30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry into Summertime!

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Summer is next week–can you believe it?! Are you ready?! One of my most favorite things to do in the summer is to plan activities that I wouldn’t normally get to do…this involves taking days off from work, surrounding myself with people I love, and living my best life. I also like making lists or a group of goals to complete over the summer–they can be wishful thinking or very, very serious. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry just in time for summer!

1. Pick a gemstone, any gemstone, and learn all about it.

2. Find a gem show that is coming to your area and attend!

3. Have a gem or mineral specimen collection? Reorganize it in a cool way.

4. Plan a trip to go gem mining.

5. Do you have a favorite Instagrammer in our jewelry community? Plan a summer meetup.

6. Pick a state that is somewhat close to you, and research the best jewelry store they have to offer. Plan a visit!

7. Make a cool treat on a hot day–these gem ice trays can be filled with any fruity liquid!

8. Find a gemstone print top, bathing suit or towel and wear it to the beach.

9. Reserve a day at the nail salon and go for a gemstone manicure!

10. Buy that jewelry book you’ve been eyeing and lay by the pool with it!

11. Scout out some amazing flowers in your city, buy them, and take some jewelry photos with them.

12. Find a new way of wearing some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

13. Take a day to clean your most-worn pieces of jewelry.

14. Plan a SWAP party with friends that also love jewelry.

15. Pick a time period you don’t know as much about as your favorite jewelry period, and learn about it!

16. Spend an entire day “hunting” for antique jewelry online–but do it by a pool.

17. Learn about crystal healing and depending on where you live, schedule an appointment with an expert.

18. Throw a gemstone-themed party!

19. Learn about a new designer you’ve never heard of before.

20. Need a new way to store your jewelry? Splurge on a jewelry cabinet and reconfigure it if necessary.

21. Take a jewelry making class.

22. Decide on creating a charm bracelet or necklace–gather charms, buy some new ones and put it together.

23. Get something very special and sentimental made into a piece of jewelry.

24. Size all of your fingers and keep it written down.

25. Get registered to bid at your favorite auction houses.

26. Put on all your favorite Art Deco jewels and watch a 1920s old movie.

27. Hit up your local estate sales or garage sales. You never know!

28. Tell someone thank you by gifting them a piece of jewelry.

29. Get lost on Pinterest by searching “antique jewelry” or “jewelry.”

30. Pick your favorite medium (water colors, arcryllics, pencil, etc) and try drawing/painting a diamond.


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Let me know which of these you want to do! –> @gemgossip

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One to Follow: @newtwiststore

newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip newtwiststore | Gem Gossip

I’ve been noticing more and more jewelry stores across the US starting to focus solely on social media, a category of business that once was not thought of as being serious, let alone needing a full-time, specialized department for it. But now more than ever, with brick & mortar stores closing regularly, it is those stores that are developing their Instagram pages, revamping websites, setting up e-commerce shops, as well as holding down their brick & mortar stores, that are rising above the rest and doing better than ever!

NewTw!st has done just that and more! Their website has been recently redesigned, giving it a user-friendly experience with lots of dynamic photos of product, and they’ve taken on their Instagram account full-force by having the most colorful, stop-in-your-tracks photographs. NewTw!st carries some unique designer jewelry and I love how the photos capture the personality of each piece in the way that it deserves. Playful earrings spread out in an almost delicious way, ring stacks that are well thought out, jewelry groupings that are color-coded and pleasing to the eye…their expertise in merchandising reaches far beyond an in-store jewelry display.

I’m hoping to get a chance to visit NewTw!st in person–located in Eugene, Oregon up in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully soon enough! In the meantime, you’ll be like me and totally enjoy following on Instagram

Click here to follow NewTw!st on Instagram.


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One to Follow: @MelanieCaseyJewelry

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Melanie Casey Jewelry Melanie Casey Jewelry Melanie Casey Jewelry

Melanie Casey Fine Jewelry has been lighting up Instagram since posting their gorgeous, eco-friendly pieces of jewelry. With stacks and stacks of delicate bands and gemstone rings, each photo immediately went “viral” earning thousands of likes. I was thankful to collaborate with Melanie Casey and helping her promote her brand.

This year is special for Melanie Casey Fine Jewelry because in 2017 they are opening their doors of their North Boston showroom for appointments. If you’re looking for an heirloom quality piece of jewelry that will make your heart flutter for years and years, stop by the Melanie Casey showroom–just a 30 minute drive outside of Boston–and pick your jewels in person. I recommend this way of shopping because you will be able to try-on everything and create your own stacking story. The collection complements and builds upon itself, so the more the merrier.

Jewelry started out as a side hobby for Melanie Casey–an activity where she could use her hands and be creative, with her background in a not-so-creative field of Finance. We are all grateful she made the leap to full-time jewelry designer, boasting a growing team of creatives with everything done in-house. I hope to visit sometime this year and bring my lovely readers an inside look! Stay tuned!

Click here to follow Melanie Casey on Instagram.


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One to Follow: @Walters_Faith

Walters Faith | Gem Gossip  Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip Walters Faith | Gem Gossip

Walters Faith Jewelry has been creating a buzz since launching in 2013. They’ve captured an audience that needed jewelry badly, and that audience happens to be the unisex crowd. Now more than ever, unisex jewelry is on the rise and Walters Faith has created lots of options of hefty, handcrafted pieces. From their wide, ridged bands in multiple gold colors, to their links and hexagonal motif, all pieces are architecturally pleasing and staples in so many wardrobes.

Their latest venture is a collaboration with Olivia Chantecaille, launching a capsule collection of diamond, sapphire and amethyst pendant necklaces inspired by the elegance and luxury of beauty compacts. The collaboration between jewelry designers and beauty guru brings two worlds together that usually are very separate, and the end results are beautiful! That’s why Walters Faith is this month’s One To Follow!

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One to Follow: @DanaRebecca

Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip Untitled

Dana Rebecca Designs is a Chicago-based jewelry company founded by Dana Gordon who has diamonds in her DNA! She is third-generation jewelry industry raised and can boast that she launched her first collection at the age of 16. I absolutely love that! It was May of 2007 when Dana Rebecca Designs officially came on to the jewelry scene, and since then these designs have been on hundreds of magazine covers, coveted by lots of celebrities, and built up a large following on social media. I’ve partnered with the company to bring their gorgeous designs to your heart-emoji eyes every month for the past six months and have loved my audience’s response.

The overall consensus–you love Dana Rebecca Designs! And so do we! Every stackable ring, every trend-worthy earring, long necklace layers and everything in between! I also love the fact that each piece is named after someone important and special in Dana’s life…if you look online you can see rings named, “Rochelle Jo” and “Cynthia Rose.” Love that aspect. That’s why she is featured as our One To Follow, so make sure you’re following if you haven’t already.

Click here to follow Dana Rebecca on Instagram.


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One to Follow: @MarketSquareJewelers

Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Market Square Jewelers | Gem Gossip Untitled Market Square Jewelers

Market Square Jewelers is a family-owned business with four different locations across the Northeast. One store located in Maine, another in Massachusetts and two locations in New Hampshire. While I haven’t gotten much time to spend in this part of the country, I can luckily log into their website and see so many amazing jewels from their inventory online! I love that they update it frequently with new arrivals.

If you want even more updates, following them on Instagram is fun and a definite must! Above are some of my favorite photos they’ve posted on their feed. Photos like this easily allow you to fall in love with pieces and “treasure hunt” virtually. If you like what you see, make sure you follow Market Square Jewelers on Instagram–I highly recommend!

Click here to follow Market Square Jewelers on Instagram


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Favorite Instagrams: October 2015

danarebecca jewels_and_sparkle hanut101 dupuisauctions jamesmchonejewelry anthonylentjewelry vadajewelry inezstodel_jewelry indigopony jaimiegellerjewelry arrowandanchorantiques levi_higgs jewels_by_grace fellowsauctions

danarebecca traveled to Hong Kong for the gem and jewelry show and came back with THIS

jewels_and_sparkle dresses up in Doyle Auction jewels and I’m loving it

hanut101 never ceases to amaze–an old mine cut ruby set in an incredible opal WOW

dupuisauctions a glistening 1940s watch that went up for auction over the summer, love the aqua + ruby combo

jamesmchonejewelry featured the cutest goat ever–done in 18k gold and signed J ROSSI, I believe it is still for sale

anthonylentjewelry is landing in everyone’s jewelry boxes with this design, featuring a crescent moon face

inezstodel_jewelry shares a stunning pair of earrings that quickly sold from her inventory–calibre cut turquoise knocks my socks off

vadajewelry looking just plain GOOD AF

indigopony is inspired by Curtis Steiner’s imagery work–like this piece which is hand-painted on fungi

jaimiegellerjewelry stacking Carolina Bucci favorites in the most delicious way possible

arrowandanchorantiques setting up and packing up for A Current Affair, where you can catch her selling these goods in LA or NYC

levi_higgs makes us swoon with moonstone madness over his find at the Park Ave. Armory Antique Show

jewels_by_grace is taken by this cool drawing by @eleonora.lamma of a raw amethyst using colored pencils

fellowsauctions held an auction featuring over 250 pieces of Blue John and I was beyond fascinated by this

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Favorite Instagrams: Summer 2015

hibbatrix annasheffield bellflowerbay circaoncedros minsunkimyoo levi_higgs jessicamccormackdiamonds sandrinemerle tinyjewelboxdc maelgwns_muse jewelsdujour ara_vartanian reliquarysf cakiesblog

hibbatrix and the most perfect color palette ring boxes from Gilt Jewelry

annasheffield posts this incredible photo of the talented artist Berndnaut Smilde

bellflowerbay and a dreamy snapshot from her wedding day held at The Bell House in BK

circaoncedros snaps this photo of some of their ring inventory, I can’t seem to pick a favorite!

minsunkimyoo with her really cool ring designs hanging with her mom for this sweet photo

levi_higgs taking a rainy day advantage at The Morgan Library with a lot of options

jessicamccormackdiamonds got lucky and found these books at an antique fair

sandrinemerle makes me want NEED a vintage Bulgari watch like the one above

tinyjewelboxdc posted this incredible one-of-a-kind antique blackamore gold necklace

maelgwns_muse is reading Fashion Victims: Dreass at the Court of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette

jewelsdujour is a sucker for a good collage, especially one that involves Jean Schlumberger renderings and jewels

ara_vartanian I’m obsessed with this ring. That is all.

reliquarysf just finished up with a buying trip and this is the aftermath

cakiesblog has a nice ring collection building, along with her DIY ring box she made

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Favorite Instagrams: May 2015

arrowandanchorantiques olsensanonymous 1stdibs hancocks_london saraweinstockjewerly theedencollective baileysestatejewelry lisajshuler wachler erstwhilejewelry ghazaleh07 bavierbrook margeryhirschey rgarrahan

arrowandanchorantiques has a lineup of unusual suspects, all with one thing in common, Old European cut diamonds

olsensanonymous nothing is cooler than an Olsen as a brunette with a bold lip

1stdibs posts this photo from emerging textile designer Zak Profera, love everything about this

hancocks_london showcasing this fabulous pieces by Elizabeth Gage

saraweinstockjewelry proves pairing leather with sneakers is fine as long as you have the right jewels

theedencollective spotted this Victorian woman with quite the jewelry style!

baileysestatejewelry has this incredible Victorian snake necklace as a part of their inventory

lisajshuler shares her collection of John Derian trays, they are reminiscent of Georgian and Victorian motifs

wachler captures this perfectly perfect Art Deco diamond elongated ring

erstwhilejewelry just recently relaunched their website and has an entire bespoke collection

ghazaleh07 some essentials including a Montblanc pen and three unique rings

bavierbrook displaying some new arrivals–which is your favorite?

margeryhirschey is getting lost in a hall of gems at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

rgarrahan is enjoying her visit to Broken English in NYC loving this real beetle antique necklace

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Favorite Instagrams: Spring 2015

victoiredecastellane ebjewel mariehelenedetaillac bellflowerbay sankalthani ireneneuwirth oakgem treasuregarland mineralien sofiakaman paula_dolubizno jennifergandia sacraluna elizabethgarvin

victoiredecastellane capturing what she does best–designing amazing pieces for Dior

ebjewel admiring some art at the Armory Show, along with her ring she designed

mariehelenedetaillac these cluster rings are like neon signs, loving the electric colors

bellflowerbay bought this print at the V&A Museum last year and is proud that it safely returned home with no wrinkles

sankalthani posts this beautiful painting by Fanny Nushka Moreaux

ireneneuwirth on her way to Paris–who could ever want a plain charm necklace now?! Gemstones only!

oakgem with a new selection of jewelry headed to their online storefront

treasuregarland fascinated by this incredible painted portrait ring with various gemstones surrounding it

mineralien zooming in hardcore into blue apatite in gently pink morganite–field of view 8.2mm

sofiakaman and seven unique vintage rings available at their store in Venice, CA

paula_pink_with_diamonds makes bespoke jewelry including these covetable necklaces

jennifergandia posted this really cool image by Blake Wright, leaving her gemstoned

sacraluna is the perfect feed to follow if you love gemstones and mineral specimens

ElizabethGarvin sprawls out an amazing array of gemstones

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