30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry into Summertime!

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Summer is next week–can you believe it?! Are you ready?! One of my most favorite things to do in the summer is to plan activities that I wouldn’t normally get to do…this involves taking days off from work, surrounding myself with people I love, and living my best life. I also like making lists or a group of goals to complete over the summer–they can be wishful thinking or very, very serious. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry just in time for summer!

1. Pick a gemstone, any gemstone, and learn all about it.

2. Find a gem show that is coming to your area and attend!

3. Have a gem or mineral specimen collection? Reorganize it in a cool way.

4. Plan a trip to go gem mining.

5. Do you have a favorite Instagrammer in our jewelry community? Plan a summer meetup.

6. Pick a state that is somewhat close to you, and research the best jewelry store they have to offer. Plan a visit!

7. Make a cool treat on a hot day–these gem ice trays can be filled with any fruity liquid!

8. Find a gemstone print top, bathing suit or towel and wear it to the beach.

9. Reserve a day at the nail salon and go for a gemstone manicure!

10. Buy that jewelry book you’ve been eyeing and lay by the pool with it!

11. Scout out some amazing flowers in your city, buy them, and take some jewelry photos with them.

12. Find a new way of wearing some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

13. Take a day to clean your most-worn pieces of jewelry.

14. Plan a SWAP party with friends that also love jewelry.

15. Pick a time period you don’t know as much about as your favorite jewelry period, and learn about it!

16. Spend an entire day “hunting” for antique jewelry online–but do it by a pool.

17. Learn about crystal healing and depending on where you live, schedule an appointment with an expert.

18. Throw a gemstone-themed party!

19. Learn about a new designer you’ve never heard of before.

20. Need a new way to store your jewelry? Splurge on a jewelry cabinet and reconfigure it if necessary.

21. Take a jewelry making class.

22. Decide on creating a charm bracelet or necklace–gather charms, buy some new ones and put it together.

23. Get something very special and sentimental made into a piece of jewelry.

24. Size all of your fingers and keep it written down.

25. Get registered to bid at your favorite auction houses.

26. Put on all your favorite Art Deco jewels and watch a 1920s old movie.

27. Hit up your local estate sales or garage sales. You never know!

28. Tell someone thank you by gifting them a piece of jewelry.

29. Get lost on Pinterest by searching “antique jewelry” or “jewelry.”

30. Pick your favorite medium (water colors, arcryllics, pencil, etc) and try drawing/painting a diamond.


WANT MORE? Search my summer favorites

Let me know which of these you want to do! –> @gemgossip

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Gem Gossip Visits Metier in San Francisco, CA

Metier SF | Gem Gossip  Metier SF | Gem Gossip   Metier SF | Gem Gossip  Metier SF | Gem Gossip       Metier SF | Gem Gossip       Metier SF | Gem Gossip

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was to visit Metier in San Francisco on my #JewelryRoadTrip?! It was childhood relived, where I couldn’t sleep the night before–so those bags under my eyes are true life, no photoshop people. I had met Sheri about two years ago at the epic antique jewelry show in Miami…and then finally met Trina the following year (as in, a month ago) at the same show. However, prior to that I had admired their aesthetic and overall style since I first laid eyes on their website–back when jewelry was just a very small portion of their store, which carried mostly high end fashion (think, Dries van Noten and Isabel Marant). I even remember coveting a pair of Current Elliott jeans from their website, only to see them sell out in a matter of days!

Sheri and Trina have an edge to what they are doing, whether it was with clothing or jewelry–they knew how to style it, how to take immensely appealing photos, and make customers want to buy what they have to offer! When the store closed its doors back in 2012, everyone was devastated–but one thing that stayed with them was customers’ enthusiasm for the jewelry they sold. And as a matter of fact, the duo’s love for jewelry, especially the antique and estate pieces, had become an awesome passion which lucky for us, they decided to stick with! They reopened their doors, this time in a new location–Hayes Valley–with a focus on jewelry, some accessories, antiques and curiosities. Their taste in all things covetable is stronger than ever and I would measure their number of items desired per square foot at a record-breaking high.

As expected, the neighborhood Metier is located in reflects what the store feels like and is all about. Right down to the double-hung door, the enchanting deep blue walls with gold leafing, to the decor (I’m looking at you, stuffed pheasant)–the details were all there to convince any visitor that they have in fact walked into a real life jewelry box. We’ve rearranged the jewelry cases slightly for photography purposes, so some photos may not reflect the true arrangement of everything. I wanted to get in deep with my camera and shoot the stills and vignettes that Sheri and Trina style within the glass jewelry cases, because these are some of the best I’ve seen! Each piece is placed with great care, has a story to tell and beckons you to become a part of that story. I love the new designer pieces (like BCE Jewelry, Gabriella Kiss, Marla Aaron) they’ve curated for Metier because they mix extremely well with all the antique and vintage.

I had such a wonderful time playing with the incredible pieces of Metier and sadly didn’t want to leave! It was awesome to spend some time with Trina and Sheri, as we visited 20th Century Cafe afterward, which is their favorite little chill spot and absolutely adorable. I highly recommend that as your day trip if visiting San Francisco–check out Metier for a few hours and then walk over to 20th Century Cafe for lunch. Best day ever.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite items from my visit, just click on the items to shop!

metier7metier6metier3metier8metier4 metier10metier9metier5metier2metier1

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Shop Vintage & Antique Jewelry at ESQUELETO



A store amongst my “I’m dying to visit” list is ESQUELETO–located in two different cities, Los Angeles and Oakland, California. A little over four years ago, the store opened its doors in Oakland with the intention of bringing together favorite designers and fellow artisans whom owner Lauren Wolf admired, along with being a place to showcase her own work. Lauren is quite an accomplished jewelry artist herself, with a line of jewelry every rustic, modern bride is swooning over. I personally love her style and aesthetic and think it pairs immensely well with vintage and antique jewelry–perfect for stacking and mixing.

Speaking of antique jewelry, ESQUELETO‘s latest venture has been introducing old pieces into their stores and online with rave reviews. The shop started out small–very small, as in four pieces of antique jewelry–just to test customer reaction, and they immediately sold out! This prompted Lauren and the staff at ESQUELETO to begin to take vintage and antique seriously and build a larger collection to offer. LA store manager Alexis Adams says, “I think the vintage pieces resonate with people because of the intrinsic history – it’s fascinating to think about where a piece has been, who has worn it, who created it. Also, they are just really, really gorgeous!” We couldn’t agree more here at Gem Gossip!

ESQUELETO’s vintage and antique jewelry inventory has certainly expanded, where Lauren and her staff have been sourcing new and exciting pieces from dealers, jewelry shows and even friends. They have quite an eclectic collection, with lots of antique engagement rings as well as alternative bridal options for the ever-evolving modern bride. Alexis notes, “Vintage engagement rings have become very popular lately at our store, with many brides looking for rings that are both totally unique and timeless in design. We also have seen many clients stacking in elaborate ways–mixing styles from different eras.” ESQUELETO’s antique offering has expanded based on these findings, with loads of diamond Art Deco rings, sentimental Victorian amulets and rings, some lockets and a few Georgian pieces. Each item plucked from history and awaiting its new owner, with a full future ahead.

I’m obsessed with their “Stack of the Week” segment on the ESQUELETO website. It is ideal for those shopping solely online because it gives you an idea of size/proportion of each ring, as well as how to style each piece. “Stack of the Week” is essentially a mini-tutorial on how to wear and style rings, and provides LOTS of inspiration! I’ve displayed six of my favorites above and if you click on any of them, it will take you to their page devoted to “Stack of the Week.”

One last thing, ESQUELETO is having a Vintage Trunk Show in LA on November 14th–from 11am-6pm featuring Laurel of PASS IT ON, LTD. So if you’re in the LA area next Saturday, stop by!!



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Gem Gossip Visits Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Biggest Pearls ever Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry Carlo Giuliano Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joe & Jay Photo

I can’t wait to tell everyone about the most jewel-packed store this side of the Mississippi! This real-life treasure chest is located in Grove City, Pennsylvania and is called Joden Jewelry. An antique jewelry store, repair shop, store of curiosities, a jewelry museum, heaven…all which can be used to describe Joden. A motto quite fitting for the store, which one may not necessarily grasp until they actually walk through the doors–“You can go to a museum and look…or you can come to us and touch!” And by touch, they mean try-on, play, stare, fall-in-love and even BUY. Yes, that’s the best part, you can buy these items! Museum-worthy pieces of antique jewelry from all different time periods and all different price points are featured at Joden and ready for purchase. An inventory so amazing, one must see to believe! Anything from diamond engagement rings–both modern and antique, even custom made right in store, diamond stud earrings, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, wedding bands, modern pieces, loose diamonds and gems, rare French and English antique jewelry, and much, much more!

I was in for a real treat the moment I stepped into the store–I urge any antique jewelry collector to make a trip out to visit Joden. The summer or fall is a really pretty time of the year in western Pennsylvania–flying into Pittsburgh and making the hour and 15 minute drive will be picturesque, with the hills and mountains of the Appalachians. The town of Grove City is such a cute area–the historical downtown is quaint, with lots of restaurants, shops and businesses. This is where Joden is located! A ten minute drive toward the main highway will lead you to a couple hotels (I stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was great) and the Grove City Prime Outlets which is an outlet shopper’s Mecca! There–I have planned out a whole weekend for you! Now book your stay! 😉

But what makes Joden Jewelry so special? What sets it apart from other antique jewelry stores?!

For one, I would say their extensive collection of rare pieces by Carlo Giuliano puts Joden Jewelry on the map! Carlo Giuliano was an Italian Jeweler best known for his intricate enamel work during the 1800s. He was the “favored” jeweler to Queen Victoria and has an incredible legacy–some even say he was the best jeweler to have ever lived. The rarity and uniqueness of Giuliano’s work lives on display at Joden, where they own one of the largest collections of his work in the United States.

The store has been owner Joe Murawski’s life and happiness since 1970 when he first began, and as he tells me, is excited to come to work each day–this is his passion! His love for antique jewelry and storytelling is quite evident after spending a morning with him–each piece he talks about brings a smile to his face, along with a beaming glow. Whether he is talking about his latest find, how he acquired a mysterious Giuliano cross that was locked inside a small safe, or the entire estate of jewelry he purchased from Hollywood actress and ballerina Tamara Toumanova. Each story even more interesting than the last. Joe’s extensive wealth of knowledge about antique jewelry, the jewelry industry, bench work and designing, and business practices defines his character. His son Jay works alongside Joe, where he says he can’t be more proud of his son who has taken over the buying aspect of Joden. Anywhere from Los Angeles to England, Jay is there and handles that vital part of the business. A strong, family-run jewelry store with a great legacy and much more in store for the future!

Joden is always on the quest for the best! By this I mean they are always buying–whether it is one item or an entire estate, diamonds, gemstones, antique pieces, high quality watches, or jewelry collections, any and all sizes. Joden purchase from estates, trust departments, attorneys, and private individuals. If you have something to sell, please contact Joden for an appointment. Aren’t able to visit their store in Grove City? They have agents in several major U.S. cities who are able to review estate lots in person. Items may also be shipped to them or arrangements can be made to have items picked up. Talk about turnaround time–within one day of receipt of the package, Joden will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured. Payment is always immediate and confidential. For other information give them a call at 1-800-747-7552

I had such a fun time visiting Joden in Grove City, Pennsylvania on my Jewelry Road Trip! A few hours in the store didn’t touch upon the entire inventory as a whole–I am already planning another trip soon! Can’t wait to show everyone what I brought home with me for my personal collection; stay tuned.

10914719_926175334070052_7472495249124214406_o Joden Jewelry
144 South Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127
[email protected]
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Best Instagram Accounts for Any Jewelry Lover

Instagram has become more than just a social media platform–and it is not just a phase or craze. So many creatives have started careers from this app, earn a living from this app, and are discovered by millions of people on a daily basis. Anything that interests you has its very own community of Instagram devotees waiting to amuse you and entertain. If you love jewelry, and I’m guessing you do since you have landed on here at Gem Gossip where it is a jewelry lover’s dream, Instagram has its own community of sparkle lovers. Whether you like fine designer jewelry, antique treasures, or are looking for some tastemakers in the jewelry industry to follow, I’ve chosen my top five favorites within a few separate categories (was really tough to narrow it down to just FIVE) for everyone to DEFINITELY follow! Enjoy!

PS: My feed is shown above–sorry, I just couldn’t include myself in my own “BEST OF” list…that would be, well…creepy. But please follow my jeweled diary @GemGossip.































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Gem Gossip Visits Abercrombie Gems in Austin, TX

IMG_8586 IMG_8674 IMG_8620 IMG_8680 IMG_8614 IMG_8635 IMG_8595 IMG_8571 IMG_8623 IMG_8664 IMG_8608 IMG_8574 IMG_8673

Several months leading up to my jewelry-packed trip to Texas, I did some research on the best jewelry stores in Austin and didn’t find too many antique-only shops. Finding Abercrombie Gems was a real treat and after scrolling through their social media pages, I knew I was going to love this shop!

The store opened in 1989 and showcases some amazing vintage and antique jewelry, specializing in Art Deco engagement rings and wedding bands for brides and grooms. AJ’s father started the store, where AJ grew accustomed to jewelry and picked up a passion for bench work and design. When he took over the store in 2005, he continued to provide Austin with the best in antique jewelry, just like his father. His team consists of three jewelers in the workshop, a state-of-the-art laser welder, and most recently–the ability to work in CAD designing pieces on a computer. New custom jewelry designs can be made at the store, with AJ guiding the customer through each step of the process. Pictured above are shots from inside the workshop, where all sorts of repairs take place. It is nice to have a one-stop-shop for both buying and repairing, and their setup allows for this to happen efficiently. Abercrombie Gems consistently buys jewelry, diamonds, gold, and silver on a daily basis and welcomes anyone looking to sell their pieces into their Austin storefront.

Their display cases were uniquely set up using both antique boxes and trinkets, as well as modern displays. Each piece had something special about it…what AJ likes to call, “hand-curated.” I was loving each piece and enjoyed stacking all the various ring styles. The hand-painted ceramic portrait ring was so cool and I also loved the vintage gold and enamel snake ring in bold black, yellow, and maroon which reminded me of one from my personal collection! Fun vintage pieces from the 1960s/70s are also a love of mine and Abercrombie Gems has a nice selection. The diamond brooch featuring the dangling yellow diamond was one of my favorite pieces from the whole trip! I could see it fashioned gorgeously on someone’s wedding dress.

>> If any of the pieces seen here catch your attention, feel free to call (512-328-7530) or email ([email protected]) Abercrombie Gems for further details.


3008 Bee Caves Road, #100
Austin, TX 78746
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Gem Gossip Visits Ylang23 in Dallas, TX #LoveGold


IMG_6418 IMG_6429 IMG_6398 IMG_6477 IMG_6447 IMG_6536 IMG_6504 ylang23 IMG_6396 IMG_6410 IMG_6469 copy IMG_6445

Dallas’ must-stop shop for any jewelry lover, where you are guaranteed to fall in love with something, Ylang23 has been forever a favorite online destination for designer jewelry–and visiting the store was a huge treat! With their new doors opening last year, I have been wanting to see a “dream store” come to life. Both the interior decor, the color palette, of course the jewelry, even the bathroom was a reflection of beauty. It was awesome to hear that Charles & Joanne Teichman, owners of the 30-year-old store, did all the decorating themselves! Even the black and white art on the walls are photos taken on their many trips to Paris. Goes to show that their good taste doesn’t just run in jewelry!

Hip and high-end, on-trend jewelry designers, and a ring bar top the list of the best things about Ylang23. Their new location at the Plaza at Preston Center is nestled near some of the best dining, offering a perfect date all in one area–a lunch, followed by cupcakes across the street, and ending your day with jewelry seems like a dream scenario. What is just as beautiful as the interior of the store?! Their award-winning jewelry designer line-up! With some of their best-selling gold pieces including Irene Neuwirth, Cathy Waterman, Jennifer Meyer, Sethi Couture, Megan Thorne, and newly added Jemma Wynne and Monique Péan. Their continued favorites include Ten Thousand Things, Nak Armstrong, Todd Reed, and Jamie Joseph. Lots of other designers, over 50 total, where you can check out the roster by clicking here.

Did I mention, they have a ring bar?! Better yet, how many times can I say RING BAR. Such a cool concept that brings engagement ring shopping to a whole new, laid-back level! The ring bar is basically justs as it sounds and just as addicting as any regular bar. An assortment of rings are displayed at the bar, where “bartenders,” also known as a friendly sales associate, will help serve your every need–you can find your dream engagement ring, a perfect wedding band, or master your stack, all in one place! The ring bar will have you thinking “it’s five o’clock somewhere” in a whole new light!

photos taken from my visit to Ylang23 in Dallas, TX:

The Ring Bar‘s very own neon sign

I’ve stacked up some of my favorite Melissa Joy Manning rings available at Ylang23

the stylish lounge area of Ylang23

decked out in Cathy Waterman 22k yellow gold jewelry–two necklaces and a pair of earrings

a colorful stack of yellow gold gemstone rings from Irene Neuwirth

the gorgeous powder room at Ylang23 featuring a mirror by Lalique called Les Causeuses, “The Gossipers”

had to add some of Cathy Waterman‘s 22k gold rings to match the necklace/earrings

with the Ring Bar in the background, I’ve mastered my Jennifer Meyer ring stack!

love the artwork hanging at Ylang23, these are photos taken on Charles & Joanne’s trip to Paris

this photo demonstrates how every designer easily compliments one another–wearing Kataoka, Monique Péan, Sethi Couture, Cathy Waterman, Finn Jewelry and Jamie Joseph

loving and not wanting to take off this stack from Jennifer Meyer

breath-taking rings by Monique Péan

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


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Jewelry Store: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

480683_10151331077640955_2119348496_n 1270598_10151890279815955_1618070692_o GemGossip_Rings2 VintageJewelryBox 581353_10151255079615955_540139508_n FallRings GemGossip_Rings3 VintageWatchesGemGossip_Rings1 VintageRings_FB

Tucked away in a city named after its two man-made lakes, in laid-back, sunny southern California is The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest–a wonderfully smart jewelry store with a 25-year history. If the title of being one of America’s safest cities doesn’t draw you in, this jewelry store will! Continually voted best of Orange County several years in a row, this store is easily people’s top choice. And now, mine too thanks to social media. I found The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest after being mesmerized by their gorgeous photos posted throughout Facebook & Instagram. It wasn’t long until they posted something that really caught my attention–an Edwardian diamond ring in an elongated, finger-flattering silhouette. Before I knew it, I was learning first-hand at how amazing their customer service was as well. With such a lovely staff made up of caring, knowledgeable people, it is easy to notice the passion behind the store, and where it started from from the beginning.

Owners Jack and Christine began their journey in the jewelry industry working for a national department store chain. Both were in regional management positions, but for different parts of the country. With larger goals in mind, both had visions of owning their own store one day. Dreams became a reality in 2001 when they opened The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. Their successful store has been able to give back, with many special events benefiting Breast Cancer and giving back to the community.

The inventory runs the gamut, with new fashionable pieces of jewelry and “previously enjoyed,” their take on vintage and antique jewelry. With new items being added daily, their customers love to stop by frequently and check out what is new to the store. Other services like appraisals, repair work and restyling old, unwanted jewelry are also their specialty. If you’re like me, and can’t make it to their store, following their updates online is one sure way of receiving a purple box with their name on it! Although I do hope to visit some day!

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Gem Gossip Visits Roseark in West Hollywood, CA


My trip to California was jam-packed busy, so a pit stop at Roseark was totally necessary to CHILL OUT and thoroughly enjoy the zen vibe, paired with the incredible selection of jewelry they have. Roseark is located in a serene bungalow, situated on a corner lot in West Hollywood. The all-white buidling is wrapped with greenery and gardens, making it just as beautiful as the jewelry on the inside!


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Gem Gossip Visits Merkley Kendrick Jewelers in Louisville, KY

Untitled Roadmap Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

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