James D. Julia Auction Features 60 Jewelry Items in Upcoming Sale

Hey Gem Gossip readers! As many of you know, writing about upcoming auctions is one of my favorite topics–I’ve written nearly 100 blog posts on this topic throughout the past almost nine years of having this blog! I live it, breathe it, and am constantly talking about jewelry auctions. I love discovering new auction houses and I’m excited to be writing about James D. Julia Auction house today since I never have featured them before. They have an upcoming sale on June 16th, 2017 that is called “June Rare Lamps, Glass & Fine Jewelry Auction” which is of interest, particularly the 60 lots of fine jewelry items which is at the very beginning of the sale.

James D. Julia Inc. is located in Fairfield, Maine and has been in business for over fifty years. The company began in 1965 by Arthur Julia as a small country auction house which quickly grew over the years. Current owner James D. Julia purchased the company from his father in 1974 after graduating college. Always staying current with the times has been a key to the success of this auction house–state-of-the-art catalogs, photos and descriptions as well as an easy interactive website where bidding can take place from anywhere in the world have allowed an auction house located in Maine compete with world-known names. They are currently ranked as one of the top ten antique auction houses in North America.

The June 16th auction features 60 lots of jewelry items–pieces from the low 100s on up to six-figure digits–so a pretty large assortment. Diamond rings, lots of emeralds, a high-end Breitling watch, jewelry suites, pearls, gorgeous every day jewelry, and everything in between. One of my favorite lots is the last one in the jewelry section–a group of 40 jewelry books! I am such a jewelry book nerd and this lot features a bunch of rare, out-of-print titles. It is definitely worth checking out and the people of James D. Julia were kind enough to create an interactive catalog (embedded above) which features all 60 of the jewelry lots! It is also worthy to note, many of the pieces, starting with lot #1019 as noted in the catalog, are from a private Texas Estate collection which is completely unreserved and thus could result in some excellent buying opportunities.

Here are some of my favorites highlighted:

Lot 1005: A stunning all-diamond bypass style ring, set in 14k white gold and an estimated 1.78 carats total. I love the bypass style, with this piece having three diamonds set at a diagonal. If you’re thinking of a unique alternative engagement ring, this would be a great choice! Estimate: $2,000-3,000

Lot 1007: The most expensive/highest estimate piece in the sale–this 10.02 carat natural fancy intense yellow diamond ring! This rare and unique stone is VS-1 in clarity and comes with a diamond certificate from GIA. To accompany the center stone, it is beautifully flanked on each side by bullet shaped diamonds, VVS/VS clarity and FG in color. The ring is done in platinum and 18k white gold. Estimate: $130,000-160,000

Lot 1016: Elegant and charming, this diamond pendant necklace features gorgeous bright white diamonds set into a Art Nouveau treasure. It features a dangling bezel set diamond at the bottom and hangs from a 16″ chain. Nothing like a piece of history. Estimate: $1,500-2,500

Lot 1020: A vintage Cartier ring of finest quality–composed of one center emerald cut diamond and two emerald cut emeralds on each side. The ring is done in platinum with 18k yellow gold settings. Center diamond weighs 1.98 carats and the emeralds are Columbian. Can’t get much better than that! Estimate: $20,000-30,000

Lot 1023: I like this ring because it has a bypass style but it also has sort of a serpent look to it! The ring is set with a modified-fan cut emerald and lots of diamond accents, 1.75 carats to be exact! This ring is trendy and classic at the same time. I could easily pair with other pieces for a fun look. Estimate: $1,200-1,800

Lot 1035: If you love a good multi-gemstone piece of jewelry, this one is my pick for you! This cuff is done in 18k yellow gold and bezel set with multiple gemstones of all colors! We’ve got rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and an unidentified yellow stone…all of various shapes and sizes. A truly well-made and exquisite piece! Estimate: $500-800

Lot 1052: This necklace caught my attention the first time I ever looked at this catalog. It consists of a multi-serpent pendant that hangs from a gold toggle necklace–the various gemstones are peridot, garnet, amethyst, and citrine. The layers of serpents graduate in size, as do the gemstones. I’ve never seen a pendant quite like this one before and I’ve always been drawn to serpent jewelry. Estimate: $600-900

Lot 1060: Remember the lot of jewelry books I talked about above–this is the lot! It features 40 different jewelry reference books, including several out-of-print titles. 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, Cameos Old & New, Jewelry in America 1600-1900, and The Art of Fine Jewelry are definitely intriguing me and I feel like I will be bidding on this lot come auction day!

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with James D. Julia.


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Alex Cooper Has An Upcoming Auction You Won’t Want to Miss!

Alex Cooper Auction sapphire-wings-ring pendant-earrings Lot 30 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 43 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 43 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 46 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 47 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 47 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 60 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 78 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 86 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 93 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 114 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 119 Alex Cooper Auction

Alex Cooper is one of my favorite auction houses to keep up with, as I’m constantly checking their auction calendar in hopes of their catalog going live. Good news–I’m here to alert you to an upcoming auction and my favorite picks so you don’t have to be clueless! Alex Cooper has their spring Gallery Sale set for April 6th & 8th, 2017 with nearly 200 lots of fine jewelry, spanning all eras and styles. All jewelry lots are scheduled for an April 6th sale date and I’ve got the lowdown on all my top picks, featured above.

I hope you make certain to register to bid–you can bid online via Alex Cooper or on LiveAuctioneers.com

Lot 30: I’ve been seeing a lot of these dress clips that are truly gorgeous and over-the-top resurfacing. I feel like they are having their second wind, as I’ve seen them reimagined, styled in different ways never before seen. This one is an example of one of the prettiest I’ve seen–done in platinum, diamonds and sapphires. If you look closely, there are bullet-shaped and half-moon diamonds, making it truly special. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 43: A ring so enchanting it needs both views shown! I love this enamel dream–set with old European cut diamonds and bright blue enamel–it carries itself with its bold look. It is done in 14k yellow gold and currently a size 7 1/4. I can picture this styled with so many different looks; a fashionista’s fantasy. Estimate: $700-900

Lot 46: This brooch caught my eye because of the calibre cut aquamarine that is set in it, along with the diamonds. This piece is really unique and I love a few things about it–one being the size of it (2.5 inches in length, not too big or too small), two being the color combo (light blue of the aquamarine and the white of the diamonds), and three being that it is a brooch (can be incorporated into your wardrobe in so many ways). Just pin and go! Estimate: $700-900

Lot 47: I said “omg” upon seeing this circular medallion pendant! Not only do I love a good medallion, but the subject being an Egyptian pharaoh has won me over. On top of all that, the details are all colorfully enameled with white, blue, red and green. And I felt it was totally necessary to show off the back with the extra photo because it is THAT good. Look at that winged goddess on the back, such a cool design. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 60: One of my most favorite purchases last year was a solid gold wire choker. It was something that gets A LOT of wear, almost daily. I love it because it is so versatile (I can wear it alone, layered, add a pendant to it…) and totally on trend. These two gold wire necklaces up for auction are both 14k gold and I love the groove in the center, ready for pendants or enhancers to be added. Estimate: $500-700

Lot 78: I picked these 14k white gold diamond snowflake dangle earrings because I have a very similar pair of stud earrings which I love. These immediately transport me to a pretty wintertime setting, with snowflakes falling and holiday happiness. These earrings feature two carats total of diamonds. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 86: As many of you know, I have a special place in my heart for bypass rings. This one is pretty unique–with the crossover design and including a swirl of diamonds intertwined. The two main diamonds weigh approximately 0.78 carats and 0.82 carats. Estimate: $3,000-3,500

Lot 93: With the rarity of these pairs of wedding bracelets getting tougher and tougher to find, this makes lot 93 that much better. You’ve got an immaculate pair of wedding bracelets and both are present. I love the buckle motif of these gold plated bracelets and the best part is the black enamel details! Estimate: $200-400

Lot 114: I love lots like these where you get a few rings, not just one! They often complement each other so whomever wins the lot already has a ring stack ready to be worn! This particular lot features a tiger’s eye ring, a Victorian pearl ring and a lemon quartz ring. What a great grouping! Estimate: $80-200

Lot 119: Lastly, this cameo and intaglio pair stood out to me–a Grecian beauty and fair maiden! Just as a cameo is the opposite of an intaglio, these two couldn’t be anymore different. I love the juxtaposition between them. The black onyx intaglio is done in 9k gold and the cameo is 14k gold. Estimate: $100-300

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Alex Cooper Auctions.


Want more? Learn how to bid online at auction by reading my top five tips!

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Why Slowly Opening Jewelry Boxes is Instagram’s Latest Rage

Late Victorian Half-Hoop ring in yellow gold featuring 4 of the chunkiest & juicy Old Mine Cut Diamonds weighing 2.58 Cts. in total. • ?For any inquiries please DM or email [email protected] . . . #plattboutiquejewelry #showmeyourrings #victorian #victorianjewelry #victorianring #antiquering #vintage #vintagejewelry #vintagering #engagementring #oldminecut #oldcut #diamond #bridetobe #love #LA #vintageboutique

A post shared by Larry Platt (@plattboutiquejewelry) on Aug 25, 2017 at 10:26pm PDT

There’s always trends on Instagram. Remember when all those filters were completely necessary to add to your blurry iPhone 3 photo before posting? Then the thick, heavy white borders were very popular a few years ago. Now with Instagram Stories, I feel people are posting less on their feed (at least less unnecessary photos) and opting for a quick shot or video posted in their Story. A consistent “aesthetic” has taken over as the it-word of the time, making each post highly thought out and carefully curated. Some people love this, some people hate it. But whatever your feelings are toward this highly obsessed about app, one thing is for sure: it just keeps getting popular.

In our jewelry community on Instagram, there’s one obvious kind of post that has been sweeping everyone off their feet and giving mini heart attacks to jewelry lovers nationwide. I’m talking about the videos where someone opens up a jewelry box ever so suspensefully and ever so slowly, for a BIG REVEAL. I really don’t know who or what started this; it is hard to trace back to a particular person. I feel like Larry of Platt Boutique Jewelry has definitely been doing it the longest and has made an impact because he quite often uses this tactic in his daily postings! Larry says, “When I meet people who follow me, they say they always look forward to seeing a box video because they know it’s going to be something special.” He also states that his clients love how natural the videos feel–the item in the jewelry box is glittering away in the sunshine, untouched by photo editing and as real as it gets!

The video below is one of Larry’s all-time record holding posts, clocking in at over 98k views! This proves my inclination of how easily these types of posts can quickly become viral, which this post did just that!

Edwardian era 5-Stone Old Mine Cut Diamond #ring is boxed up and ready to go to NYC with me where it will be hand delivered to its new owner. . If you’d like to see more antique & vintage rings then come say hello to me + @thekitvintage this Saturday & Sunday @acurrentaffair vintage show in Brooklyns @industrycity . . #plattboutiquejewelry #showmeyourrings #sold #specialdelivery #nyc #brooklyn #vintage . . @nattyplatt @blanconewyork @laurelstearns @arrowandanchorantiques @circa1700

A post shared by Larry Platt (@plattboutiquejewelry) on Oct 5, 2016 at 9:35pm PDT

Others have joined in on this trend, creating some gorgeous videos of jewels being revealed by opening a box. If I had to guess why this trend is so popular, I would say that it easily resonates with people because it is almost as if they are opening the box themselves, envisioning this as a beautiful gift they are receiving. The suspense factor also plays an important part in why this is trending on Instagram.

Another antique jewelry dealer that has taken part in posting “unboxing” videos is Ismael Khan of Ishy Antiques. He is based in London and finds that these types of videos perform well for his Instagram too. Ishy says, “I’ve done five box opening videos and all five are in my overall top twenty ‘posts’ based on impressions, insights and likes for the past year. My 2 most liked posts are box openings.” If that is not clear evidence to how impactful these kinds of posts are, I don’t know what is! He also adds, “From a social media growth point of view, I believe these types of posts are popular because people have to wait to see what’s inside the box which registers views and impressions, and therefore increases engagement.”

Standing in the yogurt aisle at the supermarket filming jewellery ? This 18ct gold Art Deco onyx and diamond ring is new in today. Wouldn't it make an amazing engagement ring? UK K (US 5 1/8) and sizeable. Please DM for more information #IshyAntiques

A post shared by Ismael K (@ishyantiques) on

So the next time you’re stumped over what to post on Instagram, try your hand at the big box reveal! I’d like to recommend practicing opening the box a few times while filming FIRST before you film and post immediately. I’ve seen a few FAILS that were posted on Instagram and not done in the best way. I won’t give any examples because that would be quite rude, but I’m sure we’ve all seen them! You can even ask a friend to film while you use both hands to open the box OR get a tripod for steady filming. Not everyone has coordination and that’s ok! There’s ways of going about to help with that!

That’s what I did with the video below–I set up my camera on a tripod so I could use both hands. That seemed to work better for me at least. Another necessary part to this is getting some interesting antique boxes! I’ve seen these become quite scarce lately, but there’s always some on Instagram and eBay, although some are priced high because the seller knows how rare they’ve become! I found the hot pink one in my video below at a random antique shop in Kentucky. Talk about getting lucky in Kentucky! Always have your eyes peeled!

If you want to look down at the prettiest ring you’ve ever seen sitting on your finger, say no more. This babe is available — priced at $3200 ♥️??? Details over at @shopgemgossip

A post shared by GEM GOSSIP™ (@gemgossip) on Sep 20, 2017 at 3:28pm PDT

Have you seen this BOX REVEAL trend on your feed? Let us know a seller who does this that you enjoy watching in the comments section, I’d love to see!


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DIY 4th of July Tasseled Choker necklace

People, who dress up for the holidays often do so for the spirit of the celebration without really being concerned about fashion trends.

People, who dress up for the holidays often do so for the spirit of the celebration without really being concerned about fashion trends. This very same reason, on the other hand also stops people from dressing up, out of fear of looking dated or jaded. In my opinion, the best way to dress up for the holidays would be with accessories that are absolutely in trend. With 4th of July fast approaching, here is a really quick DIY necklace that combines two of this season’s most favourite trends – choker necklace and tassels. This necklace can be made in less than an hour’s time, making it the perfect “day before” project. Here is what you need

Tasseled Choker necklace
Blue Bernat mega bulky yarn
– red embroidery thread
– white or off white embroidery thread
– blue embroidery thread
– Scissors
– Fabric glue

Make the tassels: These mini tassels are a lot of fun and are very easy to make.
1. Wrap embroidery red around the first and middle finger of your non dominant hand 15-20 (until you get the desired thickness). #Tip: Start wrapping with the end facing downwards, it can be trimmed later.
2. Slide it off your finger and tie a knot about 1 cm from the top.
3. Trim the ends to make them level and flush it out. Repeat steps 1-3 to make 3 more tassels and keep them aside

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Jewels at my Doorstep: Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

Congrats to Greenwich Jewelers, or should I say Greenwich St. Jewelers, who, after 40 years in business, has gotten a new name and a few other “enhancements” to their brand. The rebranding includes a new look to their logo, a new tagline, redesigned website and in-store as well. For the family-run business, these changes have been a long-time coming and both sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale are so excited to unveil everything. “Our parents, Carl and Milly Gandia, opened the store in 1976 and only changed the store’s location after the September 11th attacks, when structural damage to their building led to a move onto nearby Trinity Place,” says Jennifer, who is now the co-owner of the store, along with her sister, Christina. “The new name honors our roots as a downtown New York City retail brand. But the rebranding also conveys how we have evolved into a 21st century store.”

The Greenwich St. Jewelers‘ new tagline is special and significant, as it truly completes what the store is all about–it reads, “Inspired jewels since 1976.” Jennifer says, “The tagline represents our commitment to curating a killer selection of jewelry from artists that have a distinct point of view, one that views jewelry from a singular, unique perspective. Even the pieces from our private label collection, which errs more classic, push the boundaries of that classification.” The evolution and new changes are a great example of how the Gandia sisters’ contributions to their family’s legacy will pave the way for a successful future.

I’ve been wanting to visit Greenwich St. Jewelers for quite some time now. New York City is a place I don’t get to travel to quite often and when I do, it is for an quick event, with no time to spare. Lucky for me, Greenwich St. Jewelers came to my doorstep! The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all prettier than the next arrived, representing a wide range of inventory the store is known for. Designers from around the world, including their own line of designs, all come together and are able to be mixed and matched with ease. The latest jewelry trends, like lariat necklaces and geometric styles, ear climbers and vintage-inspired pieces, can be found at Greenwich St. Jewelers.

I couldn’t stop wearing the 18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet from Greenwich St. Jewelers’ own collection–the clasp on it was unlike any other tennis bracelet I’ve worn. It is adjustable with chains and a gold movable bead. How smart! It also makes it so much more comfortable than your average tennis bracelet, and at 2.37 carats total, it sure sparkled a lot! I also was starry-eyed over their diamond earrings and felt that stacking them on the same ear rather than wearing them normally was necessary! The earrings total 1.68 carats in diamonds and have an edgy, glam look to them. Most would consider them for fancy wear only, but I say no way, every day wear is a must!

Other designers that I got to wear from this Greenwich St. Jewelers feature include Arik Kastan, Jennie Kwon Designs, Zoe Chicco, Getana, Sorellina, and Todd Reed. If you didn’t think multiple designers could be worn all together at the same time before, think again! Greenwich St. Jewelers has been proving that for years now and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store the next 40 years for them.

Jewelry used for this shoot:


14k rose gold pentagon stud earrings set with emeralds by Arik Kastan, Price: $1,300

14k white gold diamond earrings totaling 1.68 carats by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $4,600


14k rose gold emerald and rose cut diamond Grand Fleur cocktail ring by Arik Kastan, Price: $3,100

14k rose gold diamond wrap around ring by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $2,500

14k rose gold wrap ring by Jennie Kwon Designs, Price: $920

14k white gold itty bitty triangle stacking midi ring by Zoe Chicco, Price: $200

14k white gold diamond statement Linear ring by Getana, Price: $2,400

14k white gold open cuff ring with a line of diamonds by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $850


14k white gold geometric cuff bracelet with chain closure by Getana, Price: $2,100

18k yellow gold/oxidized silver diamond Wave cuff by Todd Reed, Price: $8,000

18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet with 2.37 carats total by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $5,100


14k white gold four-hexagons pendant necklace by Getana, Price: $1,100

14k rose gold three tiny bullets diamond necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $550

18k yellow gold boulder opal necklace set with a halo of diamonds by Getana, Price: $1,200

14k white gold diamond lariat necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $700

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Greenwich St. Jewelers.


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Let’s Talk The Clay Pot, Located in Brooklyn & Nolita

The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip The Clay Pot | Gem Gossip

I’ve come to know The Clay Pot as a cool spot in Brooklyn (and now Nolita as well) where hip, young brides go for their wedding rings and where unique jewelry designers are featured, serving up a generous portion of awesomeness for customers who walk through the door. What I didn’t know was that this store has been around since 1969! Yes it’s true, current owner Tara Silberberg’s parents first opened The Clay Pot to sell her mom’s beautiful pottery creations–no jewelry in sight. It wasn’t until 1989 when Tara’s father came up with a long-shot plan of featuring wedding bands in a gallery show. The idea turned out to be a hit–they sold 20 wedding bands in one day! Tara then came into the picture in the early 90s, where she convinced her parents to invest in fashionable jewelers, not just craft show designers. Tara says, “My first big buy was Lisa Jenks, who was the star jeweler at Barney’s in the early 90’s. I was one of the first stores in the country to carry Me&Ro, which I bought out of a hotel room from Aurora Lopez who had just started repping them. I have always been interested in new talent and support new people coming onto the scene.”

Fast forward to today and The Clay Pot is now mostly jewelry, but has expanded into lots of different styles, metals and gemstones, with an emphasis on bridal jewelry. Their Nolita store showcases their knack for alternative engagement and wedding styles–like rough diamonds, raw gemstones, interesting settings, vintage-inspired, conflict-free diamonds and much more. The Clay Pot is also in tune with up-and-coming designers as they enjoy seeking out new and hidden talents from creative jewelry artists around the globe.

Being a mainstay in the city’s Park Slope village for nearly a half-century has garnered The Clay Pot a loyal fanbase and customers who will purchase from them on every occasion! Their designer line-up is no joke and keeps people coming back. Designers like Polly Wales, Lori McLean, Blanca Monros Gomez, Rebecca Overmann, Katie Diamond, Megan Thorne, Sofia Kaman, just to name a few. I’m a huge fan of Ruth Tomlinson and her designs, and I actually first discovered Ruth on The Clay Pot’s website.

You should know, The Clay Pot is having their annual ring sale–now through February 22nd, they are offering 10-15% off the price of custom made bridal rings. The Clay Pot has partnered with designers and are able to offer this amazing discount for “early bird” shoppers who are looking to save for their spring weddings. Also, check out the “Lucky Size” sale, where discontinued rings range from 40-50% off their original prices.

The Clay Pot is located at 22 Spring Street between Mott and Elizabeth Streets – for more information, please call 800.989.3579 or visit www.clay-pot.com

Make sure you stop by if you’re in the Brooklyn or Nolita areas!! I can’t wait to make a visit in the future.

Above photos:

  • Some store photos–interior and exterior, both beautiful and inspiring
  • Blanca Monros Gomez– Vena Amoris Nesting ring in 18ky with .65ct of brilliant and marquise diamonds. handmade in NYC with assorted bands.
  • Photo from Alex Kogan from the Infinity line. These are new rings based off of vintage designs, which is great for customers because they can be created to fit a customer’s heirloom stone or other specifications. Done in platinum or 18k white gold, set with diamonds and blue sapphires.
  • All Jennifer Dawes rings in 18k, sapphire and diamond engagement ring, floral band with champagne rose cut diamond, and three misty diamond engagement ring.
  • Rings from Lori McLean in 14k yellow and 14k white gold with diamonds and sapphires. Lori uses a lot of old European cut diamonds and heirloom stones in her pieces.
  • A gorgeous stack of rings highlighting what is offered at their store!
  • An amazing, one-of-a-kind pair of Montana agate earrings by Kothari

This post was brought to you in collaboration with The Clay Pot & The Cut.

The Clay Pot

The Clay Pot

CP Brooklyn

162 7th Avenue • Brooklyn, NY 11215

Google Maps


CP Nolita

22 Spring Street • New York, NY 10012

Google Maps

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Engagement Rings You Won’t Say No To at Marisa Perry in NYC

Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip

Hey New Yorkers, I’ve found your ideal spot for engagement ring shopping that measures up to everything you’ve been wanting. The sweet spot is called Marisa Perry and this atelier has just moved into the ideally romantic meatpacking district (I say this sitting from my office in Nashville, only to have visited NYC a handful of times, but the meatpacking district gave me all the feels). After ten years setting up shop in the heart of Soho, this move has provided the husband and wife team with a new location, new look and improved store layout, not to mention much more space. And yes, it is only one block east of Christian Louboutin! 😉 Their new Forevermark diamonds mini boutique is something really special, where Marisa Perry can provide customers with gorgeous, rare and ethically sourced diamonds that are certified and responsible.

Custom engagement ring creation is one aspect Marisa Perry excels at and each and every client that has experienced this first-hand will be the first to tell you! Their hands-on approach and letting the customer get fully involved has proven to be both memorable and enjoyable. I’ve read so many testimonials from Marisa Perry and it becomes apparent that customer satisfaction is extremely high, along with their excellent customer service and friendly staff. Marisa says, “People come in wearing work out clothes, have a coffee or a drink, bring along their dogs, pop in, relax and look at settings and stones. We talk them through the process and are with them every step of the way. The store has a beautiful feeling and decor, but the staff is relaxed and casual, and we try to make everyone feel at home. No stuffy behind the counter sales people. Just us, working with customers, trying to help everyone make the right decisions for themselves!”

Enthusiasm is shown for the new location, but most importantly what is being sold at Marisa Perry–the jewels! The product remains top priority and providing classics as well as cutting edge is something they strive for. Marisa’s husband designs new settings on a daily basis, always creating something ahead of the game and continually listening to what people are wanting. Marisa adds, “We have the best metal workers and setters in the United States making our jewelry! Our main micro-pave setter has created and set the incredible collection for Harry Winston, as well as Leviev and other brands whose prices command the absolute best workmanship.” I love how every piece is created in NYC, as their aim is to provide the best custom fine jewelry all within their own city.

Have you been obsessing over thin micro-pave bands?! This is their specialty! The demand for a thin wedding band and a thin engagement setting is high, but finding what one is picturing in their head can be a challenge! Marisa Perry knows exactly what you’re wanting! They also cater to other trends that seem to be in demand as well, like oval and emerald cut diamonds, rose gold, halo settings, large carat diamonds, and solitaire settings. I’m excited about their vintage and antique section, which I think is awesome that they have! Not too many stores have vintage, and it is refreshing to learn that it is one of Marisa’s passions!

Be sure to stop by Marisa Perry if you’re in the NYC meatpacking district! I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m in town! (I’ll be sure to give you all a full report, in the meantime–enjoy these gorgeous shots provided by Marisa Perry)

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Marisa Perry & The Cut.

Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip

Marisa Perry

636 Hudson St

New York, NY 10014

• 212.566.8977 •

[email protected]

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Dupuis Fine Jewelry Fall Jewels Auction Set for November 22nd, 2015

lot2 lot210 lot211 lot246 lot271 lot327 lot355 lot358 lot394 lot396

My favorite time of year for jewelry auctions is just before the holidays, as each auction house gears up for this busy time by providing some of the best, show-stopping pieces they’ve been ever-so-keenly stashing away until now. From heart-palpitating rings, to diamond-dripping earrings and everything in between, Dupuis Fine Jewelry has anything you’ve ever dreamed of in one auction–their Fall Jewels sale. The auction is scheduled for Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 where you can log-in online and bid or see the auction live in their Toronto headquarters. Some day I’d love to make it out to Toronto to visit Dupuis, but for now I’m glad I can at least tune in from the comfort of my home!

I’ve picked my favorites from the upcoming sale, as this was not an easy task! So many striking pieces, whether you collect antique or have your eye on something a little more modern, there is so much to choose from. Check out my picks above and below!

Be sure to sign-up for the auction and get approved before the big day on Sunday, November 22nd!

Lot 2: A David Webb piece unlike any I’ve seen before–this ring is set with one blue zircon surrounded by turquoise set in 18k yellow gold. The gemstone combination is very intriguing, as is the textured fluted band. Such a cool ring!

Lot 210: This brooch is very striking as you don’t see very much peridot jewelry and the color is an intense light green. I love the design work of the round stones surrounded by bezel-set diamonds in an abstract floral style. The brooch is done in 14k gold and boasts a unique pair of rectangular cut peridots.

Lot 211: A pair of micromosaic ear pendants mounted in 10k gold and dating back to mid-19th century. The Vedute di Roma dark blue glass swing pendants are decorated by polychrome tesserae, with oval tops depicting the Arch of Constantine and the Imperial Forum, with suspending teardrop shapes depicting the Colosseum and the Pantheon. So amazing!

Lot 246: Circa 1870, available with its original box, this antique quartz and gold demi-parure is a rare piece! The gold consists of heavy bead work, textured granulation and acanthus leaves…along with a pair of matching ear pendants. Such a great piece of history right here.

Lot 271: Two sumptuous gold pieces by Henry Dunay–one is a hinged bangle bracelet and the other is a ring, both done in 18k yellow gold. If you know me personally, you know that I used to do beauty pageants when I was a little girl–these two pieces remind me of a spike crown that was the grand prize at one of the pageants that was highly sought after. Sad to say I never won that title, but winning this lot would be even better!

Lot 327: A magnificent cross, set with amethyst, pearls, peridot and diamonds. This piece caught my eye because of the matte finish and the unique gemstone combination it has. It is made by Birks and is done in 14k matte yellow gold. It even has a hinged hidden compartment in the back.

Lot 355: An emerald ring prettier than the Emerald City! An astounding 31.49 carats of emerald, entirely certified by AGS stating that its origin is Columbia. My oh my what an amazing ring! To make it even more grand, the emerald is flanked by two bullet-shaped diamonds and two trapezoid diamonds, all set in platinum.

Lot 358: Can you blame me for having an affliction for double diamond rings?! This one is having me reconsider my engagement ring–love the North-South setting of the two stones, as well as the uniqueness of the mismatched color of each Old European cut diamond. That’s about 3.75 carats total right there, all set in platinum!

Lot 394: Platinum and gold combine to create these luminous floral earrings set with diamonds and aquamarine. A total of approximately four carats worth of diamonds curve around the leaf-settings creating a floral motif which decorates the ear lobe in the most festive way.

Lot 396: A fully set aquamarine necklace which drips of aquamarine and diamond icicles–what a glorious holiday gift this would make?! The necklace is mounted in 14k gold, with Russian assay marks and maker’s mark for Vassili Efimovitch Baladanov, and the length: 15 3/4 inches.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Dupuis Auctions.

Dupuis Auction November 22nd

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Add Some Drama to Your Neck from Fellows Auction!

lot5 Lot18 Lot29 Lot33 Lot41 Lot202 Lot205 Lot222 Lot233 Lot554 Lot571 Lot586

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming! Things like gloves, long-sleeves, coats and sweaters can sometimes prevent a girl from wearing rings and bracelets, so let’s focus on the positive here–dress up those necks! Not wanting to disappoint, we have some BOLD and DRAMATIC statement necklaces going up at auction soon, just in time for the colder months of November and December. Fellows Auction has these 12 necklaces in this month’s Antique & Modern Jewellery sale on October 15th, and I couldn’t be more excited about them. The bib and festoon styles will have you throwing out your scarves and shopping for appropriate necklines to show off each style.

<< Thursday, October 15th Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction >>

Let me introduce you to these fine necklaces:

Lot 5: Turquoise and pearls go together in the prettiest way possible, and only the Victorians realized this! This late 19th century necklace features an articulated panel of the blue and white gems and measures nearly 16 inches in length. A striking necklace in a soft palette. Best part? Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 18: Talk about adding drama to your neck–this aquamarine and amethyst fringe necklace makes a bold statement! Designed with a graduating style of gems and dangles, this necklace is begging to be worn on a neck.

Lot 29: Another fun fringe necklace, this time done in amethyst and topaz. I love the volume of dangles this piece has–makes it highly dramatic and bold. It must be noted that this necklace measures approximately 14 3/4 inches, so for a petite neck.

Lot 33: This necklace is ready for a wine tour in the vineyards of Napa Valley! Done in 9k yellow gold and seed pearls clustered in the most reminiscent way possible of a grape vine, this piece is quite unique. It measures 18 inches in length and has hallmarks which date it to 1971.

Lot 41: If you want a good helping of amethysts, this lot is for you! Not only does it come with this incredible cross necklace, which features an amethyst cross dangling from an amethyst line necklace, but it also has a pair of matching post earrings and a bar brooch too!

Lot 202: A classic necklace that can easily become your signature look, this piece is done in 18k yellow gold, onyx and diamonds. Measuring at a little over 26 inches, the length is long and great for it to pose as the main centerpiece to an outfit. Totaling about three carats in diamonds–so good!!

Lot 205: Rose cut diamonds, trefoil motifs and amethysts–a start to a great necklace design. This piece is very interesting because the diamonds are set in silver, the chain is a replacement and is modern, and the amethyst are set in yellow gold, so it is quite a mystery as to when this all came together and exactly the chain of events. Either way, this necklace is quite a stunning piece of jewelry!

Lot 222: A mid-19th century exquisite peridot necklace–with a surprise! It comes with its original fitted box, along with matching earring, and brooch! The large central design of the necklace is detachable, what else would you expect from a Victorian designer, and is completely articulated. Such a great find!

Lot 233: Another multi-gemstone necklace is this garnet one, set with all octagonal cut garnets of varying saturations, with five dangling from the center. Such a brilliantly simple design with a grand impact. I would love to see how amazing it looks when worn.

Lot 554: A stunningly cool aquamarine necklace–the pear-shape aquamarine collet is set within a stylized star cannetille surround, with similarly designed tapered surmount which suspends from a fancy openwork scrolling link chain. The detail-work in this piece will have you staring. The aquamarine itself is quite big, measuring 20.8 x 10.9 mm. Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 571: Flowing lines of rose cut and Old Mine cut diamonds create the design of this necklace. It is set off by a large pearl which hangs at the bottom, and I love the trefoil motifs done in diamonds throughout the top. It hangs from a white gold fine-link chain.

Lot 586: Bullet-shaped swags are what get me with this festoon necklace! I love the design and the materials used–garnets, pearls and gold! The necklace measures nearly 15 inches in length and drapes wonderfully when worn.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions

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Dear Summer, I know you gon’ miss me #RosedaleFineJewelry

Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip  Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip  Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip

As we bid a fond goodbye to the Summer of 2015, I’m still trying to hang on to my tanned skin, a first for me in years. Yes, this was my first summer since I was 15 years old that I didn’t have to “go to work,” so a random 11am tanning session by the pool became a regular thing. The vitamin D was good for my soul and for the first time in my life I saw a direct link to the quote, “work hard, play hard.” I’m not sure if working for 5 years straight in an office without windows, along with a demeaning bully of a co-worker has caused this, but this newfound freedom of a summer was that much more savouring and special for me!

So, Dear Summer:

I know you gon’ miss me…but

an icy cool color is in for WINTER 2015–

the truly glowing green color of emeralds and chalcedony (natural not dyed chalcedony)

I like pairing this color with a POP of red lipstick and minimal makeup

I also like pairing this color with black and similar-colored faux furs for winter and black ankle-booties

Although summer has come to an end, this color and the winter fashions are making me excited for a new season.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Lots of green gemstone rings–

The basis of my stack started with the Emerald Split Band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry

Then I layered an antique BIG/BOLD emerald ring and a square chalcedony ring, which added another dimension of green.

So, start with a staple emerald ring like I did and build from there. Add green-hued earrings and you’re good to go!

To purchase your own Emerald Split Band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry:


emerald split band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry

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