High Jewelry Made a Big Impact at Paris Couture Week

giambattistavallipic6giambattistavallipic7 giambattistavallipic9 giambattistavallipic10

Haute couture is one-of-a-kind creations crafted from the finest materials by skilled artisans using century-old techniques. Haute couture had humble beginnings. In 1858, an English couturier, Charles Frederick Worth, established the first haute couture house in Paris championing exclusive luxury fashion for the upper-class woman and coining the term “fashion designer” in lieu of the basic dressmaker. Today, haute couture is still synonymous with high-quality materials and workmanship. And when haute couture meets haute joaillerie (high jewelry), the result is transformative! The jewelry becomes an extension of the designer’s vision for his or her collection creating a complete story – one that is truly a work of art!

giambattistavallipic5 giambattistavallipic4 giambattistavallipic3 giambattistavallipic1


Giambattista Valli accessorized his haute couture collection, comprising of ethereal tulle gowns, draped silk chiffon dresses and embellished minis with exquisite vintage jewels from Eleuteri. The jewels focused mainly on bracelets featuring a glorious 1950s French amethyst and turquoise piece as well as a intricate jade and gold design from David Webb and several Tubogas wristwatches from Bulgari.


GuoPei5 GuoPei10 GuoPei7 GuoPei8 GuoPei4 GuoPei6 GuoPei3 GuoPei2 GuoPei


The Chinese designer made a name for herself when she dressed singer Rihanna in yellow couture for the MET’s “China through the Looking Glass” gala and red carpet. For her haute couture collection, she collaborated with Chopard paying homage to the golden era of haute couture and Hollywood icons of the 50s. The results were a perfect fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, high fashion and exquisite jewels.

The deep jewel toned hues of Pei’s dresses paired effortlessly with Chopard’s the Silk Road collection, which featured an emerald bib necklace, diamond and pearl drop earrings and an amethyst pendant necklace. The Chopard jewels complemented the opulence and extravagance of Pei’s couture collection perfectly.


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wwwdaily Laura Lee Fulham | T: @WhoWoreWhatDly | W: www.whoworewhatdaily.com

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The Top Jewels that Sparkled in Cannes, 2017

Rihanna Chopard All photos via Getty Images

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably one of the best showcases for the top international jewelry houses to showcase their finest and brightest gems and designs for the world to see.

This 12-day festival brings out the most exceptional designs and creations from the likes of Chopard to Harry Winston.

It’s where you can see leading ladies like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain as well as ingénues like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna parading down the red carpet in the latest couture gowns and decadent jewels.

Here are the best jewels from the most revered jewelry houses that were showcased on the festival’s red carpet.


The jewelry house has a deep history with the Festival as it’s been the official partner and designer of the coveted Palme d’Or trophy awarded to the most critically-acclaimed movie. This year, the buzz on the red carpet was their collaboration with music super-star Rihanna.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Singer Rihanna wore emerald, rock crystal quartz and diamond earrings, a black nephrite and diamond bracelet with a 31.95-carat emerald, three emerald and diamond rings and a floral bracelet set with diamonds, all from the Rihanna Loves Chopard High Jewellery collection, at the premiere of the movie ‘Okja’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Model Adriana Lima wore a diamond bib by Chopard at the screening of the film ‘Loveless’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Actress Miriam Odemba wore a titanium and white gold necklace with kunzites, beryls, tanzanites and diamonds, and matching earrings, from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard.

Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip

Karolina Kurkova wore a sapphire and diamond necklace from the High Jewellery Collection from Chopard at the premiere of ‘Based on a True Story’.

Actress Juliette Binoche wore platinum and diamond earrings by Chopard.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen wore diamond flower stud earrings by Chopard. We simply adore the placement of these earrings.


This jewelry house showcased some of the best and boldest designs to hit the red carpet with their use of brilliant colored stones.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Hailey Baldwin wore stunning drop earrings set with white and brown diamonds, and edged with citrine briolettes.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Jenaye Noah wore a pair of exquisite de Grisogono chandelier earrings that glowed with oval-cut citrines from their Melody of Colours collection. A perfect compliment to her vibrant blue gown.


This iconic jewelry house showcased their classic Serpenti jewelry and picked up major press when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was photographed wearing their pieces both on the red carpet and on her personal Instagram.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model Bella Hadid wore a Bulgari High Jewellery Serpenti necklace and bracelet in white gold.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski combined two Bulgari necklaces, one comprised of pearls, rubellites and diamonds from the High Jewelry Collection and the other pendant necklace made with diamonds, emerald and rubies.


The design house had some of the most striking statement-making pieces to hit the red carpet at Cannes. Actress Salma Hayek’s necklace rendered us both breathless and speechless!

BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip

Actress Salma Hayek wore the Baïkal necklace with a 78.33-carat Santa Maria aquamarine, moonstones, Akoya pearls and diamonds from the new Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection by Boucheron

Model Laetitia Casta paired the Lumière de Nuit diamond and pearl earrings from Boucheron’s Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection with her gown at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories in Cannes

De Beers

The classic diamond jewelry house is known for their slogan “a diamond is forever” .This year, Chinese movie actress and taste maker Fan Bingbing embodies the classic elegance of Hollywood that the brand is synonymous with as she modelled a coveted collection of jewels from the house.

debeers | Gem Gossip debeers | Gem Gossip

Fan Bingbing wore the Arpeggia five-line earrings, bracelet and Aria ring at the ‘Amant Double’ premiere.


Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

At the closing of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand ambassador since 2015, paired her show-stopping gown with earrings in white gold set with diamonds from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection Sunlight Journey.

Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

Model CoCo Rocha wore earrings in white gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and black opal from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Another noteworthy mention is model Naomi Campbell’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Harry Winston

Known as the “jeweler to the stars” and Nicole Kidman’s ‘go to’ jeweler, Harry Winston notably had Nicole Kidman wear his jewelry on the red carpet. Best bet as she had the most films to debut on the Cannes Red Carpet this year.

Harry Winston | Gem Gossip Harry Winston | Gem Gossip

Nicole Kidman wore Secret Cluster diamond earrings, Sunflower ring and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston at ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ premiere.

All above photos via Getty images.

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Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2016

therockhuntress marteau.co decemberanchor baliplatform kentshire margeryhirschey janetaylorjewelry bulgariofficial jhadleyjewelry alixbluhjewelry juliewolfdesign metiersf jeanjeanvintage sarahandsebastianjewellery

therockhuntress adoring some agates from her collection

marteau.co says the heat is on with her coral ring collection, mixed in with a few others

decemberanchor has an epic date ring collection, love this photo

baliplatform shows off a customer photo, wearing ruffles and gold necklaces, great combo

kentshire reveals the most perfect antique bangle, enamel, lines and a buckle

margeryhirschey visited Tucson and shot this awesome vignette of some yellow sapphires as bright as the sun

janetaylorjewelry puts the O! in COLOR, love the purple and yellow combo

bulgariofficial has probably my most favorite watches, even though I hardly wear watches

jhadleyjewelry piles it all on, lots of pink and lots of sparkle

alexbluhjewelry custom created these beauties–I’m a huge fan of the signet ring

juliewolfdesign playing with design and antiques

metiersf puts a spin on your typical hat–just add an antique brooch!

jeanjeanvintage is entranced by this vintage Hermes scallop ring in 18k yellow gold

sarahandsebastianjewellery shoot a photo of their Nimbus ring matched up with a large black diamond pin ring

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Your Jewel Horoscope As Told By Fellows’ Upcoming Antique & Modern Sale

zodiac3 zodiac11

Are you into Astrology? Aside from day-to-day predictions, I love learning about my sign and seeing how it compares with my life and how I live. It fascinates me and from what I’ve read, I really do think my sign matches with my personality, both the negatives and positives. Growing up, I would read my daily horoscope in the local newspaper regularly–it was that and the “Puppies For Sale” classifieds which I read, and nothing more. I thought it would be fun to put together my own “Jewel Horoscope” based on astrological sign characteristics using jewelry from the upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale from Fellows Auctions. The sale is set for Thursday, March 10th, 2016.

Be sure to check out the entire catalogue online and register to bid!

Aries, March 21-April 19

Lot 451: A double ram head bangle was an easy choice for Aries, as your sign is represented by a ram. Adventurous, courageous, and quick-witted…so many strong characteristics make up an Aries that this bangle would coordinate almost too well with your demeanor! Done in 18k yellow gold and set with rubies and diamonds.

Taurus, April 20-May 20

Lot 251: A classic, investment piece is right up your alley if you’re a Taurus and this lapis necklace is exactly that. Done in yellow gold with Italian origin, sleek and modern combine to form this beauty. Suspended from a belcher-style chain and measuring 18 inches in length.

zodiac6 zodiac4

Gemini, May 21-June 20

Lot 82: Nothing more “Gemini” than these earrings–first off, because there are two, a pair if you will, and secondly, they are mismatched. One earring features rock quartz, the other blue chalcedony–two very different colors and gems. These are done in 18k yellow gold and set with ruby and diamonds as well.

Cancer, June 21-July 22

Lot 67: A pair of yellow gold ear pendants, these have such a unique style to them. The are of the verge of being kitschy, while at the same time so classic/modern. These earrings reflect the strength and compassion of a Cancer sign.

zodiac zodiac12

Leo, July 23-August 22

Lot 533: A late 19th century micromosaic brooch depicting two birds together–possibly swans? A Leo’s ambition is mighty, leading me to believe a fellow Leo must be the artist behind this micromosaic, a painstakingly daunting task of placing each tiny piece of glass or pottery down to create a beautiful scene. If the birds are really swans, this can represent your passion and loyalty.

Virgo, August 23-September 22

Lot 84: Virgo’s perfectionist attitude would love this ring–as well as the beautiful diamonds in this Edwardian stunner. The diamonds total about one carat and are very clean, and yes Virgos are known to be clean-freaks. 18k gold with a platinum top, typical of the time period.

zodiac7 zodiac10

Libra, September 23-October 22

Lot 256: Known for being a great host, I can picture these gorgeous aquamarine and diamond earrings dangling from your Libra ears as you are gathering a party together! This pair is dynamic, with just the right amount of color vs. diamond sparkle. Elegance is also a characteristic of yours, and these match perfectly!

Scorpio, October 23-November 21

Lot 439: Big and bold, this all diamond ring set with a black gemstone in the center commands attention, just as you do Scorpio! Over two carats of sparkling color, different hues creating a powerful combination. This piece is done in 18k white gold. Love it!

zodiac9 zodiac5

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21

Lot 510: A late 19th century gold and garnet snake necklace represents our Sagittarius sign. Both rare in the antique world and covetable, same goes for your outlook on life! Always spiritual in nature, this snake necklace will remind you of how good vs. evil first began. Such a symbolic piece for a philosophical person.

Capricorn, December 22-January 19

Lot 318: As a Capricorn, you prefer luxury, so what could be more luxurious than a Bvlgari serpenti ring. This particular ring is done in 18k rose gold. All the viable markings and hallmarks are there–this piece is just waiting to be worn in the chicest way possible!

zodiac2 zodiac8

Aquarius, January 20-February 18

Lot 340: As a trendsetter, you go for it–this exquisite Cartier brooch set with aquamarines will do it for you! Aquarius is a water sign, so that also lines up with the gemstone colors and look of the brooch. This piece would look stunning clipped to an elegant black top or attached to a velvet choker. As an Aquarius, you’ll have fun with all the possibilities!

Pisces, February 19-March 20

Lot 2: Figa charms for a strong, water sign (yes, one even has a fish dangling) perfect for the Pisces. This piece is sentimental in nature and can represent many things, which lines up with how empathetic and caring Pisces are. Looks like there are five charms that dangle from the main figa–such a cool piece!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions


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Q & A with TrueFacet’s CEO Tirath Kamdar

truefacet0329 TrueFacet is the perfect online destination for any jewelry collector like myself, whether you’re someone looking to purchase a gift, someone new to jewelry and don’t know where to begin, or even the best, seasoned jewelry expert–hundreds of pages of new and preowned jewelry await! This authentic pre-loved jewelry marketplace was first introduced to the world back in May of 2014, and has already served tens of thousands of customers who logged in and clicked “add to cart” with 100% piece of mind knowing TrueFacet‘s integrity and focus on authenticity. Every item is authenticated and priced at the best value. True to its brand, I’ve browsed their pages multiple times (with no end in sight as their inventory clocks in at around 40,000 items!!) and have found so many amazing pieces I’d love to add to my personal collection. And pricing is two thumbs up from me!

I wanted to know more about this buyer/seller online haven–who was the force behind such a grand marketplace? I had to find out! CEO of TrueFacet, Tirath Kamdar was gracious enough to answer all my questions, enjoy!q1

Since Valentine’s Day happens to be our second largest holiday, we recently launched our Valentine’s Day Shops page with nine dedicated stores, curated with some amazing gift items for women and men from $150 to $100,000. (www.truefacet.com/valentine)

Our focus is on continuously building the best consumer experience in jewelry shopping and selling. We have so many exciting projects happening in 2016 to help nurture this. For starters, we have launched a concierge shopping service via text-message technology where consumers can text in their requests, and within 24 hours, your personalized concierge rep will help get that piece! All at your fingertips.

We already have a unique real-time pricing engine that gives sellers the best value of their jewelry at any point in time. We will soon allow everyone globally to have access to this amazing offering!

Yellow gold and diamond LOVE necklace (no brand) $550 diamond heart pendant in rose gold (no brand) $595


My family business has been in the jewelry industry for over 40 years as manufacturers of some of the most well known designer and unsigned pieces. I spent over 8 years in my family business working across marketing and design. Over the course of eight years, I observed firsthand the daily struggles customers encountered both online and offline, with such an opaque experience for consumer. It was there that I came to understand the key elements it takes to keep jewelry-buying consumers happy, and envisioned a platform which can do it all for people everywhere.

Later, these became the core brands values on which I created TrueFacet with my partner and friend, COO, Chris Chan. They include:

1. Fair prices: You may not offer the cheapest price but being able to justify and explain WHY goes a long way with consumers.

2. Trust: Earning trust doesn’t come overnight. It comes with an open line of communication and the management of expectations from the start.

3. Experience: Offer a pleasurable and memorable shopping experience without intimidation.

4. Authenticity: One fake is too many. Our company is based on the knowledge that the goods are 100% real. Our jewelry and watch experts have over 50 years of combined authentication expertise, ranging from scientific analysis to antique, contemporary, and classic authentication.

5. Transparency: Be honest through every step of the shopping and buying process.



There have been a few exciting moments that continue to infuse excitement and evoke pride!

In 2015, we were able to raise our second round of venture capital funding. TrueFacet has raised a total of $4.8 million across two funding rounds from investors Maveron and FreeStyle Capital and others, and this allowed to build our plans effectively to service over 10’s of thousands of consumers in 2015, bringing designer ‘authentic’ products to them without paying retail.

Bulgari ring Chanel swivel ring diamond_sapphire, $15,000 and De Grisogono blue sapphire and diamond ring $6,500


Our dream is to become the number one online destination globally for all fine jewelry and watches! Each month over month, we continue to grow 120%+ and will bring this offering to global markets including China, EU, and other’s.

Our goals are many! We will soon be dedicating more resources to our Concierge Program. At the end of 2015, we launched our very cool and timely Concierge Service whereby clients can text, live chat, email or (of course) call us with any fine jewelry or watch need. Requests are fielded for both gifts and self-purchases in affordable and expensive price-ranged watches or jewelry. The best part? The service costs nothing. We do all of the work, because people are busier than ever. We have helped over 1200 people via the Concierge Service and plan to help endless more people this year.

IMG_1588 2_1


First ask yourself the following questions:

-Do you have any sentimental attachment to the piece?

-Have you worn this item in the past 12 months?

-Does this item make you feel happy and confident when worn?

If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it is time to sell.

The first step is to have the item evaluated by an expert and know it’s transparent value. At TrueFacet our in house experts will tell you not only what an item is worth but WHY? This way, clients come to understand why something is more or less valuable, and the reasons behind it – transparency always!

We currently offer two ways to sell on TrueFacet: Consign or List. When consigning, the Concierge team is committed to delivering the most transparent experience and highest value for your item(s). We value, authenticate, refurbish, photograph and securely ship free of charge. The client simply fills out the form here: https://www.truefacet.com/consignment/ and a concierge expert gets in touch. When the item sells, we pay 80% of the value, more than any other company on or offline.

The second option is listing in our marketplace, for the person who likes to take matters into their own hands. By filling out this simple and easy to use form here https://www.truefacet.com/additem/ clients can get up to 85% of the retail value of the item when it sells, with our authenticity + real-time pricing helping to ensure you have a transparent experience.

This year look out for more bells and whistles in terms of seller functionality via a real-time jewelry and watch pricing-engine. Through a proprietary system, sellers will be able to click a series of buttons and find out how much their jewelry or watch is worth in real time and perhaps then list it on our site. Talk about a resource and time saver!

LOVE_BRACELETS_STACK true facet | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with TrueFacet.

True Facet logo

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Gem Gossip Visits Williams Galleries in Nashville, TN

williamsgalleries Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip Williams Galleries | Gem Gossip

I like to brag about living in Nashville as much as I can–especially to my counterparts who live in NYC and LA, who think their high cost of living, traffic jammed cities are the best places to live. Lucky for me, I have one more thing to boast about besides the wonderful people who call TN home and the rolling hills of the countryside, and that is Williams Galleries in Green Hills. Predominately an art gallery featuring 19th & 20th Century American paintings and antique American folk art, lifelong collecting and researching has spawned this space. Ideally tucked away, by appointment-only, surrounded by upscale shops, great restaurants, and an ever-growing locale–Williams Galleries is Nashville’s best kept secret for fine antique and estate jewelry.

Randi Williams, who owns the gallery along with her husband, is keeper of the jewels, where she gladly wears pieces from her inventory in the coolest way possible. A Bvlgari suite from the 1960s? She has worn those chic pieces with black leather pants and a V-neck. A bold plume-like French dress clip by Suzanne Belperron? She has tucked it seamlessly against a belt for a head-turning look. Her attitude toward these high-end pieces of jewelry is dynamic and has others catching on by investing in pieces by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Seaman Schepps, Rene Boivin, amongst others. Jewelry of this stature should not lead one to feel intimidated by it–Randi has been teaching this to her clients since she started.

I got to try on numerous pieces–so many rare and fine jewels, all drool-worthy and highly covetable. A backdrop of art went hand-in-hand with its appeal, and one soon began to blur the lines between the art hanging on the walls and the art hanging from our ears, necks, wrists and coiling around our fingers. Jewelry, after all, is art–from the gemstones, to the gold and everything in between. There’s a reason why one might not realize this when you walk into any other jewelry store. But when you ring the doorbell and enter Williams Galleries, and begin to feast your eyes on the remarkable pieces of jewelry, you soon learn these are wearable masterpieces by highly skilled artists called jewelers.

Make sure to stop by Williams Galleries if you are ever in the Nashville area. Don’t forget it is by appointment only. If you have any questions, feel free to email Randi at [email protected]

Special thanks to Clark Heldman for facilitating the meetup and being a great model!

Williams Galleries
Hillsboro Corner Shopping Center
4119 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 297-2547 gallery
(615) 948-2835 mobile

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The Opulent Box: A Jewelry Subscription You Won’t Want to Throw Out!

opulent step1 step2 step3 opulentjewelers kieselstein-cord-bloodstone-intaglio-ring-18k-yellow-gold1-600x800 hermes-stirrup-18k-yellow-gold-bracelet-1-600x800 hermes-collier-de-chien-ring-18k-yellow-gold-600x800 hermes-choker-necklace-yellow-gold-1-600x800

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, in order to be one-step ahead of the game, one must be constantly thinking outside the box. Unless this box is an Opulent Box, then you’ve found yourself amidst a genius idea– a concept recently created by Opulent Jewelers, a jewelry company that is based out of Pennsylvania. The concept isn’t new–have you heard of Birch Box or Bark Box?! Surely you have, a subscription based service which mails subscribers a monthly box of 4-5 samples based on preferences. Many companies have formed from the surge of interest, anything from makeup, to food, wine, and my favorite–Japanese toys and trinkets. Could this concept work for jewelry?! Obviously, but what if you want to step it up a notch…a BIG notch. I’m talking when you receive an Opulent Box in the mail, your box will be valued at $25,000! Yes, it is the world’s first-ever subscription box for authentic, luxury and designer jewelry!

Opulent Jewelers says that each box is, “custom curated by a personal concierge to suit your unique tastes and preferences, selections in this incredible box will include rare and exquisite pieces chosen from legendary brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and others! On top of the amazing jewelry, we’ll also throw in some exclusive goodies just for you.” They’ve set up a survey which takes just a few minutes to answer a few questions, all of which determine the best “surprise” jewels for your Opulent Box. Questions like, “When do you normally wear jewelry?” or “Which of these speak to your style?” ..with photos of five different options. With an entire year’s subscription costing $100,000 this is as good as it gets for an extravagant client needing a gift for their significant other without having to do much of anything but pay! There’s usually four occasions per year that need gifts like this–anniversary, birthday, Christmas and the ole yearly “just because” and the Opulent Box will have you covered for 365 days!

So what do you think?! Do you like this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

The four items featured above are favorites from Opulent Jewelers, who also have a private suite in Bucks County, Pennsylvania! You can click on the image to bring you more details and price.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Opulent Jewelers.


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Favorite Instagrams: Summer 2015

hibbatrix annasheffield bellflowerbay circaoncedros minsunkimyoo levi_higgs jessicamccormackdiamonds sandrinemerle tinyjewelboxdc maelgwns_muse jewelsdujour ara_vartanian reliquarysf cakiesblog

hibbatrix and the most perfect color palette ring boxes from Gilt Jewelry

annasheffield posts this incredible photo of the talented artist Berndnaut Smilde

bellflowerbay and a dreamy snapshot from her wedding day held at The Bell House in BK

circaoncedros snaps this photo of some of their ring inventory, I can’t seem to pick a favorite!

minsunkimyoo with her really cool ring designs hanging with her mom for this sweet photo

levi_higgs taking a rainy day advantage at The Morgan Library with a lot of options

jessicamccormackdiamonds got lucky and found these books at an antique fair

sandrinemerle makes me want NEED a vintage Bulgari watch like the one above

tinyjewelboxdc posted this incredible one-of-a-kind antique blackamore gold necklace

maelgwns_muse is reading Fashion Victims: Dreass at the Court of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette

jewelsdujour is a sucker for a good collage, especially one that involves Jean Schlumberger renderings and jewels

ara_vartanian I’m obsessed with this ring. That is all.

reliquarysf just finished up with a buying trip and this is the aftermath

cakiesblog has a nice ring collection building, along with her DIY ring box she made

More GGem

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How to Style Antique Jewelry – Tailoring the Past

The great thing about antique jewelry is that even though it was designed decades ago, the years do not define the beauty it conveys. Compared to modern pieces, antique jewels are extremely unique because it is difficult to find another exactly like it. Elaborate creations bring back the past with delicate construction and details that attract attention. I find it fascinating how antique jewelry pieces carry and reveal the imaginative minds of their designers within their structure. Because many antique pieces are so intricate and busy, they can easily look awkward with an outfit – unless you know how to wear it.

Antique Styling Tips    

When it comes to styling old-fashioned jewelry, pairing it with your clothing is not as simple as it may seem. Each piece is distinctive and dons a sense of rarity, so a little more thought must be put into the way it is worn. But don’t take it too seriously – tailoring an antique piece to your outfit can be playful and fun to do. You can add historic features to your fashion ensemble by representing one of your favorite eras for an all-over themed look. Antique pieces can also be applied to a modern day trend, such as layering multiple necklaces.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have an expansive estate and antique jewelry selection from high-end labels, such as Chanel, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. We offer one-of-a-kind pieces at the most affordable rates that you’ll find. If you are on the lookout for extravagant, first-class estate and antique jewelry, our collection will astound you. Our long list of estate and antique inventory specials contains exquisite pieces that are made of real diamonds, gold, silver, pearls and more.

Subtle Thoughts

The trick to wearing antique or estate jewelry is to develop styling concepts beyond the narrow realm of conformity. One thing I suggest as an absolute no-no is wearing too many antique pieces at once. Instead, choose a traditional piece and work with it using understated accompaniments. For example, if it is a necklace or a bracelet, pair it with more than one simple creation for a complete look. Try it with our 18K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Collar Necklace for $38,000, which can be worn with small diamond studs and a thin silver bangle on the wrist.


The Brooch Factor

The first thought one might have when deciding how to wear a brooch is that it should be pinned in the area above the heart. However, there are a variety of different ways that brooches can be worn that make an outfit stand out!

Brooches can be worn on:

  • Headbands
  • Barrettes
  • Ribbons
  • Belts
  • Handbags
  • Scarfs
  • Dresses
  • Hats

Pin a gorgeous, sparkling brooch to one of your accessories and you’ve got yourself an instant, classy bravura. Another cool tip is to pin multiple brooches to the shoulder of a bland sweater for a glam effect. These amazing antique brooches in our collection – the Blue Monarch Butterfly Brooch for $6,500, the 18K Multi-Gold Diamond Rose Brooch for $7,500, and the SeidenGang 18K Yellow Gold Whimsical Gemstone Brooch for $3,950 make any accessory or garment stunning.


Color Pop

Another piece of advice that goes hand in hand with styling antique pieces is to work with a color palette. Choose a few colors that complement each other and follow the principle as you pick out and pair the jewelry. Check out these select pieces available at Luxury Bazaar – the Cartier Panthere 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Gemstone Earrings for $12,900, the Harry Winston Diamond-Set 18K Yellow Gold Sapphire & Emerald Choker Necklace for $95,000, and the Van Cleef & Arpels 18K Yellow Gold Precious Gemstone Band Ring for $4,800 – which balance each other well.


Explore our website for more information on our estate and antique inventory specials priced below retail value.

The post How to Style Antique Jewelry – Tailoring the Past appeared first on The Luxury Bazaar Blog.

Thanks to LuxuryBazar

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Fall/Winter Favorites from Levinson Jewelers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


I don’t know about you, but as soon as the weather starts to get cold and summer turns into fall…and then fall turns into winter, I like to head south! You can call me a snow bird, but I like to call it smart! 😉 Florida boasts two of my favorite things–warm weather and Levinson Jewelers! The store has become an iconic landmark, located on the famed Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale. For 30 years, the store has served customers from all parts of the globe, with their reach continually growing. If you’re escaping the cold and find yourself in the Ft. Lauderdale area, make sure to stop by and check out their fine selection of jewelry. They carry some of the most exquisite, prestigious brands–like Ivanka Trump, Gucci, Bulgari, Mattioli, Penny Preville, and many more. The incredibly popular Buddha Mama & Lana Jewelry are also a part of their repertoire.

I took some time out to find my favorite Fall/Winter picks from Levinson Jewelers–all of which can be found in their online boutique! I gravitated toward yellow gold pieces with splashes of black…bold looks, with subtle detailing. I’m crazy over the sleek yellow gold earrings that I chose–very geometric and modern. Black diamonds also won me over, especially on that Gucci ring. The tassel is so fun and would make a great statement piece–I can’t imagine someone NOT stopping and asking about it when worn. Pieces with open spaces and asymmetrical design will look great with cozy sweaters and boots for this season!

My picks from Levinson Jewelers:

1. Black diamond tassel bracelet by Ivanka Trump, Price: $18,000

2. Rock quartz three-stone ring with diamonds by Ivanka Trump, Price: $3,400

3. Bvlgari Monete antiche ring in 18k yellow gold with an antique coin, Price upon request

4. Bvlgari Serpenti bracelet in yellow gold with mother of pearl, Price upon request

5. Black diamond horsebit in 18k pink gold by Gucci, Price: $9,450

6. Circular dangle earrings with diamonds by Mattioli, Price: $8,900

7. Hiroko Bombe ring in rose gold from Mattioli, Price: $2,500

8. Small Rock Lights earrings in yellow gold from Lana Jewelry, Price: $655

9. Bvlgari B.zero1 pink gold and black ceramic 4-band ring, Price upon request

10. Diamond bow necklace in yellow gold with half carat of diamonds, Price upon request

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