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Today’s latest installment of Jewelry Collection Stories comes from Jemima who we all know in our jewelry community as @homeoftheland. I love her taste in jewelry and her personal collection reflects just that! She isn’t afraid to wear bold pieces and I’ve enjoyed connecting her with the seller of one of her most exquisite pieces–the elongated diamond ring. I’ll let her tell you about her collection, take it away:

I inherited the jewelry fever from my mother who is pragmatic and no-nonsense in most every other way but still wants her jewels. My father was happy to oblige her with some beautiful antique pieces they picked out together for special occasions and she has no qualms about filling the gaps in her collection herself. She recently bought an outrageous Edwardian emerald and diamond three stone ring at the Hillsborough Antique Show that I lust after constantly. I collected vintage Gucci bags from the 1960’s and 1970’s for many years (I still own and love them) before I started to transition more to jewelry over a decade ago when I could afford some of the pieces I wanted.

homeoftheland1 homeoftheland4

There is something I love in every era but I always look for big, evocative, narrative pieces. I did visuals for retailer Anthropologie for a very long time and jewelry is an integral part of my bougie-boho aesthetic. Dainty pieces just disappear on me (although I love admiring them on other people). I love figurative animal jewelry and have acquired everything from Victorian snakes to a 1980’s Kieselstien-Cord alligator ring to my contemporary Elsa Peretti scorpion necklace. Another one of my favorite pieces is a long Edwardian diamond ring that I first lusted over on a fellow Instagramer. When Danielle at Gem Gossip posted that the owner was letting it go, I jumped on it.

homeoftheland5 homeoftheland6

There have been studies that people get more gratification from spending money on experiences rather than objects. To me beautiful jewelry is both an object and an experience every time you wear it. Rings are my favorite because you can admire them while you wear them. I love the craftsmanship- the touch of the hand. There is an emotional connection to a piece that was exquisitely made. I also love that jewelry speaks to the time and place that it was made whether it be from the Victorian era or the Dynasty/Dallas 1980’s.

Untitled Untitled

I fell in love with snake jewelry because of the baby sitter that stayed with my brother and I when my parents went off on their world travels. She was an original hippie Deadhead with an old BMW 2002. She had this amazing jeweled gold Victorian snake coil bracelet that she inherited. She’d casually wear it on her upper arm with jeans and a beat up tank top. I convinced her to let me borrow it for my senior prom. I hated my dress and my date, and the hairstylist screwed up my updo but it was worth it because I got to wear the snake.


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You can follow Jemima –> @HomeoftheLand

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Florence Welch in Gucci Jewelry at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Florence Welch_Jewelry 3 Florence Welch_Jewelry 2 Gucci Flora ring in 18kt gold, blue sapphires and diamonds Gucci Flora ring in 18kt gold, diamond and blue sapphires Icon ring Le Marché des Merveilles ring with Bee motif in 18kt yellow gold

The Grammy Awards may have been almost a month ago, but this look is still buzzing in my head–and maybe yours too! And not just because one of the new Gucci rings features a bee, but because how perfect the Gucci dress goes with all four rings…and I was cheering when Gucci annouced Florence Welch as their latest ambassador. She is perfect for the job, as she is a magpie herself, wearing rings on every finger during her performances and stunning crowds with her jewelry choices. Creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, is doing wonders for the brand–mixing his gothic revival style and love for adornment–making jewelry not just an accessory, but a focal point. And hey, if I could have both Florence and Alessandro in one room with myself, I think I would freeze up and not know what to say, because there’s way too much thanks and praise to be said.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Monday, February 15th, 2016 at The Staples Center, Los Angeles and I was in California on my #JewelryRoadTrip, completely oblivious to what was going on in the real world. I would have loved to have seen this look live on the red carpet. Luckily, I received an email from Gucci’s PR and when I opened it, it was love at first sight. I had to make sure I posted this epic look on Gem Gossip, even if it were weeks later!
Florence Welch wore a Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 pale pink silk chiffon long sleeve gown with ruffle neckline, sequin trompe l’oeil belt detail with star, heart, moon and dragonfly embroideries with nude leather platform high heels with cat head detail. She completed her look with a Le Marché des Merveilles ring with Bee motif in 18kt yellow gold, an Icon ring in 18kt yellow gold with citrine quartz, London topaz, pink and green tourmalines and two Gucci Flora rings in 18kt gold, diamond and blue sapphires. Perfection.
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Italy’s Creations: The Finest Jewelry Designs

When a lavish piece of jewelry is made in Italy, it represents a strong passionate love for beauty. Many Italian fashion brands boast a long history of jewelry making, with an emphasis on goldsmithing etched across the area of Valenza and Vicenza. Top labels such as Versace, Gucci, Bvlgari and Damiani are among the numerous names of famous Italian designers. The country is abundant with creativity as it is home to highly talented jewelry makers that have developed the art of designing to new heights in terms of elegance and style. The genius and delicacy that is infused in the jewelry making of Italy produces one-of-a-kind designs that showcase pure extravagance.

Florence, Italy, is like the capital of jewelry making, where elite educational institutions teach students the goldsmith craft and exquisite designs are created in artistic workshops. The area has a long history of jewelry making that dates back to the Roman times. Three major materials that Italian artists and designers work with is gold, sterling silver and Murano glass. Donning a unique piece of jewelry from Italian designers showcases the beauty of the country’s craft, exhibiting a stunning appearance. At Luxury Bazaar, we have a large selection of Italian jewelry, accessories and watches that derive from a long list of authentic Italian designer brands. These beautiful Italian pieces demonstrate the traditional fashion trends of jewelry within the culture’s history.

In the earlier days of Italy, it was common to wear rings wherever possible, stacking them atop one another. The Pin Up 18K Yellow Gold Smoky Quartz Diamond Ring by Pomellato for $4,300 would make a great candidate for rocking the style trend. A smoky quartz gemstone is set beneath two diamond-clad prongs on gold.

Italian Designs

Brooches such as the 18K White Gold Mother of Pearl & Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch by Roberto Coin for $668 were a popular accessory in Italy that was pinned on various items and clothing. The simple moon shape of the mother of pearl design produces an elegance that brings out the glimmer of the four scattered diamonds.

Italian Designs2

Many Italian jewelry designers like to work with white gold since it makes a gorgeous backdrop for precious stones, as seen in the 18K White Gold Black Pearl & Diamond Earrings by Versace of their Cube Collection for $4,125. Four black pearls sit locked in between the angled white gold design lined with diamonds.

Italian Designs3

In ancient times, jewelry made with gold coins were worn by the wealthy to express their lifestyle and status. Bvlgari demonstrates the style in their lavish jewelry pieces, especially on their Monete Ancient Coin Pendant Necklace for $3,900. An ancient coin is set as a pendant held by a gold and stainless steel chain.

Italian Designs4

Incorporate the Italian fashion influence to your wardrobe this summer with high-end jewelry pieces by top designers of the country. We have an endless amount of Italian labels to choose from in our jewelry inventory specials.

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July Birthstone: The Red Ruby

It’s a good thing the color red is a pigment trend this summer season, since the July birthstone is the ruby. Rubies are known for their reddish tint, which ranges from orange to purple. It seems the colorful beauty of the ruby can be inspired by elements of the warm weather climate this time of year, like the color of the sky at sunset, or a ripe, juicy tomato. When you don a ruby, how does it express you? Perhaps it makes you feel like royalty, since it was a highly valuable gemstone worn by ancient kings and queens. Or, it presents a strong sense of romanticism to unleash the aura of desire and love. However you wear a ruby, it is sure to spark confidence and inspiration.

Luxury ruby jewelry crafted by the finest fashion designers are an empowering and unique accent to a day or evening summer ensemble. In the past, rubies were considered a representation of the sun and were connected with astrology. As the birthstone of a mid-summer month, it earns the title. When it comes to styling the ruby, working with a color palette will provide a direction so that the outfit doesn’t appear out of sync. If you are looking for the perfect ruby high-end jewelry item to spice up your attire, browse our selection at Luxury Bazaar. We carry ruby designs that are exquisite and are difficult to find.

Show off majestic elegance with a gorgeous ruby jewelry piece this month. You’ll feel the influence of passion and power with the ruby incorporated into your style, as it is one of the most valuable gemstones of the world. These upscale jewelry pieces are a few of our favorites.

To display a sophisticated and classy appearance, the combination of rubies and diamonds in the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Ring by Piaget for $11,500 achieve the motive by being glamorously over-the-top. The gold setting and clash of circle and square cut shapes of the gemstones produce an appealing arrangement.

ruby birthstone

The red and purple pigment of the rubies in the 18K Yellow Gold Ruby Horse Bit Drop Earrings by Gucci for $3,600 make this equestrian-inspired design truly unique. The rubies glimmer as they sway, emitting a vibrancy that is hard to go unnoticed.

ruby birthstone2

Roberto Coin always signs his creations with a ruby to wish his wearers good luck. Ladies looking to don a beachy look may like the 18K Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet by Roberto Coin for $9,625 because the intricate, bulky design of the piece looks reminiscent of the wood on a boat’s deck or a boardwalk.

ruby birthstone3

Ladies who need to add a bright element to a plain outfit can achieve their style with the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Pendant Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels for $6,300. A gold chain holds a gold diamond and ruby clad hoop pendant that showcases pure radiance.

ruby birthstone4

Our high-end ruby jewelry items by top fashion labels of the industry are all available to view on our Luxury Bazaar website. To look through our ruby collection, shop our jewelry inventory specials, which feature many pieces at discounted rates.

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The Strongest Link: Chain Jewelry

One of the biggest fashion trends as of late is jewelry designs that feature links. The structure of jewelry creations that can be found in every category – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – go beyond the construction of the chain. Pieces are put together with far more complex concepts using bold colors and defined shapes. Spring fashion on the runway has been all about denim and leather ensembles, and link jewelry is a nice addition to these fabrics to embellish edginess.

While floral patterns tend to always be the theme seasonally, bold link jewelry pieces also pair well. Floral fabrics go from super-girly to assertively dignified when worn with linked accessories. You don’t need to have a voice to show your confident side – instead, translate it quietly with exotic or chunky chains.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have a wide selection of chain link inspired jewelry from top designer labels. Our inventory features many silver pieces from big brands currently on sale. Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell are just a few to name. If you’re looking for new jewelry creations that will hold your fashion sense together, consider these silver chain link pieces for your spring wardrobe.

Gucci has been bringing back the style of the 1970’s with their new collections, and the horse bit revelation is one of them. The horse bit has long since been a classic symbol of Gucci, and can be spotted in this year’s jewelry trends. Offer a compelling handshake with the Gucci Horsebit 18K White Gold Band Ring, for $500.


As I mentioned, the incorporation of links as a jewelry piece plays outside the box when it comes to regular chains. Hermès has a remarkable piece in their silver collection, which binds the wrist with adjacent, overlapping belts and buckles. That would be the Hermès Débridée Silver Cuff Bracelet, available at Luxury Bazaar for $3,789.


You may or may not have heard of Theo Fennell jewelry, but you might have seen it, since his line of pieces are designed to be engaging. The label mixes a simple chain with a romantically exotic impression in the Theo Fennell Alias Ram 44 Oxidized Beastie Necklace for $495 at our store. This piece presents repetitive motifs of rams that look as though they are about to charge – which can motivate any woman to take the day head on. Butt heads with style donning this unique link combo around your neck. Opt for the matching ring and bracelet to own the complete jewelry set.


At Luxury Bazaar, you will find a vast selection of chain and link inspired jewelry. Explore our inventory specials for high-end brand pieces such as Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell available at a reduced rate. Every day we update our selection with newly added models, so feel free to keep checking back for more!

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Silver Designer Jewelry on Sale – Up to 68% Off!

With all the gold designer jewelry we have in stock, it’s easy to forget all the affordable and attractive silver jewelry we also carry. And to help remind all our fans and customers, we’re putting a large selection on sale for up to 68% off! Including a nice range from Hermes, Gucci and Theo Fennell.

Hermes Fregate Orange Cord Silver Bracelet

Starting off with something simple, we have a Fregate bracelet from Hermes. Using a clean bangle design, it features a toggle clasp with a cord in Hermes’ signature orange color.

Hermes Fregate Orange Cord Silver Bracelet


Hermes Silver Link Toggle Bracelet

For another example of many silver Hermes bracelets we have in stock, this one features a chunky chain link design. The high polished links are connected with a toggle clasp.

Hermes Silver Link Toggle BraceletHermes_H08_090514_2

Hermes Arcane Silver Band Ring

This silver ring from the Arcane collection features an interesting openwork design.

Click here for our full Hermes Silver Jewelry Sale.

Hermes Arcane Silver Band RingHermes_H105635B_3

Gucci “G” Cutout Blackened Silver Band Ring

Now onto another ring, this time from Gucci. Made of sterling silver and featuring a Gucci “G” motif, it stands out with a blackened effect.

Gucci “G” Cutout Blackened Silver Band Ring

Gucci Icon Silver Cord Pendant Necklace

Also made with sterling silver, this pendant features Gucci’s iconic double “G” motif. It’s fixed to a black cord necklace.

Gucci Icon Silver Cord Pendant Necklace


Gucci Silver Charm Bracelet

This fun sterling silver bracelet features a collection of charms made up of recognized Gucci motifs.

Gucci Silver Charm BraceletGUCCI_GUC09_010515_152848_4

Gucci Icon Silver Keychain

This great little keychain is sterling silver and features the Gucci double “G” motif.

Click here for our full Gucci Silver Jewelry Sale.

Gucci Icon Silver Keychain

Theo Fennell Alias Bats 7 Oxidized Beastie Bracelet

This Beastie Bracelet is a prime example of Theo Fennell’s famous gothic style. The silver is oxidized to give it a vintage look, with a couple bat motif charms decorating it.

Theo Fennell Alias Bats 7 Oxidized Beastie Bracelet

Theo Fennell Alias Oxidized Silver Mamba Cuff

This intricate cuff is made up of the famously deadly mamba snake. It also features the vintage look of oxidized silver.

Click here for our full Theo Fennell Silver Jewelry Sale.

Theo Fennell Alias Oxidized Silver Mamba Cuff


For more designer jewelry news and sales, click here.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking for something nice for a special guy in your life, Luxury Bazaar is your one-stop shop! We’re loaded with luxury watches, designer jewelry and accessories and have put tons on sale up until Valentine’s Day. Check out a selection from each category below and make sure to browse each category in full or check out the complete holiday sale at the bottom.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a piece to match the love-filled holiday that’ll also be a striking, masculine piece throughout the year, check out this Big Bang All Black in limited edition red. Built off Hublot’s popular “All Black”, they’ve taken the blacked out dial case and dial and added red PVD detailing, along with a red gummy alligator strap. The case is 44mm in matte black ceramic with a matching dial. It features full chronograph functions with three subdials and date display. The caseback is sapphire, allowing a view of their in-house movement.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang All Black Red



Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome (Certified Pre-Owned)

For a contrast to the Hublot above, we have a All Black King Power that features a blue colorway. It also uses a ceramic case, but in the larger 48mm King Power size. It features a split-seconds chronograph, along with a power reserve indicator. It’s fitted with a gummy alligator strap in matching blue and the caseback is also sapphire.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Hublot Big Bang King Power Vendome



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari Chronograph

For a luxury sports watch that stands out while keeping it classy, we love the Offshore Safari from the Royal Oak collection. What sets it apart and gives it a safari vibe is its rich brown hornback leather strap. It’s fitted to a stainless steel 42mm Royal Oak Offshore case with a white silvered dial that works well with the lighter colored strap. The dial features three chrono subdials and a date display with a solid caseback.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari ChronographAudemars_Piguet_Royal_Oak_Offshore_Chrono_Themes_26170ST_OO_D091CR_01_4

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Miramar

IWC’s Big Pilot collection has grown i popularity the last few years, with their Top Gun watches leading the way. This example stands out from most other pilot watches with a green military fabric strap and a titanium ceramic case that gives iit a distinct sheen. The case is a big 48mm, making it very visible and usable as a actual pilot’s watch. Its size also allows for one of the largest automatic movements out there, which uses a pawl-winding system to quickly fill up a massive 8.5 day power reserve. The power reserve is proudly displayed at 3 o’clock and a date display is included at 6 o’clock. This watch is dedicated to Top Gun Miramar, which is the famed Top Gun pilots’ school to the US Marines found in Miramar, California.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun MiramarIWC_Big_Pilot_Top_Gun_Miramar_IW501902_4

Check out our full Mens Watches Valentine’s Day Sale.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Set

For the big Batman fan out there, we have one of only 500 limited edition sets released by Montegrappa. It includes a fountain pen, quartz watch and cufflinks in a decorated box. All pieces are made out of Dark Knight-worthy high-end materials, including black anodized aluminum, ruthenium-plated brass, black PVD coated stainless steel, rhodium plated white gold and carbon fiber.

View this box set at Luxury Bazaar.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition SetMONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_4MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_5MONTEGRAPPA_ISBMN2IS_147202_1

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for something ultra-luxurious, check out this handcrafted fountain pen from S.T. Dupont. This limited edition pen is fully forged from 18k white gold with rhodium finishes. It features a “Diamond Drops” design that decorates the body with a total of 677 diamonds (7.4 carats). The handmade nib is also fully white gold with royal blue ink supplied.

View this pen at Luxury Bazaar.

S.T. Dupont Diamond Rain Fountain PenST_Dupont_094811_4ST_Dupont_094811_3

Check out our full Mens Accessories Valentine’s Day Sale.

Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Onto some jewelry for guys, we have this very modern white gold Gucci band. It features a coating of black synthetic corundum for it’s distinct look, which is also decorated with the Gucci double G monogram print.

View this ring at Luxury Bazaar.

Gucci Icon Blackened White Gold Band Ring

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

For an piece of mens jewelry you can’t go wrong with and in a classic style, take a look at these cufflinks from Chopard. Made of white gold in a simple stick motif, they’re also capped on each end with black rubber.

View these cufflinks at Luxury Bazaar.

Chopard White Gold Stick Cufflinks

Check out our full Mens Jewelry Valentine’s Day Sale.

And browse our complete Valentine’s Day Sale for men and women.

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Valentine’s Day Sale: Watches and Jewelry for Her

Valentines Day Womens Sale at Luxury Bazaar

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of us are thinking of a special gift for a special lady in our lives. And if you’re one of them, the team here at Luxury Bazaar is happy to help by with a big sale on watches, jewelry and accessories. With so much to choose from, we’ve picked out a few favorites below to check out (and make sure to browse the full sale at the bottom).


Chopard Happy Sport II Diamonds

This example from Chopard’s ever-popular Happy Sport collection is sure to stun any lucky lady. Made of yellow gold, its square 27mm case features 32 round brilliant diamonds set on the bezel (1.07 carats) and 5 signature floating happy diamonds in the dial (0.32 carats). It’s also decorated with ruby cabochons on the lugs and crown and its fitted with a solid gold bracelet.

View this watch at Luxury Bazaar.

Chopard Happy Sport II Diamonds


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Chanel, Gucci and Versace Holiday Sale!

Chanel, Gucci and Versace are three of the most renowned names in luxury fashion. And for the holiday season, we’ve having a special sale featuring all of them! Check out three picks from each of the three top brands below and make sure to browse the full sale at the bottom:

Chanel Comete Star Ring (Estate)

Perfect for the holidays, we have an estate ring from Chanel featuring a dual star motif. It’s made of yellow gold with a 1 carat diamond pave.

Chanel Comete Star RingCHANEL_RICO_51760_151188_3

Chanel Diamond Tennis Bracelet (Estate)

The tennis bracelet is an essential and modern classic in the world of jewelry. This example from Chanel is white gold with a diamond set in each round link (2.75 carats total). Note the use of a diamond pave Chanel “C” for the closure.

Chanel Diamond Tennis Bracelet EstateChanel_CHA01_112014_2Chanel_CHA01_112014_5

Chanel Ultra Hematite Ring (Estate)

This unique flexible ring features links made of either diamond set white gold or black hematite stone.

Chanel Ultra Hematite Ring (Estate)

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