Why Are Crystals & Healing Crystals So Popular Right Now?

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So much can be said about crystals and their role in the millennial mind. The mainstream’s relatively recent fascination with crystals is far-reaching and undeniably polarizing. There are those that think a crystal’s ability to heal is hogwash. Others go so far as to dedicate their lives to healing crystal’s seemingly magical powers.

Then there are people like me who fall somewhere in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely fascinated by crystals, and my collection is vast enough to need its own cabinet or two. I use crystals while meditating, and I even playfully ponder over the unseen “energies” different crystals emit.

But I’m still skeptical. Do I think holding a piece of rose quartz over your heart is going to heal a cardiac arrhythmia? No. Do I think every crystal sends off a different vibration? Not really. What I do know is that each type of crystal has a different composition and absorbs and refracts light (and radiation) in different ways — to put it simply.

Regardless of where you stand, the age of buying druzy crystals in mass numbers is upon us. Crystal healing has been around for centuries, but why all of a sudden are these specimens so in-demand? Skepticism aside, here are some reasons why crystals are so popular:

1. Crystals Are Helpful Meditative Aids:

A crystal doesn’t need to be unearthly magical to help with a simple meditation practice. If the crystal just so happens to emit an energy that helps you channel a goal, great. But that isn’t the point. So much of our own energy is channeled through our thoughts.

If we think a particular stone will enhance our intuition, chances are we’ll be seeing things more clearly. Whether it’s the stone’s work or just our mind, having a token to focus our attention on while meditating can help with the process of destressing.

2. Healing Crystals Lend to Personalized Spiritual Practices:

I’m not a New Age expert, but I do know that the culture developed as a means to explore spirituality for those that don’t fit into the confines of standardized religion. In a New Age practice, no one model that fits all. An individual explores varying belief systems and ideologies, then they practice a mixture based on works for them. One potential area of study is crystal healing, which is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years.

Many millennials that don’t easily fit into another religion are adopting this New Age model to help them through difficult times. Whereas some might find their solace in Catholicism, Hinduism or Islam, New Agers might find that same comfort through astrology or paganism.

A recent cultural shift to more New Age type thinking among millennials explains in part why crystal sales have been seeing a resurgence. Before you’re quick to agree or disagree, remember that with belief systems, you don’t necessarily see what you’re believing. If crystals bring someone closer to their spirituality and the universe and if crystals somehow make them a better person because of it, all the power to them. So long as someone’s beliefs are ethically okay and don’t infringe upon someone else’s beliefs, no judgements here.

3. Crystals are Absolutely Fascinating to Look At and Study:

Alright, so let’s get down to the reason why most of my jewelry friends and I are obsessed with crystals. They’re gorgeous! Most of the time they’re completely untainted. And they can grow under the most extreme yet specific conditions. They’re colorful, optically fierce, and exceptional little snowflakes. Okay, I’m going a little overboard, but you get the idea.

Crystals and gemstones that haven’t been dyed or altered in any way are such a profound testament to the beauty of earth and nature. Something as seemingly simple as rain pushing sediment into a mountain crevice can transform into an unworldly treasure millions of years later. Hello, opal! And that’s just one example.

The science behind crystals is vast, complex, and undeniably intriguing. And even when you fully understand the how, you still can’t help but be mystified when you come across an even more radiant and unusual specimen.

Whatever marketing or New Age trend that pushed the mainstream population onto crystals has only promoted what we gemology and geology fanatics have known all along. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly imperfect crystal.

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This post was contributed by:

Ageless Heirlooms Lauren Thomann | I: @agelessheirlooms | W: www.agelessheirlooms.com

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Gem Gossip Visits J.S. Fearnley in Atlanta, GA

JS Fearnley | Gem Gossip JS Fearnley | Gem Gossip JS Fearnley | Gem Gossip JS Fearnley | Gem Gossip

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Gem Gossip is Speaking at GIA’S Alumni Chapter Meeting in DC



As I said in the previous post–I will be extremely busy this month with speaking engagements paired with lots of travel! Tomorrow I leave for Washington DC and I’m SO excited! I’ve never been before (besides being in the airport there) and I’m looking forward to spending a day taking in the tourist attractions–most importantly the Smithsonian!!

Before that though, I will be speaking at DC’s GIA Alumni chapter meeting that is scheduled for Thursday, April 7th, 2016 from 7-9pm. It will take place the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, 1900 Ft. Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209, at the Virginia end of Key Bridge, 703-807-2000. Admission is free for those who have paid their 2016 meeting fees and $10.00 for all others. Please visit the Chapter’s website at www.dcgia.org for more info! Hope to see you there!


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Q & A with Dover Jewelry, A Leader in Antique & Estate Jewelry

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry has been my go-to spot for all things antique and estate jewelry since my very first purchase online EVER involving jewelry! If you don’t believe me, just read the blog post I wrote about the white gold, sapphire eternity band that I bought from Dover way back in 2008. That post was the second blog post written on GemGossip.com so it is ancient! 😉 The next blog post I wrote featured a diamond bypass ring that I fell in love with from Dover which gave me my original love and inspiration for my antique engagement ring. You can see the post here. It’s funny how rough and dicey those first few months of blogging were, but I was just starting out…trying to find my voice.

It is evident that Dover Jewelry has been on my radar for a very long time and their excellence in the jewelry industry reaches far beyond my eight years blogging, in fact Dover Jewelry has been in bussiness for over 25 years. Their collection and inventory exceeds all expectations and is constantly growing. I had to know more about this company, so I asked five important questions–hope you enjoy the interview!


Our fascination with antique jewelry began in a small antique store, tucked away in one of Boston’s most affluent suburbs. And as reputations grow, so did ours – Dover Jewelry was the place to find that special piece, that necklace never duplicated in any of Boston’s most glamorous ballrooms or select intimate parties. Boston, the place of our roots, was good to us and we loved the city as we became increasingly more recognized and trusted amongst the “Bean Town” Elite. But, as our businesses became more and more successful, the draw of Miami’s exploding International Celebrity loomed on our horizon. No place was there more of a demand for beauty, craftsmanship and value. We could not ignore the force that drew us to the gateway of Latin America, and a center point of Fashion excellence like that of Downtown Miami. It was a decision that swept us upward and onward to international markets, exquisite finds and an ever increasing and appreciative clientele.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip


Dover is based in the heart of Miami’s diamond district, where our expert Jewelry staff maintains a passion for the rare and exceptional. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and expertise of current market values of precious stones and metals around the globe. Growing our formidable team of over 15 employees provides the quality support and premium service our clients deserve. Our in-house Master Jeweler, GIA gemologist, videographers, selling professionals, globally procured buyers and experienced customer service team in the jewelry industry strive to provide our clients with a singular purchasing experience, 100% personal attention and satisfaction.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip


Dover Jewelry procures an extensive collection of unique estate items, retailing in excess of over 300 pieces per week. This rigorous turnover, allows our globally sourced team of buyers to allocate a steady selection of fresh and rare collections. From the halls of the most infamous trade shows in Miami, NY, and Las Vegas to the Grandest exhibitions in Hong Kong, Basel, France and Latin America.

Closer to home, we have the privilege of welcoming the most treasured collections from local families and celebrities who are looking for an unsurpassed level of discrete estate buying and evaluations. Those who have decided it’s time to pass their rare jewels along to someone who will love and cherish them as much as they once did.

Dover_Show Me Your Rings


On one memorable occasion we were asked to go to New York to meet an elderly lady who had acquired a fabulous collection of fine gems dating back to her great grandmother. As with many immigrants at that time, escaping persecution from their Russian Homeland, any valuables were immediately confiscated and yet her grandmother knew that the survival of herself and her lineage was incumbent upon these precious gems which were sewn into their jacket linings in hopes of surviving the long migration to America.

Slowly, and with the supervision of our gemology team, we have been able to guide her on the most lucrative times to liquidate her collection in order to safeguard her heirs fortune, as did her great grandmother.

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip

This magnificent rare diamond antique brooch is handcrafted in solid 18k gold with a silver top. A fabulous composition of some 109 round old european cut diamonds approx. 7.00 cttw, G-H color, almost all VS clarity and 3 pinkish white natural pearls, approx. 5.5mm in diameter.


It is difficult to say what sets us apart – perhaps it is our extensive search for true Antique and Estate Fine Jewels which is an expertise in itself. We revel in the craftsmanship and the flawless stones that distinguish the magnificent from the ordinary. And best of all is the value in which our buyers or sellers receive for their items.

To find those original rare items – that have been the basis for mass reproduction with other jewelers, requires a vast education in gemology, antique periods and the ability to instill trust beyond reproach with our customers. Dover Jewelry maintains the integrity, and “one on one” service of a fine locally based boutique establishment, coupled with global connections to service our customers in a worldwide marketplace.

Whether you are in the market for rare jewels, or a treasured memory of something your grandmother once wore, our collection represents a walk through the history of jewelry from the lacy, floral scrolls of the Edwardian period to the geometric cuts that characterize Art Deco baubles. Loyalty to these fine vintage pieces is often passed down through generations of a family, symbolizing a way of life and it is just that kind of enduring heirloom that is proving its worth in our collection today.

One of the great joys of fine jewelry is that the very best materials are completely timeless and although old jewels have been locked away in banks and boxes, we all know tangible treasures are far more fascinating. With this in mind, we invite you to experience our glittering array of antique gems. Not only to be viewed, but more importantly to be tried on, loved and brought sparkling back to life!

Dover Jewelry | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Dover Jewelry.


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Rose Quartz Gemstone beads giveaway

One of my earliest memories of my dad’s work (as an electrode and welding engineer and developer) was listening to him talk about Silica.

One of my earliest memories of my dad’s work (as an electrode and welding engineer and developer) was listening to him talk about Silica. Fascinated with the word, I asked him what it was. He said, “What you know as sand, I know as Silica”. Then shortly, one day, as I was sitting in my primary school ground, drawing doodles in the sand, something crystalline caught my my eye and I felt it must be silica. But it was shiny, somewhat like a gemstone, so it got me thinking, what if it were a ‘real gemstone’ instead of electrode material? What if the entire ground was filled with gemstones? Then imagine how rich we would all be!!
I might have been 5-6 years old then,and it was an interesting thought. The ground was, is filed with (a) gemstone commonly referred to as quartz. Quartz, is the second most abundant mineral on Earth’s crust and is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 resulting in SiO2, i.e silicon dioxide or Silica. Particular varieties of Quartz are used as gemstones and rose quartz is one of them.

Rose quartz is called so owing to the light to medium rose pink color in the crystals. It has microscopic silicate mineral (maybe dumortierite) inclusions, which give the stone a pastel pink cloudy appearance. If rightly cut as a cabochon, then the rutile inclusions also produce a six rayed star pattern known as asterism. Apart from this commonly known pink stone, there is also a rare stone called “pink quartz” or pink crystalline quartz which is transparent and found in Brazil.

Healing Attributes & Feng Shui
Historians say that Assyrians were the first to create rose quartz jewelry and Egyptians believed in their magical power. They believed that the stone could prevent aging and help with matters of the heart. In the Roman era, these crystals were used as talismans. Some cultures believe that wearing rose quartz increases fertility and helps a mother keep her unborn child safe during pregnancy. Known as the “love stone”, rose quartz was used by some cultures to manifest love, and lessen anger and disappointment.

I have seen rose quartz being used by crystal and pranic healers who use it to relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen the human heart and improve the circulatory system as it is connected to the heart chakra. It is also used to reduce negativity and aid the healing of lung ailments and help soothe patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and early dementia. Rose Quartz beads are commonly used as Mala beads by people wanting to manifest love, trust and friendship.
Followers of Feng Shui use carved charms or figurines of wealth pots,gourds, mandarin ducks to manifest love. Keeping Tumbled quartz nuggets under your pillow is said to promote good sleep particularly in children.

Gifting Rose Quartz
Though Rose quartz jewelry can be presented to your loved one at any time/ stage in your relationship as it is the stone that stands for unconditional love, it is usually given as a fifth wedding anniversary present.Color psychology dictates that ‘pin’ is the color of love. So along with Morganite, I expect rose quartz rings to be popular choices for engagement rings or promise rings in 2016. In my last post on Pantone color of the year, I talked about how I was on the lookout for rose quartz beads. It was because I wanted to make a prayer bead mala for my dad as he is a Libran and rooted to the Earth element – both of which are attributes of rose quartz.

Rose Quartz jewelry
With Rose quartz being the color of the year 2016, Rose quartz jewelry is going to be on every faishionista’s must have list in 2016. Rose quartz beads like many other pastel Navneet gemstone beads can be combined with both silver and gold findings. When used with shiny silver, shiny yellow or rose gold rose quartz gives off a very sophisticated and luxurious vibe. Pearls and white/ clear gemstones add to the look. For a rustic chic, combine chunkier, rough cut beads with antique silver or antique brass focals. For more ideas on how to create jewelry using semi precious stone beads visit the Navneet gems blog.


As promised, here is the second installment of the “Mega Gemstone Giveaway” where you could win a beautiful Rose quartz beaded necklace along with other Gemstone beads like amazonite, Rhodochrosite and sodalite sponsored by Navneet Gems, international sellers of Wholesale semi precious stone beads

With worldwide shipping, one really really lucky winner could win the following 4 necklaces with charms. Isnt that really absolutely amazing?

Rose quartz beads 10 mm beads necklace
Amazonite beads 8 mm beads necklace
Rhodochrosite beads 8 mm beads necklace
Sodalite beads 10 mm beads necklace

a Rafflecopter giveaway
To enter use the rafflecopter widget above, In case you are unable to see it, do the following (ignore if you have used the rafflecopter widget)

-Leave a comment – What is the one gemstone bead that you would love to wear? Or which gemstone beads do you frequently use in your work?
– For Additional entries follow Navneet gems on facebook, Jewelsofsayuri on facebook and share this post on social media. Leave an additional comment for each entry.

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL

I hope you found it interesting
All the very best !!

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Q & A with Megan of Baker & Black Jewelry

baker and black

As my style evolves and grows with age (read: wisdom) I’ve been more and more drawn to COLOR. Not in a wardrobe sense, don’t worry, I haven’t gone too crazy…but with a mostly monochrome uniform, vibrant accessories are necessary. I love when jewelry designers play with color and use it to their advantage, breaking down barriers and mesmerizing people all at the same time. This is exactly what Megan of Baker & Black has been doing in her jewelry career. Her creations are works of art on a small scale, seemingly meant for floods of gawkers ready to admire at an art gallery. Gold is sculptural, gemstones are like paints and creativity is on overload for her with these mediums. I’m obsessed.

Instinctively, I had to know more about this curiosity-inducing designer. Take a look at what I found:


So much! I am focusing on adding more earrings and necklaces to the collection. I am also in the very early stages of designing some jewels incorporating enamel. I love to use lots of color so I am excited to expand my palette.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


I have been making jewelry since high school (grade school if you count friendship bracelets!) but after college I started to consider creating a cohesive line. I worked at Doyle & Doyle for a few years and it was really an education in gemology and jewelry history. I was able to learn in a hands-on way. I worked with Jessica Bavier, who now owns Bavier Brook,and she would always pull me aside when something special came in. When an unusual stone came in, we would loupe it. When a masterfully constructed piece came in, we would examine the fabrication and maybe wear it around the shop.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


It’s perhaps a little too early in my career to pinpoint a single moment, but I feel very satisfied with how the story of Baker & Black has developed. I created Baker & Black with my husband and we have done almost all of the work ourselves or with the help of talented friends. After all of the hard work, it has been incredibly rewarding to have had such a positive response from all who have seen the jewelry. It makes me excited to continue growing the brand and to share it with more people.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


Baker & Black is still in its infancy so A LOT! Right now I am focusing on expanding our retail presence and client base. Creatively, I want to start working with larger gemstones and I would like to experiment more with colored sapphires and spinel. And one day, I would love to create a piece centered around an antique demantoid garnet, a larger specimen with a perfect horsetail inclusion.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


This will have to be a tie. My husband gave me an antique gold locket the first Christmas after we were married and I wear it every day. If it doesn’t match what I’m wearing, I just tuck it in my shirt. I love lockets and definitely want to start designing them. The other would have to be the first Baker & Black piece, the Caduceus Ring with pink spinel. I wear it all the time and have been told that it is reminiscent of H.R. Giger’s designs for the movie Alien. I was surprised the first time someone said it because his work is very dark with a strong sci-fi vibe and the ring is pink and sparkly. I hear it all the time and am always humbled because Giger was such an accomplished and influential artist.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip

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Gem Gossip Visits Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, PA

Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip Freeman Auction | Gem Gossip

Freeman’s auction house and I have an intense relationship. They seem to always have a piece that I fall deeply in love with and lose out at the very last moment come auction time. I will never forget this diamond and platinum ring from the 1920s–it was sensational. A size 3.5 (which would actually fit my ring finger perfectly, who else could say that is a “perfect” size?!) the center diamond was a chunky pear cut with a large culet…it was jaw-dropping in all the right ways. I nervously logged in on my computer for the live-sale and bid several times before my last and final bid didn’t hold up to whomever claimed it in the end. A tragedy that day…and will forever weigh heavy on my heart, as I cannot come to terms with even deleting the email in my inbox that says as the subject line, “Sorry you didn’t win this time.” A reminder, as Allia Dhody, a member of Freeman’s Jewelry Department, exclaims to me, “Make sure to call in next time–be a phone-bidder!” I will take that strategy to the next round, although Allia doesn’t realize, my visit to Freeman’s has made me want to come back more often and especially during live auctions.

My next chance at bidding and winning at Freeman’s will be coming sooner than I thought–they are gearing up for their September and November jewelry sales. On my visit, I got to preview some of the items that will be featured in both upcoming sales–their Autumn Estate Jewelry sale slated for September 16, 2015 and their Jewelry & Watches sale which falls on November 2, 2015.

I had such a fun time playing with the jewelry and getting to talk to the ladies of Freeman’s. Susannah and Cara were a delight to hang out with while I was drooling over the jewelry and taking photos. Allia Dhody is Freeman’s Jewelry Specialist who handles each piece, taking down the item’s specs by measuring, grading and counting, as well as cataloging. As a gradutate gemologist, her role at Freeman’s is a vital one. As a buyer, the public can rely on not only the great reputation of Freeman’s 210-year history, but the expertise of Allia’s gemology skills. People bid with confidence–that’s an important part of the Freeman’s legacy.

I’m excited for the September and November sales–be sure to mark them on your calendars (I will be reminding everyone when the dates get closer). Here is a run down on some of the pieces that will be up for auction, which are pictured above:

Freeman’s Autumn Estate Jewelry sale; September 16, 2015:

18k yellow gold Pig purse with a mesh body and details like a tail, legs, etc. French assay marks, estimate $800-1,200

A pair of diamond and 14k gold old mine cut diamond cluster drop earrings, approx. 2.20 carats total, estimate $800-1,200

A diamond and cultured pearl cluster ring set in 14k yellow gold, center diamond approx. 0.85 ct., estimate $500-700

Victorian garnet and high carat gold necklace which measures 15.25 inches in length, estimate $1,800-2,500

Pair of Victorian enamel and 18k gold bangle bracelets which measures 5.75 inside length, estimate $800-1,200

Art Deco calibre-cut ruby and diamond platinum ring with elongated shape, estimate $800-1,200

A blue zircon suite consisting of a pair of earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace all circa early 1900s, estimate $2,500-3,000

Art Deco diamond and platinum brooch set with Old European cut and Old Mine cut diamonds, totaling 2.10 carats, estimate $800-1,200

Art Deco diamond and platinum ring with pierced milgrain set with Old Mine and Old European cut diamonds, estimate $1,000-1,500

Freeman’s Jewelry & Watches sale; November 2, 2015

Diamond and sapphire bypass ring set with pear shaped diamond and pear shaped sapphire in platinum, estimate $5,000-7,000

Belle Époque diamond and platinum ring set with a 3.25 ct center diamond, estimate $12,000-15,000

Serpent necklace done in 18k yellow gold set with diamonds and ruby eyes, estimate $3,000-5,000

David Webb 18k yellow gold cuff featuring a repoussé frog and cabochon emerald eyes, estimate $9,000-14,000

Marcus & Co. diamond and platinum-topped 18k gold brooch, with a center diamond approx. 3.20 ct., estimate $20,000-30,000

David Webb turquoise and diamond 18k yellow gold matching earrings and ring, estimate $2,000-3,000


Freeman’s Auction
1808 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 563-9275
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Q & A with Shoma Lahiry of Tola Jewelry


Tola Jewelry caught my attention immediately as it reflected an intense attention to gold. The rich metal takes center stage in every design, with minimal or absolutely no gemstones within each piece. I can see the architectural influences (which she holds a masters degree in), the Indian influences (of her heritage and inspiring visits), and handcrafted distinction (she is trained in wax carving and traditional metalsmithing techniques). I am excited to share this jewelry line with my readers and I hope you’ll fall for her designs like I have!


At the moment I’m working on a small collection called Linea – inspired by the properties of curvature and line. I’ve always subscribed to a ‘less is more’ approach in both my work and life, so this collection really pays homage to that notion…it’s a tightly focused group of pieces, simple yet sophisticated and primarily originating from only one material – square wire. I’m also really excited to be designing a few amazing one of a kind bridal commissions this summer – it’s always such an honor to work with clients on custom commitment jewelry.

leaf+ring+focus devi+ring+no+smile geometric+rings+++shiv+cuff


I grew up visiting my grandparents in India every summer. Needless to say, the rich jewelry tradition of South Asia is intoxicating, and I was fascinated by every bit of it from an early age. My infatuation for handmade fine jewelry really took root back then, but I never imagined forming my own company around it!

Formally I have a BA in English/Creative Writing and a Master’s degree in Architecture. After school I worked for several years as an architect – designing everything from residential homes and commercial interiors to temporary installation projects. Eventually though I started to miss that feeling of working directly with my hands. On a whim, I signed up for a series of evening metal-smithing classes at SVA in New York, and followed that with multiple wax-carving courses. Learning to sculpt in wax was the bait and I was hooked after seeing my volumetric construction sketches take shape! After an intensive summer study at the Revere Academy in San Francisco I dove in head-first and launched my debut collection in the Fall of 2013.



Two months into my official launch, a friend commissioned me to design an engagement ring for his girlfriend. It was my first foray into bridal jewelry and the ring was a surprise. Truthfully, I was a bit nervous to create a bespoke piece with no design direction from the bride herself. I tasked her boyfriend with taking secret photos of his girlfriend’s existing jewelry collection so I could get a loose sense of her style and aesthetic. Luckily everything worked out and the ring was a huge success! I went on to design the wedding bands and bridal party jewelry and hand-delivered everything to their beautiful destination wedding in Tulum. Being part of such a wonderful union was truly remarkable – I feel so fortunate to do what I love and share that joy with others!

Ashley + Bryan Wedding at Playa Kin Ha and El Tabano in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Ashley + Bryan Wedding at Playa Kin Ha and El Tabano in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico.


The future is wide open! Aside from expanding my business and working on more bespoke/commitment pieces, I’d love to study more about gemology and the history of jewelry. There is always so much more to learn – both from the old and new. I’m continually fascinated by the intersection of traditional and modern and aim to keep exploring ways to exhibit that relationship in my work.

about tolajewelry 16794525180_6665673430_b

My Kali Ring – I designed it to have a soft yet strong look – perfect for dressing up or down. I wear it everyday either as a ring or necklace, and it never fails to attract admirers!

Question 5_Photo 3 Question 5_Photo 1

Check out TolaJewelry.com

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Q & A with Market Square Jewelers

Market Square Jewelers is one of those kinds of antique jewelry stores that is a heart-skipping treasure trove! With four different locations in the Northeast, there’s always some kind of road trip begging to be planned, with at least one of their locations as a stopping point. I’ve been a fan for awhile, even have a piece in my jewelry box from Market Square Jewelers–a date ring, of course! The year “01” which was a rare find–always fun when the people working at the store get just as excited as you do over jewelry! They have a great crew working over there, with years of experience.

Wanting to know more, I got to hear from Elizabeth, second-generation within this family-run business and newly married, about how everything began and what she’s been up to lately! Of course we had to talk about memorable pieces and future plans.

Visit their website >> www.marketsquarejewelers.com


When traveling to Antiqua as a teenager in the early 70s, my father purchased a number of shell necklaces from native craftspeople. When he came back to Cape Cod, he found himself, tanned and bare chested, walking his hometown beaches reselling the necklaces! He always said, as simple as it is, this was where Market Square Jewelers was born!

As for me, I was born into this company! I grew up taking naps in the back of the stores, and then working in them, and learning gems/jewelry and business first hand from the time I could walk and talk. After I finished college, I attended the GIA to formalize my education and get my Graduate Gemology degree, but really, there was never a time when I thought I’d be doing anything else. Antique jewelry and rare gems are in my blood.



I’d say there’s two main things that make us a little different than the average jewelry shop. First off, we’ve been in our locations for so long, we really know the customers and clients well. They’ve become friends and family members, and we’re able to really have an awesome relationship with them, finding just the right piece engagement ring for a young man who used buy Mother’s Day gifts with his allowance. Things like that.

What really sets our jewelry apart? It’s all unique. We take these wonderful old mountings and settings that are so beautifully crafted, and we restore them, often with gems that were never heard of when the mounting was made! Have you ever seen a tanzanite in an Art Deco mounting? Tanzanite wasn’t around when that mounting was made, and yet, it’s perfect!



Market Square Jewelers began in 1984 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and we’re still in the same spot. It’s a beautiful shop, right on the corner downtown, with huge picture windows floor to ceiling on two sides of the building. The light is amazing in that store! It’s a great place to browse, there’s plenty of room and it’s a very mellow atmosphere.

We have been in downtown Portsmouth location for over 20 years, again, in the same location all that time, right on the corner in Market Square! Portsmouth is kind of like walking into your grandmother’s jewelry box. The shop is smaller, but it is PACKED with goodies, especially the windows, which are a local landmark. Everyone knows those windows displays!

In 2007, Market Square Jewelers opened our storefront in Downtown Dover, NH. We bought the whole building this time, and turned it into our hub. This is where our offices are, and our goldsmithing studios, and our repair people, and our designers, this is our production center, as well as a retail site, and it gives the place a different feel than the other shops. It’s a great energy, it really feels like we fit right in with the Dover vibe.

We’ve been wanting to open in Portland for years! The Downeast charm is so enticing, especially in the district of the Old Port. In 2014 we found the perfect location on Exchange Street, a shop with wonderful tin ceilings and old wood accents that already felt like home. It took a lot of work, but we not only opened the shop in record time, but found the perfect antique jewelry displays and cabinets so that it all looks like the shop was built to be ours, a hundred years ago!

(pictured below left–their Portsmouth location, right–their Dover location)

IMG_7003-2 Dover4


Definitely the first sale on our website, marketsquarejewelers.com. Launching our site was a huge endeavor: refining our look, inventory management, perfecting product photography, blog content, copy writing, etc. I remember the first sale that we made: a pair of simple gold earrings. I ran down the hall of the office giving the gals high fives. We all hugged and were so excited and had been working so hard to see it happen! We were all smiles! Our work had finally paid off!

As a woman who is also expecting her first baby, one of the greatest challenges is being a mother and a business woman. I have so many goals for this business, including expanding our online presence, developing a collection of MSJ original reproduction pieces, and continuing ways to give back to the communities that we live and work. My biggest challenge and goal is to be a great mother and a great boss!

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It is hearsay that the GIA has only seen 10 taaffeites in all the years they have been identifying gemstones; we own one of them. Being nerdy, when it comes to rare and unusual gemstones, finding this gem and having the opportunity to buy it has been one of the most exciting moments.

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Q & A with Designer Behind Mociun


There is no doubt how creative Caitlin Mociun is as a designer. With a formal training in textile design and sculpture, jewelry design has been something she has quite frankly, stumbled upon. Her custom work has won the hearts of brides-to-be and her jewelry line has trend-setters swooning. Mociun’s style and aesthetic is like no other, leading her career to excel.

I am a huge fan and so happy I got a chance to catch up with Caitlin, the designer behind Mociun and brain behind the brand:


I’m working on so many exciting projects right now! I am always designing new custom jewelry for private clients and special pieces for my store. I am getting ready to open a new space sometime mid to late next year. I have a couple of books I’m starting to outline with two different people. I like to keep myself busy 🙂

mociun4 mociun5 8041483015_d8037f4dc8

I don’t have any formal background in jewelry. I studied textile design. My thesis project had a lot of small sculpture in it so I feel like I have anyways had an affinity for small objects like jewelry.

I had a clothing line for six years and then started adding hand made pieces (made from crystals, shells, brass, and string) a few years in. Then working with someone to make a jewelry line in gold and silver. The first collection was kind of a disaster! I didn’t know what I was doing. After another year I got the hang of how to best design in gold and precious stones and made three collections, most of those early pieces are still part of our collection. I am currently getting a gemology degree and will pretty much talk to anyone to absorb more knowledge about jewelry! I just love it. Mociun rings

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