Jewelry Collection Stories: Emily of @GemCircus

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We are kicking off July with an incredible jewelry collection story from Emily, also known as @GemCircus. If you’re a part of the jewelry Instagram community, you’ll easily recognize some of the jaw-dropping pieces in Emily’s personal collection. From the way she styles her necklace layers, to ring stacks, arm parties, and everything in between, we love her taste and enthusiasm for antique jewelry. I’m so excited she has agreed to share her story with us, so let’s sit back and enjoy:

My love for vintage and antique collecting started when I was a teenager, after my family moved to Vancouver, Canada, from Hong Kong in the early 1990s. I remember it was July when we arrived and I would walk to the nearby library every other day to borrow books to read (our container didn’t arrive almost a month later so all I have in my room were merely a bed, a built-in closet and my backpack). I started to notice our neighbours’ garage sales in my walks and I was amused at the things people were selling – from snow cone machines to music records, jewelry to stuff toys. That summer of looking through other people’s belongings and engaging in rapports gave me a sense of belonging and connection to the community. Ever since then I have become a frequent visitor to community flea markets, thrift shops and antique shows.

My jewelry obsession started around early twenties with vintage jewelry, in particular charms and silver filigree bracelets. I love to style them on mixed metal chains and I still love styling them now.

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

I wasn’t picky and didn’t have a favourite period at that time so I usually picked up quirky little things like brooches, pins, jewel “plaques” (which I found out they were called “clasps” later) etc. Even though my collecting seemed to be random at that time, I was already drawn to jewelry that have motifs, like this brass crescent with hand and arrow and the clasped hand ring that I found in a thrift store. Looking back, I believe my love for antique sentimental jewelry originates from this pair!

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

A lot of my Instagram followers already knew that I adore Georgian and Victorian sentimental and mourning jewelry, as well as portrait jewelry. This probably relates to my “innate sensitiveness” (as Carl Jung coined it) and the way I see jewelry as not merely an adornment but also a medium for expression, an art, an identity of who we are.

After I started reading books on lover’s eye, portrait miniature and mourning jewelry, I became obsessed with researching stories behind the jewelry that I collect. I realized that the brass crescent and the hand motif ring are not ‘funky little things’ as I thought in my teenage days, they actually carry specific meanings – love, new relationship and friendship – in the Victorian era. As my jewelry collection matures over time, I began to search for jewelry with motifs or meanings, like the urn, masquerade (masked lady), hand (figa, clasped hand, claddagh), heart (double-heart, flaming heart), star and crescent, buckle, swallow, snake, fern, acoutistic (“REGARD” and “DEAREST”) and Halley’s comet etc.

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip Gem Circus | Gem Gossip Gem Circus | Gem Gossip Gem Circus | Gem Gossip Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

I like to think that every piece of antique jewelry carries its own story of those before us, and I’m a custodian carrying on its legacy while creating my story with my collection. I love styling and always try to mix and match, experiment with different stacking and mixed metal, and do simple conversions to make every piece wearable. You can see from my Instagram photos that I’ve worn a big opal crescent brooch with another monkey brooch in the middle, stacked seven Art Deco wedding bands to make a statement ring, wrapped my wrist with antique chains and added a micromosaic brooch on top, stacked an Art Deco paste bracelet with a Hermes red enamel bangle, wore brooches on hats, and layered antique gold chains with watch chains. The fun is endless!

I shop everywhere but recently it’s largely online as there aren’t any antique jewelry shops in Hong Kong. I love the Instagram community as I’ve met so many wonderful souls (many of whom have become friends for life) around the world that share my obsession in antique jewelry. I always visit antique and jewelry shops when I travel too. It has been a tradition to bring back a piece of jewelry from each city that I visit.

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

One of my obsession is Georgian masquerade jewelry: masked lady ring with ruby bonnet and rose cut diamonds from @karendeakin.antiques ; locket from @abrandtandson and the most recently acquired oval ring from @bijouxvictim

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

Ring stacking is a daily essential for me: Georgian blue enamel rose cut diamond urn ring from @lenoredailey ; the moonstone on the mourning ring was a gift from my jeweler in Vancouver (he has kept it for 40 years!) and it fits perfectly on the bezel of the once empty mourning ring; flat cut garnet band from @antiqueanimaljewelry

Gem Circus | Gem Gossip

Mourning rings and figas: these enamel mourning rings are too big to wear so I usually wear them on gold chains as pendants. The twin coral figas were acquired from different continents yet they look so much alike. The one with emerald and diamonds was found in a UK auction and the one with seed pearl top was found in an antique show in Vancouver.


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You can follow Emily –> @GemCircus


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Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2016

therockhuntress decemberanchor baliplatform kentshire margeryhirschey janetaylorjewelry bulgariofficial jhadleyjewelry alixbluhjewelry juliewolfdesign metiersf jeanjeanvintage sarahandsebastianjewellery

therockhuntress adoring some agates from her collection says the heat is on with her coral ring collection, mixed in with a few others

decemberanchor has an epic date ring collection, love this photo

baliplatform shows off a customer photo, wearing ruffles and gold necklaces, great combo

kentshire reveals the most perfect antique bangle, enamel, lines and a buckle

margeryhirschey visited Tucson and shot this awesome vignette of some yellow sapphires as bright as the sun

janetaylorjewelry puts the O! in COLOR, love the purple and yellow combo

bulgariofficial has probably my most favorite watches, even though I hardly wear watches

jhadleyjewelry piles it all on, lots of pink and lots of sparkle

alexbluhjewelry custom created these beauties–I’m a huge fan of the signet ring

juliewolfdesign playing with design and antiques

metiersf puts a spin on your typical hat–just add an antique brooch!

jeanjeanvintage is entranced by this vintage Hermes scallop ring in 18k yellow gold

sarahandsebastianjewellery shoot a photo of their Nimbus ring matched up with a large black diamond pin ring

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Jewelry Collection Stories: Angela of Gemstone Gypsy

Gemstone Gypsy Personal Collection Gemstone Gypsy Personal Collection

We are ringing in the New Year today with an inspiring and gorgeous Jewelry Collection Story from Angela, or what we may like to call her “Gemstone Gypsy.” I find her collection entirely intriguing and I love how sentimental and closely tied to her heritage many of the pieces are. Let’s get right into it:

“I’ve loved jewelry since I was a child. My maternal grandmother is a serious collector who worked for Tiffany and Hermes and taught me how to appreciate everything from major Victorian rings to beautiful Chanel costume pieces. She’s real, old New York – always in head to toe black, purple Chanel lipstick and Ferragamo shoes – and I idolized her as a child! I would sit with her in her apartment, riveted, while she showed me what things were made of and explained why they were valued. She really impressed upon me the importance of quality construction, too, and how to spot it. My paternal side is Brooklyn Italian, and they love their gold! So since an early age I had lots of adornment around me.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m hugely sentimental, so apart from the aesthetic aspect of jewelry, I love what it means in a personal sense. In the end, regardless of material, a piece’s value is truly in the story it carries, and what it becomes in the eye of the beholder. The simplest, most inexpensive thing can become hugely meaningful if it is loved or given with love, and I find that so magical.”

Above: My collection of vintage + antique yellow gold Italian/Catholic protection charms, shown on top of pictures of my grandmothers in Brooklyn in the early 1920s-30s. A Gold Rush-era gold nugget lock, American Victorian 10k carnelian cross, and Victorian goldfill locket.

Gemstone Gypsy Personal Collection

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You’re Newest Antique & Vintage Jewelry Obsession: Gleem & Co.


Aimed at being a premier online destination that features, “a more accessible, enjoyable, and personal place for jewelry to be traded,” Gleem & Co. has hit the jewelry scene just this past summer and is already making their mark. Think of it as your inner circle of treasure hunters that are out there finding great deals and bringing them to you, the jewelry collector! Another cool aspect of Gleem is their consignment service. So, you (yes, you!) can email photos of pieces you no longer want and Gleem will sell them for you. I was so surprised by their prices, which trump many leading competitors in several categories of certain items that I collect. I’m delighted to find another resource to help curate my personal collection of fine jewelry and I’m even happier to pass this knowledge along to fellow collectors.

Their selection runs the gamut, with samplings from the Victorian Era–like bird motif necklaces and brooches–to modern day classics, like a pair of Chanel earrings or an Hermes cuff. Latest trends, like runway fringe or 60s glam, can easily be found amongst their inventory which is ever-changing. Bold, juicy gemstones like green tourmaline, citrine, amethyst and sapphire are always available in a wide variety of styles, and all appraised so you know you’re buying a genuine gemstone. Not only am I am huge fan of their great prices, but Gleem & Co. has a surprisingly abundant collection of 1960s/70s era jewelry–a known favorite of mine. Make sure you hop on over to their website to view their inventory.

So, what makes Gleem & Co. so special?! I like how their pricing is paired with an appraisal value, so you can see before you buy what the appraised value of the piece is. All appraisals are done by a Master Gemologist Appraiser–a title held by only 46 appraisers in the world! And when you purchase an item from Gleem, you receive a copy of said written appraisal for your records.


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Return to Work in Style with Hermès High-End Accessories

As the nights become shorter and the air becomes crisper, the realization that summer’s end has approached, slowly sinks in. Just like the colors of the leaves begin to change, so does the season’s trends, as connoisseurs return home from vacation, switching full gear into the workplace vibe while thinking of days just spent in faraway paradise. That’s not to say that the joys of fall are hard to accept, as most of us welcome the change of weather and warm holiday traditions. But, when self-image is crucial in the work environment, luxury style is needed to express personal identity.

The transition of picking the work wardrobe back up where it left off can be done easier with the addition of elegant, sophisticated accessories, such as those by Hermès. Make your debut back to the office with high-end accents that deliver innovative designs with leather elements. The brand’s creations display a unique classiness that goes perfectly with a business-casual look. We’d like to present a couple favorites from our accessories selection, watch inventory specials and jewelry inventory specials as inspiration for accessorizing your back-to-work ensemble.

Take the work day head on with the Arceau Squelette Automatic TGM watch by Hermès for $13,225, which is bound to attract much attention. 18K rose gold shines throughout the bezel, lugs and case with a black outer ring, lined along the edge of the dial. Complicated components are revealed through the skeleton dial to tell the minutes, hours and seconds.


If your mind is still recovering from days spent relaxing on the beach, stay on track with the Dressage Retrograde Calendar Moonphase by Hermès for $22,995. A uniquely shaped 18K rose gold case presents a mother of pearl dial, which displays indication of moonphases, date, seconds, minutes and hours. This timepiece is for the gentleman with stylish taste.


The Marine 18K Yellow Gold Cufflinks by Hermès for $2,855 can accompany an outfit for either a lady or gent, while providing a subtle, elegant accent. The cuff links are designed in solid 18K yellow gold in the form of the signature Chaine d’Ancre motif. Great for adding a personal touch to a suit, dress shirt or blouse.


Ladies can show off a lavish appearance donning the Chaîne d’Ancre Enchaînée 18K White Gold Diamond Pave Band Ring by Hermès for $4,800, as it is an accessory that can easily go from casual to formal. Also taking the shape of the Chaine d’Ancre design, the ring is made of 18K white gold and paved with glimmering diamonds.


What better way to carry all of your must-have work essentials than a highly coveted limited edition Birkin Bag? Fashionable entrepreneurs can tote their office items in the Jean Paul Gaultier Shoulder Birkin bag by Hermès for $7,500, which is fabricated with wide grain leather that combines its signature classy look with unique aspects. The tan color of the bag would match any work outfit, while a lock and key are displayed within the palladium silver plated hardware.


Sensual, simple and attractive, these designs will accompany your office attire to let your individuality shine. To see more of our Hermès watches, jewelry and accessories, take a look at our online selection. What accessories do you like to incorporate into your work style?

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Back-to-Back Fine Jewelry Auctions in September at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Lot 37 Lot 38 Lot 40 Lot 85 Lot 196 Lot 243

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers has a pair of back-to-back auctions slated for September 16th, 17th & 18th which you surely do not want to miss! The jewelry action starts off with a sale featuring pieces from the Estate of Rita Dee Hassenfeld which goes live Wednesday, September 16th at 5:30pm CST, followed by a large Important Jewelry Auction the next day, which is broken into a two day affair. You know an auction is going to be good when it has to be broken down to two days! Just how good?! Try 1,293 lots of beautiful, stunning and unique pieces of jewelry!! That’s a lot! So you can imagine my dismay as I tried to pick out my favorite lots and narrow it down…

Let’s start with the first auction, scheduled for September 16th featuring the Estate of Rita Dee Hassenfeld. Mrs. Hassenfeld was an accomplished ballerina in her youth and later a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian. She married the late Harold Irwin Hassenfeld, a member of the founding family of Hassenfeld Brothers, also known as Hasbro Industries (manufacturer of Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, Nerf, Play-Doh and Trivial Pursuit). Mrs. Hassenfeld’s jewelry collection encompasses everything from significant signed pieces and important diamonds to playful uses of colored stones. The sale will consist of numerous sessions showcasing important signed jewelry from leading designers including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Belperron, David Webb, Harry Winston and Seaman Schepps. One such highlight is a superb Art Deco platinum, emerald, diamond, onyx and enamel lapel watch / necklace by Cartier. Another is an impressive platinum and diamond ring by Harry Winston, containing a pear shape brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately 9.12 carats of D color and VS2 clarity.

Lot 37: This carved gemstone ring is truly unique–made completely out of aquamarine and set with diamonds in white gold. Since sizing is impossible, make note that this ring is a size 6 1/2. The diamonds total approximately 1.10 carats.

Lot 38: A pair of earrings fit for a queen–these are set with round mixed cut aquamarine (believed to be set into the Victorian mountings recently) and accented by some Old Mine and European cut diamonds. A bold look indeed.

Lot 40: Love this 18k yellow gold Tiger’s Eye ring designed and signed by David Webb. This ring is perfect for any David Webb collector or anyone who loves 1960s/70s inspired design. I also am a huge fan of the black enamel details.

Lot 85: Colors of a sunset are captured in this brooch, set with citrine and diamonds. The different tones of orangey yellow are shown off here within this piece–would be beautiful attached to a fall scarf or a neutral colored big-brimmed hat.

Lot 196: A pair of designer earrings from Nicholas Varney, this abstract 18k yellow gold wonderment features 16 upturned briolette cut purplish red sapphires, along with some diamonds and rubies. Not only are the gemstones unique, but the silhouette and style make these amazing.

Lot 243: This stunning Edwardian pendant necklace is set with one round amethyst, some diamonds and a pearl for good measure! The necklace has a true to form Edwardian style, with platinum-topped gold and a garland style typical of turn-of-the-century.

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The Opulent Box: A Jewelry Subscription You Won’t Want to Throw Out!

opulent step1 step2 step3 opulentjewelers kieselstein-cord-bloodstone-intaglio-ring-18k-yellow-gold1-600x800 hermes-stirrup-18k-yellow-gold-bracelet-1-600x800 hermes-collier-de-chien-ring-18k-yellow-gold-600x800 hermes-choker-necklace-yellow-gold-1-600x800

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, in order to be one-step ahead of the game, one must be constantly thinking outside the box. Unless this box is an Opulent Box, then you’ve found yourself amidst a genius idea– a concept recently created by Opulent Jewelers, a jewelry company that is based out of Pennsylvania. The concept isn’t new–have you heard of Birch Box or Bark Box?! Surely you have, a subscription based service which mails subscribers a monthly box of 4-5 samples based on preferences. Many companies have formed from the surge of interest, anything from makeup, to food, wine, and my favorite–Japanese toys and trinkets. Could this concept work for jewelry?! Obviously, but what if you want to step it up a notch…a BIG notch. I’m talking when you receive an Opulent Box in the mail, your box will be valued at $25,000! Yes, it is the world’s first-ever subscription box for authentic, luxury and designer jewelry!

Opulent Jewelers says that each box is, “custom curated by a personal concierge to suit your unique tastes and preferences, selections in this incredible box will include rare and exquisite pieces chosen from legendary brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and others! On top of the amazing jewelry, we’ll also throw in some exclusive goodies just for you.” They’ve set up a survey which takes just a few minutes to answer a few questions, all of which determine the best “surprise” jewels for your Opulent Box. Questions like, “When do you normally wear jewelry?” or “Which of these speak to your style?” ..with photos of five different options. With an entire year’s subscription costing $100,000 this is as good as it gets for an extravagant client needing a gift for their significant other without having to do much of anything but pay! There’s usually four occasions per year that need gifts like this–anniversary, birthday, Christmas and the ole yearly “just because” and the Opulent Box will have you covered for 365 days!

So what do you think?! Do you like this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

The four items featured above are favorites from Opulent Jewelers, who also have a private suite in Bucks County, Pennsylvania! You can click on the image to bring you more details and price.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Opulent Jewelers.


Thanks to Gossip Gem

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Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2015

levi_higgs elizapagejewelry georgjensen jeanjeanvintage idazzle anninavogel lovegoldlive lfrankjewelry townandcountrymagjewelry craigevansmall roseark n_mendelevich xiaowangjewelry theoneilovenyc

levi_higgs is mesmerized by this star sapphire ring by Verdura Jewelry he spotted at the Sothebys preview

elizapagejewelry getting ready for their Ila and I trunk show, looking gorgeous

georgjensen smushed pansies and gold jewelry make for a perfect photo

jeanjeanvintage taking a moment to enjoy these beauties before listing them in her Etsy shop

idazzle is dazzled by this piece of jewelry by Barbara Heinrich, so magical

anninavogel has a new project, taking vintage Hermes silk scarves and placing them in antique lockets

lovegoldlive posts this image from The Native Fox featuring a tailored suit jacket and gold jewelry

lfrankjewelry sporting the cutest look with big bead necklaces, rings and a casual ponytail

townandcountrymagjewelry has a serious crush on this Tiffany & Co. from their holiday luncheon

craigevansmall has the most amazing creatures in a sorts of gems and shapes

roseark is surrounded by love with these mantas, the more the merrier

n_mendelvich captures this sketch, the beginning of a very beautiful opal ring

xiaowangjewelry is taken by this open living/working space mixed with antique, vintage finds

theoneilovenyc is charmed by Susan Siegel conversion necklaces, perfect for layering

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The Strongest Link: Chain Jewelry

One of the biggest fashion trends as of late is jewelry designs that feature links. The structure of jewelry creations that can be found in every category – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – go beyond the construction of the chain. Pieces are put together with far more complex concepts using bold colors and defined shapes. Spring fashion on the runway has been all about denim and leather ensembles, and link jewelry is a nice addition to these fabrics to embellish edginess.

While floral patterns tend to always be the theme seasonally, bold link jewelry pieces also pair well. Floral fabrics go from super-girly to assertively dignified when worn with linked accessories. You don’t need to have a voice to show your confident side – instead, translate it quietly with exotic or chunky chains.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have a wide selection of chain link inspired jewelry from top designer labels. Our inventory features many silver pieces from big brands currently on sale. Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell are just a few to name. If you’re looking for new jewelry creations that will hold your fashion sense together, consider these silver chain link pieces for your spring wardrobe.

Gucci has been bringing back the style of the 1970’s with their new collections, and the horse bit revelation is one of them. The horse bit has long since been a classic symbol of Gucci, and can be spotted in this year’s jewelry trends. Offer a compelling handshake with the Gucci Horsebit 18K White Gold Band Ring, for $500.


As I mentioned, the incorporation of links as a jewelry piece plays outside the box when it comes to regular chains. Hermès has a remarkable piece in their silver collection, which binds the wrist with adjacent, overlapping belts and buckles. That would be the Hermès Débridée Silver Cuff Bracelet, available at Luxury Bazaar for $3,789.


You may or may not have heard of Theo Fennell jewelry, but you might have seen it, since his line of pieces are designed to be engaging. The label mixes a simple chain with a romantically exotic impression in the Theo Fennell Alias Ram 44 Oxidized Beastie Necklace for $495 at our store. This piece presents repetitive motifs of rams that look as though they are about to charge – which can motivate any woman to take the day head on. Butt heads with style donning this unique link combo around your neck. Opt for the matching ring and bracelet to own the complete jewelry set.


At Luxury Bazaar, you will find a vast selection of chain and link inspired jewelry. Explore our inventory specials for high-end brand pieces such as Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell available at a reduced rate. Every day we update our selection with newly added models, so feel free to keep checking back for more!

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Hermes Jewelry Spring Sale – Up To 68% Off!

Sitting at the top of French and international luxury fashion brands, you know you’re getting the best quality with anything Hermes produces. Right now we have a range of their fine jewelry in stock, which also includes unique estate pieces and affordable silver jewelry. And we’ve put it all on sale for spring at up to 68% off!

Hermes Rose Gold “H” Ring (estate)

Lets start with an estate ring featuring the attractive color combo of gold and black. Using a diamond-set Hermes “H” motif, the ring is made with rose gold with black enamel.

Hermes Rose Gold “H” Ring


Hermes Jump “Etrier” Silver Bracelet

Second we have a bracelet with an equestrian theme. Made of silver chain, it comes decorated with a horsebit motif charm.

Hermes Jump “Etrier” Silver Bracelet


Hermes Silver “H” Bangle Bracelet

This sterling silver bangle is formed out of the Hermes “H”, which extends to wrap around your wrist.

Hermes Silver “H” Bangle Bracelet


Hermes Knotted Silver Ring

For another affordable silver piece, check out this ring with a knotted design.

Hermes Knotted Silver Ring


Hermes Chaine d’Ancre Rose Gold Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for something warmer in gold, we have a pair of stud earrings in lush rose gold that feature Hermes’ iconic Chaine d’Ancre motif. We have a wide range of Chaine d’Ancre jewelry in gold and silver, so make sure to check out the full sale below for more pieces.

Hermes Chaine d’Ancre Rose Gold Stud Earrings


Hermes Marine Yellow Gold Cufflinks

For the guys, we have a pair of yellow gold cufflinks from the Marine collection featuring the Chaine d’Ancre motif.

Hermes Marine Yellow Gold Cufflinks


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