Newest Finds from Your Jewelry Finder, June 2017 Edition

Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip

This time of year always seems to provoke a sense of “out with the old, and in with the new!” And by that I don’t mean throw out your antique jewelry and swap it for modern pieces–I mean to take into consideration some of my Spring Cleaning your Jewelry Box suggestions and buy some pieces that really count! Rings that make your jaw drop, necklaces and pendants that make your heart flutter, bracelets that make you feel warm inside and earrings that you know will look amazing on you–that’s what we all need! It seems that Ashley of Jewelry Finds® is not short on remarkable pieces of jewelry. She makes it her mission to bring her customers new acquisitions and is dedicated to working long days and nights to get them up on her website for you! That’s why we’ve teamed up to bring you a monthly digest of all her latest finds, to keep you in the loop and up-to-date. We don’t want you to miss a “piece of a lifetime” or something that you “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” because as jewelry collectors, we know that happens far too often! So whether you check religiously or have signed up for our newsletter, be on the lookout for our monthly “new arrivals” post from Jewelry Finds! ® — Something Old. Something New. Something You™

Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip

Left photo:

18k rose yellow gold Victorian 1890’s Blue Sapphire & Old Mine Cut Diamond Bypass Ring, Price: $2,999

14k yellow gold Victorian Sapphire Circa 1880’s Natural Violet Blue Cushion Sapphire Old European Cut Diamond Halo Ring, Price: $3,999

Platinum Antique Sapphire Diamond Circa 1915 Filigree Old European Cut Halo Ring, Price: $7,999

Platinum Art Deco Circa 1930’s Vintage 1.72ct t.w. Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Price: $6,500

Platinum Art Deco 1.63ct t.w. Circa 1930’s Vintage Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Price: $7,450

14k yellow gold Vintage Yellow Sapphire Circa 1940’s Retro Natural Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring, Price: $7,500

Emerald and diamond dinner ring, reserved please inquire, [email protected]

Platinum Art Deco Emerald Engagement Circa 1930’s Vintage 2.53ct t.w. Old Diamond Halo Ring, Price: $4,400

18k yellow gold Vintage Estate 1950’s Cornflower Blue Sapphire Asscher Diamond Halo Ring, Price: $5,999

Right photo:

top bracelet is reserved please inquire, [email protected]

14k yellow gold Art Deco Bracelet Peridot Lattice Bangle Filigree Circa 1930’s Hinged Bangle, Price: $1,450

18k & 14k yellow gold Antique Art Nouveau 2.71ct t.w. Sapphire Rose Cut Diamond Hinged Bangle, Price: $4,999

Platinum Art Deco Diamond Bracelet Circa 1930’s Old Antique Cut Diamond Filigree Geometrical Tennis Bracelet, Price: $8,999

Platinum, 14k yellow gold Antique Edwardian 1920’s Old European Cut Rose Cut Diamond Filigree Heavy Bracelet, Price: $4,499

Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip

Left photo:

Platinum & 18k Large Antique 1900’s 2.95ct t.w. Antique Cut Diamond Bow Necklace, Price: $6,250

14k white gold Vintage 1940’s 12.80ct t.w. Early Retro Persian Turquoise & Transitional Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace, Price: $5,999

14k & silver Antique Victorian 1880’s Old Mine Cut Diamond Pendant, Price: $4,200

Platinum & 14k white gold Estate Large 5.60ct t.w. Solid Black Opal & Diamonds By The Yard Necklace, Price: $4,999

Emerald cut diamond necklace, reserved please inquire, [email protected]

14k white gold Vintage Art Deco Circa 1930’s Filigree Carved Crystal Old European Cut Diamond Pendant, Price: $799

18k white gold Vintage Aquamarine Diamond Pendant Circa 1970’s Aquamarine Pear Shape Diamond Necklace, Price: $3,800

Right photo:

Platinum Edwardian 1920’s Cultured Pearl & Old European Cut Diamond Ring, Price: $1,899

Platinum, 14k gold Art Deco Double Diamond Ring Circa 1930’s 1.28ct t.w. Old European Cut Diamond Ring, Price: $5,500

Platinum Vintage 8.46ct t.w. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring Circa 1940’s Diamond Ring, Price: $3,999

onyx ring, reserved please inquire [email protected]

18k white gold Art Deco Vintage 1930’s Aquamarine Diamond Ring, Price: $1,199

Platinum & 18k Edwardian Diamond Navette Ring Circa 1915 Blue Lab Sapphires & Old Rose Cut Diamonds, Price: $1,995

Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip

Left photo:

14k yellow gold Victorian Sapphire Ring Circa 1880’s Natural Violet Blue Cushion Sapphire Old European Cut Diamond Halo Ring, Price: $3,999

14k yellow gold & platinum Vintage 5.60ct t.w. Emerald Cut Amethyst Circa 1940’s Jones & Woodland Ring, Price: $1,599

14k yellow gold Victorian Enormous 7.03ct 12mm Cabochon Moonstone Ring, Price: $2,999

18k yellow gold Unique Rose Cut Ring Pave’ Diamond Serpent Wrap Cocktail Unique Statement Ring, Price: $5,999

18k yellow gold Vintage Art Deco 1930’s Old European Cut Diamond Milgrain Navette Cocktail Ring, Price: $3,999

14k yellow gold, silver Antique Art Nouveau Peridot Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring Circa 1900’s Floral Statement Ring, Price: $4,400

Opal ring reserved please inquire, [email protected]

Right photo:

Platinum Art Deco Old European Cut Diamond Sapphire Chandelier Earrings, Price: $15,000

Vintage Diamond Art Deco Earrings Circa 1930’s Filigree Old European Cut Single Cut Diamond Chandelier, Price: $4,500

18k yellow gold Estate Large Clover Shaped Multi Colored Cabochon Pink & Green Tourmaline Diamond Chandelier Earrings, Price: $3,500

Platinum, 18k gold Vintage 4.15ct t.w. Art Deco Emerald Diamond Earrings Circa 1930’s Chandelier Earrings, Price: $9,950

Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip Jewelry Finds | Gem Gossip

Left photo:

first two necklaces reserved, please inquire [email protected]

18k yellow gold Vintage H.Stern Estate 1980’s Aquamarine Diamond Pendant, Price: $4,200

Art Nouveau 1900’s Antique Old Rose Mine Cut Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Platinum Locket, Price: $2,000

Platinum & 14k Edwardian Vintage .75ct t.w. Circa 1920’s Old European Cut & Rose Cut Diamond Star Motif Pendant, Price: $2,999

Right photo:

Art Deco Wedding Band Platinum Three Stone Baguette Diamond 1930’s Stacking Ring, Price: $995

Platinum Vintage Diamond Wedding 1940’s Seven 7 Stone Diamond Wedding Band, Price: $699

18k white gold Art Deco 1930’s 0.20ct t.w. Ten Diamond Vintage Wedding Band, Price: $599

Platinum Art Deco Circa 1930’s 1.16ct t.w. Old European Cut Diamond Filigree Ring, Price: $3,499

Platinum Antique Diamond Filigree Engraved Wedding Band Circa 1920’s 8 Stone Single Cut Bead Set, Price: $1,350

18k yellow gold Antique Circa 1890’s Victorian 5 Stone Opal Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring, Price: $1,850

18k yellow gold Art Deco Five Stone Wedding Band Circa 1930’s, Price: $2,600

>> Need to see any of these pieces in a video? Check out Jewelry Finds Youtube channel for 360 views!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Jewelry Finds. ®

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Gem Gossip Visits EraGem in Bellevue, WA

EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip

EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem GossipEraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip EraGem | Gem Gossip

Above, I take a seat with owner Michael and put together my “wishlist”

Although most of my #JewelryRoadTrip was spent in Seattle, Bellevue is only a short drive and is the fastest growing and largest suburb of Seattle. It is also where EraGem calls home! After putting together a fun photoshoot using my TOP TEN favorite rings from their inventory last month, I couldn’t wait to see more from them and had to make the trip.

EraGem first started in 2006 but the company had a different name–Weston Jewelry. They specialize in antique and estate jewelry, always offering LOTS of rings of all kinds (my obvious favorite) like engagement rings, cocktail rings, designer rings, and gemstone rings. Founders Michael and Weston both grew up around fathers who owned stores–Michael’s father owned an antique business and Weston’s had a photography shop. It was kismet that the two combined forces for an antique jewelry business because one of the biggest factors that leads a successful online jewelry business is great photography. Their main focus was eBay, where they sold for many years and built up an amazing reputation and name, along with a huge clientele. It wasn’t until 2012 when they rebranded everything, changing their name to EraGem, and launched their own e-commerce website. I love the name–not only is it short, catchy and perfect for antique jewelry, but as Michael points out, ERA can also be an acronym for Estate Retro Antique. Smart. What’s even smarter is they have the jewelry photography game on lock, with their images catching the attention of Google, who always seems to rank their images really high in any type of “antique jewelry” search. It is one accomplishment they are proud of–and the other? Their top-of-the-line customer service. Free overnight shipping, 60-day money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty. They also offer a no-interest layaway plan, which I appreciate tremendously as layaway is how I was able to start a collection of jewelry.

The EraGem showroom is a great asset for the company and since opening its doors to the public, the founding duo have added Mike’s brothers Maslow & Mark to the team, as well as Jennifer. The idea of having a showroom for a mostly online business is sometimes actually necessary–people who are local can take advantage of the close proximity and be able to try things on in person, they also set up buying appointments at their showroom as well. A showroom visit starts with making a wishlist online, as all their inventory is listed on their website. Choose your favorites and set up an appointment–EraGem will take care of the rest! The team will pull the items on your wishlist, so when you arrive, they will be presented to you. If you’re like me and totally forgot to put a wishlist together, you can sit down at their computer and search together by describing what you are looking for–you can start by gemstone and filter from there, or by price range, even by designer, it’s up to you! I ended up picking A LOT of good things.

Thanks EraGem for welcoming me into your showroom–I had such a fun time playing with your jewels and seeing how things are done at such a ground-breaking antique and estate jewelry store. Below, you’ll be able to shop my top ten favorites from my visit and in the meantime, I’ll be frequently checking back to see all your DAILY new arrivals!

hh706atourmaline-ring-wm10245e munsteiner-tourmaline-bezel-ring wm7772e scl10582e hh558e art-deco-moonstone-earrings-wm10212ecats-eye-emerald-ring-hh295e wm10744e ele11005e


12000 NE 8th St #101

Bellevue, WA 98005

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Gem Gossip Visits Alexandria Rossoff Jewels & Rare Finds in Seattle, WA

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem GossipAlexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Diamond cluster navette ring, Five-stone Edwardian ring

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Edwardian diamond cluster dangle earrings

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Left to right: Emerald ring #1, Emerald ring #2, Emerald ring #3, Green tourmaline ring

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Mid-Century Tiffany & Co. earrings, thick Retro yellow gold snake chain necklace

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Emerald cut diamond ring with sapphire side stones, large sapphire ring with diamond side stones

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Festoon diamond necklace, diamond rose cut dangle earrings

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Pearl, sapphire and diamond bar brooch, Matching Edwardian pearl and diamond bracelet

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Three-diamond Gypsy band, Hexagonal Amethyst ring, Victorian pearl band, smaller amethyst surrounded by pearls, larger amethyst surrounded by pearls set in filigree

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Round halo ring, cute Old Mine cut ring, domed filigree ring, domed filigree ring on right hand

Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip Alexandria Rossoff | Gem Gossip

Golden Beryl ring, Alexandrite ring, large antique Opal ring, snake ring

Next stop on the Seattle #JewelryRoadTrip was Alexandria Rossoff Jewels & Rare Finds, a stone’s throw away from where we were staying, Hotel Vintage. We walked to the shop which is located on 4th Avenue; lucky for us it was a beautiful and sunny summer day in Seattle. If you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, I would highly recommend the summertime. Alexandria’s store has been on my radar for quite some time, in fact, back in 2010 when I would write about stores I hope to visit one day, this store was one of my features. I also named Alexandria Rossoff my favorite Facebook “Like” back in 2012. And one of my most favorite people in the jewelry industry, Levi Higgs, actually interned at Alexandria Rossoff’s back when he went to the University of Washington for his undergraduate degree. He now lives in NYC and works for David Webb.

I had so much anticipation going into this visit that excitement wouldn’t even begin to describe it! Meeting Alexandria for the first time was like meeting a longtime friend, as she has been in the jewelry business since 1980. She has worked in every aspect of this business and is a wealth of knowledge, as well as being regarded as the antique jewelry expert in the Seattle area. Her business has changed addresses a few times over the years, which has allowed Alex to creatively depict the feel for each storefront and reinvent her brand. Her partner brings a unique aspect to her antique jewelry business, with the ability to design jewelry, hand-engrave and make waxes for casting. This adds a whole new dimension to the store.

Walking into Alexandria Rossoff Jewels & Rare Finds, you’ll notice the elegance of the store paired with some Hollywood Glamour. The floor to ceiling windows allow some glorious sunlight to fill the entire space, easily becoming a selling tool as the gemstones light up with sparkle. The engagement and bridal selection is filled with antique and vintage diamond rings, along with some alternative options, like sapphires, rubies, even pearl suites fit for that stunningly beautiful wedding day look! I love the display fixtures and how each told a story–whether it was color-coordinated, gem-coordinated or era-coordinated–the vignettes help put together a look. And boy, did I get busy putting together some looks! Hope you enjoy the photos above, fixed with captions to depict pieces you can easily shop online. If you see pieces I’m wearing that aren’t online, simply email [email protected]

Alexandria Rossoff is a must-see if you’re in the Seattle area! Next time you’re there, snap some photos and tag me on Instagram–I’d love to see how my visit inspired yours.


1304 4th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98101

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Florence Welch in Gucci Jewelry at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Florence Welch_Jewelry 3 Florence Welch_Jewelry 2 Gucci Flora ring in 18kt gold, blue sapphires and diamonds Gucci Flora ring in 18kt gold, diamond and blue sapphires Icon ring Le Marché des Merveilles ring with Bee motif in 18kt yellow gold

The Grammy Awards may have been almost a month ago, but this look is still buzzing in my head–and maybe yours too! And not just because one of the new Gucci rings features a bee, but because how perfect the Gucci dress goes with all four rings…and I was cheering when Gucci annouced Florence Welch as their latest ambassador. She is perfect for the job, as she is a magpie herself, wearing rings on every finger during her performances and stunning crowds with her jewelry choices. Creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, is doing wonders for the brand–mixing his gothic revival style and love for adornment–making jewelry not just an accessory, but a focal point. And hey, if I could have both Florence and Alessandro in one room with myself, I think I would freeze up and not know what to say, because there’s way too much thanks and praise to be said.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Monday, February 15th, 2016 at The Staples Center, Los Angeles and I was in California on my #JewelryRoadTrip, completely oblivious to what was going on in the real world. I would have loved to have seen this look live on the red carpet. Luckily, I received an email from Gucci’s PR and when I opened it, it was love at first sight. I had to make sure I posted this epic look on Gem Gossip, even if it were weeks later!
Florence Welch wore a Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 pale pink silk chiffon long sleeve gown with ruffle neckline, sequin trompe l’oeil belt detail with star, heart, moon and dragonfly embroideries with nude leather platform high heels with cat head detail. She completed her look with a Le Marché des Merveilles ring with Bee motif in 18kt yellow gold, an Icon ring in 18kt yellow gold with citrine quartz, London topaz, pink and green tourmalines and two Gucci Flora rings in 18kt gold, diamond and blue sapphires. Perfection.
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You’re Newest Antique & Vintage Jewelry Obsession: Gleem & Co.


Aimed at being a premier online destination that features, “a more accessible, enjoyable, and personal place for jewelry to be traded,” Gleem & Co. has hit the jewelry scene just this past summer and is already making their mark. Think of it as your inner circle of treasure hunters that are out there finding great deals and bringing them to you, the jewelry collector! Another cool aspect of Gleem is their consignment service. So, you (yes, you!) can email photos of pieces you no longer want and Gleem will sell them for you. I was so surprised by their prices, which trump many leading competitors in several categories of certain items that I collect. I’m delighted to find another resource to help curate my personal collection of fine jewelry and I’m even happier to pass this knowledge along to fellow collectors.

Their selection runs the gamut, with samplings from the Victorian Era–like bird motif necklaces and brooches–to modern day classics, like a pair of Chanel earrings or an Hermes cuff. Latest trends, like runway fringe or 60s glam, can easily be found amongst their inventory which is ever-changing. Bold, juicy gemstones like green tourmaline, citrine, amethyst and sapphire are always available in a wide variety of styles, and all appraised so you know you’re buying a genuine gemstone. Not only am I am huge fan of their great prices, but Gleem & Co. has a surprisingly abundant collection of 1960s/70s era jewelry–a known favorite of mine. Make sure you hop on over to their website to view their inventory.

So, what makes Gleem & Co. so special?! I like how their pricing is paired with an appraisal value, so you can see before you buy what the appraised value of the piece is. All appraisals are done by a Master Gemologist Appraiser–a title held by only 46 appraisers in the world! And when you purchase an item from Gleem, you receive a copy of said written appraisal for your records.


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Q & A with Ellen of Ellen L. Ring Jewelry


I met Ellen while purusing an antique show. I heard someone come up from behind and say, “Oh wow, it is Gem Gossip in her element!” and she was totally right…I was mid-stacking and closing out a deal at a booth and was surprised by the remark. I turned around to see Ellen’s smiling face. I hadn’t met her before but I knew of her online shop. That’s when a stranger quickly became a friend, and I’m excited to introduce her to all my readers as well! She has great taste–just read how it all began, and you’ll see why! Having a love and passion for jewelry comes from within and you can totally tell by talking to someone that truly loves what they are doing! This is true for Ellen.

To see the complete line which includes antique, estate and new jewelry go to
Follow on Facebook at Ellen L Ring Ltd Jewelry and
on Instagram as @EllenLRingLtdJewelry
For further information or questions, you can email [email protected] or telephone at: 413.563.9600


That’s such a good question because it was a very circuitous route.

You could say that collecting runs in my family. My father started collecting stamps as a boy and continued through his adult life, then went on the collect modern art and lastly wine. As a young girl I would drive with him on Saturday forays to NYC art galleries to view art, learn and decide what if anything excited us. My grandmother (his mother) was a collector too and frequented local auctions always on the hunt for jewelry and crystal. I’ve always had a passion for great design and studied art history as an undergraduate – those Saturday excursions having had a huge impact on me. I worked at ArtNews magazine right out of college and soon came to realize that earning a decent living in the art world was a slim possibility. I jumped around working in various fields over the years – managing a gallery, working in advertising production – then attended graduate school in international business. While working in banking in San Francisco, I befriended an antiques dealer and helped her out on weekends. That was when the AHA moment occurred to me: my passions were working with people and educating them. Did I want to teach school? Not really but working in retail combined both of these loves so my next step was to move back east where I began my eleven years working at the Flagship store of Tiffany & Co in the corporate sales department. It was there that I had some incredible training which not only honed my abilities in sales but was also where I discovered my love of fine jewelry through the introduction to the jewels of Jean Schlumberger. I was learning about jewelry manufacture and techniques but the Schlumberger designs were what truly piqued my appreciation of and passion for fine jewelry. I fell hard for his designs- little works of art that are bold, whimsical, colorful, and exquisitely made…I fell for a gold bracelet first which was at least something that fit into my life style. When I moved to The Berkshires in Massachusettes, I was fortunate to be asked to work with Walter McTeigue & Tim McClelland, owners of McTeigue & McClelland Jewelers. (If you don’t know them, you must check out their website ) McTeigue is a well known name in the jewelry industry; four generations have run their NYC operation, and I soon learned that they had manufactured for Tiffany & Co for years and then sold that arm to Tiffany! Small jewelry world, as you know.

They’d only been open a year when I arrived and it was just the 3 of us so I had lots of first hand, personal experience watching the development of the designs as well as the manufacture of their exquisite hand made jewelry. And the education I received! From two of the best- Walter McTeigue taught me about diamonds and colored gemstones; what to look for, what makes a good stone, I became expert in grading diamonds! Tim showed me what to look for in well made jewelry. I perused their extensive collection of jewelry books and then they sent me to The Antique Jewelry and Art Conference better known as ‘Jewelry Camp’, an annual event that currently takes place at the end of July in NY. I’m quite sure that you and many of your readers are aware of it and have most likely attended at some time. (If not, and if you want a few days of nothing but jewelry for ten hours a day, run, don’t walk!) I had no idea what to expect and in those years they offered a 2 day jump start for novices and then 4 or 5 days of camp. My head almost exploded with all the information and my hand ached from all the note-taking but it was the most wonderful experience. I found what I wanted to involve myself in and study for the rest of my life! I met amazing people, attended for the next 9 years and have learned more than I thought possible Unfortunately, now I find it more difficult to spare the time to attend but I keep hoping to make it back soon. Through those five years I helped the owners purchase new jewelry for the store and in fact it was during that time that I made my first trip to Vegas to attend the JCK show. I’ve always had a good eye for style and quality and it was reinforced after that trip when I saw how our customers reacted to our purchases.

I had also begun doing some buying of my own and rented space in a group shop to sell my early purchases. Through these experiences my confidence grew until I finally had the nerve to set out on my own and start my on-line jewelry business.

Untitled Untitled


My first buying trip each year is the Miami Beach show and thank goodness for it. The timing is perfect for a warm getaway from the Northeast. Throughout the remainder of the year, I mainly travel the northeast from New York to New Hampshire but also go to California, Las Vegas and occasionally Paris and London. I attend shows and try to scope out hidden gems at antique and flea markets, like Brimfield….you never know what you will find. And of course, I often have existing clients and new ones coming to me when they want to sell something.

Untitled Untitled


Actually just recently when I was looking for sweet little flower rings and cluster rings – a customer came to me with a few pieces she wanted to sell. It was so serendipitous! I do believe in the power of “thinking it so, so shall it be.”

ellenring unnamed-1 ellenring3 ellenring2


Oh my goodness, yes! Pieces I still dream about.

One was this amazing garnet and diamond pendant. The garnet is about the size of a quarter! I couldn’t give it up for years and wore it as often as I could to events and parties. It looked fantastic on a black velvet ribbon up around the neck!

Retro Natural Ruby & Diamond Bracelet — An early purchase. I was so nervous that I’d overpaid that I sold it quickly. I did make a small profit but those clients got the deal of a lifetime.

Edwardian Paste Riviere — This was in almost perfect condition and even without the benefit of candlelight looked amazingly real….and I do love diamonds!

Edwardian Aquamarine Drop Earrings — I wore these often and have a sweet memory of them as my friend’s daughter borrowed them for her wedding as the ‘something borrowed’ and the ‘ something blue’.

Ed Wiener 18kt Pendant Necklace with Garnets, Sapphires, Emeralds — Stunning and unusual since he is most know for his silver jewelry As you can see, my style is quite eclectic. If I love it, I’ve found that so will my customers!

unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6unnamed-7unnamed-8


I cannot narrow that one down to one so please bear with me!

My absolute favorite piece, which incidentally was one of my earliest purchases, is this incredible bracelet -you may have seen this in one of my Instagram posts. I love everything about it and the fact that I can wear it with a pair of earrings that were also an early purchase is a real plus. Apologies for the photograph; it was taken early and not for the website. Now of course, it is off with a friend who is borrowing it for a special event so cannot be re-shot.

But the pieces I wear almost everyday are my uniform, of sorts: a yellow and green gold retro bracelet, an Edwardian tiny sapphire and diamond cluster ring (my very first piece of antique jewelry), an Art Nouveau emerald and diamond ring and my green tourmaline ring; all of which friends and customers always want to buy. The tourmaline ring especially I’ll never sell as it was a gift from my mother. I had shown it to a client as a gift for his wife but he chose a bracelet instead. As I was showing my mother the items I had just recently acquired, she decided that I must have the ring for my own….and she bought it for me!!

My antique watch chain necklace with three antique fobs. A relatively newer purchase without which I don’t seem to be able to leave the house!

And finally there is this Henry Dunay pearl and diamond brooch which contains approximately 5 carats of diamonds! When I first saw it, my eyes welled up with tears. Silly as it sounds, I do get quite emotional when I spy a piece with such beauty and design. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and finally went sheepishly back to my friend to ask if he still had it. To my complete surprise, he did….and so it became mine. I see the diamonds as the sea rolling up and over the sand and the luminous pearls on the seashore. I’ve worn it as a brooch and was over the moon when I tried it as a pendant on a double strand of south sea pearls – it made me delirious!! The photo does not do it justice. As an FYI to your readers, I am having it professionally photographed as I have decided it is time to part with it so it will be available online within the coming months.

unnamed-9 unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-12


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Custom Wedding Bands Fit for Your Antique Engagement Ring


With today’s trends leaning toward unique engagement rings, especially antique pieces, many future brides are having trouble finding the perfect wedding band to complement their ring. Quinn’s Goldsmith has been solving this dilemma since 1990. Whether you have an Art Deco engagement ring with an odd silhouette or a center diamond with a fancy shape, Quinn’s will custom create a wedding band that will fit up flawlessly to your unique ring. If you’re in the market for creating a custom wedding band with Quinn’s, mention you’ve read this article on Gem Gossip and receive 1/2 off on a custom wax carving!

Most recently, owner Terry Quinn has been busy with his award-winning designs and running his two full-service jewelry store locations–Woodbridge, VA & Historic Occoquan, VA. For two years in a row now, he won a multinational competition held by the Independent Jewelers Organization! Two designs won last year and four designs won for this year! Such an amazing accomplishment! His life journey is truly remarkable, with a commendable 25 year jewelry career, but it doesn’t begin there! It is his passion, talent and desire to give back that makes him such a shining star.


Some examples of their custom made wedding sets

Terry Quinn’s Award-winning designs —

18k yellow gold opal, tanzanite and diamond pendant

14k white gold green tourmaline and diamond pendant

14k yellow gold opal and diamond pendant


Occoquan Location
199 Union Street
Occoquan, VA – 22125

(703) 494-1662

Woodbridge Location

14901 Potomac Town Place Suite 170
Woodbridge, VA – 22191

(703) 878-1622


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The Ultimate Ring Wish List #LoveGold


This year, my holiday gift guide came in a different form–a hashtag, which became incredibly fun to procure each morning. It became a game, where suddenly I held a magic genie lamp and got to wish for a gold ring upon waking up. I made sure to pick rings that I truly would want, and then I posted them on Instagram, with the hashtag #gemgossipwishlist …I have been doing this since October and have compiled quite the ultimate list! I will continue to do this until Christmas, however here is a round up of all the gold rings up until a couple days ago that have been featured:

18k yellow gold Memphis Chevron enamel ring by Alice Cicolini

18k rose gold Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin

14k rose gold smokey quartz and sapphire navette ring by Arik Kastan for Anthropologie

18k yellow gold Hawthorn ring by Shaun Leane

14k yellow gold ring THREE by Gem Gossip Jewelry

14k yellow gold Mini Ella Twist ring by Ilana Ariel Jewelry

14k yellow gold Wave ring by The Heart Department

18k yellow gold Boulder Opal Ellipse Twist ring by Brooke Gregson

14k yellow gold Eclipse ring by Uma K

14k yellow gold sapphire evil eye ring by Kismet by Milka

18k yellow gold Blood Red ring set with ruby and red lacquer by Solange Azagury-Partridge

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring by Workhorse Jewels

14k rose, yellow & white gold Bloom Petal stacking rings by Sandy Leong Jewelry

14k yellow gold Scarlett ring set with a faceted onyx by Katie Diamond Jewelry

18k yellow gold World ring by Artelier MX

14k yellow gold Tourmaline and Chrysoprase cuff ring by Melissa Joy Manning available at Greenwich Jewelers

18k yellow gold Le Cage Champagne ring by Coléoptère exclusive to Stone & Strand

10k yellow gold Lapis ring by The Mania Mania available at Love Adorned

18k yellow gold Fluid ring by Fernando Jorge

14k yellow gold Link ring by Kiel Mead

18k rose gold black diamond horsebit ring by Gucci available at Levinson Jewelers

14k yellow gold diamond crown ring with boulder opal by Michelle Fantaci

14k yellow gold Lindsay Allison cocktail ring set with abalone and diamonds by Dana Rebecca Designs

14k yellow gold Nefertiti ring with green tourmaline by Daniela Villegas

18k yellow gold Mini Octo ring with emerald by Holly Dyment

18k yellow, rose and white gold black enamel bands by HOORSENBUHS

14k yellow gold Caillou diamond slice ring by Vale Jewelry

14k yellow gold Eye Piercing ring with pearl by Delfina Delettrez

14k yellow gold Lace Crown ring & Beaded Crown ring by Grace Lee Designs

14k yellow gold Rainbow South Sea Pearl ring by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

18k yellow gold Moonstone Shield ring by Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

14k yellow gold Flower Seed rings by Blanca Monros Gomez

14k yellow gold malachite and diamond ring by Jacquie Aiche

14k yellow gold Third Eye ring in Onyx and white Agate inlay by Makers Circle

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Treasure Hunting at Grays Antique Centre & Portobello Road, London

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Judith Ripka Jewelry Now Available at Luxury Bazaar

Award-winning jewelry designer Judith Ripka is a born natural when it comes to her work. Since she was a young child, she was already playing with her mother’s jewelry box and accessorizing her outfits. She started applying her creativity as a child by combining jewelry and accessories, such as adding charms to her clothes, adding pins to a necklace and using a necklace as a belt. She always knew she’d be a jewelry designer and in 1977 she launched her first 18k gold collection. Now a globally recognized brand, style goes for elegant and classic, but with a taste of casual and modern. She’s most noted for her use of matte finish gold and vibrant gemstones. More recently she’s expanded into sterling silver, which can be seen in many of the pieces below. And note all the examples below are estate jewelry, meaning you can get them for even less than our regularly low prices on her new pieces.

Estate Topaz & Diamond Bangle

This vintage style bangle is made of silver with yellow gold accents. It’s set with a faceted blue topaz stone that’s flanked by two diamond pave squares (.10 carats total).

Judith Ripka Estate Topaz & Diamond Bangle


Estate Topaz & Diamond Earrings

Here we have a pair of earrings to match the bangle above. Made of silver with yellow gold accents, they each feature a blue square topaz stone with a small diamond pave above it.

Judith Ripka Judith Ripka Estate Topaz & Diamond Bangle


Estate Pink & Green Tourmaline Heart Earrings

This lovely yellow gold earrings feature an engraved heart motif. pink heart-shaped tourmaline cabochons fill the gold hearts, with green tourmaline stones capping the bottoms.

Judith Ripka Tourmaline Heart Earrings


Estate Diamond Pearl Link Necklace

This necklace takes a basic chainlink design and adds the Judith Ripka touch. The silver links are engraved and set with eight large white pearls. Near the toggle closure, there’s also a small yellow gold heart set with .15 carats of diamonds.

Estate Diamond Pearl Link Necklace


Estate Citrine & Sapphire Pendant Necklace

This silver necklace features classical engraving with white sapphire accents. The highlight is the faceted orange citrine stone pendant.

Judith Ripka Citrine & Sapphire Pendant Necklace


Estate Pearl Strand Necklace

This pearl strand necklace is truly a timeless piece. It’s fastened with a yellow gold clasp accented with .50 carats of diamonds.

Judith Ripka Estate Pearl Strand Necklace


Estate Gemstone Enhancer Pendant

This beautiful pendant just needs a silver chain to make an impressive addition to your jewelry collection. Using a silver star design, it’s set with onyx and tiger’s eye with a large faceted citrine stone in the center.

Estate Gemstone Enhancer Pendant


Estate Gold & Diamond Link Bracelet

This chunky gold link bracelet is engraved and is accented with .65 carats of diamonds.

Judith Ripka Estate Diamon & Engraved Gold Link Bracelet


Check out these on-sale estate pieces in our complete selection of Judith Ripka Jewelry.
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