Bvlgari Rings and Bracelets on Sale at Luxury Bazaar

We have a whole bunch of fantastic Bulgari jewelry on sale right now. So much that I’ve had to narrow it down to share with you. Below we have a bevy of rings and a couple bracelets. Remember our selection is much bigger, including many more rings and bracelets, so make sure to browse them all at the end of this post.

Bulgari Rings and Bracelets on Sale at Luxury Bazaar

On the Hand above, we have a variety of Bulgari rings lined up. From top to bottom, we first see a 18-karat yellow gold Cicladi Ring. It’s interesting design uses a collection of 5 overlapping discs, with two bearing the Bulgari double-stamped name. The Name Cicladi comes and is inspired by the grouping of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. We also have several other Cicladi pieces in our collection to choose from. The second is an 18-karat white gold Hypnotic Ring. The hypnotizing swirlz alternates between black and pave-set diamonds. The third is an Opal Ring. It’s classic design is made from 18-karat yellow gold and a large rectangular opal gemstone. On the pinky you’ll see a simple round slotted ring, made with 18-karat yellow gold. This ring is also available in 18-karat white gold.

 Bvlgari Monologo Diamond Band Rings

 Bvlgari Monologo Diamond & Gold Band Rings

Here have a triple set of gold bands, each with the  Bulgari name imprinted with 0.08 carats of diamonds. Weighing 14 grams each, we have options in either 18-karat rose, white or yellow gold. Simple and perfect pieces for anyone married to the Bulgari jewelry and fashion house.

Bvlgari Cerchi Shield Bracelet

Bvlgari Cerchi Shield Yellow Gold Bracelet

From Bulgari’s noted Cerchi Collection, we have two shield bracelets. Weighing 36 grams each, we have one in 18-karat white gold and 18-karat yellow gold. The Bulgari name is double-stamped on the inner circle of the shield.

Bvlgari Cerchi Shield Bracelet

Bvlgari Bvlgari Diamond Pave Bracelet

Bvlgari Bvlgari White Gold Diamond Pave Bracelet

Part of the Bulgari-Bulgari Collection, this diamond pave bracelet shows off a classic but unique design. Circles with their signature double-stamped name are linked together, with three filled with a honeycomb of diamond dots. It weighs 29 grams and is made of 18-karat white gold and 1.8 carats of diamonds. It’s also seen with a Gucci 103 Horsebit watch.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Diamond Pave Bracelet

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