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Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore’s story starts with love, laughter and family…and fittingly, just as her jewelry often depicts those words both literally and figuratively, she has brought personalization of jewelry to the highest level. After viewing the video displayed below, you see just how hands-on and multi-faceted her business has become. This interview also touches upon how it all came to be, in the most innocent of ideas and forms. Sometimes we are destined for a certain path and it seems as though Heather was meant to bring memories, quotes and cherished words to life through her jewelry designs. Each piece is heavily sentimental and often instant tear-jerkers. As jewelry enthusiasts, we know how special a personalized piece can be–but how about one that is in the exact handwriting of a loved one? Or an exact doodle from your once 5-year-old son or daughter? I know if and when I start a family, Heather B. Moore‘s designs will be first on my list for a little keepsake!


We are currently developing an exciting new series based on personal empowerment called the Sculptural Series. Its foundation stems from personalized themes people were requesting for their designs, which usually fell into four common categories: strength, growth, wisdom, and healing. With that as our guide, we started the Sculptural Series to capture moments that feel personal while complementing our other designs.

While we are only launching with a limited selection, this is just the beginning. The world is full of wonderful symbols that have meaningful messages, and Heather B. Moore jewelry is excited to add more sculptural jewelry to the collection in the future.

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


I only took one jewelry class in college. At the time my focus was cast glass, Venetian glass blowing, and steel work. My sister Wendy was an anthropology major and had moved to Kathmandu, Nepal where she lived with a jeweler’s family. That’s where I started getting interested in what she was doing! After college, I was working for an artist welding large-scale art installations across the country for Judy Pfaff. On the weekends, my sister Wendy used to ask me to make jewelry for fashion shows and low-budget movies in Los Angeles.

I started off doing chain work and handmade chain, which we still do today. I also integrated glass beads and stones within the chain, and while we still integrate stones into our chain, we moved away from glass beads to focus on precious stones.

In 2004, I started offering personalization on a number of pieces and everything grew from there. Our personalized collection was created on the foundation that timeless designs start with a blank canvas for our customers, then we collaborate to create the perfect piece. We have the capacity to create the steel stamps of people’s handwriting and children’s drawings as well as a wide variety of fonts and layouts.

I started collecting tools when I was 13. I grew up in the steel industry of Cleveland and loved going to my dad’s factories, so craftsmanship was something that I related to.

The first steel tooling stamps that I purchased were from a garage sale at an old machinist’s house. I carried those stamps around with me for 15 years before knew what to do with them! In 1991, I pulled out those stamps and decided to integrate quotes from my friends and family. I stamped them out onto the silver plaques and then framed it with a handmade cast glass frame.

In 1997, my sister Wendy was in a skiing accident and passed away. Before she passed I stamped a quote she gave me into a piece of metal: “I said to my sister and she said to me, come let’s play laughter together.” I remember loving the quote so much that I took the plaque with her quote off the wall, and I put it in my wallet. To this day I look at it and it makes me smile.

After moving back to Cleveland and receiving the Rising Star Award from the JCK trade show, I had an interview with Real Simple Magazine about why a designer from NYC would move to Cleveland.

During the interview the writer asked a series of silly questions like, “what kind of hair care products do I use?” and, “what is in your purse?” At first I was a little confused, but I pulled out my wallet and got the plaque of my sister’s quote, and they loved it. They photographed it and used it as the focal point of the article.

At the time, I was designing for bigger companies like Banana Republic and I was getting tired of doing trendy jewelry that was “in” one season and “out” the next. I thought it was interesting that they loved the little plaque so much, and that made me think about the unique stamps that I had in the basement, and I knew I wanted to make something for myself. So, I stamped my kids names on some silver discs, framed them in gold, and I created my first personalized necklace.

I fell in love with it because my kids would sit on my lap and flip through the charms and look for their names. That is when it hit me: personalization has more value than the material that it’s on, because personalization is forever. Telling your story is not a trend; it’s a keepsake, an heirloom, and one-of-a-kind… just like the person wearing it.

That is when I knew I was on the right track. I was putting something into the marketplace that I had actually created in 1992… it’s like it all became a full circle.

It’s amazing to think I was so young, but I’m also very proud to say that now we create our own stamps in our steel shop. It’s fun to have the opportunity to create special tooling for each individual customer.

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B. Moore | Gem Gossip

Left: the plaque Heather made, with her sister’s special quote Right: a necklace Heather wears almost everyday–it features her new Buddha charm


I think my proudest moment was winning the Town & Country International Gold Award at the Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.

This is a show where all designers get together and showcase their pieces to stores across the country. Town & Country magazine had sponsored the event, so it was super fancy that year. Most people were in black tie… but I didn’t know that! I showed up late to the party in flip-flops, jeans, a t-shirt and messy hair!

When I thought about designing something for the Gold category, I wanted something no one had yet documented. One topic that came up was that we had never documented someone’s letter, and I had the perfect one. It was a whimsical thank you note from my sister Wendy. She had sent it just days after Christmas and she spoke of the importance of family and new traditions. This was the first year I didn’t spend Christmas with my family because I was with my husband’s family in Canada, so it really hit home for me. It was the last letter I ever got from her. She passed away shortly after Christmas.

We stamped this whole letter on a big yellow gold cuff, with a rose gold frame on the outside and a green gold frame on the inside, then we covered the frame in diamonds.

We arrived late to the awards show party and had already begun to announce the winners, so we quickly grabbed a glass of wine and snuck into some seats just as the announcer said, “And the Gold Award goes to a designer from the city of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame…”

…I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, there’s another designer here from Cleveland,” but then they called my name!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


In a broad sense, my hopes, dreams, and goals are to make sure I can continue to create beautiful pieces for people and documenting their stories. I love that we have the opportunity to work with customers hand-in-hand.

And with the sculptural collection, there are so many amazing symbols that empower people. I just love the direction we are going with that!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip


I have so many pieces I love and adore! We have a wide variety of designs within the collection, and I truly love all of them. I have many iterations with my children’s names (Henry, Leo, Oliver and Coral). They are my proudest creation!

I have a yellow gold bangle with their names on it, a leather bracelet with with their names on it, and a necklace where they each have their own charm! I actually named the frames after them. The Henry frame is a braid like the Nantucket braided bracelets. The Leo frame has a granulation frame for him because he really loves the arts. Then there’s the Oliver frame. He’s really an organized child so I did a spiral frame for him. Coral’s got a bubbly personality, so her frame kind of looks like bubbles!

I like to wear my cuff bracelet that has my sister’s letter with jeans and a t-shirt, but I also wore it to the Beastie Boys black tie Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction.

My sister Halley and I both have a charm with Wendy’s phone number on it. She never had business cards, which we always thought was hilarious! We made it in green gold because her birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day.

My new favorite necklace has a bunch of charms on it, and it’s a story about my boyfriend Jason and me. We went to high school together so I have one charm that says “You were worth the wait,” and another charm that says “Home is when I’m with you.” And I have a little single initial J charm for his name… and a diamond, of course!

I have a 4mm square cuff bracelet that grounds me–it says “When you look at life through the right lens, everything comes into focus.” Life certainly does throw you some curveballs sometimes… so that helps me through those challenges. The fact that I’m a photographer kind of makes it perfect! My dad gave me my first camera when I was 14 and then shipped me off to Africa with 13 rolls of film. I have been an avid photographer ever since.

I will end with this one:

I have this fantastic ring that has been dubbed “the hockey ring.” It’s my good luck ring for my boys’ games. If it’s not on my finger it’s in my wallet waiting for the next game. I did not put any personalization on it with words… and it’s really quite thick. We call it The Pope Ring at the studio! So when I’m photographing the hockey games (because all three boys are in hockey) if something happens like a goal or a good defensive play, I can bang on the glass with my ring, and I wont hurt my hand! Because of all the banging, overtime it has collected quite a few, great dents! It is essentially personalized from all the dents!

Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip Heather B Moore | Gem Gossip

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Heather B. Moore.

Heather B. Moore Jewelry

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Untangling Jewelry Chain: Tips, Tricks & More

Nothing can irk you more than untangling jewelry chain. It’s frustrating and can easily ruin your day, especially if you’re dealing with multiple pieces of finished chain or a pile of tangled footage chain. I asked the Logistics team at Halstead if they have any tips to untangling jewelry chain and they sent several my way, including a few stories as well.

Experiences & Tips with Untangling Jewelry Chain

Tom Halstead, Founder

We started in 1973, but it was mainly African Trade Beads and other kinds of beads in the beginning. In the mid 70’s we started to buy lots of mill products. One day I went to the vendors to place an order for more mill stock and when I arrived the owner was frustrated because he had a tangled mess of chain in his hands. I asked him if I could buy the hank of chain off of him and of course, he said yes. I took it home and untangled the entire knotted mess. It sold so fast that I’ve carried chain ever since.

Untangling jewelry chain

Tip 1: Get the hank of chain in a complete circle so that the palm of your hand is wearing the chain like a necklace. Put the other hand inside the circle of chain and run hands around the inside of the chains using your hands to hold the chain taut. This helps to separate chains that are slightly tangled and helps defeat possible future tangles. – Lisa

Tip 2: Open a single chain and pull it through the knot, then close the chain and repeat. – Justin

Tip 3: Use a needle to work inside knots. If you’re working with gold or silver chains, you can also add a dab of coconut oil for lubrication, which won’t tarnish or harm your jewelry. – Melissa

Tip 4: When untangling jewelry chain I like to use a wooden skewer and slip it through the middle of the tangle to loosen it and make it easier to untangle. This works for both finished and footage. – Heidi

Untangling Chain with coconut oil

Allen, Logistics

I had a tangled mess with 1mm finished cable chains that took almost two weeks to get untangled. After working on the tangles for about two hours a day and having no results, I was getting quite frustrated. Oddly enough, just about the time I was ready to give up, I got a single chain free, then another, and a third! Now I know that getting 3 cable chains free out of a group of 100 or more didn’t really mean much, but it gave me just enough encouragement to keep focused on the task and next thing you know, the chain was just falling out of the knots.

Tip 5: I always suggest laying the tangled chain out flat on a smooth surface, try using something pointed to work into the knot with a wooden skewer and gently slide the knots out to the edge of the chain. Usually, this gives me the ability to break the knot into smaller more manageable segments. – Allen

Tip 6: When untangling jewelry chain I usually try to find a small toothpick sized instrument and visually identify where the knot is coming from. Next, I would isolate a single chain and try to separate it from the other chain in the same fashion that one would untie a knot in a shoelace. If multiple chains are tangled the same idea applies, just one chain at a time. – Justin

Tom Halstead, Founder

Starting when Hilary was 5 or 6 years old, she and I would sit on the floor and untangle chain together. I built a large wooden block that had pegs all over it and we would stretch the chain all across those pegs while we were untangling it. We always approached it like a puzzle and that’s why she enjoyed untangling chain so much. She was always involved in the business though. At 6 years old, customers would come to purchase products and Hilary would show them her drawings and then turn around and sell them for a nickel a piece. By the time she was 11 years old, we began to sell in Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show). We would rent a room and customers would come in specifically asking for Hilary because she already had her own customers at that age.

Tip 7: My go-to process for this situation is to try to get as many chains as you can together in one loop. Try to separate the very tangled chains away from the not so tangled chains simply by gently pulling them away from each other in small groups. The remaining tangled chain is usually very difficult and time-consuming. I try to single them out and unclasp them and then pull from the clasp side outward until it finally snakes its way through. Things to look for: sometimes the individual chain links will catch onto the clasp lever and I look to undo those first as they are usually the culprit for a lot of tangles I see. Also using a sharp stick and poking the center of a knotted chain and then pulling outward without moving the stick helps with those smaller clusters. – Kevin

Tip 8: I look for spliced chain first of all and I will try to unhook any caught up chain.  If that’s not the case then I will usually just unravel the footage chain until it’s no longer tangled up and re-spool it as that’s usually the fastest and least stressful way. Any attempt at untangling chain without unspooling doesn’t usually work for me. – Kevin

Twist ties and gourd pins

Amanda, Logistics

After 14 years I’ve dealt with my fair share of tangled messes. Probably one of the worst was a new employee who had accidentally dropped 100 loose finished chain on the floor. There were no twist ties to keep the chains from tangling! The employee silently tried to untangle them, suffering in silence. After about a week they came to me for advice. I told them that this happens to everyone, and over time they’ll get better at it. I took the chain and sent them on their way. That’s when I noticed that about HALF of the chains had been unclasped in an effort to get the chains apart (which took a couple of months to get untangled). Needless to say when training on finished chain now, we’ve added a section on untangling jewelry chain and how it’s so important to not unclasp several chain as you try to get them apart.

Packaging & Storing Jewelry Chain

Packaging and storing jewelry chain

Once you have all of the tangles out, properly storing and packaging jewelry chain is another hurdle.

Finished Chain: With finished jewelry chain, we individually bag the thinner chain and we bundle the thicker chain in packs of 10 or 25. When packaging the packs of 10 or 25 pieces we use two twist ties at either end of the chain bundles to prevent tangles from occurring.

  • When storing finished chain for long periods of time it is a good idea to put the jewelry chain into sealed ziplock bags with anti-tarnish tabs.

Lori, Customer Service Representative

Funny and Tangled do not go together in the same sentence. Or in the same room. Or planet. There is NOTHING Funny about Tangled Chains – they are and continue to be a cause to groan and tear your hair out. Or seek other employment. We had one snarl of some finished fine unclasped cable chains that everyone tried working on with headpins to pin and pull and separate – and I think it sat up here in Customer Service for an entire year before they scrapped it. The fewer the chains the easier to untangle – the more – impossible.

Footage Chain: With jewelry footage chain we spool everything over 120″ inches. With 120″ or less we will put the chain on a tab or twist tie the chain together.
  • Chain spools should always be stored on the flanges like a wheel. Do not stack them flat like donuts. When you stack chain spools, the loops on the spool core tend to slacken and cross over one another. This is the primary cause of tangles on spooled chain. Storing your spools on a rod or in a bin where they can’t roll away will minimize problems.
  • Always tape your chain ends on spools. Keeping the chain taut on the spool will prevent loose chain loops from tangling.
Spooled Footage Jewelry Chain

For additional information and fun facts abouts jewelry chain read our blog post: Jewelry Chain Glossary of Styles.

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Delighted so many of you could make it to my book singing and talk with the Head of Sotheby’s jewellery department. I was worried people wouldn’t be able to make it on a Friday afternoon, so I’m really grateful we had a full room. Many of you who couldn’t make it in person tuned into my Instagram Live. So a big thank you to everyone for finding time to join me. I enjoyed giving this talk; the questions you raised during the Q&A touched upon so many interesting topics with regards to the world of jewellery, it was a joy.

If you want to catch my next jewellery talk and future book signing, subscribe to my newsletter below.

I love travelling to places where jewellery is as much a part of the conversation as politics. But quite often I encounter communities where the people are not crazy about jewellery, I think, because they’re not aware of its extraordinary history and powerful symbolism. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Taurus that I have such a strong and emotional bond to beautiful works of art. I am drawn to the beauty of an object and I find great comfort in its magnificence.

I’ve always dreamed of owning precious objects of sculptural beauty, not as a show of extravagance but to be close to something of great mastery. As I’m typing this blog now sitting on the train from Paris, the sun’s rays from the window hit my diamond rings and beautiful sparkles dance and play all around me. It’s so magical. It’s the way jewellery catches the light that captivates me and I love watching how other people’s jewellery sparkles with flashes of different colours. Were not pearl earrings and diamond tiaras meant to be worn in candlelight to illuminate the face and create allure?

It’s easy to compare jewellery to art, but the art world has its own niche and code of conduct. Jewellery takes you into another circle of talented individuals, each as artistic as the next. It defines you in a society where jewellery has become democratized and more of a statement of style than status. No need to seal a letter with your signet ring; we use password protected emails now. No need for physical possessions when you’re away from home travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, tasting exotic foods and engaging in inspiring activities. No need to keep jewellery when you can buy synthetic diamonds with no lasting value. Even I wonder whether my children will want my jewellery as heirlooms. Our notion of jewellery is getting destroyed. So my goal is to keep that dream alive by featuring such amazing jewellery designers and experts the world has to offer. It’s a beautiful sparkly world and I’m so proud to be a part of it and share it with you.

I am very sentimental about my jewellery – the gifts I’ve received from loved ones, my engagement ring, my anniversary ring, my first pair of Tahitian pearl earrings that I bought for myself from Goldman Sachs with my first pay cheque, to me jewellery captures the memory of a special occasion much like a photo. Every time I wear these sentimental items, I’m transported back in time to a memory I’ll treasure forever. It’s magical!

I want to inspire others to feel the same way I do about jewellery. The moment I began GEMOLOGUE, it became obvious to me just how many women have no interest in jewellery – about 7 out of 10, I’d say. So my objective became to attract more people into the jewellery world by educating them in a fun, approachable way, and showcasing different styles of jewellery like the ones you can find in my new book. I want to show people that jewellery is not only a shiny possession but something of great historical and cultural value, dating back centuries. I hope my book will inspire everyone to be a jewellery lover and look at jewellery in a different light.

Let’s bring jewellery back into the candlelight. Tell all your friends about the GEMOLOGUE jewellery book and let’s keep the magic of jewellery alive!

Would love to hear why you’re interested in jewellery and what it means to you. Please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave me a message in the comments below.


Click Product to Zoom Fred Leighton Cushion Cut White Topaz Collet Drop Earrings

Click Product to Zoom Fred Leighton Cushion Cut White Topaz Collet Drop Earrings

I am extremely happy to announce that my new jewelry book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips – is now on Amazon. I’m so excited. It’s the first book of its kind solely dedicated to jewellery. 

You can sign up for GEMOLOGUE newsletter below and I also share  jewellery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and Youtube if you’d like to connect, or feel free to say hello [email protected]

GEMOLOGUE jewelry blog by Liza Urla is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring talented jewellery designers, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. This jewellery blog’s goal is to encourage and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion to inspire women and men across the globe in a fashion and travelling context.

Jewellery blogger, writer Liza Urla, the founder of GEMOLOGUE, is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, who has travelled to and lived in many countries. She is now one of the most influential digital jewellery tastemakers. Her jewellery influence has been acknowledged by Financial Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE.

Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.


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Such an honour to be at Sotheby’s auction house to curate some beautiful jewellery pieces for their Fine Jewels Online auction (September 17, 3pm). So many amazing treasures to be had at a fraction of the price. Before you decide which pieces to bid on, check out my last Sotheby’s jewellery curation and how to bid at an online jewellery auction.

I’m going to show you some of my favourite lots from the upcoming Fine Jewels Online to give you a sneak peek at some of the stunning pieces up for auction. You can find the full catalogue online at Sotheby’s.

To kick off this beautiful collection of Fine Jewels Online, I will be at Sotheby’s to talk about jewellery with Sotheby’s head of jewellery department and to sign my latest book, Gemologue: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips.

Please RSVP early to reserve a seat.

ESTIMATE: £4,000–£6,000

DESCRIPTION: Designed as four flexible rows of graduated cultured pearls, inner circumference approximately 310mm, signed David Morris.

You know how much I love pearls, so naturally I chose this beautiful contemporary choker by David Morris to kick off this jewellery curation. I love it so much, you just might have to outbid me!

ESTIMATE: £8,000–£12,000

DESCRIPTION: Designed as a series of plaques depicting floral and foliate motifs, pierced and millegrain-set with calibré-cut buff top rubies, pink and blue sapphires, emeralds and amethyst, pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds, length approximately 185mm.

Time for tennis bracelets to move over and make room for these stunning diamond bracelets. What a dream to own one of these pieces. So much more edgy than the tennis bracelet and looks great with a T-shirt and jeans. Rock your diamonds!

ESTIMATE: £4,000–£6,000

DESCRIPTION: Set with a faceted citrine, to a square diamond accent, within an abstract multiple rectangular panel mount, size L, British hallmarks and maker’s mark.

Don’t you just love this ring! I have always had a weak spot for Grima jewellery! With such a rich British history, this ring is definitely a collector’s item. A conversation starter! In the 1960s and 70s Andrew Grima was known as a revolutionary designer, a trained engineer who got into jewellery after serving in Burma for five years.

You can read more about Grima in my blog GRIMA ART ANTIQUES SHOW KENSINGTON GARDENS LONDON.

ESTIMATE: £3,000£4,000

DESCRIPTION: Open work abstract design, set with single-cut diamonds, size Lυ1/2, signed Grima, British hallmarks and maker’s marks.

If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail ring, Grima is your answer. Are you familiar with this brand? Let me know in the comments below.

ESTIMATE: £6,000–£8,000

DESCRIPTION: Each designed as flattened textured loop, post and clip fittings, signed Van Cleef & Arpels, numbered.

Van cleef & Arpels is so close to my heart and these elegant gold earrings are no exception. Solid gold earrings like this are heavy to wear though, so bear that in mind before you bid.

ESTIMATE: £15,000–£20,000

DESCRIPTION: Each claw-set with a coloured brilliant-cut diamond, post fittings, one pair with French assay and maker’s mark for Van Cleef & Arpels, fitted case stamped Van Cleef & Arpels.

Everyone needs some beautiful diamond studs in their jewellery box and adorning your ear lobes is so on trend. What could be better than a whole collection of unique and rare coloured diamonds to rock every day!

ESTIMATE: £3,000–£4,000

DESCRIPTION: Designed as a nail, the head and point highlighted with brilliant-cut diamonds, inner circumference approximately 160mm, signed Cartier, numbered, Swiss assay and maker’s mark.

An iconic item of jewellery from Cartier, this statement bangle is instantly recognisable and available at Sotheby’s in several variations. Check out my review of the Juste Un Clou bangle here.

ESTIMATE: £8,000–£12,000

DESCRIPTION: Of fluted design with a hinged handle to one end, the thumb piece collet-set with a cabochon sapphire, opening to reveal a mirror,  signed Bulgari, Italian maker’s mark, gross weight approximately 400 grams.

What a treasure! Bulgari itself from the 70s! I think I’m in love! It has the cutest mirror inside. An important feature for fashionable women!

ESTIMATE: £12,000–£15,000

DESCRIPTION: Designed as an articulated line of rotating cylindrical links set to each end with cabochons of lapis lazuli, inner circumference approximately 160mm, signed Cartier, numbered, gross weight approximately 187 grams.

Such an unusual design, I just love it! A chunky bracelet from 1940 Cartier! What a rare find!

ESTIMATE: £3,000–£4,000

DESCRIPTION: Designed as a bust of a figure wearing a turban, the face of carved amber, set with an oval and cabochon sapphires, circular-cut rubies, sapphires and emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds, the turban set with a cultured pearl, signed Nardi.

I recently visited Nardi in Venice, Italy and will be posting an article about my jewellery discoveries soon, so watch this space! I just adore the historical significance and symbolism of love in these brooches depicting the Shakespearean world of Othello and the refined goldsmith’s techniques of 18th-century Venice.

ESTIMATE: £2,000–£3,000

DESCRIPTION: Of bi-coloured design set with calibré-cut sapphires and single-cut diamonds, one signed Tiffany & Co.

You may have never seen a clip brooch like this before, but in the 1930s it was a must-have item of jewellery. Now they’re making a comeback into our modern jewellery boxes! Get your hands on this 1938 Tiffany treasure before it’s gone!

Which item of jewellery is your favourite? And which ones will you bid on? I will take them all, thank you Sotheby’s!

I would love to hear what you think by leaving me a comment below. Thank you!


Click Product to Zoom Fred Leighton Cushion Cut White Topaz Collet Drop Earrings

Click Product to Zoom Fred Leighton Cushion Cut White Topaz Collet Drop Earrings

I am extremely happy to announce that my new jewelry book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips – is now on Amazon. I’m so excited. It’s the first book of its kind solely dedicated to jewellery. 

You can sign up for GEMOLOGUE newsletter below and I also share  jewellery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and Youtube if you’d like to connect, or feel free to say hello [email protected]

GEMOLOGUE by Liza Urla is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews.

GEMOLOGUE jewelry blog by Liza Urla is featuring talented jewellery designers, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. This jewellery blog’s goal is to encourage and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion to inspire women and men across the globe in a fashion and travelling context.

Jewellery blogger, writer Liza Urla, the founder of GEMOLOGUE, is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, who has travelled to and lived in many countries. She is now one of the most influential digital jewellery tastemakers. Her jewellery influence has been acknowledged by Financial Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

*Photographed by Julia Flit at Sotheby’s Bond Street. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE. Make up by Viorela Coman. 

Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.


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The Top Jewels that Sparkled in Cannes, 2017

Rihanna Chopard All photos via Getty Images

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably one of the best showcases for the top international jewelry houses to showcase their finest and brightest gems and designs for the world to see.

This 12-day festival brings out the most exceptional designs and creations from the likes of Chopard to Harry Winston.

It’s where you can see leading ladies like Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain as well as ingénues like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna parading down the red carpet in the latest couture gowns and decadent jewels.

Here are the best jewels from the most revered jewelry houses that were showcased on the festival’s red carpet.


The jewelry house has a deep history with the Festival as it’s been the official partner and designer of the coveted Palme d’Or trophy awarded to the most critically-acclaimed movie. This year, the buzz on the red carpet was their collaboration with music super-star Rihanna.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Singer Rihanna wore emerald, rock crystal quartz and diamond earrings, a black nephrite and diamond bracelet with a 31.95-carat emerald, three emerald and diamond rings and a floral bracelet set with diamonds, all from the Rihanna Loves Chopard High Jewellery collection, at the premiere of the movie ‘Okja’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Model Adriana Lima wore a diamond bib by Chopard at the screening of the film ‘Loveless’.

Chopard | Gem Gossip

Actress Miriam Odemba wore a titanium and white gold necklace with kunzites, beryls, tanzanites and diamonds, and matching earrings, from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard.

Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip Chopard | Gem Gossip

Karolina Kurkova wore a sapphire and diamond necklace from the High Jewellery Collection from Chopard at the premiere of ‘Based on a True Story’.

Actress Juliette Binoche wore platinum and diamond earrings by Chopard.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen wore diamond flower stud earrings by Chopard. We simply adore the placement of these earrings.


This jewelry house showcased some of the best and boldest designs to hit the red carpet with their use of brilliant colored stones.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Hailey Baldwin wore stunning drop earrings set with white and brown diamonds, and edged with citrine briolettes.

deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip deGRISOGONO | Gem Gossip

Model Jenaye Noah wore a pair of exquisite de Grisogono chandelier earrings that glowed with oval-cut citrines from their Melody of Colours collection. A perfect compliment to her vibrant blue gown.


This iconic jewelry house showcased their classic Serpenti jewelry and picked up major press when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was photographed wearing their pieces both on the red carpet and on her personal Instagram.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model Bella Hadid wore a Bulgari High Jewellery Serpenti necklace and bracelet in white gold.

BULGARI | Gem Gossip BULGARI | Gem Gossip

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski combined two Bulgari necklaces, one comprised of pearls, rubellites and diamonds from the High Jewelry Collection and the other pendant necklace made with diamonds, emerald and rubies.


The design house had some of the most striking statement-making pieces to hit the red carpet at Cannes. Actress Salma Hayek’s necklace rendered us both breathless and speechless!

BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip BOUCHERON | Gem Gossip

Actress Salma Hayek wore the Baïkal necklace with a 78.33-carat Santa Maria aquamarine, moonstones, Akoya pearls and diamonds from the new Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection by Boucheron

Model Laetitia Casta paired the Lumière de Nuit diamond and pearl earrings from Boucheron’s Hiver Impérial High Jewellery collection with her gown at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories in Cannes

De Beers

The classic diamond jewelry house is known for their slogan “a diamond is forever” .This year, Chinese movie actress and taste maker Fan Bingbing embodies the classic elegance of Hollywood that the brand is synonymous with as she modelled a coveted collection of jewels from the house.

debeers | Gem Gossip debeers | Gem Gossip

Fan Bingbing wore the Arpeggia five-line earrings, bracelet and Aria ring at the ‘Amant Double’ premiere.


Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

At the closing of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, actress Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand ambassador since 2015, paired her show-stopping gown with earrings in white gold set with diamonds from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection Sunlight Journey.

Piaget | Gem Gossip Piaget | Gem Gossip

Model CoCo Rocha wore earrings in white gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and black opal from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Another noteworthy mention is model Naomi Campbell’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff in white gold set with emeralds and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.

Harry Winston

Known as the “jeweler to the stars” and Nicole Kidman’s ‘go to’ jeweler, Harry Winston notably had Nicole Kidman wear his jewelry on the red carpet. Best bet as she had the most films to debut on the Cannes Red Carpet this year.

Harry Winston | Gem Gossip Harry Winston | Gem Gossip

Nicole Kidman wore Secret Cluster diamond earrings, Sunflower ring and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston at ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ premiere.

All above photos via Getty images.

This post was contributed by:

wwwdaily Laura Lee Fulham | T: @WhoWoreWhatDly | W: www.whoworewhatdaily.com

Thanks to Gossip Gem

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I’m nicer when I like my outfit.







Silvia Furmanovich Drop Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Drop Earrings

SMYTHSON Mara croc-effect leather jewelry case

SMYTHSON Mara croc-effect leather jewelry case

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Bird Earrrigs

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Bird Earrrigs

Gianvito Rossi Plexi satin pumps

Gianvito Rossi Plexi satin pumps

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Earrings

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Oval Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Oval Earrings

DIPTYQUE Tubéreuse scented candle

DIPTYQUE Tubéreuse scented candle

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Butterfly Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Butterfly Earrings

GEMOLOGUE by Liza Urla features exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews – a celebration of fine jewellery, fashion jewellery and vintage jewellery.

*Photographed by Julia Flit at Claridge’s. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla.

All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE. Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

The post GET THE LOOK…CLARIDGE’S LONDON appeared first on Gemologue.

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Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Gem Gossip

Untitled GemGossip GemGossip GemGossip GemGossip


Above features every “logo” aka Banner I’ve had over the past nine years, from first inception until now. The evolution shows the progression and most recently we dropped our tagline which we’ve had since day one.

With each passing July, I sit and ponder the beginnings of my blog Gem Gossip–all that it has done and accomplished, and all the potential that lies ahead. It was nine years ago that I first started this website with the sole purpose of connecting with others that love jewelry as much as I do. I never imagined that I would be doing this full-time nine years later and creating my own path. And I have YOU to thank for all this–those who read my blog daily, follow my social media accounts, “like” my photos and send encouraging emails. Thank you. You truly don’t know what it means to me and I’m forever grateful.

To celebrate this year, I’m reminiscing like crazy and sharing with you some facts you might not have known about Gem Gossip! I thought this would be a fun and personal blog post, and I’d love to hear some interesting tidbits regarding YOU and Gem Gossip. Does a blog post stick out in your memory? How did you find or stumble upon my blog? Did I help you out in a way that I don’t know about? I’d love to know! You can email me, write it in the comments below, or share on Instagram–I’ll be posting this on there as well.

PS: There will also be a giveaway coming up, but I have to hit 160k followers on Instagram first, so stay tuned!

The Facts:

1. I started my blog as a result of moving to Tennessee–after uprooting from the only house I had ever lived in my whole life in Upstate NY to TN, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had no job, no car (I sold my car because I didn’t want to drive it 11 hours by myself lol), and knew no one in my new town. I finally decided to invest my time and energy into learning about my biggest passion I had been carrying around with me my whole life–JEWELRY!

2. I was in a long distance relationship at the time I started Gem Gossip. It was because of my ex-boyfriend who suggested I should start a blog about jewelry after I had constantly filled his inbox daily with long hyperlinks of jewelry that I thought was “really cool.” He told me he didn’t care about the jewelry and that I needed an outlet to share my passion with others who felt the same way!

3. The name “Gem Gossip” was conceived after a brainstorm session with my sisters on what to name my future jewelry blog. I knew I couldn’t have my URL be daniellemiele.com because NO ONE knows how to pronounce my last name. It had to be catchy, simple, relate to jewelry and easy to say. I was looking at my sister’s fashion magazines and saw one of the actresses from Gossip Girl on the front cover (that show was the most popular around that time). I whispered aloud, “Gossip Gem” … and then “Gem Gossip” and it all clicked!

4. One of my first emails I’ve ever received from a jewelry designer was from Carolyn Tyler, after I had featured some of her work on my brand new blog. Her email was so encouraging and the excitement that I felt from receiving positive feedback was worth more than gold to me in that moment. I will never forget that kind exchange.

5. On the flipside of that, I’ve received several negative emails over the past nine years. One that called me Southern white trash (I’m from NY, so nice try) and a few that poked fun of my features that included photos of me modeling jewelry. This is both alarming on many levels but also quite comical, in my opinion.

6. The first seven years of writing Gem Gossip were all done part-time on weekends or after work. I was a nanny for the very first year and a half when I moved to Tennessee, and then eventually worked full-time at an antique jewelry store for five years. I would sit behind a microscope Tuesday through Saturday, with a pile of jewelry in a room without windows and crank out appraisals…and then come home bursting with creative energy, not wanting to do anything else except work on my blog.

7. One of my first big writing gigs was for LoveGold–I had no idea at the time how much I would learn in such a positive way from the 2 1/2 years of working with them. I produced exactly 100 pieces of exclusive content for LoveGold and traveled thousands of miles. And I still can’t get enough of yellow gold.

8. I once had a meeting with a very prestigious celebrity stylist. After learning I lived in Nashville she asked me about my love of country music. I told her I hated country music and she kept saying, “So you don’t like Taylor Swift? Not even Taylor Swift??” and I was adamant about not liking Taylor Swift. It was then and there that I realized I could have easily changed my answer to better fit our conversation; for her to “like” me. But I didn’t. I am who I am and I’m not changing for anyone. It is a memory that still sticks with me to this day…and it was with me a few weeks ago when I had some big meetings in NYC.

9. My #JewelryRoadTrip project involves a lot of travel, appointment making and on-the-spot creativity when visiting stores and designers’ work spaces. My husband Matt usually is the photographer behind all my #JewelryRoadTrip features but there was one big trip he couldn’t make–all my Pennsylvania coverage. My mom ended up coming along with me and taking all the photos. She was SO nervous and wanted to do a good job. I think she did great and it is still such a memorable trip for both of us. It was one of the first literal road trips where we drove my Prius up from Nashville and across the entire state of Pennsylvania over the course of four days. My car surpassed the 100k mileage mark on that trip and we celebrated by eating Arby’s (my favorite road trip fast food place…wait, maybe I am white trash?? See #5).

10. One of my most proud moments was being a co-curator at the Doyle & Doyle Vault series, where the NYC-based antique jewelry store put on their version of a month-long museum exhibition. I chose the topic of Sentimental Rings and several of my personal pieces, including my grandparents’ wedding bands and my grandma’s engagement ring were a part of the exhibit. In order for her ring to get to me, my grandma had to mail me her beloved ring. We both were so nervous for this feat–I had been tracking the package every step of the way. On the day of delivery, it was pouring rain. My alerts told me it had been delivered at my doorstep, but it was nowhere to be found. I was having a full-on panic attack over this. I ran outside in the rain in search of the package. To my surprise, it was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor a few doors down from me. It wasn’t just any neighbor…it was our neighbor that we were in a fully committed “poop war” with. What could I possibly mean by this? Well his dog would go to the bathroom in our yard almost daily…so my husband would take the dog poop and put it on their porch. Dumbest thing ever, but we were totally into it at the time lol. I grabbed the package off their porch and ran back home. That day ended the “poop war” and they moved shortly afterward, so all crisis averted. (By the way, my grandma’s Italian handwriting is the reason for the incorrect delivery–insert Italian hand gesture meaning WTF).


WANT MORE? Check out my Pinterest board which features everyone’s anniversary posts

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David Webb Makes Their Debut at Couture

David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip

Don’t ever say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. At nearly 70 years old, David Webb still reigns supreme as an iconic, American jewelry house full of the most exquisite designs. One look at a David Webb piece and you KNOW it is a David Webb piece. From the finest craftsmanship, to the bold enamels and well-known motifs, the jewelry has been delighting since 1948. They have a strong following, a large amount of die-hard collectors and a presence known worldwide; not to mention a showroom/workshop located on Madison Avenue in NYC and a boutique in Beverly Hills. You’d think debuting for the first time at a tradeshow would not be on their agenda. Could such a legendary American brand make a move like that? And if so, how could they “do it their way”?

I was very curious myself…however feeling more excited than any other emotion. I made sure that David Webb was first on my Couture agenda–Villa 112 was the place and I was ready to gawk, gander and swoon. Walking into the Villa, I thought I was in their NYC boutique for a minute. Luxury was brought to the desert and the animal kingdom followed along too. I got to see many of the pieces that hit the red carpet over the past year–like totem necklaces, which one was worn by Nicole Richie back in November and I still can’t think of a better look. I love seeing David Webb worn on the red carpet and it is always magical when it happens. Speaking of red carpet, nothing would look more incredible than the turquoise and emerald necklace I got to try on while at Couture–could you imagine that on the red carpet?! Hopefully it will happen in the future. I also got to revisit some animal favorites–like panthers and cats (rings) and dolphins, fish and snakes (bracelets).

One new aspect of David Webb which debuted during Vegas Jewelry Week, is a scaled down collection with a lower price point than typical pieces. This new collection, called Motif, features black and white enamel and appeals to all ages. There are also new entry-level pieces from the Tool Chest collection, which I actually am a proud-owner of from the off-chance I entered my name into the drawing to win a pair of Nail Stud Earrings. I couldn’t believe I won! I’ve obviously been wearing them ever since. (The next day I wore them to the Antique Show, and almost every dealer commented on them!) I’ve included a photo of the earrings above (last photo) and they are done in 18k hammered gold and are only $680.

Be sure to stop by David Webb if you’re ever in the NYC area or Beverly Hills to check the new collection out. If you thought you’d never be able to afford a piece of David Webb, think again–this new collection may be your chance!

Special thanks to Levi Higgs of David Webb for taking the photos!

Couture 2017

Want more? See my visit to their NYC boutique

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James D. Julia Auction Features 60 Jewelry Items in Upcoming Sale

Hey Gem Gossip readers! As many of you know, writing about upcoming auctions is one of my favorite topics–I’ve written nearly 100 blog posts on this topic throughout the past almost nine years of having this blog! I live it, breathe it, and am constantly talking about jewelry auctions. I love discovering new auction houses and I’m excited to be writing about James D. Julia Auction house today since I never have featured them before. They have an upcoming sale on June 16th, 2017 that is called “June Rare Lamps, Glass & Fine Jewelry Auction” which is of interest, particularly the 60 lots of fine jewelry items which is at the very beginning of the sale.

James D. Julia Inc. is located in Fairfield, Maine and has been in business for over fifty years. The company began in 1965 by Arthur Julia as a small country auction house which quickly grew over the years. Current owner James D. Julia purchased the company from his father in 1974 after graduating college. Always staying current with the times has been a key to the success of this auction house–state-of-the-art catalogs, photos and descriptions as well as an easy interactive website where bidding can take place from anywhere in the world have allowed an auction house located in Maine compete with world-known names. They are currently ranked as one of the top ten antique auction houses in North America.

The June 16th auction features 60 lots of jewelry items–pieces from the low 100s on up to six-figure digits–so a pretty large assortment. Diamond rings, lots of emeralds, a high-end Breitling watch, jewelry suites, pearls, gorgeous every day jewelry, and everything in between. One of my favorite lots is the last one in the jewelry section–a group of 40 jewelry books! I am such a jewelry book nerd and this lot features a bunch of rare, out-of-print titles. It is definitely worth checking out and the people of James D. Julia were kind enough to create an interactive catalog (embedded above) which features all 60 of the jewelry lots! It is also worthy to note, many of the pieces, starting with lot #1019 as noted in the catalog, are from a private Texas Estate collection which is completely unreserved and thus could result in some excellent buying opportunities.

Here are some of my favorites highlighted:

Lot 1005: A stunning all-diamond bypass style ring, set in 14k white gold and an estimated 1.78 carats total. I love the bypass style, with this piece having three diamonds set at a diagonal. If you’re thinking of a unique alternative engagement ring, this would be a great choice! Estimate: $2,000-3,000

Lot 1007: The most expensive/highest estimate piece in the sale–this 10.02 carat natural fancy intense yellow diamond ring! This rare and unique stone is VS-1 in clarity and comes with a diamond certificate from GIA. To accompany the center stone, it is beautifully flanked on each side by bullet shaped diamonds, VVS/VS clarity and FG in color. The ring is done in platinum and 18k white gold. Estimate: $130,000-160,000

Lot 1016: Elegant and charming, this diamond pendant necklace features gorgeous bright white diamonds set into a Art Nouveau treasure. It features a dangling bezel set diamond at the bottom and hangs from a 16″ chain. Nothing like a piece of history. Estimate: $1,500-2,500

Lot 1020: A vintage Cartier ring of finest quality–composed of one center emerald cut diamond and two emerald cut emeralds on each side. The ring is done in platinum with 18k yellow gold settings. Center diamond weighs 1.98 carats and the emeralds are Columbian. Can’t get much better than that! Estimate: $20,000-30,000

Lot 1023: I like this ring because it has a bypass style but it also has sort of a serpent look to it! The ring is set with a modified-fan cut emerald and lots of diamond accents, 1.75 carats to be exact! This ring is trendy and classic at the same time. I could easily pair with other pieces for a fun look. Estimate: $1,200-1,800

Lot 1035: If you love a good multi-gemstone piece of jewelry, this one is my pick for you! This cuff is done in 18k yellow gold and bezel set with multiple gemstones of all colors! We’ve got rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and an unidentified yellow stone…all of various shapes and sizes. A truly well-made and exquisite piece! Estimate: $500-800

Lot 1052: This necklace caught my attention the first time I ever looked at this catalog. It consists of a multi-serpent pendant that hangs from a gold toggle necklace–the various gemstones are peridot, garnet, amethyst, and citrine. The layers of serpents graduate in size, as do the gemstones. I’ve never seen a pendant quite like this one before and I’ve always been drawn to serpent jewelry. Estimate: $600-900

Lot 1060: Remember the lot of jewelry books I talked about above–this is the lot! It features 40 different jewelry reference books, including several out-of-print titles. 100 Years of Collectible Jewelry, Cameos Old & New, Jewelry in America 1600-1900, and The Art of Fine Jewelry are definitely intriguing me and I feel like I will be bidding on this lot come auction day!

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with James D. Julia.


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