a formal ball gown or a casual silk camisole and blazer. Glimmering diamonds line the 18K white gold frames as eleven more of the precious stones dangle from each.


The Stud

Stud earrings are one of the most versatile jewelry styles that can accommodate any ensemble because they are so elegantly discreet. Opt for the Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings by Tiffany & Co. for $2,200, which feature a circle of twinkling diamonds that surround a larger one in the center, all set in platinum.


The Hoop

For those days when you’re feeling a glitzy vibe, a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings like the 18K White Gold & Diamond Hoop Heart Earrings by Dior for $7,350 will complete an exceptional look. The hoop earring is the perfect charm for expressing the feisty inner spirit. However, this design brings a feminine and romantic feel to the table with 18K white gold hoops that carry a group of five multi-sized diamond-paved hearts.


The Huggie

Glamorous and eye-catching, the huggie earring is structured to look like it is embracing the earlobe and usually features a bulky design. Bring attention to your outfit with the 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Damsel Huggie Earrings by Carrera y Carrera for $2,605, which display an intricately carved mythological goddess looking into a sphere of sparkling diamonds.


The Extraordinary

Sometimes there will be fashion moments where you just want to stand out. When that moment arrives, turn to an extraordinary pair of earrings to make an edgy statement that shows you aren’t afraid to be daring. The Margareth 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings by Chimento for $14,675 defines this type of remarkable essence with a ribbon-like twist design that is lined with sparkling diamonds.


Don your most dazzling appearance yet wearing the right style diamond earrings to provide that extra flair. With these must-have styles, create an ensemble that flaunts your fashionable persona while also following the current trends of the industry. Find all the diamond earrings you need to make your collection complete in our jewelry inventory specials, which features top designer brands at reduced rates.

The post Five Diamond Earring Styles Every Fashionista Should Have appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

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On the Grayscale: Sophisticated Accents by Bvlgari

This season’s fashion trends, so far, have showed us that the world is not just black and white. Style enthusiasts can discover all the gray colors that exist in between by viewing the designs of this year’s latest fashion. The color has quickly become a target, as fall’s “it” color, appearing in designer collections all across the runways. Balenciaga, Valentino, Hermès and Bvlgari are a couple high-end brands that have been debuting gray shades throughout their ensembles, especially during NYC Fashion Week. Ladies and gentlemen can incorporate just about every gray hue there is – blues, tans, greens, pinks and purples – into their outfit.

As it is said, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” which means the color of gray is only as bleak as you make it. How you opt to wear gray in your outfit can transform its typical connotation of being a bland color into an attractive tone. As you style up cashmere, wool and leather throughout the cool weather months, accessorize with striking gray luxury jewelry and watches to complete your look. If you’re still not too excited about integrating gray into your wardrobe, consider embracing it with other colorful, corresponding tones. Like a gloomy cloud that delivers rain to blooming flowers, its manifestation in upscale fashion can enhance the vibe you want to express.

We’ve turned to Bvlgari as one of our main influencers for styling with gray tones, using high-end accessories. Here we feature some of their models from our selection that make ideal accents for creating a classy, sophisticated presence.

The extreme contrast of black against white and gray in the design of the Platinum Limited Edition AC 38P by Bvlgari for $11,995 provides a sleek, masculine look for the polished gentleman. This timepiece is one of only 99 in existence worldwide, featuring a silver dial, platinum case, black bezel and black rubber bracelet. Three chronograph subdials are displayed, along with the indication of the date, hours, minutes and seconds.


Stainless steel and ceramic elements produce a light dove gray tone to express a mellow, exotic vibe in the Serpenti Spiga One Twirl Wristwatch by Bvlgari for $4,410. A jewelry bracelet and luxury timepiece mixed into one, the design is exquisitely one-of-a-kind. The white dial indicates the hours and minutes, taking the shape of a snake slowly coiling.


The chalcedony gemstone boasts a blue-gray hue within the Tronchetto 18K White Gold Chalcedony Ring by Bvlgari for $950, showcasing a bulky appearance. A gold outline travels around the stone surrounded by thick 18K white gold.


Gray makes an appealing background for incorporating patterns, as demonstrated in the Parentesi 18K White Gold Partial Pave Necklace by Bvlgari for $10,815. A glimmering partial diamond pave travels amongst a unique pattern made of 18K white gold.


For a simple, gray hue that dominates, the B.ZERO1 18K White Gold Hoop Earrings by Bvlgari for $1,925 would pair well. The 18K white gold earrings display a smooth, shiny surface that reflects the light, while letters of the label’s name are imprinted along the sides.



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Top Trends Spotted at VicenzaOro in Italy

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip

Back from the VicenzaOro Jewelry Show in Italy and it wouldn’t be the first time an American felt completely lacking in the fashion department when it comes to their European counterparts. How did every Italian look as though they were walking down a runway instead of a sidewalk?! My first-time ever to this chic country and I knew going into it that this was the case, yet I still am fascinated by their sense of style. It is no surprise that their jewelry style is on point too!

After three days attending the VicenzaOro show, as each day wrapped, I put together some trends that I saw from a full day spent on the show floor. It is neat to see certain reoccurring themes from so many designers who come from different parts of the world. Whether it is a certain color that stood out or was used frequently, or a type of motif seen throughout the show, all of these combined have formed my top SIX TRENDS from VicenzaOro! Let’s start from the top:

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


A color I will admit to not really being a fan of–I’m more of a neutral or all-black kind of person when it comes to fashion, but as I saw more and more of this color, I began to change my tone (no pun intended). Pink sapphires are mostly responsible for this pink-trend and they can be featured in different hues, tones and saturations. Other gems like rose quartz or morganite were seen multiple times throughout the show. The jewelry featured above is from D. Donna Jewellery.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


Animal jewelry is not a new trend by any means, but more specifically I’m talking about FIERCE animal jewelry! Pieces that bring out your inner animal instincts and create a conversation of emotions. There’s a difference between cute animal and fierce animals, which I know you can understand without me explaining. Animals like lions, tigers, rams, long-horns, panthers, alligators, etc. The bracelet featured above is from Roberto Coin’s Animalier collection and features a roaring lion with diamonds and precious gems. It is skillfully detailed and you can feel its power.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


The organic gemstone we call pearls have been a tried and true staple for women all around the world–whether you are a fan of the classic pearl stud earrings or pearl necklace, the choice is yours! But for the most part, women are skeptical of wearing pearls as they feel they are better suited for “older” women. Companies like Yoko London are squashing this misconception one piece of pearl jewelry at a time, combing pearls with trendy designs. Pieces like the ones above–using grey Tahitian pearls paired with rose gold, diamond-encrusted bows and geometric dangle earrings.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


This jewelry show has taught me a lot about hand-enameling as many Italian companies use it and excel in this field. Small workshops across the country of Italy portray all kinds of scenes and motifs using these fine enameling techniques, either cold or hot enameling, often being hand painted on. I became obsessed with Gabriella Rivalta Jewelry–I stood outside their booth and stared at their magnificent pieces of miniature art. Inspired by nature, flowers, animals and stars Gabriella Rivalta Jewelry is quite incredible.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


The collar necklace–it was everywhere! Almost every designer had a collar version of a popular collection within their lineup. Some were bold, some were dainty–others stood out above the rest in terms of quality and function. Like this Pasquale Bruni diamond collar necklace which hinged upwards/downwards from the back and coiled wonderfully around my neck. The piece is from their Giardini Segreti collection, which features perfectly places petals of diamonds.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


Domed jewelry was happening in more ways than one–from domed gold rings, to domed hoop earrings and even domed-cut gemstones! Yes, gemstones! Seen above, these eye-candy gemstone rings from VIANNA B.R.A.S.I.L. feature specially cut gemstones like amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz in a domed look–with or without diamonds surrounding them.

>> Thank you VicenzaOro for taking care of our stay in order to attend the show!

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Embrace the Endurance of the Panther with Cartier’s PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER Collection

Dangerous, beautiful, powerful and fearless – these are the expressions that the panther showcases in the fashion world, especially through high-end jewelry. The big cat has been a long-time symbol of jewelry maker Cartier, who brought the collection back last year in celebration of the label’s 100th anniversary. The line included more than 50 new models displaying the feline in its most fierce and appealing form yet. The inspiration stemmed from visits to Africa and Asia, where founder Louis Cartier and designer Jeanne Toussaint embarked on safaris and hunting trips.

Only the boldest women contain the essence to don the exoticism of such a wild, elegant animal. Prominent ladies of Hollywood such as Eva Mendez, Lady Gaga and Olivia Wilde have worn the lavishly mystical pieces from the famous PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER collection. Debuted in the 19th century, the jewelry line was considered avant-garde for its time and continues its legacy in contemporary high fashion. The panther is a timeless icon for Cartier that now appears in many poses throughout their jewelry pieces, forever exhibiting a mysterious and sensual vibe.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the jewelry jungle of Cartier, explore their most captivating designs from their Panther collection. Represent the stamina of the wild with exquisite creations from Cartier’s collection, which are available in our jewelry inventory specials. On the hunt for prey or playfully pouncing, the panther will add a unique edge to your wardrobe with onyx spots and emerald eyes.

The smooth, shiny surface in the simple design of the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold & Emerald Brooch by Cartier for $4,450 makes the piece most appealing. A mesmerizing emerald is set for the fierce gaze of the panther. A perfect accessory for fall, the pin can be attached to nearly any garment.


Every lady needs a set of gorgeous hoop earrings like the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Hoop Dangle Earrings by Cartier for $5,800. Two elegant panther heads meet at the hoop as multi-colored yellow gold cuffs travel down their necks.


The Panthere 18K Tri-Gold Ring by Cartier for $3,400 matches the earrings above to create an exotic appearance. Two panther heads touch cheeks followed by a ring design made of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.


The accurate proportions of the panther in the Panthere 18K White Gold Panther Pendant by Cartier for $6,400 make this design truly admirable. The white gold panther seems calm and docile as it is suspended by a ring around its belly.


Reminiscent of the sapphire brooch design requested by the Duchess of Windsor in 1948, the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring by Cartier for $14,000 follows a similar concept. A glimmering sapphire is caught between the paws of an onyx-nosed panther made of yellow gold with sparkling emeralds as eyes.


What other animals do you feel dominate the fashion industry? To shop more models of PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER, browse our authentic luxury jewelry selection in our online store.

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Glamour up Your Summer Solstice Fashion with Designer Accessories

What would you do with your day, if you had a few extra hours of sunlight? Many ladies and gentlemen may be considering the same question as the Summer Solstice is fast approaching. On June 21, the summer solstice will kick off the official start of summer, with the sunset occurring much later in the day. The weekend plans may be set for Sunday, but will your style be able to keep up with the longest day of the year? There’s no better time to celebrate the presence of the sun, the Earth’s movement and the warm weather with high fashion designer accessories from Luxury Bazaar.

Whether you are wandering the crafts at a music festival, dancing in the stands at a concert or laying in a beach chair at the shore during the summer solstice, make your outfit express lifted spirits with sunny accents and bright gold metallics. Make your outfit shine bright like the sun with luxury jewelry and watches from the biggest names of the fashion industry. With the right accessories, your ensemble will still be dazzling, even when the sun finally goes down and the night comes. Keep cool and stylish with timepieces, jewelry and other upscale accessories from our collection at Luxury Bazaar. We have everything you need to get the look you want when the sun reaches our planet’s northernmost point of the equator.

But don’t forget about dad! Father’s Day happens to be on the same day as this year’s summer solstice. You can find the perfect gift for your pop in our selection of designer items for men. We have luxury timepieces, pens, ties and more for the most stylish gentlemen.

We’ve picked out a few items from our expansive designer assortment that showcase the gorgeous elements of the summer sun.

Be on time for your summer solstice activities with the Jules Audemars Equation of Time Skeleton watch by Audemars Piguet for $83,100, which exhibits an extraordinary design. The phenomenal features of this Swiss-made timepiece present the date, equation of time, leap year, moon phase and whether it is day or night.


Capture the glimmer of the sun’s rays with the Oversized 18K Yellow Gold Citrine Hoop Earrings by Louis Vuitton for $4,850. Ladies can show off their sassy attitude with the enormous size of the earrings’ hoop design that can be noticed at a distance. A gold chain travels around the outside of the hoops as a citrine stone dangles from a golden thread on the inside.


Stay shaded and chic during the long hours of the day with the Acetate Opaline Sunglasses by Chopard for $400. These sunnies create a classy elegance with white opaline frames and rose gold temples that display the brand’s signature on one side and the Happy Spirit motif on the other.


Go bright and colorful with the upbeat seashore pattern of the Purple & Orange Beach Wear Square 100% Silk Scarf by Versace for $160. This accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, which makes it great for switching up the look throughout the long day.


Looking for more high-end designer watches, jewelry and accessories that are 100% authentic for your summer style? Browse through our jewelry inventory specials and watch inventory specials to see our vast collection.

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