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Above features every “logo” aka Banner I’ve had over the past nine years, from first inception until now. The evolution shows the progression and most recently we dropped our tagline which we’ve had since day one.

With each passing July, I sit and ponder the beginnings of my blog Gem Gossip–all that it has done and accomplished, and all the potential that lies ahead. It was nine years ago that I first started this website with the sole purpose of connecting with others that love jewelry as much as I do. I never imagined that I would be doing this full-time nine years later and creating my own path. And I have YOU to thank for all this–those who read my blog daily, follow my social media accounts, “like” my photos and send encouraging emails. Thank you. You truly don’t know what it means to me and I’m forever grateful.

To celebrate this year, I’m reminiscing like crazy and sharing with you some facts you might not have known about Gem Gossip! I thought this would be a fun and personal blog post, and I’d love to hear some interesting tidbits regarding YOU and Gem Gossip. Does a blog post stick out in your memory? How did you find or stumble upon my blog? Did I help you out in a way that I don’t know about? I’d love to know! You can email me, write it in the comments below, or share on Instagram–I’ll be posting this on there as well.

PS: There will also be a giveaway coming up, but I have to hit 160k followers on Instagram first, so stay tuned!

The Facts:

1. I started my blog as a result of moving to Tennessee–after uprooting from the only house I had ever lived in my whole life in Upstate NY to TN, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had no job, no car (I sold my car because I didn’t want to drive it 11 hours by myself lol), and knew no one in my new town. I finally decided to invest my time and energy into learning about my biggest passion I had been carrying around with me my whole life–JEWELRY!

2. I was in a long distance relationship at the time I started Gem Gossip. It was because of my ex-boyfriend who suggested I should start a blog about jewelry after I had constantly filled his inbox daily with long hyperlinks of jewelry that I thought was “really cool.” He told me he didn’t care about the jewelry and that I needed an outlet to share my passion with others who felt the same way!

3. The name “Gem Gossip” was conceived after a brainstorm session with my sisters on what to name my future jewelry blog. I knew I couldn’t have my URL be daniellemiele.com because NO ONE knows how to pronounce my last name. It had to be catchy, simple, relate to jewelry and easy to say. I was looking at my sister’s fashion magazines and saw one of the actresses from Gossip Girl on the front cover (that show was the most popular around that time). I whispered aloud, “Gossip Gem” … and then “Gem Gossip” and it all clicked!

4. One of my first emails I’ve ever received from a jewelry designer was from Carolyn Tyler, after I had featured some of her work on my brand new blog. Her email was so encouraging and the excitement that I felt from receiving positive feedback was worth more than gold to me in that moment. I will never forget that kind exchange.

5. On the flipside of that, I’ve received several negative emails over the past nine years. One that called me Southern white trash (I’m from NY, so nice try) and a few that poked fun of my features that included photos of me modeling jewelry. This is both alarming on many levels but also quite comical, in my opinion.

6. The first seven years of writing Gem Gossip were all done part-time on weekends or after work. I was a nanny for the very first year and a half when I moved to Tennessee, and then eventually worked full-time at an antique jewelry store for five years. I would sit behind a microscope Tuesday through Saturday, with a pile of jewelry in a room without windows and crank out appraisals…and then come home bursting with creative energy, not wanting to do anything else except work on my blog.

7. One of my first big writing gigs was for LoveGold–I had no idea at the time how much I would learn in such a positive way from the 2 1/2 years of working with them. I produced exactly 100 pieces of exclusive content for LoveGold and traveled thousands of miles. And I still can’t get enough of yellow gold.

8. I once had a meeting with a very prestigious celebrity stylist. After learning I lived in Nashville she asked me about my love of country music. I told her I hated country music and she kept saying, “So you don’t like Taylor Swift? Not even Taylor Swift??” and I was adamant about not liking Taylor Swift. It was then and there that I realized I could have easily changed my answer to better fit our conversation; for her to “like” me. But I didn’t. I am who I am and I’m not changing for anyone. It is a memory that still sticks with me to this day…and it was with me a few weeks ago when I had some big meetings in NYC.

9. My #JewelryRoadTrip project involves a lot of travel, appointment making and on-the-spot creativity when visiting stores and designers’ work spaces. My husband Matt usually is the photographer behind all my #JewelryRoadTrip features but there was one big trip he couldn’t make–all my Pennsylvania coverage. My mom ended up coming along with me and taking all the photos. She was SO nervous and wanted to do a good job. I think she did great and it is still such a memorable trip for both of us. It was one of the first literal road trips where we drove my Prius up from Nashville and across the entire state of Pennsylvania over the course of four days. My car surpassed the 100k mileage mark on that trip and we celebrated by eating Arby’s (my favorite road trip fast food place…wait, maybe I am white trash?? See #5).

10. One of my most proud moments was being a co-curator at the Doyle & Doyle Vault series, where the NYC-based antique jewelry store put on their version of a month-long museum exhibition. I chose the topic of Sentimental Rings and several of my personal pieces, including my grandparents’ wedding bands and my grandma’s engagement ring were a part of the exhibit. In order for her ring to get to me, my grandma had to mail me her beloved ring. We both were so nervous for this feat–I had been tracking the package every step of the way. On the day of delivery, it was pouring rain. My alerts told me it had been delivered at my doorstep, but it was nowhere to be found. I was having a full-on panic attack over this. I ran outside in the rain in search of the package. To my surprise, it was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor a few doors down from me. It wasn’t just any neighbor…it was our neighbor that we were in a fully committed “poop war” with. What could I possibly mean by this? Well his dog would go to the bathroom in our yard almost daily…so my husband would take the dog poop and put it on their porch. Dumbest thing ever, but we were totally into it at the time lol. I grabbed the package off their porch and ran back home. That day ended the “poop war” and they moved shortly afterward, so all crisis averted. (By the way, my grandma’s Italian handwriting is the reason for the incorrect delivery–insert Italian hand gesture meaning WTF).


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Celebrating 150k Followers on Instagram with a Giveaway!

Gem Gossip Giveaway

With every milestone comes a round of gratefulness, mixed with some disbelief. We are celebrating yet another milestone with Gem Gossip–hitting 150k followers over on Instagram! We are so thankful to each and every person who makes my feed a part of your day. 150,000 people is a lot of humans–it can seem overwhelming at first, but what is most important within that number are the individuals I’ve been able to connect with over the past few years. Whether it was helping with jewelry advice, or asking me to source a special piece for a special milestone, or just those who have continually messaged me with kind words–I will be forever connected and thankful!

As a way of saying thanks, I’ve teamed up with Celia Brown Jewelry–a brand I admire and think is doing something extraordinary right now with her unique designs. We are offering a giveaway, one ring from the following three choices shown in the above photo.

Which would you pick if you are chosen the winner?! And how would you stack it with your current jewelry?

If you’re as excited as I am for this giveaway, I’ll get right to the rules on how to enter:

1. Follow @gemgossip & @celiabrownjewelry on Instagram

2. Tag at least THREE friends you think should enter! Good luck!!

Here’s the official entry post!

– – – – – –

You have exactly ONE WEEK to enter, winner will be announced on March 20th at 6pm CST. Be sure to follow ALL steps, if your account is set to private, I won’t be able to see if you’ve followed step one!

Source: GossipGem.com

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Enter To Win This Antique Lion Charm Ring!

VelvetsEdge VelvetsEdge

I’ve recently partnered with Kelly, creator of Velvet’s Edge–a Nashville-based lifestyle blog that has been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time! I don’t always eat, sleep, breathe jewelry…I love learning about ways to do makeup, hair and finding great clothes, and Kelly has such a great style, as well as personality. I love having her blog and Instagram feed as a source of inspiration when I’m wanting to take a break from the jewelry world I live in.

The giveaway ends TODAY at 5pm CST and to enter to win this antique lion charm ring from my personal collection all you have to do is follow the rules in this Instagram post >> http://bit.ly/2xfJoN9

Good luck and hope you win!!


WANT MORE? Check out my jewel box

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Beadfest beads

Hello folks, thanks for all the comments on Facebook, Instagram, blog and mail asking about my well being. I am truly grateful for your love and affection

Hello folks, thanks for all the comments on Facebook, Instagram, blog and mail asking about my well being. I am truly grateful for your love and affection. As my trip was very short (11 + 1 extra day due to time difference it was very hectic. Out of the 12 days, I spent 4 days travelling, 4 days at beadfest and 4 days sightseeing, apart from being sick for 9 of them (and still am with a horrible cold that refuses to go). But I don’t want to keep you guys waiting to hear about my adventures, and so, here is a short post on the beautiful beads that I saw at Beadfest Summer 2016, held at Oaks near Philadelphia, United states of America, between the 17th-21st of August (expo from 19th to21st)

This was my first time at Beadfest and first time in USA so before my Travel I had this question on my mind – what to buy at Beadfest? Why, Beads, ofcourse, people said, as it is literally in the name BEAD FEST”. I saw beads, a great variety of them and went around photographing quite a lot as well. Beads were available in every color, shape, size and material possible. It was like an exotic treasure filled cave.
Friends, who saw my instagram posts asked me if I bought them all, Sadly my answer is no. I visually feasted on them, but I didn’t buy any as most beads were from India or China and are available here at atleast half their respective fest prices and I was on a teeny weeny budget. But they were beautiful to see, and wonderful to touch and feel. Here are some of the bead pictures

Semi Precious Beads
I think there was enough Lapis Lazuli there to buy a small house in the countryside. Wonderfully blue and beautifully streaked, lapis was available in every shape possible – coins, nuggets, teardrops, rounds, and cabochons.


There was no dearth of semi precious beads like carnelian and agate either. I found lots of large agate slices in pastel colors and druzy agates in candy shades. Again just with regard to price (without thinking about quality) these were higher in price compared to even American web stores like Firemountaingems, beadaholique or even Autnie’s beads (which I consider slightly pricey). But they were extremely yummy to look at.

Pearls and MOP
There were 3-4 types of pearls available – real fresh water pearls, synthetic pearls, Shell pearls, and Swarovski pearls. Most of the pearls were from China or were being sold by Chinese vendors.

The MOP connectors were fascinating and they reminded me of the printed shell buttons that I used in my Valentine showers of love button necklace tutorial here

Most glass beads were Artisan made Lampwork beads or seed beads. I know that manufactured or recycled glass beads are not easily available in America, but I was surprised to see that the Indian vendors not carry them as well. I hope they do realise the opportunity and fill in the gap soon. The following picture was taken on Friday, when the expo was relatively free, I couldn’t take any pictures on the weekend as the lampwork booths and by extension the expo was quite packed with people.


Resin and Acrylic
Beadfest has something for everyone in terms of beads. While I saw individual beads being sold $12-$20, I also saw bunches of $3-$5 resin and acrylic beads and loads 1 dollar crystal strands.


I saw lots of different types of beads from across the world – African discs, Tibetan turquoise, Nepal cabs, beetle wings, and Afghan Coins. I recognised a majority of those materials I have come across them in Neena Shilvocks’s Caprilicious Jewellery blogposts previously. Oh Neena! You should have been there, you could have gotten all your favourite stuff at one place 🙂

There were multiple vendors selling Cabochons, but this particular booth was captivating as it had a huge wall of cabs. This image only shows a portion of their display which by itself is drool worthy.

Apart from these types of beads, there are also wooden beads and disks, enamelled beads, metal beads, and Polymer clay beads. If you are in America then beadfest is one of the best places to buy beads for the variety is just fantastic. A really big crowd comes out just to shop for beads at the expo. On Sunday afternoon, I saw and heard so many Indians (Tamil, Kannada and Hindi was spoken freely) that I felt that I was in Alwarpet or RA Puram in Chennai than in Oaks, Pennsylvania. South Indians are obsessed about quality and value and the fact that they were out there, shopping in large numbers only goes to show the quality of merchandise that was being showcased and sold there.

So what did I buy if not beads? To find out the answer to that question tune in later in the week to see my USA supplies haul.
PS: I have a small Giveaway upcoming for Readers in India – Stay tuned!!
I hope you found it interesting

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Special Vegas Jewelry Week Sweepstakes with True Facet


Can’t believe it is that time of year again, but then again, doesn’t everyone say that?! Vegas Jewelry Week has a wild way of sneaking up on everyone in the industry and like myself, I never have enough time to prepare. All is well though because I have been working hard on bringing a special treat to those who follow along from home, eagerly awaiting the next beautiful piece I post from my adventures at Couture, JCK or the Antique Jewelry Show! YES, a giveaway!

I’ve teamed up with TrueFacet, an incredible NYC-based online marketplace which sells some amazing designer fine jewelry, including vintage and antique pieces. Every piece is authenticated so you know you’re truly buying the brands you covet. To learn more about TrueFacet, take a look at the interview I did with owner and CEO Tirath Kamdar.

These three rings encompass every type of ring style I love–the winner of the giveaway will have a tough time deciding which one to choose!

Details on items:

1. 18k rose gold Atlas ring from Tiffany & Co. size 7 (cannot be sized)

2. 10k yellow gold vintage cocktail amethyst ring size 7

3. 18k yellow gold Carrera y Carrera hand ring with diamond size 6

To Enter:

There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to participate in the Sweepstakes. A purchase does not increase your chances of winning.

There are two ways to enter the Sweepstakes:

A) Complete the online entry form (including entering your email address) and read the Official Rules and click the “Submit” button

B) OR on Instagram, follow @GemGossip and @Truefacet. Then tag three friends on @GemGossip sweepstakes post.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with TrueFacet.

True Facet logo

Follow on Facebook

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Gem Gossip 120k Giveaway on Instagram ft. EraGem

EraGem Giveaway

Wow, never in a million years would I have thought my Instagram page would reach 120k followers! As a “thank you” I’ve teamed up with EraGem to celebrate reaching this milestone by giving away a beautiful ring. Of course, we couldn’t decide which one of these lovelies you all would like/want, so we are offering a CHOICE! The winner chooses one of these three rings. Here are the ring details:

14k gold two-tone diamond ring circa 1950s

18k yellow gold large amethyst ring circa 1950s

14k yellow gold green agate ring circa 1960s

How to Enter:

Check out the entry photo here.

1) Follow @gemgossip & @eragemjewelry on Instagram

2) Comment by letting us know which ring you would choose AND

3) tag your friends who you think should enter! GOOD LUCK!

*Winner will be chosen on Sunday, April 24th at 5pm CST. You MUST complete all THREE steps exactly as they say. If you have a private account, we cannot tell if you’ve followed the first step, so please make your account public for the time being if you’d like to enter.


Thanks to Gossip Gem

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OMG its blogiversary

The other day I was staring blankly into my computer screen without really processing anything as I felt that I was forgetting something important. I then casually looked at my windows taskbar to see the time when I realised it was February

The other day I was staring blankly into my computer screen without really processing anything as I felt that I was forgetting something important. I then casually looked at my windows taskbar to see the time when I realised it was February. I was blank for a moment before it hit me – if its February, its Blogiversary!! OMG! We are a six year old blog now.

Over the period of 6 years, I tried a lot of different things with my blog – from writing tutorials to indepth researched informative articles. I have done book reviews, product reviews, interviews, sponsored posts and gift guides. I have hosted and taken part in contests and bloghops and hosted giveaways. I have scripted stories and practices of Indian culture along with bogging or social media tips. I have posted photos of my collections, inspiration behind my work and many a times attempted to sell them. I have also written about workshops that I have attended or conducted. I have written series of articles, how to columns and sometimes personal stories – all for the simple purpose of keeping you and me informed as well as entertained.

But the past few months have been troubling at the blog front. I have been extremely irregular in writing, and find that I require severe admonishment from myself before I sit down to write or complete a half written post. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am writing this post more than a week before its due with the fear that it will take me long to complete writing it.

After all the hype about how “I love to write” and “how easy it is to write and get publishedand attempting to teach journalism, documentation and social media, I feel as though I have somehow failed as a writer. I am struggling to form sentences not just when I write but even when I speak. This has become so bad that I am unable to even speak, fluent English. Is this some sort of Karmic justice, I wonder, the Universe’s way of making me see the error of my ways? Was I too proud of my skills and too critical of my students when they couldn’t write well?

I remember days in the past when the entire post would be ready in my head, word for word, even before I typed a title for the post. Now I feel that my work is boring, my designs are all the same and that I have nothing left to say. Maybe it is the guilt that I havent started working on my 2016 spring summer collection yet. Maybe I did so many guests posts for other sites this last year that I lack the motivation when it comes to writing for myself. Maybe this, Maybe that, Maybe God knows what! The end result is the my posts are repetitive, either too personal or very distant and I am almost always rambling, much like this post.

With that said, it is indeed ironical or quite hilarious to take a look at my blog analytics – the readership has grown steadily this year and for the very first time since I started this blog six years ago I have had 30,000+ pageviews in January 2016. Not a big number by successful blog standards but its the first for Jewelsofsayuri as it usually averaged around 16K a month the previous year. We did have couple of generous giveaways worth 100s of dollars of this blog and I get frequent bridal set enquiries from people who come across my blog. All this and the regular mails for guest posts from bloggers and companies, which makes me think – I must be doing something right!

One of my past professors and now colleague often says that ” If a process or phenomena cannot replicated, then its not design, its an accident”. I just wish I knew what I am doing right so it doesn’t remain a happy accident. If you know, please tell me 🙂

I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart for your precious time, energy and resources that you spend in reading my blog, interacting with me and enriching me with your valuable inputs. I am astounded by the kind of people I have met through my blog and I am very grateful for your friendship.

PS: Writing this post has been really cathartic, and in the last week I have been slowly getting back my mojo. I have been able to write and publish the last 2 posts on the blog. I hope that I will continue to blog about things and thangs you find interesting


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Mixed Media necklaces – Paprika II

Click here for the 4 Beaded necklaces giveawayApart from making lots of bridal jewelry, I have also spent the last three months creating more paper and fabric based goodies.

Click here for the 4 Beaded necklaces giveaway
Apart from making lots of bridal jewelry, I have also spent the last three months creating more paper and fabric based goodies. I showed you the first few pieces in this introduction post on using fabric in mixed media jewelry here and got great reviews. Here is the second set; all three of them are available for sale. In this post I am going to be showing you multi color traditional Indian looking sets, that were specifically created for the festive season.

Gems arcade necklace

As a 90’s kid in India, I grew up playing Brick video games but heard stories about colorful arcade games in America from my cousins who lived there. Then in the 2000s when computers became a staple at home, I used to play the PC version of these games with must gusto- particularly the gems arcade style games. Thus Inspired by the candy crush and gems arcade video games of 90-2000s I have creates a necklace in neon green and rust with a completely bejewelled fabric pendant. Earrings are included in the set, which is for sale

Multicolor Rose

Like the first necklace, this one too comprises of a piece of painted fabric embedded in resin. to begin with I chose a piece of black cotton fabric machine embroidered in red and olive green and added highlights in pin kand blue to make it more vibrant. Tints of bronze and gold were added for a little shine. I then used rose embellishments on top to make it look like flowers on the embroidered vine. I wanted to make this necklace very colorful, so I added beads in mustard, green, pink and blue along with some gold and copper accents. Earrings are included in the set, which is for sale

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Rose Quartz Gemstone beads giveaway

One of my earliest memories of my dad’s work (as an electrode and welding engineer and developer) was listening to him talk about Silica.

One of my earliest memories of my dad’s work (as an electrode and welding engineer and developer) was listening to him talk about Silica. Fascinated with the word, I asked him what it was. He said, “What you know as sand, I know as Silica”. Then shortly, one day, as I was sitting in my primary school ground, drawing doodles in the sand, something crystalline caught my my eye and I felt it must be silica. But it was shiny, somewhat like a gemstone, so it got me thinking, what if it were a ‘real gemstone’ instead of electrode material? What if the entire ground was filled with gemstones? Then imagine how rich we would all be!!
I might have been 5-6 years old then,and it was an interesting thought. The ground was, is filed with (a) gemstone commonly referred to as quartz. Quartz, is the second most abundant mineral on Earth’s crust and is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 resulting in SiO2, i.e silicon dioxide or Silica. Particular varieties of Quartz are used as gemstones and rose quartz is one of them.

Rose quartz is called so owing to the light to medium rose pink color in the crystals. It has microscopic silicate mineral (maybe dumortierite) inclusions, which give the stone a pastel pink cloudy appearance. If rightly cut as a cabochon, then the rutile inclusions also produce a six rayed star pattern known as asterism. Apart from this commonly known pink stone, there is also a rare stone called “pink quartz” or pink crystalline quartz which is transparent and found in Brazil.

Healing Attributes & Feng Shui
Historians say that Assyrians were the first to create rose quartz jewelry and Egyptians believed in their magical power. They believed that the stone could prevent aging and help with matters of the heart. In the Roman era, these crystals were used as talismans. Some cultures believe that wearing rose quartz increases fertility and helps a mother keep her unborn child safe during pregnancy. Known as the “love stone”, rose quartz was used by some cultures to manifest love, and lessen anger and disappointment.

I have seen rose quartz being used by crystal and pranic healers who use it to relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen the human heart and improve the circulatory system as it is connected to the heart chakra. It is also used to reduce negativity and aid the healing of lung ailments and help soothe patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and early dementia. Rose Quartz beads are commonly used as Mala beads by people wanting to manifest love, trust and friendship.
Followers of Feng Shui use carved charms or figurines of wealth pots,gourds, mandarin ducks to manifest love. Keeping Tumbled quartz nuggets under your pillow is said to promote good sleep particularly in children.

Gifting Rose Quartz
Though Rose quartz jewelry can be presented to your loved one at any time/ stage in your relationship as it is the stone that stands for unconditional love, it is usually given as a fifth wedding anniversary present.Color psychology dictates that ‘pin’ is the color of love. So along with Morganite, I expect rose quartz rings to be popular choices for engagement rings or promise rings in 2016. In my last post on Pantone color of the year, I talked about how I was on the lookout for rose quartz beads. It was because I wanted to make a prayer bead mala for my dad as he is a Libran and rooted to the Earth element – both of which are attributes of rose quartz.

Rose Quartz jewelry
With Rose quartz being the color of the year 2016, Rose quartz jewelry is going to be on every faishionista’s must have list in 2016. Rose quartz beads like many other pastel Navneet gemstone beads can be combined with both silver and gold findings. When used with shiny silver, shiny yellow or rose gold rose quartz gives off a very sophisticated and luxurious vibe. Pearls and white/ clear gemstones add to the look. For a rustic chic, combine chunkier, rough cut beads with antique silver or antique brass focals. For more ideas on how to create jewelry using semi precious stone beads visit the Navneet gems blog.


As promised, here is the second installment of the “Mega Gemstone Giveaway” where you could win a beautiful Rose quartz beaded necklace along with other Gemstone beads like amazonite, Rhodochrosite and sodalite sponsored by Navneet Gems, international sellers of Wholesale semi precious stone beads

With worldwide shipping, one really really lucky winner could win the following 4 necklaces with charms. Isnt that really absolutely amazing?

Rose quartz beads 10 mm beads necklace
Amazonite beads 8 mm beads necklace
Rhodochrosite beads 8 mm beads necklace
Sodalite beads 10 mm beads necklace

a Rafflecopter giveaway
To enter use the rafflecopter widget above, In case you are unable to see it, do the following (ignore if you have used the rafflecopter widget)

-Leave a comment – What is the one gemstone bead that you would love to wear? Or which gemstone beads do you frequently use in your work?
– For Additional entries follow Navneet gems on facebook, Jewelsofsayuri on facebook and share this post on social media. Leave an additional comment for each entry.

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL

I hope you found it interesting
All the very best !!

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Morganite rings and Gemstone giveaway – November

One of the biggest trends to emerge at the JCK Las Vegas 2015 (a humongous trade show for jewelry professionals) is Morganite – a beautiful pink stone that was first found in 1910 by an American gemologist George D. Kunz.Named after the gem enthusiast John Pierpont Morgan, Morganite is an aluminum beryllium silicate ( also called as the pink emerald or pink beryl) and is the perfect stone for women who crave a ‘fairy princess in pink’ wedding

One of the biggest trends to emerge at the JCK Las Vegas 2015 (a humongous trade show for jewelry professionals) is Morganite – a beautiful pink stone that was first found in 1910 by an American gemologist George D. Kunz.

Named after the gem enthusiast John Pierpont Morgan, Morganite is an aluminum beryllium silicate ( also called as the pink emerald or pink beryl) and is the perfect stone for women who crave a ‘fairy princess in pink’ wedding. The natural pink to peach color that comes from the presence of manganese makes it a great choice for engagement rings that are absolutely unique. No wonder that etsy is overflowing with pink custom made rings. I am a diamond girl myself but I was looking through a few sites selling morganite jewelry and felt that I could be converted. Navneet Gems and minerals one of the premium suppliers of semiprecious gemstones, cabochons and semiprecious gemstone beads recently conducted a survey on morganite Engagement rings where they found that a majority of women considered it pretty and wanted to be “proposed” with it.

This pink – orange gemstone has been found in Madagascar, Thailand, Brazil, Africa and the USA (Maine). As per GIA, Morganite crystals could be very large, so faceted stones are more common and as with other gemstones, the larger stones are more likely to show strong color. It is said that morganite can help people get in touch with their ‘feminine side’ and could work as the divine connector of hearts in love. Inclusions are also rare and the stone is fairly transparent. For these reason, morganite is considered as a wonderful stone to gift. But the stone is not as hard as diamond and it should be treated with care.

While writing this post I realised that I simply cannot talk about Gifting this holiday season and send you away empty handed. So I have some wonderful news for all of you. I am going to be giving you luscious gemstone gifts. Not once, not twice but thrice!!! Yes, you heard it right, Jewelsofsayuri will be hosting a 3 part mega gemstone giveaway this festive season brought to you by Navneet gems, suppliers of Wholesale semi precious stones

– We would be having three mega giveaways one each in November, December and January with a total retail value of over $400 (I said mega right?)
Three really lucky winners will each get a gemstone grab bag with seven different stones. Citrine, amethyst, drusy, blue topaz, onyx, garnet, iolite are few of the stones which you could get
Giveaway is open to US residents only (or you must have an USA address)

To Win
Mandatory – Leave a comment on this blog post with the name of your favourite gemstone, favourite cut or color
Mandatory – follow Navneetgems on Instagram or on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did them. ( Any one follow is mandatory)
Optional entries – share this post and giveaway on social media and follow me (jewelsofsayuri) on Facebook or Instagram

*Update: Those folks who dont have a gmail id and cannot comment here, can visit this Facebook link like and comment there. Folks who subscribe through email please click on the post title link, visit my actual blog and leave a comment. Do not reply to the mail – Thank You!

This giveaway will remain open till 5th December 2015 and One winner will be picked at random. Please make sure that your email address is accessible to me in one click. If not add it in your comments.
So Good luck and I hope you win! Keep watching this space for the rest of the mega giveaways.

I hope you found it interesting

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