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Above features every “logo” aka Banner I’ve had over the past nine years, from first inception until now. The evolution shows the progression and most recently we dropped our tagline which we’ve had since day one.

With each passing July, I sit and ponder the beginnings of my blog Gem Gossip–all that it has done and accomplished, and all the potential that lies ahead. It was nine years ago that I first started this website with the sole purpose of connecting with others that love jewelry as much as I do. I never imagined that I would be doing this full-time nine years later and creating my own path. And I have YOU to thank for all this–those who read my blog daily, follow my social media accounts, “like” my photos and send encouraging emails. Thank you. You truly don’t know what it means to me and I’m forever grateful.

To celebrate this year, I’m reminiscing like crazy and sharing with you some facts you might not have known about Gem Gossip! I thought this would be a fun and personal blog post, and I’d love to hear some interesting tidbits regarding YOU and Gem Gossip. Does a blog post stick out in your memory? How did you find or stumble upon my blog? Did I help you out in a way that I don’t know about? I’d love to know! You can email me, write it in the comments below, or share on Instagram–I’ll be posting this on there as well.

PS: There will also be a giveaway coming up, but I have to hit 160k followers on Instagram first, so stay tuned!

The Facts:

1. I started my blog as a result of moving to Tennessee–after uprooting from the only house I had ever lived in my whole life in Upstate NY to TN, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had no job, no car (I sold my car because I didn’t want to drive it 11 hours by myself lol), and knew no one in my new town. I finally decided to invest my time and energy into learning about my biggest passion I had been carrying around with me my whole life–JEWELRY!

2. I was in a long distance relationship at the time I started Gem Gossip. It was because of my ex-boyfriend who suggested I should start a blog about jewelry after I had constantly filled his inbox daily with long hyperlinks of jewelry that I thought was “really cool.” He told me he didn’t care about the jewelry and that I needed an outlet to share my passion with others who felt the same way!

3. The name “Gem Gossip” was conceived after a brainstorm session with my sisters on what to name my future jewelry blog. I knew I couldn’t have my URL be daniellemiele.com because NO ONE knows how to pronounce my last name. It had to be catchy, simple, relate to jewelry and easy to say. I was looking at my sister’s fashion magazines and saw one of the actresses from Gossip Girl on the front cover (that show was the most popular around that time). I whispered aloud, “Gossip Gem” … and then “Gem Gossip” and it all clicked!

4. One of my first emails I’ve ever received from a jewelry designer was from Carolyn Tyler, after I had featured some of her work on my brand new blog. Her email was so encouraging and the excitement that I felt from receiving positive feedback was worth more than gold to me in that moment. I will never forget that kind exchange.

5. On the flipside of that, I’ve received several negative emails over the past nine years. One that called me Southern white trash (I’m from NY, so nice try) and a few that poked fun of my features that included photos of me modeling jewelry. This is both alarming on many levels but also quite comical, in my opinion.

6. The first seven years of writing Gem Gossip were all done part-time on weekends or after work. I was a nanny for the very first year and a half when I moved to Tennessee, and then eventually worked full-time at an antique jewelry store for five years. I would sit behind a microscope Tuesday through Saturday, with a pile of jewelry in a room without windows and crank out appraisals…and then come home bursting with creative energy, not wanting to do anything else except work on my blog.

7. One of my first big writing gigs was for LoveGold–I had no idea at the time how much I would learn in such a positive way from the 2 1/2 years of working with them. I produced exactly 100 pieces of exclusive content for LoveGold and traveled thousands of miles. And I still can’t get enough of yellow gold.

8. I once had a meeting with a very prestigious celebrity stylist. After learning I lived in Nashville she asked me about my love of country music. I told her I hated country music and she kept saying, “So you don’t like Taylor Swift? Not even Taylor Swift??” and I was adamant about not liking Taylor Swift. It was then and there that I realized I could have easily changed my answer to better fit our conversation; for her to “like” me. But I didn’t. I am who I am and I’m not changing for anyone. It is a memory that still sticks with me to this day…and it was with me a few weeks ago when I had some big meetings in NYC.

9. My #JewelryRoadTrip project involves a lot of travel, appointment making and on-the-spot creativity when visiting stores and designers’ work spaces. My husband Matt usually is the photographer behind all my #JewelryRoadTrip features but there was one big trip he couldn’t make–all my Pennsylvania coverage. My mom ended up coming along with me and taking all the photos. She was SO nervous and wanted to do a good job. I think she did great and it is still such a memorable trip for both of us. It was one of the first literal road trips where we drove my Prius up from Nashville and across the entire state of Pennsylvania over the course of four days. My car surpassed the 100k mileage mark on that trip and we celebrated by eating Arby’s (my favorite road trip fast food place…wait, maybe I am white trash?? See #5).

10. One of my most proud moments was being a co-curator at the Doyle & Doyle Vault series, where the NYC-based antique jewelry store put on their version of a month-long museum exhibition. I chose the topic of Sentimental Rings and several of my personal pieces, including my grandparents’ wedding bands and my grandma’s engagement ring were a part of the exhibit. In order for her ring to get to me, my grandma had to mail me her beloved ring. We both were so nervous for this feat–I had been tracking the package every step of the way. On the day of delivery, it was pouring rain. My alerts told me it had been delivered at my doorstep, but it was nowhere to be found. I was having a full-on panic attack over this. I ran outside in the rain in search of the package. To my surprise, it was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor a few doors down from me. It wasn’t just any neighbor…it was our neighbor that we were in a fully committed “poop war” with. What could I possibly mean by this? Well his dog would go to the bathroom in our yard almost daily…so my husband would take the dog poop and put it on their porch. Dumbest thing ever, but we were totally into it at the time lol. I grabbed the package off their porch and ran back home. That day ended the “poop war” and they moved shortly afterward, so all crisis averted. (By the way, my grandma’s Italian handwriting is the reason for the incorrect delivery–insert Italian hand gesture meaning WTF).


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Dana Seng Jewelry Launches New Signature Birthstone & Number Collection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Dana Seng Jewelry Dana Seng Jewelry

Dana Seng Jewelry has been wildly popular since it first launched because who doesn’t love personalized, layer-ready jewelry?! Her pieces let the buyer pick the letter that they want and the gemstone of their choice, allowing for double customization. It wasn’t long until Dana decided to unleash what the people have been wanting–NUMBERS! Just as letters are so special and important, so are numbers. We all have a lucky number, a favorite number…a date we were born on or celebrate something memorable, so I already know numbers are going to be a huge hit.

For me, it will always be number 8! I was born on the 8th and the number has stayed with me all throughout my life and revealed itself in many ways. I know you–right now–reading this blog post, have a favorite number. Wouldn’t you love to have it hanging from your neck? Or chilling on your finger? Maybe even draped on your wrist?

I’m excited to have partnered with Dana to be the one who announces this new birthstone number collection— and stay tuned for another really FUN blog post coming your way! HINT: I’ve never done anything like it before!

You can see the full collection and order your own signature birthstone number piece NOW on the official website–they just launched today!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Dana Seng Jewelry.

Dana Seng

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Check out the Q&A Interview I did with Dana!

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New One-of-a-Kind Collection from Sarah Swell Jewelry

Sarah Swell Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Sarah Swell One-Of-A-Kind Rings Edition 1 from sarah swell on Vimeo.

After years of wanting to create special one-of-a-kind rings, jewelry designer Sarah Swell decided to go for it and let her creativity flourish. The rings featured in the above tranquil video are the direct results of her desire to break up the monotony and do something different. This is the first edition batch of rings and she will be creating more editions which will build off from this grouping. All rings are 18k yellow or rose gold with various rose cut and full cut diamonds. Each one was entirely hand carved in wax and no mold was made, making them each unique and truly one of a kind. Sarah says, “I wanted them to retain the feel of a handmade piece, so while I kept the lines clean and sculptural, there is a decidedly hand crafted feel to them.”

The entire nine-ring collection can be found here on her website.

Sarah Swell | Gem Gossip Sarah Swell | Gem Gossip Sarah Swell | Gem Gossip Sarah Swell | Gem Gossip


WANT MORE? Check out my Q&A with Sarah Swell

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Q & A with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry


With each collection released and each encounter I have with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry, I am more and more intrigued…spellbound, you could say. From the first concept of the lookbook (which I still have laid out like a coffee table best seller) to her enchanting video launch depicting her vision and a glimpse into her world, Lisa Kim strikes again, this time debuting a new collection called The Seabeast. The concept and inspiration will leave you curious to see what is next and the new pieces are gorgeous. Highly wearable ear climbers, earrings, necklaces and a unique ring make up The Seabeast collection. If you’re like me, you want to know more about the pieces and some insights into the designer, so here you go! Hope you enjoy:


My boyfriend and I love to cook. We were in the kitchen making dinner one day several months ago when he told me about the cockentrice, which originated from the Middle Ages in Europe. A suckling pig and a capon were sewn together to create a whole new beast that was roasted and served on a platter. This was culinary drama designed to amaze and delight guests while feeding them. The idea of a creature made of different parts stuck in my head and it shaped the story behind The Seabeast. Mythological beasts are mash-ups anyway; the unicorn is a horse with a horn, the manticore is a lion with a human head, rows of shark-like teeth, bat wings, and a scorpion tail.

I offer different iterations of the same animal in The Seabeast. The initial release features pendants and earrings that are fusions of scales, fins, waves, and shark teeth. I always like to leave some interpretation up to the viewer so I tend to steer away from literal design; but with this collection I felt compelled to design The Eye of The Beast, which is a departure for me. There are other pieces in the collection with ferocious teeth and spines like the ones you find on crab shells and conch shells.

Did Leviathan really exist? Was there a Kraken that smashed ships to their doom? Did the Midgard Serpent truly wrap itself around the world? Is it still there? Could it be that these myths and tall tales were about one and the same creature that has ruled the deepest and the most secret parts of the Earth all this time? Science would tell us otherwise, but we can’t really say for certain that this creature is pure fiction. I like to think that this beast once lived and that its parts were scattered. Once re-assembled, it will live again. I aim to suspend your disbelief. I want you to possess a piece of this creature and take on its power and believe that it is real.

LKFJ_Seabeast_group LKFJ_Seabeast_opal_spine_earclimbers18Y


From an early age I would draw and write stories while listening to music. This led me to my first career as a storyboard artist in animation. It was a fun occupation for sure but I never stopped dreaming stories of heroes in my fantasy world.

I was still working in animation when I signed up for a wax carving course at a small jewelry school here in L.A. One month into the course I committed to becoming a jewelry designer and business owner. I quit my job in 2011.

I took a bench jeweler course at the school. In the following year I interned for fashion designer Michael Schmidt where I got to work on some amazing metal projects for pop artists. After that I went to work for Tony Swatton, a blacksmith, bladesmith, leatherworker, costumer – a truly remarkable maker of all things. If you’ve watched film and tv in the past thirty years, chances are you’ve seen his work. (Remember the Vikings from the Capital One commercials? Tony made all of their gear.) Michael and Tony are two very different guys but they had one thing in common: They made incredible accessories that punched up a performer’s onstage presence. I came away from these places feeling really empowered by the things we worked on. I really wanted to create that feeling with statement fine jewelry.

I had the fortune of studying chasing and repoussé under European masters Valentin Yotkov and Davide Bigazzi. Chasing and repoussé are ancient metalworking techniques that allowed me to create my signature cuff bracelets that remind everyone of Wonder Woman. My bracelets are made by hand using tools and thousands of hammer blows. It’s a more efficient use of metal compared to casting – this means I can go pretty large with my designs and they remain surprisingly light in weight.

I am a member of AGTA and I serve as Communications Chair at WJA Los Angeles. In 2013 I received the Carelle-WJA Grant in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath. This was a cash grant of $5,000 that allowed me to produce a look book with my first collection that helped me establish the look of my brand. I feel incredibly blessed to have received this aid from WJA.

LKFJ_Seabeast_SmallPaveScaleEarrings18Y LKFJ_Seabeast_pendants18Y_02


Selling my first piece – a custom rubelite ring in 18k gold. My passion lies in bespoke pieces for fierce and independent women. You know who they are –they’re the ones who speak up and turn heads whenever they enter a room.

LKim_rubellitering02 LKim_rubellitering01


I aim to grow this collection over the coming months. You can expect to see more parts of the beast. There will be one-of-a-kinds with colored stones, pearls, and diamonds.

I would like to partner with more retailers. Consumer values have been changing a lot these past few years and retailers have had to evolve with this. I strongly believe brick-and-mortar stores are still incredibly important despite the rise of e-commerce. Women know what they want more than ever before. They will always want a place where they can experience jewelry in person and connect with it.

From the very beginning my goal has been to create magic in metal. This is my raison d’être. Running a business involves wearing all kinds of hats which I love, but at the end of the day all I want is bad-ass jewelry for our bad-ass selves.

LKim_OpalSpineDropEarrings18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_toothearclimbers18Y


My cavansite ring. It’s the one piece I made for myself so far. It looks magical and everyone always asks about it. It has heft like all my other designs. My pieces aren’t just pleasing to look at – they have to feel substantial and luxurious, too. My jewelry has presence just like the women who wear it.

LKim_EyeofTheBeast18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_large_scale_earrings

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry.

Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

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Check out Diamonds in the Library, who also is featuring the new collection today as well!

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Designer Spotlight: Alexis Kletjian Jewelry

Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip Alexis Kletjian Jewelry | Gem Gossip

For Alexis Kletjian, designing jewelry came about as she saw a void in the market for pieces that custom fit the wearer and had a “never-take-me-off” heirloom feel. Most designer pieces are made as a one-size-fits-all deal, where an “average” wrist may be far from average for most people. In a world where sizes range in the most beautiful way possible and a small may be large to someone or a large might be small, Alexis has come along with a line which solves these sizing issues with a made-to-fit promise and a high-quality feel that you don’t get anywhere else.

Knowing this as being the inspiration behind her jewelry line, meeting Alexis in person sort of ties everything together. As I approach most days as being 5-foot-1 on a good day, flats are not a part of my life and when people say to me, “Wow you’re so tiny,” let’s just say a response of “Wow you’re so average sized” is thankfully not said. Alexis totally can relate because she too is petite, and when she let me try on a few of her custom bangles she makes, I laughed in disbelief, as this was the first time in my ENTIRE life (no exaggeration) that I tried on a bangle bracelet that fit me! I’ve always never liked bangles and I fully understand now why I prematurely thought this–I’ve been trying on all the one-size-fits-all ones at stores, which are way too big for me! Her bangles feel amazing on and have a level of comfort to them I have never realized could come from a bangle. She had me hooked and I wanted to see/know more…

The Alexis Kletjian Jewelry line consists of three collections: Eternal, Lucky Star and Lotus, all handcrafted in 14k & 18k gold. Eternal consists of those incredible bangles I was just telling you about, as well as diamond eternity rings and plain eternity rings (great stackable staples for every jewelry collection). Everything designed with an eternal flow of sparkle as inspiration, enlightening everyone who calls these pieces personal favorites and wears them on a daily basis.

Alexis’ Lucky Star collection is inspired by the star motif found in Victorian jewelry, as Alexis is also a collector and admirer of antique jewelry. She says, “I wanted to pay homage to this classic design while also making it modern, and in essence, timeless. By using the historical motif and my own design interchangeably throughout my collection, I have created what I believe to be a classic and iconic design that can be identified and recognized as Alexis Kletjian.” Stacking bands is rose, yellow and white gold, as well as shield pendants, circular earrings and heart charms, all featuring the star-motif set diamond are a part of this collection.

Having the urge to create a modern-day talisman sparked the Lotus collection, which consists of shield pendants in a variety of gemstones and gold choices. This selection of pieces is more organic than the others, with nature and beauty as a main focus/inspiration. The shield represents protection, but is not all rigid as it may seem, as it is sparkles with gemstones which are set on the front.

As we sat and chatted all night upon our first meet-up, Alexis’ love for jewelry and where this all stemmed from was a fun conversation we had. She grew up playing with gems, as her parents owned a jewelry shop in the Boston Jewelers Building. Growing up, she went from playing behind the showcases, to playing with the gemstones and raw materials of jewelry. She recollects a strong connection to these things and although she went off to school for Fashion Design, jewelry was always present in everything she did. One huge thing fashion design has taught her is the importance of scale, which she incorporates into every design. We also talked about how amazing the Gemological Institute of America is and our classes; GIA prepares one to be a graduate gemologist, which Alexis is currently pursuing (as her daughter delightfully plays with her reference books from her studies when she is not using them).

Above you will see many of the pieces from her three collections, as well as a few that are not yet up on her website. A new and upcoming Bespoke collection is in the making, which features some special one-of-a-kind gemstones cut by TopNotch Faceting. A large portion of what Alexis does is custom, so if you want to work one-on-one with her, feel free to reach out by sending her an email at [email protected]

She also curates her collection for retailers’ needs–offering flexibility in the creation of each piece through a choice of metals and gemstones, where each customer is offered the opportunity to personalize the design. Her main goal is to create fine jewelry that is destined to become a treasured piece, one that is never taken off, always in constant rotation, “quality, not quantity.”

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Alexis Kletjian Jewelry.

Alexis Kletjian Jewelry

Check out more of Alexis Kletjian Jewelry:

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Designer Spotlight: Rosedale Fine Jewelry

IMG_3077 rosedale rosedalelifestyle2 rosedale4 lifestyle5 rosedale3 IMG_3106 rosedale2 Infatuation is key when it comes to falling for a jewelry line, and when I look at Rosedale Fine Jewelry, you might as well just call me lovestruck. From the clean lines, to the geometric inspiration…even down to the gemstones chosen with each design–it is all there for me! Austin-native and symmetry lover-extraordinaire Kate Kramer has launched her designs only several months ago, yet can already say that her line has been picked up by a few big-time jewelry stores. Two of them being Moondance Jewelry in Santa Monica and Eliza Page in Austin. Kate says seeing her designs in these stores is truly her proudest moment so far in her jewelry career and that she can’t wait to see where this journey takes her!

The gemstones are a big part of her designs and are one of Kate’s passions. She loves working with diamonds, sapphires in all colors, and tanzanite. If you notice, none of her designs have prongs. Bezel settings are her preference and she has stuck with this throughout each piece. For Kate, inspiration comes from many places, but a favorite pastime of hers is to go outside and lay on her swing, letting her mind wander in search of new design ideas. She has had many “aha” moments while doing this and has also learned that letting go of any fears will allow you to design more freely.

Kate elaborates, “Fear only inhibits creativity and when I look back at my first collection I can tell that I was still holding on to some part of that fear. In designing the second collection I let all of that go, I stopped doubting my ideas and I gave it my all in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. And now when I look at all of my new pieces, I feel such an immense sense of pride because they truly show who I am and who I want to be as a designer.”

The photos above are pulled from her look book which recently was released, along with some of the pieces in her collection. The kite diamonds are so incredible, set in 18k yellow gold. I also love the neon colors of the green and blue sapphire of the Amana ring, seen above. Her stud earrings are also fun letting you ideally stack them in multiples if you have several piercings. The cuffs are an essential–I can see someone wearing it as their tried and true staple everyday. And necklaces that are subtle, minimal and defined!

When describing Kate’s ideal client she says, “My ideal Rosedale customer is the modern yet refined woman. She is young at heart, with a subtle, even quiet, fierceness that makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is stylish of course, and she appreciates true quality and craftsmanship. She surrounds herself with beautiful things, and she wears her jewelry as an extension of herself.” Rosedale Fine Jewelry is the kind of jewelry that becomes a part of you, where you wear it everyday and you feel lost without it! Can’t wait to see more from this budding designer!

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Obsession: RUIFIER Jewellery

Visage Collection Carina Necklace Visage Rings Visage Smiles Celestial Solstice Rings Halo Midi Rings Galaxy Rings Galaxy Rings B Icon Fine Rings Stella Collection

Every now and then I come across a jewelry collection that I get really excited about and inspired by–RUIFIER has been on my mind ever since a few weeks ago when I discovered their brand while browsing for some unique ring designs for my #GemGossipWishList.

RUIFIER is based out of London, where modern luxury is formed into real, wearable jewelry for the sophisticated, but not too serious, woman. Their designs are incredibly playful but are not too trendy–each piece could be worn years from today and passed down to future generations. All the precious gemstones that are used within their designs are bright and colorful, lending perfectly with the brand’s overall attitude. The name RUIFIER comes from the English word ‘reify’ – to make an abstract idea concrete. RUIFIER’s design inspirations come from architecture, whether it’s linear lines or geometric shapes, a simple notion is then transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I can’t seem to decide which collection I like best–they really are incredible works of art, there isn’t one I wouldn’t wear! And they all truly complement each other rather nicely! Each collection has its own story, and I love that…here are the names and inspirations behind each one:

VISAGE COLLECTION: the visage collection encourages the wearer to combine elements to form smiley faces, repeated patterns or solo pieces to match all moods and occasions. the collection is chic, minimal and playful.

CELESTIAL COLLECTION: the celestial collection contains vivid gemstones nestled in-between linear golden shapes, reminiscent of rays of light and city skylines. Part of the collection can be interlocked and worn a number of distinctive ways.

ARRIS COLLECTION: Architectural influences are translated into fine jewellery in the Arris collection, with geometric shapes forming spire- like contours. vibrant gemstones enhance the smooth gold with a myriad of shades and tones.

ICON FINE COLLECTION: the classic shapes of the Icon ring take on an understated and delicate reinvention in the warm hues of rose gold with graduated brown and white diamonds. the Icon Fine collection is truly elegant, precise and luxurious.

GALAXY COLLECTION: Inspired by the hypnotic quality of a spiral galaxy, gentle swirls of ombre gemstones create the Galaxy collection. Hundreds of delicately set gemstones shimmer like stars in the night sky, catching and reflecting the light.

STELLA COLLECTION: the stella collection sets innovative pyramid cut gemstones within an inverted pyramid of polished gold to create ever-changing reflections and optical illusions.

>> To shop the collection, you can purchase directly from their website or this list of stockists.

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Designer Spotlight: Corinne Simon Jewelry

Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Jewelry Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Corinne Simon

Corinne Simon Jewelry

Santa Monica-based jewelry designer Corinne Simon uses gemstones and metal as her tools to bring dreams and fantasies to life. She is proud to launch a new collection called Rèverie and has kicked things off with a photoshoot featuring her vivid designs. Such unique jewels, and I love how I can see all her influences in each piece. From her early years studying visual arts, to her career designing accessories and belts, each walk of life resonates from within. I first discovered Corinne on Etsy while searching for rings and was immediately drawn to her striking silhouettes she creates.

Hand-crafted using the lost was technique, Corinne is able to hone her sculpting skills and passion when designing jewelry. Each gemstone is hand- picked, inspiring a vision that is sculpted, morphing the precious metal with the stone to create a vivid, bold, and whimsical piece of jewelry.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, customers are down to the last few days to order! So if you love her pieces, make sure to hurry and place your order before the deadline! Corinne specializes in custom orders, with anything from a special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, to a current item from her line using different gemstones. Take a look at her Etsy shop and make sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram!

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Designer Spotlight: Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

04 08 07 13 08 07 06 EK101-18Y N108-18Y_02 E103-18Y R106-18Y_04 EK102-18Y_01 R105-18Y_02

After ten years in the field of film and animation, Lisa Kim set out to create beautiful things using her aesthetic and to fulfill a desire of exploring some passions of hers, like Mythology, fantasy literature, graphic novels, and ancient history. These all play into and help influence her debut collection of fine jewelry, called WINDLORDS. This collection took nearly a year to put together, with fine tuning her technique and finding her voice, she explains, “The theme I saw emerging in my designs was one of the sky and the heavens, so I decided this first collection would be called WINDLORDS. It seemed fitting – the gods of the sky in mythologies tend to be the most powerful deities, and they guide the hero on her journey. I kept imagining the jewelry to be those that modern gods would wear and bestow upon a mortal as gifts.” Techniques like chasing and repousse are important aspects of her jewelry line, which she passionately first began experimenting using a DVD to teach herself in her garage workshop. She then formally studied with masters Valentin Yotkov and Davide Bigazzi.

Her visions became a reality also with the help of being named the winner of the 2013 Carelle-WJA Member Grant in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath. This allowed Lisa to hire the photographer of her dreams—Eric Chang, and promote her vision through beautiful images. Eric’s skills as a photographer speak for themselves—the next aspects were photoshoot location and model. Luckily, Lisa had a friend recommend Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and upon visiting for the first time, she knew it was the perfect fit. “I chose a grove in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest as the location for the shoot. At an elevation of 11,000 feet, it is close to the sun and the light is different up there. It seemed to me that not many people had shot things there, and I found out why. The drive up the mountainside is only twelve miles long, but it takes about an hour and a half to drive because the road is a narrow winding dirt path.” After looking through many portfolios for the perfect model to represent her jewelry line, upon seeing the headshots of Kristen Stephenson Pino, Lisa knew she was the one! The model portrayed a look she had envisioned, “She has Caucasian features, but she has this incredibly rich olive skin! I love that it is hard to place her ethnicity. We all came from one race, and it is said that our races will become one again. Kristen is a stunning representation of this idea.” With all aspects in place, Lisa and her team shot the above photos.

The incredible shots capture more than just her jewelry. Lisa’s concept of every woman being a hero within their own life really comes through in these photographs. Such a huge statement coming from a beautiful line of jewelry. Lisa explains this concept further, “I see a parallel between the mythic hero and the modern woman. Each one of us has a unique set of life challenges. When we choose to face these challenges, a remarkable thing happens: Bit by bit, we grow wiser and stronger. This transformation reminds me of that which turns lead into gold.”

>> Lisa’s jewelry can be found at Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco at their Union Square location!

Jewelry featured:

Known for its brilliant sky blue hue, cavansite glitters amongst these makeshift wings in 18k gold. Wearing these earrings can give wings to your dreams and goals.
Reminiscent of an out-of-this-world bird, this elegant gold cutout drapes beautifully on the neck, set with a faceted moonstone.
Bursting like rays from the sun, these fiery earrings are set with blazing Ethiopian Opals which light up your earlobe.
Two abstract birds hold a 14 mm bezel-set rose cut moonstone on top of a carved double shank. Hand-fabricated panels with feather and sun motifs line the openings. This ring stands high on the hand with heft, commanding attention.
A beautiful pair of pear-shaped moonstone cabochons hang from shiny spikes of yellow gold. The dangles drop at a perfect length, with the beauty portraying calm after the storm.
WING RING in 18k gold
Two abstracted birds wrap around your finger, holding up a dome that represents the sun. Engraving, mixing metals, or replacing the dome with a gemstone are among the customization options available for this piece

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Designer Spotlight: Hughes Bosca Jewelry

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Finding Hughes Bosca Jewelry and stumbling upon their incredible designs was so exciting to me! That is why I am jumping for joy as I type this. I love antique jewelry and I also love newer designer jewelry, however Hughes Bosca Jewelry is in a category all of its own. I want to call it artisan jewelry, where each piece is handmade using the finest materials, and the duo behind the jewelry call themselves “goldsmiths” rather than designers. The care and precision that goes into each piece is on a whole different level. Most pieces, to me, belong in a museum–which is actually a hope/dream for the two brilliant minds behind these jewels.

Mary Hughes and Caro-Gray Bosca began their careers on separate paths–Mary studying at California College of the Arts on the west coast, while on the east coast Caro-Gray studied at School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. Both combined their talents and have been creating jewelry together for 16 years. Traveling and getting inspired go hand-in-hand for this team, and they say they are truly happy and proud of their many clients who love and wear their jewelry on a daily basis.

Some of the pieces that caught my eye right away are the rings created using carved gemstones. The carved turquoise and coral parrot heads are unlike anything I’ve seen. I also am blown away by the hand-painted quartz used in a few ring designs–with painted leopard spots and another having polka dots. As with all their designs, everything is done in 18k yellow gold.

Currently, the design duo is busy working on a giant Baltic Blue Amber necklace with Blue Diamonds and Orange Sapphires, Mexican Fire Opal and Peridot. Sounds out of this world!

Their own personal favorite pieces they own? Mary loves her Afgani seal, an anchient stamp with a phoenix in the reverse accented with Emerald and Hot pink Spinel. And Caro-Gray wears a lemon South Sea Pearl with a diamond cap worn on my everyday irregular link 18K chain. Both sound amazing.

>> Check out their website for more designs!

Source: GossipGem.com

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