Doyle & Doyle Debuts Rare Collection of Antique Jewels

1 doyle doyle antique jewelry rings crosses

Doyle & Doyle is thrilled to debut pieces from a spectacular cache of rare antique jewels, all acquired from a single collector. Including jewelry from ancient Rome, 17th century Spain, and 19th century France, these are the best examples of their type and many are hallmarked by well known jewelers. Keep reading for a sneak peek of the historic collection before it goes on exhibition at Doyle & Doyle in September.

2 doyle doyle micromosaic bangle brooch vatican workshop 3 doyle doyle antique micromosaic bangle vatican workshop

These exquisite micromosaic pieces date to the mid-19th century and are hallmarked for the Vatican Workshop of the Papal State.The Vatican’s mosaic studio was founded in the 16th century, its skilled artisans create artworks commissioned by wealthy patrons and pieces for the Pope to give as gifts. The Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo, Saint Peter’s Square designed by Bernini, and Raphael’s “The School of Athens” are among the many masterpieces you can discover at the Vatican. Originally founded in the 16th century, the skilled artisans working in the Vatican’s mosaic studio create pieces for the Pope to give as gifts and artworks commissioned by wealthy patrons. They also oversee and maintain the ten thousand square meters of colorful mosaics that adorn Saint Peter’s Basilica. This bangle and brooch are beautifully made, featuring glass tesserae so tiny that the designs look like paintings in shades of red, blue, green, and white. Perhaps a wealthy young man purchased them during his Grand Tour through Europe, or they were gifts to an important Church official. No matter their origin, they are little works of art that display the incredible skill of the Vatican’s workshop.

4 doyle doyle antique spanish gold crucifix choker long gold chains

The collection includes other ecclesiastical jewels in addition to the Vatican micromosaics, including a variety of gem-set and enameled crosses from many different periods. This striking dimensional crucifix cross is Spanish from the 17th century, detailed with enamel and engraving that resembles wood grain. Although probably not original, we love it worn on the black ribbon choker, especially when layered with antique gold guard chains. Although these are museum quality jewels, they’re definitely wearable!

5 doyle doyle antique diamond heart spanish reliquary

There are also charming examples of sentimental and devotional jewelry. The rose cut diamond encrusted heart hangs from a sweet rose gold dove. The diamonds are foil backed and you can see hints of pink, gold, and even green reflecting through the stones. The rare late 17th century Spanish reliquary pendant is a small compartment that holds a tiny bit of a saint’s blood. It’s backed by a hand painted figure of a female saint and framed by emeralds and garnets. This type of jewel was probably a private devotional artwork. Spain being an intensely Catholic country, people believed in the power of saints to affect their daily life. In additional to more traditional liturgy, 17th century Spaniards prayed to their personal saint to intervene and make their lives better.

6 doyle doyle arts and crafts turquoise pendant art nouveau enamel winged female pendant Gaston Laffitte

The other half of this incredible collection is comprised of museum quality Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau jewelry. The Arts & Crafts Movement was a direct response to the mechanization and poor working conditions engendered by the Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th century. Adherents looked to the Middle Ages, nature, and popular folk art for inspiration, seeking to return to an idyllic time before mass production. Shying away from precious materials, Arts & Crafts jewelers favored readily available gemstones, such as garnet, amethyst, citrine, opal, and moonstone. The delicate gold pendant is British, comprised of hand wrought wirework set with bright blue turquoise and glowing moonstone.

7 doyle doyle art nouveau plique a jour enamel necklace Gaston Laffitte silver locket Lucien Coudray

By the end of the century, Art Nouveau artists took the theme of nature to the next level. Art Nouveau jewelry often incorporated idealized female forms with swirling, whiplash hair framed by sensuous flora, like this striking silver mirror locket. Dating to 1900, this lovely piece is hallmarked for French jeweler Lucien Coudray. Coudray specialized in engraving medals and won several prizes for his artistry. Another popular form was a winged female with gossamer enamel wings studded with tiny gems or pearls. This statuesque dragonfly woman was created around 1900 and bears the hallmark of noted Art Nouveau jeweler, Gaston Laffitte. The light filters through the translucent green plique-a-jour enamel wings, creating a delicate stained glass effect.

This is just a small preview of the incredible historic collection – want to see it all? Doyle & Doyle is putting on a public exhibition in September. Email [email protected] for more information and to get on the invite list!

This post was contributed by Juliet Rotenberg of Doyle & Doyle, thank you!!


Want more?! To check out the store tour of Doyle & Doyle, click here.

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Doyle & Doyle Hosts a Gem Gossip Meet Up!

Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip

Whenever I visit NYC, I like to think of Doyle & Doyle as my home-away-from-home. Everything about the store, the jewels inside, the people inside, the neighborhood…it’s my favorite! It only felt right to have my first ever meet up there and I was excited to also reunite with Elizabeth & Pamela, the best sister duo in the biz. And of course, I had to see their latest finds–there were even exclusive pieces displayed just for the event, and never seen before!

One of the pieces that had me in a trance was a carved emerald ring (pictured above) in a teardrop shape, with diamonds surrounding it. I don’t think it is on their website yet since it was making its debut when I visited, but you can always email the team at the store. Another ring I could have just stared at all day was the opal and demantoid garnet (a bright green colored garnet) ring. That particular ring is actually up on their website, so if you’d like more info, just click here. That ring seriously GLOWS and it surely made a splash on Instagram. Another popular piece that I featured from my visit was a peridot ring with a secret. I say secret because at first glance it looks like any cocktail ring–large, enchanting peridot gemstone, surrounded by some gorgeous diamonds. If you look closer, you will notice two tiny screw mechanisms on each side. These let the wearer remove the top portion of the ring and wear it as a pendant! How cool is that?! Those Victorians sure knew how to trail blaze convertible jewelry.

I just want to say a special thank you to the team at Doyle & Doyle for always welcoming me into their store. And thanks to those who took the time out of their day to come and visit with me, whether it was your first time meeting me or we’ve been BFF since the very beginning of Gem Gossip, your continued support means the world to me!

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Gem Gossip Visits Pippin Vintage Jewelry in NYC

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Pippin Vintage Jewelry storefront — and off to the left, which you can almost see, Pippin Home which is their sister store, full of vintage decor, clothes and knick knacks

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

What you see as you walk in the doorway–just like rummaging through a treasure hunter’s best kept secret!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Some easy favorites from their fine jewelry case.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

A look into the jewelry case! Wow, so many treasures!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Besides the two large fine jewelry cases, the store is a mix of costume jewelry neatly displayed, vintage purses and other items, as you can see here.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Pippin Vintage has some really gorgeous antique engagement rings; their price points are amazing too!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

A fun mix of vintage fine rings from Pippin Vintage–and look at that display! Such a cool idea!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Love these vintage purses!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Some more favorites currently available from Pippin Vintage!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

The costume jewelry displays on this side of the store are so fun!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

I’ve never loved a trio more than these three! That coral navette is so cool!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Two stunning antique diamond brooches from Pippin Vintage.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Another look into the fine jewelry case! See anything you like?!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

These diamond earrings belong on a beautiful bride!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Was enchanted by this charm display–three tiers of charms and the best part, it closes, folding into a box.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Pairing the onyx with the elongated sapphire and diamond ring is a match made in heaven! And that rose cut diamond cluster?! Yes!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

So many rings, so little time!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Pippin Vintage is located on a cozy street in Chelsea, NYC

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

If you love vintage purses and handbags, like the one above, you gotta check out Pippin Vintage–they have quite a few stashed all around the store.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

With each season and holiday, Pippin Vintage changes their decor. I arrived just as the Autumn leaves were going up for their Fall displays.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Two very special pieces, this amethyst brooch and this bold quartz ring!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Lots of ladies in Pippin Vintage, makes the place even prettier!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

If you’re on the engagement ring hunt, be sure to stop by Pippin Vintage Jewelry.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

So much goodness in one photo!

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

An extraordinary sapphire and diamond ring from Pippin Vintage.

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

The girls of Pippin Vintage (not pictured, owners Stephen & Rachel)

Pippin Vintage | Gem Gossip

Just can’t get enough of this combo! If you see any here you like, contact Pippin Vintage!

I love finding hidden gems–those stores you might walk right by and never have known what treasures await inside. Pippin Vintage Jewelry is exactly one of those stores! Think of it like a long lost treasure trove or attic which once belonged to a group of the coolest, hippest girls of the past, now transformed into a store for all to rummage through! And that’s exactly what owners Rachel and Stephen set out to create, a space that inspires adornment, an eclectic collection for those who love jewelry and things of the past, right in the heart of Chelsea. You can tell from my photos that Pippin Vintage is one of those stores that you can spend quite some time in and not realize the hours slipping by, while at the same time you are transported back in time with every item you see. From the entire wall filled with vintage costume jewelry, to the antique clutches and purses, even fashionable hats from the bygone eras, the entire store is a whimsy.

Pippin Vintage Jewelry first began before it was an actual store. Back during the times of the old Chelsea Flea Markets, Stephen would sell his preloved treasures found at auctions in the Northeast, and when I say treasures, I mean a little bit of everything! Jewelry was a part of the equation, but a small part, and it needed more attention than what it was getting. Rachel noticed this right away, she always had a penchant for jewels, especially the antique kind. With some organization and a woman’s touch, jewelry soon became their best seller. Eventually the Chelsea Flea Markets closed down for good and the duo found themselves looking for a space to rent with a dream to open a store. In 2006 they happened upon the most ideal spot and in the spring of 2007, Pippin Vintage opened its doors for the first time.

One thing is for sure, Pippin Vintage Jewelry has thrived upon their enthusiastic and dedicated customers. They love their NYC people–to the owners, being a part of the city that never sleeps is their favorite part of this business. One thing I noticed is their approachable pricing. For many, buying things in the city is just so darn expensive. But not here. Pippin Vintage accounts value as one of their most important parts of their business model. They even encourage trades amongst their fine jewelry clients who may have some fine jewelry they don’t wear anymore, but may have found something they want amongst the cases. And yes, there are two whole cases within their fine jewelry selection. Lots of rings, charms, earrings, necklaces and bracelets from many different time periods. Their price points are great too; you can find items like small gold charms for a couple hundred dollars, while also displayed next to a diamond Art Deco bracelet for $25,000. That’s what I love about this shop, it is a true treasure hunt in the heart of NYC.

I’ve enjoyed my time while visiting and even more so while emailing with Rachel. Her stories intrigue me, like the one about her experience with an estate of a “hoarder” who lived in the Bronx. She was a seamstress during the 1920s/30s and had hoards of buttons, jewelry and collection of Bakelite jewelry. Rachel said you walked in the door and everything was jam packed from floor to ceiling of stuff! I’m sure it was an unforgettable experience.

If you get the chance to visit NYC, make sure to put Pippin Vintage Jewelry on your itinerary! The neighborhood that the store is located in is just the cutest and their home goods store is also a must see–Pippin Home–which sells vintage and antique furniture, home decor, trinkets and some clothes. It is just right next door. May I also suggest the Mexican restaurant across the street–Serenata. One of the best lunches I’ve ever had!

Thanks Pippin Vintage for having me! I will be back next time I’m in town!

Pippin Vintage

112 W 17th St.

New York, NY 10011

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Q & A with A La Vieille Russie in NYC


It only took one quick glance from my whizzing cab on the busy streets of NYC–I locked onto the gilded windows with my eyes and secretly swooned as I sped by A La Vieille Russie. The antique gallery specializes in rare jewelry, Fabergé, decorative arts and Russian treasures, and stands on the corner of 5th Avenue and E. 59th Street in all its glory. It’s a shop unlike any other and it belongs in no other place than NYC. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get to visit NYC as often as I’d like to, but hopefully soon I will get a chance to visit ALVR rather than drive right by it only wishing I could stop.

The inventory on display at A La Vieille Russie is what most would describe as “exquisite,” or in my own words, “museum-worthy.” If you love Art Deco engagment rings, yes ALVR has them…but how about a rare piece of French Victorian jewelry, perfectly executed and in excellent condition?! Or even better, how about a diamond spray brooch with an origin most likely of the Russian Crown Jewels?! That’s what sets ALVR apart from the rest. The jewelry is magnificent and it speaks for itself.

I had to know more about this gallery that stands out from the crowd…about their jewelry, most importantly, and their views on the antique jewelry industry. With such an extraordinary store and resume, I fielded some questions and enjoyed hearing the intriguing responses. Hope you enjoy too!


We source our jewelry from around the world but the majority of it we find in England and the European continent.



The short answer is no. For instance, we have a postcard in our archives from an antique jewelry dealer, writing to his son in the 1820s saying “I don’t know how you are going to continue in business, I can’t find any merchandise”. We think dealers have always felt this way and really great antique pieces are becoming harder and harder to find. They are out there but along with being harder to find, the quality we seek has become a lot more expensive. It is easy to spend a million dollars but we would actually find it very difficult given the quality and the rarity of the pieces we are on the hunt for. However, as time goes on, pieces become vintage and eventually antique. Most of our collection comes from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century but we are beginning to collect exceptional jewels from the mid-20th century and we even have some “vintage” jewels from the 1970s and ‘80s.



We are world renown for our Fabergé and have formed some of the most important Fabergé collections in the world. The Messer Schaffer’s father, Alexander Schaffer, is known for introducing Fabergé to America and Fabergé himself was a client of our firm in 19th century Kiev. We are also known for our Imperial Russian treasures and European Objects of Vertu and snuffboxes. Interestingly, snuffboxes are considered by most to be the top end of jewelry. Primarily snuffboxes were made for men, however, in her lifetime, Catherine the Great had the largest collection and the story is that she supposedly had a snuffbox on every window ledge of the Winter Palace, known today as the main building of the Hermitage Museum. Given the number of windows in the Winter Palace, 1,945 to be exact, this story must be an exaggeration. However, it is possible that she had at least one in each of its 1,057 rooms.

In terms of jewelry, we consider ourselves to be “where the unusual is usual.” We look for the highest level of craftsmanship, the finest materials as well as unusual and innovative designs. We get most excited about delightfully unusual jewels and over the years, some of our favorite pieces have included materials such as wood, leather, gunmetal, human hair, copper, brass, celluloid etc. Of course, rings do very well for us as they are easily worn with today’s fashions. We try to carry a range of momento mori rings, hardstone cameo rings, Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and cocktail rings. Rare, high quality rings always sell and oddly enough, at the moment we are also all out of tiaras.



Art Deco is eternally popular. Lately, we have also seen a returned interest in mid-nineteenth century jewelry (1830-1870) in the Georgian, Victorian and Revival styles. Art Nouveau ebbs and flows in popularity but we love it always. Artist jewelry such as pieces by Salvador Dalí or jewels by Hollywood celebrity jeweler Paul Flato also always has an audience. There is definitely an increase in the salability and desirability of antique jewels and we think it is due to two main factors: 1) People are looking for individuality and do not want to be a part of the herd. So much of today’s jewelry is ubiquitous or a continuation of branding and people are favoring unique antique pieces more and more. 2) Some of our jewelry we consider “subway jewelry”, as in you can wear it anytime, anywhere, depending on the audience. Some of our best pieces do not appear as obvious bling and are quite understated. You could wear these pieces on the subway without anyone realizing what you had on and then once you got to the opening night of the Opera, everyone would know what you’re wearing.



Any? We have several! One of our favorites is from a few years back. A friend and client came into our gallery one day saying that her sister had passed away and was wondering if we would be interested in looking at her massive collection of jewelry in Jersey. Of course, we said yes and when the subject was broached with one of our firm’s principals, he immediately said “get in a car and drive out there”. To which the response was “No can do, it is the Isle of Jersey… off of the coast of France!” We ended up with over three hundred and fifty pieces of fabulous jewelry.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with A La Vieille Russie.


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Elizabeth Doyle of Doyle & Doyle

doyles meatpacking gems eliz fox ring1a a-eliz lockets1 Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection >Sept. 24 2015 Presentation copy Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection 2 Sept. 24 2015 Presentation Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection 3 Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection5

It all started with a love of jewelry–a similar beginning to a lot of collectors’ stories, but this passion was deeper, stronger and life-changing for Elizabeth Doyle. Add another sister to the mix–Pamela Doyle–and you’ve got yourself the most kick-ass sister duo to hit the antique jewelry scene. I’ve been a fan of their NYC-based jewelry store Doyle & Doyle since I first got into antique jewelry and getting a chance to meet and work with both sisters was a dream come true last year. Sharing Elizabeth’s favorite pieces from her personal collection is like unlocking a vault filled with years of travel and collecting, featuring pieces spanning several decades.

Elizabeth says, “For those of us who collect jewelry, looking through our collections is like looking through a scrap book. When I laid out my jewels to decide what to include in this exhibition, it was a flood of memories and emotions. Each piece marks an important event in my life, and they are all so varied. I have my baby bracelet engraved with my name. I can’t remember receiving it or ever wearing it, but nonetheless it is a prized memento of my childhood. Then there is my baby tooth necklace. It was designed (and sketched) by my son when he was five. The necklace is set with both his and his sister’s first lost baby teeth. They are, to me, the most precious and irreplaceable gems. Some pieces represent a turning point in my life (my ruby ring that was the first piece I was able to keep for myself from Doyle & Doyle) or even the moment when I learned something new and developed a new appreciation (my memento mori and mourning rings). For me, jewelry is a way to remember, a way to learn, a way to communicate, and a way to celebrate.”

The exhibit featuring pieces from her personal collection happened a week ago, but if you’re like me and don’t live in the NYC area, fear not! No need to feel like you missed out–above are some of the pieces that were on display at this enchanting event, all from Elizabeth’s personal collection with descriptions in tow. I love how every piece carries such meaning and is rooted in her life, even though the piece itself has an unknown past, it has a present with her.

If you’d like the full PDF featuring Elizabeth’s personal collection which was on display, feel free to email

To read about our collaboration from last year, click here.



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A Day at the Pier Antique Show in NYC

Untitled Untitled

The Pier Show in NYC happens twice a year, featuring over 400 exhibitors, including some of the best antique and estate jewelry vendors. I’ve entrusted Levi Higgs, with his expert eye and commendable taste, who works in the Archives Dept. of David Webb and has one of the most eye-appealing Instagram feeds ever to be my Gem Gossip Correspondent for the day! Take it away, Levi:

As spring arrives in New York City, there is one short weekend when Pier 92/94 becomes home to one of my favorite antique shows ever. The hierarchy of antique shows in New York City probably put the Pier Show below shows held at the Park Avenue Armory, but the Pier Show definitely has breadth and depth that other more prestigious shows lack. My assignment this time around was to canvas the seemingly endless rows of booths and find beautiful pieces of jewelry to share. I started out by asking my fellow jewelry connoisseur, Sara Vincent (@rococoredhead) to come along with me in order to lend a manicured and feminine hand to my photos, as well as to help me sift through the trays and shelves and hoards of jeweled goods to find the gems, so to speak.

Let it be known that The Pier Show can be glamourous and exciting, especially when rubbing elbows at the trays with the likes of Lynn Yeager of Vogue, Lauren Santo Domingo of Moda Operandi and Interior Designer Nate Berkus. Take those sightings with a grain of salt, however, as there are people from all walks of the trade present, but that’s what makes it great. Dealers, students, collectors, and browsers alike, and it’s also not uncommon to hear some bickering over heat-treated vs. natural stones in raised voices.

Anyhow, Sara and I felt the need to fuel up at our favorite Upper East Side diner, EJ’s Luncheonette, before heading down to the Piers, as we would need our strength for the trek from booth to booth. Upon arrival, we braced ourselves, and dove straight in.

The first booth we stopped at was Roy Rover Antiques and Fine Jewelry from Hellertown, Pennsylvania. I was keeping an eye out for anything I felt was particularly “Gem Gossip” in feeling, and this bracelet caught my eye. It was 14K gold with pearls and garnets, but I liked the hands and the powdery look to the gold, as well as the strong design of the hands and interlocking rings.

Meandering our way through the booths, keeping our eyes peeled, we came upon the booth of Dianna Rutz Dalton in Concord, Michigan. She was juggling multiple clients at once, so when we asked to see some things from her case, she pulled them out and left us to play. That’s when we spent some time with this beautifully painted pendant brooch, delicately done and very vivid. We didn’t get time to ask her many questions about it, but we both agreed it would make for a special piece.

Untitled Untitled

Something that begins to strike you as you start conversations with dealers from the United States, and indeed, the world over, is that everyone in the jewelry world is connected, or knows someone who knows someone you know. Both Sara and I work in the industry and our bosses were familiar to many of the dealers we struck up conversations with. That’s why it was so fun for me to pick out some vintage David Webb pieces we spotted. This lapis and gold ring was sculptural and huge, but looked so good with Sara’s red nails and she could have walked out the door with it and looked completely on trend.

Another vintage David Webb ring had a center natural brown diamond that looked powerful and bold in hammered gold.

Untitled Untitled

At the booth for The Spare Room Antiques from Baltimore Maryland, Sara met women that knew her bosses and they chatted about antique paste earrings, which were gorgeous and very well priced. We ended up photographing these two colorful rings, one a racing flag ring, and one an 18K Swiss Enamel ring with a woman giving major side-eye depicted. I needed them both, but once again we walked away to other treasures.

Even just glancing in the cases at the Lenore Daily booth was enough to make your heart burst with all their original boxes and antique red velvet displays. So many old mine cut diamonds and crystal pendants and Victorian oddities that really are my favorite part of jewelry history.

Untitled Untitled

Mary Anntiques (great name!) had this solitary ring in a bright red box within their silver case, and I thought it just made for a stunning photograph. I’m also really drawn to rings with yellow gold and black enamel because it’s so graphic and stands out. The pearl set in the center of this ring made it a little younger rather than it being a diamond, but I still liked the easy going look of it.

Tutto Dal Mondo from Penn Valley, Pennsylvania by far had the best display cases. They were wooden boxes with low glass lids and warm golden lights all along the inside. The cases were filled appropriately without being congested, and each piece looked like a special Victorian talisman. I love fobs and garnets and yellow gold, so I was beyond enchanted with this case.

Untitled Untitled

Last on our list was Drucker Antiques, who is a major retailer and collector of significant Georg Jensen pieces, which I am obsessed with, but they had some other stunning jewelry aside from Jensen. This Australian black opal and old mine cut diamond ring was filled with fire, and the cab amethyst ring was so small, perfect for Sara’s slim fingers, and had a really ornate setting. It felt like Marcus and Co. to me, which is another dream jeweler.

As we walked out of the Pier Show, nearly two and half hours after we arrived, we were dizzy. Had we seen everything we had wanted to see? Absolutely not. Had we had our fill of more than we could ever possibly process? One hundred percent, yes. We had chatted with dealers we had wanted to meet, connected over our mutual friends and shared our love of beautiful and unique jewelry, and we had handled so many pieces that we would have never gotten to see had we not ventured to the pier.

–Thank you Levi for covering the Pier Show for Gem Gossip readers! Follow Levi on Instagram, @levi_higgs

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Doyle & Doyle Debut New Heirloom Collection for SS15

IMG_5194 Plumb Earrings in Yellow Gold - Heirloom 1 Plumb Earrings in Yellow Gold - Heirloom 2 Limited Edition Plumb Earrings in Rock Crystal (Center) Sunburst Drop Earrings in Yello Gold by Heirloom 1 Sunburst Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold  by Heirloom 1 plummodel

New Heirloom Collection for Spring/Summer!

Doyle & Doyle is launching their latest installment to the Heirloom Collection–their exclusive line of vintage-inspired jewelry designed by the Doyle sisters–and the pieces are incredibly fun and so wearable! With these new pieces, Elizabeth Doyle was inspired by constellations, globes, stars and galaxies, along with geometric motifs and drops of the antique jewelry she is surrounded by daily. What is special about the new Spring/Summer 2015 line is that the pair of Plumb earrings done in sterling and rock crystal (shown to the left) are limited edition, meaning only a limited number were produced and will be released for sale on February 7th, 2015! Of course we all know how much women love limited edition items–the concept of exclusivity just enthralls me!

The Plumb earrings come in onyx/18k yellow gold, lapis/18k yellow gold, onyx/sterling, diamond pave/sterling, & all gold, all sterling. With the rock crystal/sterling pair being the limited edition ones. The design and shape is inspired by plumbs–scientific instruments used to determine true vertical. They are also easy to wear and go with just about any outfit! Whether it is casual or dressy, these can become your everyday signature piece!

Besides the Plumb earrings, Doyle & Doyle’s new Heirloom pieces include a Sunburst medallion and drop earrings, as well as a Sunburst bracelet. If you love the look of geometrical pieces, the octagonal link chain necklaces are really cool. For that perfect, classic gift–their diamond station bangles go with everything and the stacking options are endless! Want a piece inspired the constellations and galaxies? I love the North Star drop necklace, and the Constellation earrings and necklace are out of this world.

To shop the entire Heirloom Collection, click here.



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Gem Gossip Visits Doyle & Doyle in NYC

IMG_5205 DSCF4500 IMG_5213 DSCF4503  IMG_5216 DSCF4486 IMG_5181  IMG_5199  DSCF4497 DSCF4492 IMG_5177

Looking back upon my visit to Doyle & Doyle, it seems so magical and dreamlike–I have no doubt it is because of the ambiance of the shop and all the wonderful antique treasures inside. Doyle & Doyle has been one of my most beloved antique jewelry stores since I knew of its presence. This happened several years ago when Lucky magazine featured Doyle & Doyle in a four-page spread on estate jewelry, and the “secrets of the trade from two sisters whose business is unearthing fabulous old jewelry.” At the time, I was still a novice and only recently discovered eBay (back when you could score an amazing 14k gold ring for $40!!) and began learning about antique jewelry–this article was immediately torn out and went everywhere with me. I had read that spread so many times, I practically had it memorized! The article breaks down each time period of antique/estate jewelry, giving gorgeous examples from the Doyles’ inventory and a few other favorite shops. There is even a “where to shop” guide and “expert tips” all of which still stick with me today!

Since then, Doyle & Doyle has been a favorite online destination for me, always browsing their breathtaking new arrivals and enjoying their store blog. Their move from Lower East Side to the Meatpacking District last year had me wanting to visit more than ever, and I got my chance in early October–a perfect time of year to visit New York City. It was my first time ever in the Meatpacking District, and I fell in love with the cobblestone streets and upscale designer shops of the neighborhood. Doyle & Doyle fits right in with the area’s historic charm and stepping into the store is like walking into a secret jewelry lair of a noble princess. For a few minutes, I felt like that princess, as I got to play with some rings and enjoy the store in a hands-on way.

Each glass curio display housed neatly pinned necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, all which had a placard which revealed what each item was, along with a price. I was pleasantly surprised to see prices on display and found it refreshingly awesome! Most jewelry stores hide tags, so asking an associate is necessary, but this strategy took a different approach and I love it! Elizabeth Doyle showed me around and highlighted some magnificent and special pieces. Then she tempted me by pulling some rings from the back, and one seemed as though it belonged to me, so I obviously obliged and gave it a home in my jewelry box! Can you guess which ring? It is one pictured above in the first ring picture!

If you get a chance to visit NYC, Doyle & Doyle is a must! Their website is amazing, as well…with most of the rings pictured above listed on their site, where you can purchase directly there. Make sure to read their blog, which is so fun, and follow on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! I hope to visit again soon! 🙂

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Jewelry Collection Stories: The Girls of Gray & Davis

IMG_0028 Laura- cut steel necklace Ali- gold and garnet earrings Anna- pair of victorian bracelets

The girls of Gray & Davis love antique jewelry and working in the heart of NYC’s diamond district, they get to experience the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced jewelry world each and every day! With the company’s torch being passed on to these girls, the shop is shining brighter than ever…but before Gray retired, she gifted each with a special piece from her personal collection. So happy to share each with you:

We could tell you a story about each piece of jewelry we own personally; whom it came from, the occasion we received it and maybe even that person who wore it before us. When Gem Gossip asked us to share some jewels from our personal collections, all three of us were decidedly sure which pieces we would like to talk about.

47th Street is a bit of a boy’s club, so when our founder, Gray Boone, started Gray & Davis over a decade ago, she immediately stood out in a good way. Armed with an inexhaustible knowledge of antique jewelry and old-fashioned southern charm, her tiny booth quickly became a favorite shop for New York City collectors and couples. She was more than a boss to us, she was our mentor. She taught us about the historical relevance of jewelry, how crucial it is to stand by your word in this industry, and the importance of appreciating not just antique diamonds but also Berlin Iron, jewelry made of woven hair, and paste demi parures. She expanded our interests; things that didn’t feel precious at first became the most storied. Now, we love it all!

Gray retired last year, and it was her wish that Gray & Davis be carried on. Before she left she chose and gifted each of us a piece from her personal stash of treasure.

We knew how much these pieces meant to her and we are flattered and honored to have them in our own collections. Wearing these pieces will forever remind us of Gray. She instilled in us a need to collect and preserve antiquities and a desire to share them. We are grateful for our founder/mentor for all the lessons, opportunities, and yes of course the jewels, too 🙂

Ali’s whimsical Victorian 18K yellow gold earrings set with rhodolite garnets and fringe! They still look funky and fun over 130 years after they were made. Crazy earrings are an antique dealer’s staple.

Laura’s awesome 1920’s long cut-steel tassel necklace. It’s easy to imagine this glittering necklace going out for a night on the town in Jazz-age New York or on present day Laura, whose height and monochromatic color palate are well suited.

Anna’s pair of 19th century bangle bracelets. Talk about wild! These are hard to put into words, flat gold disks atop oxidized silver coils, perfectly esoteric for a soon-to-be Master in the History of Decorative Arts.

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Shop Spotlight: The One I Love, NYC

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The One I Love hasn’t even celebrated their one year anniversary, and what was supposed to be “a fun side project while finishing grad school” has turned into a tastemaker’s treasure trove. Creator and founder Mia set out to provide shoppers with unique, handmade, vintage items at incredible prices. From their selection of vintage rings, to classic furs, and other little trinkets, there are items being added almost weekly. Mia says, “There is something about a beautiful piece that can transform an outfit and give a feminine edge to any woman. It’s magical.” And that is what she aims to do for each one of her customers.

Some of her favorites items currently up in her shop include a Victorian buckle ring (which should be in every collector’s repertoire), a garnet cluster ring, and a blue sapphire antique reproduction ring made in England. A favorite obsession are high school rings, “I wear my grandmothers 10k 1955 high school graduation ring almost every day. She was the most influential person I’ve known, and she inspired the creation of The One I Love. She has passed now, but I feel like a part of her is always with me when I have this ring on.” Vintage high school rings that are unique are big sellers for The One I Love, especially men’s rings. Speaking of men, the selection of men’s rings is also outstanding! Where most shops cater to women and focus more on women’s accessories, The One I Love has used this fact to their advantage, providing men with a large assortment of accessories that constantly need restocking!

Be on the lookout for more from The One I Love in 2014! And sign up for constant updates through their Newsletter.

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