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Above features every “logo” aka Banner I’ve had over the past nine years, from first inception until now. The evolution shows the progression and most recently we dropped our tagline which we’ve had since day one.

With each passing July, I sit and ponder the beginnings of my blog Gem Gossip–all that it has done and accomplished, and all the potential that lies ahead. It was nine years ago that I first started this website with the sole purpose of connecting with others that love jewelry as much as I do. I never imagined that I would be doing this full-time nine years later and creating my own path. And I have YOU to thank for all this–those who read my blog daily, follow my social media accounts, “like” my photos and send encouraging emails. Thank you. You truly don’t know what it means to me and I’m forever grateful.

To celebrate this year, I’m reminiscing like crazy and sharing with you some facts you might not have known about Gem Gossip! I thought this would be a fun and personal blog post, and I’d love to hear some interesting tidbits regarding YOU and Gem Gossip. Does a blog post stick out in your memory? How did you find or stumble upon my blog? Did I help you out in a way that I don’t know about? I’d love to know! You can email me, write it in the comments below, or share on Instagram–I’ll be posting this on there as well.

PS: There will also be a giveaway coming up, but I have to hit 160k followers on Instagram first, so stay tuned!

The Facts:

1. I started my blog as a result of moving to Tennessee–after uprooting from the only house I had ever lived in my whole life in Upstate NY to TN, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had no job, no car (I sold my car because I didn’t want to drive it 11 hours by myself lol), and knew no one in my new town. I finally decided to invest my time and energy into learning about my biggest passion I had been carrying around with me my whole life–JEWELRY!

2. I was in a long distance relationship at the time I started Gem Gossip. It was because of my ex-boyfriend who suggested I should start a blog about jewelry after I had constantly filled his inbox daily with long hyperlinks of jewelry that I thought was “really cool.” He told me he didn’t care about the jewelry and that I needed an outlet to share my passion with others who felt the same way!

3. The name “Gem Gossip” was conceived after a brainstorm session with my sisters on what to name my future jewelry blog. I knew I couldn’t have my URL be daniellemiele.com because NO ONE knows how to pronounce my last name. It had to be catchy, simple, relate to jewelry and easy to say. I was looking at my sister’s fashion magazines and saw one of the actresses from Gossip Girl on the front cover (that show was the most popular around that time). I whispered aloud, “Gossip Gem” … and then “Gem Gossip” and it all clicked!

4. One of my first emails I’ve ever received from a jewelry designer was from Carolyn Tyler, after I had featured some of her work on my brand new blog. Her email was so encouraging and the excitement that I felt from receiving positive feedback was worth more than gold to me in that moment. I will never forget that kind exchange.

5. On the flipside of that, I’ve received several negative emails over the past nine years. One that called me Southern white trash (I’m from NY, so nice try) and a few that poked fun of my features that included photos of me modeling jewelry. This is both alarming on many levels but also quite comical, in my opinion.

6. The first seven years of writing Gem Gossip were all done part-time on weekends or after work. I was a nanny for the very first year and a half when I moved to Tennessee, and then eventually worked full-time at an antique jewelry store for five years. I would sit behind a microscope Tuesday through Saturday, with a pile of jewelry in a room without windows and crank out appraisals…and then come home bursting with creative energy, not wanting to do anything else except work on my blog.

7. One of my first big writing gigs was for LoveGold–I had no idea at the time how much I would learn in such a positive way from the 2 1/2 years of working with them. I produced exactly 100 pieces of exclusive content for LoveGold and traveled thousands of miles. And I still can’t get enough of yellow gold.

8. I once had a meeting with a very prestigious celebrity stylist. After learning I lived in Nashville she asked me about my love of country music. I told her I hated country music and she kept saying, “So you don’t like Taylor Swift? Not even Taylor Swift??” and I was adamant about not liking Taylor Swift. It was then and there that I realized I could have easily changed my answer to better fit our conversation; for her to “like” me. But I didn’t. I am who I am and I’m not changing for anyone. It is a memory that still sticks with me to this day…and it was with me a few weeks ago when I had some big meetings in NYC.

9. My #JewelryRoadTrip project involves a lot of travel, appointment making and on-the-spot creativity when visiting stores and designers’ work spaces. My husband Matt usually is the photographer behind all my #JewelryRoadTrip features but there was one big trip he couldn’t make–all my Pennsylvania coverage. My mom ended up coming along with me and taking all the photos. She was SO nervous and wanted to do a good job. I think she did great and it is still such a memorable trip for both of us. It was one of the first literal road trips where we drove my Prius up from Nashville and across the entire state of Pennsylvania over the course of four days. My car surpassed the 100k mileage mark on that trip and we celebrated by eating Arby’s (my favorite road trip fast food place…wait, maybe I am white trash?? See #5).

10. One of my most proud moments was being a co-curator at the Doyle & Doyle Vault series, where the NYC-based antique jewelry store put on their version of a month-long museum exhibition. I chose the topic of Sentimental Rings and several of my personal pieces, including my grandparents’ wedding bands and my grandma’s engagement ring were a part of the exhibit. In order for her ring to get to me, my grandma had to mail me her beloved ring. We both were so nervous for this feat–I had been tracking the package every step of the way. On the day of delivery, it was pouring rain. My alerts told me it had been delivered at my doorstep, but it was nowhere to be found. I was having a full-on panic attack over this. I ran outside in the rain in search of the package. To my surprise, it was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor a few doors down from me. It wasn’t just any neighbor…it was our neighbor that we were in a fully committed “poop war” with. What could I possibly mean by this? Well his dog would go to the bathroom in our yard almost daily…so my husband would take the dog poop and put it on their porch. Dumbest thing ever, but we were totally into it at the time lol. I grabbed the package off their porch and ran back home. That day ended the “poop war” and they moved shortly afterward, so all crisis averted. (By the way, my grandma’s Italian handwriting is the reason for the incorrect delivery–insert Italian hand gesture meaning WTF).


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Jennifer of @Dupkaspike

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

To end out the year, our last Jewelry Collection Story comes from Jennifer, or as many may know her on Instagram, @Dupkaspike. Her collection is eclectic, heavily sentimental and so fun to look at. She captured her collecting essence perfectly in these photos. Now if only I can meet her one day and she them in person! 😉 …take it away Jennifer:

I can’t say that I have always loved jewelry, but I can pinpoint the moment when the love affair began. When I was 16, my Dad took me into Keil’s, an antique jewelry store on Royal Street in New Orleans, and bought me two rings. One was a mother of pearl cameo with an onyx surround, and another was a rose gold carnelian with a gold inlaid intaglio of a Rose of Sharon.

It was an important moment in my understanding of jewelry. My Mom was a big Southwestern jewelry fan (I’ve inherited her collection), but it wasn’t something that resonated strongly with me, though I admired it. I was drawn more to the sentimental, and to the personal.

I did not do a lot of collecting in early adulthood. My husband is Chinese, and so over the years and when we married, I received traditional Chinese 22k gold and jade pieces as gifts, which I look forward to passing on to my children. Traditional Chinese don’t really like lower-karat gold pieces and I liked history and sentiment; so we were in agreement that mall jewelry wasn’t really for me. The jade pieces are my favorites of these, as is a giant 22k dragon and phoenix ring.

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

Over the years I have gravitated to certain genres. As an amateur painter, I adore portrait miniatures, and greatly admire the skill required to produce them. I don’t have many, but I’m always on the lookout for special pieces. Recently I acquired a large Georgian locket brooch, from CJ Antiques, surrounded by amethysts and plan to commission a portrait of my kids and dog. One piece I wear often I got from Duvenay, a pretty portrait of Marie Antoinette, with a diamond halo that was converted from a stickpin.

I’m a strong believer in personalization, so mostly every new piece I own has some engraving or dedication on it. When my kids were born, I bought heavy Tiffany Lucida wedding bands and had their names engraved on the outside and their birthdates on the inside. Similarly, I had their names and birthdates engraved on the inside of gemstone and diamond stacking rings. I have several stacking rings, which I love to mix with larger pieces. One set I wear all the time is two ruby keeper rings from Jewellery Hannah, as well as a giardinetto from Pocket of Rocks. Last year I worked with Hoard Jewelry on engraving to flat gold bands for them with personalized messages. One has the cipher of a “nonsense” love song my son used to sing to me as a child when he was barely verbal; only he and I understand it. He later told me that it was his love song to his Mom, and so of course my heart melted. Other antique engraved pieces of jewelry with dedications or initials I own are mostly amatory, including a Russian rock crystal locket with diamond initials on the face that once held hair; a tiny acrostic locket with engraving and locket space for hair; a large, double heart picture frame, and a banded agate mourning locket. A favorite bangle acquired from Lenore Dailey spells, “Dieu Vous Garde,” or “God Protect You.” I also have a locket with that motif. One of my very favorite pieces it is really quite special. I got it from Glorious Antique Jewelry. It is dated 1790 and has some interesting initials on the back, and a lovely message on the front, “Pour ma Sophie pour toujours ma petite cherie toût, 1790” which roughly translates to, “To my Sophie, you will always be my little darling, 1790.”

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

I love LOVE, and as such can’t seem to stop seeking out pansy jewelry. I have several enamel and gemstone pieces—a pendant and pocket watch. Pansy jewelry of course was symbolic of the French for “ Pense à moi,” or “ Think of me.” Similarly a Georgian pendant brooch I find myself wearing often simply says, “ L’Amour,” and is decorated with two seed pearl lovebirds. A garnet and white enamel pendant reads in Latin, “ Dulcis Vita::Tibi Vita,” or “ The Good “ Life; Your Life.” One piece I have, ruby hearts with diamond wings, was acquired from Park Avenue Jewelry and I decided to convert it from a brooch to a necklace. I’m a strong believer that jewelry should be worn, and I realized that it would get a lot more use for me personally as a necklace. I got this piece as my mother was dying, and it will always be very special to me as a remembrance of her.

French St. Esprit pieces are also a love and I get a lot of use out of a French regional cross I found. One of the St. Esprits is probably late 18th century and makes a political statement, with its red and blue pastes. A favorite piece of mine is an 1835 rose cut diamond, gold and silver Halley’s Comet pendant (likely converted from a brooch) that I got from Inez Stodel.


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Heather of @SpeakeasyJewels

Speakeasy Jewels Collection Speakeasy Jewels Collection Speakeasy Jewels Collection Speakeasy Jewels Collection

I was lucky enough to meet Heather before our Instagram community of collectors came into formation. It was during a time when she was in search of the perfect antique engagement ring and I was working full time at a local antique jewelry store in Nashville. We had been emailing back and forth and had a few contenders. What better way to seal the deal than a 12-hour road trip to Nashville?! I got to meet Heather and her future husband, help her try on some gorgeous jewels and it was a great day! Four years later she is sharing her jewelry collection here with us! Take it away Heather:

When and why did I start collecting jewelry? For weeks I couldn’t get my jewel story rolling because the answers were evading me. I cannot recall a time when I didn’t love jewelry and have memories as little girl sifting through any jewelry box or drawer I encountered, much to the chagrin of the women around me. I swear I’ve recovered from this behavior or at least ask permission before rifling. I thought it was my paternal grandma who sparked the collector in me since she was an avid one herself, but I was missing something or rather someone.

It should have been obvious since I worked for him for almost a decade – my Dad is the reason I am a collector. Classic cars, particularly Cadillacs of the 1950s and ‘60s, are his passion. He instilled in me an appreciation for the past and a desire to preserve relics of history. I often find there is an unspoken bond between those of us who collect vintage and antique no matter the category. The way he reflects on the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program through which many classic cars were destroyed echoes the horror we jewelry collectors feel when thinking about scrapping and melting. He understands why I collect antique and vintage jewelry and for Christmas a few years ago gifted me my first loupe with my initials engraved on the side – it is something I cherish. I hope one day I can pass along to my children the same tinkerer and antiquarian heart he has given me.

Speakeasy Jewels Collection Speakeasy Jewels Collection

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Gem Gossip Visits Isadora’s Antique Jewelry in Seattle, WA

Isadora's | Gem Gossip Isadora's | Gem Gossip  Isadora's | Gem Gossip Isadora's | Gem Gossip

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Gem Gossip Visits Lang Antiques in San Francisco, CA

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, Rings left to right: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, left to right: Brooch, Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click here for more info on snake bracelet

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, Rings left to right: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, left to right: Pendant 1, Pendant 2

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, Rings left to right: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, top to bottom: Bracelets, Rings

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, left to right: Ring, Bracelet 1, Bracelet 2, Bracelet 3, Bracelet 4

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, left to right: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

ABOVE–Click for more info, left to right: Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6, Ring 7

Lang Antiques | Gem Gossip

Anytime I get asked, “Of all your travels so far, which store takes your breath away the most?” I always immediately think of Lang Antiques in San Francisco! This store easily takes the cake for so many reasons, number one being SO MANY JEWELS…although I’ll never say too many–since you can never have too much of a good thing. Lang Antiques was the first store visit I ever did, when the very beginnings of my idea of doing a “Jewelry Road Trip,” were being formed. I can’t believe that was six years ago! It is quite humbling to realize that Suzanne, co-owner of Lang Antiques, was eager to show me her store and graciously teach and encourage me at such an early point in my career. She is just as enthusiastic today as she was six years ago, and between the both of us, a lot has changed!

The main change for Lang Antiques since my first visit six years ago–location! A totally new store, although it moved only two doors down from its original spot, the space is much larger and has a whole new look. After checking out all my photos from my recent visit (above) it is neat to compare with my visit six years ago from this blog post. Once you compare the two, you will also notice another change–no more sterling silver holloware. Lang Antiques has turned their focus totally on antique and estate jewelry, and their jaw-dropping inventory and selection is a true testament to that. Just as much as Lang Antiques likes to sell jewelry, they also love to buy. Lucky for us, those who don’t live in San Francisco get to experience their store online, which is consistently updated with “New Arrivals.” I appreciate an antique jewelry store who is diligent in keeping up with inventory and constantly bringing new pieces to their website. Lang Antiques’ website has also been a favorite of mine to browse, anytime of the day! It is also very educational and helps to brush up on learning pricing and identifying gemstones and eras.

I hope you enjoy the many photos we took from our Lang Antiques visit–there were so many favorites and not enough time in a day to try everything on! I was bowled over quite a few times with some of the pieces. If you’re searching for a really special piece or a significant piece of jewelry to commemorate an occasion, Lang Antiques WILL have it! If you’re looking for an antique engagement ring or wedding band–or even some jewels to wear on your wedding day, Lang Antiques has such an amazing selection. If you’re saving for a “holy grail” piece–I bet Lang Antiques will have it! My “holy grail” piece from Lang’s is my moonstone and sapphire cluster ring, often worn in Instagram photos. I will treasure it forever! Special thanks to Suzanne for having me again–this time I won’t go six years before visiting again! And also to Nicole who handles all of Lang Antiques’ marketing and social media as Marketing Manager, it was awesome to meet you!


309 Sutter St.

San Francisco, CA 94108

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Gem Gossip Visits Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Biggest Pearls ever Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry Carlo Giuliano Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joe & Jay Photo

I can’t wait to tell everyone about the most jewel-packed store this side of the Mississippi! This real-life treasure chest is located in Grove City, Pennsylvania and is called Joden Jewelry. An antique jewelry store, repair shop, store of curiosities, a jewelry museum, heaven…all which can be used to describe Joden. A motto quite fitting for the store, which one may not necessarily grasp until they actually walk through the doors–“You can go to a museum and look…or you can come to us and touch!” And by touch, they mean try-on, play, stare, fall-in-love and even BUY. Yes, that’s the best part, you can buy these items! Museum-worthy pieces of antique jewelry from all different time periods and all different price points are featured at Joden and ready for purchase. An inventory so amazing, one must see to believe! Anything from diamond engagement rings–both modern and antique, even custom made right in store, diamond stud earrings, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, wedding bands, modern pieces, loose diamonds and gems, rare French and English antique jewelry, and much, much more!

I was in for a real treat the moment I stepped into the store–I urge any antique jewelry collector to make a trip out to visit Joden. The summer or fall is a really pretty time of the year in western Pennsylvania–flying into Pittsburgh and making the hour and 15 minute drive will be picturesque, with the hills and mountains of the Appalachians. The town of Grove City is such a cute area–the historical downtown is quaint, with lots of restaurants, shops and businesses. This is where Joden is located! A ten minute drive toward the main highway will lead you to a couple hotels (I stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was great) and the Grove City Prime Outlets which is an outlet shopper’s Mecca! There–I have planned out a whole weekend for you! Now book your stay! 😉

But what makes Joden Jewelry so special? What sets it apart from other antique jewelry stores?!

For one, I would say their extensive collection of rare pieces by Carlo Giuliano puts Joden Jewelry on the map! Carlo Giuliano was an Italian Jeweler best known for his intricate enamel work during the 1800s. He was the “favored” jeweler to Queen Victoria and has an incredible legacy–some even say he was the best jeweler to have ever lived. The rarity and uniqueness of Giuliano’s work lives on display at Joden, where they own one of the largest collections of his work in the United States.

The store has been owner Joe Murawski’s life and happiness since 1970 when he first began, and as he tells me, is excited to come to work each day–this is his passion! His love for antique jewelry and storytelling is quite evident after spending a morning with him–each piece he talks about brings a smile to his face, along with a beaming glow. Whether he is talking about his latest find, how he acquired a mysterious Giuliano cross that was locked inside a small safe, or the entire estate of jewelry he purchased from Hollywood actress and ballerina Tamara Toumanova. Each story even more interesting than the last. Joe’s extensive wealth of knowledge about antique jewelry, the jewelry industry, bench work and designing, and business practices defines his character. His son Jay works alongside Joe, where he says he can’t be more proud of his son who has taken over the buying aspect of Joden. Anywhere from Los Angeles to England, Jay is there and handles that vital part of the business. A strong, family-run jewelry store with a great legacy and much more in store for the future!

Joden is always on the quest for the best! By this I mean they are always buying–whether it is one item or an entire estate, diamonds, gemstones, antique pieces, high quality watches, or jewelry collections, any and all sizes. Joden purchase from estates, trust departments, attorneys, and private individuals. If you have something to sell, please contact Joden for an appointment. Aren’t able to visit their store in Grove City? They have agents in several major U.S. cities who are able to review estate lots in person. Items may also be shipped to them or arrangements can be made to have items picked up. Talk about turnaround time–within one day of receipt of the package, Joden will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured. Payment is always immediate and confidential. For other information give them a call at 1-800-747-7552

I had such a fun time visiting Joden in Grove City, Pennsylvania on my Jewelry Road Trip! A few hours in the store didn’t touch upon the entire inventory as a whole–I am already planning another trip soon! Can’t wait to show everyone what I brought home with me for my personal collection; stay tuned.

10914719_926175334070052_7472495249124214406_o Joden Jewelry
144 South Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127
[email protected]
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Q & A with Market Square Jewelers

Market Square Jewelers is one of those kinds of antique jewelry stores that is a heart-skipping treasure trove! With four different locations in the Northeast, there’s always some kind of road trip begging to be planned, with at least one of their locations as a stopping point. I’ve been a fan for awhile, even have a piece in my jewelry box from Market Square Jewelers–a date ring, of course! The year “01” which was a rare find–always fun when the people working at the store get just as excited as you do over jewelry! They have a great crew working over there, with years of experience.

Wanting to know more, I got to hear from Elizabeth, second-generation within this family-run business and newly married, about how everything began and what she’s been up to lately! Of course we had to talk about memorable pieces and future plans.

Visit their website >> www.marketsquarejewelers.com


When traveling to Antiqua as a teenager in the early 70s, my father purchased a number of shell necklaces from native craftspeople. When he came back to Cape Cod, he found himself, tanned and bare chested, walking his hometown beaches reselling the necklaces! He always said, as simple as it is, this was where Market Square Jewelers was born!

As for me, I was born into this company! I grew up taking naps in the back of the stores, and then working in them, and learning gems/jewelry and business first hand from the time I could walk and talk. After I finished college, I attended the GIA to formalize my education and get my Graduate Gemology degree, but really, there was never a time when I thought I’d be doing anything else. Antique jewelry and rare gems are in my blood.



I’d say there’s two main things that make us a little different than the average jewelry shop. First off, we’ve been in our locations for so long, we really know the customers and clients well. They’ve become friends and family members, and we’re able to really have an awesome relationship with them, finding just the right piece engagement ring for a young man who used buy Mother’s Day gifts with his allowance. Things like that.

What really sets our jewelry apart? It’s all unique. We take these wonderful old mountings and settings that are so beautifully crafted, and we restore them, often with gems that were never heard of when the mounting was made! Have you ever seen a tanzanite in an Art Deco mounting? Tanzanite wasn’t around when that mounting was made, and yet, it’s perfect!



Market Square Jewelers began in 1984 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and we’re still in the same spot. It’s a beautiful shop, right on the corner downtown, with huge picture windows floor to ceiling on two sides of the building. The light is amazing in that store! It’s a great place to browse, there’s plenty of room and it’s a very mellow atmosphere.

We have been in downtown Portsmouth location for over 20 years, again, in the same location all that time, right on the corner in Market Square! Portsmouth is kind of like walking into your grandmother’s jewelry box. The shop is smaller, but it is PACKED with goodies, especially the windows, which are a local landmark. Everyone knows those windows displays!

In 2007, Market Square Jewelers opened our storefront in Downtown Dover, NH. We bought the whole building this time, and turned it into our hub. This is where our offices are, and our goldsmithing studios, and our repair people, and our designers, this is our production center, as well as a retail site, and it gives the place a different feel than the other shops. It’s a great energy, it really feels like we fit right in with the Dover vibe.

We’ve been wanting to open in Portland for years! The Downeast charm is so enticing, especially in the district of the Old Port. In 2014 we found the perfect location on Exchange Street, a shop with wonderful tin ceilings and old wood accents that already felt like home. It took a lot of work, but we not only opened the shop in record time, but found the perfect antique jewelry displays and cabinets so that it all looks like the shop was built to be ours, a hundred years ago!

(pictured below left–their Portsmouth location, right–their Dover location)

IMG_7003-2 Dover4


Definitely the first sale on our website, marketsquarejewelers.com. Launching our site was a huge endeavor: refining our look, inventory management, perfecting product photography, blog content, copy writing, etc. I remember the first sale that we made: a pair of simple gold earrings. I ran down the hall of the office giving the gals high fives. We all hugged and were so excited and had been working so hard to see it happen! We were all smiles! Our work had finally paid off!

As a woman who is also expecting her first baby, one of the greatest challenges is being a mother and a business woman. I have so many goals for this business, including expanding our online presence, developing a collection of MSJ original reproduction pieces, and continuing ways to give back to the communities that we live and work. My biggest challenge and goal is to be a great mother and a great boss!

IMG_3549 10603530_763503450378031_8857498842419832396_n


It is hearsay that the GIA has only seen 10 taaffeites in all the years they have been identifying gemstones; we own one of them. Being nerdy, when it comes to rare and unusual gemstones, finding this gem and having the opportunity to buy it has been one of the most exciting moments.

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Gem Gossip Visits Village Goldsmith Antiques in Dallas, TX #LoveGold

IMG_6358 IMG_6362 IMG_6374 IMG_6360

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Press: VO+ magazine features Gem Gossip

V132_MZ-preview copy V132_MZ.pdf VO+ magazine, Italy’s own Vincenzaoro publication that goes hand-in-hand with the Internationally renowned gold show, has done a feature on Gem Gossip, which I was excited to share my views on the jewelry world, from my point of view!

The best part about my first piece of International press is that it is in Italian, which my grandma will be so proud of! Can’t wait to get her a copy!

In the meantime, here is my article that I wrote and you can also read it on Issuu below:

I like to think that my love for jewelry has been eminent since I could remember. At age four, I was begging my mom to take me to get my ears pierced, with a secret wish list of different earrings I would buy once my ears healed. When six years ago I’ve started my blog, I would feature things that were on my wish list, like eternity bands, and show examples of some of my favorites. Antique jewelry was a budding obsession for me, so at first my posts were simple with learning the basics of collecting antique pieces, their value and authenticity, with a general draw towards Art Deco filigree rings and lots of old cut diamonds. Today antique jewelry is a huge topic in my life and on my blog, personally I am constantly on “the hunt” for my next big find traveling across the USA and even overseas to London. Visiting antique jewelry stores and getting an inside look is a side I love sharing with my readers. Last year, I ventured to London and went on an antique jewelry treasure hunt with two other collectors. Readers love connecting with me over my personal finds and many have gone to the same places I went to, solely because of my blog. There are so many aspects of antique jewelry that I love and adore, and with my taste continually changing, I have come to collect some extremely specific kinds of rings. Victorian jewelry in particular is very romantic and sentimental, garnering lots of attention from collectors and myself alike. I think antique jewelry has exponentially grown in the past few years in terms of popularity, with so much more of a demand for one-of-a-kind items. An area that is benefiting from this boom is jewelry auction houses. These auction houses span the globe, and I enjoy treasure hunting by browsing their catalogs. Some of my favorite jewelry designers currently are HOORSENBUHS, Andrea Fohrman, Holly Dyment, Arik Kastan, and Elisa Solomon. I love discovering new, up-and-coming designers, like Amanda Hunt, Communion by Joy, and Kimberlin Brown. Sometimes Gem Gossip is the home of the first piece of press for jewelry designers just starting out, and I am happy to spread the news of their talent.

Source: GossipGem.com

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