Leslie Hindman Auction: September Sale is INCREDIBLE

Leslie Hindman: Lot 87

You’ll be enchanted forever by this ring, up for bid at Leslie Hindman Auction in Chicago, IL — this is lot 87 in the three-day bidding extravaganza.

Leslie Hindman: Lot 377 Leslie Hindman: Lot 378 Leslie Hindman: Lot 379 Leslie Hindman: Lot 380

Four mesmerizing opals are on the block at Leslie Hindman, day one, and they come back-to-back in lots 377-380. Get your bidding paddles up!

Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers jewelry headquarters in Chicago, IL. To say I’ve got some perspective on how an auction house runs is far from the truth, but I came away being able to put faces with names, insight into a typical day, and a brief intake of the enormous amount of sparkle the jewelry department works with. It was one of my most favorite experiences of this year! Now when I hear that Leslie Hindman has an upcoming auction this September (the 10th-12th to be exact) I have more context of the event, as they are excited to bring a three-day extravaganza with some heavy and hard-hitting bidding in the future. This three-day auction will feature over 1500 items of all price points and eras. If you like big and bold, Victorian or Modern, opals or rubies, they’ve got something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of my top picks:

Leslie Hindman: Lot 6 Leslie Hindman: Lot 55

Lot 6: Nothing beats an Etruscan Revival basketweave wrap bracelet! This is such a fine example and I love the gemstones used on it–sapphire and diamonds! It gives it a cool look against the warm yellow gold. I also love the granulation work, in both excellent and ready-to-wear condition. This piece may date back to 1870, but never looked more trendy than on an elegant wrist in 2017. Estimate: $3,000-5,000

Lot 55: Lately I’ve written several articles on engagement rings and I’ve been finding that women are wanting something traditional but with a twist! This ring speaks volumes with just the small accent sapphires, as it makes the ring totally unique. The piece is Art Deco and set with a 3.24 carat Old European cut diamond in the center. Love the style and think it should belong to someone who will treasure it as an engagement ring. Estimate: $10,000-15,000

Leslie Hindman: Lot 68 Leslie Hindman: Lot 86

Lot 68: I’ve seen the benefits of purchasing pieces that are convertible and this is a fine example of a two-in-one! Meet the silver-topped diamond pendant/brooch of your dreams. This piece totals over five carats of old cut diamonds and radiates from every angle. I could picture it being worn on a chain or worn pinned to a collar. The possibilities are really endless. Estimate: $4,000-6,000

Lot 86: The only kind of bugs I like are jewelled insects! This guy is one for the books–look how cute he is. Set with rose cut diamonds all-original to the piece and a jaw-dropping opal back. I love the detail on the textured gold legs and the ruby eyes. It’s all in the details. Estimate: $2,000-3,000

Leslie Hindman: Lot 111A Leslie Hindman: Lot 118

Lot 111A: Plique a jour is jewelry’s version of stained glass and I must say, I don’t own a single piece of this beautiful artform. These earrings though, should and would be the best first piece of plique a jour to add to my collection. I love the colors and I love the design. They are 18k yellow gold and feature 12 brilliant cut diamonds. Estimate: $500-700

Lot 118: This diamond and ruby ring stopped me in my tracks. Wow. It is done in platinum and set with a marquise cut in the center, with calibre French cut rubies and round diamond accents. It is pristinely made and you can see the remarkable craftsmanship even in the photo alone–now I want to see it in person! It could be yours on September 10th. Estimate: $4,500-6,500

Leslie Hindman: Lot 124 Leslie Hindman: Lot 300

Lot 124: This ring is so cool for so many reasons! Let’s start with the fact that it has contrasting metals–rose gold and platinum. The design is also pretty amazing, and the different metals really play off this element. The rubies are actually different, if you already couldn’t tell–one is synthetic and the other is genuine. Such a stunning ring. Estimate: $4,500-6,500

Lot 300: The coolest earrings I ever did see. These are actually diamond studs with detachable jackets that easily slip on/off the earring posts. There are four jackets total, so lots of possibilities here! And the style of these has never been more on-trend. Geometric and angular, love them. The diamond studs total 2.26 carats. Estimate: 3,000-5,000

Leslie Hindman: Lot 487 Leslie Hindman: Lot 509

Lot 487: I had to include this insane emerald ring because of its colossal size–then I read further and realized it is a piece by Judy Geib. A true artist who hand makes everything herself–fun fact: did you know she taught herself how to make jewelry? No formal training. Her pieces are known for their juxtapositions–like beauty and rawness, fine gold mixed with silver. Estimate: $4,500-6,500

Lot 509: Iconic and chic, I had to include this cuff bracelet from Verdura into my favorites list! It is easily recognizable as a Verdura statement piece. Done in 18k yellow gold, set with peridot, amethyst, and diamond and complete with the Maltese cross enameled in black. What a special bracelet. Estimate: 28,000-38,000

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Leslie Hindman.

LHA Logotype_2016_Web

SEPTEMBER SALE: September 10th-12th


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Q & A with Heather B. Moore Jewelry

Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore’s story starts with love, laughter and family…and fittingly, just as her jewelry often depicts those words both literally and figuratively, she has brought personalization of jewelry to the highest level. After viewing the video displayed below, you see just how hands-on and multi-faceted her business has become. This interview also touches upon how it all came to be, in the most innocent of ideas and forms. Sometimes we are destined for a certain path and it seems as though Heather was meant to bring memories, quotes and cherished words to life through her jewelry designs. Each piece is heavily sentimental and often instant tear-jerkers. As jewelry enthusiasts, we know how special a personalized piece can be–but how about one that is in the exact handwriting of a loved one? Or an exact doodle from your once 5-year-old son or daughter? I know if and when I start a family, Heather B. Moore‘s designs will be first on my list for a little keepsake!


We are currently developing an exciting new series based on personal empowerment called the Sculptural Series. Its foundation stems from personalized themes people were requesting for their designs, which usually fell into four common categories: strength, growth, wisdom, and healing. With that as our guide, we started the Sculptural Series to capture moments that feel personal while complementing our other designs.

While we are only launching with a limited selection, this is just the beginning. The world is full of wonderful symbols that have meaningful messages, and Heather B. Moore jewelry is excited to add more sculptural jewelry to the collection in the future.

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


I only took one jewelry class in college. At the time my focus was cast glass, Venetian glass blowing, and steel work. My sister Wendy was an anthropology major and had moved to Kathmandu, Nepal where she lived with a jeweler’s family. That’s where I started getting interested in what she was doing! After college, I was working for an artist welding large-scale art installations across the country for Judy Pfaff. On the weekends, my sister Wendy used to ask me to make jewelry for fashion shows and low-budget movies in Los Angeles.

I started off doing chain work and handmade chain, which we still do today. I also integrated glass beads and stones within the chain, and while we still integrate stones into our chain, we moved away from glass beads to focus on precious stones.

In 2004, I started offering personalization on a number of pieces and everything grew from there. Our personalized collection was created on the foundation that timeless designs start with a blank canvas for our customers, then we collaborate to create the perfect piece. We have the capacity to create the steel stamps of people’s handwriting and children’s drawings as well as a wide variety of fonts and layouts.

I started collecting tools when I was 13. I grew up in the steel industry of Cleveland and loved going to my dad’s factories, so craftsmanship was something that I related to.

The first steel tooling stamps that I purchased were from a garage sale at an old machinist’s house. I carried those stamps around with me for 15 years before knew what to do with them! In 1991, I pulled out those stamps and decided to integrate quotes from my friends and family. I stamped them out onto the silver plaques and then framed it with a handmade cast glass frame.

In 1997, my sister Wendy was in a skiing accident and passed away. Before she passed I stamped a quote she gave me into a piece of metal: “I said to my sister and she said to me, come let’s play laughter together.” I remember loving the quote so much that I took the plaque with her quote off the wall, and I put it in my wallet. To this day I look at it and it makes me smile.

After moving back to Cleveland and receiving the Rising Star Award from the JCK trade show, I had an interview with Real Simple Magazine about why a designer from NYC would move to Cleveland.

During the interview the writer asked a series of silly questions like, “what kind of hair care products do I use?” and, “what is in your purse?” At first I was a little confused, but I pulled out my wallet and got the plaque of my sister’s quote, and they loved it. They photographed it and used it as the focal point of the article.

At the time, I was designing for bigger companies like Banana Republic and I was getting tired of doing trendy jewelry that was “in” one season and “out” the next. I thought it was interesting that they loved the little plaque so much, and that made me think about the unique stamps that I had in the basement, and I knew I wanted to make something for myself. So, I stamped my kids names on some silver discs, framed them in gold, and I created my first personalized necklace.

I fell in love with it because my kids would sit on my lap and flip through the charms and look for their names. That is when it hit me: personalization has more value than the material that it’s on, because personalization is forever. Telling your story is not a trend; it’s a keepsake, an heirloom, and one-of-a-kind… just like the person wearing it.

That is when I knew I was on the right track. I was putting something into the marketplace that I had actually created in 1992… it’s like it all became a full circle.

It’s amazing to think I was so young, but I’m also very proud to say that now we create our own stamps in our steel shop. It’s fun to have the opportunity to create special tooling for each individual customer.

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B. Moore | Gem Gossip

Left: the plaque Heather made, with her sister’s special quote Right: a necklace Heather wears almost everyday–it features her new Buddha charm


I think my proudest moment was winning the Town & Country International Gold Award at the Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.

This is a show where all designers get together and showcase their pieces to stores across the country. Town & Country magazine had sponsored the event, so it was super fancy that year. Most people were in black tie… but I didn’t know that! I showed up late to the party in flip-flops, jeans, a t-shirt and messy hair!

When I thought about designing something for the Gold category, I wanted something no one had yet documented. One topic that came up was that we had never documented someone’s letter, and I had the perfect one. It was a whimsical thank you note from my sister Wendy. She had sent it just days after Christmas and she spoke of the importance of family and new traditions. This was the first year I didn’t spend Christmas with my family because I was with my husband’s family in Canada, so it really hit home for me. It was the last letter I ever got from her. She passed away shortly after Christmas.

We stamped this whole letter on a big yellow gold cuff, with a rose gold frame on the outside and a green gold frame on the inside, then we covered the frame in diamonds.

We arrived late to the awards show party and had already begun to announce the winners, so we quickly grabbed a glass of wine and snuck into some seats just as the announcer said, “And the Gold Award goes to a designer from the city of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame…”

…I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, there’s another designer here from Cleveland,” but then they called my name!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


In a broad sense, my hopes, dreams, and goals are to make sure I can continue to create beautiful pieces for people and documenting their stories. I love that we have the opportunity to work with customers hand-in-hand.

And with the sculptural collection, there are so many amazing symbols that empower people. I just love the direction we are going with that!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


I have so many pieces I love and adore! We have a wide variety of designs within the collection, and I truly love all of them. I have many iterations with my children’s names (Henry, Leo, Oliver and Coral). They are my proudest creation!

I have a yellow gold bangle with their names on it, a leather bracelet with with their names on it, and a necklace where they each have their own charm! I actually named the frames after them. The Henry frame is a braid like the Nantucket braided bracelets. The Leo frame has a granulation frame for him because he really loves the arts. Then there’s the Oliver frame. He’s really an organized child so I did a spiral frame for him. Coral’s got a bubbly personality, so her frame kind of looks like bubbles!

I like to wear my cuff bracelet that has my sister’s letter with jeans and a t-shirt, but I also wore it to the Beastie Boys black tie Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction.

My sister Halley and I both have a charm with Wendy’s phone number on it. She never had business cards, which we always thought was hilarious! We made it in green gold because her birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day.

My new favorite necklace has a bunch of charms on it, and it’s a story about my boyfriend Jason and me. We went to high school together so I have one charm that says “You were worth the wait,” and another charm that says “Home is when I’m with you.” And I have a little single initial J charm for his name… and a diamond, of course!

I have a 4mm square cuff bracelet that grounds me–it says “When you look at life through the right lens, everything comes into focus.” Life certainly does throw you some curveballs sometimes… so that helps me through those challenges. The fact that I’m a photographer kind of makes it perfect! My dad gave me my first camera when I was 14 and then shipped me off to Africa with 13 rolls of film. I have been an avid photographer ever since.

I will end with this one:

I have this fantastic ring that has been dubbed “the hockey ring.” It’s my good luck ring for my boys’ games. If it’s not on my finger it’s in my wallet waiting for the next game. I did not put any personalization on it with words… and it’s really quite thick. We call it The Pope Ring at the studio! So when I’m photographing the hockey games (because all three boys are in hockey) if something happens like a goal or a good defensive play, I can bang on the glass with my ring, and I wont hurt my hand! Because of all the banging, overtime it has collected quite a few, great dents! It is essentially personalized from all the dents!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Heather B. Moore.

Heather B. Moore Jewelry

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Jewels at my Doorstep: Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

Congrats to Greenwich Jewelers, or should I say Greenwich St. Jewelers, who, after 40 years in business, has gotten a new name and a few other “enhancements” to their brand. The rebranding includes a new look to their logo, a new tagline, redesigned website and in-store as well. For the family-run business, these changes have been a long-time coming and both sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale are so excited to unveil everything. “Our parents, Carl and Milly Gandia, opened the store in 1976 and only changed the store’s location after the September 11th attacks, when structural damage to their building led to a move onto nearby Trinity Place,” says Jennifer, who is now the co-owner of the store, along with her sister, Christina. “The new name honors our roots as a downtown New York City retail brand. But the rebranding also conveys how we have evolved into a 21st century store.”

The Greenwich St. Jewelers‘ new tagline is special and significant, as it truly completes what the store is all about–it reads, “Inspired jewels since 1976.” Jennifer says, “The tagline represents our commitment to curating a killer selection of jewelry from artists that have a distinct point of view, one that views jewelry from a singular, unique perspective. Even the pieces from our private label collection, which errs more classic, push the boundaries of that classification.” The evolution and new changes are a great example of how the Gandia sisters’ contributions to their family’s legacy will pave the way for a successful future.

I’ve been wanting to visit Greenwich St. Jewelers for quite some time now. New York City is a place I don’t get to travel to quite often and when I do, it is for an quick event, with no time to spare. Lucky for me, Greenwich St. Jewelers came to my doorstep! The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all prettier than the next arrived, representing a wide range of inventory the store is known for. Designers from around the world, including their own line of designs, all come together and are able to be mixed and matched with ease. The latest jewelry trends, like lariat necklaces and geometric styles, ear climbers and vintage-inspired pieces, can be found at Greenwich St. Jewelers.

I couldn’t stop wearing the 18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet from Greenwich St. Jewelers’ own collection–the clasp on it was unlike any other tennis bracelet I’ve worn. It is adjustable with chains and a gold movable bead. How smart! It also makes it so much more comfortable than your average tennis bracelet, and at 2.37 carats total, it sure sparkled a lot! I also was starry-eyed over their diamond earrings and felt that stacking them on the same ear rather than wearing them normally was necessary! The earrings total 1.68 carats in diamonds and have an edgy, glam look to them. Most would consider them for fancy wear only, but I say no way, every day wear is a must!

Other designers that I got to wear from this Greenwich St. Jewelers feature include Arik Kastan, Jennie Kwon Designs, Zoe Chicco, Getana, Sorellina, and Todd Reed. If you didn’t think multiple designers could be worn all together at the same time before, think again! Greenwich St. Jewelers has been proving that for years now and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store the next 40 years for them.

Jewelry used for this shoot:


14k rose gold pentagon stud earrings set with emeralds by Arik Kastan, Price: $1,300

14k white gold diamond earrings totaling 1.68 carats by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $4,600


14k rose gold emerald and rose cut diamond Grand Fleur cocktail ring by Arik Kastan, Price: $3,100

14k rose gold diamond wrap around ring by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $2,500

14k rose gold wrap ring by Jennie Kwon Designs, Price: $920

14k white gold itty bitty triangle stacking midi ring by Zoe Chicco, Price: $200

14k white gold diamond statement Linear ring by Getana, Price: $2,400

14k white gold open cuff ring with a line of diamonds by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $850


14k white gold geometric cuff bracelet with chain closure by Getana, Price: $2,100

18k yellow gold/oxidized silver diamond Wave cuff by Todd Reed, Price: $8,000

18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet with 2.37 carats total by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $5,100


14k white gold four-hexagons pendant necklace by Getana, Price: $1,100

14k rose gold three tiny bullets diamond necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $550

18k yellow gold boulder opal necklace set with a halo of diamonds by Getana, Price: $1,200

14k white gold diamond lariat necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $700

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Greenwich St. Jewelers.


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Q & A with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry


With each collection released and each encounter I have with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry, I am more and more intrigued…spellbound, you could say. From the first concept of the lookbook (which I still have laid out like a coffee table best seller) to her enchanting video launch depicting her vision and a glimpse into her world, Lisa Kim strikes again, this time debuting a new collection called The Seabeast. The concept and inspiration will leave you curious to see what is next and the new pieces are gorgeous. Highly wearable ear climbers, earrings, necklaces and a unique ring make up The Seabeast collection. If you’re like me, you want to know more about the pieces and some insights into the designer, so here you go! Hope you enjoy:


My boyfriend and I love to cook. We were in the kitchen making dinner one day several months ago when he told me about the cockentrice, which originated from the Middle Ages in Europe. A suckling pig and a capon were sewn together to create a whole new beast that was roasted and served on a platter. This was culinary drama designed to amaze and delight guests while feeding them. The idea of a creature made of different parts stuck in my head and it shaped the story behind The Seabeast. Mythological beasts are mash-ups anyway; the unicorn is a horse with a horn, the manticore is a lion with a human head, rows of shark-like teeth, bat wings, and a scorpion tail.

I offer different iterations of the same animal in The Seabeast. The initial release features pendants and earrings that are fusions of scales, fins, waves, and shark teeth. I always like to leave some interpretation up to the viewer so I tend to steer away from literal design; but with this collection I felt compelled to design The Eye of The Beast, which is a departure for me. There are other pieces in the collection with ferocious teeth and spines like the ones you find on crab shells and conch shells.

Did Leviathan really exist? Was there a Kraken that smashed ships to their doom? Did the Midgard Serpent truly wrap itself around the world? Is it still there? Could it be that these myths and tall tales were about one and the same creature that has ruled the deepest and the most secret parts of the Earth all this time? Science would tell us otherwise, but we can’t really say for certain that this creature is pure fiction. I like to think that this beast once lived and that its parts were scattered. Once re-assembled, it will live again. I aim to suspend your disbelief. I want you to possess a piece of this creature and take on its power and believe that it is real.

LKFJ_Seabeast_group LKFJ_Seabeast_opal_spine_earclimbers18Y


From an early age I would draw and write stories while listening to music. This led me to my first career as a storyboard artist in animation. It was a fun occupation for sure but I never stopped dreaming stories of heroes in my fantasy world.

I was still working in animation when I signed up for a wax carving course at a small jewelry school here in L.A. One month into the course I committed to becoming a jewelry designer and business owner. I quit my job in 2011.

I took a bench jeweler course at the school. In the following year I interned for fashion designer Michael Schmidt where I got to work on some amazing metal projects for pop artists. After that I went to work for Tony Swatton, a blacksmith, bladesmith, leatherworker, costumer – a truly remarkable maker of all things. If you’ve watched film and tv in the past thirty years, chances are you’ve seen his work. (Remember the Vikings from the Capital One commercials? Tony made all of their gear.) Michael and Tony are two very different guys but they had one thing in common: They made incredible accessories that punched up a performer’s onstage presence. I came away from these places feeling really empowered by the things we worked on. I really wanted to create that feeling with statement fine jewelry.

I had the fortune of studying chasing and repoussé under European masters Valentin Yotkov and Davide Bigazzi. Chasing and repoussé are ancient metalworking techniques that allowed me to create my signature cuff bracelets that remind everyone of Wonder Woman. My bracelets are made by hand using tools and thousands of hammer blows. It’s a more efficient use of metal compared to casting – this means I can go pretty large with my designs and they remain surprisingly light in weight.

I am a member of AGTA and I serve as Communications Chair at WJA Los Angeles. In 2013 I received the Carelle-WJA Grant in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath. This was a cash grant of $5,000 that allowed me to produce a look book with my first collection that helped me establish the look of my brand. I feel incredibly blessed to have received this aid from WJA.

LKFJ_Seabeast_SmallPaveScaleEarrings18Y LKFJ_Seabeast_pendants18Y_02


Selling my first piece – a custom rubelite ring in 18k gold. My passion lies in bespoke pieces for fierce and independent women. You know who they are –they’re the ones who speak up and turn heads whenever they enter a room.

LKim_rubellitering02 LKim_rubellitering01


I aim to grow this collection over the coming months. You can expect to see more parts of the beast. There will be one-of-a-kinds with colored stones, pearls, and diamonds.

I would like to partner with more retailers. Consumer values have been changing a lot these past few years and retailers have had to evolve with this. I strongly believe brick-and-mortar stores are still incredibly important despite the rise of e-commerce. Women know what they want more than ever before. They will always want a place where they can experience jewelry in person and connect with it.

From the very beginning my goal has been to create magic in metal. This is my raison d’être. Running a business involves wearing all kinds of hats which I love, but at the end of the day all I want is bad-ass jewelry for our bad-ass selves.

LKim_OpalSpineDropEarrings18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_toothearclimbers18Y


My cavansite ring. It’s the one piece I made for myself so far. It looks magical and everyone always asks about it. It has heft like all my other designs. My pieces aren’t just pleasing to look at – they have to feel substantial and luxurious, too. My jewelry has presence just like the women who wear it.

LKim_EyeofTheBeast18Y_02 LKFJ_Seabeast_large_scale_earrings

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry.

Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

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Check out Diamonds in the Library, who also is featuring the new collection today as well!

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Gem Gossip Visits Jennie Kwon Designs in LA

Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip

Not the downtown LA traffic nor the lack of finding parking could stop me from visiting <strong>Jennie Kwon</strong> in the heart of<strong> LA’s Jewelry District!</strong> Tucked away, at least for now, in an office building is where Jennie’s young yet rapidly growing business calls home–the sun floods the mini showroom with enough light to make her minimal jewels sparkle like crazy. Jennie’s warm smile and genuine heart are there to greet me as I fling open the door, way too early than my appointment time, but couldn’t help the excitement. Never have I ever been surrounded by <strong>Jennie Kwon Designs'</strong> entire inventory all in one place, it usually is just a small sampling of her work or the few pieces that I own of hers–so this was something special! I was ready to get <strong>”Kwon’d up”</strong> as I like to put it; layering and stacking all of her mini masterpieces within her collection.

Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip   Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip  

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June Birthstone: Pearls Will Never Go Out of Style

Not every clam that is pried open after being retrieved from the ocean floor is going to have a shiny pearl inside. That’s what makes the pearl gem so special; like a valuable gift from under the sea, it’s no wonder that it was dubbed as the birthstone of June. What’s more, is that the pearl has been a treasured gemstone worn for centuries, and seems to never disappear from the clutches of gold and silver designs. They have held a special spot in the fashion industry for a long time, and are here to stay.

Pearls are created in a variety of shapes and colors as a treasure from the deep waters of the world. When styled with an outfit, pearls can express a strong sense of classiness, romanticism and sincerity. Pearl jewelry is ideal for formal wear such as button-up blouses, cashmere sweaters and elegant gowns, but they can also be worn casually.

Pearls have always made an appearance in the fashion industry, and Coco Chanel was one such designer who took a liking to them. Last year, the Chanel line created statement necklaces that showcased giant, oversized pearls, which landed on the covers of multiple high-fashion magazines.

Did you know that the biggest pearl recorded is roughly the size of a chicken egg, at about 454 karats? Imagine if it were set into a lavish pendant necklace. You may not be able to find another pearl that huge, but at Luxury Bazaar we have an extensive selection of high-end pearl jewelry that is designed by top labels of the fashion market. We have noticed a huge comeback in recent years with unique pearl jewelry designs and our jewelry collection meets the demand. Here are a few of our favorite pearl jewelry pieces we picked out from our assortment.

Speaking of Chanel, the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Band Ring by the brand for $8,900 reverberates their trend of large pearls, with a bulky setting structure that showcases three white pearls surrounded by sparkling diamonds.


The clash of adjacent lines in the design of the 18K Yellow Gold Gemstone Huggie Earrings by Cartier for $15,500 makes this pearl piece stand out. The sharp edges of the marquise-cut diamonds against the smooth shiny pearl make the earrings quite eye-catching, complete with a twang of purple baguette rubies on the bottom.


Who says all pearls have to look white? Ladies can go for an edgier vibe with the 18K White Gold Diamond Pave & Black Pearl Cuff Bracelet for $8,769 around their wrist, which contains three attractive black pearls in the midst of glittering diamonds.


Women who prefer a sophisticated touch to their ensemble may like the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Necklace by Paul Morelli for $19,500. The gold chain strings together a number of colored pearls with diamonds to separate them in between.


If you wish to check out more elegant, designer pearl jewelry available at Luxury Bazaar, take a look at our jewelry inventory specials.

The post June Birthstone: Pearls Will Never Go Out of Style appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

Luxury BazarBlog

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Obsession: Jennie Kwon Designs Fall/Winter 2015

jenniekwon5 jenniekwon jenniekwon4 jenniekwon3 jenniekwon2  Black_White_Diamond_Long_Curved_Bar_Stud_-_Web_1024x1024 Deco_Point_Triangle_Stud_Emerald_-_Web_1024x1024 Diamond_Ball_Stud_-_Web_47c4fcd3-3955-450c-b4cc-162b104da30c_1024x1024 Deco_Point_Long_Stud_Black_Diamond_-_Web_1024x1024Double_Band_Cuff_Bracelet_-_Web_1024x1024 Emerald_Deco_Point_Ring_-_Web_1024x1024 Septum_Cuff_Ring_-_Line_1024x1024 Hexagon_Diamond_Slice_Half_Cage_Ring_-_Front_-_Web_1024x1024 Long_Curved_Bar_Stud_-_Sapphire_-_White_Diamonds_-_Web_1024x1024Sapphire_Cage_Cuff_Ring_-_Web_1024x1024

My Jennie Kwon jewelry collection continues to grow with each season she puts out new designs. Her latest installment for this coming Fall/Winter 2015 has me lusting again, with designs inspired by a light and airy feel. Layering clothing during the cooler months is obvious, but jewelry too?! YES. I love the idea and Jennie’s designs encourage layering and are made for just that! Each piece complements one another, whether you are wanting to stack your rings, your earrings, bracelets…even necklaces. Her new designs always have me wanting to up my earring game–last time I added an ear cuff to my repertoire and instantly got hooked with earrings. This time, a long curved bar diamond stud earring which goes the distance along your ear, creating a multiple-piercing look without the need of multiple holes. It can be worn in several different ways, seen above I am wearing it in my third hole so it goes up my ear, with it pairing well with other fun earrings from my personal collection.

I chose my top ten favorite pieces from Jennie Kwon‘s latest lookbook (shown above)…and speaking of lookbook, how incredible are the photos from the shoot?! The model is stunning!

Here are my favorites:

14k yellow gold white diamond long curved bar stud with black diamonds, Price: $369

14k yellow gold emerald deco point triangle stud earring, Price: $280

14k yellow gold diamond ball stud earring, Price: $375

14k yellow gold black diamond deco point long stud earring, Price: $335

14k yellow gold double band cuff bracelet, Price: $1,510

14k yellow gold emerald mini deco point ring, Price: $395

14k yellow gold diamond septum cuff, Price: $210

14k yellow gold hexagon diamond slice half cage ring, Price: $4,500

14k yellow gold sapphire long bar stud earring with white diamonds, Price: $350

14k yellow gold and sapphire cage cuff ring, Price: $875

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The Strongest Link: Chain Jewelry

One of the biggest fashion trends as of late is jewelry designs that feature links. The structure of jewelry creations that can be found in every category – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – go beyond the construction of the chain. Pieces are put together with far more complex concepts using bold colors and defined shapes. Spring fashion on the runway has been all about denim and leather ensembles, and link jewelry is a nice addition to these fabrics to embellish edginess.

While floral patterns tend to always be the theme seasonally, bold link jewelry pieces also pair well. Floral fabrics go from super-girly to assertively dignified when worn with linked accessories. You don’t need to have a voice to show your confident side – instead, translate it quietly with exotic or chunky chains.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have a wide selection of chain link inspired jewelry from top designer labels. Our inventory features many silver pieces from big brands currently on sale. Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell are just a few to name. If you’re looking for new jewelry creations that will hold your fashion sense together, consider these silver chain link pieces for your spring wardrobe.

Gucci has been bringing back the style of the 1970’s with their new collections, and the horse bit revelation is one of them. The horse bit has long since been a classic symbol of Gucci, and can be spotted in this year’s jewelry trends. Offer a compelling handshake with the Gucci Horsebit 18K White Gold Band Ring, for $500.


As I mentioned, the incorporation of links as a jewelry piece plays outside the box when it comes to regular chains. Hermès has a remarkable piece in their silver collection, which binds the wrist with adjacent, overlapping belts and buckles. That would be the Hermès Débridée Silver Cuff Bracelet, available at Luxury Bazaar for $3,789.


You may or may not have heard of Theo Fennell jewelry, but you might have seen it, since his line of pieces are designed to be engaging. The label mixes a simple chain with a romantically exotic impression in the Theo Fennell Alias Ram 44 Oxidized Beastie Necklace for $495 at our store. This piece presents repetitive motifs of rams that look as though they are about to charge – which can motivate any woman to take the day head on. Butt heads with style donning this unique link combo around your neck. Opt for the matching ring and bracelet to own the complete jewelry set.


At Luxury Bazaar, you will find a vast selection of chain and link inspired jewelry. Explore our inventory specials for high-end brand pieces such as Gucci, Hermès, and Theo Fennell available at a reduced rate. Every day we update our selection with newly added models, so feel free to keep checking back for more!

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The Christophe & Co Armill is the World’s Most Expensive Wearable at $150K

The much-hyped Apple Watch has been officially revealed, marking Apple’s first move into not only wearable technology, but also into the luxury world of jewelry and watches. And one way Apple’s shown they’re serious about luxury is the inclusion of a solid gold apple watch with a $10k price tag.  And for ten times the price of the $1k steel version, you’ll still only getting the same China factory-made watch.

Christophe & Co Amril smart bracelet

Now onto the new Armill smart bracelet from Christophe & Co, which sells from $75k up to $150k. While excessive and not for everyone like many luxury items and even the low-end Apple Watch, this bracelet truly represents a step forward for bespoke, hand-crafted, luxury in wearable tech.

Christophe & Co Amril World's Most Expensive Wearable

Before we get into the tech side, let’s look at its concept and design. The idea for the Armill comes from the traditional armills used by nobility for over a thousand years, including England, ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. Traditional armills are decorated metal cuff bracelets that were usually presented as gifts of royal appointment or military achievement. Christophe & Co’s interpretation of the Armill takes that concept into our modern, high-tech world. [Antique English armill via RoyalCollection.co.uk]

Antique English amrill bracelet

Antique English amrill bracelet

And all we really need to say about the design is it was done by Pininfarina, the Italian design house with the untouchable pedigree of being Ferrari’s exclusive designer for the last 60 years. In recent years, Pininfarina has moved into luxury goods and architecture, including high-end writing instruments and watches for Bovet. The founder’s grandson, Paolo Pininfarina personally oversaw this collaboration.


As armills always have, these bracelets are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. In this case, it includes combining high-tech materials with traditional craftsmanship. For example, the carbon fiber inner frame is specially manufactured by an English shop that also supplies carbon fiber components to Formula 1 teams. Anyone familiar with high-end watch or jewelry making knows ceramic is extremely hard to work with. To properly forge the ceramic elements, their team have gone beyond anything else in their industry to pull it off. All diamonds and gems are fair trade and all precious metals bear a British responsibility mark of quality.


Now for the tech features. The bracelet comes embedded with a hardware module that is fully upgradable. With the bracelet designed to last, so will the tech side of it. It features an ultra-low power NFC and Bluetooth LE communication systems with a kinetic energy generation system. This kinetic energy system is similar to an automatic movement in a watch, meaning your movement charges it. This is combined with a wireless rechargeable battery that lets it last for up to a year or longer between charges. This also reminds me of the Ulysse Nardin Chairman, which was the world’s most expensive android device and was also a hybrid device, meaning it and the Armill combines battery and mechanical power.

Related Post: Hands-On with the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury Hybrid Smartphone.


Functions include live communication between your phone and the Amrill’s companion app to personal devices, along with family members or personal assistants. It’s secure module can be used to authenticate the wearer into partner events and venues, with future integration to include smart home, yacht or vehicle controls, gesture recognition and contactless payment. Custom functions are also available.


There will be three models available, starting with the Virtus (300 pieces at $75K), Orion (100 pieces at $93K) and the Apollo (25 pieces at $149k). They are distinct by their styling, finish, color gold weight, diamond weight and included services. 15 of the ultra-limited Apollo versions come with original engravings by award-winning artist Maryam Golubeva, who has themed them for the Russian, Chinese and Middle East markets. Each will come with its own “vault”, which is a custom box built by famed bespoke furniture designer Neal Jones.


This bracelet also includes a membership into an exclusive club, which entitles you to a 24/7 concierge service, special events and exclusive benefits, such as parties, hotels, clubs, concerts, etc. Each Armill is custom fit to your wrist, with one-off pieces that can be commissioned to fit your imagination.

For more info, visit Christophe & Co.

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: January 2015

misslibbydale jessicamccormackdiamonds jacobandco craigevansmall bellandbird lake_native mjm_nyc hajewelry levi_higgs charmcony mineralien leolarevives lizzie_krieg trumpetandhorn

misslibbydale visits the Smithsonian and the Napoleon diamond necklace–Incredible!

jessicamccormackdiamonds just wearing this little necklace to dinner, such a masterpiece

jacobandco has some really cool safety pin inspired cuff bracelets, which is your favorite?

craigevansmall sampling of some antique lockets from their amazing inventory

bellandbird a breath-taking store display from their gorgeous shop in Austin

lake_native went antiquing in France and found these antique sunburst mirrors

mjm_nyc modern chic sapphire earrings set in 18k yellow gold, perfection.

hajewelry found the perfect pair–Chanel clutch and a Chanel diamond flower bracelet

levi_higgs ventured to Hudson, NY and stumbled upon this beautiful micromosaic and Baker & Black

charmcony features a charm bracelet from one of their customers, what stories does it hold?!

minerlalien zooms in on a Brookite explosion in Quartz!

leolarevives antqiue ring shopping in Zagreb located in Croatia–finding some “secret stashes”

lizzie_krieg shows us her out-of-this-world trio of antique rings

trumpetandhorn mixture of bright colors and matching velvet dreams made possible by The Mrs. Box

Thanks to Gossip Gem

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